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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  April 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm BST

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by the new ira last week. she was a child of northern ireland's peace process — an investigative journalist, murdered while doing herjob. her catholic family chose belfast‘s protestant cathedral for the service, that brought communities together and set a challenge for the politicians. why, in god's name, does it take the death of a 29—year—old woman, with her whole life
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in front of her... applause we'll have the latest on the murder invetigation. also tonight: the number of dead after sri lanka's easter sunday attacks rises to nearly 360. one of the bombers studied in the uk. another independence referendum for scotland — nicola sturgeon wants scots to have a choice between brexit and a future inside the eu. railway diplomacy — north korea's leader arrives in russia for talks with president putin. is he sending a message to president trump? new advice on babies and screen time. they should not be left to watch anything till they are two. and coming up on bbc news: the time for talking is almost up, but will it be united or city left kicking themselves after tonight's manchester derby in the premier league?
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good evening and welcome to the bbc news at six. in sri lanka, funerals have continued to take place for the victims of the easter sunday bombings. the death toll has risen again — it's now confirmed that 359 people died, with more than 500 wounded. clive myrie is in the capital, colombo. clive. george, it does seem to have been a day of real progress in the ongoing investigation here. there is no question that a clearer picture is beginning to emerge of who the bombers were. possibly with one of them having links to the uk. but there is still a nagging question. what could motivate a group of people, seeming great with the world at their feet, wealthy and educated, to, the kind of atrocities we have seen here in sri lanka? —— to,.
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investigators say in this upmarket corner of colombo lurked an islamist terror cell. a car outside has been dusted for fingerprints. and inside, forensic experts hunt for clues to shed light on sri lanka's easter sunday carnage. one of the men who lived here is ilham ibrahim, caught with an accomplice on cctv, minutes before a powerful explosion left several dead at the shangri—la hotel. investigations quickly led police back to ilham ibrahim's home. but as they stormed the building, it's believed his pregnant wife detonated a device, killing her and three children. and three police officers died. it's now believed two other ibrahim brothers were also involved in sunday's massacres. today, the deputy defence minister revealed more details of all the bombers. including one man named
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abdul lathief jameel mohamed. we believe that one of the suicide bombers studied in the uk and then later on did his postgraduate in australia. before coming back to settle in sri lanka. most of them are well educated and come from maybe middle or upper middle—class. the wren campbell, from manchester, 55, died in the sri lanka attacks. she was in the country on a one—day work trip. ijust she was in the country on a one—day work trip. i just want to bring my mum home and i want to give everyone who knew, who had the opportunity to spend time with her and get to her like we alldid, spend time with her and get to her like we all did, to give them the opportunity to come together and celebrate this beautiful woman —— the rain campbell. mourning for the majority of christians who died isn't confined to the catholic church. in the city of negombo, at the grand mosque, prayers have,
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for days, included thoughts for the hundreds killed in the name of a perverted islam. the rituals remain the same, but something has changed here now. there is an undercurrent of fear that there might be christian reprisals, in a city that has enjoyed so many years of interreligious harmony. not in our name, say the trustees of the mosque, denouncing the bombers as enemies of their faith. maybe their names may be muslims, but we will not accept them. we will not accept them as a muslim. a short walk from the mosque, more of the dead await burial. in this house, a woman in her 70s. her daughter, aged 52, and another woman in her 60s. christian lives cut short. but today, in a spirit
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of reconciliation, mourned by buddhists. the leader of sri lanka's catholics also paid his respects, saying the bombings left him numb. i lost my people, and these were innocent people, they had nothing to do with whatever the struggles of these people who blasted them to pieces. so, it was something that i couldn't grasp and understand. i can't understand the irrationality of what they did. so many died that easter sunday, the funerals are being staggered. it is a continuing process of remembrance, in a land where the only viable future for this multi—religious and ethnic population is to try and live in peace. so, what more do we actually know about those involved in the attacks? police have identified eight
