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tv   Breakfast  BBC News  May 26, 2019 8:00am-9:01am BST

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hello, this is breakfast with rogerjohnson and nina warhurst. here's a summary of this morning's main news. the contest to replace theresa may as prime minister looks set to feature a battle between two former allies who famously fell out the last time the job was up for grabs. environment secretary michael gove is expected to formally announce his leadership bid later today, while former foreign secretary borisjohnson has already declared he intends to run. so far, eight mps are in the frame and their positions on a no—deal brexit are emerging as a central issue. voters in more than twenty eu good morning. countries will go to the polls welcome to breakfast with today to select new meps. rogerjohnson and nina warhurst. our headlines today: a number of countries — formerallies, borisjohnson including the uk — and michael gove, are set compete against each other for have already voted, but the results the conservative party leadership. can't be revealed until the polls they're among eight have closed across the eu. hopefuls now in the running to become prime minister by the end ofjuly. more than 400 million fire experts warn people are eligible that more than 1,500 the social media app snapchat has buildings in england are at risk of failing become a haven for paedophiles, a new round of safety tests being held as a result who are using the platform to groom of the grenfell tragedy. children, according to a a hiker found alive more than two weeks after she went newspaper investigation. missing in a forest in hawaii
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describes how she faced a choice the sunday times has uncovered between "life and death". thousands of reported cases involving snapchat since 2014, celtic make history with their and says police in the uk latest scottish cup final win. they beat hearts to claim an unprecedented domestic are handling around three child treble—treble, as neil lennon's offered the manager's job sexual exploitation cases a day, on a permanent basis. in which the photo—messaging app has played a part. snap, the parent company, says it has easy in—app reporting tools so that users can notify the weather story and not quite as the company of abuse. straightforward today, there is a lot of cloud and rain slowly president trump has begun the second day of his state visit to japan, by playing a round of golf slipping its way south and east. on with the country's prime minister top of that, is a little cool and shinzo abe. he'll also attend a sumo breezy. wrestling tournament later today, and become the first foreign leader to meet the country's new emperor, naruhito. it's sunday, the 26th of may. our top story — the united states and japan the contest to replace theresa may are in the process of negotiating as prime minister looks set a woman has been found alive more to feature a battle between two former allies who famously than two weeks after she went fell out the last time missing in a forest the job was up for grabs. environment secretary michael gove is expected to formally announce his leadership on the hawaiian island of maui. bid later today, while former foreign secretary, boris johnson, has already declared amanda eller was he intends to run. rescued by helicopter from a deep ravine. so far, seven mps have confirmed they'll stand. she'd been hiking in here's our political the area when she became
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lost and then injured. she survived by drinking correspondent, chris mason. from streams and eating plants, and was malnourished, shoeless, sunburned and had look at these two — a broken leg, when she was found. architects of the leave campaign three years ago, now they seem to be she said the experience involved in a tantalising contest. why? was the "toughest" of her life. well, remember this? in view of the situation in parliament, i have speaking of believable things, this concluded that person cannot be me. is slightly unbelievable. borisjohnson shocked westminster if you're looking for a new way to relieve stress by pulling out of the leadership race to replace david cameron. and tension in your life, you might think about taking up yoga. but forget the downward dog — this is literally the cat's whiskers. yoga with cats has become a thing in alsace in north eastern france, where sessions are fully booked up. one teacher described the energy the feline friends bring after michael gove, to the classes as happiness — until then a former and they certainly look supporter of his, said this: like natural yoga masters. i came to realise this week that for all of boris's formidable talents, he was not the right man for that task. ouch. well, this time the two men will take each other on. that incredible flexibility. the who else is in the race? andrea leadsom, who resigned as leader of the house days ago,
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energy that they bring. look at told the sunday times that that. kitten in peril. it would be if she became pm, the uk would leave the eu at the end if that was mine. that has informed of october, the current deadline, with or without a deal. writing in the mail on sunday, you and educated you this morning. former brexit secretary dominic raab agrees, saying he would prefer and made you feel a bit itchy having to leave the eu with a deal, your breakfast! let's talk about but as he puts it, the country must also calmly demonstrate an unflinching resolve tennis. we are going to talk about to leave at the end of october at the latest. the french open. that's right. it sta rts the french open. that's right. it starts today. the return of roger he also set out plans to cut a penny federer. it has been a while since off the basic rate of income tax, we have seen him. believe it or not, and boost apprenticeships and paternity leave. this fight really disturbed me. his but in these opening skirmishes of the campaign, first appearance at the french open what is emerging as the central was 20 years ago. did that disturb faultline is the instincts you because it made you feel old? it made me feel very old. especially of the candidates when i asked my producer downstairs, on a no—deal brexit. some are willing to embrace it, others believe it would who said she was three at the time! be a disaster. the outlook of the potential slightly upsetting. it is winner could shape our country for years to come. unbelievable. more upsetting for me than you! it is hard to believe his let's speak to our political career at this level. phenomenal. to
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correspondent, tom barton, whojoins us now from our london newsroom. tom, we know we now have eight maintain that standard for that long. exactly. and the excitement candidates, at least, running. around him. when he first arrived in paris, there is so much excitement how are they going to whittle it all down? and for aura around him, the fact he has returned to paris. they want to see him do well. it's the second grand ate potentially more to come as slam of the year. the french open gets underway at roland garros this afternoon, well. when the contest formally and british hopes rest opens in a couple of weeks' time, withjohanna konta and kyle edmund, as andy murray continues his mps will have the first assay, recovery from a hip operation. let's head to paris and our tennis correspondent, holding a series of votes and around russell fuller, who's there for us this morning. by brand eliminating the candidates with the fears to pose until there iam not i am not going to ask russell what he was doing 20 years ago. good are only two left. then ballot morning. it is quite remarkable when papers will be set out to the 100 or you think about what roger federer has done. 20 years since he first so appeared in paris. can he do it, can papers will be set out to the 100 or so conservative party members across the country— 100,000. he win another grand slam?|j so conservative party members across the country—100,000. then it is done to them to decide who will appeared in paris. can he do it, can he win another grand slam? i think it is unlikely he went in paris. he become prime minister. for the first has only won the french open once. stage of that contest, convincing mps, the challenge will be for 20 grand slams, one title in paris.
