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tv   Outside Source  BBC News  September 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm BST

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hello, i'm nuala mcgovern, this is outside source. at a climate change summit of world leaders in new york — the un secretary general declares that "time is running out, but it's not too late". swedish campaigner greta thunberg also has her say , accusing leaders of failing the world's young people. hello, i'm nuala mcgovern, this is outside source. tonight at ten, the massive at a climate change summit of world i shouldn't be a peer. i should be operation to bring home thousands of tourists after leaders in new york, the collapse of thomas cook. the un secretary general declares backin that "time is running out, i shouldn't be a peer. i should be back in school on the other side of the company's fleet of planes the ocean. yet you all come to us but it's not too late" was grounded in the early swedish campaigner greta young people for hope. how dare you? hours of this morning, thunberg also has her say, accusing leaders of failing wrecking the holiday plans how of so many people. the uk launches its biggest absolutely just totally gutted, the world's young people. peacetime repatriation in history — with hundreds of thousands stranded we really are gutted. following the collapse of travel it's devastating, i shouldn't be up here. i should be company thomas cook. it's just like its legacy's gone. backin i shouldn't be up here. i should be back in school, on the other side of the ocean. yet, you all come to us we report from majorca, after a showdown at the labour party where thomas cook customers waited conference, the party for details of special flights backsjeremy corbyn — to take them back to the uk. young people for hope. how dare you! deciding not to adopt a formal position on brexit ahead us flight keeps getting changed, of a general election. the uk launches its biggest donald trump defends discussing peacetime repatriation in history, a political opponent from 20 to eight, with hundreds of thousands stranded with the president of ukraine. quarter past nine, midnight. following the collapse of travel the democrats say the phone call i can't do it, i want to go home! company thomas cook. could be tantamount to promoting donald trump defends discussing foreign interference a political opponent in the 2020 election. we'll be looking with the president of ukraine. at what led to the collapse and a gucci model who was made of one of the world's oldest
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the democrats say the phone call to wear a high—fashion travel companies, could be tantamount to promoting putting thousands ofjobs at risk. take on a straight—jacket stages also on the programme: foreign interference a protest at milan fashion week. in the 2020 election. that's all coming up and a gucci model who was made to wear a high—fashion take on a straightjacket stages a protest here on outside source. at milan fashion week. that's all coming up here on outside source. delegates at the labour party conference in brighton havejust voted to back their leader, the warnings on climate jeremy corbyn on brexit — change are stark. it means the party won't campaign global temperatures are up, to remain in the eu in the next sea levels are rising and scientists general election. say the signs and impacts of global the decision comes after a fierce debate over labour's brexit policy. warming are speeding up. our political editor the un secretary general, antonio guterres, has gathered world laura kuenssberg is there. leaders in new york, for a special summit where are we going now? on climate change. up these stairs. here's how he addressed them. yes, ok, let's go. we're going together. dear friends, there is where is he taking the labour party? a cost to everything. out of the european union but the biggest cost or to campaign now to stay? is doing nothing. are you confident that the party will be behind you on brexit? the biggest cost is subsidising you're shouting questions at people, it's quite rude, actually. a dying fossil fuel industry. jeremy corbyn‘s been surrounded
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by resistance to his plan to stay building more and more coal power plants and denying neutral until after an election. and emily's got a valid view what is plain as day. to express and others have a different view. it's been a torrid argument for the leadership to make that we are in a deep climate because millions of labour voters wanted to leave the eu, hole and, to get out, but the party's heart is remain. we must first stop digging. what's going on? the world meteorological organisation says the period between 2015 and 2019 was the warmest on record, and the amount of carbon dioxide i mean, you're saying that this going into the atmosphere during that time was up 20%. is an honest debate, but people are furious about what is happening. there's lots of emotion, last friday, as you probably know, no doubt about that. it's understandable, really, millions of people marched but i quite like that. i would rather people were honest in in the streets of cities about their emotions in all of this, but in expressing that emotion, across the world, calling for global at the end of the day, actually, i do think action to curb climate change. people will come together. are you proud of what the labour the friday climate strikes were started by 16—year—old swedish party is doing this week, environmental activist, all the skulduggery greta thunberg, this is her behind the scenes? sitting outside swedish i'm proud we're having an open and democratic debate. parliament last august — i really am, i really am. look, we're socialists and we're idealists, her such first protest — but also we have a propensity to and on the right, you can see plot every now and again, as well. what that event has become now. that's an admission that there this is what she said at the summit. is plotting going on? not at all. # 0h, jeremy corbyn, 0h, jeremy corbyn. the songs the same, but there is a new resistance to mr corbyn.
