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tv   BBC News  BBC News  September 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news. i'm lu kwesa i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 5pm. an overwhelming vote to scrap brexit without another referendum, hello, this is bbc news. should the liberal democrats come the headlines... the liberal democrats to power at the next election. pledge to cancel brexit, if they come to power that is about us as liberal democrats. at the next general election. we have believed from the beginning that this is a fight if you really believe in something, then you can make it happen. that we must carry on, and i think that is about us as liberal democrats — because we can win it. we have believed from the beginning that this is a fight the ex—prime minister accuses that we must carry on, the present pm of only backing leave in order because we can win it. to further his own political career. the foreign secretary condemns david cameron accuses borisjohnson of only backing leave in order the attacks on saudi oil sites, to further his own political career. saying they're a reckless attempt to damage regional security and the foreign secretary condemns disrupt global supplies. the attacks on saudi oil sites, saying they're a reckless attempt to disrupt global supplies police in hong kong fire tear gas and damage regional security. and water cannon to disperse pro—democracy protesters.
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messages of support for former wales rugby captain, gareth thomas, police in hong kong fire tear gas who has revealed he is hiv positive. and water cannon to disperse england get a crucial wicket — pro—democracy protesters. steve smith caught for 23 — as they edge towards victory messages of support for former wales rugby captain gareth thomas, who has revealed he is hiv positive, in the final ashes test. saying he wants to help reduce the stigma around the condition. from the small screen to the big green democrats green, hugh bought boulton and maggie smith are among sport, and time for a full round—up the stars who have reassembled at from the bbc sport centre. downton abbey. find out what mark kermode made of this and the rest of a very good afternoon to you, the week's and the releases in the let's start at gleneagles, film review. where the solheim cup has just reached a very dramatic conclusion. it is the final day between europe and the usa and in the last few seconds, europe have won the solheim cup. let's head live to the course, where the liberal democrats say they will cancel brexit altogether we can speak to sarah mulkerrins. if they form the next government. they've voted at their annual conference in bournmouth to revoke article 50 —
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adam, it has been a sensational the legislation which allows sunday under the sun here at the uk to leave the eu — without having a referendum first. gleneagles. it has been twisting and party leaderjo swinson says voters turning, the lead swinging between must be give the chance to stop this european team, and the american what she called the "brexit chaos". team, with little separating them our political correspondent jonathan over the last three days. and if we blake's report from bournemouth contains flash photography. have had drama over the last two days, we have certainly had drama to pro—europe and proud, finish things off here today, the liberal democrats are clear they want to stop brexit. because, in the last few minutes, the question for members europe have won a first solheim cup here this weekend is how. title in six years, in the most so far, it's been all about another referendum. sensational style. it all came down but the party leader wants to go further and campaign to pull the plug on leaving the eu if it to the final putt, suzann pettersen wins a general election. the policy that we are debating needed to get a win in her match, at conference today is very clear. which was on the 18th, we thought if the liberal democrats at the next she was in a spot of bother when she election win a majority, hit her tee—shot into the rough, but if people put into government as a majority government she pulled it back and then the the "stop brexit party", then, stopping brexit is exactly american counterpart who she was what people will get. playing against, marina alex, she missed her birdie putt, and up yes, we will revoke article 50.
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stepped suzann pettersen. now, and it's an easy sell to most members she was about to take her putt, here who see stopping brexit as their mission. everybody had realised that the match behind them, with bronte law, we will put an end there and then that she had won. so suddenly, if to the brexit nightmare suzann pettersen could hole her that is dragging the whole country down, and tearing us apart. putt, then europe would win. and but there is some uneasiness remember, suzann pettersen was a at overturning the result wildcard pick, there was much doubt of a referendum without putting over herform, she hasn't the question to the public again. wildcard pick, there was much doubt over her form, she hasn't played much over the last two years because if we end up in a coalition — of time off to have a baby. and she it could happen — we aren't going to be pushing through revoking pulled off this win in the most article 50. i mean, i hope we'll sensational style, holding that get a people's vote, putt. so, it is europe who have but i don't want to be in a position again where the liberal democrats regained the solheim cup, winning have promised something and done something else. i think there's a real danger this 114.5 to 13.5. it has been a of that with revoking article 50. life is not bad for super sunday here in scotland. lib dems right now. record membership, signs from opinion polls and the european elections that their anti—brexit extraordinary finish there at message is winning them support. gleneagles. england's bowlers have been frustrated by australia's middle and yet another mp from order as they push for victory in the fifth and final elsewhere coming on board. ashes test at the oval. australia have already the former conservative sam gyimah, retained the famous urn,