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but he is still one of the best candidates to persuade tory mps for clay—court players of all time. he just happens to have played in the brexit that can get approved by brexit, get over that hurdle that rough and adult clay era. he is chasing his 12th title here. people arejust so chasing his 12th title here. people theresa may failed to do so are just so excited to see federer backin are just so excited to see federer spectacularly. the challenge then back in paris. he last played here in 2015. he was ready to play in 2016 but pulled out because of for the two candidates will be to injury. in 2017 he thought he was getting older, he had to think about commence a broadly eurosceptic pro—brexit party membership that the family, he wanted to play for as they are candidate with the two long as he could, so he gave the clay—court season a mess. the year brexit credentials. after, he thought, let's try the voters in more than twenty eu countries will go to the polls same in 2018. this year he says he today to select new meps. feels like it would be wrong to miss a number of countries, including the uk, have already voted but the results can't be revealed until the polls have closed across the eu. the clay—court season. he plays here's our europe correspondent, damian grammaticas. lorenzo sonego today. british hopes this the uk was in the first wave resting on kyle edmund and johanna of countries devoting these eu elections, and the uk results, konta, who has had a terrific clay out this evening, will be watched season. but she has not fared well for how far the handling of brexit in paris in the past? she has never may have impacted the share of votes won by the conservatives and labour, and how people are divided won a singles match at roland garros between pro—and anti—brexit parties. and she didn't like being reminded
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of that at this time last year. it is still a fact, but she has across europe, half a dozen more nations — transformed her fortunes over the this is latvia — have already voted. last few weeks. it is amazing it has today, ballots have been cast in 21 happened on clay given her previous more eu member states. record on the surface. i think it is in some countries it is migration the culmination of a lot of hard work. she has been heading in the that is the top concern. right direction for a while. she hadn't really got the result in tour elsewhere, the numbers of young people unemployed. here in northern france events. she did in the fed cup. six it is a contest between president wins out of six in a couple of ties macron‘s pro—eu movement, and the anti—eu nationalists in february and april, and winning of the former national front, matches in stressful situations. she has been brilliant. now we are that's being watched. seeing the sort of form from her, translation: i am going to vote, based around the big first serve, it is my duty as a citizen, the ability to face big points under but i don't know yet who for. pressure. last year she ended up in translation: this vote will be an important point of the future elections. the wimbledon semifinals and number it will give an idea fourin the wimbledon semifinals and number four in the world. she is working who might come out on top. her way back. she will start and there are some tomorrow against antonia lottner. early indications. in the netherlands, people were able to cast ballots on trams.
