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tv   World News Today  BBC News  August 24, 2019 9:00pm-9:31pm BST

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this is bbc world news today. i'm martin stanford. our top stories... tensions over trade are bad for everyone — that's the message from host emmanuel macron as the g7 summit gets underway. britain's prince andrew has said he did not "see, "witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort" that led to the arrest and conviction of disgraced financierjeffrey epstein. hundreds of new fires rage in the amazon region as international pressure mounts on brazil's president over his environmental policies. and what could be the first crime in space — astronaut anne mcclain is accused of illegally accessing her ex spouse's bank account.
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hello and welcome to world news today. world leaders have gathered at the g7 summit in france, and there have already been calls for donald trump not to intensify america's trade war with china. trade isjust one issue where the leaders could find themselves more divided than united. climate change and the iran nuclear deal will also be discussed. borisjohnson arrived for his first international summit since taking over as prime minister of the uk. he's already at loggerheads with the outgoing european council president donald tusk, who said mrjohnson would not want to be remembered as mr no—deal. in a moment, more on trade and other issues. but first here's bbc‘s vicky young in biarritz. a warning — her report contains flashing images. landing for his first summit, and it could be a tense one. borisjohnson is determined to leave
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the eu but says britain won't be walking off the world stage. the prime minister wants to show he's got an important role to play and has strong views on global trade. i'm very worried about the way it's going, the growth of protections, of tariffs that we are seeing. the uk thrives mightily on being an open, outward—looking, free—trading nation. that's what we're going to be promoting because i think it's good for the world. there is a lot on the g7 agenda here in biarritz, but right now for borisjohnson nothing is more important than brexit. can he persuade eu leaders to give him a new brexit deal? that's something brussels has said it won't do, even though parliament rejected the withdrawal agreement that theresa may negotiated. so is this man likely to help the prime minister? donald tusk famously said there was a special place in hell for those who promoted brexit without a plan. most saw that as an attack on mrjohnson. he will be the third british conservative prime minister with whom i will discuss brexit. the one thing i will not
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co—operate on is no deal. and i still hope that prime ministerjohnson will not like to go down in history as mr no deal. all sides say they want a deal and everyone's keen to avoid the blame if it doesn't happen. downing street's playing down the chances of a breakthrough here in biarritz, but think angela merkel and emmanuel macron are ready for some meaningful conversations. borisjohnson insisted again today that the so—called backstop to avoid checks at the irish border must go, and donald tusk should remember that if he doesn't want to go down as mr no deal brexit. mrjohnson hopes he can depend on the american president for support. donald trump has said that brussels hasn't treated the uk very well over brexit. tomorrow they'll sit down together and discuss a post—brexit trade deal. so far so good. the weather is perfect.
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the guestlist‘s fantastic, everybody‘s getting along and we'll accomplish a lot this weekend and i look forward to it. friendly words, but they may not be able to disguise the serious differences between leaders here. vicki young, bbc news, biarritz. this evening emmanuel macron gathered the group in a lighthouse for a dinner meeting. leaders from britain, canada, germany, italy, japan, and of course the united states. my colleague ros atkins is in biarritz and watched them arrive. there he is. donald trump. it's not the first time they have met today. we saw him sitting at a very prettily decorated table in a hotel in biarritz a little earlier on, a slightly awkward affair, emmanuel macron spoke in english and in french, detail on a whole range of policy issues he hopes the g7 will tackle across this three—day summit. mr trump said a little less. he said they had a great friendship, having met each other a few times. mr trump clearly enjoyed having dinner at the eiffel tower.
