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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  August 20, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. italy's political crisis got deeper today. the prime minister has resigned, after launching a fierce attack on his deputy — the populist matteo salvini. what happens next is largely up to the president — it could be an election, but not necessarily. we'll talk through the options in a moment. the eu defends the irish backstop, after borisjohnson said hello, i'm ros atkins, it can't be part of any brexit deal. this is outside source. italy's political crisis we'll hear from brussels. got deeper today. the prime minister has resigned, though he will stay on as head tonight at ten — of a caretaker government. the uk's oil refineries he's blamed the collapse syrian rebels have withdrawn of his coalition on the right—wing warn their long—term from a key strategic nationalist league party future could be in doubt town inside the last and its leader, matteo salvini. if there's a no—deal brexit. remaining rebel—held province. the eu has defended the irish backstop, after borisjohnson said it can't be part of any brexit deal. the industry says government policy and facebook says it will now tell to allow cheaper imported you which apps and websites petrol would hit them hard. anything that puts uk send it data about you. syrian rebels have withdrawn industry at a disadvantage, we'll get more on that from a key strategic particularly in the post—brexit
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town inside the last world, is not something remaining rebel—held province. we think is a good idea. we'll hear why that's in 05 business. world, is not something significant in a moment. we and we'll explain the merits world, is not something find evidence of how local councils we find evidence of how local councils are stockpiling fuel in of carbon offsetting, preparation for no deal. after eltonjohn says he paid we'll be asking what all this to offset the carbon means for the consumer. from prince harry and meghan‘s also tonight... private jet flight to in court — the man charged with the murder of pc andrew harper, sir elton‘s french home. killed on duty on thursday a shrug from the man who's helped topple italy's leader — normally italian politicians are on the beach at this time of year. but they've been called back to work to deal with a deepening political crisis. the prime minister giuseppe conte has just quit. the populist coalition he leads has fallen apart — and he was facing a no—confidence syrian rebels have withdrawn vote, afterjust14 months in power. from a strategically important town he will continue to lead they've held for five years a caretaker government — khan sheikhoun is in idlib province. while the country's president idlib is the last significant piece sergio mattarella tries of territory held by the rebels — to form a new government. there's been months of speculation failing that, there will the government may make be early elections — which italy's interior minister a bid to seize it. matteo salvini thinks he can win. that's not come yet. giuseppe conte has accused but this image shows
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mr salvini of being reckless, the pressure on khan sheikhoun — the syrian army, backed by russia, and bringing a spiral of political is closing in from almost every side. uncertainty and well this video from financial instability. syrian media shows here's mr conte speaking the military entering the town. in parliament today, with mr salvini right next to him. it's been subjected to months of air strikes before this. translation: here's sebastian usher here in the bbc newsroom with the latest on the status which have tried to do is a clumsy choice, implying that this is an of the town. u nsuccessful choice, implying that this is an unsuccessful government and try to put a block on the left 14 months of work we have carried out. it seems that the rebels for and here's how matteo jihadist fighters had pulled out salvini responded. happened every night, so far, it does not look as though the syrian you have chosen the target. government forces have completely here i am. gonein government forces have completely you have chosen the danger gone in and occupied the town, they seem to be holding back. not sure of italy and europe. here i am, ready why it could be perhaps their ideas to sacrifice myself! ready! being done at higher levels. turkey these are the three men running and russia are very much involved in italy at the moment — this area set perhaps something is
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matteo salvini leads the right wing nationalist league party. going on there. there is a he's a deputy prime minister. observation post nearby right at the luigi di maio leads the populist five star movement — above presented idea that was posted which was the biggest party in last year's election. stop conflict happening said i could he's also deputy prime minister. be what's happening in terms of... i it's always been an uneasy setup, with giuseppe conte never seen mean, well there's not much in terms as being really in charge. of the people were in town on the dull laptop thousands of them left. then mr salvini indicated he would several weeks ago. and during the table a no—confidence motion. he wants to make the most last four months at the intense of the league's current popularity. campaign that the syrian government and he needs an election to do that. is waiting around that area. how did data back in may in the european elections, the league came they fit into the broader rebel movement? even calling it a rebel back in may in the european movement? even calling it a rebel movement am sure other people of elections, the league came top in italy with 34%. made in this number, it's one sort five star took i7%. of talks about insurgents and mr salvini's up in the current polls — that doesn't mean that translates anti—government, but perhaps more to him becoming prime minister. accurately jihadist and rebels, anti—government, but perhaps more he'll need coalition accuratelyjihadist and rebels, so partners to do that. this is myjihadist group that was and five star's luigi di maio wants in the town, abbreviated as a to make a new coalition himself. dominant force, which was the he knows if there's an election, affiliate of al-qaeda and now it