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the prime minister's liberal party amazing to knock down the court and says exit polls indicate they did well, and far—right populists rebuild it in the space of 12 months. that is some achievement. it didn't break through. is not completely ready. in the next but dutch socialists believe they are the real surprise 12 months they will put a roof on and should top the results here. the stadium. but there is a 15,000 capacity and it is ready for the first ball to be struck at 11 in ireland, which voted on thursday, the green party believes it did well o'clock this morning local time. on the back of voter concerns they have also developed a new about climate change. the official results will be announced when polls court, which is effectively going to close this evening. be the third—best court. that is a fire safety experts have warned that semi—sunken court. it is surrounded 1,700 buildings in england are at risk of failing a new round of tests into cladding by green houses. there are four and building materials. hospitals, schools, nursing homes greenhouses. the idea is that of the and tower blocks are among buildings which could be "at risk" — that's according to bbc cord blends in with the that's according to bbc surroundings. —— court. it is the five live investigates. it comes almost two years most remarkable site. thank you, after 72 people died russell. celtic have offered in the grenfell tower fire. neil lennon the manager's job presenter, adrian goldberg, on a permanent basis, is here with the details. after he led his side adrian, what have you learned? to an unprecedented treble treble. for the third season running they've won all three domestic trophies. they were 2—1winners over hearts
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in the scottish cup final. after gren hell, it was recognised odsonne edouard scored both goals. that cladding outside buildings it's a ninth domestic trophy in a row for the glasgow side. wasn't always safe. declining ad it's lennon's second spell as manager. he took the permanent role gren phil had passed the safety in february, after the departure of brendan rodgers. objectives of its day. expect you will never see this again, enquiry said that it actually helped it is all about them. to spread the fire. the government i spoke to them a bit at half—time because we didn't and then commissioned independent turn up in the first half, then research into other types of we needed hearts to score before cladding and building materials that we really got our energy levels they thought might be combustible back, and the response from them was excellent. and experts have told wood that as many as 1700 buildings across england alone may be made of but hearts wouldn't let us off easy combustible materials which and it was a very good final in terms of pressure, emotion, currently meet safety guidelines but will perhaps feel the new test. but they've done it. obviously very worrying if you are the climax of the league one one of the people that love the campaign is upon us, with sunderland people that live there in an set to face charlton athletic apartment block like that. so the in the final match of the season to determine who will play government have said funding for in the championship next year. this type of cladding that was that meanwhile, it's tranmere who move to league one after snatching a dramatic late winner
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grenfell, but what about the other in the league two play—off type. at the moment, they still have final against newport. to wait for the full results in at they left it late though. the moment, they still have to wait connorjennings with the winner with less than two minutes of extra for the full results are innately time remaining, to clinch somewhat. they do say that they are back to back promotions. joining in the celebrations working sure all dangerous cladding was premier league referee is removed. i guess that the and tranmere superfan mike dean. increased awareness is a good thing? it isa increased awareness is a good thing? it is a good thing, i think things england women's manager have been learned from grenfell, phil neville blamed what he described as a "messy this is part of the learning performance" by his side on a tough week of training that included process. camping with the royal marines. england won their penultimate warm president trump has begun the second up match ahead of the world cup day of his state visit to japan by playing a round of golf beating denmark 2—0 in walsall. nikita parris scored with the country's prime minister the opening goalfor england just before half—time, but it was a far shinzo abe. he'll also attend a sumo from flawless performance wrestling tournament later from phil neville's side. today and become the first foreign leader to meet the country's new emperor, naruhito. jill scott added some the united states and japan gloss to the scoreline are in the process of negotiating but they were outplayed for long a delicate trade deal. periods by denmark. england play new zealand next week a woman has been found alive more before their world cup than two weeks after she went campaign starts onjune 9th. missing in a forest on the hawaiian island of maui. amanda eller was rescued by helicopterfrom a deep ravine — she'd been hiking in the area we did take them camping when she became lost on wednesday night and they probably got one or two hours of sleep. and then injured. ramzan karmali reports. we took them on obstacle courses,
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we expected that today, and the pitch wasn't great. but ijust wanted them to do the basics well, pass the ball to each other. the last 17 days of my life have they were a bit sloppy, slow. i was bored watching been the toughest of my life. the first half and i don't hiker amanda eller knows how know what thought. lucky she is to be alive. she spent over two weeks lost in a forest on the hawaiian island of maui. i wanted us to play with a better —— the yoga instructor thought she was walking back to her car but was walking better temper micro. my players were shattered, further and further into the wilderness. and i have to say we have worked hard, and yet there are still massive improvements to go. i think ithinki i think i have seen that waistcoat the yoga instructor somewhere before. yes, he is thought she was walking channelling his inner gareth back to her car but was walking further and further southgate! hoping for the same into the wilderness. it came down to life and death, success. australia's steve smith scored and i had to choose, a century as his side beat england and i chose life. i wasn't going to take the easy way by 12 runs in their world cup warm—up match at southampton. out, even though that meant more both smith and david warner were playing their first match suffering for myself. amanda was rescued from a deep ravine. in england since serving bans she waved down a rescue helicopter for ball tampering, and both funded by donations. were booed by the crowd. one of her friends was on that rescue helicopter. it didn't put smith off though out of the woodwork she comes as he hit a century. out, arms swinging. i was like, there she is! australia made 297, which england i know her very well so i said, looked on course to make that is amanda eller! untiljoss buttler was caught out i thought, how is she dressed, she is not wearing shoes,
