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nominee en nominee on the has more than one nominee on the left. they really have been sensational, particularly in europe over the last four years. yes, leanne arguably the most dominant force in women's football all around the world. two nominees from the clu b the world. two nominees from the club this year. the winner last year as well, lucy bronze. they are a clu b as well, lucy bronze. they are a club who invest a lot in the winning's game but a dominant force in europe last year. there are phenomenal outfit. with the world cup coming along, club level football is where it is really starting to grow and leon lead the way. we look forward to the competition and people buzzing about. thank you very much indeed. the vote is now open. go to and make your choice for who you think should win the bbc women's footballer of the year award. heavyweight boxer jarell miller has denied taking a banned substance and will appeal against the decision to revoke his licence
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ahead of his fight with anthonyjoshua in june. miller produced an adverse doping test last month. our boxing reporter ade adedoyin is in new york where the fight was scheduled to take place. yes, in madison square garden behind me. jarrell miller had put out a strong statement saying he would not deliberately try to cheat. what a mess. yes, it is a mess and unfortunately it has become all too familiar in our sport. i have been saying this for years, not everybody wants to hear this, but there are a lot of fighters in the spots that are dirty and the drug testing does need to be more stringent, more often and more stringent. you are going to see our guys get away with it. you are not catching the cheetahs, it is just it. you are not catching the cheetahs, it isjust showing that it is there. it needs to be more strict
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and ona is there. it needs to be more strict and on a more regular basis. hopefully it will make more people not want to do it in fear of getting caught. he says he wasn't trying to cheat and his team work on integrity. he will be vindicated when he cleared his name. nonetheless, it puts anthonyjoshua in an awkward position. it does. he doesn't have an opponent. are you really going to be preparing for a right hander and then put yourself in againsta right hander and then put yourself in against a left—hander? i find ha rd in against a left—hander? i find hard to believe and i would not expect ajay to wind up with that style difference all at once. regardless, it really is a shame this is happening more and more often. you hope the drug testing gets better and that this can be fixed. take the example of the ufc. it is more strict and more often and their spot seems to be cleaner. boxing mix to make a change. your
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favourite fighters are probably dirty and you don't even know it. strong words there. more needs to be donein strong words there. more needs to be done in boxing to trap tackle this issue of doping. finally rob gronkowski is a unique figure in american sports. not to put too fine a point on it... he's a bit barmy. the tight end has just retired after one of the nfl‘s greatest careers with the new england patriots, but even so, he's still leaving his mark. literally. the patriots took the lombardi trophy, the sixth they've won, to show it off at fenway park, home of the boston red sox. surely he wouldn't take a swing. well, he did. and he might be regretting it because the super bowl winner has left his team a little present. not hard to spot the difference. i guess when you have got six of them, it doesn't really matter.
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that's all from sportsday. goodbye for now. you are watching bbc news. a murder investigation is under way after a shooting yesterday evening. the trainspotting author says he is heartbroken by the news. the street in edinburgh's upmarket west and still cordoned off. family and friends leave flowers. armed officers were called to a disturbance. residents were told to go back inside. one man saw an
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ambulance crew being waved through force and body with a gunshot wound to the head. he was found seriously injured and died at the scene. police are treating his death as murder. it is quite strange and unsettling. i asked the police if it was safe to come out. you don't know, there might be someone what running around or is it isolated incident? a former boxer and self—confessed football fan, he spoke openly about his past.|j dropped into criminality and it is a path i wish i hadn't run down. charity work that led to hollywood. starring as a gangster in trainspotting two. as an investigation gets under way, early enquiries suggest this was an isolated attack. they are appealing for
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anyone with information to come forward. the oueenjoined the traditional maundy thursday service at windsor castle's st george's chapel today. commemorative purses were given to 93 men and 93 women, in reference to the queen's 93rd birthday on sunday. they each received a five pound coin marking 200 years since queen victoria's birth, and specially—minted silver coins that totalled the queen's age. time for a look at the weather. good evening. our weather has good evening. undergone a transformation in recent days. we are seeing lots of sunshine with warmth as well. some spots in south—east england had seen highs of 23 celsius, making it the warmest day of the year so far. there is more of that took over the next few days. this evening, for most of us a fine end the day. clear skies ever night. a little bit of mist low cloud perhaps into eastern parts of
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scotland. most of us a frost free night with most of us holding on to double digit temperatures. this is the set up over the bank holiday weekend. high—pressure drawing in ones from central europe giving temperatures a boost. just at the date, there may be low cloud, mist oi’ date, there may be low cloud, mist orfog date, there may be low cloud, mist or fog but that should burn date, there may be low cloud, mist orfog but that should burn back quite quickly and then it is a fine —looking day with lots of sunshine and blue sky. the wind will be a little bit lighter along the coast as well. it should feel noticeably warmer. we are looking at highs of around 22, possibly 23 celsius. that heat building as we head into the weekend. on saturday, some spots in southern england could see highs of around 25 celsius. let's see how that compares with some of our favourite european and eastern mediterranean results. here it is cooler and it is not unsettled. io celsius in istanbul on saturday. back home, a lot of fine, dry weather to be had once again. there
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will be the strip of cloud pushing into parts of northern ireland. western fringes of scotland as well. a message race —— mostly dry story. lots of sunshine and offer with the ones and highs of around 2a, possibly 25 celsius in some spots. easter sunday, the weather front may move southwards before it retreats to scotland. a message i story, it may just produce to scotland. a message i story, it mayjust produce one or two light showers. lengthy spells of sunshine and highs of around 23 celsius. easter monday, may well try to edge its way in from the west but at the moment it doesn't look like it makes any progress. another fine day with sunny spells.
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you are watching beyond 100 days. 23 months and 400 pages. the mueller report is finally published. donald trump declares it is over as the long—awaited investigation into the president, the russian and 2016 campaign is made public. some chunks are blacked out but we know that robert mueller concluded he could not clear donald trump of the charges of obstructing justice. the president says that is still not true. i'm having a good day too. it is called no collusion, no obstruction. the report also


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