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tv   The Briefing  BBC News  September 26, 2019 5:00am-5:31am BST

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you are fired. the problem with these claims is that they are just that, claims. yes, joe biden did call for the ukraine to sack its prosecutor general. but there is no evidence that that prosecutor this is the briefing. i'm ben bland. our top story: general was investigating biden ‘s impeachment proceedings son ‘s company. at the time there against donald trump gather pace. was widespread agreement that the his democratic rival, joe biden, man was an obstacle to the fight urges lawmakers to hold him to account for an alleged against corruption and needed to go. abuse of power. anticorruption activists like this come on. come on, then! woman have watched on as the biden story has gathered steam. hunter "shocking", "shameful" biden serving on the board of and "dangerous" — borisjohnson faces the fury of opposition mps, after his defiant return burisma company looks very bad. to the house of commons. and a dark world of child however, i have not noticed the slavery and prostitution — we report from bangladesh signs of conflict—of—interest in the and one of the world's largest licenced brothels. policies ofjoe biden when he was coming to the ukraine. he was tough on prosecutors who failed sam jackson: i'm always ready! investigating the company. so there alexa: showtime! is no evidence that suggests vice the relentless rise of alexa.
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amazon gives its digital assistant a massive push, president biden acted differently with a range of new gadgets because his son was on the board of and the voice of samuel ljackson! the ukrainian energy company?” because his son was on the board of the ukrainian energy company? i have not seen this evidence did i have seen not seen this evidence did i have seen the actions which show absolutely the contrary what happened. america 's next presidential election is still more a warm welcome to the programme, than one year away. expect to hear a briefing you on all you need to know in global news, lot more both true and false about business and sport. also in the programme, amazon has announced joe biden and the ukraine. that its virtual assistant alexa will soon be able to mimic the voice now it's time to get all the latest of the actor samuel ljackson and other celebrities. from the bbc sports centre. would that persuade you to have a smart speaker deivce? hello. i am mark edwards. here is would that persuade your thursday sports briefing. you to have a smart speaker device? we start with football and it's five or do the privacy issues worry you? out of five for inter milan tell us what you think. who regained top spot in italy's serie a. they beat lazio on wednesday to maintain their 100% start to the season. the only goal of the game was scored by danilo d'ambrosio mid—way through the first half. the most senior democrat in the us senate, it was the defender‘s chuck schumer, has called first goal of the season for the immediate release and the result takes inter two of the whistleblower complaint
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points clear ofjuventus at the top that's led to impeachment of the table. proceedings against president trump. in spain, real madrid's have gone top of la liga — courtesy of a 2—0 win over the unnamed official raised concerns newly—promoted osasuna. about a phone call between mr trump it was viniciusjunior who opened and ukraine's leader. the scoring with a brilliant curled effort from outside the box. mr trump asked his counterpart real madrid then had a goal ruled to set up a corruption investigation out by var before rodrygo made sure of the points with less than 20 into the democratic presidential candidate, joe biden, minutes to go — to maintain real‘s and his son. mr biden urged lawmakers to hold unbeaten start to the league. the president to account for his alleged abuse of power. well, well, well, what a result david willis reports at the rugby world cup. uruguay have pulled off the first big shock from washington. of this year's tournament injapan. they came from behind to beat fiji — it was a visibly wary donald trump running in three tries who took to the stage at the united to lead 24—12 at half—time. nations. his administration's the fijians rallied in the second half effo rts nations. his administration's efforts please buy a row back home and reduced the deficit to claim over an unusual telephone a losing bonus point. but uruguay, with the youngest squad conversation. the goal between mr in the competition holding on to win 30—27 — and claim trump and the president of ukraine, only their third ever victory in 12 world cup finals matches. volodymyr zelensky, injuly as you can imagine a lot of emotion from uruguayans after such trump and the president of ukraine, volodymyr zelensky, in july this year is supposed to form the basis a stunning result ofa year is supposed to form the basis of a whistleblower‘s report. it could lead to president trump's i am really proud of my country. impeachment. i fully support
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transparency on this whistleblower we are not the biggest, information even though it was we are not the tallest, but we came here to win. supposedly secondhand infestation, which is sort of interesting, and we are preparing this forfour years. other things have come out about the i'm really proud of my country. and also thanks for this city, it is really amazing this story whistleblower that i may be even more interesting. but also i insist that it has. england take on usa on transparency from joe biden and in their second match of the world cup with their coach eddiejones saying that "we're his son on the millions of dollars playing against 15 donald trumps — that have been quickly and easily "they're aggressive, taken out of ukraine and china. the brash and ready to take on the world". white house released a partial transcript of the conversation between the two leaders. in, and his opposite number, gary gold, saying the pressure is probably more president trump takes the unusual step of asking volodymyr zelensky on england than his united states team i say we pretty much don't for helping dishing the dirt on his have anything to lose, other than the rugby game. democratic opponentjoe biden. there we don't have anything to lose. isa democratic opponentjoe biden. there is a lot of talk aboutjoe biden‘s the expectations are quite low. nobody gives us a chance. son, that he stop the prosecutor and and conversely that puts pressure on a team like england, it will go through their mind. people want to find out about that. whatever you could do the attorney general would be great. democrats point to the fact that at the time maybe not for very long but it will go through their mind. what if, what of the conversation took place, the white house was refusing to release if?