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says it's not any more it's five star's place in government moderated it stands, is actually is far from secure. another more extreme forest which is linked to al-qaeda. but that's not just here, but in the hold of ad lib well if you're finding it in the past few months, they pretty much have taken over the area and all confusing, don't worry, administer it. as bloomberg points out in this the united nation has called for an urgent de—escalation of the situation in the northwest tweet, part of syria. we can speak to panos moumtzis, here's sara monetta who's the united nations‘ been following this regional coordinator for the syria story from brussels. crisis. the ball is very much in the court thank you forjoining us on the bbc. of the president, the italian despite the un because for the escalation does not seen anyone is president. he has two options. listening. sadly not, and i think either call the snap election in the the biggest concern is that the autumn or tried to form a caretaker humanitarian impact, the protection of civilians, the fact that these government or a autumn or tried to form a caretaker government oi’ a new autumn or tried to form a caretaker government or a new coalition and go on like that. the reason why he hostilities that are taking place, might not be willing to bring it to the air strikes on the ground up lead to a new election this autumn happens around the health facilities is schools, residential areas. and is because traditionally, the civilians had paid a significant parliament approves the budget for the next year in this period. so if
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price. so have the thousand the next year in this period. so if the parliament were to be dissolved displacements are only at the end of and this was going to be in the april but more than hundred election, this means that italy incidents of direct strikes on would not have a budget law in place health facilities and education facilities and markets residential by the new year, which can be very areas and hundreds of people killed. problematic. so the options on the so the protection of civilians has table in case he wants to find to be taken into account by another solution are to either have everybody and really that's the another solution are to either have biggest concern, to be able to help a caretaker government that is going to pass through the budget law and people and to avoid seeing women and go to to pass through the budget law and gotoa to pass through the budget law and go to a new election in march next children and families suffering and year or he is going to give a given the fact is really conflict has been going on for nine years and mandate to somebody else from the yet it still continuing an act of 5—star movement to form a new coalition and the possible partner hostility taking place stop given for the 5—star movement in this case all the problems the less, why is a would be the democratic party, the you and unable to exert influence over what the different parties are ce ntreleft would be the democratic party, the centreleft party that used to be in dealing? well, the un is a member of government but if you thought that the northern league was an odd the security council is the political will of the member states couple with the 5—star movement, to be able to bring political wheat until you see the possibility of the 5—star movement teaming up solution. our work is humanitarian and pray that we are doing with the democratic party because everything we can to be able to respond to the urgent needed at the the democratic party is the nemesis
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of the 5—star movement and neither needs of the people in the ground. of the 5—star movement and neither of the 5—star movement and neither clearly what's needed is a political of the two sides seemed very happy solution to be able to address the to do of the two sides seemed very happy todoa of the two sides seemed very happy to do a possible agreement. root cause, and i comes back to the number of states from security council to be able to have effective impact to the process is taking place. white given millions of civilians who lived there and the conflict going on around them, what isa conflict going on around them, what is a practical challenges of getting the support you say they need? the challenge is huge. risk is really tremendous as well, notjust for syria and the northwest part of syria, turkey that's right at the nobody here believes in politics now doorstep as well, of course the rest here. why not? because there is of europe as he had seen. there is a direct impact. so the biggest another crisis and every two years, there is a crisis and they change challenge for us, hyping first and there is a crisis and they change the government and they start all foremost is to be able to have access, to be able to go as close as over again, all the time fighting. so it is not really stable. possible to areas or people are fleeing, i get in the fighting in
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air strikes and ground offensive happening. and then of course, if the financial side, to have the funding and have the means to be able to deploy everything that's needed. from medical assistance to food and water getting people at the bare minimum of what is needed. self funding is crucial and the stability is what we need to operate. significant operation taking place across borders across turkey, which facilitates the humanitarian actors, on the ground. i a monthly basis as a screening of the people whose lives depend on this humanitarian assistance that gets to areas in need. there is also people who are displaced in government areas, at the moment we are working and operating from all areas to help people in need based on humanitarian principles. bearing in mind the scale of the problem you describe, if you look at this from afar, it the scale of what needs to be done, would seem that in the end, is quite is ita the scale of what needs to be done, is it a frustration to you that likely to get the election he wants. syria was once the biggest story in the world and concerning the well,
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and now it's not any more, and not well, this is the thing, the point is how soon is he going to get the getting the attention it would have been getting two years ago. selection? because as you said after absolutely, the huge frustration the european elections, his party had a boom in approvals ratings but because on a daily basis, we live through the humanitarian acts and over the past few weeks, there has see actually, the impact on been a drop in popularity for him, civilians in what's happening on the precisely because of the reasons we ground and at the moment there certainly a conflict of happening heard because italians are tired of for nine years now, and there political crisis, so solve many is doesn't seem to be a needy world news and more importantly having an salvini is actually paying the price right now. impact on political actors to take the next reaction to ensure a peaceful way for it that doesn't impact the civilians who are in the area. the syrians who lived there every time really have been displaced multiple times. the average family not to run around five or ten times just to a lot of political turmoil is survive if they were lucky. and it's differently true you're in the uk. it's bring you up—to—date with the happening again and again and we see fallout from that letter from boris with our own eyes on a daily basis johnson. for the last 100 days, there's been here's borisjohnson‘s letter to the european union saying ditch the irish border backstop — a daily basis air strikes ground up or there can't be a deal on brexit.