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the leadership had cooked up i shouldn't be up here. i should be back in school, an agreement with the big unions on the other side of the ocean. yet, you all come to us to stick to the line of not young people for hope. supporting leave how dare you! or remain right now. you have stolen my dreams and my the country needs to hear a united labour voice. childhood with your empty words. back that, back him, his ally urged. yet i am one of the lucky ones. people are suffering, i implore you, please, people are dying, givejeremy the support he needs later so that prime minister corbyn entire ecosystems are collapsing, we are in the beginning of a mass can lead us to a bright new dawn. extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of but the biggest union eternal economic growth. doesn't see it that way, how dare you. wanting to pick remain now. it's time to do the right thing, support a second referendum and campaign for remain. applause applause and cheers echoed applause. you are failing us. on the platform again and again. but young people are starting to understand labour is a remain party. your betrayal. remain, revolt, reform. the eyes of all future generations are upon you. and if you choose i know young people will hold to fail us, i say we their vote against us will never forgive you. unless we tell them that we will campaign to vote remain. i want to see jeremy corbyn in number ten and campaigning
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to remain is the way to do it and the only way to do it. and here she was later, solidarity! reacting to the appearance of one but hold on, you're watching a clamour over the control of this particular world leader. party, notjust the eu. donald trump was not expected we stand behind jeremy corbyn. to take part in the summit, ok, we need to support him, but he made an unscheduled we need to trust him and his team. brief appearance. we cannot tell brexit voters that they are stupid remember, he's a climate change sceptic, which may and that they are racist. explain the expression on the teenager's face. donald trump told reporters "i'm back your leader. a big believer in clean supportjeremy. air and clean water, applause and cheers and all countries should get together and do that, as time wore on, this was less and they should do it for themselves. and less about the eu, very, very important." more and more about loyalty about 60 world leaders are taking tojeremy corbyn. part in the summit called by antonio guterres. ok, that is clearly carried. he said countries could only speak at the summit if they came with action plans to cut carbon emissions. and in the last few moments the bid among those absent, to change his policy failed, brazil's president jair bolsonaro, under whose leadership the amazon not without protest, not without cries. this argument is not rainforest is continuing to burn at record rates, and australian prime minister scott over, not even close. morrison, whose government has pursued a pro—coal agenda. japan was also barred from taking the first minister of scotland has part over its support for coal. made her view clear on the vote. @nicolasturgeon ‘labour rejects a clear pro—remain position
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let's hear from some of the world and instead stays firmly perched on the brexit fence. an abdication of leadership.‘ leaders who were there. rob watson is at the labour conference in brighton and joins us live. has this vote solved the issue of brexit or prolonged it? action action action, we cannot leave young people into continuing to spend all of their fridays protesting. how are you seeing this? well, has we saw the emotion this morning. and we have to do everything it solved it? i'm not sure that it that is necessary. there is still work to do, let's do together. has but i think, in many ways, the germany is 1% of the bigger question is, will what labour global population. has done work? it is important to and stands for 2% of global emissions. remind ourselves and laura was just if each and everyone around explaining out there that the planet would act as we do it, global emissions would double and everyone is more essentially labour has decided not than to become an out and out anti brexit aware of what this means. so, by 2030, we want party so that it raises this to reduce our c02 question, and that is, is this a emissions by 55% compared totally smart move? a stroke of political genius or is it an act of to the base year political genius or is it an act of political suicide? because one way to look at it, britain is now a of 1990 and in 2050,
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we want to be climate neutral. i am pleased to let you know that country polarised entirely on remain oi’ country polarised entirely on remain or leave lines. it is not polarised tomorrow, we are going to inaugurate like it is to be so much in terms of the solar panels installed by india class, economics, age, geography, on the roof of the un building. stuff like that. those things are the time for talking is over. still important but on leave remain the world needs to act now. lines. so it is a bit like saying, you know, and a market where eve ryo ne you know, and a market where everyone wants to buy oranges or apples suddenlyjeremy called than labour party have sort of got a great fruit stand. i was not expecting that line, rob. some of the world leaders. laura trevelyan is at un headquarters in new york. i suppose i could have put it a iam i am curious what the reaction was different way but you see my point. to greta thunberg, visually that is why i said it is either a emotional and angry at those world stroke of genius or an act of com plete stroke of genius or an act of complete political madness but in a leaders? a whole range of emotions, country where, you know, people are either remain or leave your game to from admiring un diplomats who said have at a general election mr corbyn going along to be interviewed by she has achieved more in three weeks people like you, for goodness' sake, on this biggest issue of the day, mr than world leaders have achieved in 30 years, to others who found her a