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we have to land this thing! and they lost by 12 runs. don't jump out of the helicopter! in order to survive she foraged on berries, but she was injured formula 1, and lewis hamilton with a fractured leg dedicated his pole position for the monaco grand prix and severe burns from the sun. doctors say she should to the late niki lauda. make a full recovery. she is most grateful for those hamilton edged out team mate valtterri bottas to take pole who didn't give up on her. ahead of today's race. i have the most gratitude the world champion finished ahead of his mercedes partner and respect and appreciation, by eight hundredths of a second, i can't even put it into words, to take the 85th pole for the people who helped me, position of his career. who have prayed for me. max verstappen will start her mother, julia, has called from third on the grid. hamilton is aiming for his the rescue a miracle. third win in monaco. in rugby union, leinster held off a fightback from glasgow warriors to retain their pro 14 title. let's return to our top story now — glasgow took an early lead the race to the top job in downing street. through matt ferguson's try, and by now we're getting a sense before the irish side hit back of the runners and riders in the battle to become the next with tries from gary ringrose prime minister. and cian healy to seal an 18—15 here to help us take a closer look victory at celtic park. at those in contention isjon tonge, a politics professor european rugby union champions saracens are just one match at the university of liverpool. away from successfully defending their premiership title. jon, let's take a look through the front pages first they're through to the final after beating gloucester by 44 points to 19. of all to see how the papers are reporting it. "the race is on," declares
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the sunday telegraph, sarries ran in a total which, like many other papers, of six tries in the match. they'll face exeter in the showpiece devotes the front page to the conservative leadership contest. it says environment secretary after they beat northampton. michael gove is standing because he believes he is the best now, this week at the european candidate to beatjeremy corbyn. tour's made in denmark, players have to walk through a beer the sunday times says the contest recalls 2016, tent to get to the 14th tee. when mr gove "dramatically torpedoed" borisjohnson‘s leadership hopes. and no—one is going to better this from jamie donaldson, who came off the 13th green and dedcided to bust some serious moves, much tory moderates are campaigning to "stop to the delight of the crowd. boris johnson" because of fears over a no—deal brexit, is what the observer headline says. and "you can't trust boris roger, that's like you. over brexit," according to brexit party when you said no one did better than leader, nigel farage. him,i when you said no one did better than him, i thought he was going to pick he's written a column a point up on the way through. he for the sunday express saying none of the current politicians can be relied on to deliver was close to it. maybe he did it a "clean—break brexit". beforehand. that might explain that. is it michaeljackson or elvis?m is michaeljackson. there was some ate in contention the so far, some michaeljackson in the background. more familiar than others but what it was definitely michaeljackson he was going through. —— four. do you
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do we know about who they are and what they stand for? john is here to think we should get some sort of give as a brief summary. let's start beer tent on the way in here? with borisjohnson, give as a brief summary. let's start with boris johnson, some give as a brief summary. let's start with borisjohnson, some papers attacking him saying quite a lot of in17 beer tent on the way in here? in 17 minutes. absolutely. i can't the party faithful will not be that keen on boris johnson promise the same dance moves. the party faithful will not be that keen on borisjohnson as leader. the party faithful will not be that keen on boris johnson as leader.m isa keen on boris johnson as leader.m is a tool that considered mps do not ci’oss is a tool that considered mps do not cross boris johnson is a tool that considered mps do not cross borisjohnson but if he can this has been a deadly week on mount everest. british climber robin haynes fisher survive the round of votes by mps, was yesterday confirmed as one of the eight people who have died on the world's highest peak when he goes out to the members who in the last seven days. will have a say in the run—off overcrowding and high between the last two and then a winds are believed to be contributing factors. earlier on the programme we spoke borisjohnson will be very strong to the mountaineer martin hewitt, who successfully made the climb this favourite. this is a graveyard, in week — he joined us from the everest base camp in nepal. terms of favourites. you don't think this season in essence the jet the parliamentary party would the joints and that list? i think the members will be very annoyed if strea m this season in essence the jet stream has moved north. there was a borisjohnson doesn't members will be very annoyed if boris johnson doesn't appear members will be very annoyed if borisjohnson doesn't appear in the final two but he has to do a lot of work with the mps to survive at the weather window in which a lot of people were trying to get up the
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round. he has the eyesight —tom—mac mountain. overcrowding was a significant issue. they do feel dangerous to you ? attic of high visibility, remember, significant issue. they do feel dangerous to you? we were lucky, we he won the london player which is prepared well, we had a professional team. i must have overtaken at least really a labour city. it is his to 100 people to the south summit. the his who lose that race. there are biggest you have got is you have a seven confirmed, the eighth one is limited amount of oxygen. most likely to be confirmed today. it is climbers will use oxygen in order to reduce the risk of frostbite. when michael gove, the environment secretary, he and borisjohnson have you are doing that you have to get up you are doing that you have to get up and down within a certain time history, of course. michael gove frame. the reality is that there are famously scuppered boris johnson's a number of people that simply do leadership campaign last night. not have the experience, the there may be a section of the party technical skill, the fitness or the robustness to be there. and because membership he will not forget that. michael gove has lots of ideas, he mostly nepali companies will take brings a certain vigour to any post anybody willing to pay, they are on and it is not too ideological abound the hill. they shouldn't be there. with either side, whether it be interesting you make that point. are they to free and easy with selling remaining or leave, though he was these permits to people? that is basically what you are saying. 10096. famously a leave supporter. michael govein famously a leave supporter. michael gove in with a serious chance yet, possible dark horse. moving on to you pay the money. there are a
