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tv   Asia Business Report  BBC News  May 21, 2019 1:30am-1:46am BST

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hello. i'm kasia madera with bbc news. our top story: huawei says it's been caught in the middle of a global trade dispute. the chinese tech firm looks to reassure its customers that there's no security issue with their devices. it's after being added to a list that american companies cannot trade with, without a specific licence. iran increases uranium enrichment while stepping up its war of words with the us president. the iranian foreign minister says donald trump should learn from iran's history and stop with the "genocidal taunts". and no surprise that the series finale of game off thrones is trending on it was watched by a record audience in the us. figures released by broadcaster hbo show that 19.3 million viewers tuned — breaking the previous record of 18.1; million, who watched the penultimate episode a week ago. just not me. thanks for watching. bye. and the top story in the uk:
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the conservative party has withdrawn the whip from lord heseltine after he said he would vote for the liberal democrats. the party said endorsing candidates of another party was not compatible with party rules. now on bbc news live to singapore for asia business report. putting huawei on hold. the us gives a temporary reprieve to its sweeping restrictions on the chinese telecoms giant. moving the plastic mountain. some of the world's biggest consumer goods companies launch a new scheme to cut packaging waste. good morning, asia. hello, well. it isa good morning, asia. hello, well. it is a tuesday. glad you could join us foran is a tuesday. glad you could join us for an exciting addition of asia business report. i'm rico hizon. we start off with us government and it has granted huawei a dramatic three month reprieve. a temporary license
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has been issued which delays widespread restrictions until august. they were announced last week and effectively blocks the chinese telecommunications giant out of the well‘s biggest economy. that led google to cut huawei's access to as android smartphone operating system. it's all because the us is concerned that huawei helps the chinese government spy. something that the company has always denied. michelle fleury has more from new york. the us commerce department, rico, on monday created a temporary general license, restoring huawei's ability to maintain existing networks and to provide software updates to existing huawei handsets. what that means, in essence, is that some companies that are already interacting with huawei on a day—to—day basis, for example networks in rural areas of the united states that had huawei infrastructure in place, they can continue doing so until at least
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august. that is when this extension expires. this was something that was expected. it doesn't appear to change the state of play with, say, google. it does raise questions about how these restrictions that have been imposed by the us government will be implemented on a day—to—day basis, given, in some cases, how embedded huawei technology is into the supply chain here in the united states. what has been the reaction from the markets with yellow when we first started to hear news about google essentially dumping huawei you saw a sharp reaction on the financial markets. the dowjones opening in negative territory. i can tell you at the end of the day stocks, well, they were still down, perhaps not as bad as they had been at some point during they had been at some point during the day. i think if you go through an individual company by company basis, certainly among the hardest hit is the semiconductor sector.
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they are particularly vulnerable in the supply chain. many of them do business with huawei and as a result of that they are amongst the stocks you are seeing hardest hit by this. i think investors are getting nervous. they're starting to work out the costs involved in this broadening scope of america's ongoing trade dispute and ongoing dispute and national security concerns with huawei and the knock—on effect is that you are seeing us company share prices being impacted. michelle fleury in new york. all of this comes amid much broader us china trade, which is causing growing concern for national markets right now that hopes of a deal seem to have faded. alex caprio from the national university of singapore's business school has been explaining why the americans have issued this temporary reprieve. 70 us firms that have been interact being with huawei either directly as suppliers or even in the united states where you have rural telecom
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companies that have huawei infrastructure in place, i think this reprieve was really aimed at those companies to give, you know, to give time to make an adjustment to give time to make an adjustment to figure out how to go forward with this whole trade impasse around technology. it is not clear whether this is going to affect google, for example, and what it's done by withholding the updates for android. it's also not clear if this is going to stay export license requirements for other types of technology being sold. is there a divide within the trump administration on how to deal with this ongoing trade dispute with china? there has always been a divide in the trump administration between the super hawks on the far right that really want to bring the hammered out against the chinese in all matters, not just hammered out against the chinese in all matters, notjust trade, and the more moderates who think that business communities should be involved in the decision—making —— hammer. it has always been the
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strategy of the trump administration, play hard ball and try to gain more concessions and put a lot of pressure on countries such as in the past you had the likes of mexico, canada, and now china. absolutely stop president trump likes to play hardball and likes to come up with these proclamations during the negotiations. however, the same time it is important to note that the whole world is watching here in the supply chains and the ecosystems involved are so complex and so entangled that there are foreign firms, american firms, eve ryo ne are foreign firms, american firms, everyone is impacted. do you think the chinese will eventually succumb to the us pressure? it is a lot of pressure, rico. and huawei, in particular, is very vulnerable. chinese tech firms are still very dependent on american and western technology. if the us were to actually see these export controls through, these new licensing requirements, and basically the cut—off of this technology, it would
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make life extremely painful for not only huawei but other chinese companies and the rest of the supply chain eco—systems. companies and the rest of the supply chain eco-systems. alex capri. more than a third of all the plastic in the world each year a single—use packaging material designed to be thrown away immediately. in that figure from the united report is why cutting it is seen as key to reducing the damage plastic is causing to the environment. so one company is launching a new scheme to put everything from pastor to ice cream in reusable containers and, crucially, as samira hussain reports, it is working with some of the biggest consumer goods companies. the recyclables come by barge and by truck. anywhere from 75—90 metric tons daily. our obsession with single use plastic has created a mountain ofa single use plastic has created a mountain of a problem that is destroying the climate. in this to