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nearly $400 million in aid to you can get all the latest sports news at our website — ukraine. president trump has called that's but from me and the rest of the sport team, goodbye. the rela and a hoax. but the the duke and duchess of cambridge whistleblower complaint to congress will officially name the uk's new polar research ship might leave more questions for him after the naturalist sir david attenborough later. to answer. i found the allegations they'll attend a ceremony at the cammell laird shipyard in north—western england — deeply disturbing. i also found them and will bejoined by the famous broadcaster himself. here's rebecca morelle. very credible. i can understand why the inspector general found them credible, even without the benefit yet of the inspector general‘s full heading for the most remote parts of our planet. this 130 metre long pole the ship is almost complete. the rr analysis. the complaint was a very and certainly provides information for the committee to follow up with as sir david attenborough ready for other witnesses and documents. joe its royal ceremony today. the ships biden, on twitter, urged the house of representatives to do is job and we have at the moment are up to 30 yea rs we have at the moment are up to 30 years old. it is an extremely hold donald trump to account for his abuse of power. i think good phone advanced ship, certainly one of the most advanced ships in the world if not the most advanced. it has taken call. it was normal. we spoke about just three years to build this vessel. a million pieces of steel many things so... i think and you slotted into place. on board, the
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read it that nobody pushed me. tea m slotted into place. on board, the team is putting together the finishing touches for a ship ‘s meeting between president trump and size, everything is on a huge scale. my size, everything is on a huge scale. my primary role on board has been volodymyr zelensky, a decidedly bizarre event but donald trump has a painting internally and externally. fight on his hands and it is maybe just the start of a better battle over all it has taken 60,000 litres between the executive and of paint to paint the ship. which is legislative tranches of the us government. david willis, bbc news just mind—boggling, the amount that we have actually used. and what of there was outrage and fury in the house of commons as britain's prime minister boaty mcboatface? the name the faced parliament for the first time since his defeat public chose for the ship? well, he lives on in the form of a robotic in the uk's supreme court. yellow submarine. it will be deployed from the ship to the icd. boris johnson declared that the ii judges had been wrong to pronounce on a political question at a time of and this is how lisa david great national controversy. attenborough will look when the and he dismissed the pleas of mps exploration begins, breaking through ice up to one metre thick, the hope who've received death threats, urging him to moderate his use of words such as "surrender" is it will transform our understanding of the rapidly and "betrayal", to avoid inflaming changing poles. after the naming the country further. helen catt reports. ceremony today, the next step will be sea trials before it leaves for antarctica next year. as the prime minister prepared to stay with me on bbc news, i'll be
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back with the business briefing face mps, some were hoping for an in just a few moments. apology, others his resignation, others a milder tone. instead... we will talk more about the push by despite the fact that i followed the amazon for those new features on exact same process as my predecessors in calling a queen's their smart assistant including the speech, the supreme court was asked celebrity voices. i was asking whether that would convince you to to intervene in this process for the get one or whether you still have concerns about privacy. thank you first time. and it is absolutely no for your tweets. rick in touch to say it is scary —— scary to think disrespect to the judiciary to say i think the court was wrong to about privacy issue share more than we wa nt about privacy issue share more than we want and think we do. 20 says no, pronounce on what is essentially a ido we want and think we do. 20 says no, i do not have a spa sneaker —— smart political question. boris johnson issued a challenge to the speaker, i do not like snooping. opposition. you vote to sack me. they have until the house arises today to table a motion of no confidence in the government. come hello there. on, come on, then. and we can have that vote tomorrow. he's a speech and one settled run of weather is set to continue for the foreseeable. delighted some on his adventures. we have ran a time coming our way is
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applause for the next few days and some strong wind with weather systems . the snp seemed they might be you'd to wait their turn to move tempted to take up the offer. the across the country. looking at this opposition must unite to trigger a vote of no confidence to bring this area of cloud that will bring showers today to the north of this, chaotic government down. but in the this area of cloud will bring heavy rain across part of the country on end no party tabled a no—confidence vote. they will not throw boris friday and then spinning right the johnson out until they are sure a way across the other side of the atlantic, the juiciest bit of cloud deep area of low pressure will bring no—deal brexit can happen but that doesn't mean they think he is the wet and windy weather across parts mannerfor thejob. of the country just wet and windy weather across parts of the countryjust in time for the doesn't mean they think he is the weekend. rain a time sums up the manner for the job. this was ten minutes of bluster from a dangerous forecast for the next few days. at prime minister who thinks he is the moment there is a band —— band above the law. but in truth, mr of rain pushing eastwards and the wind will continue to strengthen, becoming gusty across southern and speaker, is not fit for the office western areas a mild start to the which he holds. after the debate, mp day, temperatures 11, 15 degrees and then through the rest of thursday, after mp expressed concern over the although we start off with rain language being used. words like across scotland and eastern england it will clear out to be followed by capitulation, surrender, betrayal. showers. though showers will come together and give lengthy spells of many of us in this play subject to death threats and abuse every single rain and further south and east
