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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  April 23, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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our top story: the funerals of many of those killed in sunday's bomb attack in sri lanka are due to be held on tuesday. questions are being asked about what the security services knew, after the prime minister said they'd been "aware of information" about possible attacks but he hadn't been told. the us says it will end exemptions from sanctions for countries that buy oil from iran. secretary of state mike pompeo said the aim was to put maximum pressure on iran's government. and these pictures are trending on as selfies go, this is impressive — the virunga national park, in the democratic republic of congo, and two very relaxed gorillas posing with the park rangers who have raised them since they were babies. that's all. stay with bbc news. and the top story in the uk: england, wales, scotland
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and northern ireland have seen their hottest ever easter bank holiday, with temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees celsius. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. the us ramps up pressure on iranians oil, warning countries they will be hit with sanctions if they continue to buy crude from tyrone. samsung's new foldable phone has hit problems, after the launch of its new device.
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—— tehran. we start with the oil market, and the trump administration has warned countries are still buying crude from a run that they will be hit with sanctions if they do not stop their purchases by the first of may. and that is next week. countries affected include china, japan and korea, who have subsequently been given exemptions by the us. —— iran. oil prices spiked overnight, and us secretary of state mike pompeo said the impact would be minimal. i want to emphasise that we have tried to ensure market stability. the us has beenin ensure market stability. the us has been in constant contact with other countries to help them transition away from iranians accrued. and we have tried to ensure that sufficient volume will minimise impact on pricing. the kingdom of saudi arabia
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and the uae ensured us that they would ensure an appropriate supply for the markets. of course, the us is now a significant producer as well. for more now, i amjoined by my colleague and business reporter mariko oi. many questions on how rising crude prices will impact asian economies. that's right, not many of our viewers might know that asian countries still import a lot of oilfrom asian countries still import a lot of oil from iran. asian countries still import a lot of oilfrom iran. let's have a look at the customers. this is the list from 2017. of course, the us reimposed sanctions last november, and eight of them were given six—month waivers. in china, south korea, japan and turkey still import oilfrom iran, 1.3 million barrels per day last year. the waivers expire on the second of may, and after that they have to bring down
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iranians accrued imports to zero or face sanctions. this is because the us wants to deny the iranians government its main source of revenue. you can government its main source of revenue. you can see how dramatically the sanctions affected iran's oil output. the currency came down to record lows, the annual inflation rate was quadrupled, foreign investors were driven away. washington is going ahead with it regardless of criticism. as you can imagine, after this announcement crude oil prices jumped almost 3%, and they continue to rise in asian trade, currently up by about half a percent. did you know they are up 54% since christmas eve last year? it is not just 54% since christmas eve last year? it is notjust iran, but the us is currently telling allies to hold
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imports from venezuela, doing anything to disrupt this. this is affecting my pocket, it is more expensive here in singapore for oil products. moving out to other business news. making headlines — it looks like former republican presidential hopeful herman cain won't be joining the board of the federal reserve. us president donald trump was keen for him tojoin the fed, but he president donald trump was keen for him to join the fed, but he tweeted that herman cain had asked for his nomination to be withdrawn. shifting to south korea tech giant samsung, and the korean electronics giant has delayed the release of its new foldable smartphone. the move comes new foldable smartphone. the move co m es after new foldable smartphone. the move comes after a number of tech reviewers complained that this new expensive device kept on breaking. however, the bbc‘s technology reporter, chris fox, had no problems when he reviewed it.