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but an england win would see them who briefly ran for the tory leadership, is the latest to jump draw the series. ship, but he represents a safe england were dismissed early this conservative seat in surrey. morning, leaving the aussies chasing 399 for victory, and stuart broad gave winning there as a lib them a perfect start dem will be tough. he wasn't the only star dismissing both openers, turn here last night. the european parliament's brexit including david warner, cheaply. coordinator guy verhofstadt flew broad then struck the crucial blow — in from brussels to give australia's star batsman and england's nemesis steve smith, the lib dems some love. well caught by ben stokes. and then what? do you... matthew wade, though, has offered stubborn although the liberal democrats resistance for the tourists. are at odds with the referendum result to leave the eu, they seem determined to turn that and in the last few minutes, matthew to their advantage and go further wade hasjust got and in the last few minutes, matthew wade has just got his century. than ever their stop brexit stance. australia, 200 and 30 to—6. —— let's go live tojonathan now in bournemouth. 232-6. as you can see, a very it's one thing to promise, and busy day of sport. another thing to deliver, and jo let's get to the premier league action, then — two games today. swinson question about that crucial we'll have news of arsenal northern vote, quite rightly? yes, against watford in just a moment. but first, bournemouth got their first home win of the league season with a 3—1 victory over everton. the lib dems are aware that they two goals from england striker will only be able to implement this callum wilson doing the damage,
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on what turned out to be a pretty comfortable afternoon policy they've adopted today if they for eddie howe's side. win the general election and form a that victory lifts them up to eighth in the table. government. and that's the main ryan fraser with the other goal criticism coming their way, having after dominic calvert—lewin had equalised for everton. chosen to campaign on the basis that everton now slip if they won a general election, they to 11th in the table. psychologically, hugely important that we win that first home game as would revoke article 50, cancelling the brexit process outright without quickly as possible. that's why today was a huge moment in our holding a further referendum. their season. we are indebted to our a nswer to holding a further referendum. their goalkeeper who made a couple of answer to that, as you saw in the really good saves as well, that report there, is to say that if they should not go without mention, and had been elected as a lib dem we took our chances at the times when the game was in the balance, government having campaign on the basis that they would revoke article the second goal was a huge moment in 50, then they would have a mandate the second goal was a huge moment in the match, we had to start the to do that. but i'm sure that won't second half well, and that really stop criticism coming their way from swung it our way. we gave some other parties, and some concern reflected by the party delegates here in bournemouth in the debate that preceded the vote on that things easy to them, they won the policy earlier on. there was talk of first ball, the second ball, third it allowing the lib dems to be seen ball, following that corner, and that means that we were not so as an extreme party, others worrying strong in the first moment, but in that it was anti—democratic, or a the others, we have to do really different. in the day's other game, promise the lib dems couldn't quique sanchez flores is back deliver. butjo in the watford dugout for the first promise the lib dems couldn't deliver. but jo swinson promise the lib dems couldn't deliver. butjo swinson clearly believes this policy will enable her time since rejoining the club. but his side are in
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trouble against arsenal. to set the party further apart from two goals from pierre labour and the conservatives in a emerick aubameyang general election campaign, and for people to see the lib dems having an meaning it is currently 2—0 just into the second half. unequivocal stance of wanting to leeds have gone back to the top stop brexit. but they may be forced, of the championship after two late goals helped them beat barnsley 2—0. if they don't win a majority in the in the other yorkshire derby that took place today, sheffield wednesday are up to ninth general election, which is highly after beating huddersfield 2—0. steven fletcher putting unlikely, to then revert to their wednesday ahead. sam winnell sealed the win with his first goal in over two years. policy of campaigning for another a win for new manager garry monk referendum. just following the news of the defection, jo swinson also in his first game in charge, but defeat for huddersfield means their new boss danny cowley doesn't get off to the start questioned about the liberal values of these new mps that ofjoined the he would have hoped for. party. what was her response? that in the women's super league, everton continued their 100 percent defection, the latest in a string of start to the season with a 2—0 former conservative and labour mps victory over bristol city. to come on board with the live dems, manchester city are also two wins from two. has really put the wind in the sales they saw off reading this afternoon of party members here in bournemouth thanks to a couple of goals from pauline bremer. this weekend. it's given them a that was her first, boost as the conference got under an excellent finish. 2—0 it finished. way last night. but whilst it will a lwa ys way last night. but whilst it will always be welcome news, nearly newly promoted tottenham scored their first goal in the top flight, a lwa ys always be welcome news, nearly always to party members if they are
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rachel furness with the only goal able to attract mps from other sides, particularly as the lib dems of the game to beat liverpool 1—o. have done in several cases, it is not without risk, and some people a quick look at the other wsl results from this afternoon. worry that being so welcoming to brighton and chelsea, drew 1—1, whilst west ham former conservative and labour mps and birmingham is ongoing. risks diluting the party's brand 1—0 the latest score there. slightly and diluting its identity motogp world champion marc marquez as the lib dem party. and we saw has won the san marino grand prix. marquez left it late, those concerned reflected in the overtaking leader fabio quartararo conference earlier on whenjo on the final lap to deny the rookie swinson was questioned about these mps coming on board and their voting a madien win. the victory leaves marquez with a 93—point lead record, policy positions in the past in the championship. not necessarily reflecting those of britain's cal crutchlow crashed out the liberal democrats. so whilst it and didn't finish the race. is welcome news for mps to join the tyson fury‘s potential rematch lib dems from elsewhere, it can be a with deontay wilder may be delayed little bit awkward for them and the after he suffered a serious cut party, as well. jonathan, thank you in his win overnight in las vegas. for that. he overcame the injury david cameron has accused to beat swedish heavyweight prime minister, boris johnson, otto wallin on points. of not believing in brexit, when hejoined the leave campaign, fury had to fight on for more in the run up to the referendum. than nine rounds without being able to see out of his right eye. in an extract from the former the cut needed constant attention prime minister's memoirs, from both his trainer published in the sunday times, and the doctor throughout.
