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tv   The Papers  BBC News  May 31, 2019 10:40pm-11:01pm BST

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four counts of misdemeanor with four counts of misdemeanor assault. —— sir philip green. the guardian says most senior female islamic group captive has played a central role in the hunt for the leader. in the weekend i newspaper says that climate change activists have vowed to blockade heathrow airport in june and have vowed to blockade heathrow airport injune and again injuly. that is where everyone is going away on holiday in the independent says that singer labour party figures have warranted jimmy corbin he must change his policy on breaks or pay a heavy electoral price following the recently troubling european fundamental reelections. that is how the papers look so far. there was a have come in. the sun would love to see, but has not quite arrived at because they have an interview with donald trump. let us start with the times. which is one of the few papers looking ahead to the week. president set to meet borisjohnson
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on london trip. and of course people read into that, don't they? it is probably donald trump wanting to meet borisjohnson probably donald trump wanting to meet boris johnson and probably donald trump wanting to meet borisjohnson and not necessarily the conservative party. whatever it estimate will make all the headlines in the beginning of next week with ellen tripp making his state visit. all of this will feed into the background of the tory leadership contest. if he is suddenly meeting boris johnson, . .. it would do him favours to make them look very prime ministerial. it would do him favours to make them look very prime ministerialm it would do him favours to make them look very prime ministerial. it will make you lucky if someone who is already being mentioned in the same breath as nigel farage by donald trump and without my pouzza bill off, it will also feed into the exact fears tory mps have been the reason why some of them do actually wa nt to reason why some of them do actually want to back it now more than they did three months ago is because the threat of the brexit party. this i did that he is someone who is taking
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on nigel farage and the brexit party. and of course donald trump favours prexy, it is part of his global policy. back in the olden days, you would have the presidents and prime ministers respecting internal politics, where they would not comment on who their favourite candidate was. trump has amended that and put the table on its head. ido that and put the table on its head. i do wonder if picture wise, whether borisjohnson appearing i do wonder if picture wise, whether boris johnson appearing next i do wonder if picture wise, whether borisjohnson appearing next donald trump, how that would work at beyond nigel farage to add a photo taken sunday... trump wants to come to the uk to meet his friends he said. he says they were both, nigel for rog and borisjohnson says they were both, nigel for rog and boris johnson him says they were both, nigel for rog and borisjohnson him guys in very interesting people. he also said kim jong was about whatever, so whatever trumps is about people, take with a
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pinch of salt. what all officials said they are of its ability next week. we definitely expect that. a little bit of insight into the interview that donald trump has done with the sun in the times. where he has talked about what he thinks about boris johnson. a has talked about what he thinks about borisjohnson. a talented guy who would make a great prime minister. unusual for somebody to come in and do that but that is his modus operandi. when the whole picture is want to make trade deals after brexit. .. it picture is want to make trade deals after brexit... it does not hurt to have... after brexit... it does not hurt to have. . . the after brexit... it does not hurt to have... the lesson became income he had a lot to say about theresa may. we will see with the advice is this time. as you said earlier, respect the office if not refer the person is much him and he is the president of the us, it does legitimise a two—way candidate. and if you are saying, it seems on the other leadership candidates are trying to meet with donald trump as well as
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some point. but it seems they are meeting up with his son—in—law rather him self. all desperate, all the candidates are desperate to have theircampaign legitimise.“ the candidates are desperate to have their campaign legitimise. if you're in the front page of the daily express, it looks like one of donald trump's friends is not going to get to meet him if 90 street have anything to do with it. how do you read into the story? this is an interview nigel for roger is given to the daily express in which he says number ten has not given time for me to meet donald trump. he is kicking off a little bit about that saying it is bizarre. but if you read the time story, he does not really clash with what they are saying because the whole point of the times is number ten said meetings with people outside government come out of the rural family are going to be in the president's downtime, executive time as they call it. i don't know how it
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works with my understanding is this actually the american embassy in london that help his team create his agenda and it necessarily number ten downing st, if trump wants to meet farage, he will. they will be working together, there will be timing and as they say, he will have someone timing and as they say, he will have someone he is staying at the us ambassador‘s house if he wants to meet him, then he will. i'm sure they have each other on speed dial. this is something with farage popping this is something with farage popping it number ten is saying yes comments are quite interesting that does it not sum up why british politics needs to change, the small minded people in numberten, the establishment is shutting me out again. why should number ten arrange again. why should number ten arrange a meeting for you and the president, he is taking a pop as you say. let's move he is taking a pop as you say. let's m ove o nto he is taking a pop as you say. let's move onto slightly serious business. which is the ft weekend picking up