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happening around places which are here's donald tusk‘s reply. really schools and clinics and markets in residential areas, and i should not be happening. thank you very much for speaking to us. the us has warned greece not to allow an iranian oil tanker to dock in its ports. remember, the irish backstop is part this the same ship that left of withdrawal agreement agreed by theresa may — gibraltar on sunday, it ensures there can be no hard six weeks after it was captured border between ireland with the help of british marines. and northern ireland if there's no it was suspected of breaking trade deal between the uk and the eu sanctions by taking oil to syria. by the end of a transition period. borisjohnson says its unviable the americans say the eventual sale of its cargo will profit the iranian authorities. and anti—democratic. now, tracking devices show that the iranian oil tanker that was released by gibraltar here he is speaking today. and is headed for the port of kalamata. but greece says it has not received the existing agreement does not work for the uk. they have thrown it out any request from the tanker to dock. three times, but we cannot have this here's the co—founder backstop. some going to see our friends, going to germany and then
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to france and then g seven m we will of we believe right now that the tanker make sure that the backstop comes out. let's not forget that boris johnson did vote for the backstop plan on one occasion earlier this year. elsewhere today and the leader will be heading home back to iran, of the opposition gave his thoughts on borisjohnson‘s letter. through the swiss —— suez canal, and then latasha million vessels most it's very unclear what the prime minister thinks he's negotiating. likely with the flight as well in he needs to recognise that order to do so, because she's too heavily laden in the water, and to by holding the threat of a new deal by holding the threat of a no—deal go to syria, she has too much villa brexit on the 1st of october deliver without assistance, so we towards the european union isn't have been tracking her since the end going to bring about a change, it's of november of last year. when she going to make things much worse. came back to iran from an assignment he created this arbitrary date by his behaviour during the tory party leadership campaign. he needs to wise up and stop in southern iraq. if you think the nonsense on the 31st of october original intention was to deliver and start talking seriously. the oil to syria ? original intention was to deliver the oil to syria? of our analysis shows given the fact that there is but, parliament i hope will be able to stop no—deal, to —— shipments going frequently we will move a motion towards the syria via suez canal, of no—confidence and i hope all opposition parties and some conservative mps will recognise that if it takes that to stop no—deal, they are shipping 3 billion barrels then let's do that. a month which is one vessel every
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ten days. million barrels each. they it's now 72 days until the eu's brexit deadline do not have to ship all the way at the end of october. around africa in order to reach syria. so our rationale is that they we re syria. so our rationale is that they were due to go to syria and water is just the maritime border, and be in is saying a safe haven where they can do ship to ship operations transfer oil from as we sing in the clip, he is very much pending his hopes on the key vessel to vessel. in those recipients would be smaller vessels players to change their minds. it over a great period of time, it may does not sound like donald tusk is be about 3—6 much less likely. where going to shift but perhaps the prime they can take small parcels and minister will be encouraged by others in brussels that may be a bit deliver them across the mediterranean sea, so to be buyers more open to change. in terms of speaking to officials and diplomats in brussels privately in southern europe. @ fact that it's happening and your believe as since this letter landed, we broadly divided into three camps. americans are aware that the areas people who were very close well presumably that's something that we want to stop because it to the drafting of the withdrawal means iranian oil ending up in countries that should not be. it's a agreement and the backstop, who were pretty horrified possibility, i mean we have seen because they feel that this crosses one of the eu's big red lines, that in the early months ofjune, which is you need to have a fully worked out ready to go, early on engine, there were vessels
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back—up plan for the irish border acquired by syria in order to put in the withdrawal agreement and both sides sign before breaks a day. together the ship to operation. so there was about so that's a million sides sign before brexit day. barrels and another that was 350,000 that is not what borisjohnson barrels, which was grace one is 2.1 is suggesting here. then you get another group of people who think that this is less million, an actual oil on board. of a genuine offer by borisjohnson said they would need smaller vessels and more of a stunt or a tactic, and they have secured those vessels perhaps for domestic consumption in the uk and then there's a third before it even entered gibraltar. camp that is a very few that think this is a potentialfor an opening that could lead to something that could eventually earlier we were talking about break the stalemate. facebook and we will again. stay with us on outside source — the uk leaving the eu still to come... without a deal remains we'll be live in san francisco a very real possibility. in a moment, to talk about a new report from facebook, the uk's farming unions have warned this would decimate their industry. which says the site needs to do more to gain the trust the uk's farming minister, george eustice said his government would support the sector of right—wing conservatives. through what he called "short term turbulence". here's gareth barlow. a report has found that a lightning strike, and the loss of two electricity generators, caused nearly a million people to lose power in england and wales earlier this month. national grid called brexit has brought uncertainty it "extremely rare". emma simpson reports. to agriculture, but nowhere more
