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tv   BBC News  BBC News  August 21, 2019 6:50pm-7:01pm BST

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nuctf able to impose our game with attack or defence, so it has narrowed our minds, a painful lesson for players and coaches, that we have to do much better in the build—up, deliver a much better performance. commentator: they are only five metres from the scottish line, they get the rumble on, and their number eight has crossed. he broke away from the mall, and that is three tries, that is the third try from the french, they are dominate. no need for panic buttons just yet. the world cup warm up games and preparation games are very unique. none of the teams have been polished in theirfirst none of the teams have been polished in their first performances. the key isn't for scotland to peak now. the key is to peek in round one of the rugby world cup in almost exactly a month's time, and that is where scotla nd month's time, and that is where scotland will be truly measured. townsend has made 1a changes to the tea m townsend has made 1a changes to the team who down so meekly in nice. in comes blake thompson for a long debut, glasgow warriors scott cummings making his first start. how
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they have reacted in training and in their meetings, the focus, the edge, compared to last week, it has certainly been present in training. it is obviously a different group of players, but they feel like the team that went out at the weekend did, so we will see a better performance, and they will have to be a lot better, because france are in great shape and they have picked a stronger team this weekend. this may be just the second of scotland's four world cup warm up matches, but the pressure is on the tea m matches, but the pressure is on the team to deliver the performance bucket at murrayfield on saturday. should they beat the french, confidence would surely be restored, but another display like that one delivered in nice would be a major cause for concern. andy burke, bbc news, murrayfield. so as the home nations build up to the world cup injapan at the end of the month — some news from the sports goverening body today.
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world rugby has revealed the tournament will be going gender neutral. the women's designation will be dropped from women's rugby world cup 2021 in new zealand — which will now be named rugby world cup 2021. the organisation says it's about raising the profile of the women's game, "while eliminating any inherent or perceived bias". great britain claimed four medals on the first day of medal racing at the olympic test event in enoshima. amongst the medal winners were rio 2016 olympian dylan fletcher and london 2012 silver medalist stu bithell claimed silver in the 49er class behind new zealand, while charlotte dobson and saskia tidey claimed bronze in the 49erfx class. so with that event staged injapan, the climbing championships in japan, we've been looking ahead to the rugby world cup in japan next month. so the winner of the york ebor festival. is pretty apt.
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japan, trained by aidan o'brien and ridden by ryan moore, eventually took the juddmonte international after a photo finish. it's the second time in a month that the world's top rated horse crystal ocean has been beaten in a tight finish after losing to enable at royal ascot. charlotte henshaw secured the first medal of the canoe sprint world championships in hungary. she claimed paralympic summer medals at london 2012 and in rio 2016 before switching sports, and she finished ina new switching sports, and she finished in a new world lead time of 56.82 seconds, the second world title of her career after she claimed gold at last yea r‘s her career after she claimed gold at last year's addition. it isa it is a brilliant start, and i think i have made a really nice progression, i came eighth in my championships, i got bronze last year, so i think itjust shows how well we are trained to combat any weather condition and be a good paddler in any boat. that's all from sportsday.
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we'll have more throughout the evening. including all the build—up to the third ashes test tomorrow morning, and we will be bringing you more throughout the evening. goodbye. now, if you are guilty of leaving your old phones and laptops in a cupboard to gather dust, you not alone. it is estimated there are 1a million unused gadgets in uk homes, and they all contain valuable elements which the earth could run out of the future. victoria gill reports. most of us upgrade our smartphone every two years, but the old gadgets pile—up. like many of us, louise has
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a hidden stash of different devices. there could now be as many as a0 million pieces of old technology languishing in drawers and cupboards around the country. that's according toa around the country. that's according to a new study that investigated how many of our old gadgets we all have just stored away. there is another one! recycling is part of our life now, and if you are doing that with all the products you are using on a day—to—day basis, you see them on a day—to—day basis, you see them on a day—to—day basis. day—to—day basis, you see them on a day-to-day basis. when you see them all like this, what you think?” feel a bit ashamed. because actually, we are not dealing with it, are we? in this busy recycling plant in huddersfield is dealing with some of the half a million tonnes of electronics that are recycled in the uk every year. but that's just a fraction of the mountain of so—called e—waste that is building up in landfill and in people's homes. here, devices are stripped down to the raw materials that can be made into new products.
