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tv   The Papers  BBC News  August 9, 2019 11:30pm-12:00am BST

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on low pressure which you can see on the satellite picture, this swell of cloud, in the centre of this area of low pressure we have some brisk winds, you can see all the white lines, the isobars squatting together, particularly across the southern part of the uk. that means the showers that develop across southern area through saturday should ease through fairly quickly, whereas further north across the far north of england, northern ireland and scotland whether winds will be lighter, thunderstorms and showers will be slower moving so some hello, this is bbc news — i'm nuala mcgovern. localised flooding could happen. the our top stories: president trump promises serious discussions on tougher background checks for gun ownership. wind will cause some issues, particularly across england and wales, england gust of 50 mph per mile, 60 miles an hourfrom —— or protests in indian—administered kashmir days after delhi said it would revoke the area's special autonomous status. more for some spots, that could cause issues for outdoor events and hong kong's airport is occupied some issues were travelling, and by hundreds of demonstrators as protests in the territory bridges between 15— 23 degrees. as enter their tenth weekend. we move into sundy that wind will a huge power blackout in england remain brisk for a time across and wales leaves almost a million people without electricity southern areas, they will slowly ease as we go through the day on causing travel chaos. sunday, and the wind started to come in from the north—west, so they will and bringing all the fun of the fair start to ring down some cooler air,
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in fact some really cool air for the to an english cathedral. time of year across the northern half of the uk, we see showers and longer spells of rain putting erratically southwards in eastwards, but look at sunday afternoon's temperatures, across scotland, 14 or 15 degrees, still clinging on to something in the low 20s across south wales and southern england. as we move into monday, low pressure still close by, the isobars by this stage really opening up, the winds will be much lighter, there will be some spells of sunshine, some showers which could be heavy in hungary, the showers perhaps most likely to develop into a line across scotla nd likely to develop into a line across scotland and northern ireland, slinking —— sinking slowly southward as temperatures barely get up to 20 degrees as we go through monday. 0n tuesday original high—pressure pressure tries to build its way in, so that promises a dryer interlude for some of us, but as you will see behind me, weather systems will be gathering once again, we will likely see some cloud and outbreaks of rain
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putting into the south—west, those temperatures again, 16—20, a little below this time of year. into wednesday, uncertainty about the timing of this, but we could see other area of low pressure moving through, outbreaks of rain, potentially some fairly strong winds, we will have to keep an eye on that, there is uncertainty about how windy it will be and those temperatures struggling to recover, 20-21 at temperatures struggling to recover, 20—21 at best. through the second half of next week jetstream continues to blow strongly across the atlantic, that will bring areas of u nsettled the atlantic, that will bring areas of unsettled weather in the areas of low pressure in our direction, also some uncertainty about how deep those lows will be, and just how windy it will be. but while there will be some brief interludes of slightly warmer weather, we going to tap into that cool air from the north. we can sum it up like this. through the end of next week into next weekend, wet and breezy at times, some dry interludes, and generally it will feel rather cool.
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it this is bbc news and we will be looking through the front pages soon but a reminder of this evening's headlines. nearly a million people have been affected by major power cut across large areas of the uk affecting homes and transport networks. the national grid says the problem was caused by two generators and has now been resolved. growth fell by 0.2% in the three months to
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june but the chancellor says the fundamentals of the economy remains strong. a churchwarden is found guilty of murdering an author he tricked into changing his will. the family ofa tricked into changing his will. the family of a policeman who survived a frenzied machete attack say they are proud of his bravery. welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. broadcasterjohn the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. broadcaster john stapleton and home affairs editor of the evening standard martin bentham. before we do that, a quick look at some of the front pages. we will start with the ft, no surprise with its lead, the shrinking economy and the second quarter for the first time in nearly seven years, landing
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partly on brexit uncertainty. the same thing again, brexit uncertainty is the theme of the times which says the prime minister is announcing a bailout fund to help small businesses if no deal brexit. britain hit by a power cut chaos in the telegraph. the blackout or outage affected rail, hospitals and airports. the same lead for the i which focuses on transport as britain came to a standstill. the daily mail turns the spotlight on some members of the royal family who say —— they say have been paid hundreds of thousands of pounds as non—executive directors of companies owned by businessman from hong kong. the guardian, army recruitment crisis describing the military‘s
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lack of new soldiers, some front line combat units operating 40% below their target numbers. that will be one of our papers in this review but martin and john, we will start off with the times. bailout funds pop—up business in the headlines, an indication critics will say that mrjohnson and the government are getting the wind up about what will happen if we leave exit without a deal. the announcement by michael gove who is visiting the belfast shipyards which we re visiting the belfast shipyards which were recently closed, the government is planning a thing called operation kingfisher and it turns out that is a plan to help finance companies which are suffering because of the effects of brexit. it's the first to have heard of this. the impact on