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so than here on the irish border. owen martin's family have farmed dairy cattle in south armagh lights out, chaos and confusion. it on the very edge of northern ireland was the biggest blackout in a for nearly 100 years. decade. today more detail on what caused the power cut. at 4:52 p:m., you wouldn't think there was a border. there was a lightning strike north many times you cross the border and you don't realise it. of london hitting a transmission no deal is chaos, it's going to be. nobody seems to know what we can do. line. immediately, offshore wind farm line. immediately, offshore wind fa rm lost line. immediately, offshore wind farm lost power. it should not happen with lightning. at the same staff you can hold on, time, gas powered station in that but milk has to... picture also tripped with two large our tanks are full every other day. second day, with a hard border, we'd have to throw it out. generators failing, there was not that's our livelihood. enough reserve power to instantly so what do you need to see? bridge the gap. so the emergency system kicked in. to prevent a wider what's the best possible outcome? a deal and a transition period. hundreds of thousands of animals shut down, 5% of the country passed and millions of litres of milk cross by the electricity demand was taken out, meaning 1.1 million customers the irish border every year. it's somewhere around here — lost power. shortly after five, the but there's nothing to show system stabilised. why was it so exactly where it is. for the businesses and for the people on both sides, much disruption and expression it's practically invisible. railways ? unlike here, between sweden much disruption and expression railways? the key issue was 60 new
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and norway, where you simply can't miss the border. this crossing from an eu country times link trains, they were not into a non—eu country is not only a physical barrier but also impacts disconnected and the shutdown, but the decisions made by the norwegian government and their farmers. an internal safety mechanism was triggered and ground to a halt, a norway isn't in the eu, name “— triggered and ground to a halt, a name —— half of the media engineers but it is a key trading partner, to get restarted causing widespread a situation the uk will chaos. so should the national grid be keen to replicate. the country's agricultural policy be more resilient? this company and is focused on guaranteeing food its batteries helped restore the prices and supporting norwegian farmers. one of the biggest challenges power supply. it is on standby to forfarmers like bjorn deliver instant electricity when needed. that is something the energy is competing against the size of the european union. we feel that it's always in favour regulator will also be looking at as of the eu because we are not able pa rt regulator will also be looking at as part of its investigation. they to compete on the eu market. could find a national grid or any of there is a strong support for agriculture in norway the other electricity companies by the consumer and by the government and parliament. involved, if they are proud to be at so, the best paying market is right fault. here outside my barn door. back in the uk, farming unions have called on the government to strike a deal with the eu and do more this is outside source live from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is... to support british farmers. we've spent three years planning
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for a no—deal brexit, the italian prime minister we're going to do everything we can has resigned, though he will stay on as head to make sure that the border flow of a caretaker government. he's blamed the collapse continues and we are also going to put in place support of his coalition on the right—wing for sectors like sheep that may be nationalist league party. affected through that short—term turbulence. sudan has formed a new sovereign confidence in westminster, council to lead the country but even amongst farmers who support brexit there are calls for clarity. towards democracy. i probably would vote the same way. it will be led by general abdel fattah al—burhan, the man who took over after the overthrow of former the problem is, we've let president omar al—bashir. politicians take over and do it and that's where the problems arise. it doesn't matter what happens comes the 31st of october, we just need to know an italian prosecutor has decided what's going to happen. that the charity ship stranded off just knowing. this uncertainty has been lampedusa for days must be seized, and the 80 migrants the biggest challenge. onboard taken to land. the vessel has been stuck after it forfarmers, dealing with brexit is like dealing with the weather. was barred from entering port. earlier, several migrants the question being asked jumped off the ship across the sector — and attempted to swim to shore. what's coming next? nasa says its mission to the ocean world of europa has been put forward to the final design and construction phase. europa is a moon ofjupiter, and is of interest because of a deep stay with us on outside source — body of water which may be able in a moment, we'll get an update onjeffrey epstein — who signed a willjust two days before he died. to support life.
