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welcome to bbc news. a warm welcome if you are watching here in the uk, on pbs in america, or around the globe. warm words despite a warning. angela merkel tells borisjohnson he has 30 days to avoid a no deal brexit. appalling and inhumane. people appalled by new laws that could see migrant children detained indefinitely. more allegations about prince andrew's links with convicted sex offenderjeffrey epstein. buckingham palace says any suggestion of impropriety with minors is categorically untrue. and, a kickoff in sudan. after years of islamist rule, women's football
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could be a sign of dramatic change in the country. the german leader, angela merkel, has given boris johnson the german leader, angela merkel, has given borisjohnson on his first foreign trip as british pm just 30 days to come up with a solution to the most problematic part of the brexit deal. estherjohnson has called it a blistering timetable but says he is more than happy with it. wa nt says he is more than happy with it. want european leaders to change the agreement reached with his predecessor on leaving the eu, in particular the so—called backstop, an insurance policy to make sure there is no return to a hard border in ireland. another prime minister arrives in berlin to demand more concessions on brexit. prime minister, are you hopeful of a deal? it's a familiar tune, but this time the deadlock is stark, and it's boris johnson
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receiving the red carpet, here to tell the german chancellor that the deal hammered out between theresa may and the eu must change. 0therwise, mrjohnson insists, the uk is leaving with no deal at the end of october and claims there's nothing mps can do to stop it. berlin would not have been surprised to hear borisjohnson‘s condition for a deal, that the irish backstop, intended to prevent a hard border on the island of ireland after brexit, be scrubbed altogether from the withdrawal agreement. but eu leaders say the deal is closed. so what would one of europe's most powerful leaders have to say to the man who led the uk's campaign to leave? before dinner, they spoke at the chancellery. we cannot accept the current withdrawal agreement, arrangements that either divide the uk or lock us into the regulatory and trading arrangements of the eu, the legal order of the eu, without the uk having any say.
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mrjohnson, the eu says it will not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement under any circumstances, so are you prepared to compromise, or is this trip simply posturing before you blame the eu for a no—deal brexit? yes, of course, i think there is ample scope to do a deal. the backstop, that particular arrangement, which i do think has grave, grave defects for a democratic country, a sovereign democratic country like the uk — that plainly has to go. but once we get rid of it, if we can change it, then i think there is the real prospect of making progress very rapidly indeed. and chancellor merkel, the withdrawal agreement was defeated in parliament three times in britain. it has been buried by borisjohnson. why won't you reopen it in the few weeks that are left, or do you see the brexit crisis now
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as the uk's problem to solve? translation: the backstop has always been a fallback position. if one is able to solve this conundrum, if one finds this solution, we said we will probably find it in the next two years to come, but we can also maybe find it in the next 30 days to come. now, so far, the eu has not been persuaded that any of the technical ideas for avoiding a hard border put forward by the uk works, which is why they insist on the backstop. but angela merkel‘s offer of speedy talks was gratefully grabbed by the prime minister. and you've set a very blistering timetable there of 30 days, if i understood you correctly. i'm more than happy with that. before their dinner, angela merkel said the two leaders had a lot their plates to discuss — the mood between them seemed warm, but without a big shift in the coming weeks by one side in this stand—off, the uk is likely to be leaving the eu without a deal. ben wright, bbc news, berlin.