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out of nine bombers, one of whom was a woman. 0fficials here have confirmed that one of the attackers studied in the uk. it's thought he then continued studying in australia. two of the bombers are reportedly brothers and the sons of a wealthy colombo spice trader. sri lanka's prime minister says the bombers belonged to a local islamist group called national thowheed jamath, although the islamic state group have claimed they coordinated the attack. so, is there a link between is abroad and the local group? that's the question investigators are trying to answer. let's speak to clive, in colombo. clive, this is a difficult situation for sri lankans, there is the grief we saw in your report and these questions hanging over the investigation. that's right. but today does seem to have been one of progress in that investigation. a clearer picture is beginning to emerge of who the bombers were. remember, there are
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investigators from all over the world here, interpol and the fbi are on the ground helping local investigators say real flower power is being put into this investigation to try to piece together what happened unto the bombers were —— fire power. it is clear a picture is emerging of this family, the ibrahim family from here in colombo, possibly three brothers and one of their wives involved in one of the bomb plots. meanwhile, there had been continuing calls for the heads of the intelligence apparatus to resign, to quit because of failings in not putting forward the suggestion from two weeks ago that warnings existed suggesting that there would be an attack here of some kind in sri lanka. and then of course, you have the continuing burials that will be going on throughout the week. 60 today, more tomorrow and on into perhaps the weekend, where we will of course have the seven day anniversary of the atrocities that took place here.
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george. clive, thank you very much. the funeral service for the murdered journalist lyra mckee in belfast today was transformed into a call for the renewal of the peace process. ms mckee was shot dead last week by the republican dissident group new ira. father martin magill was given a standing ovation when he challenged leaders from both sides of northern ireland's religious and political divide who were attending the service. 0ur ireland correspondent emma vardy was there. a modern victim of political violence that many hoped was in the past. thousands lined the streets for lyra mckee, her death uniting protesta nts a nd for lyra mckee, her death uniting protestants and catholics and political rivals. side by side, the leaders of the democratic unionist party and sinn fein. united in their condemnation of the events which led to lyra mckee‘s death. theresa may and labour leaderjeremy corbyn joined ireland's president and prime
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minister. lyra was a person who broke down barriers and reached across boundaries. this was her hallmark in life. and this is her legacy. in death. lyra is many things to many people. tributes were paid to lyra mckee for her writing and her activism. she campaigned for peace and gay rights and today, her family appealed for people to embrace her vision for change. we have the power to create the kind of society that lyra envisioned. 0ne where labels are meaningless. and a pre—to political leaders. where labels are meaningless. and a pre-to political leaders. why, in god's name, does it take the death ofa god's name, does it take the death of a 29—year—old woman with her whole life in front of her? more
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than two years since the breakdown of power—sharing in northern ireland, a call for them to show this same unity and government. ireland, a call for them to show this same unity and governmentlj debtor this same unity and government.” debtor hope that lyra's murder on holy thursday evening can be the doorway to a new beginning —— i debtor hope. and i detect a deep desire for this. 21 years after the good friday agreement, lyra mckee's death has prompted a backlash against modern day dissident republicans who still try to take northern ireland back to its violent past. the shock of lyra mckee's death has been felt widely, but there is also a sense of hope here that it can bring a new turning point, which helps northern ireland move forward. it is a thing of the past, it is ridiculous. it is a small minority holding the whole
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country to ransom, or trying to do it. the young girl has lost her life andl it. the young girl has lost her life and i hope there is no more. no more lives after this. if people would only rise up in this country. the celebration of lyra's life, also a reminder of how much northern ireland has to lose. well, meanwhile, the police investigation to try to bring her killers to justice continues. and today, we saw the chief con to blood northern ireland, george hamilton, make a renewed appeal for people in the community to come forward in —— for information —— the chief comes to. he said any witnesses would be protected. he said he had seen a groundswell of public opinion against violence the likes of which have not been seen in recent years, and many people at the step change in opinion will help to eliminate any lingering support for vibrant dissidents in future. thank you.
