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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  May 1, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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kasia madera with bbc news: our top story. there have been more clashes in venezuela — between protesters and the police. authorities say they're dealing with an attempted coup — after the opposition leader juan guaido called on protestors to take to the streets in a final push to overthrow president maduro. the us president donald trump has said he stands with the people of venezuela. the white house has warned there will be consequences ifjuan guaido doesn't succceed. and this is our other main story across the bbc. celebrations are under way injapan as former crown prince naruhito becomes the country's new emperor a day after his father became the first emperor to abdicate in more than two centuries. that's all. stay with bbc news. and the top story in the uk. labour's governing body has
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maintained that it could support another referendum on brexit — but only under certain circumstances. now on bbc news, live to singapore for asia business report. investors still want a big slice of apple despite the tech giant announcing lower revenues in their latest quarterly results. and it's made the first, which means it is international workers day but for millions across the world, challenges in the work place are tougher than the job itself. challenges in the work place are tougher than thejob itself. good morning, asia. hello, world. it's a wednesday and it's the start of a new month. glad you could join us for another exciting addition of asia business report. we start off with apple which has announced its
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earnings for three months till march, revenues coming in at 58 billion dollars us, 5% lower. the drag mainly coming from slowing iphone sales. 17% compared to a year ago. taking hit on apple's autumn line. revenues falling by 21% from local handset manufacturers. to help make sense of the soil, our north american is this correspondent has more from new york. apple shocked investors by issuing a profit warning. smartphones have always been a big money for the tech giant but sales of iphones have been slowing that was certainly made clear with this latest earnings report. so why are investors feeling
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so report. so why are investors feeling so it? well, it has to do with the company's so it? well, it has to do with the com pa ny‘s forward so it? well, it has to do with the company's forward guidance, what it expects to see in the next few months. apple is indicating its revenue will be higher than what was initially expect did. investors are taking that as a sign that it believes sales of iphones will again pick up. apple also expects that demand for its services will also split up and contribute to reviewing next quarter. much of this year, at a splashy event in california loaded with celebrities, apple unveiled several new services. apple tv, apple news plus, on apple credit ca rd apple news plus, on apple credit card and this is where the company believes the future is, that is sales of iphones and ipads may ab in flow, the services will continue to bea flow, the services will continue to be a constant revenue stream. it is
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labour day, also known as mayday, or international workers day. it's a celebration of the achievements of workers and specifically, the 8— hour working day. a victory for workers in the 19th century but the reality is, many of us feel we put in more than eight hour work days. right now, i think the world of work is undergoing a process of transformative is undergoing a process of tra nsformative change. the is undergoing a process of transformative change. the future of work, which we are looking at very closely these days, it's not robots oi’ closely these days, it's not robots or automation, we have to decide what we want the future work to look like. via labourites, how does the
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ilo, your organisation, engage with countries like china on issues like this? we are engaging with china. with had long—running discussions with china about industrial relations, our trade unions and working people can share in a more effective way and the fruits of growth and how they can make their views heard. there are ongoing discussions, issues there. asia has this interesting phenomenon. it is very strong growth, and yet there are still quite big deficits in the world of labour and what we try to promote in the ilo was cooperation between governments, employees and workers, social dialogue. ithink that's not always been well appreciated in this part of the world. the unspoken thing is that many developed countries benefit from cheap products by developing countries where labourites are few so countries where labourites are few so is this something that the ilo
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can engage in? we have to protect labourites everywhere. secondly, i think this image, this model of asia isa think this image, this model of asia is a cheap export that form in the global economy is basically yesterday's news. asia is taking the lead in this fourth industrial revolution. actually going to be less and less a reality. also to develop issues of dialogue, greater respect of labourites in a greater sharing of the benefits. the crown prince no—hitter‘s ascension is being marked by a holiday. this unprecedented break means bank,
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government offices and many businesses are closed and that could give the country's sluggish economy a boost in the short—term at least. more from tokyo. i think at least for the short—term, everyone from hotels, train operators, airlines, and that's because nearly 25 million people are expected to travel during this golden week holiday which has been extended to ten days. that's incredible. this golden week, it's that spending on domestic travel willjump that spending on domestic travel will jump by that spending on domestic travel willjump bya that spending on domestic travel willjump by a third. at the same time, companies are preparing for all of this. including beer make asahi. overall, consumer spending during the period, the forecast to