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the trump administration wants to scrap a long—standing legal ruling and allow migrant families to be detained indefinitely whilejudges decide if they can stay in the us. currently, migrant children can be detained for no more than 20 days. by detained for no more than 20 days. by eliminating the incentive to make the journey to the us as a family, then you will would reduce the unprecedented volume of family units that are straining the already limited resources of our compartment components and put children of the region at risk. this has caused us to ask a tremendous amount of our offices and they have stepped up. this new rule will provide them with relief and allow them to rededicate their resources to stopping crime at their resources to stopping crime at the border. the new rule will protect children, by reducing incentive for adults, particularly smugglers, to encourage them to
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ci’oss smugglers, to encourage them to cross the border illegally, allowing them to beat the estimate be released into the us. the aclu is looking at the very strong legal arguments and we know other groups will be in court to immediately try to challenge this. the bottom line is that since the trump administration, there has essentially been a permission slip for them to detain children for longer. we think that is very dangerous stop by the trump administration says it wants to improve the integrity of the immigration system, and when you talk to officials they say they want to deter others from coming. there is no evidence that people who come here seeking asylum, threatening to detain them for days or weeks actually deters the people who are trying to come here. people who are running for their lives are not going to be going through the new york times reading about the latest
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legal rules. that has shown the world over, that we have never been able to deter migration by having harsh border policies. and yet as you know, many people who voted for mrtrump care very you know, many people who voted for mr trump care very much about his immigration policy, it is very important for him going into an election year. his administration is unlikely to give up on this.” election year. his administration is unlikely to give up on this. i think this is yet again an attempt by the trump administration to play to the base, to suggest that being hard on immigrants or harsh on immigrants is the way forward for this country. at the way forward for this country. at the same time, there is a powerful movement in this country that rejects white nationalism and white supremacy, and the idea that we should welcome everyone here. supremacy, and the idea that we should welcome everyone harem supremacy, and the idea that we should welcome everyone here. it is not illegal to seek asylum, we should be clear on that. everyone has the right to seek asylum, it is a human right. what the trump administration is trying to do is suggest that if you come here to seek asylum you will be put in
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horrific detention conditions. they are also wanting to write new rules for how they can treat people, and i think they have shown the department of homeland security is not an agency you should trust a dog with, let alone a child. amid the apparent confusion over the trump administration's intention to buy greenland, there was a friendly conversation with the us secretary of state andy norwegian pm. but crump has called off his state visit to denmark. it is strategically well—placed, and donald trump has long seen it as a prize piece of real estate. even though he jokingly promised not to build a trump tower on this barren
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landscape, the danish pm described his interest in buying its territory as "absurd." no longer does the president see the funny side. he announced via twitter that he would cancel the visit to copenhagen. i don't think it is a good way to treat us. because she is blowing off the united states. absurd is not a good word to use. "absurd"! the information had come from the royal household, which said it had been completely blindsided by the late—night announcement. the new centre—left pm sounded dumbfounded. it is with regret and surprised that i received the news that president trump has cancelled his state visit to denmark on the second and third of september. i have been looking forward to the visit, our preparations were well under way. this was the reaction of her mild—mannered compatriots. i heard it was because he couldn't
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buy greenland, so if he is that stupid i think it is good that he is not coming. greenland is for the greenland people — nobody else. it all has the feel of a summer silly season story, but the ongoing trade with china is more serious. and today prompted this extraordinary presidential claim. somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it, so i am taking on china, i am taking on china on trade and you know what? we are winning. because we are piggy bank. even the president of the united states doesn't have divine powers. right now he is finding it hard to bend the world to his will. he can summon his green helicopters at a moment's notice, but he is finding it much harder
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to get his hands on greenland. let's round up some more of the main news. venezuela's president nicolas maduro has said he has been having secret talks with the us for months, even though the us is among dozens of countries that do not recognise him as leader. the us national security advisor set official contacts with venezuela are limited to those within nicolas maduro's own regime who want to overthrow him. police and the spanish capital have arrested a man on suspicion of taking upskirt videos of more than 500 women and posting much of the content online. the man, who is colombian, is accused of using a mobile phone hidden in a backpack. police say many women were targeted on the metro system. the new sudanese pm has been sworn in. it is pa rt sudanese pm has been sworn in. it is part of a transition that is supposed to lead sudan to civilian rule. he flew in from having spent yea rs rule. he flew in from having spent years working for the un.
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the death of financiers and convicted sex offenderjeffrey epstein in prison this month has seen the investigation turned to some of his high—profile connections, including prince andrew. the pilot of epstein‘s private jet said that the prince travelled with him and a young woman who accused epstein of trafficking her. buckingham palace emphatically denies the prince had any kind of contractual relationship with virginia roberts. one set of relationships, so many repercussions. the prince has his arm around virginia roberts, 17 at the time — it was her court case against ghislaine maxwell, on the right, that brought today's allegations. at the heart of it, this billionaire businessman, jeffrey epstein, who took his
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own life in detention 11 days ago. he was convicted in 2008 for sex offences. epstein was alleged to have trafficked underage girls, both for himself and for his circle. here he is in 2010, and here is prince andrew in epstein‘s house, just two years after the businessman‘s criminal conviction. epstein was a highflyer with a private jet. in court documents seen by the bbc, the private jet‘s pilot is that several times prince andrew travelled with virginia roberts and jeffrey epstein. the pilot gives dates and locations. curious company for the queen's second son. the palace has pushed back hard. "the statement submitted," it said, "shows a number of inconsistencies between the duke's alleged location and his actual location, in some cases he is on different continents."