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corbyn, facing the united kingdom, biggest since 1945, you leave or eu little bit chilling in her unflinching criticism of world remain and he will be selling well, leaders. also the talk of the town labour is neutral. that is not the only party that we is president donald trump who drop wa nt to by the climate summit. that is not the only party that we want to talk about. we also want to talk about the conservative party. interestingly, the former mayor of they have their worries. new york, the un special envoy for tomorrow morning at 10:30am local time the supreme court will deliver their verdict on whether borisjohnson acted within the law when he suspended climate change, sarcastically said parliament for five weeks in the run it was good to see the president up to brexit. there. of course, the us did not mrjohnson is in new york for the un speak here today at the summit so summit, so will hear the verdict the first and third biggest at 05:30am eastern time. polluters in the road did speak, our political editorjohn pienaar asked the prime minister what he would do if the uk's highest china and india, and made pledges. court found he misled but the us did not take place as the the queen. second biggest polluter. and of course this administration has rolled back on climate change and let us see what the justices say. withdrawn from the paris agreement so withdrawn from the paris agreement so there is an argument to be made about how much progress you can really made unless you have the worlds biggest polluters on board. with the pledges, how far are the but i repeat my point that i think world leaders willing to go? that is there are very good reasons for wanting to have a queen's speech... the question and all of these do you rule out resigning in those circumstances? climate groups who track the i'm going to wait and see what the judgment is,
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commitments of world leaders and but i want to stress that this is a government that fully industry have pointed out that, if respects the law and fully the world ones up by 1.5 celsius, respects the judiciary. but we also think that it is thatis the world ones up by 1.5 celsius, sensible for parliament that is the point at which to have its say, absolutely, and scientists in the latest un climate that is why there is ample time at report have said climate change may the end of october for be irreversible. and if they carry on at the current right, we will them to do just that. have warmed the world by three celsius by the end of the century. and groups who tracked the i thought that was an interesting commitments made by germany and other countries to phase out coal noncommittal answer from boris said that not enough has been done johnson on what he will do tomorrow to really make a significant if he was found to have misled the difference to the rate at which the queen. how are you reading it? can't world is warming. the un believe that you thought that answer secretary—general said there has been enough talk and it needs to be was noncommittal. that is entirely how i read it. i read something else about climate action. there was some into it as well which is a reminder, action, india for example, pledging a reminder of the extraordinary to do more on climate change. my times we live in that a british prime minister has to be asked other question, they can talk about whether the government attends to emissions but is anyone talking abide by the law. but anyway, to about adaptability? for example, what would happen to people's jobs move swiftly on, i mean, potentially this could be an absolutely kind of, if fossil fuels, they are you know, momentous occasion in the
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dramatically reduced within the whole brexit crisis. notjust in country. or is it still more those initial phases? i mean, iwould say terms of the brexit crisis but in that it initial phases? i mean, iwould say thatitis initial phases? i mean, iwould say that it is still at the initial terms of the brexit crisis but in terms of the brexit crisis but in terms of britain's constitutional phases and they —— there is still a arrangements. he was in charge? parliament of the prime minister? but here is the thing. let's say the big divide. between countries like court ruled against mrjohnson result is say they should have the tomorrow. then he would have both right to industrialise just as america has an countries cannot politically and personally an lecture other countries about their awkward situation. politically right not to have economic growth so awkward situation. politically awkward because, well, it would mean, wouldn't it? that politicians would quickly return to westminster thatis right not to have economic growth so that is very much on display still. and ask all sorts of awkward thank you so much. questions of his government and personally awkward because again, in normal times, mean the idea that the highest court in the land, effectively they have accused or the world's oldest tour operator thomas cook has collapsed after last found the prime minister guilty of minute efforts to get lying and misleading the queen and fresh funding failed. country. in normal times that would bea country. in normal times that would be a resignation matter. of course, 600,000 customers are affected and also thousands ofjobs what mrjohnson is hoping is that are at risk in britain and beyond. thejudges will what mrjohnson is hoping is that the judges will basically agree with right now, the biggest peacetime his government and that is, look, repatriation is under way. here's the last thomas cook flight all of this, the decision about how long to suspend parliament for, does touching down today. nothing to do with the law, it is all a question of policy.