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their businesses. this is an indication the government will help them out financially. where's the money coming the police is getting more and now these companies are going to get lots of money as well. well from? there is a war chest of sorts. 0ften money seems to appear from the magic money tree. clearly it makes sense. if we are to leave in october 31, whatever terms there are, unless it's a straightforward transition, there is probably going to be of some sort. clearly there will be companies that have at the very least a short—term problem. it does make sense. exactly what the level of disruption is will all depend on whether there is or there isn't a deal. things could go wrong. if you're looking at this, how long will they be supported 7
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if you're looking at this, how long will they be supported? how much will they be supported? how much will they be given? isjust the big firms? the indication is it'sjust big firms but many small businesses will have a difficult time as well. martin, the ft. straightforward from the office for national statistics figures on gdp which was 0.2%, the first time it's contracted in a quarter since 2012. clearly not the limp news. if we have another quarter after this of negative group —— growth, that would be a recession. all the same, whatever the precise figure is, growth is subdued. it subdued in other parts of the world, europe and so on. external factors like increasing trade conflict between china and the us and so on. general slowing down in the world economy that part of it
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is also down to the uncertainty over brexit and what is happening now. it's not a disaster but it's not good news and clearly doesn't look like growth in general is going to be very buoyant over the coming months, perhaps the coming year. underlying it all, we still have low unemployment levels. somethings still pretty good. you don't want to go on at this level for any length of time. we haven't porn -- performed as well as the eurozone. significantly, the pound is now at its lowest level for 2.5 years which isa its lowest level for 2.5 years which is a reflection of the nervousness in the city. in terms of the global economy, european central bank, the federal reserve also intervening.
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whether we take out fiscal or monetary policies as a reaction will be interesting to see. there still could be a rate cut of some sort. it certainly becomes more likely. the chancellor talking about brexit is preparing what has been deemed an emergency budget, to inject money into the economy. that certainly will give an uplift to economic activity so there are things that can happen and things that can assist. the underlying problem still remains, whatever the results of brexit is, if you're not sure where you are going, you don't know what you are going, you don't know what you are going, you don't know what you are dealing with. most of the indicators are good. wages are rising faster than inflation. the fundamentals are there. he says he's the only person, things will be ok.
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the ft, there is a country here that is not doing too well financially but this is regarding italy. italy looks like it might be going to an election. a parallel in funny sort of way. the league and the five-star movement, they have fallen out. the league has called for a vote of no confidence. the league is in the lead in the opinion polls and could form, if there is an election, the next government. that is the far right party which clearly will raise questions for the future of the european union. there have been at odds with the eu over budget discipline. clearly it will be a big
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challenge. one analyst says that steve bannon, the american advisor will be laughing his socks off for mr salvini to be urging an election in italy is the same time as mr johnson is taking britain out of exit because steve bannon is very encouraging of anyone who is euro skip and has been giving advice from time to time. let's turn to events in the us. it's on the front page of the independent. it's a picture. the president of the united states with his wife holding a baby in el paso orphaned in the troubleshooting. just look at that picture. the thumbs up that caused outrage, it certainly did. this is president trump turning what should be a sad mournful occasion interpersonal
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promotion for himself and there are other pictures like that. hospital workers smiling, laughing, and i would content and a lot of people would, this is not a moment for smiling and thumbs up. this is a moment for respect and sympathy. just compare and contrast his attitude with the attitude of the prime minister of new zealand after the terrible shooting, a woman who emerged with immense dignity. i can't say the same about resident trump. it's a bit odd, isn't it? the news about talks going on regarding gun laws or other background checks. been some suggestion that the republicans will lead the charge with democrats on this he's been having talks with what he described
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as hardline pro—gun people and some potential movement there. but also senators within his own party. we had this about a year ago. we need to see if there is any action there. the second thing is, the access to these types of automatic weapons, these types of automatic weapons, the sign that anything is going to happen. let's go back to the times. afg ha n happen. let's go back to the times. afghan women pay deadly price for peace. this is a terrible story. this is the murder in the street of a female television presenterjust shot dead in the street by two guys ona shot dead in the street by two guys on a motorbike. simply because she isa on a motorbike. simply because she is a woman who actually wants to
