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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  April 18, 2019 1:45am-2:01am BST

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coming up on this programme: after an incredible seven goal thriller against manchester city — tottenham go through on away goals and will play ajax in the semi finals of the champions league. liverpool willjoin them in the last four where they'll play barcelona after easing through against porto 6—1 on aggregate. and defending champion rafael nadal moves through to the third round of the monte carlo masters. hello and welcome to the programme where we start with the news that tottenham have stunned manchester city to move through to the semi—finals of the champions league. despite manchester city winning 4—3 on the night the quarter—final tie finished level at 4—1; meaning spurs go through on the away goals rule — and watching at the etihad stadium was our sports correspondent katie gornall.
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this will go down as one of the most remarkable games in history. the momentum seem to swing from one direction to the next. city came down from the first leg. they had to score, they did that in four minutes through william stirling. the spares hit back. that left city needing to score three goals of the point. a huge task for many but not for them. they managed it. scoring to make it 4-2 they managed it. scoring to make it 4—2 on the ninth, they looked fairly co mforta ble 4—2 on the ninth, they looked fairly comfortable at the point that there was still time for more twists and turns was not the ball was bundled into the net vespers with minutes remaining which was upheld by va are. there was a suspicion of handball but at the point it was both to the semi—final. but seconds to go, stirling again what the ball into the back of the net. huge celebrations but then the video
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assistant referee intervened again and for that goal out for offside. city had the dream of the quadruple smash —— slashed from them right from the go. spurs celebrated reaching the first champions league semi—final where they will face ajax. these teams meet again in the premier league this time on saturday. this type of victory, this type of qualification for the most put on competition in the world, the champions league. i can feel proud, i could feel grateful of everyone. they are heroes. like i told you, all that happens, the decisions, to be in the semifinals of the champions league, it deserves a lot of praise and a big award for everyone. we got great chances, we
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make mistakes and punishes us a lot. but we knew it and we score the goals that were needed. the end was about and for us, the team, all the best for them. liverpool will join tottenham in the last four after they beat porto 4—1 in portugal for a 6—1 aggregate score. our football reporterjohn bennett told me it wasn't as easy as the scoreline suggests in the second leg. porter made it tough for them in the first half. they had four shots on target. more shots on target in the first of them —— magister city and totte n ha m first of them —— magister city and tottenham had in theirfirst half. level four found a way. making it 2-1. the level four found a way. making it 2—1. the game was wrapped up, i'll tell you what, barcelona will be worried. they will be in fear of the
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liverpool team, despite the distances, they have been set at the back during this campaign and there we re back during this campaign and there were a lot of fancy playing liverpool at all in the semi—final. the ball with a great chance of getting to the final for the second successful season. i don't think too much about it but i'm really happy about the fact that we can play them and we will find things where we can probably use it, oi’ things where we can probably use it, or whatever, but on the other side i don't care, i don't mind. we are in the semi—final and playing sunday against cardiff. that's in my mind and it will be in my mind 100 cent when i wake up tomorrow and is not however play against barcelona. we have enough time for that. paris st germain missed the chance to win the ligue un title at the third attempt as they lost 3—2 to nantes. thomas tuchel‘s side drew 2—2 with strasbourg and lost 5—1 to lille in their last two games. psg are still 17 points clear of second—placed lille with six
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games remaining and can win their sixth title in seven seasons if they beat monaco on sunday. manchester united have secured promotion to the women's super league in england after a 5—0 win over aston villa. it means the team that was only formed this year will move into the top flight at the first time of asking. united now need just one more victory to lift the second—tier title, and their promotion will be subject to them meeting the football association's criteria for a place in the top tier. now to tennis and rafael nadal got his bid for a record extending 12th monte carlo masters title underway on wednesday. the 32 year old wasted little time on court as he accounted for fellow spaniard roberto bautista agut but there was a shock as the man who nadal beat to win the title last year, kei nishikori was knocked out. austin halewood reports. this was well—founded dials first match of the clay—court season. it was like he'd never been away. since
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2005 only two other players have won this tournament was not such as the spaniard ‘s dominance and it will remain that way against his opponent. well number two leading an hour and opponent. well number two leading an hourand a opponent. well number two leading an hour and a quarter to book his place in the third round in a six on hope —— 6—1 wen. in the third round in a six on hope -- 6-1 wen. ijust tried to post solid. —— bay solid. itry -- 6-1 wen. ijust tried to post solid. —— bay solid. i try to be dominant on my 400 had the chance andi dominant on my 400 had the chance and i did a couple of times, volleys so and i did a couple of times, volleys so that's good news when i go to the net, it's because i have the contour of the points. nadalwill now net, it's because i have the contour of the points. nadal will now face the man he beat in the semifinals last year after the unseeded bulgarian accounted from the match was up he was made to work hard and it was anything but an easy path. the third seed said his stall out
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from the start breaking his opponent in the opening game. the german who turns 22 on saturday breezed through the third round the canadian wildcard winning 6—1, 6—4. the fourth seed who claimed the indian wells masters title last month defeated us of archean by the same score. the austrian claimed 20 out of his 23 firsts points and went through the match without facing any break points as he moves on to a third round clash with a serbian player. there was a shock as nishikori was beaten. 32 loss to nadal and lost as final failed to convert nadal and lost as final failed to co nve rt a ny nadal and lost as final failed to convert any of his ten break points.