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dominic raab, we had two young number of issues on the mountain conservatives on earlier and they which the professional operators and some of the commercial operators who have been there for decades, have we re conservatives on earlier and they were both quite keen on dominic been constantly trying to push back, raab. if steve biko from the trying to professionalise what is european research group does not going on. but ultimately you are dominate this race, dominic raab dealing with corruption, you're dealing with corruption, you're dealing with corruption, you're dealing with people who will take very much in favour of no—deal is a your money and let you go. they do do any due diligence whatsoever. deal is not possible to renegotiate. is that sellable to mp5, someone so just to talk briefly about you, you enthusiastic on no—deal? are very just to talk briefly about you, you are very experienced. you were in the military. you're in the middle is that sellable to mp5, someone so enthusiastic on no-deal? no-deal is not sellable to parliament, we know of doing the adaptive grand slam, the seven highest peaks in the that from countless votes. if the eu world, and going to the north pole will not unpick the withdrawal and the south pole. in essence it is agreement, they made you go? you leave without the euros, you go into all about demonstrating what can be achieved with disability. if you are wto rules. the argument from dominic operating with a professional team seed says it is not a problem. and you prepare properly, thoroughly, and you mitigate every risk you can, we are trying to andrea leadsom was in contention change the perceptions of what can be achieved with disability. having last time and how she had to pull out over comments over theresa may. experienced what has happened in the last two months, i wish others would is she a serious contender this ta ke last two months, i wish others would take a last two months, i wish others would time? i think andrea leadsom is a takea similar last two months, i wish others would take a similar approach. martin hewitt speaking to us
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serious contender, her campaign last earlier. game was ruined by an interview with the times when she suggested that a being a mother, she knew how to that photograph are people queueing is incredible. handle it is better than theresa now we have a call—out may. she had to pull out after that. from scientists this morning — have you seen any spittlebugs? would you even know i suspect she will avoid those what they look like? m ista kes the insects get their name i suspect she will avoid those mistakes again, she performed very from the frothy spittle they leave well as leader of the house. on plants in springtime. although she is in the leave side of volunteers are being asked to report sightings of them, because it's thought things, that is an element of they could spread a deadly tree pragmatism from her theresa may was it's feared the disease could soon arrive in the uk and scientists very generous in a letter to andrea want to be prepared, as helen briggs has been leadsom. she is in with a chance. finding out. moving on to help city to korea, matt hancock, a bit of an unknowing to some. also the youngest. yes, the youngest candidate may be too soon for him. he onlyjoined the cabinet spittlebugs are easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. oh, here we go, here's one. a year ago, that would be some hidden in bubbles of froth on the stems of plants. where my pencil is elevation for him, to go from dear pointing — there we are. cabinet to prime minister in the we might be able to persuade space of 18 months. he has been very the little juvenile spittlebug to come out. and there it is.
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clear that he does not want his if xylella arrived in the uk, campaign bogged down in brexit, he spittlebugs could spread the disease wa nts to by feeding on the sap campaign bogged down in brexit, he wants to talk about other issues, something very difficult to do in of infected plants. the current climate. good luck with now, scientists want help recording sightings of spittle and fully grown that. jeremy hunt announced he is spittlebugs, which are champion jumpers, able to leap more than 100 times their own body length. going to stand, there is a lot of support for him? jeremy hunt's so we need to learn as much as we possibly can about what kinds greatest asset is survivability, if of plants they feed on, you can stay as long as how to to what habitats occupy, and where they are in the country, with all the issues that surround so that ultimately if the worst the nhs, then you have something. he possible happens and the disease is also not too tainted in terms of does arrive in britain, we'll be able to make some really good predictions about how it's likely to spread, and how quickly. ideology. he was so immersed in health issues that he could avoid xylella arrived in europe six years ago, devastating olive groves grandstanding about a remain or in italy and spreading to other leave possession, that will take you so far, but in it is ever a party countries in the eu. leadership will are the defining it's important to remember that issueis leadership will are the defining issue is brexit, he will be flushed xylella isn't yet in the uk, out and he has to be definitive on but if it did arrive, the kind of deal that he wants, that there's a huge amount of plants that could affect. is where the problem is where the and it's notjust in our gardens, problems may start. they will all with the rosemary, lavender, but the wider environment, as well, have to be explicit on about moving things we particular care about, so tree species like oak trees,
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sycamore trees, things that on to rory stewart, pretty moderate are really key in our landscape. on to rory stewart, pretty moderate on brexit? the most moderate candidate of all. he was almost we want to protect those, prepared to dine and dig on theresa as well as within our gardens. scientists are calling for thousands may? deal. you have to remember that of volunteers up and down the country to help map spittle and spittlebugs in gardens, meadows and woodlands. the ultimate arbiters of this other 150,000 or so conservative party members, most of whom support brexit. a big percentage of whom you do see quite a lot of it about. would be content to leave without a lavender i quite like. i wouldn't deal so rory stewart a's deal may be know when ever i saw one. that is terrible. a couple of people asking very honourable, in one sense, how you can report if you see it. astute in terms of the political there is a way. you can find more information on the bbc news website. fallout without a deal. in terms of selling it to party members, it's a tough deal. so he said that it would yes, and that will be helpful for those scientists. here's louise with a look not be ok to leave without a deal. at this morning's weather. esther mcveigh, the final contender, also what we have coming up for the bank holiday and the half term head. quite happy to go without one. she good morning. another bank holiday. knows conservative party members. i have managed to find you a few