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passengers who managed so we will have to wait and see on that one. i think you will have a to get a seat onboard long day tomorrow, rob. there is no were being brought into the uk, by staff expecting mute music on what weight might go, to lose theirjobs. legal scholars that are chiming in? thomas cook — whose i know something that is so roots go back to 1841 — unprecedented as you talk about. it went bust, after spending all sunday is one of those things. it is an absolute mug's game for someone like in talks with lenders me to tell you what way i think it to try to secure £200 million. is going to go and then be proved confirmation came on its website. wrong live on television tomorrow. that hasn't stop lots and lots of the message reads that thomas cook has ceased trading with immediate effect. lawyers and politicians speculating and here's the ceo, but of course, nobody knows. tune peter fankhauser. into bbc world news at 1030 london despite huge efforts, time tomorrow. thank you very much. over a number of months, and further intense negotiations in recent days, we have not been able to secure a deal to save our business. i know that this outcome let's move on to the united states. will be devastating to many us president donald trump has defended raising the subject of the former vice—president and his son on a phone call with ukraine's new president. people, and will cause a lot it's alleged mr trump asked volodymyr zelensky to investigate
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of anxiety, stress and disruption. joe biden and his son, hunter biden, who became a director the fall—out is enormous. at a ukrainian gas company in 2014. all thomas cook holidays have been joe biden could potentially be cancelled affecting, in total, 600,000 people worldwide. donald trump's democratic rival in next year's election. 150,000 of them are british holiday—makers who will be flown home on chartered flights. 22,000 jobs internationally at risk. 9000 are in the uk alone. and democrats say that if the president did ask mr zelensky to investigate him, it's tantamount to promoting foreign interference in the 2020 election. lots of pictures they say that impeachment may be the only way forward. to help explain this. but today president trump dismissed the allegations. let's take a look. thomas cook planes we had a perfect phone call are stuck on the ground with the president of ukraine. at airports across the world, everyone knows it is just a democrat most are not available to help witch hunt, here we go with the repatriation. again. they failed with russia, they failed some people only found with recession, they failed out their holidays were cancelled with everything. when they arrived at the airport. and now they are bringing this up. the one who has got this was gatwick, all the problem is biden. if you look at what biden did, biden did what check in desks closed. they would like to have me do, except it one problem, i didn't do some thomas cook employees it. were delivered the bad news what biden did is a disgrace, when they showed up to work. what his son did is a disgrace. it all began last week when us media
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reported that an intelligence here they lock the doors whistleblower had filed a complaint. for the last time at this it was over mr trump's office in nottingham. communications with a foreign leader and a "promise" that was allegedly made. the trump administration has blocked this was the scene in mallorca. the whistleblower complaint passengers trying to get home complained of long queues and disruptions. here's more from some being handed over to congress. but on sunday president trump admitted he had brought up the biden of the stranded travellers. family in his phone call. we had a great conversation. the thomas cook has not paid the hotel conversation i had was largely congratulatory, was largely all of as well, and they have warned us that they've not being paid, left in the dark. they have stopped coaches coming the corruption taking place. it was in and letting people go largely the fact that we don't want home. because they've not paid this money. oui’ largely the fact that we don't want our people like vice president biden i've already paid... has done, creating corruption yeah, we are absolutely gutted. already in the ukraine. we looked forward to this for a long time. by the time we get to our destination, we will have been up for 48 hours. sorry, it was a little noisy with a no sleep. helicopter in the background but so it will be ready for a holiday. addressing it saying that he did no wrong. the leaders of the us house of representatives, nanci pelosi has written to congress
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demanding the whistleblower report be handed over. she says: "this violation the uk's civil aviation authority is about our national security." is leading the repatriation, "if the administration persists dubbed "operation matterhorn". in blocking this whistleblower it has chartered 45jets from disclosing to congress to bring people home as far as central america and asia. a serious possible breach around 16,000 holiday—makers were booked to come back on monday, of constitutional duties and the caa is hoping most by the president," "they will be will arrive back in the coming hours. entering a grave new chapter it's set up this website of lawlessness which will take us specifically to help into a whole new stage stranded holiday—makers. of investigation." here's gary o'donoghue with what the democracts will do next. and they had this update today. if our customers, passengers, what is happening is they are coming have a flight booked out from the uk today, under enormous pressure from their unfortunately, your flight has own rank and file inside the house of representatives to push this been cancelled. so please don't go to the airport. towards impeachment proceedings. you know that the leadership there, if you are overseas on a thomas cook nancy pelosi has resisted that all holiday, then you can along. she thinks it is politically continue to enjoy your unwise and it would falter in the holiday, the caa is senate which has a republican a repatriation, this is the largest repatriations majority. she thinks it could since the second world war. backfire against the democrats but and we will be bringing home her and indeed some other key
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everybody back to the leading democrats, are striking a uk, as close as possible different tone over this particular to their return date. incident. one of them, adam shifter, we've launched a website, a dedicated website, that has head of the intelligence committee, got all the details said he thought we might have of those return flights on. this is a huge operation, crossed the rubicon on the question 150,000 people currently of impeachment now. so what they abroad. we've chartered over a0 aircraft have done a set a thursday deadline for details of this whistle—blowers and those aircraft are case to be released. it has been blocked up till now by the director already in position and in the next few hours, will start bringing passengers of national intelligence from being home. communicated to congress. congress, it's not just tourists led by the democrats in the house, hit by the collapse. hugely unhappy about that and greece's tourism association effectively they are giving a in crete has called it a thursday deadline before they start "magnitude 7 earthquake for the industry" that is like a "tsunami". reconsidering how to up the investigations they have gotten hand some businesses are worried already. and she mentions constitutional they might not be able to get their money back. duties. is that something that she feels he would have neglected? is that something that would be an in tunisia, the tourism minister impeachable offence? says thomas cook owes well, the test of impeachment is 60 million euros for stays in hotels what they call high crimes and there in the past two months. misdemeanours. that is pretty broad but i think if you are accused some hotels tried to stop tourists from leaving on sunday — unless they paid up.