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he referenced that. but he didn't get into any of the policy details, which we now divide these two men and divide these two countries. and perhaps, a more useful guide to mr trump's mood, with regards to the biggest issue, trade, it is a statement that he gave just before he got on the to france, where he said, look, i'm not happy with how europe is behaving in terms of trade and if need be we'll put tariffs on french wine among other european goods, and already donald tusk of the european union has said, look, if that happens we will retaliate. so the backdrop to this is that donald trump is farfrom happy about the trading relationship between the us and europe and the trading relationship between china and the us, it is going to be one of the big issues to play out across the summit. and, actually, on trade, all of the european leaders, to a lesser or greater extent, had said trump's approach to this trade war with china and the trade with europe is not helping the global economy. for instance, here is the host himself, emmanuel macron,
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on this very issue. translation: tensions, particularly trade tensions are bad for everyone. we need to de—escalate and stabilise things to avoid the trade wars that are starting to set in. a moment ago i was referring to what donald trump has been saying about french wine and a european trade. have a listen to what he said before he got on the plane. frankly, i don't want france going out and taxing our companies. very unfair. and if they do that, we'll be taxing their wine or doing something else. we'll be taxing their wine like they've never seen before. i don't like it. that's for us to tax them. martin, i should also add, there are 13,000 security personnel in biarritz. they are very aware of the protest that we have seen in france over the last few months, in particular, the gilet jaunes protests. well, i can show you some pictures. there has been limited trouble,
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very limited trouble. we have seen some clashes between police and protesters, both today and we saw some yesterday as well. it hasn't, though, been protesting or violence on the scale that some people expected. so, we are going into the evening of day one of this three—day summit here in biarritz. day two is going to bring a focus on africa, among other things. five african leaders have been invited, including the presidents of south africa and egypt. it will be interesting to see whether below this grand political drama of these big hitters of the political world coming together, we also get some firm policy commitments, both on education, on healthcare, and on gender equality in africa. queen elizabeth's second son, prince andrew, has released a statement about his friendship with the disgraced financierjeffrey epstein. it's the first time he has spoken directly about his links since epstein took his own life in a new york prison cell earlier this month. prince andrew said "at no stage" did he "see or suspect"
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prince andrew said "at no stage" did he "see or suspect" any any criminal behaviour. epstein had been awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges when he killed himself. here's our royal correspondent nicholas witchell. what was prince andrew doing at the home of a convicted paedophile in new york in 2010, peering out through the door as young women came and went? the questions about andrew's friendship withjeffrey epstein have shown no sign of abating — and so, from the prince today, a statement in which he says he is eager to clarify the facts. he states... andrew does acknowledge that it was, in his words, "a mistake "and an error" to see epstein after his release from prison.
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this photograph of them together was taken in 2010. andrew expresses regret that what he knew of epstein was not, as he puts it, "the real person". and yet epstein‘s behaviour was a matter of public record. two years earlier, in 2008, he had been prosecuted for procuring an underage girl for prostitution. he was sentenced to 18 months in prison. but andrew was one of his friends, emerged, when this photo was published. it had been taken at one of epstein‘s parties in 2001. it showed andrew with a then—17—year—old girl — virginia roberts. andrew has always emphatically denied any impropriety. in today's statement, the queen's second son expresses tremendous sympathy for all those affected by the actions and behaviour of his former friend, jeffrey epstein. police have used tear gas to try and disperse anti—government
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protesters in hong kong. officers are also said to have charged at demonstrators with batons outside a police station. despite authorities closing four subway stations around kwun tong, thousands of people have gathered there, calling for democratic change. the bbc‘s stephen mcdonell is there. so the riot police are coming through now, coming in from several directions, they're telling people to clear out of the way. not running, but certainly striding in with great intent. and protesters seem to have cleared out. we are also being moved along. some sort of... material which was on fire was thrown at police, they have responded with tear gas. and they are firing their own non—lethal rounds back at the protesters, who have raced off in the other direction. time for our masks now.
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the principal standoff here in hong kong has come to an end as these riot police have moved in, forcing... activists to push back, activists who have been throwing molotov cocktails at them, and other projectiles. if we come back, we can see some of these activists back here, these are the more radicalised youths. many in the pro—democracy camp have tried to keep this weekend peaceful but it hasn't worked out that way. this, earlier on, was a peaceful march. but then, the more radicalised camp... descended on the police station, started building barricades. and they say the reason for this is that the government here has come
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no closer to adhering to any of their demands. stay with us on bbc world news, still to come: all the sport, including the latest on england's cricketers, who showed some fight on day three of the third ashes test against australia. he is the first african—american to win the presidential nomination of a major party, and he accepts exactly 45 years ago to the day that martin king declared, "i have a dream." as darkness falls tonight, an unfamiliar light will appear in the south—eastern sky, and orange glowing desk that is brighter than anything save the moon, our neighbouring planet mars. there is no doubt that this election is an important milestone in the birth of east timor