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the conservative mpjohnny mercer has denied doing anything wrong in accepting a private salary from a company linked to the firm that marketed a failed investment scheme. mr mercer receives £85,000 a year from crucial academy, on top of his parliamentary salary. it trains military veterans and has been funded by surge financial limited, which marketed a bond scheme that lost investors more than £230 million. rules will not change which require a12 month delay between confidence votes in the party read at which means theresa may cannot be challenged until december. but the group has demanded the prime minister set out a clear timetable for her departure if her brexit deal is rejected. scotland's first minister, nicola sturgeon, wants to hold a second referendum on scottish independence before the next holyrood elections in 2021. she said scots should have a choice between brexit
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and a future inside the eu. 0ur scotland editor, sarah smith, is at holyrood. george, by saying she wants to have another independence referendum within the next two years, nicola sturgeon is hoping to appease snp members impatient for another vote. but at the same time, she is clearly also trying to appeal to people who do not support independence by saying she wants to involve them as well in a conversation about scotland's future after brexit. hoping to appear generous, nicola sturgeon is offering snacks to the press. bacon rolls! as well as offering cross—party talks to her political opponents, she does want another independence referendum within the next two years but she also wants to invite all parties to discuss more powers for the scottish parliament. so if others across this chamber are willing to move forward in that spirit, they will find in me an equally willing partner. but if all they have to offer the people of scotland is a failed
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and a damaging status quo, then the process of change will pass them by and support for independence will continue to grow. unionist parties are not convinced ms sturgeon really is looking for a consensus and believe voters do not want another scottish referendum. they've watched the whole brexit episode unfold. they can see that leaving a 40—year—old union has proved to be hugely problematic. i think it's persuaded even more people in scotland that trying to leave a 300—year—old union, the most successful one they voted to remain injust a few years ago, is actually an even more difficultjob still. ijust don't think they want it. the scottish parliament cannot hold a referendum without permission from westminster, something the uk government is not about to grant. nicola sturgeon knows it's extremely unlikely that westminster would allow another scottish referendum within the next couple of years, so she's playing a longer game here, saying she wants to start a conversation that includes people who don't support independence about how scotland should be governed —
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hoping, of course, to persuade them independence would be the best option. scotland's future is often debated amongst the volunteers at this community garden in ayrshire, where brexit has changed some people's minds on independence. if we end up with a soft brexit, i'm not sure there will be independence, or a successful independence referendum. if we do crash out, i think there probably will be another independence referendum and this time it could edge it. does brexit make scottish independence more likely? i think it actually does. i think eventually, if scotland wants to stay in europe and europe wants scotland to stay in. i think everybody's fed up of referendums, quite honestly. sorry, no second chances! the snp know they need to grow support for independence before they can hold another vote. they hope they've begun to cultivate a conversation that will persuade people to consider it. sarah smith, bbc news.
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the time is 6:16pm. our top story this evening: bringing communities together — politicians attending the belfast funeral of lyra mckee, who was murdered last week, have been challenged by a priest. and still to come... i will be live here at old trafford ahead of tonight's manchester derby, which could just prove to be the decisive fixture in the most compelling and exciting title races for years. and in sportsday on bbc news: after the past decade in london, the atp world tour finals will move to turin from 2021. the organisers say it would take the event to new heights. how many times have you left your baby in front of the telly or with a tablet, just so you could get a few chores done? well, the new advice from the world health organisation is that babies and toddlers should not be left alone
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in front of a screen. what it calls sedentary screen time should not happen before a child is two and then it should be no more than an hour a day till your child is four. dominic hughes reports on the thinking behind the new advice. a mid—morning play date. in the background, the tv is on, but with the excitement of toys and friends — it goes unnoticed. i find that for him, at this age, he's just not really that interested. but screens, especially phones and tablets, are now a big part of everyday life. she'll sit there and watch upsy daisy on the tv. say daisy. daisy. good girl! this report makes recommendations around activity levels, sleep and screen time, and on this last point, it recommends that for children under two, there should be no passive screen time at all. for children between two and four, it says limit screen time tojust an hour a day, and less is better.