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successfully of trying to encourage a foreign leader to interfere in one this was a video posted of your own elections, trying to get on social media. coaches there as you can see trying to get in to collect people to go to your main rival, in the presidential the airport to leave to go home. elections, smeared, then that would and management aren't allowing it. probably qualify if there was any evidence that that had happened. so high crimes and misdemeanours. if shouting. the evidence is there to back up something like that it would probably qualify. but, and it is a strange for those people. huge but, neverforget the unpaid bills are a big impeachment in this country is a concern in spain too. gavin lee is in mallorca. political process, it is a quasi legal process and the sense that it another impact to consider, goes to a vote and then there is a there are, as well as thomas cook affiliated hotels, thomas cook hotels on this trial in the senate. but it is island and the rest of the balearics a lwa ys trial in the senate. but it is always driven by the politics and and the canaries too, nancy pelosi is well aware of that and they are usually paid as anyone else. in arrears, sometimes six or nine weeks behind and they thank you. haven't been paid yet. so now they have to deal stay with us on outside source — still to come: the duke with customers still and duchess of sussex arrive in south africa at the start caring for on behalf of a 10 day tour — of thomas cook which have collapsed, there is meghan says as a woman of colour anxiety that some of those may not she's calling for an end be able to run that much longer. and here, well, the spanish politicians are saying this is the biggest to sexual violence.
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single tourism crisis to affect spain, 3.6 million passengers a year on thomas cook bookings alone. 3.2 million to the this week as part of a special balearics and canaries. project the bbc is taking a close look at one city — that is going to have a huge ripple effect, notjust in the stoke on trent — and talking to people there about the issues uk, and elsewhere in europe, that matter to them. today we're looking at how even but especially here in spain. the smallest charities are having a big impact on people's lives. this story is also rebecca wood reports. hi, mummy! playing out in china, it's really nice to be in this where thomas cook's biggest shareholder fosun family, because i get to help mummy international is based. a lot with her tablets. for six—year—old bethany and her twin sisters... the company had been is that the three? leading efforts to rescue thomas cook from bankruptcy — ..looking after mum is part of everyday life. when mummy bangs her head, and last month hammered out that normally sets off her seizures. a deal worth a staggering we just have to leave mummy. £900 million. but — it wasn't enough. when she is on the stairs here's robin brant in shanghai. and she falls, i always this is the home of the company that hold her so she doesn't fall. get changed, get her tablets, thomas cook hope would come to its help with a lot of things that rescue. a normal nine—year—old wouldn't have to do. fosun is a chinese anneka suffers from multiple conglomerate with tens of sclerosis and epilepsy. billions in assets, it's in the pharmaceuticals help from dad and daughters is life—saving. it's in banking and assurance, i'm so proud every and it's day of my daughters. also, of course, in holidays and leisure. i am their mum, i'm meant to be
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it had an interest in thomas cook for several years now, the one that cares for them, and it's been leading not them caring for me. caring for mum, on top efforts to try and buy of busy school days, means the girls need a break, and that's where a local rest of the company charity comes in. that it doesn't already own. it gives my children time effectively, a rescue operation. to not worry about mummy. that hasn't come to fruition they can go, they can play, they can do art. north staffs carers helped and at the moment, all 6,000 people last year. four years ago, the charity lost a bid for council funding, but support from volunteers we know is that fosun has told and other grants keeps the doors open. the french news agency afp it is disappointed about the collapse of thomas cook. now, fosun is a big private company here in china. we've had some disappointments it was interested in thomas cook obviously with funding, etc, because it wanted to try and bring the expertise of that company across my home city in terms of package tours to a of stoke—on—trent, there are more burgeoning domestic travel than 350 registered charities. many of them are small industry here in china. and they don't have many staff. they don't often make the national it may now decide it wants to buy up or cherry pick headlines and they have to fight for funding, parts of thomas cook but the work that they do that it doesn't already own and push ahead with in the local community does make a difference. the regardless of where the money business here, at the comes from, charities say they have to keep going, moment we don't know. for families like anneka's. i do need a lot more help, at the moment, all we know is that fosun, this massive chinese company, and without them, my children wouldn't be who they are. a company leading efforts to try and rescue thomas cook, it is we love you to the moon and back! disappointed at the collapse rebecca wood, bbc
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of the holiday giant. news, stoke—on—trent. the bbc understands the government was asked to fund a bailout of £250 million, but was denied. the transport secretary, this is outside source live grant shapps, defended the move from the bbc newsroom. on the today programme. our lead story is: i fear it would have kept them afloat for a very short period of a major un climate summit has opened in new york, time. with the swedish activist, greta thunberg, accusing world leaders of failing to act. and then we would have been back in the position of needing to repatriate people in any case. the problem the company had, as i think people realise, systemic issues to do at least seven children have been with the world travel which had killed and nearly 60 injured changed away from high street shops after a classroom collapsed to everyone looking online at a primary school and putting these things together, in the kenyan capital nairobi. you can follow more on that story on the bbc swahili service. had £1.7 billion of debt and putting iran says it's freed a british—registered oil tanker it seized two months ago. aside that governments aren't iran's revoutionary guards captured the stena impero, as it was sailing in the strait of hormuz, claiming it had typically in the business of running broken maritime rules. more on bbc persian. travel companies and the like, itjust was not, as i've heard suggested, a case of setting this money in, reorganising somehow israel's president is and hoping it would all work. trying to create a grand so what went wrong? coalition to govern israel, after last week's indecisive election. the company blames a series of he”s met both benjamin netanyahu problems for its dwindling profits —