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as the world's newest nation. it will take months and billions of dollars to repair what katrina achieved injust hours. three weeks is the longest the great clock has been off duty in 117 years. so it is with great satisfaction that clockmakerjohn vernon swung the pendulum to set the clock going again. this is bbc world news today. the latest headlines... tensions over trade are bad for everyone — that's the message from host emmanuel macron as the g7 summit gets underway. hundreds of new fires are raging in brazil's amazon region, according to official figures. after coming under international pressure, the president has ordered
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the army to help fight the fires in the world's largest rainforest. these pictures are from boca, an area located in the state of amazonas where the fire has already reduced large swathes of forests to ashes. protesters have ta ken to streets in many cities in south america demanding more action. andy moore has this report. there have been angry protests outside brazilian embassies across south america. in mexico city... in santiago in chile... and in colombia, where indigenous people were among the demonstrators. at the g7 summit, there was an offer of european financial help to fight the fires. and mr tusk warned a trade treaty with south american countries was at risk. it is hard to imagine a harmonious process of ratification by the european countries as long as the brazilian government allows for the destruction of the green
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lungs of planet earth. the pressure from europe and the protesters has persuaded the brazilian president to change course. in a televised address last night he said he would send in the troops to help fight the fires and crack down on illegal deforestation. translation: all the countries have expressed solidarity with brazil. wildfires can happen anywhere and they should not be used as a pretext for international sanctions. more than 700 new fires have started in brazil this week alone. has mr bolsonaro done enough to persuade the international community he is taking the problem seriously? andy moore, bbc news. it's notjust brazil's amazon rainforest that's ablaze. fires in bolivia have burned over 800,000 hectares in the province of santa cruz. exacerbated by strong winds and lack of rain, the fires have burned for 20 days. a boeing supertanker
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7117 firefighting plane is working to extinguish them. local lawmakers have blamed farmers for starting the fires and asked the federal government to investigate. and for the first time, crime may have gone galactic. nasa is reported to be investigating a claim that an american astronaut accessed the bank account of her former spouse whilst on board the international space station. astronaut anne mcclain says she hasn't done anything wrong, saying she did access the account but only to check that bills were being paid. well, we're joined now from cleveland by professor mark sundahl, who is the director of the global space law center at cleveland university. professor, is there any legal jurisdiction in space? festival, thank you for having me on, and the a nswer thank you for having me on, and the answer is yes, and that has been clear for decades. answer is yes, and that has been clearfor decades. it may answer is yes, and that has been clear for decades. it may sound like
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a new field by the earliest spaced treaties were drafted in the 1960s and 1970s and they make perfectly clear that state has jurisdiction over its space module. but we are talking about the international space station so who jurisdiction there? right, that is a good distinction because there is a separate treaty that governs the international space station and it does have an article 22 special rules regarding criminal jurisdiction and there, we give unrestricted primaryjurisdiction to the country whose nationals are accused. in this case, it would be the united states. in the event that there is a foreign victim of a crime, then there is a possibility to share thatjurisdiction but in this case, it would be pretty clear that the united states has jurisdiction. but before we go any further, we should make it clear to your viewers that we don't know if there was a crime that was committed. we are sadly not talking
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about aggravated assault or murder here, we are talking about checking the balance of a bank account so we should be careful not to smear nasser unnecessarily, these are american‘s finest. nasser unnecessarily, these are american's finest. and it may be an internet crime. it was the internet that allowed access to the account. absolutely right, and so we have a conversion of cyberspace and outer space. but i don't think any us court would have problems serving jurisdiction where there is a crime and probable cause to bring this astronaut into court. i don't think thatis astronaut into court. i don't think that is a question. in that sense, it is not terribly complicated, but it is not terribly complicated, but it has launched a greater discussion about how we will handle crime in space when things aren't quite as simple. indeed. we are not too far away from space tourism. virgin tell us away from space tourism. virgin tell us they are going to get there system sorted soon. god forbid that
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passengers start having fights on things but how would legal affairs work on a space tourist trip? again, you are right, we will bring human nature into space with us. sometimes we think we will be able to change human nature but that is hard to do. but the jurisdiction problem will not be difficult. if we are talking about a us space planner launching from us territory and returning to us territory, it is clear under space law that the us will have jurisdiction under that case. but if we are told that foreign nationals, people from different countries and may be launching and landing in a different country, then jurisdiction becomes more complicated, but not any more so, really, than would be the case in any international court. the lawyers will end up wealthy, i'm sure. thank you very much indeed. my pleasure. the leader of india's opposition congress party, rahul gandhi,
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has been prevented from visiting indian—administered kashmir to assess the current security crisis there. he was reportedly blocked from leaving the airport after landing in the region's main city, srinagar. well, the situation in the state ofjammu and kashmir is tense, after the indian government scrapped part of the law which guaranteed its autonomy. on friday, in spite of a curfew, hundreds of protesters clashed with police after friday prayers. reporters from bbc hindi were there at the time — here's their report.