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earn a living for herself and control her destiny. exactly, and it talks about since the taliban, the taliban, when they were in power, notorious for the absolutely appalling way in which women were treated. things have improved in afghanistan. not massively at all but it talks about women who have beenin but it talks about women who have been in education, doctors and so on. and i was in afghanistan straight after the fall of the taliban and the national theatre, there was a performance there with a woman on stage for the first time in years and years. it was received well because the taliban had gone but it still remains a very conservative society and the point here at the moment is the peace deal talks which appear to be reaching fruition between the us and the taliban are dependent on the taliban reaching an agreement with the afg ha n reaching an agreement with the afghan government but the essence of
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it is the us are going to withdraw in the taliban presumably are going to look like they have some sort of greater role in the government of afghanistan and the correspondence writing here says if that happens, women will pay the price because conditions for women in afghanistan which are not fantastic, but have improved, almost certainly going to go backwards with these types of gender killings. times, some dry interludes, and generally it will feel rather cool. he also makes the point that women are now much better educated, but is still very dangerous place for women to work there, which is incredible, women shot down in the street for doing, because they are actually earning a living. it is unbelievable stop she was a tv presenter. the
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allegation is that her husband is behind this matter because he resented the fact she was on television and working with men in the studio. you mentioned the talks between the us and the taliban, and asi between the us and the taliban, and as i understand it the taliban have refused to stop the attacks they have been carrying out, even while these talks have been going on. so it does make you wonderjust how sincere are they, particularly when you see this, and like you said, things are probably going to get worse for women. i'm sure the taliban would obviously quite like to strike a deal with the us i would imagine, in the sense to get them out, and then they take the role, presumably in the government of the country in some shape or form, the us withdrawal is dependent on the taliban and then reaching an agreement with the afghan government. so from that point of view, but yes, the point ultimately is that of course from the us point of view, if they are withdrawing, they are probably leaving the people
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behind, and this is the problem, that people think, oh it is bad that the west has intervened, people are critical of the us and british intervention, but what i did was make some small progress for women in particular, actually, in that country. so pulling out is one thing, it saves us in the us a problem, but on the other hand it leads people behind who face a very bleak future potentially. let's turn to another future and that of our army, the guardian says it is in crisis, particularly the frontline. major crisis, 40% down on certain sectors, the scots guard is a p pa re ntly sectors, the scots guard is apparently amongst them. 40% shortfall in trips there. this story as far as shortfall in trips there. this story as farasi shortfall in trips there. this story as far as i have read it, is alarming, but as to why this is happening, the story on the front page at least does not give us any reason, but martin did say earlier that possibly we are not involved in
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any major conflict, and bizarrely, it is when we are involved in major conflict like iraq or afghanistan, oi’ conflict like iraq or afghanistan, or the falklands, that is when people are encouraged to join up and do their bit for the country. possibly pay and conditions as well, possibly this generation have no appetite for military activity, and the discipline that the army and the armed forces involved in require. the article also points to the outsourcing of recruitment. there has been a lot of controversy about their role and whether they have been any good at doing the job, and the figures don't support positive assessment of that. they had the reason snowflake campaign, which was again derided, so whether that is anything to do with it, obviously they definitely have not succeeded because the figures show that. may because the figures show that. may be there are underlying trends, but i suspect part of it is simply, as
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you say, we are not involved, and any conflict, people are training, but there is nothing actually for them to do, to put that training to use. the nature of conflict has changed, a valid point is that they now need keyboard warriors, because of cyber crime. the other thing is that people in the army are often very highly trained and very desirable, so they probably have a problem with retention as well, any people in the army have gone to do some very good careers, and they training army, get these skills, and of course they are richer to other employers. the problem is also —— attracted to other employers. the problem is also retention. let's turn to the times, a man fights about whether penknife. 150 miles north of vancouver and canada, he is riding on his bike and suddenly a large grizzly bear, which quickly attacks him, very seriously... he
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tried to have this conversation with it, he started explaining that "we don't have a problem, everything is 0k"... don't have a problem, everything is ok"... the bear don't have a problem, everything is ok". .. the bear wasn't listening! what i found upsetting or uncomfortable to read was his description of the bear gnawing on his... he fought off with his penknife, but then had to ride to the... he fought the bear off, the bear was seriously injured, and other people found it later and shot it. john and martin, thank you very much and thank you for watching. you can see all the front pages on the bbc news website, the address to go to, seven days a week, is bbc .co .uk/ papers. you can also watch us again on the bbc iplayer. thanks again on the bbc iplayer. thanks again tojohn again on the bbc iplayer. thanks again to john and again on the bbc iplayer. thanks again tojohn and martin, and thank you for watching, good night.