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including political unrest and his main opponent benny gantz in holiday destinations like turkey, to try to avoid a third and last summer's heatwaves. election this year. this is how bad its finances were. earlier, the main israeli—arab party said mr gantz should be given the operator reported a staggering £1.5 billion loss a chance to form a new government. for the first half of this year. bbc arabic are monitoring that story. theo leggett offers lionel messi has been named player other explanations. it's a 178—year—old of the year at the fifa awards company, it was founded for a record sixth time, for temperance holidays after scoring 51 goals to the for barcelona last season. seaside years and years ago but megan rapinoe won the women's top the fact is the world has moved on. award after helping the us win the world cup title.more on bbc dot so whereas 20—30 years ago, it would be com commonplace for people to go into a shop in high street to go and book their holidays, book hotels and flights, hire car and all that sort a gucci model has staged a mental of thing, all in one health protest at milan fashion week go, never days, people after models were dressed can do all of that on the internet and probably find in a high—fashion take cheaper solutions as well. so in trying to compete on straightjackets as you can see in these images. with that, thomas cook has this is the model ayesha tan—jones, had to cut its prices but still has who held up their hands to pay for those expensive while on the catwalk to show high—street shops and that is one of the reasons, there are many the words "mental others, that is one of the reasons it has got into financial trouble. health is not fashion". the model identifies as non—binary stay with us on outside and so uses the pronoun they. this is a video that ayesha posted source, still to come. afterwards on instagram. will donald trump release
9:20 pm
the transcript of a phone call with the president of ukraine? many of ayesha's followers responded it's reported trump pressed him to the post and thanked them to open a corruption inquiry into his rivaljoe biden for speaking out saying and his son. it was a brave & we'll bring you up to date. meaningful thing to do. the model's instagram video was accompanied by these words: "as an artist and model who has experienced my own struggles working week to 32 hours, labour has promised with mental health, it is hurtful to reduce the average working week to 32 hours, and insensitive for a majorfashion with no loss of pay, if it wins power. the shadow chancellor also told house such as gucci the party conference he would ban to use this imagery zero—hours contracts. here's faisal islam. gucci's creative director, certainly radical sounding. alessandro michele responded by saying he'd been thinking about humanity and uniforms. he said " a uniform is something the business community that blocks and constrains you — that makes you anonymous. point out an example of a similar sounding policy, the straitjacket is the 35 hour week in france the highest type of uniform." for more on the reaction that did not work. to this protest here's they point to the idea that this the bbc‘s ellie costello. instead might lead to a rise in unemployment or freeze in wages and have some impact on labour—intensive public services there has been huge amounts of such as the nhs and social care. but this policy, the 32 hour week, isn't actually a cap. it is designed as a sort of target. supports for them on social media
9:21 pm
especially on their original instagram post. lots of people saying, you are my hero. thank you for doing this for us. you are so that if, on average — brave and so inspiring. there has we are on 37 hours now — we don't get to it, also been criticism from people who they will increase the amount are actually at the show, namely of holiday entitlement and pay. so radical, yes, but not quite from a model and actress who defended gucci and said that the as coercive as it first sounds. straight jacket concept was a provocative reminder of submission rather than a glamorisation of this is outside source live insanity. there have also been lots from the bbc newsroom. of comments on the instagram page our lead story. saying that if they wanted to a major un climate summit protest tha n saying that if they wanted to protest than they should have flatly has opened in new york, refused to have taken part in the with the swedish activist, greta thunberg, furiously accusing world leaders of failing to act. show and they should not have taken a fee. but gucci are no stranger to it is not so long ago that they were also caught up in, some might say, a similar reaction. it looks like a coup could be no, it is not, exactly. we had a on the cards at wework. black face scandal at the start of japan's soft bank, a major investor, is reportedly looking at ways the year was being sold by gucci, a to replace the chief executive. black balaclava styled jumper being it comes after the office space sold for $900 and it came up over provider postponed its stock market the face and then had read oversize listing last week, following luke warm investor interest and tumbling valuations. lips on the outside so you can
9:22 pm
