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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 6, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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hello this is bbc news. the headlines... the worst serial rapist in british criminal history — reynhard sinaga — has been jailed for life and with a minimum term of 30 years. we believe there is over 190 victims that have been involved with sinaga, reynhard sinaga, and 70 of them are still to be identified, approximately. huge crowds gather in tehran to mourn the iranian general killed by us forces. the eu urges restraint as iran and the us make new threats against each other.
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the trial of the former hollywood harvey weinstein on charges of sexual assault gets underway in new york. any moment it will be sports day, but first and looking up at what is coming and. we will be looking at her working with the victims of reynhard sinaga. other burger king's plant —based whopper, we'll be talking to them about everything —— the vegan society with everything they can. and we will be talking to michael booker and a former labour party adviser. that is ahead on bbc
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news. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday(os) hello and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly. sibley the best — a first test century for dom sibley as england take control of the second test in south africa. we'll be live at the emirates ahead of the final game of the fa cup third round weekend, as arsenal host leeds united. and another manchester derby in the women's fa cup. we look ahead to the rest of the match ups from the fourth round draw. we will look back on the best of the action of the nfl wild card weekend. hello, good evening
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and welcome to the first monday sportsday of 2020. we've got a busy programme for you tonight as we look ahead to tonight's fa cup match at the emirates, but before that england's cricketers seem to have shaken off that winter bug. they've put themselves in a strong position to level the series in south africa, declaring on 391 for 8 to set the proteas a test record a38 to win. andy swiss was watching the action. under the shadow of table mountain, england found their own immovable object in the fast and flashy world of modern cricket, dom sibley is a throwback to more watchful times resuming on 85, he set about nudging towards a century will at the other end, ben stokes did but ben stokes does. between them, they were just south africa charter frustration. sto ked south africa charter frustration. stoked at his blistering best as he
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walloped the building to all corners of cape town, catching practice for the crowd in a spectacular 72 —— the bowling all corners of cape town. his triumph and tenacity putting england firmly in control. south africa's target, a massive 438, impossible, surely? but now it was england's turn to toil. removing dean elgar to the thinnest of edges and hamza to a rather more obvious one. they host 162 at the close and england are clear favourites, but a gripping final day is the only guarantee. what a day forjohn sibley. he said he was still trying to ta ke sibley. he said he was still trying to take in his first test century. this ground is amazing and to score a hundred here was, you know the
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atmosphere it was just stokes said to contain, enjoy it for a second. it simplyv to contain, enjoy it for a second. it simply v blah now, but i certainly enjoyed it at the time. meawhile, australia have completed a 3—0 series whitewash over new zealand in sydney. chasing an unlikely a21 to win, new zealand were reeling on 38 for 5 after ross taylor was dismissed, that after becoming the kiwis all time leading test run scorer. nathan lyon then sealed the win for the aussies, by taking his second five wicket haul of the match. staying with cricket, plenty of celebrities have backed the huge effort to raise money for people affected by the terrible bush fires in australia, and the australian legend shane warne is doing his bit by auctioning off his baggy green. the caps are stuff of australian sporting legend and it's expected to fetch an awful lot of money. the former england captain michael vaughan made a bid of $25,0000, but the current highest bid is just over $315,000. that's just over £165,000.
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remarkable. some news from tottenham this evening. they say they have found no evidence to support allegations of racism towards chelsea's antonio rudiger. play was stopped after the defender said he had monkey noises. spurs responded by launching a full investigation, alongside the police. the club has said that the metropolitan police have now exhausted all avenues of investigation. italian football has been plagued by racism and this weekend brescia stiker mario balotelli became the latest player to receive abuse during his sides defeat to lazio. balotelli said on social media — they should be ashamed of themselves. earlier, i asked european football writer & broadcaster nicky bandini what needs to happen to put
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an end to it. a big part of the issue is culture and it does speak to issues that italy has with racism outside the realm of that bill and when you look at some of the things that have happened in the last few weeks, for insta nce happened in the last few weeks, for instance the antiracism campaign that was fronted with three pictures done by an artist of monkeys, well intended, but massively misjudged in terms of visual and what message it was going to send out to have a bunch of journal is was going to send out to have a bunch ofjournal is coming together for the launch of a new antiracism campaign and be confronted with three pictures of monkeys on footballs. i think that some of that is, again, simple cultural, in particular generational, i would say, particularly older italians who have not considered racism in the same way it has good and a lot of other parts of the world. in this
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instance, lazio, have distanced themselves they have said this is a minority of fans. do you feel that the clubs are just washing the hands of it, that it is not their problem? i think different clubs have been different levels a re proactive i think different clubs have been different levels are proactive on this. you see some clubs like juventus who have been more aggressive in terms of targeting racism and the general elements that they do not want inside the stadium and making sure that they do not get into the stadium. the final game of the fa cup third round weekend sees the competition's most successful club arsenal take on leeds tonight. it's been a weekend of drama and no shortage of shocks — so will we see more of the same at the emirates tonight? our sports correspondentjoe wilson is pitchside for us. i must say, it is quite a mouth evening here in north london. we have just had a light drizzle which is leaving the pitch glowing green. alongside me as a man who looked