8:19 am
shafts of sunshine. this is where the best of the brightness is across the best of the brightness is across the south coast. some rain has been esther mcvey comes from a fairly persistent through much of scotla nd background, where she can connect fairly persistent through much of scotland overnight. starting to make with ordinary people. others would its way out of northern ireland, putting into northern england and wales. the general trend for that say, any ministerial office, there rain is to move south and east. as are many problems associated with it pushes its way across central and southern parts of england it will esther mcvey‘s tenure so that may go wea ken southern parts of england it will wea ke n off southern parts of england it will weaken off to a band of light against her. she is an outsider, showers. behind it, quite a outsiders have won in the past but clea ra nce. showers. behind it, quite a clearance. northern ireland, it will be difficult for her to southern scotland, northern england should have a decent afternoon. sustain momentum. who else might we rather breezy as well. the far north—west of scotland, here we will see? steve baker will be the uber have that rain lingering to the north—west of the great glen. temperatures will struggle. 9 degrees at the very best. if we are no—deal. it has been indicated that lucky we might see 20 degrees. a mile start to the day. not for for borisjohnson has those temperatures to go despite showers later. the front clears away no—deal. it has been indicated that boris johnson has support from unexpected places. said graham brady will play well with the ballot of what we see another front clinging mps because he was the chair of the on to be far north—west of scotland. bank holiday monday for you will be 1922 committee so he knows his parliamentary party. very
8:20 am
disappointing. wet and often windy. not too bad into the scottish experienced, cabinet wise. can he borders. we start monday morning on a slightly cooler note. there will sell his own message to ordinary be clearer skies around. sunshine party members who aren't that pretty much from the word go. but of interested in the shenanigans of the the north—westerly wind continues to drive in some cloud across west party. it's going to be fascinating. facing coast and a few scattered the biggest leadership contest in showers. as we go through the day on political history, i think. monday the show is becoming more widespread. the further east you are with more shelter away from that coastline, you could see the best of here's louise with a look at this morning's weather. the drier weather. disappointingly cooling into the far north. 11 to i found ifound a i found a little glimpse of sunshine the south—east and a highs of 19. i along the south coast this morning. wa nt to the south—east and a highs of 19. i want to talk about the feel of the it doesn't look as though the we weather going into next week. once will start to see deterioration in the weather front moves out of the the weather over the next few hours way, the winds will swing to a —— does look. moving out of northern northerly. for the bulk of the mid pa rt northerly. for the bulk of the mid part of the week it will be noticeably cooler for this time of the year. but next weekend, i will ireland, the rain goes into north—west england and wales, it will fragment and we can enter band end on an optimistic note, it looks of light showers as it pushes its as though temperatures are set to warm up into the low 20s. way south and east. probably
8:21 am
arriving into the midlands by you are a little ray of sunshine, louise! thank you for ending on a lunchtime. one or two isolated high. | louise! thank you for ending on a high. iam louise! thank you for ending on a high. i am trying hard for you. showers by the middle of the taking a child swimming is something most parents and carers afternoon, behind, there should be do without a second thought. some brightness with brightness and but for children who have disabilities or are seriously ill, coming through. the far north of it can be much more challenging. but now a scheme scotla nd coming through. the far north of in aberdeen has found a way to help scotland stays breezy and wait for children enjoy the water whilst much of the day. 9—11d, the high keeping vital equipment dry. and there's a bonus — the children can swim with mermaids. nasim asl reports. here, we could see height values of 21 celsius any south—east corner but not as lovely as yesterday. the cold alanna has a rare lung disease. front not as lovely as yesterday. the cold fro nt m oves not as lovely as yesterday. the cold front moves away but we do see this she is two. week i will front, it is going to and today she is off hug close to the coast of north—west to swim with a mermaid. scotla nd hug close to the coast of north—west scotland are producing rain she needs a constant throughout bank holiday monday. it supply of oxygen, fed has been a pretty miserable few days by a tube in her bowel, for the far north of scotland and it and is hyper mobile. she gets so excited will feel colder still as well. first thing on monday morning, cool when i mention the swimming pool. and wet, clear skies elsewhere, the she loves coming to the splash, breeze driving in some chalmers in splash, as she would call it. it's amazing to see,
8:22 am
considering a couple of years ago we two west facing coasts throughout the day, some will further inland. never thought she would ever get in the water. but with her hypermobility it's amazing to get into the water, because it's exercise for her legs. the further east you are, you'll see this is the only chance alanna gets to be safely in the pool. the drier and brighter weather. into the sessions are free. zara grant trained as a swimming monday, the weak weather front slips instructor just for this. south, allowing winds to switch it was like part of the children's bucket list round to a northerly, driving down to swim with the mermaids. some cooler air across the country. so that's one of the reasons changing the feel of the weather, it i kind of started, just is half term, on tuesday, it will be to create magical memories that parents could have forever. it allows the children breezy and cooler. if you are caught to come in and have these memories, have a day out at the pool in the showers, it will be heavy. in with their family and so they have terms of feel, 9—17dc, it does look that normality whilst going through their treatment. the mermaid swim started with eilidh patterson. she had neuroblastoma as though the cooler trend will stay with us and it will still be and died in 2017. u nsettled. with us and it will still be unsettled. by the end of the working she was five. week, there will be more rain pushing end, slicing the country it's obviously upsetting for eilidh's family because into a mac. the position could eilidh has passed. change, north or south, eitherway they have this memory so you do need to stay abreast of now that they can keep forever and she got to fulfil some the forecast but it was as no more of her bucket list.