vivienne nunis in new york. imagine the backlash to that item put up lots of people were saying it was blackface and gucci came straight out and apologised for that and they pulled it from their shops and they pulled it from their shops and from their website. it was after ellis a little bit about the story that incident when hired their first and why there is not more interest diversity manager because they wa nted diversity manager because they wanted to avoid offence like that ever happening again and ironically, in this particular initiative. —— tell us. basically, wework has been sunday night's show was the first show, first ready to wear show since that appointment is i think a lot people were expecting gucci to play it safe but this is gucci. and that dealing with a few problems. it just wasn't to be the case. ta kes dealing with a few problems. it takes out short—term leases and rent and thatjust wasn't to be the case. out that space. but a lot of people the duke and duchess of sussex have arrived in south africa having concerned that if the us goes for their first overseas royal visit into an economic downturn, that since their son archie was born in may. could be at risky business model. the family touched down in cape town people have also been worried that on a commerical british airways flight earlier today, their first stop on a 10—day after the business published their tour of southern africa. finances, it was clear how fast wework had been going through they both know this trip needs to be a success after recent missteps finances. $700 million in the first six months of this year, which concerned a lot of potential
9:23 pm
investors. the other worry is the conduct of the ceo who has raised we are outside a formal residential eyebrows with a few ideas such as area in cape town. in the past this was home to people of mixed copywriting the word we. people have heritage, former slaves, migrant workers, artisans is to live in been asking questions about his harmony until they were dispossessed of their land and forcibly removed contact and there is no pressure on by the apartheid government into one him to step aside. -- conduct. how of the areas that harry and megan have come to visit. they want to, easy would it be for them to get rid learn about that history but also to of him? he has a lot of the voting get to experience some of that rights? leaders and the way he has culture and rich heritage and that will be done in the form of sharing structured his company is that he still has the majority share of voting rights and could in fact fire of traditional meals which have been passed down to generations. earlier all of the board if you want to do. i don't think that would go down in the day they visited one of the very well with potential investors and at the moment, impressing most dangerous places in south africa. the township is considered investors is the aim of the game for the murder capital of the country and there they met with young people wework having shelved that ipo last and there they met with young people and try to find out what they were week. there is an interesting doing to try and cope with living in player, benchmark capital is one of the investors who has an history of an incredibly valid community but also learning about what skills they moving aside difficult ceos, have to adapt such as self—defence, learning about their rights and also the importance of tearing down stereotypes and fighting against including the ceo of uber. he was
9:24 pm
forced to step aside earlier in the year. perhaps we will see the same patriarchy. addressing the crowd, thing with wework. thank you so much the doctor said it was particularly important and inspiring for her as a for joining thing with wework. thank you so much forjoining us on outside source. person of colour to see the resilience of the people and to see what they're able to do with the the co—founder and first boss little means that they have at their disposal and she saying that is a of the streaming giant netflix, lesson that she wants to carry marc randolph has spoken to the bbc through and hope that message comes about how he felt leaving across through and hope that message comes a cross very through and hope that message comes across very strongly during their the company and finding a work—life balance. but he started with the early days, when he and his partner turned down visit. an offer from amazon's boss to buy netflix for $15 million. netflix wasn't making a reminder of our top story — any money at the time. the teenage campaigner, so, why say no? greta thunberg, has told world leaders her generation will never forgive them if they fail it was very early, perhaps only to combat climate change. three months into starting the company and when jeff bezos three months into starting the company and whenjeff bezos called and said come on up, you go. we were sure we knew what it was about, that dojoin us again do join us again tomorrow for he was interested in entering video. outside source. by. at the time it was only books, and we we re at the time it was only books, and we were his jump—start and he at the time it was only books, and we were hisjump—start and he made atan we were hisjump—start and he made at an offer. it was reasonably low. and as we flew back on the plane
9:25 pm
thinking about it, on one hand, it was so. . . very big differences in weather thinking about it, on one hand, it was so... reaffirming. but on the conditions this week and the reason other hand, we were looking at each other hand, we were looking at each other saying if we want to get out, we can, but do we? i am the luckiest is because of the jet stream. last week the jet stream meandered and quy we can, but do we? i am the luckiest guy you will live a meet. now i have buckle to the uk. a long way north of the uk. and it's allow this big left netflix i get a chance to pursue my passion, working with early—stage companies, i have time area of high pressure to dominate the scene. it's a plenty of with my family, i pursue the things sunshine, chilly nights but it did iam with my family, i pursue the things i am interested with my family, i pursue the things iam interested in. so, in many warm up towards the weekend as we ways, this was a tepid outcome for start to import air from france and me andi ways, this was a tepid outcome for me and i think the perfect outcome for netflix. culture springs not spain. this week the difference to the jet stream is that it will be from what you say or what you put in a pitch deck but how the founder firing straight towards the british isles across the atlantic and that street each other and their employees and how the act will be steering weather systems in themselves. at the very beginning, i our direction throughout much of this week. feeding spells of wet and windy weather. but with the wet and had a date night, every tuesday, 5pm windy weather. but with the wet and windy weather. but with the wet and windy weather and the air coming in from the south—west of the atlantic, shop. meeting, before five. have a night should be a lot milder. but it crisis? tell me on the way to my is going to be an unsettled story car. but that modelled to the whole for tuesday. a spell of very heavy company that i was serious when i saidi company that i was serious when i said i wanted people to have balance rain moving its way northwards and in their lives. it isn't easy but if eastwards. maybe some embedded you want it it is absolutely there. thunderstorms mist into that and then heavy showers popping up later