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he says mrjohnson backed leave "because it would help they were really struggling his political career". to stem the blood. here's our political it took some real courage from fury correspondent, peter saull. johnson: how do you do? because had the fight been brought cameron: are we going to do blue team? to an end because of the cut, do you want to go he would have lost in goal or upfront? his unbeaten record. i'll go here. they once stood side by side. and sensing he might need two men with similar backgrounds, a knockout, the british fighter rallied in the later stages. both in high office, playing for the same team. eventually, fury was awarded that was until the eu referendum. the victory by unanimous decision, but went straight to hospital as his memoirs serialised in the sunday times testify, to have microsurgery on two cuts. the then—prime minister tried to persuade his old chum to back remain. they were two of the worst cuts i've ever seen in a fight where the guy has gone, one, two, three, four, david cameron writes... five, six, seven, eight, nine rounds, nine rounds, with these you could not accuse us of being anti—european. wounds, with these gaping gashes. nor little englanders. quite extraordinary. tyson fury there have long been questions about what motivated never panicked once. he did dab the poster boy of brexit. but is he really a true relentlessly and repeatedly at the believer in the cause? eye, but he didn't panic, and that his cabinet colleagues is just as well, because the young certainly think so.
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swede, as they say, we have loads of remain would have been the easier career choice, borisjohnson led the campaign cliches in boxing, in fact the because he believes in brexit entire business is based around and is committed to delivering it. cliches, as they say, he came to fight, and he went down swinging. david cameron is disappointed so, tyson had to dig deep and he had with borisjohnson, but with other brexiteers, to go back to the corner, try and be he's not pulling any punches. calm during the 60—odd seconds as on michael gove, he writes... the cuts were healed momentarily for the cuts were healed momentarily for the next round. there was no panic but it was really tough throughout. ronnie o'sullivan has won the shanghai masters for the third consecutive year. the rocket came through a thrilling final against shaun murphy, eventually winning by 11 but today, michael gove was keeping his feelings to himself. he has accused you of being a faragist, of becoming a populist. frames to nine. how do you feel about that? he takes home the £200,000 others, too, are in the firing line. winner's cheque in what was his first tournament since his shock defeat at the world david cameron says he was most shocked by claims from the then championship back in april. employment minister, spain have beaten argentina to win the basketball world cup in beijing, now home secretary, priti patel. their first title for 13 years. the spaniards scored 14 of the first i was a minister in david cameron's government, 16 points and never lost their lead it was a privilege to serve in that to the 2004 olympic champions, taking the victory government, and i enjoyed working with 95 points to 75. with him and many of my colleagues. obviously, the referendum has
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happened, we have all moved on and the fact is we are now meanwhile, france took third place, working to deliver that beating australia earlier today. referendum mandate. with a total of three medals across the men's that is so important. and women's division, there is no point team brazil emerged victorious going over the past. at the world surfing games injapan. more than three years after he resigned, david cameron has italo ferreira saved his best for last and earned the highest heat broken his silence at a crucial time total of the event so far for both brexit and number ten's with a perfect 10—point ride in the final. current incumbent. competing at his first peter saull, bbc news. world games since 1990, the foreign secretary, dominic raab, 11—time world champion kelly slater, has condemned yesterday's drone attacks on two of saudi arabia's at 47 years old, helped usa to second place, most important oil processing plants while bronze went to hosts japan as a "reckless attempt to damage who will be hoping for more success regional security and disrupt when surfing makes it debut at next year's tokyo olympics. global oil supplies." the houthis — the rebel group the saudis have been fighing in yemen — say they carried out the bombings. ijust want i just want to say congrats to but the us secretary of state, everybody who won, surfing on every mike pompeo, has blamed the houthis' backers, single count, so tiring, there was a iran — a claim angrily rejected by officials in tehran. nina nanji reports. lot of heat, a lot of emotion. it was amazing. just some updates to an increasingly bitter war of words between iran and the united states give you, australia, currently 244—7 over who is to blame for the attacks
