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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  April 25, 2019 5:45am-6:01am BST

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but the scottish daily mail is putting this bid behind along list of what is says are bigger priorities. is looking at the power of facebook advertising in the european elections. the article says nigel farage‘s brexit party is spending almost twice as much as rivals on campaigning on the social media platform. meantime on the continent, groups are lobbing facebook to relax advertising rules which currently make advertising in the 28 members states complicated. in the wall streetjournal, as the may 1st deadline for new sanctions on buyers of iranian oil looms — tehran is warning the us of consequences for blocking its future oil sales. the story says iran's foreign minister has also suggested prisoner exchanges, which could lead to the freeing of british—iranian nazanin zaghari—ratcliffe. and finally on,
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this piece asks if too much money has been given to rebuild the notre—dame. at least $835 million has been pledged surpassing it's estimated restoration by hudreds of millions. so let's begin. with me is cornelia meyer — ceo of mrl corporation, a business consultancy. get started. you and i were talking about the meeting of president putin and kim jong—un. let's about the meeting of president putin and kimjong—un. let's look at about the meeting of president putin and kim jong—un. let's look at the washington post. it pretty much makes the same as everybody. we don't know. we don't expect a real outcome. it's a landmark meeting. it is the first time that kim is going
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to russia and meeting russia. it's a lwa ys to russia and meeting russia. it's always been a strong ally. yes, we can the two leaders arriving for arriving for this moment with actually meant for the very first time. this is a roundabout a0 minutes ago. as you say, it is kim jong—un‘s first visit to russia. i've been in leadership for seven yea rs i've been in leadership for seven years and not made it till now, he is saying. actually, when you look at the map, vladivostok itself is not that far away from the border of north korea. as i said in a previous lot, it's reminiscent of the 6— party talks where you had china, russia, north korea, south korea, japan and the us engaged. it makes
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sense to broaden it out especially because some of the leaders involved area because some of the leaders involved are a little bit erratic. yes, indeed. you can see the two leaders here. the body language between them and all the rest of it. i doubt they will fall in love, like with president trump, who fell in love with kim. fell in love and fell out of love, it seems. let's look at other stories. we're looking at two papers in scotland the scottish times and scottish daily mail in their coverage of the news that nicola sturgeon is to make a renewed case for scottish independence. no big surprise at all because she's been quite clear about this. this has been her agenda ever since the first referendum. especially since the brexit debacle. the time is very much takes a descriptive view, she wa nts to much takes a descriptive view, she wants to have a soft brexit, she
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wa nts to wants to have a soft brexit, she wants to get her opposition involved, she wants to learn from the mistakes of brexit. the scottish daily mail says, this is not really oui’ daily mail says, this is not really our first daily mail says, this is not really ourfirst priority, we have daily mail says, this is not really our first priority, we have so daily mail says, this is not really ourfirst priority, we have so many nhs crisis, education, the economy, public services crumbling in the whole rigmarole of things to look it. that is the danger of brexit. it is not helpful for unity but where i think nicola sturgeon may have an uphill battle, she says we will leave the uk, then we will go into the eu. the eu may not want them because the eu has rather strict guidelines on how much, how big your deficit can be. they are strict, but the rules have been broken. the rules have been broken but look what happened when the rules were broken. look at greece and italy. they were bailed out, italy wasn't. do they
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really wa nt bailed out, italy wasn't. do they really want another laggard in there? i really wouldn't be too confident that the eu will immediately say yes, come and join us. immediately say yes, come and join us. it's interesting isn't it, to see both articles and what they say about this and what the appetite is like in scotland for a second referendum because the first one, we remember it well here, we covered it closely and it was pretty close and it was really fractious that that time. it was like a mini brexit in terms of divisiveness. let's move on then to the european elections in may the 23rd, not far away at all. this article is looking at nigel forage's brexit party at spending most when it comes to the money it's putting into advertising through facebook. —— farage's.