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but hidden in all those screens and circuit boards, there is an urgent problem. what is so important in these to extract and reuse? loads of different elements, especially in smartphones, up to 30. touchscreens contain tin oxide, a compound that is perfect because it conducts electricity and is transparent. it is useful for all sorts of things including solar panels. and we are running out of it? yes, you need a kilogram of metal or to extract a few grams, there is not a lot of it in the earth at all. so how can we make sure the most precious elements in our gadgets can be extracted and reuse? first, don't throw them in the bin. retailers are actually obliged to take back an old device when you buy a new one from them. and if you take them to your local council tip, they should end up in a place like this. for many like louise, the biggest concern is
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personal data. but tech experts advise that a factory reset before you recycle will keep that safe. because we will all need, researchers say, to start mining our devices for the very rarest elements before the mines themselves run out. victoria gill, bbc news. which of us hasn't got a load of those in a draw at home? now it is time for the weather with chris fawkes. hello again. we have had big contrasts in our weather through the day today. a crossing in wales, many areas have had some sunshine, the best of it during the morning with quys best of it during the morning with guys like these fairly widespread. further north, for northern ireland and scotland, the weather took on a different complexion with thick, low cloud, heavy outbreaks of rain persisting through much of the afternoon. over the next few days we will see some further changes in our weather as it is set to become much warmer, some seeing weather as it is set to become much warmer, some seeing temperatures weather as it is set to become much warmer, some seeing temperatures as high as 30 degrees. for the time being we have still got our rain bearing clouds with us, the wet weather still across parts of scotland, and this weather front as
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we go through this evening and overnight will tend to sink southwards, so we will get outbreaks of rain becoming quite heavy and persistent for a time over north wales and northern counties of england, showers for the farther north west of scotland otherwise, dry weather for a north west of scotland otherwise, dry weatherfor a time north west of scotland otherwise, dry weather for a time and it will stay dry to the south of the weather front, for southern counties much of the midlands and east anglia as well. tomorrow, the weatherfront changes direction and starts returning northwards, taking the rain back from northern england across northern ireland, and eventually after a bright start to the day, rain returns to scotland, and some could be quite heavy. further south with warm sunshine developing, we are looking at highs of 25 degrees in london, and it will get even warmer through friday and the weekend as this area of high pressure slips eastwards, that will change the wind direction across our country, with the wind is starting to come in from europe, and we will be dragging some of that warmer air into the uk. so, weather—wise on friday, maybe if a few mist and fog patches for the early risers, otherwise a bright enough start, and
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any cloud will tend to break up with some trend following. rain gets steered away from scotland, perhaps a little down for some of the scottish islands, but otherwise it is getting warmer, 21 in belfast, 2a edinburgh, 27 in london. the start of the weekend lot looking bad for many, a lot of sunshine with temperatures continuing to rise, highs into the low 20s across parts of scotland, 20 in belfast, may be a few showers developing across western areas, dry and hot further east, temperatures up to 30 degrees. we keep those kind of temperatures through sunday and into bank holiday monday, which if we get to the 30 degrees mark, will be the hottest late august bank holiday on record. that is your weather.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. donald trump's bid to buy greenland looked a bit of a joke until it provoked a serious spat with a nato ally. by cancelling his state visit to denmark, the us president has created a diplomatic row. what the president really didn't like was the danish prime minister calling his plan absurd. i thought that the prime minister's statement that it was absurd, that it was an absurd idea was nasty. another brexit meeting, another deadline — germany's angela merkel proposes a 30 day timetable — for borisjohnson to come up with alternatives to the irish backstop. also on the programme...
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the trump administration


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