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on the heart of saudi arabia's economy. the saudis say half of their oil in the final ashes test at, and production has been knocked out after drone strikes watford have pulled a goal back against arsenal, it is now 2—1, with on two oilfacilities. half—an—hour to go. plenty more houthi rebels in yemen say sport throughout the evening. now it they were behind the attacks. is time for the film. —— for the but the us secretary of state dismissed this, saying there was no evidence film review. the drones came from yemen. in a tweet, he said that "tehran is behind nearly 100 attacks on saudi arabia, while iran's president rouhani and foreign minister zarif pretend hello and a very warm welcome to engage in diplomacy." to the film review on bbc news. iran immediately hit back, scathing to take us through this week's releases is, as always, mark kermode. of trump administration's methods. hello! what have you been watching, mark? foreign media reports say well, we have downton abbey, the attacks could have a significant which is the big—screen version of the tv series that i think impact on world oil prices. everyone is aware of. we have honeyland, an extraordinary the strikes hit the abqaiq and khurais oil processing plants, tale of beekeeping in macedonia. run by state owned aramco — one of the world's biggest oil companies. and hustlers, for which people are already talking about a possible oscar nomination forjennifer lopez. the smoke visible from space,
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caught by a nasa satellite. khurais produces around i had no idea there was a downton abbey film out. i% of the world's oil, there's so little publicity! and abqaiq is capable of processing if only they'd let us know somehow. 7% of global supply. here is the thing, i have never seen even a brief or partial disruption the tv show and i know you have... could affect the company and the oil i quite like it, yeah, i've seen a lot of it. supply given their size. but the thing is, having nina nanji, bbc news. never seen the tv show, you watch the movie and go, that is exactly what i thought it was going to be. the story is, there is a royal visit to downton, which sets i'm joined by robert mcnally, who is the president everybody in a tizzy. of rapidan energy group, and a former energy adviser there's a conflict amongst to president george bush the serving staff over who actually during the iraq war. gets to serve the royals. he's in maryland there is a hint — a hint — of political intrigue in the united states. with the merest whiff of republican insurgence, and then there is a touching matter take you for speaking to us. the of an inheritance that may cross class boundaries. significance of these targets, how here's a clip. would you interpret the attack? it's how clever of you to find me. about the worst thing possible for well, not really. i lived here 40 years. the oil markets and for economic i assume this is your maid? yes, this is lucy smith. growth and geopolitical stability. if there is one facility on the oh, good evening, smith. good evening, milady. planet that one would want to
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shall i go? destroy or attack to do more damage no, not for me, not for me. than you could with any other, it i'm delighted to meet you. would be these. if the global oil i've heard so much about you. system could be thought about as a is there something you want? circulation system of the lifeblood oh, just to see you're of modern civilization, this is comfortable and to confirm our really the heart. it's the largest little chat for later. i live my own life now, single facility that processes the violet, i'm not what i was. my father is gone, my husband saudi crude. and it is really the is gone, i see no reason not to do what i want. crown jewel of the saudi kingdom. it doesn't mean there is no reason, saudi crude. and it is really the crownjewel of the saudi kingdom. so whoever did this went for the merely that you cannot see it. i think lady merton is right. jugular. and as a result, when we'll have it out once and for all. markets open here in asia in about six hours, we will see oil prices go but now i must go to her majesty. up six hours, we will see oil prices go up quite sharply before it is clear how much damage was done and how long it will take to repair, and then what the follow on rebel micah oh, it's brilliant! you laughed all reparations will be between iran. the way through that. just thinking about the i'm just a little worried it's vulnerability of energy supply in not quite camp enough! the region, what options do companies within that supply chain apart from that, it's terrific! there was an interview have, if it's not saudi arabia? the where hugh bonneville said gillian fellowes did think, why don't i make this about,
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give it social realism? first line of resort will be what we about the general strike. no, let's do a royal visit instead. call spare production capacity in in fact, there is a joke other opec plus companies. uae, about the general strike. somebody asks maggie smith's character, "has the strike affected you?" kuwait, russia has a little bit. a she says, "well, my maid is a communist and she has million barrels a day there. been a bit uppity." customers will want to shift they but beyond that, it's exactly are. secondly, saudi arabia has what you would expect. it is odd to think that said, and they are right, that they have a lot of oil in inventory. they in the background of all this can meet their customer needs for is gosford park, which was dark several weeks, depending on how much and satirical and had... has been lost, by drawing down their inventories. the saudi is also hold and then, downton was sort large inventories in asia and europe of a spin—off and then became a thing of its own. and so forth, where their customers now, it comes back to the screen are. so there are a couple of first with, i have to say, lines of resorts that as long as the the rough edges taken off it. there is a very fleeting damage is fairly limited, will and throwaway subplot which has a thriller element and then contain... and give. how do you see they forget about it. then they get back to having conversations over cups of tea. this playing out? we've had donald does it need to be on the big screen? is it cinematic in that sense trump talking to the saudi crown prince, saying that they are ready or is itjust a load of froth? to work with the kingdom to guarantee its security, and also us no, it doesn't need to be on the big screen, but the fact is, i laughed.