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the fact that some of the dates and locations in this are wrong does cast doubt over the claim. it's also not evidence that's been put into a court of law with cross—examination. when it was released, it came with something of a health warning from the court. but there are more papers to come, and alongside the video released earlier this week, today's allegations are a reminder of, at best, a terrible error of judgment. jonny dymond, bbc news. stay with us if you can. much more to come on bbc news including this: alien invasion, weight 2 million people want to storm this top
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military base in the vada. —— nevada. washington, the world's most political city, is today assessing the political health of the world's most powerful man. indeed, i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in fact, it was wrong. in south africa, 97 people have been killed today, in one of the worst days of violence between rival black groups. over the last iten days, 500 have died. chanting: czechoslovakia must be free! czechoslovakia must be free! chanting: czechoslovakia must be free! russia is observing a national day of mourning for the 118 submariners who died on board the kursk. we're all with them now, within our hearts. the pope has celebrated mass before a congregation of more than 2.5 million people, in his hometown of krakow. "stay with us, stay with us," chanted this ocean of humanity. "well, well," joked the pope,
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"so you want me to desert rome?" welcome back. good to have you with us on welcome back. good to have you with us on the bbc news. the latest headlines for you. words of warning — angela merkel tells borisjohnson he has 30 days to avoid a no—deal brexit. the white house has proposed changes to long—standing rules of the detention of migrants to allow families to be held indefinitely while their future is decided. nearly 700,000 rohingya muslims left their home in meander in 2017, fleeing a military offensive. now backin fleeing a military offensive. now back in the news is bangladesh, where so many back in the news is bangladesh, where so many now back in the news is bangladesh, where so many now live, renewed effo rts where so many now live, renewed efforts to send them back. but are the —— other rohingya muslims still working predominantly buddhist myanmar. we are in downtown young
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9°”9 myanmar. we are in downtown young gong and this is the pagoda, it's one of the thousands you see across manner which is mainly a buddhist country. but, just over the road we have a mask, there is a hindu temple down that way and a church up there. this is the thing about this place, it has a long history of being extremely diverse. in 2016i in 2016 i was accused as a terrorist, and it was widely shared on facebook. this incident and this information was started from a group of nationalists and there was someone of nationalists and there was someone who look like me in the media and the used a screenshot and shared it on facebook with my photo.
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some facebook users, they do not really understand. they just some facebook users, they do not really understand. theyjust hate this phase stop i was interrogated for more than 11 days straight stop they printed out that facebook story from 2016, they accused that that was me. the hate, there is a kind of a bad, evil spirit, it is embedded in the mind of the government officials, they do not like muslims. sudan will launch its first women's clu b football sudan will launch its first women's club football league next month. six weeks ago that would have seemed a very unlikely thing to say —— six months, sudan was still under control it is a must —— islamist
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president 0mar al—bashir. ramzan karmali reports. the women's football tea m karmali reports. the women's football team training with a purpose stop early next month, there will be competing incident was my first ever women's league. but getting here wasn't easy. for almost three decades, the women in the country was ruled by president al bashir, a general who took power in 1989 in an islamist backed coup. translation: a year ago, before the revolution, i would not have imagined myself being a player and a women's football team or even expected myself to be able to play the sport i loved. there were many restrictions on sydney's women and it was not possible to play football. omar al-bashir was overthrown in april, but the leader of the transitional government was only sworn in on wednesday. many hope this would lead to a greater focus on women's rights in the country. everyone is looking forward
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toa country. everyone is looking forward to a new reality and has new ambitions. in our society has become more receptive to this idea and more accepting of the participation of women in all areas of life. women's football on the continent has seen some notable successes, and easier‘s world cup, three countries from africa were represented, with both cameroon and nigeria advancing to the knockout stages. next you will see the 12 african cup of nations ta ke see the 12 african cup of nations take place. incident, the fledgling 18 team championship will be spread over several months. it is hoped su ccesses over several months. it is hoped successes in the home legally to su ccesses successes in the home legally to successes on the global stage two. ramzan karmali, bbc news. if you know anything about unidentified flying objects, chances are you have heard of area 51, a common name for an airbase in nevada where some claim aliens are being housed. now area 51 faces a possible invasion, but not from the skies, dim old man
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explains. —— tim allman explains. now area 51 faces a possible invasion, but not from the skies. travelled millions of light years across the dark reaches of space. this may not seem like the 1st place you choose to visit. rachel is a town of around 50 residents, it's hot and dry. some believe little green men are only a stone's throw away. one man has called for people to come and storm area 51. some two million or so say they plan on doing exactly that. the only real business in town is the appropriately named little alienn. the owner was sceptical when she heard the news. is a joke. i know it's a joke. who would be stupid enough to cross there? i guess i was wrong.