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bea destroying the climate. in this to be a better container. melissa is trying to be part of the solution by participating in a trial programme that gets consumers to use reusable containers for everyday items like clea ners containers for everyday items like cleaners and ice cream. it changes the way you think about the waste you are creating and the stuff you are putting in your trash. now you are putting in your trash. now you are saving all these bulky packages, things that are not recyclable, even. here is how it works. orderly products you want online, they shipped to you in reusable containers. —— order. once you have finished, you send it back where it is cleaned and building under someone else to use. if every individual made a small change like melissa, just imagine how much less plastic we would use. now this plant processes the recycle plastic for the city of new york. and just look at the sheer amount of waste. we are using plastic at a rate thatjust does not seem sustainable. loop was
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conceived by a recycling company. it is partnered with multinational corporations like nestle and unilever. because changing consumer habits means making theirfavourite products part of the solution. metal is bad, paper is bad, plastic is but if you use it once. loop was born as a western solution. how do we move an average consumer from disposable consumption to durable multiuse consumption? but breaking the addiction to plastic will require a massive change from consumer goods companies like unilever, who have built a business on providing consumers with product in disposable packaging at an affordable price. from a purely financial point of view you have to future proof your business. and we firmly believe that people will demand this type of change from companies, from retailers, from the industry around them. it may be that faith in reusable containers that finally
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ove rco m es reusable containers that finally overcomes the mountain of waste. samira hussain, bbc news, new york. in other business news, making headlines, us carmaker ford is slashing io% headlines, us carmaker ford is slashing 10% of its global workforce as it tries to save money. that means 7000 jobs will be gone by the end of august stop it is unclear what impact there will be. it is pa rt what impact there will be. it is part of a much broader restructuring plan is the company tries to move its focus to its electric and autonomous vehicles. the photo and video sharing site instagram says it is investigating reports that a huge database of is investigating reports that a huge data base of its is investigating reports that a huge database of its contacts has been shed online by an indian firm. according to a marketing company, they compiled information about 49 million accounts which were stored online in an unprotected location. the data includes e—mail and phone numbers. t—mobile's purchase of
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mobile phone network sprint has received the backing of the majority of the us federal communications commission. the regulators have been convinced by concessions which the companies have offered and if the deal is completed the number of us wi reless deal is completed the number of us wireless carriers will drop from three to four. with verizon and at&t leading the pack. let us look at the asia—pacific markets open for trade. currently all the negative territory, mirroring wall street's moves. thank you so much for investing your time with us. i'm rico hizon. sport today is coming up next. this is bbc news. the top stories this hour: huawei looks to developing alternative operating systems after google suspends co—operation with chinese tech firm. iran announces it has quadrupled
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production of its low—enriched uranium, as president trump sends a threat to tehran on twitter. a head teacher at the centre of a row over how children are taught about relationships, including between same—sex couples, has told the bbc she's received threatening messages. sarah hewitt—clarkson runs anderton park primary school in birmingham. the school has seen protests over the use of story books which include homosexual families. sima kotecha reports. last night, lgbt activists putting up messages in support of staff on school gates. chanting: our children! our choice! this comes after seven weeks of protests. campaigners and parents have been calling on anderton park to suspend the teaching of lgbt relationships while they have talks. we are not against lgbt. we respect all the communities. we are living here, we are very many different cultures, people. you say you respect the community but then you are calling
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for teachers not to teach children about same—sex relationships. can you understand why people may see you as being homophobic? you know, we are not homophobic. the head teacher says she won't change her stance on equality. i feel it's attacking a law that i'm really proud we have in this country, which protects all of us for whatever protected characteristics we belong to. and that was fought for by people over the decades and centuries. but now the debate has taken a sinister turn. the head teacher has received a series of threatening messages, some of which are causing her serious concern for her safety. today a protester and a birmingham mp had a feisty exchange after it was claimed hundreds of children were not sent to the school in protest. how come you have not supported the 300 parents who have been protesting here for the last four weeks? where have you been? i don't agree with the protest. but as a member... i don't agree that you get to pick and choose which equality you can and can't have. i'm afraid our equality laws protect us all.
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you seem to want to push your view forward even though dfe guidelines state a head teacher can teach as much or as little of lgbt, depending on the requirements of the pupils and students. there is no point talking to you, mate. the bbc has seen a petition signed by the parents of at least 300 children who attend this school saying they no longer have confidence or trust in the leadership here. but the head teacher says some were pressurised into signing it and others are calling the protests destructive and damaging. with neither side backing down, there is no end in sight, with continued disruption to the children's education. sima kotecha, bbc news, birmingham. now on bbc news, sport today. hello, i'm gavin ramjaun and this is sport today, live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on the programme: ‘four—midable' — manchester city parade their unprecedented trophy haul this year — as thousands of spectators line the streets.
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we've some spectacular action from the asian champions league — and we'll tell you who's through to the round of 16. and can the golden state warriors seal a place in the nba playoff finals for a 5th time in a row? we hear from their star player. thanks forjoining us on sport today.thousands of fans lined the streets as manchester city celebrated their stunning english domestic treble, with an open—top bus parade. pep guardiola's side became the first men's team — to claim an unprecedented domestic treble of the premier league, the fa cup and the league cup. our sports correspondent andy swiss was in manchester. well, it's been some party here for manchester city's players and fans to end what has been some season. thousands of supporters lined the streets as the players passed by on open—topped bosses, along of course with their array of silverware. the manchester city players were all wearing t—shirts with the word "formidable" on it


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