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exerting maximum pressure on iran. how do you see this playing out? no maggie smith is terrific. it feels like a really question, this will put on ice comfortable armchair, movement in washington towards and although i've never sat in that wanting to perhaps ease sanctions on armchair before, ifeel like i know iran. in order to get talk started, exactly where we are with this. there is a lot of discussion about, thatis well, the world is changing. iran. in order to get talk started, that is one of the reason reportedly is there still a place for us? john bolton left as national to which the answer is, absolutely! security adviser. as we went into and if we felt like coming back the weekend, the market was looking for another movie, let's do it. but why would you mess like maybe trump would ease up. but with the formula? people who go to see downton abbey, they know what they want. now i think that will for the time why would you mess with it? being be stopped, and we will be yes, and i saw the trailer for it in the cinema, talking about escalation deterring and the frisson of excitement that went through the audience every time iran. while one can question what maggie smith popped up. precise role iran had in this it's quite something. may i hazard a guess attack, there is no doubt that they it was an older audience? had some role. they at least erm, possibly a little older than me! even older than me, mark! provided the equipment that was used, if not directly sponsored it it does exactly what it says from their groups in southern iraq. on the tin, and as a 56—year—old man we don't know, we will find out, but who had never seen the tv series, iraq had some role. the bigger i knew exactly where everything was. so, onto something which really question is the contest between the was surprising — honeyland, united states and saudi arabia on which is this macedonian documentary one hand, iran on the other is going about a disappearing way of life. we meet this woman who is in her up. and that threatens notjust mid—50s, who is harvesting honey from wild places.
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saudi production, but all the 17-18,000,000 saudi production, but all the 17—18,000,000 barrels a day flowing through the strait of hormuz into she's up on the side global markets. if it was iran that of a mountainous region. she reaches her hand into the rocks for the honey. half for me, half for them. was behind this, what exactly what it is a very traditional way. their motive be? because they run she doesn't have her hands covered, the bees do not sting her their motive be? because they run because they appear to know her. the risk of destabilising any improvement or warming of relations then we see her looking after her with the us. remember, iran is mother, who is very infirm. desperate to get relief. it has she is the sole carer for her. there is some discussion about why suffered much more then under she never got married, why the matchmaker never found president obama. these sanctions a match for her, but, clearly, hurt. inflation is high, she's there to look after her mum. unemployment is high, and they've about had it. they need to raise and she has this very traditional way of life, which then gets pressure on donald trump. in order to get donald trump to ease essentially messed up by the neighbours, who have a different sanctions — if you think about it, way of doing things, and so it is about a lifestyle that is in retreat. they have two leverage points. one it is a really, really moving documentary. is to restart their nuclear there is something profoundly programme, which they are doing. the other is to threaten oil prices, mysterious about bees anyway. which really threatens the economy, and that threatens a trump's it's not surprising that there are so many dramas made with bees reelection. this is iran sending a at the heart of them. message, as it had done when it but it's very moving. sponsored attacks on tankers and it's not narrated, the story tells itself. pipelines over the summer, that it a lot of the time, wejust look at herface.
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can reach for the jugular and there are some incredibly intimate pipelines over the summer, that it can reach for thejugular and hurt donald trump where it counts, hoping moments of her and her mother together in their house, and you feel the film—makers have to pressure him into easing up on done a brilliantjob of disappearing into the background. sanctions at. and obviously it will so, what you're seeing is unmediated reality. i know it isn't, i understand that also hurt where it counts for the ordinary person on the street. if it everything is edited, but it seems realy, really real, is going to affect prices that we very profound, very moving and you will not have seen are paying at the petrol pump, how a film like it this year. much, by looking ahead in i think it's really forecasting, and when? so normally, worth checking out. very, very impressive. very clever film—making. it is. folks who are consumers, in the and again, third one. good variety. united states they tend to follow it is! global crude oil prices about 3—4 weeks later. in the uk you have hustlers, this feisty comedic drama inspired by a new york magazine higher taxes on oil there, so your article about exotic dancers consumers don't really see the scamming their stockbroker clients. jennifer lopez, people are talking about her changes as quickly. but in america, as a possible oscar nominee. we will see the impacts 3—4 weeks she plays ramona, who is kind of the queen bee dancer who takes after the crude oil prices jump. constance wu's destiny we will see the impacts 3—4 weeks after the crude oil pricesjump. and under her wing and says, the crude oil prices will start "i will show you how this works." jumping for everybody tonight. we here's a clip. can expect at least 5— $10 a barrel. we need to see... sorry did you say i was a centrefold once. no way.