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pretty colours! the report talks about sedentary screen time, when kids are simply plonked in front of the tv or screen. it's my turn now. 0k. but some experts say that's too simplistic a view of what's going on and these mums agree. he doesn't just sit there and so now, there's obviously things going on in his brain at the same time, so in that sense, it's quite useful. i don't know how we'd make the dinner and cook and clean if he didn't have something to watch. i think it's up to you as a parent to decide for your kids what they need and what they... what's best for them, because every child is so different. at age three, just running around the garden is is about as fun as it gets, and that's where concerns over screen time come from. being less active is related to weight gain and illness in later life. parents get all sorts of advice, notjust on screens but on diet, sleep and exercise, but most feel they know what works for their kids. they want to be playing, they want to be outside. i can't get lyra inside some times! i think it's just balance,
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that's the most important thing more than anything, so... but that's just me! so, we'll see. if she grows up 0k, then we'll report back! there are no plans to update official advice in the uk, which sets no screen time limits that recommends children avoid screens before bedtime. dominic hughes, bbc news, stockport. the chinese telecoms giant huawei has welcomed reports that the government is to allow it to help build britain's 5g data network. that's despite objections from senior ministers who believe it poses a security risk. the us and a number of other countries have also expressed concerns about the security implications of working with huawei. 0ur security correspondent gordon corera reports. the new world of 5g technology promises to transform our lives, connecting millions of devices and enabling everything from driverless cars to smart homes.
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but it also poses a major security question — should a chinese company be the one to deliver this future? huawei may be best known to most people for making phones, but it's also a leading player in building the infrastructure for all our communications. critics fear that allowing it to build 5g could enable the chinese state to spy on — or even switch off — the flow of data we will all depend on. despite some ministers raising concerns, a meeting of the uk's national security council yesterday appears to have given huawei the green light. speaking to me at a conference in glasgow, the uk's top cyber security official suggested the risks from huawei can be managed. whatever final decision ministers reach, we can be confident that it will be a sufficiently tough and demanding oversight regime for all the suppliers, and for our telecommunications networks as a whole.
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here in glasgow, representatives of the five eyes intelligence alliance are making a rare public appearance. but behind this very public show of unity, there are real divisions about how to deal with huawei, with the us and australia having already decided to exclude the company, and now the uk appearing to look to take a different approach. huawei being a company that has to be responsive to their intelligence and military needs presents a threat. and as for five eyes, we're united that that's a threat. so you will see us draw a line and say they can't be in our sensitive networks. the discussions that are going on right now is, where do you draw the line on what's a sensitive network? the expectation is the uk will exclude huawei from the most sensitive core of the new network, but that will not allay all of the concerns. the company itself denies it poses any security risk, as its founder told the bbc
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earlier this year. translation: we will never undertake any spying activities, and we will never accept anyone's instructions to install a back door. dealing with huawei is about more than one company. it's about how western countries deal with the rise of china and the spread of its technology, and the uk's decision is one that will be closely watched at home and abroad. gordon corera, bbc news. the north korean leader, kimjong—un, has arrived in russia for a summit with president putin. it's kim jung—un‘s first visit to the country, he travelled to the eastern city of vladivostock by armoured train. steve rosenberg looks at what the leaders might gain from the meeting. his report contains flashing images. his armoured train had all but made it into vladivostok station, but somehow there was just enough time for a last—gasp spring cleaning
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by kim jong—un‘s staff. north korea clearly keen to make a good impression on russia. outside the station, kim was treated to a guard of honour. it's his first visit to russia. he's looking quite the statesman. two summits with donald trump have ensured that, even if they have failed to persuade north korea to give up its nuclear weapons programme. the summit with president putin may produce more ceremony than substance, but if the two leaders are seen to get on, it'll be a diplomatic success for both of them. whenever there's a summit with kim jong—un at the table, we've kind of got used to the man sitting opposite being donald trump. but this time it will be vladimir putin and that puts the kremlin leader exactly where he wants to be — centre stage, with russia demonstrating that it is