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putting into advertising through facebook. -- farage's. it's not that much money but they are out spending most but it seems to be working. when you look, there was a headline over the weekend that a0% of tory counsellors would vote for the brexit party in the european elections so clearly, they are doing something right, they are trying to get the over a0s, the conservative tory counsellor types, and they are clearly doing something right. they are asking, asking facebook to alleviate some of the rules about political messages. but you can't haveit political messages. but you can't have it both ways. 0n political messages. but you can't have it both ways. on one hand, we say we need be very careful that foreign powers can't take over. the russian incident in the us election, but then the eu says, oh, by the
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way, now facebook has very strict rules. registering in the country. you can only do it in that country. now the eu wants it always. you can't have them go tighter and then for certain things, go broader. let's move the wall streetjournal. news from the trump administration that from the beginning of may, if there is anything of that nature available to those, that brought oil from iran, would finish. this article looks at iran's top diplomat warning the us of the implications of this move. it doesn't really warn them of the implications, itjust says, we will still export our oil via the straits of hormuz, the narrow streets where they run the ships, be prepared for the
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consequences. that's what it really says. i have lots of friends in the oil business and many of them say, did the iranian smuggle out a lot? it's really difficult for the indians,... 0il it's really difficult for the indians,... oil imports from iran. their refineries need heavy oil. venezuela has fallen off a cliff. iran, if they can't import from iran, if they can't import from iran, they will need saudi, uae. where do you think the price of oil is headed given all of this going on? i would say it could go up to 80 but at some stage, it will naturalise again because don't forget, last december, 0pec and its ten friends, 1.2 million barrels and if iranians exports, because there was a glut of oil. if iranians exports go to zero, they will
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smuggle some. we will have enough. i will hold you to that, cornelia. notre dame fire, this comment. has too much money been given to build it, it asks? 0ver too much money been given to build it, it asks? over $800 million has been raised so far. such is the thing when you have private money, ultra rich. there is very little you can do. there you go. thanks, cornelia. good to get that short response on that one. do take a look at hashtag #bbcthebriefing about selfish selfie photographs. i have another chance to mention them.
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hello again. uk forecast in just a moment but first of all we are off to mozambique where it looks like we've got another weather—related disaster on the way. another cyclone, this is cyclone kenneth, picking up strength and it's going to make landfall thursday afternoon in northern mozambique and bringing you through five days of forecast here, you can see the problem. once the storm has made landfall, it stops moving and we will see torrential falls of rain in the same area day after day. we could be seeing, getting on for a metre of rain over coming days combined with a storm surge 2—a metres high which could bring coastal inundation and looks like we will see another round of devastating flooding across mozambique, particularly in the north of the country. here in the uk, our weather has changed. it's turned a bit cooler, we've got unsettle weather over the next few days with rain or showers but also temperatures have eased over recent days. it will feel cooler as we head into this weekend combined with strengthening winds as well. now, today we'll start off with some reasonable weather around. in scotland and northern ireland, a bit of brightness or sunshine first thing.
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showers across england and wales from the word go push northwards. in terms of being cloudy, the showers get heavy with hail and thunder mixed in. some of those downpours will be quite lengthy as well as they drive their way northwards. in the south, perhaps turning a bit lighter today, a bit more sunshine, temperatures down on recent days, 13—16 degrees and quite a breezy day coming up, really. going through thursday evening and overnight, further wet weather for scotland, showers working in across parts of western england, and wales, perhaps some lengthier spells of rain through northern ireland through thursday night and into the early part of friday morning. friday, on the face of it, although it's quite unsettled again, there'll be some bigger gaps between the showers and perhaps some more in the way of sunshine
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for particularly eastern areas of scotland for a time, but it's not completely dry, you will see some further showers moving in through the afternoon. some of these are likely to be heavy and potentially quite lengthy in places. gusty winds around too. temperatures 13—15 degrees celsius and then through friday night and into the weekend, we see this area of low pressure diving southwards, tightly squeezed isobars, it's going to be a windy spell of weather. the strongest winds of this stage, targeting probably south—west england. gusts 60, 65 miles per hour, something like that. outbreaks of rain, widespread, and it's going to feel quite cold, notjust on account of those strong winds, heavy rain but also those temperatures. we'll be looking at highs of between 10 and 13 degrees. you can forget the 25 we had a few days ago.
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good morning. welcome to breakfast with naga munchetty and charlie stayt. 0ur headlines today: "a public health time bomb" — a warning from the head of nhs england, as cases of measles quadruple and vaccinations drop. two top sri lankan officials lose theirjobs over a "major intelligence la pse" prior to sunday's bomb attacks, which killed 359 people. good morning. checking out. sainsbury‘s and asda learn the fate of their £1a billion merger this morning. reports say that both supermarkets are ready to accept defeat if the competition regulator blocks the deal. manchester city have the premier
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league title almost


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