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japan plays host to the rugby world the man charged with murdering pc andrew harper, who was killed last thursday, cup in a few weeks' time — has appeared at reading and next year, the tokyo olympics. magistrates‘ court. there's lots of work to be done jed foster, aged twenty, denies the charges. our correspondent andy moore sent but with an ageing populationjapan this report from outside desperately needs more workers to do it. the court a little earlier. the government passed a law recentlyt to allow almost 350,000 low—skilled migrants to enter the country over the next five years. he was asked by the court that in turn has brought attention clerk to give his name, to another government immigration his date of birth and his address, scheme that has become notorious for exploitation and abuse. stephanie hegarty reports. his address he gave as keepers cottage. he was formally charged over this is a familiar story. the murder of pc harper on august the 15th and the theft of a quad bike from peter wallace. there was no formal plea that mr foster's lawyer got out and said he would like to make a short they're supposed to be students, but statement and he said, instead they said they were on behalf of him and his family, exploited on a government scheme involving thousands of businesses i want to say three things. including some of the country passed he denies any involvement my statements high—end brands. many in the horrific murder of pc harper. of them end up in industrial towns we urged the police to follow like in western japan. it was a all lines of inquiry and for the public to come shelter near here, and it's been
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taking in migrants from vietnam and forward and co—operate. china and cambodia. they're helping them at legal cases against employers, some of the migrants had been there for up till about two this is outside source live yea rs. from the bbc newsroom. our lead story is? the italian prime minister has resigned, though he will stay on as head of a caretaker government. he's blamed the collapse of his coalition on the right—wing nationalist league party. she came to japan to earn some money to give her sun a nice wedding. she worked in a small company, making sudan has formed a new sovereign council to lead the country towards democracy. clothing. she showed me notes she it will be led by general abdel fattah al—burhan, the man who took over after the overthrow of the then president omar al—bashir. said she took for nearly a year. an italian prosecutor has decided documenting the hundreds of hours of that the charity ship overtime she says she was not paid stranded off lampedusa for days must for. she claims she is owed nearly be seized, and the eighty migrants onboard taken to land. the vessel has been stuck after it $50,000. was barred from entering port. earlier, several migrants jumped off the ship and attempted to swim to shore. we spoke to two other people, also from china. they made similar nasa says its mission
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allegations about working for this to the ocean world of europa has been put forward to the final design company. the company had denied and construction phase. europa is a moon ofjupiter, this. they say all the places where and is of interest because of a deep body of water which may be able played —— this. they say all the places where played —— paid minimum wage and to support life. abide by all employment laws including working hours and they maintain their pay slips are accurate. said he is our label is he three more women have sued jeffrey epstein‘s estate — selling to close. this one might be they're claiming they were sexually abused by the late financier. a member seeing it a lot? this one epstein killed himself earlier this month while in custody. is fire barney's. fast for barney's. today we learned that two days before that he'd signed this new will — and that it was filed in the us virgin islands. we put these allegations to barney's new york and other companies. they it states that epstein‘s wealth say they insist on strict conditions is 577 million dollars. with regards to staff working and it puts all of his conditions and health and safety for assets into one trust — all factories they work with. this that includes his houses, one was hired by a subcontractor such as this one in without their knowledge or consent. the us virgin islands. and his art — including this unusual portrait of bill clinton. barney's new york said it did not we don't know who will ordered anything directly from this inherit all of this. the three women i mentioned join company and that it's in the process of investigating. a report by japan a group a victims bringing civil proceedings against the estate. here's estates expert bridget
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justice ministry in 2017 says 70% of crawford on how this can be done. businesses employing technical interns were breaking the law and working hours and overtime. there given to creditors who will file suit against the estate within six are more serious problems, like bullying. we spoke to technical months and each of the claimants interns who worked for other companies who had hiring stories to alleging harm by mr epstein we need tell. —— harrowing. she got severely by mr epstein will need to prove five ponderings depressed after being bullied at of the evidence, a civil standard as work for being born. cash flooring. opposed to the criminal standard beyond reasonable doubt that he is liable for the claims stated. usually in a case like this, the criminal conviction would be outcome dispositive of the civil case, she spent three months in hospital but here because of mr epstein and has damaged her back, she may possible suicide, there will be no not be able to work again. now she criminal conviction, so the plaintiffs are going to have is fighting to add the incident to prove by a preponderance of the evidence his responsibility recognised as a workplace injury. as for wrongdoing. it is not as easy as if it welcomes more immigrants than the government had obtained a ever before, japan has to reckon criminal conviction by with how it treats the people that