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young up and fit enough to be spending at to play here this evening. jermaine beckford, you have scored so many goals, especially for leeds united. i know you're part of bbc sport team tonight, but if you're in that late stressing, what would your mentality be? just to go out there, enjoy the occasion, nothing close, nothing to prove, just take it all in. this is a phenomenal stadium. —— if just take it all in. this is a phenomenalstadium. —— if you're just take it all in. this is a phenomenal stadium. —— if you're in that leads a dressing room? phenomenal stadium. —— if you're in that leads a dressing room7m phenomenal stadium. —— if you're in that leads a dressing room? it is a chance to prove themselves to a big audience, do you think? absolutely. absolutely everybody has been hearing about what leeds united are doing and they have won another game at the top of the lake. it is another opportunity to show everybody what they're about. —— top of the league. it does not matter what 11 are there, they'll play exactly the same type of football, apart from minor to skilful playmakers who are going to be rested today. i am itching to get there, to be honest. a fascinating
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contrast between the managers, arteta building his career for me, bielsa is the best signing of the user. what he has managed to achieve is phenomenal. he fell at the last hurdle, but he has learnt a lot of lessons from a season. about how much he can pretend each game, each and every game, and i'm really excited to see where this leads a united team are going to end up. we sat the weekend, especially with curtis jones for liverpool —— sat the weekend, especially with curtisjones for liverpool —— leeds united. you have memories of doing that, haven't you? you're trying to set me up here,. let's be livid. ten yea rs set me up here,. let's be livid. ten years ago, today days ago. -- let's relive it. the goal last night, the
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young byjones, relive it. the goal last night, the young by jones, unbelievable relive it. the goal last night, the young byjones, unbelievable finish. that is one of those moments that can ship his whole career if he channels everything in the right way. —— shape his own career. it happened to wayne rooney, his —— at a similarage and happened to wayne rooney, his —— at a similar age and the cats where he has ended up. —— a look at where he has ended up. —— a look at where he has ended up. it is live on bbc one. well, that game will be live on bbc one and the bbc sport website. coverage begins at 7.30pm. the fourth round draw will take place first at around 7.35pm, with the match kicking off at 7.56pm. we will be looking back at one of the talking points of the fa cup matches later. joining us on sports day, i will be speaking to the sheffield united supporter who unexpectedly went from plan to
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official. —— fan to official. the women's fa cup fourth round draw took place earlier this evening, with the holders manchester city set for a trip to local rivals manchester united in one of two all top flight ties. our reporterjo currie is here with more on this. the defending champions manchester city make a travelling not very far down the road to neighbours manchester united and this is a derby game, but it is also the only second time that these two teams have met. the press was on the opening day of the season, when manchester city hosted united at the etihad in front of £31,000. city 1—0 winners. this time at united will be hosting. the men are not home or playing at that we can we met see at old trafford. we will have to wait and see. the captain said she is not keen on playing in the background, but we will see. 11110 champions arsenal will be travelling to west
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ham. all will be taking place on the 26th of january until details are ham. all will be taking place on the 26th ofjanuary until details are on the bbc sports website. when italy became's biggest shocks, locket of crystal palace. michael oliver was the first referee to go to the var. it cannot be a coincidence that has not happened in the premier league. we have started in august, now not ones reverie has been to the pitch side. we are not saying that the referee should go there five or six times a referee should go there five or six timesa game, referee should go there five or six times a game, but in terms of making and getting the correct decision, and getting the correct decision, and his on field decision from the referee, i think it is key and hopefully that is the first of many. let's round up some of the day's other sports stories now. cristinao ronaldo scored his first hat—trick in the italian league this afternoon. the former world player of the year
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helped juventus to a 4 nil win over cagliari in series a. exeter have donated their share of saracens' fine for breaching the premiership salary cap to their charity foundation. the reigning english champions were fined over £5 million and docked 35 points after breaching salary cap rules. premiership clubs each received £350,000 of the fine. wales scrum half rhys webb looks like he's made his final appearance for the french side toulon. the club's owner says webb has shown a "dishonest attitude" over his move back to wales. webb will rejoin osprey‘s next season after being released early from his toulon contract forfamily reasons. johanna konta's out of the brisbane internataional after losing in straight sets to ba rbora strycova. konta has been struggling with a knee injury and will be looking to improve as she prepares for the australian open later this month.
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the number one seed wesley harms survived a scare to progress to the third round of the bdo world championship. he was taken to a decider by sweden's andreas harrison before winning the set by four legs to two. on to the nfl after a wild—card weekend that delivered on its name — setting up a divisional round for next weekend that looks very different than most people predicted. austin halewood is here to take us through the action. plenty of surprises — the biggest of all coming in new england. now, many casual fans of american football will know the new england patriots and their star player tom brady. they've been the most succesful team over the last decade, with brady perhaps the best quarter—back of all time. their stadium in foxborough has been the home of all of that but the patriots won't be going any further this season. the six—time super bowl champions were beaten on home soil by the tennesse titans. so brady won't be heading to the super bowl


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