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mmm. tonight? tonight is when the markets '93. oh, my god! openin tonight? tonight is when the markets open in asia, so the crude oil back when stevie wonder came in. futures will start trading in asia tonight in about six hours. ok, we how did stevie wonder come in? will leave it there for now. thank you very much for your analysis. casey had him in the champagne room — swears to god he isn't blind. the headlines on bbc news... wow! how come you're so good? the liberal democrats pledge to cancel brexit — if they come to power i see you with every single kind of guy and... at the next general election. i don't know, it's like you have them all figured out. i guess i'm just a people person. david cameron accuses borisjohnson of only backing leave in order to further his own political career. the foreign secretary condemns the attacks on saudi oil sites — saying they're a reckless attempt it's written and directed to disrupt global supplies — by lorene scafaria, who made that strange little movie seeking and damage regional security. a friend for the end of the world, and it plays out like a cross between the wolf of wall street and magic mike, with a bit police have fired tear gas and water cannon, to disperse pro—democracy of a movie that nobody saw called protesters, who've gathered in central hong kong as three months dancing at the blue iguana, which was again about dancers but it of demonstrations show no approached them as characters first. sign of ending. this is very, very good in establishing all these characters, establishing
5:19 pm
the relationships between them, activists threw petrol and you see why it is they decide, bombs, built barricades, and damaged a subway station. "look, the people we are performing tens of thousands of people joined the protest, for, they're crooks. even though it had been banned. they caused the financial crisis. why should we not take them our reporter, nick beake, sent this update from the very noisy protests. for all they're worth?" so, there's a heist this is the 15th consecutive weekend movie built into it. of protests in hong kong. look at this. people decide, "look, this is the only thing we can do. if you thought things were dying we have to take desperate measures." down, they're simply not. this is the main government headquarters here and you can see a hardcore of protesters all dressed in black. they are attacking it it's a really interesting film once again wth bricks, with molotov cocktails. because it's not in any way leering the police have been or in any way sort of... responding with tear gas. and this is what happens. it's gritty, the life we have seen it time and again. there was a big rally early they lead is dark... on with lots of families involved absolutely. that was very peaceful, but it is really funny. but then it descends into this. the characters are very, very vibrant. you get the feeling this will go as i said, it's very, very well written and directed. on for a few more hours to come there is a terrific as they continue to attack the police, who so far central performance. have been holding back. the whole cast are pretty good, but it works because it's got a lot of chutzpah to it. a new storm has brought heavy rain it's a big, bold, brassy film, to the bahamas, almost two weeks but it has got real depth and it has after hurricane dorian claimed got real characters, at least 50 lives — and you really care and devastated the islands. about what happens to them.
5:20 pm
tropical storm humberto, and it's very funny is slowly moving north when it needs to be. and is expected to become ok, intriguing. a hurricane either tonight or tomorrow morning. it's a good week! emergency services say 1,300 people and best out is a classic re—release. midnight cowboy is 50 years old, which is a terrifying thought, remain missing across the bahamas. and so it's back on the big screen, it is a bfi reissue. a charity rescue ship has arrived this isjon voight and dustin hoffman, probably at the italian island of lampedusa, ca reer—best performances. after the country agreed to let it famously, the only american x—rated drop off 82 migrants movie to win best picture, although that's because the x rating picked up at sea. came to mean something else. it's the first time in several it's brilliant. months that the italian government an iconic score byjohn barry. a tale about a hustler and a con has allowed a migrant rescue vessel to dock. man who come together, and it's a strange most of those on—board will be taken buddy relationship. to other european countries, and it's so brilliant watching it with 2a of the migrants expected again, because the reason this film has endured is because you absolutely believe in those two characters. to remain in italy. you believe in the strange friendship that they have between each other, and moments prince william has praised like watching dustin hoffman walking across the road, the former wales rugby captain, nearly getting run down and banging gareth thomas, for revealing the taxi, saying, he's hiv positive. "i'm walking here!" which apparently was an ad lib the duke of cambridge tweeted — saying the sportsman was a "legend and now has become one of the most on the pitch and legend off it", movie lines of all time, and that he had the support so really well worth seeing back on the big screen. of the royal family. if you've never seen it in the cinema, go thomas, who once captained and see it on the big screen.
5:21 pm
the british and irish lions, and i was enjoying the period came out as gay at the end of his playing career. element of it and watching new york and its skyline, daniel davies reports. and i thought the two of them are just absolutely terrific. i'm still slightly i've got hiv, and it's ok, like. struggling with some of it, but there are things about it that is what i want to learn more than anything. i like. it's a secret he tried to keep to himself and those closest to him. ok, i think that long—lens photography — but now, gareth thomas they look like they are is telling the world. out on the streets. yes, true that. and for anyone that wants this is how he came to fame, to sit on the sofa... breaking records on the rugby pitch. i chose this for you. john wick 3: parabellum. thanks, mark! today, he is racing in the ultra i know you are a big keanu reeves fan, particularly endurance ironman wales triathlon, in the ultra—violent john wick series. he says, to help break here is the thing i would say the stigma of hiv. about this — think of it not as a violent action movie. a bbc documentary shows his think of it as a musical with well preparation, and his worry choreographed dance numbers that that his medical status would be just happen to involve people hitting each other. disclosed against his will. i think this is the best a huge hero in our family. of thejohn wick movies. really great action movies at their best are like musicals. one of my fears is that... it's all to do with choreography. keanu reeves, whatever one may think about him, that will kind of go, is a really good martial arts actor. and all of a sudden, who i was prior to people knowing
5:22 pm
i have hiv might be forgotten, he's very, very physical. i don't say this ironically. i think this is the best and that will potentially deter of the john wick series and you should definitely check it out. people from wanting to be associated i'm very busy watching downton abbey. thanks for the idea! enjoy your cinema—going, whatever or be around me. you decide to go and see this week. in fact, since early this morning, thanks for being with us on the film review. there's been huge support see you next time. for the as—year—old, bye— bye. who compared making this announcement to coming out as gay ten years ago. it is hugely significant for somebody with such hello, there. a high profile to talk with high pressure taking charge of our weather, about living with hiv. the coming week is looking like a settled one. medical advances means now someone there will be a good deal of dry weather, on effective treatment can away from the far north of scotland, have a normal life span, and really importantly, where there could be some rain they can't transmit at times, and plenty of autumnal the virus to their partners. sunshine to come with that as well. but the stigma associated with hiv we have seen some sunshine today, hasn't shifted at all. this photo sent in earlier by a weather watcher in devon. we have had a cold front thomas is one of an estimated 100,000 people in the uk splitting the uk in half, living with hiv. which has brought cloudier skies and some outbreaks of rain. he hopes his gruelling day will show those people should not be it is gradually slipping its way south, as we move limited by their condition. through tonight and into tomorrow. so, overnight tonight, we will see that cloud daniel davies, bbc news, tenby. and patchy outbreaks of rain gradually sliding south.