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a global player. vladimir putin hasn't met kim jong—un before but he met his father, kimjong—il. as for this meeting, the kremlin has a clear message for america — you cannot solve the world's biggest problems without russia's help. steve rosenberg, bbc news, vladivostok. there's a big night of football ahead. tonight's manchester derby will be a crucial moment in the premier league title race. if manchester united beat or hold manchester city to a draw, they will seriously damage city's premier league title ambitions, our sports editor dan roan is at old trafford. a whole lot at stake? tatarusanu yes, for several weeks this has appeared to be a defining moment in the outcome of one of the most closest a nd the outcome of one of the most closest and exciting premier league title races for many years. liverpool find themselves two points
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ahead that manchester city and second have a game in hand and that game in hand is against manchester united, in the manchester derby this evening. it is a derby with a twist because the home fans arriving at 0ld because the home fans arriving at old trafford will think it is something of a no—win situation. if they get a result against manchester city they know they may hand their bitter archrivals liverpool a crucial advantage in that race with just three games to go but if manchester city win and united lose, did noisy neighbours will be on course to claim another premier league title. united can't afford to worry about all that, they have lost six and eight and desperate to finish in the top four and qualify for the champions league. the pressure very much on 0le gunnar solskaer and his players. they will not be lacking in motivation, even if it means helping their old rivals liverpool out. thank you. time for a look at the weather. here's susan powell. some strangely pink and orange skies across the uk today in some dusty
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ca rs. across the uk today in some dusty cars. it can only mean we have been pulling in some air from the sahara and with it, some dust as well. for the last few days, that has also meant some very warm air across the uk. we are going to stop that southerly pool to our air as we go through the next three days and pick up through the next three days and pick upa through the next three days and pick up a more through the next three days and pick up a more atlantic influence. lighter shades of yellow and then blue, turning notably cooler as we go through this week. even today, much chillier, rain across wales, temperature is 10 degrees down on yesterday. heavy showers to come in northern england in a few hours and scattered showers overnight continuing across england and wales but many areas drive the first thing on their standard mild enough start, albeit a cloudy one. through the morning rush hour, a spell of quite intense rain will run across the south—east of england, fringe the midlands and east anglia. challenging conditions along with squally winds and scattered showers further west. the best of the fine weather for northern ireland and scotla nd weather for northern ireland and scotland in the early part of the
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day. the rain makes its way into northern england for the afternoon and eventually some showers chasing into southern scotland and thundery and heavy showers in the south. sunshine and showers basically sums it upfor sunshine and showers basically sums it up for tomorrow but certainly cooler than we have been used to, temperatures in mid—teens at best. friday, perhaps a little quieter on the face of it first thing that come the face of it first thing that come the afternoon, widespread and potentially quite punchy showers, especially in the southern half of the uk. top temperatures, 14—15. cast your eye to the west and it looks like there could be an area of fine weather for northern ireland and scotland in the early part of the day. the rain makes its way into northern england for the afternoon and eventually some showers chasing into southern scotland and thundery and heavy showers in the south. sunshine and showers basically sums it upfor sunshine and showers basically sums it up for tomorrow but certainly cooler than we have been used to, temperatures in mid—teens at best. friday, perhaps a little quieter on the face of it first thing but come the face of it first thing but come the afternoon, widespread and potentially quite punchy showers, especially in the southern half of the uk. top temperatures, 14—15. cast your eye to the west and it looks like there could be an area of
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deep low pressure. potentially a wet and windy story for all of us. for sunday, it looks like things will become quieter once again. a much cooler story as we look to the weekend ahead. back to you, george.
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the headlines. the funeral of lyra mckee has taken place in belfast as hundreds gather to celebrate her life. theresa may along with political leaders from northern ireland and the irish republic heard calls for her lasting list of the —— her lasting legacy. i dare to hope that lyra's murder on holy thursday evening can be the doorway to a new beginning and! evening can be the doorway to a new beginning and i detect a deep desire for this. the death toll rises again in sri lanka. 359 people died in the oestrous sunday attacks. 0ne in sri lanka. 359 people died in the oestrous sunday attacks. one of the bombers who study in the uk has been identified. huawei, the chinese telecoms giant, welcomes


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