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day and let me tell the prime although there is still a risk of minister that they often quote his showers, there should be some big gaps between any downpours to allow words, surrender, betrayal, traitor, some sunny spells through. looking at the weather picture through and i, for one, am sick of it!|j thursday night you can see the showers continuing to feeding on the gusty south—westerly wind. the most think, mr speaker, i have to tell you, mr speaker, frequent showers across wales and think, mr speaker, i have to tell you, mrspeaker, i think, mr speaker, i have to tell you, mr speaker, i have to say, mr western areas of england, northern ireland and western scotland. the speaker, i have never heard such humbug in all i love. jo cox 's temperatures through the night, nine, 13 celsius, a texas into family contacted her she said about friday morning with another shower how distressed they were. today i for sure. this time showers are merged togetherfor have reported to the police a friend for sure. this time showers are merged together for longer spells of rain but looks most likely that will happen across england and wales so against my child, that has been high chance of seeing some hefty dismissed as humbug. mr speaker, downpours here and again it will be quite gusty. gusting around 30 or 40 this is a disgraceful state of mile an houraround quite gusty. gusting around 30 or 40 mile an hour around our coastal affairs. tension are only likely to hills in the south temperatures rise. helen catt, bbc news. tending to slump so it gets cooler. with me is iain anderson, the executive chairman of the cicero group. scotla nd tending to slump so it gets cooler. scotland and northern ireland, 14 or 15 celsius, 18 towards the south—east. through this weekend, that area of low pressure i showed we got used to over recent weeks and you on the satellite that was across the other side of the atlantic comes
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away. heavy rain and strong wind and months of every rowdiness, the angry extends of where the low goes is debates in the british parliament but even by those standards, that was an exceptional session we saw. uncertain, at the moment england and wales will have the heaviest rain this is at completely new levels. i and the strongest wind. have been watching the uk parliament for most of my professional life and the rancour, the angry nurse, this year sort of railing against each other that was going on in westminster yesterday, i mean, you feel like something has been unleashed as a result of that supreme courtjudgement. unleashed as a result of that supreme court judgement. it unleashed as a result of that supreme courtjudgement. it is about the fundamental issue of brexit but it has also become deeply personal. i think many of us just hope that the language can come down but, frankly, between now and the end of 0ctober frankly, between now and the end of october when i thinkjohnson doesn't really now need to get that brexit deal, i can only see it getting
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worse. you mentioned the language. we had some of the anger from these during the debate based on some of the death threats they have received, threats against their families, and they pointed to the fa ct families, and they pointed to the fact that the discourse has become very inflamed by the use of words that are emotive, like betrayal and surrender. the referendum campaign itself, 3.5 years ago, was very, very bitter but i think, we did not even hear the kind of language that we got in parliament yesterday at that time. parliament is stuck. the government is stuck. the government is saying this is a zombie government and it is desperate to get to a general election but it is a real challenge now for boris johnson, as prime minister. i do not thinkjeremy corbyn is going to let this is the business
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him get that until there is an briefing, i'm ben bland. extension to the exit process. if that happens, i think the language will only get worse and the feelings voice alexa: showtime. around our politics will only get i'm always ready! worse as well. —— brexit. the relentless rise of alexa. amazon gives its digital assistant a massive push, around our politics will only get worse as well. -- brexit. we will go with a range of new gadgets through more on that a little while and the voice of samuel ljackson! plus, economic cycle. later. high—tech exercise bike firm let's brief you on some of the other peloton joins the nasdaq, stories making the news: later, with a starting valuation of over $8 billion. saudi arabia has but are investors warned that all options, including a military response, remain possible after the attacks falling for the spin? on the kingdom's oil and on the markets: asian shares industry earlier this month. creep higher as the us and japan the minister of state for foreign affairs, sign a trade deal and president adel al—jubeir, told the bbc that trump hints there could soon be everyone was trying to avoid war, but iran would be held accountable. peace in the trade war with china. iran has denied involvement in the attacks. the australian prime minister scott morrison has defended his country's record on climate change in a speech at the un general assembly. he said australia was on track to meet its commitments on greenhouse gas emissions. just weeks after the great barrier reef‘s long term outlook was downgraded to "very poor", mr morrison said the area remained vibrant and resilient.