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the us military is taking the whole thing very seriously indeed. they warned people not to try to enter the airbase. whatever is inside, aliens orjust combat aircraft, they want it kept firmly under wraps. base security will be on high alert, they will not be messing around. if you go near the boundary, if you even look like you want to cross the boundary, you would get arrested. to try and defuse the situation, some locals are planning to stage a rock festival called alien stock. 2 million people are unlikely to turn up, but some may, hoping that the truth is out there. tim allman, bbc news. we will let you know how that turns out, maybe. much of the historic titanic is disappearing fast because it is being eaten by bacteria.
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at the bottom of the atlantic, nearly 4000 metres down, the most famous wreck of all time. this is the bow of the titanic, still recognisable more than 100 years after she sank. it's the first time people have been down to see it for themselves for nearly 15 years. but whilst some of the wreck is intact, other parts have disappeared altogether. probably the most shocking area of the deterioration was the starboard side of the officers' quarters, where the captain's quarters are. the ca ptain's bathtub is a favourite image among titanic enthusiasts, and that is now gone. that whole deck house on that side is collapsing. microbes are eating away at the metal, creating stalactites of rust that dangle from the ship. amazingly, though, the glass in the portholes is still in place, giving a tantalising glimpse into the titanic‘s past.
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it was the biggest ship of its time, setting sail from southampton in 1912 on its maiden voyage, heading to new york. but it never made it. it sank after hitting an iceberg. 1,500 people lost their lives. these incredibly ornate slippers belong to one of the titanic‘s first class passengers, edith rosenbaum, a fashion buyer who was on her way to new york. she was one of the lucky ones. she survived, and she brought with her this musical toy pig that she played to soothe the children on the overcrowded lifeboat. every one of the precious artefacts at the national maritime museum tell a story. but exploring the titanic is also crucial. i think it's still important to go down and visit the wreck because of course the wreck itself is now the only witness we've got of the titanic disaster.
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all of the survivors have now passed away, so i think it's important to use the wreck whilst the wreck still has something to say. the team are now analysing the footage they've captured to assess how long before the titanic is lost to the sea. rebecca morelle, bbc news. just passing this on. there's been a lot of concern about the spread of micro plastics. the world health 0rganization as micro plastics in drinking water may only pose a low risk to human health. they say these micro particles of plastic, and our company much everywhere, will pass through the body without being absorbed. just finally, a senior figure in new zealand's parliament took a lead from the prime minister when he brought his new born son to work. he multitask, working while feeding the baby. yeah, i know the
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kind of thing women do all the time, they don't get credit for it, but this is a bloke stop thank you very much for watching. hello, there. as we move into the latter part of august, it looks like summer is going to go for it with a real final flourish, and temperatures up to 30 celsius through the weekend and on into monday. which for some, is of course a bank holiday. the reason being, we want to get rid of these areas of low pressure, with some quite cool weather and wet and windy conditions will be squeezed away to the north by high—pressure building from the continent, and as we move into the southerly airstream we will have some real warmth coming into the continent too. this morning, quite a breezy story, still under the influence of the area of low pressure to the north, and there
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will be some showers. this front will affect northern england, more persistent rain for northern ireland, and it will then run into southern and central scotland as it goes through the afternoon. temperatures in the south—east up to 2a, maybe even 25 degrees. then, as the week continues we will start to pull that warmer airfurther north. as we do so we'll squash away these weather fronts, not before we have seen a significant spell for western scotland. down into single figures earlier this week, five and six in some areas of northern england and wales, and into the midteens as we go into friday. here is friday's chart. the high across the continent, still feeding air in from the south—west, but it will feel already much warmer than it did earlier in the week, and we start to put away those fronts in scotland, so it is a much drier day here. temperatures of 22 through the southern uplands, up to 27 — 28 across parts
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of southern england, and then we get to the weekend and that high reorientates and we start to pull whether from the south. notice some weather fronts coming into play there. can't promise you an entirely dry weekend, some isolated showers to the north and west, but a lot of sunshine. a core of temperatures in the mid to high 20s across england and, hot air getting up to wales on sunday and scotland. a shade cooler across northern ireland and scotland for monday. further south, temperatures still hitting the mid—to—high 20s. some of that warmth could cling on for much of the week ahead across england and wales. a little more unsettled later in the week for scotland and northern ireland, with the arrival of some showers.
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jonny dymond, bbc news. the german chancellor has made it clear it is up to the british pm to make a deal on leaving the eu. the trump administration wants to end the long—standing ruling that allows migrant families to be detained indefinitely while judges decided they can stay in the us. currently, migrant children can be detained for no more 20 days. amid the general confusion over president trump's apparent wish to buy greenland, the danish minister of foreign affairs has had a friendly and constructive phone conversation, we are told, with the us secretary of state, to assure each other they are still allies. president trump, rebuffed and insulted, has called off his trip to denmark.


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