5:23 pm
behind it, some clearer spells, let's speak to alex sparrowhawk — he works for the hiv and sexual one or two showers i think for the far north of scotland. health charity the terrence higgins they could be fairly heavy. trust. but where we've got the cloud, we are going to hold alex is also living with hiv — onto the temperatures, temperatures staying he joins me via webcam in the double figures, from manchester. a much cooler feel to things under the clearer skies, with temperatures thank forjoining falling into the single figures. here's how it looks as we move thank for joining us. thank forjoining us. good evening. into monday, that cold front your sexuality is a private thing, gradually working its way south and east. but taking what has happening so, we start the day on monday with cloudier skies across central, forward , but taking what has happening southern england and wales, forward, but as the positive some patchy outbreaks m essa g es forward, but as the positive of rain and drizzle, brightening up across the north messages democrat message about the of wales, northern parts of the midlands and northern story said surrounding gareth thomas east anglia into the afternoon. behind that, some good spells casilla i think this really gives an of sunshine but again, opportunity to show the public that a scattering of showers hiv can happen anyone. but also, across the north of scotland, temperatures in the north that living with hiv can live a sitting in the low— to mid—teens, a much fresher normal life. and seeing gareth take feel in the south—east, pa rt normal life. and seeing gareth take part in the challenge today, for temperatures across the southern example, is kind of a testament to half of the uk sitting in the high teens, low 20s. that. the virus doesn't have to stop as we move into tuesday, high pressure still in charge, you doing anything, and it doesn't we have this warm front have to impact your life or your which topples its way career, your fitness or your health. across the north of that area area of high pressure.
5:24 pm
and we are really hoping that someone like gareth, with being in so, as we move through tuesday, a fairly fresh feel but into wednesday, we start to see the public eye and being someone who things warming up a touch. here's how it looks on tuesday — has a large following, will really there will be a good deal be able to share messages about life of dry and fine weather, with hiv in 2019. alex, you chart cloudier skies courtesy of that warm front across parts of northern ireland and western scotland. your experience on your twitter timeline. you talk about some rain pushing into the far appointments and various sexual north—west later in the day. temperatures sitting health appointments. how important is that? because at the moment, i again in the low— to mid—teens in the north, was looking at some of the getting into the low statistics, and there is a lot of 20s further south. emphasis being put on hiv and then as we move into the mid—week, we will start prevention. we've got a lot of tools to see the temperatures picking up a touch further, plenty of sunshine to come towards the end of the week, but we could see some mist and fog now to help prevent hiv. and one of to start the days. those, the biggest tool, is people bye— bye. like myself who are taking hiv treatment, which reduces the amount of the virus in our bodies, meaning we are unable to pass the virus to our sexual partners. so when i am attending a six—month clinic at the hospital, they are checking to ensure that the medication is still
5:25 pm
working, that my virus is remaining undetectable stop there kind of the fresher in the southeast with highs of 21 celsius. general monitoring that most people would have nowadays. the treatment is that effective, we only need to go to is that effective, we only need to gotoa is that effective, we only need to go to a clinic a couple times a year to get that checked out. talking about the myths and misconceptions about the myths and misconceptions about hiv from your own experience, what are those misconceptions, those myths that need busting? the biggest myths that need busting? the biggest myths around hiv transmission, there are still too many people who think you can get hiv from casual contact. from kissing, from hugging, orfrom sharing some household items like cutlery and plates. unfortunately those kinds of myths have been around since the 1980s, and we've not made any headway in combating that. we know from our own research it is -- that. we know from our own research it is —— that almost half the people would worry about dating someone with hiv, let alone have a
5:26 pm
relationship with them. and we really need to try and educate the public, and with someone like gareth talking openly about his status now, we really think it gives an opportunity to educate the public to ensure that they are aware of what is out there, and that living with hiv is not something to be afraid of. hopefully this will encourage people to get tested, as well. talking about encouraging more people and educating them — in 2018, there is a 6% decline in new hiv diagnoses. however, heterosexual men and those 50 and above are still very late with coming forward with those diagnoses. why is that, is it this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. ignorance or embarrassment?” the headlines at 6pm. those diagnoses. why is that, is it ignorance or embarrassment? i think it's a lot of different things in an overwhelming vote to scrap brexit without another referendum, combination. health professionals are quite aware that heterosexual in should the liberal democrats come men “— to power at the next election. are quite aware that heterosexual in men —— men avoid going to the