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the unseeded 28—year—old prizes a third round match. jarrell miller has been denied a licence to fight anthonyjoshua at madison square garden on the 1st ofjune. it comes after an adverse finding in a drug—testing sample. 0ur reporter ade adedoyin has more from new york it's looking incresingly unlikely that anthonyjoshua will face jarrell miller here at madison square gardens onjune1st. i've spoken to the new york state athletic commission, they've confirmed that miller's application for a license has been denied. it is normal procedure for athletic commission to deny a fighter a license if an a sample comes back positive. i understand that jarrell miller has requested for his b sample to also be tested. now, if that comes back negative, he can then reapply for a license and provide any information to the commission as to why his first sample came back positive. if, however, his b sample comes back positive, then that's pretty much the end of the matter. and he won't be allowed to box here.
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i've also spoken to the ceo of matchroom promotions who handle anthonyjoshua's affairs. and he told me thatjoshua was shocked by these developments and says they are considering a number of possible opponents. they are pressing ahead though with the title event onjune 1st. so, the situation, not quite clear, but looking increasingly unlikely that it's going to be miller who steps in the ring with joshua here on june 1st when he makes his us debut as a professional. to cycling and the second stage of the tour of turkey took the riders from tekirdag to eceabat where there was a tricky uphill finish and it wasjosef postelberger who made a brave bid for victory in in the final kilometers, but he was overtaken by teammate sam bennettjust 200 metres from the line. the irish cyclist taking victory for the second stage in a row with felix grosschartner in second and jhonaton restrepo back in third while bennett retains the race leader's blue jersey. the boston celtics are trailing the
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paces. if indiana wen, that series will be level at one apiece. but from me and the rest of the sport today team, goodbye. hello again. wednesday was a perfectly acceptable day for many parts of the british isles, but it may well be put in the shade by what we are expecting to see quite widely across the british isles on saturday. the temperatures could peak around london at 25 degrees. for those of you who have opted for the stay—cation for this particular holiday weekend, well, you are certainly beating those who have decided to head down anywhere really, from iberia right across to the eastern mediterranean. the reason for a settled spell of weather is that the jet stream, as we move through the weekend and into the start of next week, should be well away
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from the british isles. we're trapped on its warmer side. you'll notice there is a pocket of somewhat cooler air not a million miles to the west of us as we start the new week. more on that in just a second. thursday starts off rather cloudy across eastern scotland and the eastern side of the pennines, but as the day gets going that cloud dissipates. a little bit of fair weather cloud, not much more than that. 0n the east coast the onshore breeze is around ten, 11, 12. inland is widely in the upper teens, if not in the 20s. for all that we have to thank that big area of high pressure, which i'm sure you're getting used to, it's been there over scandanavia for a wee while. it will certainly dominate many of us as we get on through the weekend. friday, just maybe the odd passing shower to start the day in eastern parts of scotland, but friday is a really glorious day across many parts of the british isles. and those temperatures, notjust a south—east phenomena. widely in the upper teens. and again, many locations could see 20 — 21 or something in that order. a fly in the ointment as we move
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towards the weekend. the weather front will be pushed closer to the northern and western parts of scotland, maybe northern ireland too, tempering the feel of the day there certainly. but as i say, widely 22—23, maybe 24 or 25 across the south—east. not much change into easter sunday, we will have the remnants of that weather front trying to work its way down across scotland, thickening the cloud here, the odd spot of rain more, i suspect, towards the far north—west. sunshine rather hazy across northern ireland. but elsewhere, if you've got plans for the outdoors, get out and enjoy it. a word to the wise, the pollen is really quite high at the moment. and if you're out for any length of time, the uv levels are also worthy of consideration. come monday, the jet stream just trying to work an area of low pressure close to the western side of the british isles, but those fronts lingering far out west for many. easter monday too looking like a pretty decent day.
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very warm welcome to bbc news, broadcasting to viewers in north america and around the globe. my name's mike embley. our top stories: north korea is claiming it's tested a new type of tactical guided weapon. it would be the first public missile test since the hanoi summit with president trump. peru's former president alan garcia dies. he shot himself as police tried to arrest him on bribery charges. gearing up for the mueller report. washington braces for new revelations in the russia investigation, but still not everything will be made public. bells toll and church bells bring out across france to mark the exact time


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