9:26 pm
in the day. maybe a little bit of sunshine here and there but mostly we will take a look at the stories cloudy skies and temperatures around the mid to high teens celsius. the in the next half—hour, i hope it will stay with us. on outside winds will be a feature particularly across the south—west towards the source. end of tuesday and into tuesday evening and overnight there is another little feature moving and bringing in gusts of 40—50 mph in good evening, thanks forjoining me. central and southern england. this could give rise to a little bit of global weather now. we will focus on europe and the 23rd of september disruption. on tuesday night heavy rain, may be some thundery showers, this year marks the start of strong winds in wales and the astronomical autumn, the time of the south—west and along the south coast year when we start to see bigger and 40-50 south—west and along the south coast 40—50 mph. for the north wind a bigger more intense low pressure little bit lighter but nowhere systems forming in the north particularly cold stop temperatures atla ntic in double figures for most of us. systems forming in the north atlantic with an increasing jet stream. you can see this is what is that feature continues to being wet happening right now. some of these low pressures here heading our way right now have the remnants of old and weather early on wednesday. eventually it will clear away and they will have this ridge of high pressure to settle things down on tropical storms in them. so yes, low wednesday afternoon. it starts off pressures a re tropical storms in them. so yes, low pressures are heading our way but it windy with showery bass across southern south—eastern areas. eventually it should clear away and is not particularly cold. in fact, as that ridge of high pressure builds and it should turn a little it is actually relatively warm. let's have a look at the forecast bit more settled. cloud across northern areas in the best of the
9:27 pm
for europe over the next few days. sunshine further south but the winds will ease down so it will be the top it is still unsettled, going warmer. 19 or 20 might be the high downhill across many western and put up the next day we have low northern parts of europe, this time of the year it is still very warm in pressure m oves put up the next day we have low pressure moves in on thursday so another spell of heavy rain thinning the mediterranean. temperatures in from west to east followed by the mediterranean. temperatures in the high 20s, close to 30 degrees. central and blustery showers and it tuesday, some showers breaking out will remain quite blustery, too. a across parts of the balkans. bit of sunshine around in beautiful weather for rome, temperatures ranging from the mid teens in the north to around the barcelona, some fine weather for high us to end the week so it will madrid, 26 degrees. and a relatively pleasa nt 23 madrid, 26 degrees. and a relatively pleasant 23 for lisbon. then we get continue to be breezy throughout into more northern climes, ireland, friday. further spells of heavy rain pitching into western areas after a bright start across central and the uk, southern parts of scandinavia, this time of year we eastern areas. it will turn wetter will start to see more and more as the day wears on. again, there's frequent weather fronts moving temperatures, high teens at bett through, bringing some outfits of rain. pretty cherry already in parts across the south, a bit cooler in of scandinavia, helsinki and the north. 14—16. low pressure still stockham, temperatures only around with us on saturday. tending to move out into the north. that will allow ten, 13 celsius. in fact, winds to pull down at the stockham, temperatures only around ten, 13 celsius. infact, in north—west. across the northern half stockham, temperatures only around ten, 13 celsius. in fact, in moscow, temperatures will be in single of the country so here it will feel figures, around seven celsius by cooler. 14 or 15 but again further wednesday. look how unsettled it is
9:28 pm
south sunshine and showers, here across north—western parts of temperature 17—19. this week is europe. these low pressures keep looking decidedly unsettled and heading our way, remember that big autumnal with areas of low pressure being spells of wet and windy jet stream, powerful jet stream weather. turning a bit cooler across sending these low pressures and weather fronts in direction. the north and be on the weekend into sending these low pressures and weatherfronts in direction. the mediterranean this time the year, the north and be on the weekend into the start of october some of the models are disagreeing on this. some still stays relatively fine. here is wa nt to models are disagreeing on this. some want to keep low pressure nearby but a selection of places. some weather there's high pressure could build in oi’ from the south—west. so that could a selection of places. some weather or early autumn beautiful weather continues in madrid and rome too, but paris and london, temperatures settle things down. you will have to will be in the high teens, low 20s. stay tuned to the forecast. keep 00:28:26,819 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 watching for the weekend. i mentioned tropical storms in our weather systems. there is a tropical storm in the caribbean at the moment. tropical storm karen, these are the lesser antilles in the caribbean, these are the greater antilles, the larger islands. a tropical storm heading in the direction of where to recall, the us virgin islands and the british virgin islands and the british virgin islands. —— puerto rico. they may well move northwards and actually get absorbed in ourjet strea m actually get absorbed in ourjet stream and head our way. he is the
9:29 pm
headline for the uk, and unsettled week ahead. if you want to find out what the weather will bring in the next week or so, the weather for the 00:29:08,160 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 week ahead is coming up.
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