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on what is a developing story. this is the concerns of our donald trump's threat and it is a threat at the moment to put tariffs on imports from mexico unless it is something —— that summing about the migrants crossing the border from —— that summing about the migrants crossing the borderfrom mexico. the ft focusing on the effects of that threat. this might seem quite far away from us, a battle between mexico and the us over trade and donald trump is said he wants to start with a 5% levy on all goods coming out of mexico from june ten but the old adage of the us sneezing in the world catching a cold, if there is another front open in terms ofa there is another front open in terms of a trade war between the us and mexico, you have china and the us at loggerheads as well over £200 million of tray, this is huge and for mexico, the country since 80% of its exports to its northern neighbour. so it is massive for mexico and i think one of the bbc
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reporters under a pulley well earlier on saying that donald trump is using a trade policy to deal with a social issue. this is about migrants at the border, do you solve that by imposing a 5% levy and it seems the mexican president is actually reacting in quite a dignified fashion. donald trump holds the trump card, excuse the pun, they have the economic muscle. this is his modus operandi, strong—arm tactics, big threats commits is what he did as a real estate developer. it affects us all and our pensions, the ftse suffering and our pensions, the ftse suffering a first offer the year, global markets slide. this does feel far away. and it fits in a wide narrative of donald trump using a quite aggressive economic policy with mexico, with china and... trade agreement with the uk. spoken to in
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economics expert in america this evening and he said he will have a real bad effect on the american economy and american business as well. and cutting his nose out his face in many ways because it will affect the manufacturing industry in the us. he was elected on in the rust belt where he won in the states because he promised to make america great again. and it has already her people and figures in iowa who are republicans who were saying he will have to win that he will say this is going to hurt us. let's move the guardian and a lot of newspapers obviously leading on philip green being charged us all in the us given that brooke at about 6:30pm so not much to change their front page. but the guardian sticking to their exclusive on the front page and quite rightly so and this is the
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female so—called islamic state's captive role it says in a cia hunt for the leader of the islamic state. yes, they have this exclusive inside track on what the hunt of one of the most feared terrorists and this idea that the most senior female i ask you to played a central role in finding him, hunting down the safe house he used, you almost sort of look at comparable stories with her when they found 0sama bin laden and this is historic. this is a big story. and it shows the islamic state is getting weaker when they start to go for the guys at the top because they are easier to find. i suppose maura have been captured some more intelligence is available as well. because islamic state is capturing these people, this is where they get to work on the cia,
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and they have interested me because she has been accused of committing some of the most heinous crimes as well, the guardian says, come a kid ina well, the guardian says, come a kid in a situation so here is someone they are dealing with a terrorist try to catch another terrorist as well. will the cia have any issues with that perhaps in the past we have seen they have not, they have been able to deal with it. it is quite an involved story. but it is interesting as the islamic state, as a state collapses now, you have these people the cia are trying to pick off and tried to get outside because they are saying you can spend the rest of your life injail or maybe we can do a deal with you if you help us find this guy. and she was sentenced to death. just reading here the human rights lawyer amar clooney, we all know who she is, has requested a transfer from iraq to the us to face justice for
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her crimes. it does sit uncomfortably sometimes with a lot of people and a lot of campaigners and even victims and families of victims when they do a deal with somebody who is accused of for so much and torture. there are people in britain who had been beheaded by isis and americans and from western countries and i'm sure they are going to have summing the say about this. if this person, she was a figurehead herself in this organisation, if the cia have managed to turn her and get hurt to do this, what will you do with her? will you commute... i did not know if she has tried, if she has tried, it could be a death sentence but if you go to the us commit will it be 40 years or reduced to 30, 20, ten years, what is the price we are paying? 0ne story that will go on. the independent leaning on a story
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about brexit but this time what they could do to labour if they continue to fudge it. jeremy corbyn has been warned by prominent labour figures we have been told. largely by alastair campbell who technically is not currently a labour figure so i am not sure how that works but this is actually a debate today so you have had on the one hand campbell who is extremely vocal for another referendum and very partial on that front and then you also have had campbell saintjeremy corbyn will end up losing his front bench over this. that he is making a big mistake by not taking a firmer sta nce mistake by not taking a firmer stance on on the beautifully backing another referendum. at the same time, you have had lynn mccluskey today, the general secretary of unite, saying jeremy corbyn should move further away from the singer referendum and all of this feeds into this whole debate within labour