5:27 pm
doctor. it's not surprising there that is about us are one of the groups in that as liberal democrats. bracket of those most likely to be a we have believed from the beginning diagnosed late. it is really that this is a fight that we must carry on, important to test regularly if you are sexually active, we recommend because we can win it. you get tested at least once a year. the ex—prime minister accuses there's lots of different ways to do the present pm of only that now, it's notjust about backing leave in order to further his own political career. visiting a sexual health clinic. you can order a test online or at home the foreign secretary condemns in the privacy of your own house. the attacks on saudi oil sites, you can visit community centres, saying they're a reckless attempt to damage regional security organisations like the terrence and disrupt global supplies. higgins trust. there really lots of different ways to get tested now, and it's easy and quick. you can police in hong kong fire tear gas and water cannon to disperse find a result in minutes rather than waiting the two weeks i had to wait when i was testing for example. thank you very much. the clear—up operation is continuing, after parts of southern spain experienced some of the heaviest rainfall on record. six people have died. in murcia, soldiers have been helping local residents
5:28 pm
drain their flood—sticken homes and garages. and in almeria's cabo de gata, locals have been working together to restore homes and campsites wrecked by mud and flood water. simonjones reports. this is the dramatic moment a baby is rescued after the child's home became cut off by the rising water. others clung on for safety as emergency workers navigated the flooding. the force of the water can be seen here in alicante, cars simply swept away as the river burst its banks. the spanish prime minister flew over some of the affected areas. when he touched down, he promised support. translation: first of all, i want to express the support of the spanish government and, i would add, the whole of the spanish people, to those affected in valencia and murcia and other areas of spain. secondly, i want to express
5:29 pm
on behalf of the government our condolences to the families of those victims who unfortunately lost their lives in the past few days. thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. when they returned to survey the damage, it was all too much for some. translation: the force of the rain slowly became heavier. more of the running water came down and at one point it started rising to the level of the garden and up to the house. and, of course, there was a point where we decided to go up to the attic because we saw it was getting quite serious and we thought it would be best. the water levels remain dangerously high. for holiday—makers flying in, hoping for some spanish sunshine, at the airport there was chaos and confusion. because of the storms we got diverted to valencia and we were in valencia for what, how long? four hours. so we are now stuck here for another
5:30 pm
four hours so it's going to be eight hours in total. we don't how we're going to get to our apartment. but many here are relieved they escaped with their lives. the forecast may be improving but the clean—up operation won't be quick. simon jones, bbc news. a man has been stabbed to death in an attack on a street in north london. the 30—year—old was found with serious injuries in houndsfield road, edmonton, shortly after 20:10 bst on saturday. —— 8pm saturday evening. he died at the scene less than an hour later. a ao—year—old man has been arrested and remains in custody. police said efforts are continuing to formally identify the dead man. his family is yet to be informed. the church of scotland is suing a metal detectorist, who found a viking treasure trove, on land it owns, in dumfries and galloway five years ago. derek mclennan was paid almost £2 million by the museum of scotland — for the gold and silver
5:31 pm
items he unearthed. but the kirk argues it deserves a share. mr mclennan had been given permission by the church to search the area. coming up after the weather: we'll have all the latest sports news, including the developments in england and australia's final ashes test at the oval. now it's time for a look at the weather with lucy martin. hello there. a real contrast in temperatures today, with the northern half of the uk seeing some fairly fresh conditions, but the warmth holding on across the southern half of the uk. this cold front is the boundary line that brings some cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain. the fresher conditions behind gradually spreading south over the next 2a hours. so we see that cloud and patchy outbreaks of rain pushing south through this evening and overnight. behind it, some clearer spells and under the clear skies, we will see temperatures dipping away. further south, we've got the cloud where temperatures stay
5:32 pm
in the double figures. there's a risk of a few showers north of scotland. that will continue as we move into tomorrow — generally cloudy skies to begin with in central southern england and wales, with patchy outbreaks of rain and drizzle. brightening up across the north of wales, the midlands and east anglia, and brighter spells behind that, as well. temperatures tomorrow sitting in the low to mid teens across the north, but feeling noticeably 00:32:21,752 --> 2147483051:52:55,591 fresher in the southeast 2147483051:52:55,591 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 with highs of 21 celsius.
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