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a preponderance of the evidence of course is a lower standard are already here. than beyond reasonable doubt. you can find more on that story through our app. a new report commisioned by facebook says the social network needs and there seems to be quite a bit of evidence to do more to regain against mr epstein. the trust of conservatives. lots of republicans in the us have made this claim — including the president. facebook is bringing in new settings to show users what data it collects about them — this is from december "facebook, not from what they do inside the social network, twitter and google are so biased but from websites outside of it. this feature in settings called — toward the dems it is ridiculous!" off—facebook activity — the report's been written by former will show all the apps and websites us republican senatorjon kyl. that send information here's a piece he's written in the wall streetjournal about you to facebook, you can see it here. explaining how facebook can gain facebook uses that data to target the trust of right wing users — ads more effectively. but it's worth noting rory cellan—jones's he doesn't say facebook is biased against conservatives. given his reaction. i speak to the tech reporter dave who is live with us from san francisco. it sounds a bit like the dubiousjust to dubious just to how many people find otherness should be on the this, i think will be particularly
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conservative users rather than obvious and then act upon it. we say facebook at facebook is not doing anything wrong. yeah, this is one of we woi’i’y obvious and then act upon it. we say we worry about privacy but the evidence is not a lot of people are those frustrating topics i think you acting on it. and advertising could say that's come up regularly experts have been telling me anyway over the past year are selling you that the way facebook advertising mention the president tweeting about this issue as well. the suggestion this is work, he used to be all that facebook is knowingly and about this incredibly precise deliberately quashing the b is targeting. now advertisers are conservatives on his network. this valuing it for the sheer scale of is the report that the former the audience that it delivers. it senator put up today. and on the last page, he concludes that the may not be that damaging for facebook after all. they had been policies could be used to restrict particularly under pressure in free speech. i tell you, if you are europe, german data regulation in a student in school and you and particular saying that they did not handed the sin as an essay i think i like this practise of tracking need to send it back to you and say people of facebook back onto you have not provided enough evidence to substantiate your facebook and they wanted facebook to argument because it is very lacking do something about it. so it is in detail, and say you have not throwing a bone to the eu regulators provided enough evidence to substantiate your argument because and two of the three countries where it is very lacking in detail, anecdotal concerns, from republicans about how facebook works. they no evidence of any kind that facebook they are doing this is ireland and spain. it is saying that the eu is fundamentally taking down or is regulators are acting here without somehow systemically hiding views of
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potentially doing much damage to the conservatives, so i think this is an business. argentina's stock market plummeted 8% today — argument that is lacking in just carrying on longer—term pressures on both substance right now. and so i think stocks and currency. argentina is south america's facebook actually came out second biggest economy — so what happens there impacts relatively well from this report, across the continent. well a new finance minister but that's not to say these was sworn in today. accusations won't —— will go at from sao paulo, think they will continue if anything they get louder as we get closer to here's daniel gallas. they get louder as we get closer to the next presidential election in 2020. blessed this as much about pr argentinian here's daniel gallas. shares and its currency as it was practicalities and it's about facebook communicating that is have argentinian shares and its currency have suffered a major meltdown since primaries earlier this month suggested that the president would listening and wanting to hear their fail to be reelected in october. concerns? yes, i think this is as you say, it's about facebook showing investors have been taking their money out of argentina fearing a victory of the opposition candidate the republican—controlled senate that it's taking this seriously and who has an alliance with the that it's taking this seriously and that it's taking this seriously and left—wing populist politicians. he that it's been open and making it announced a host of measures, such available to the scrutiny, but the issue the company has is its been as tax breaks and freezes which led caught between two opposing forces. to the resignation of his finance on the one hand a politician pace minister. today the new finance that has to do more to regulate heat speech. and other undesirable