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rise by 7.6% compared to a year ago. also, the 10— day stretch wipes out six trading sessions, the longest market closure since the end of world war ii and there are some concerns among traders about the impact on the market. when they reopen. but of course, we were talking yesterday about how shares have lost about a quarter of their value during the era. so hopefully there will be a better era for the stock market. there is a significant redesign of the main service. the move comes in response to intense criticisms. a number of privacy failures of the company. private, private, private. that is the future of facebook according to mark zuckerberg. he said that in the past
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but at this event, he offered a few more details of exactly what that future might mean. it starts in the short—term with a complete redesign of facebook‘s main service. more emphasis on groups, more emphasis on private interactions, things that facebook can't even read itself, m essa 9 es facebook can't even read itself, messages between users talking about whatever they like and, the big news is, it will no longer be blue. facebook is going to have to show that this is more than simply a paint job that this is more than simply a paintjob to avoid some of its current blooms. mark zuckerberg did say, the company didn't exactly have a great reputation for privacy right now but working hard to regain some of that trust. of course, this is going to be a pretty big ask. it's got to do that while being seen to innovate. there is a room here full of thousands of developers looking to see what they can build on facebook and how facebook is staying ahead of the competition. that's becoming more and more difficult
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when it has so many other distractions that it needs to deal with. it needs to do a lot to keep its position as the biggest social network in the world. in other business news making headlines, dom trump ramped up motion on the federal reserve after saying the central bank should cut interest rates by 4%. the fed will be making a decision later today and it's expected to keep rates unchanged at two—point 25%. however, donald trump says any cut would help the us economy go up like a rocket. vodafone has dismissed reports, over buying huawei equipped. vodafone noticed huawei software have the ability to obtain unauthorised access to italian homes and businesses however vodafone responded by saying bloomberg's
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report was incorrect. good news for the philippine economy after standard and poor‘s raise the countrycredit rating two triple b plus and that is the highest rating the philippines has ever achieved a means it's now two levels above minimum investment ratings. standard and poor said constant economic growth was the main reason behind this upgrade. let's have a quick look at the markets, most of them are closed. the all ordinaries index currently at 6451. thank you for investing your time with us. this is bbc news the top stories this hour. tens of thousands of venezuela ns have ta ken to the streets following an appeal by the opposition leader, juan guaido, to topple president maduro. a new era begins injapan.
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celebrations are underway — as naruhito becomes the new emperor. police have started a new criminal investigation into the deaths of hundreds of patients at a hospital in hampshire between 1987 and 2001. an independent inquiry last year found that more than 450 patients died after they were given strong painkillers at gosport war memorial hospital. three previous investigations have ended with no charges being brought. our correspondent duncan kennedy reports. the familes of those who died in gosport have waited 30 years for a nswe i’s. today, at a special meeting, police told them there would now be a criminal investigation. the daughters of stanley carby, who was one of hundreds to die in the gosport war memorial hospital, say the new inquiry must find truth where three previous ones failed.
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we want justice for the relatives and for the families that's been fighting. we're all getting older and, you know, it's been 20 years. so, for us, anyway, with dad. last year's independent inquiry found that more than 450 people died at the hospital because they were probably given strong painkillers for no medical reason. police say families who spoke to that inquiry would now be at the centre of their investigation. they want answers. i want to try and give them the answers, but i can't promise that i'm going to give them the outcome that they want. the police also say that they are looking at a full range of charges, including murder. but they say it all depends on whether they can prove that the shortening of lives here at gosport was directly caused by the use of these powerful painkillers. drjane barton was responsible for prescribing painkillers at the hospital in the 1990s, though last year's report said other staff were also involved.
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speaking through her husband last year, she denied she was at fault. she's always maintained that she was hard—working, dedicated doctor, doing the best for her patients in a very in adequately resourced part of the health service. the new investigation will take at least nine months. the families of those who died say they simply want to be heard. duncan kennedy, bbc news, in gosport. now on bbc news sport today. hello, i'm gavin ramjaun, and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: it is advantage ajax in the first leg of their champions league semi—final against tottenham.
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they take a one—goal lead, back to the netherlands for next week's second leg. we will be at the crucible with the latest from the quarter—finals of the world snooker championships. and, as part of our eye on india series, we travel to bellary, where olympic medals are on the agenda at the inspire sports institute. welcome to the programme. first to the champions league, and it is ajax who will take a one—goal advantage back to amsterdam, after beating tottenham1—0 in london. it is the second defeat in a row for spurs at their new stadium, after losing in the premier league this weekend. the result will leave the dutch league leaders feeling confident of making their first european top—tier final since 1996 when the sides meet again next wednesday. our sports correspondentjohn watson was watching the action. well, it is advantage ajax after this, the first leg of their semi—final at the tottenham hotspur stadium. it was a below par performance from tottenham in the first half, as demonstrated when donny van de beek was given the
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freedom of the tottenham penalty area


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