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holly hamilton has all the sport. australia look set to retain the ashes — despite some much—needed fight from england's batsmen on day three of the third test at headingly. set a target of 359 to win — an england record, the home side battled to 156 for 3 as captain joe root and joe denly frustrated the visitors. 0ur correspondetnt andy swiss was there. australia andy swiss was there. are still favourites to win australia are still favourites to win this match but england have at least given themselves a chance, thanks to a really gutsy batting display. australia had set them a
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target of 359 to win, huge ask for england, and they got off to the worst possible start, losing both their openers quickly. england 15—2, and at that stage they were staring at humiliation. but a much needed century stand between jo root and jo denley, both of them reaching their half centuries. denley went for 50 but route is still there at the close, 75 not out alongside ben stokes and you feel that while he is still there, england still have a chance. headingley of course had seen some famous ashes comebacks. think back to 1981 when england came back from following on that century from ian botham, eight wickets for bob willis, could they produce something special here on the fourth day? well, the england fans here will be hoping that they can pull off another cricketing miracle.
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liverpool opened up a three—point gap at the top of the premier league with a 3—1win over arsenal at anfield. mo salah scored twice in a dominant performance from jurgen klopp's side which sees them maintain their 100 percent start to the season. substitute lucas torreira pulled one back late on for arsenal, but nothing was getting in the way of liverpool's 12th successive premier league victory. there was a big upset earlier in the day with crystal palace beating manchester united for the first time in the premier league. patrick van aanholt scored in injury time at old trafford, the first time they've won there in 30 years. marcus rashford missed a penalty for united. we felt the same last week when, earlier in the week, surrey, when we created enough to win the game. but then, you are playing against the tea m then, you are playing against the team you have to defend as well, and we defended poorly, two, three times today. and it cost us two girls. ——
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two goals. two more warm up games for rugby union's world cup. and england scored eight tries as they thrashed ireland. it finished 57—15 at twickenham. a record win for england over ireland. the other game saw scotland edge france 17—111. the world cup injapan, starts in just under a month's time. the americanjustin thomas tops the leaderboard on the third day of the season ending tour championship in atlanta. world numbner one brooks koepka was leading at the start of the day — but has dropped to 11 under — just one shot behind thomas. he's tied with northern ireland's rory mcilroy with another american xander schauffele sitting on 10 under. that's all the sport for now. more from me throughhout the evening. and that is the world our world looks so far tonight. we'll have more from the g7 summit later let's, the dinner party are still going on,
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and as faras the dinner party are still going on, and as far as we can tell, nobody has fallen out with anybody just yet. in fact, the conversation is probably pretty interesting around the dinner table. thank you for watching. if you like your sunny weather warm and sunny, i am sure you enjoyed today. most of the uk had seemed like this, and tyre temperatures as well. heathrow got close to 31 degrees. 29 in aberystwyth, making it the warmest bank holiday weekend on record in wales. but northern scotland, little cooler, 80 degrees in stornoway, and there were some cloud as well. it brought some outbreaks of rain across the far north—west of the uk, the rain tending to clear away northwards but you can see this break of cloud extending down to the west, starting to infringe parts of wales. may be just the odd shower spot of drizzle
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out of the cloud. many places will stay fine with clear spells through the night, the odd mr patch here and there,. there could be some mist patches around tomorrow morning just about anywhere and some of these area of clouds in the west which will tend to break up as the day wears on. for the most part, it will bea wears on. for the most part, it will be a fine and dry and sunny day. more cloud streaming on towards shetland as the afternoon world —— wears on. 27 degrees in glasgow, 32 looks likely across parts of the south—east. find every sunday evening, if you are planning a barbecue. we see a method and low cloud developing in western fringes, there could be poor visibility in there could be poor visibility in the west on monday morning, that in mind if you have early travel plans. a chance of showers in the south—west, that is into wales, a lot of uncertainty about that i had to say. it generally turns cooler
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but it'll be and hot day in central and eastern parts. things change on tuesday, some showers passing across southern areas in this frontal system in the west, which will begin at the cloud and bring some rain into northern ireland in western scotla nd into northern ireland in western scotland perhaps and patchy drizzle for wales in the south—west as well. further east, the best chance of staying dry with some sunshine. relatively warm but not as hot as it has been through the weekend. further ahead into the middle part of the week, it turns increasingly u nsettled of the week, it turns increasingly unsettled with rain at times, particularly in the north—west.
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this is bbc world news, the headlines world leaders have arrived in france for the g7 summit of leading economies —— with signs of division over trade, climate change and brexit. the european council president donald tusk warned it may be the last chance to restore harmony among leading industrial nations. britain's prince andrew has said he did not "see, witness or suspect any behaviour of the sort" that subsequently led to the arrest and conviction of disgraced financierjeffrey epstein. brazil's president, jair bolsonaro, has ordered the army to help fight the devastating fires in the amazon rainforest. european leaders have warned they would delay a major trade deal


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