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which isjust a into this whole debate within labour which is just a split if the tories over brexit. and jeremy corbyn did this week following the european pollen entry elections did say another referendum is looking inevitable but that is not enough. he did and he did not as usual. inevitable but that is not enough. he did and he did not as usualm was fence sitting in what makes this situation all the more urgent is the momentum of the liberal democrats who yesterday in the times him at the party, joe swenson challenging for leadership and new voices and labour has been outflanked on both sides. and this is the problem for jeremy corbyn is that you have remain supporters in the lib dems thinking that vote in the north, you have the new brexit party. let's not forget their ability to—month—old who have who would up labour votes as well as tory votes. the people vote the same in european elections and by elections as they would do in
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and by elections as they would do in a general election? is it a protest vote? or a real shift in power? that remains to be seen. it is a moment, aping the monthly tories, they have to get this right. in terms of getting there later in somewhat has been interesting about the tory election and we took of this earlier, is there is the tory membership pool who vote for it are overwhelmingly white and male and overwhelmingly white and male and over 65 and the language that has come from the tory leadership folks trying to speak to that constituency with some notable exceptions, roy stuart perhaps, in the story talking about his opium experiences. and for labour, it feels that jeremy corbyn, he just keeps sitting on the fence so he just keeps sitting on the fence so that referendum may happen. you have to cite it away and i think he
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isjust trying not have to cite it away and i think he is just trying not to make a decision. thanks, that was a monologue. you have been taking a lot about that one. the i weekend, cleverly focusing on something a lot of people also care about, along with brexit. believe me, if extension rebellion shuts down heathrow for even a day in december, this is the thing people care about most. recall over christmas drone stopped everything and they are saying they make use drones to stop flights. i don't think it is a way of getting people to necessarily sympathise. taking a sick day off work and like stopping the trains.|j cannot come in, there is a protest, but if they stop people from flying people will beat up in arms. it has
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been very successful. they have got to the centre of the conversation. about what is happening to climate and they are having an impact and i think they could do this. i think they have the manpower to do it. the thing is it keeps happening but we did not see much in a little side responding to it. they have failed, they should have regulated the drones early on and they did not. this is what they have this. let's see what happens. it will keep us busy over the summer for sure. we will do it again at 11:30pm and if my papers will be in by then. thanks for joining my papers will be in by then. thanks forjoining us for that. coming up next to him that we have the weather. state with us. hello again. we've have had some big weather contrasts across the uk during the day today. it was the far north of england, scotland
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and northern ireland that had the thickest cloud and outbreaks of rain but particularly wet in western scotland today. you can see how that rain has been pretty slow moving and is beginning to push its way eastwards now. and to the south of this, although the day started off rather cloudy, that cloud broke up through the afternoon, so across much of england and wales, the skies did get much brighter later in the day. for example, over in denbighshire in wales. for england and wales, we keep those clear skies overnight as well. a few exceptions, cloud thick enough for an odd spot across the northwest of wales overnight and perhaps over the hills and coasts of northwest england. rain clearing away from scotland and northern ireland and a few patches over towards the west coast of scotland as we head through the end of the night. a mild night, 9—13 degrees the overnight lows and then for the weekend, mixed weather fortunes again, really. quite cloudy and humid across the north and west of the uk with outbreaks of rain for the second half of the weekend, so saturday definitely the better of the two days. further southwards, some warm if not hot spells of sunshine and feeling quite humid on saturday.
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sunday, start to see some rain moving in from the west, but perhaps not reaching east anglia and southeast england until evening time. saturday's forecast then. we've got a front heading in bringing a bit of patchy rain to north wales and northwest england, but will not last too long before some brighter weather, too. scotland and northern ireland, not as much rain around. but it will stay rather cloudy and temperatures for many into the high teens, but the sunshine across eastern wales and across the bulk of england, becoming warm if not hot with temperatures up to 28 celsius across london and the south east. for sunday, low pressure in charge and this area of rain is a cold front that pushes its way in. outbreaks of rain for many areas, through the rain not really reaching east anglia and southeast england until evening time, so here staying dry, sunny and warm with the temperatures into the mid—20s. otherwise, brisk westerly winds pick up and we will be going into some fresher air. temperatures not too low, highs between 17 and 20 for many areas on sunday. looking into next week's weather,
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not looking too great, really, some spells of rain around at times. that's your latest weather. bye for now.
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this is bbc news. i'm chris rogers. the headlines at 11 o'clock. president trump slaps stinging new tariffs on all mexican imports over illegal immigration. the white house says mexico should do more to stop large groups travelling to the us crossing points. a massive number of these individuals are coming from central america and that is where we have seen the greatest increase come from did outrageous numbers. labour suspends a member of its ruling national executive committee, peter willsman, after he's recorded suggesting that the israeli embassy was behind the party's anti—semitism row. british retailer sir philip green is charged in the us with four counts of assault relating to allegations of inappropriate touching. and there's excitement in madrid as liverpool and spurs fans arrive


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