9:23 pm
material on facebook. and then you minister. today the new finance minister pledged to stabilise the have another group of politicians of national currency in honour of the here and saying that facebook argentina's commissions but his should not be so heavy—handed and words failed to calm the markets and has such power over what is being they had once again ted to intervene sat on my post on facebook, they in the currency markets. cannot satisfy both of those concerns. answer the question is like can they do to minimise the we've got more from michelle now — and companies in minnesota criticism they get. i certainly did are persuading older staff to work past the age of 65 to help with staff shortages. here's her report. not invite —— and be mark zuckerberg. thank you very much. you may well have seen roger is 71 years old, the controversy around prince harry and meghan markle taking four he works two days a week flights on private at alexandria industries minnesota jets in eleven days. as a senior aluminium dye we've seen articles like this corrector. in the daily mail highlighting the fact that the duke and duchess i was going to retire three to four of sussex have spoken repeatedly years ago and my boss about tackling climate change. asked me if i would well one of the flights stay and help out. was to eltonjohn's home in france. roger has been with the company for 48 years and it has become more and yesterday he came to their defence. than just the work for him. telling us he had ensured the fact that it is the flight was carbon neutral. a no—brainer to come back and stay here and work because i it's generated questions about how carbon off—setting works. enjoy it and i knew what i was doing eltonjohn said he made and i felt i would stay. a donation to something and presumably the called carbon footprint — extra money doesn't hurt either?
9:24 pm
no, the extra money is ok. there are lots of that is a good thing for alexandria others that do it too. industries, which is growing and battling to find skilled staff. there are just more people retiring than there are entering the workforce. they are funding schemes which take the 600 worker company is trying the money and spend it on reducing to find ways to hold on to the level of carbon dioxide staff. in the air — which in theory balances out the co2 generated by the flight. they have the ability to reduce question is, does it work. their work hours, have more flexible work hours or even some job sharing as they transition into retirement and that isjust been here's one researcher from the group really successful for us. minnesota's workforce is ageing. 10:10 climate action. its order population there's been a lot of resistance from the aviation industry to carbon is poised outnumber taxation because kerosene is not taxed by international treaty it's the only form of cross—appeal that's its older population is poised to outnumber school aged kids. not taxed. and that helps travelling by 2020, the state is likely to face a shortfall of 239,000 workers if he wants cheap. what elton john to maintain historic growth rates. not taxed. and that helps travelling cheap. what eltonjohn has done is the good news is he has offset the emissions from the what is a hurdle for employers in rural minnesota fly, he has offset the emissions from the fly, and it's an idea that's been around for a while and i'm afraid is an opportunity for older workers. evidence is not good that it works. the us president also confirmed i believe elton john that his administration evidence is not good that it works. i believe eltonjohn has done in is considering cutting payroll taxes good faith, he probably thinks he
9:25 pm
to stimulate the economy. has neutralised emissions from michelle fleury in new york. flights, but actually, in practise the schemes don't deliver carbon savings, which they claim to. and actually in principle we have a problem here as well because we are heading globally for a zero emissions economy. once he started i think the word recession is a word that is an appropriate, because it is just a word to get to 2040, where are these that the certain people, i'm going to be kind, extra carbon cuts going to come certain people in the media are trying to build up from? see tomorrow. because they love to see a recession and we are very far from a recession. in fact, if the fed would it is obvious, but the weather has do itsjob, i think it not been summary in the recent days. would have a tremendous tuesday brought us a little more in the way of sunshine. spurt of growth. the outlook, signs of things settling down and getting inafew more established warmth. in a few minutes in the programme, will update you on progress for the here we are for wednesday, syrian government and its battle against one rebel group in the area of low pressure approaching from the atlantic. province. iranian oil tanker which is now heading through the said that will bring rain for some, mediterranean and some of the but it strengthens the wind as well. specialists and tracking these southwest wind starts tankers and we will cure his to bring as warm air analysis on where he thinks it is into the south into wednesday. going. he will speak to you in a few
9:26 pm