8:23 am
the bond between zara wet weather on wednesday. and alanna is amazing. and what zara does for us as well, she goes above the social media app snapchat has and beyond to make sure everything is safe for alanna to be in become a haven for paedophiles who are using the platform to groom the pool. children — according to a newspaper investigation. the sunday times has uncovered you love zara, don't you? thousands of reported cases yeah. involving snapchat since 2014 and says police in the uk where's alanna ? are handling around three child sexual exploitation cases a day, in which the photo—messaging where's alanna's cheeky smile? app has played a part. mum lauren looks we'rejoined by the nspcc‘s head after alanna full—time. but caring for her daughter isn't of child safety online, tony stower. always straightforward. i don't even think about half of the things we do now. but when you think back of a year ago, or two years ago, we good morning. for the people who struggled. might not be familiar with snapchat, we did struggle. we don't know what her what what is it specifically about future is going to hold. if she is going to still be out that these children are exposed on oxygen for the rest of her life, and vulnerable, compared to other or if she is going to be tube fed apps? snapchat is an instant for the rest of her life. or if she is going to be in a wheelchair for the messaging app where you can take a rest of her life. we don't know. quick photo of yourself, add some we have kind of learntjust to take each day as it comes. images, perhaps a funny face or some each trip to the pool text, and then send it to a friend. brings benefits.
8:24 am
the photos and have the text it helps alanna's movement and her confidence. disappeared within 2a hours, that is zara hopes to keep giving these really exciting for kids because you special experiences to can have real—time sharing of these families that need them. and she has certainly made pictures and you can have fun with them as well. that's fantastic but a splash with alanna. it also opens children up to when a collision because we know that sexual groomers will target you can see more stories like that on bbc scotland every children, move them from platform to weekday evening at nine o'clock, platform, and tried to get them to or on the bbc iplayer. ta ke platform, and tried to get them to take sexual images of themselves which of the offenders can learn a on their own phones but the child may not have control of that image what a brilliant project. alanna is onceit may not have control of that image once it has gone. —— can store the an absolute superstar. a new exhibition is exploring the first generation of south asian image. it is also that gradual women who learned to drive in the uk, and the resistance they met while pursuing it. build—up of trust? yes, just a few decades ago it was a taboo among most asian women, image. it is also that gradual build-up of trust? that is exactly who were mainly dependent what groomers do, they tried to make on their husbands, but the artist dawinder bansal children feel they are in loving celebrates the women who paved the road to independence. relationships, gradually insinuating let's take a look. themselves into children's lives. often, children do not know they are being groomed or having offences committed against them meaning they
8:25 am
do not realise the severity of some this is a project which is about of the things they are doing. so is women and driving, particularly asian women. it is all about sharing sexual images is extremely risky, you do not know what happens exploring the generation of women to them after you send in. the like yourselves who paved the way groomers can't move you to even more for women like me, to give us independence, but go beyond the road difficult to access platforms, of independence. particularly in crafty platforms, where the police cannot get access my first car was a ford fiesta. a item they can commit even serious sort of greyish blue colour. i remember that. having the car, platforms. —— encrypted platforms. sort of greyish blue colour. i rememberthat. having the car, it was absolutely fantastic. because i how can snapchat be the gatekeeper wasn't being watched, i could do what i wanted. it's like having a for ensuring safety? that totally pairof wings and what i wanted. it's like having a pair of wings and you can go doesn't understand the way that anywhere! it's wonderful. young people operate. if you go to dawinder bansaljoins us now. anybody‘s instagram profile, you will see that there snapchat name is were people happy to talk to you already on there and snapchat make about this and to engage with the project, the women you spoke to? it really easy to share your user name so it's really easy for people this project started in 2017. that to add each other. they write in is when i had the idea after speaking to a family relative. and also talking to my mother about not
8:26 am