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this is the samsung galaxy fold, the folding smartphone that samsung hopes people will pay £1800 for. not all analysts share his opinion, some complained about faulty screens after using the phone for as little as one day. earlier i spoke to jake saunders from abi research, and i asked him if samsung will regret rushing the phone out. foldable phones of the future but i'm not sure they are up to the realities of today. there is a big race to get to these highly innovative phones. fundamentally, the market is shrinking. last year the overall smartphone market shrank about 7%. yes, there are1.4 smartphone market shrank about 7%. yes, there are 1.4 billion phones shipped, it is shrinking, so they are trying to go to the higher end to keep up the revenue. our reviewer
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was able to review it and there were no problems, but others have said there are key issues with the foldable phone. do you think there was something wrong with the production line, in the supply chain process ? production line, in the supply chain process? these review fines are not fully commercial, so they don't have all the bells and whistles in the package, and i think crucially a memo that says do not remove this physical protective layer. many people want to take off the layout when they first get it, they want to touch the natural feel of the glass. this is turning out to be an embarrassment for samsung, evoking memories of the exploding samsung galaxy note. yes, that was a couple of years ago but i think samsung doesn't want this negative information coming out around this new foldable phone. this could have
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reputational damage on samsung electronics products. this is a highly innovative phone, you are turning a screen through 180 degrees. you have to be able to touch the screen, have all the softwa re touch the screen, have all the software that runs within it, it was a bold experiment and it may still be an experiment but there is a lot of competition around the space. lawyers for an embattled former chairman of nissan, carlos ghosn has been hit with another charge. rupert hayes has the latestas expected, mr ghosn has been charged with a fourth child, this time of aggravated breach of trust, and also as expected his legal team. as for
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these latest charges, the specifics are that mr ghosn ordered a subsidiary in the uae to pay millions of dollars to an armani business associate of mr ghosn. at the moment these allegations, we haven't seen any evidence from prosecutors, and it won't be presented until he appears in court. but lawyers here in tokyo are saying that compared to the other three charges, this one looks much more serious. let's have a quick look at the markets, us stocks had little change overnight as investors stayed on the sidelines ahead of quarterly earnings from some major companies, including epson and facebook. —— amazon. let's have a look at the asia
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pacific markets and how they are faring in early trade. let's ta ke let's take a look at the oil markets, and as mariko 0i mentioned earlier, we saw rising oil prices due to the united states hitting once again on iran. let's have a look at our other top
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stories... and then samsung delaying the launch of the foldable phone due to some issues with the phone, it was tested by our tech reporter, but he didn't find any issues regarding the phone, but according to our tech a nalysts the phone, but according to our tech analysts earlier, it could be a delayed up to 3— six months before it gets to market. thank you for investing your time with us, sport todayis investing your time with us, sport today is coming up next. this is bbc news, the top stories this hour: with close to 300 people killed in sunday's bomb attacks, the first funerals are taking place. the government's facing more questions about its failure to act on intelligence ahead of the attacks. the us threatens sanctions on any country importing oilfrom iran after the first of may. tehran calls the move illegal.
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friends of the young journalist who was shot dead last week in londonderry have daubed paint on an office used by political groups linked to dissident republicans. lyra mckee was killed while covering a riot involving dissident republicans on thursday night. mark simpson reports. the protest was by friends of lyra mckee. this building is used by political groups linked to dissident republicans. the protesters had publicised on social media what they intended to do. when they arrived, a number of men were waiting outside. the police were there, too. no arrests were made, but police did take the names of the women involved. applause. for lyra. that wee girl is dead! she is dead! nothing matters. take me to court, take me to jail, i don't care. i absolutely don't care. the rest of us is all the same.
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we're strong women. we're not afraid. we are not afraid. i have my own children myself and i've got grandchildren coming up and i don't want it for them. i'm proud to come from derry city, very proud, but i tell my children now, if you get a chance, a job out of here, get out. the funeral of lyra mckee will take place on wednesday, at st anne's cathedral in belfast. it will consist of a catholic priest and the church of ireland dean of belfast, and i think that's lovely, you know, because obviously, there will be a large contingent of the lgbtq community at the service and it is really nice to see them being welcomed. the police are pleased with the amount of information which has come from the community but they say they need more. please come and talk to me. i don't need anybody to commit to anything today, ijust need to speak to people to understand what they know. we can then start to look at how do we capture that information in the best way possible to protect those witnesses and to enable me
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to bring lyra mckee's killers to justice. in the wake of the shooting here four days ago, two men were arrested, an 18—year—old and a 19—year—old. they were both released without charge last night. as the police investigation into the murder of the young journalist continues, her friends and family say their focus is now on preparing for her funeral. mark simpson, bbc news, derry. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm mark edwards and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre.
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coming up on this programme: sean dyche's burnley are the party poopers putting a spanner in chelsea's quest for a top fourfinish. all four one. brazilian striker leonardo scores all of al wahda's goals as they stage a dramatic asian champions league comeback. fernando verdasco prevails in the battle of the veterans at the barcelona 0pen. hello and thanks for joining us on sport today. we start in the english premier league where chelsea missed a chance to tighten their grip on a top 4 spot. they were held to a 2—2 draw at home to burnley. in a breathless start, jeff hendrick opened the scoring for the visitors afterjust 8 minutes before ngolo kante and then gonzalo higuain gave chelsea the lead with 2 quickfire goals. that was all before the quarter of an hour mark. it didnt stop there — ashley barnes drawing burnley level on 24 minutes. thats how it stayed. chelsea, who had manager maurizio sarri sent to the stands, were unhappy with what they perceived to be time—wasting tactics by the visitors but burnley with a precious point,


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