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good evening, the latest from the bbc sport centre. five goals in the first match of the premier league, and a convincing win for liverpool at anfield, but it was a miserable night for norwich and, their team conceding four goals in the first half. anti— swiss was watching. —— andy. cheering. excited? just a little. the start of a new season left some liverpool fans literally jumping forioy- and who can blame them? they are the european champions, after all. but becoming english champions is what they crave. after being pipped to the title last season, they began this one against newly promoted norwich. a big night for the visitors, but their premier league dream soon became a nightmare. an own goalfrom their captain, grant hanley, set the tone, as any early liverpool
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nerves quickly vanished. mo salah scoring a typically ruthless second. before norwich‘s defensive frailties were once again exposed by virgil van dijk. it was liverpool at their irresistible best, and by the time that divock 0rigi added a fourth just before the break, even the most culinary norwich fan surely found it hard to stomach. to their credit, they didn't crumble. in fact, as liverpool faded, the visitors flourished, finnish striker teemu pukki giving norwich some second—half consolation. but still a comfortable 4—1 victory for the hosts. their latest title challenge off to a winning start. 0ne one might expect, they stay cheeky, they didn't care about the result, they didn't care about the result, they just enjoy their football, they didn't care about the result, theyjust enjoy their football, and we had not enough possession in the period, i think the start of the
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second half we could have scored five or six, didn't do that, and then they scored a goal, we were neverin then they scored a goal, we were never in danger really, but we had to work a lot. premier league is back this weekend but there is a developing sorry off the pitch with two players who missed their opening game due to fears for their safety. arsenal say that mesut 0zil and sead kolasinac will not travel to the fixture on sunday because of security reasons. a few weeks ago there was an attempted carjacking on the vehicle that they were travelling in north london. the clu bs travelling in north london. the clubs as they are liaising with the police, adding that the welfare of players and their families is always a top priority. in the scottish championship dundee united big partick thistle to maintain their 100% start to the season. in rugby league, wigan warriors beat hull kr 36-18 to league, wigan warriors beat hull kr 36—18 to move up to third place. in tonight? 0ther bench —— match, leeds
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rhinos/ catalans dragons 30—8. it is their second straight win after putting 41! points on how last the remaining eight place. andy murray has announced his long—awaited return to singles tennis. scott has accepted a wildcard for the cincinnati masters next week, seven months after fearing he cincinnati masters next week, seven months afterfearing he might cincinnati masters next week, seven months after fearing he might have to retire because of a hip injury. but he had been playing doubles matches since june, but he had been playing doubles matches sincejune, but he says he is now safe —— pain—free and ready to play singles again. he was england four breakout star from the world cup, and nowjoffra archer is in line fora world cup, and nowjoffra archer is in line for a test debut to take his place in the 12 man squad for the second ashes test at lord's. he proved his fitness for sussex seconds earlier this week, in the ru ns seconds earlier this week, in the runs and wickets as he looks likely to replace james anderson who was out with a calf injury. but all the sport for now, have a good weekend. this unseasonal weather is already
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having an impact on outdoor events, and to some parts of the country we have some strong winds yet to arrive. there is still going to be some heavy burst of rain around this weekend, and some thunderstorms as well, and the wind is really picking up well, and the wind is really picking up more widely across england and wales. a deep area of low pressure still on the scene, drifting its way northwards and it is on the southern flank of the we will see their strengthening winds across england and wales. lighter winds of scotland and wales. lighter winds of scotland and northern ireland, if you mist and northern ireland, if you mist and fog patches, 13— ill degrees, very much warmerfurther and fog patches, 13— ill degrees, very much warmer further south across england and wales, 16—17. a few showers around overnight as well, more of those to come on saturday, quite a few across wales and the south—west in the morning, southern areas of the uk should she fewer showers in the afternoon, some heavy and thundery downpours if you have the north, perhaps not so many in the north—west of scotland but we will see some more downpours arriving in eastern scotland and again notfar arriving in eastern scotland and again not far away from southern scotland, very much all day. also some downpours very close to
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southern parts of northern ireland, into the isle of man, the north—west of england. still some showers elsewhere, but they will be fleeting, those other wind gusts, 40-50 fleeting, those other wind gusts, 40—50 miles an hour, 60 or so around some southern coast of england and wales very windy conditions, unusually for this time of year, and it won't be as warm, it was 27 in east anglia yesterday, we are seeing temperatures got into the low 20s yesterday —— low 20s, it won't feel quite as muggy. we are likely to find more of these heavy showers developing in england and wales on sunday, the spell of wet weather drifting slowly south of scotland into the far north of england, and the wind direction changing, nowhere near as windy on sunday but it is really dropping across northern areas, quite chilly for this time of year, 15 or so, still the low 20s in the south—east and east anglia. the area of low pressure is pulling away by monday, but look what's coming in from the atlantic. more weather
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systems heading our way, that high pressure not really becoming established at all. we may find another area of low pressure in the middle part of the week. not as windy as this one that we have at the moment, but no sign of summer returning, there will be some showers that will be heavy at times and perhaps now and again some sunshine. 00:28:37,764 --> 2147483051:51:03,597 go backwards with these types of 2147483051:51:03,597 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 gender killings.
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