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a former fighter pilot from the united arab emirates has become the first arab astronaut on the international space station. hazzaa al—monsoori embraced his fellow crew when he arrived, smiling broadly, after a six—hour flight on a russian soyuz rocket. he'll spend eight days on board. a bbc investigation has found girls as young as 7 being groomed to sell themselves as prostitutes in one of the world's largest licenced brothels. prostitution is legal in some areas of bangladesh, but some women were forced into the life and started work when they were children. a charity is trying to help them escape, by offering schooling from the age of 5. 0ur education & family correspondent frankie mccamley has been finding out more. this is a dark world where the unimaginable happens to children.
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they're born into a life where sex is sold on every street corner, in a brothel that's so popular it's grown into a village, home to nearly 2,000 sex workers. train horn. a familiar noise at the end of the line, signalling the arrival of more customers. to get into the brothel, men must pay at the gates. anything else is extra. they line dance bars, drinking home—made alcohol, choosing the girl they want. it'll get busy later. it's clear many don't want us here. we can come in? one woman, though, says she will talk to me in a few minutes. we can't go in yet, we've just got to waitjust inside the door because the woman currently has a customer with her. when we do go in, her client hasn't left yet. the us$3 he spends includes lunch. her biggest concern is her daughter,
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she's now the same age this woman was when she started work. translation: my girl is growing up. i'm stuck here. but she has turned 11. how long has she got left before they take her? she's worried people in the brothel will force her daughter into prostitution. for the youngsters, this is their escape. save the children has set up schools to help break the cycle, integrating them with others from the area. translation: they would often put them through several forms of torture, beating them, verbally abusing them. they simply didn't know how to look after them. we are trying to change that scenario through counselling. these girls are both 13, they grew up in the brothel but managed to escape to a safe home. translation: i didn't eat deliberately, so i was too skinny to do the work.
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i knew the men preferred bigger girls. translation: when i was about seven or eight my mother brought many men into our home in the brothel. one man tried to do bad things to me. this member of staff secured a place when she was a child, but had to leave her seven—year—old friend behind. translation: she did not want to join in. one night her mother forcefully put a customer in her room. after he left she hanged herself. train horn. as new customers continue to arrive, the future of these projects is uncertain. the un says aid for education has dropped globally. police say there are also laws to protect young girls, but the reality is children are worth too much in this adult world. frankie mccamley, bbc news, daulatdia, in bangladesh.
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stay with us on bbc news, still to come: built to answer climate change's most pressing questions: the uk's new polar research ship — sir david attenborough — is set to be officially named. benjohnson, the fastest man on earth, is flying home to canada in disgrace. all the athletes should be clean going into the games. i'm just happy that justice is served. it is a simple fact that this morning, these people were in their homes. tonight, those homes have been burnt down by serbian soldiers and police. all the taliban positions along here have been strengthened, presumably in case the americans invade.
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it's no use having a secret service which cannot preserve its own secrets against the world, and so the british government has no option but to continue this action even after any adverse judgement in australia. concorde have crossed the atlantic faster than any plane ever before, breaking the record by six minutes. you're watching the briefing. our headlines: donald trump's democratic rival joe biden has stepped up calls britain's prime minister is facing the fury of opposition mps — after his defiant return to the house of commons. boris johnson's accused of using ‘shocking', ‘shameful‘ and ‘dangerous' language. donald trump's democratic rival joe biden has stepped up calls for president trump to be impeached, urging lawmakers to hold him to account for an alleged abuse of power. and let's get a different
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perspective on that story. at the heart of the phone call onjuly 25th were repeated requests from president trump for ukraine to open an investigation into the son of the former vice presidentjoe biden. president trump and his lawyer rudy giuliani have been openly claiming that the vice president intervened to get a prosecutor investigating his son sacked. 00:18:20,601 --> 2147483051:45:55,015 our ukraine correspondent 2147483051:45:55,015 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 jonah fisher reports from kiev.
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