that there is no public directory being able to drive and why she that there is no public directory couldn't drive. i met a lot of women that you can search but it's really easy to find out somebody‘s mine and add them on the app. of course, one who wanted to talk about not all of them wanted to be filmed. so it took of the reasons children like lessard is because you find new people, you quite a long time, as you can imagine, to build that trust, to get meet them, then you start sharing those ladies to talk to me and tell pictures straightaway so completely me their stories and to be filmed. disingenuous to say that their apps are safer than the others. so it's that is a picture of your mum next toa that is a picture of your mum next to a car. i grew up watching my mum reasonable for them to say that they are not the only ones of the drive, very badly quite a lot of the government is doing a wide quotation time. you can't underestimate the on how to prevent online harm. what impact of seeing that role model would you like to see with all of doing that role if you are the first those platforms doing? you're right and yourfamily to be doing that it is probably quite frightening. also, you talk about how people came up in saying that snapchat is not the only platform that is an issue here. with resistance from the community? when you look at the 5000 offensives yes, from the community, sometimes from theirfamilies, i mentioned in the first 18 mounts yes, from the community, sometimes from their families, sometimes their within the greening law, 77% of husbands, sometimes from the women and their family. it was a real those went on snapchat, instagram, diverse range of stories that i heard. what sort of things would and facebook. that his because groomers move children between people be saying? one woman said her
8:27 am
husband was hugely supportive but she wanted to drive because she was platforms. what is important that a primary school teacher and she had the government introduces strong regulation across all of these platforms are that children have the to, when the children became older, they started to give her racial confidence light whatever they are, they have the same level of harassment. she wanted to drive to protection that has been put in be safe. she started to take her place, meaning geolocation tent for driving lessons in her lunch hour. these apps, really good moderation one of your relatives, she was able policies, introducing things like nudity photos to make sure children to drive, and she needed to drive are not putting themselves at risk. because she had three jobs? yes, there will be lots of parents exactly. that is where the inspiration for this project came watching it now, they want their children to get to the best out of from. having a casual conversation social media but also want them to over a cup of tea about what a be safe. what advice would you give driving enabled her to do and how it to them? parents need to take an enabled her to go further afield, ta ke enabled her to go further afield, take differentjobs, enabled her to go further afield, take different jobs, do enabled her to go further afield, take differentjobs, do night shifts and be able to look after children interest on their children's life on a lined tour, just as they would ask and be able to look after children and have more of an income, to keep what happened at school and two and have more of an income, to keep a roof over their heads. have those other friends are. it's what happened at school and two otherfriends are. it's important what happened at school and two other friends are. it's important is open those lines of communication so barriers been broken down current generation? this is why it is called that children come to them when they have problems. we have lots of the road to independence. ifeel
8:28 am
advice on our website on how to keep like they did that. this is a in touch with the apps and websites pioneering generation of women who that children use. thank you for joining us. really fought against tradition and people, and wanted to just go out the andrew marr show is on at 10 o'clock this there and drive. they have given morning here on bbc one. women like me, second and third what's coming up this generation, to go beyond the road to morning, andrew? independence to get an education, to be able to drive, to do all of those very interesting political times, things that we can do now. we heard with the tory political race officially started, i'm joined by the lady were talking to in that clip saying that she felt it had dominic raab, the chancellor given her wings, that incredible himself, philip hammond, to talk sense of freedom. finally, you want about the economic and political to hear from people sense of freedom. finally, you want to hearfrom people to sense of freedom. finally, you want to hear from people to add to this. future. sir michael perry when also how can people get in touch? we have a new website called asian women and a guest. —— michael peeling. ca rs. a new website called asian women and cars. they can submit their coming up in the next half hour: photographs and take new making a splash — how swimming contemporary pictures as well. it is with mermaids is helping children all a part of the photo festival. with severe illnesses and disabilities take the plunge. 00:28:50,569 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 stay with us — headlines coming up. thank you. really interesting. the asian women and cars: road to independence exhibition is showing at the british muslim school in west bromwich. a brilliant thing for women to look
8:29 am
back on years. that's all we've got time for on breakfast this morning. charlie and naga will be here tomorrow, live from six with all the results from the european elections, here on bbc one. have a good day. bye— bye.
8:30 am
good morning. our headlines today: formerallies, borisjohnson and michael gove, are set compete against each other for the conservative party leadership. andrea leadsom and dominic raab have also joined in the race, hoping to be prime minister by the end ofjuly. polling in the eu elections ends at 10pm tonight — 21 member states are voting today. a warning that 1,500 buildings are at risk of failing fire safety tests held
8:31 am
after the grenfell tragedy. found alive after being missing for two weeks in a hawaiian forest — the hiker who says she faced
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