minutes' time. keep an eye on thatjet, it's a weak affair, but it pushes its way north as the week progresses, it allows warm air to make its way north across the uk and a pushes the weather system to the north as well so there should be fine weather by friday. hello there. the weather across the here comes the weekend, as —— is thatjet normal? globe at the moment relatively quiet good question, becomes weak but there are a few subtle at points and starts to split and that makes up our cast over the weekend of interests. in north america we with precision and detail quite tricky. it looks like temperatures have a front that is moving through should be reasonably well. eastern canada affecting quebec and however, let's go into next week and the chat starts to behave up eastern canada affecting quebec and up towards labrador, but it's eastern canada affecting quebec and in orderly and confident manner up towards labrador, but its heat as it becomes stronger. further south and that could spark it becomes brighter and the wind and upper airway become stronger off some sharp boundary downpours pushing to the north of the uk through the day, particularly moving into warm air hooked up from the continent and it through the day, particularly through the day, particularly like temperatures rise as he go through the central plane and in into the middle of next week. georgia the carolinas and into here we are, wednesday we had a low florida. in some extreme warmth and coming in from the last, it'll pick up and the rain arrives parts of texas in recent days but at the day goes on. northern highland by lunchtime, there are signs that this extreme elsewhere lots of sunshine for the morning, i have your shower temperatures starting to ease going across wales with a chance at midlands and northern england for maybe 14 degrees down to the mid—30s as we push the week and could see some sharp showers in the and more persistent rain
9:27 pm
second half of the weekend. the southwest monsoon still producing some very heavy rain across the for scotland and parts coastline and up to the northeast and affecting parts of the areas of northwest later on. temperature is lifting with heavy rainfall over the next from the south, where we have few days and we will need to keep an sunshine about 23 may be 24 in the southeast. eye on that. it looks as though the now, the band of rain would take its way south, forecast will show a good deal of wednesday to thursday fizzling out dry weather and as you can see with as it does come a little bit cooler the rain, there has been quite perhaps behind the band of rain for a time on thursday, torrential in mumbai and through the we'll have more cloud course of this week. a dominant for a while but not a pronounced dip into cool air, so when that was signed comes out feature across australia at the temperatures could do well moment, but the real talking point to the south as mild air is trying is what happened at the southeast to push southwest with 4 degrees here perhaps 16 in aberdeen. corner. winds of products and cool friday, southwest wind and high rise weather, strong winds set to building to the south and jet pushing further north of rain continue not as cold as it has been becoming confined to the north but we have had weather warnings of scotland with temperatures rising with unsettled weather and to up to 20 in aberdeen, 26 fair in london. tasmania. that will start to ease into new zealand will some wet and windy weather and snow again to the remember i said that mountains. indications as we move
9:28 pm
into the weekend at the weather, the weekend will be tricky weather will improve and temperature because of what the check is doing, start to pick up just a touch in though trying to coming from the west, may be showers our way, depending on how melbourne. elsewhere, it looks like europe will start to see things the jet positions itself, will depend on how successful quiet down with the weather front taking its way into the baltic state showers are and showing up. and much of the mediterranean by at the moment signs are quite saturday. not just for wednesday positive for the weekend, and much of the mediterranean by saturday. notjust for wednesday but there should be decent amount of dry also to the week. if you been weather around and with southern watching the news and those breezes, should be pleasantly warm as well, but some uncertainty wildfires, the wind direction changing to the northeasterly over the next couple of days. that is a we could see showers showing up to the northwest. a reminder of what is happening moist cool source that will come as with thatjet settling down welcome news and the temperatures we re welcome news and the temperatures were said to ease in the north for the end of this week by a weak westerly winds could cause a problem one heading towards us and next week for firefighters but unfortunately, strongerjet and could be of further it is going to stay dry. no north looking like people warm air from the continent so warm trained significant rain in the foreseeable in the short term as we go future. back to europe as a whole. through the next few days, but the next seven days looks if you sharp showers in central like we have potential for a spell spain, much of the mediterranean of summer so we are not finished 00:28:47,290 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 with itjust yet. find and settled, still, that frontal rain making its way through the baltic state. we will see some wet and windy weather pushing to the far northwest as well, it does look as though things will quiet down in the northwest of europe as we head
9:29 pm
into the weekend and more details on 00:29:03,246 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 that in half an hour.
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