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tv   Sport Today  BBC News  January 8, 2020 1:45am-2:01am GMT

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live from the bbc sport centre. coming up on this programme: half way there as manchester city put three past manchester united in the first leg of their league cup semi—final it's a classic in cape town as ben stokes leads england to victory in the second test against south africa. and the dakar rally continues with carlos sainz leading the way in the car category through the saudi arabian desert hello and welcome to the programme where we start with football news and holders manchester city will take a two goal lead into the second leg of the english league cup semi final later this month after they beat manchester united 3—1 at old trafford, and watching was the bbc‘s football correspondentjohn murray. after 45 minutes it look like this semi—final was nearly over. now, at the midway point of the tie, united
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are clinging on after marcus rashford scored the only goal. but city, tactical for rashford scored the only goal. but city, tacticalfor pep rashford scored the only goal. but city, tactical for pep guardiola. make united were all over the place as there was an own goal. they are still in it but onlyjust. manchester city manager pep guardiola expected his side's opponents to fight back despite being 3—0 down at half time. a good result tonight for us. very dangerous. hopefully our people, they can support us like manchester
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united and qualify again in the final. will let them play and our heads dropped. we make decisions we shouldn't and that half—time and i thought the half is a good response thought the half is a good response though it is a steep mountain to climb we have to climate. senegal‘s sadio mane has been named the confederation of african football's player of the year. the liverpool forward beat team—mate mohamed salah and manchester city's riyad mahrez to the award. mane helped the reds to win the champions league last season and scored 30 goals in all competitions. he has 15 so far this season with liverpool 13 points clear at the top of the premier league table. real madrid will take on valencia in saudi arabia on wednesday as a revamped version of the spanish super cup gets underway. zinedine zidane will be without karim benzema and gareth bale for the match injeddah while barcelona take on atletico madrid on thursday. previously the super cup featured the league winners against the cup winners. the new format features both copa
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del rey finalists and the remaining highest ranked teams in la liga that have not already qualified through the cup final. but, asjuan castro of spanish newspaper marca explains, there's still not total agreement. the fans are not happy because they want to watch the super cup in spain. i mean, it is a spanish competition so they want to watch it in spain. right now, the polemic is not so big, so high but, still, i mean, people do not want to go there also it is january, after christmas, people have no money. it is a very artificial competition because the super cup should be always in the beginning of the season. so you know, all these things are together and people, because of that, this reason do not travel to saudi arabia.
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onto cricket and there was a dramatic end to the second test between south africa and england in cape town on tuesday. england won by 189 runs in the final hour for a first victory at newlands since 1957. ben stokes proved the difference yet again taking the last three wickets in just over four overs helping to dismiss the hosts for 248. on debut pieter malan top scored with 84 from 288 balls for the proteas, who resisted until the end, with the four—match series level at 1—1 ahead of the third test starting at port elizabeth on the 16th of january. south africa's captain admits the better side won. the challenge that we had to our group last night and this morning was that we would fight with everything that we've got within us to try and make england do anything and everything to beat us and they have. they have thrown the kitchen sink at us and, just towards the end of the day, unfortunately there needed to be a loser, which has been a fantastic five days of test cricket, where both teams were on top in some sessions, and some sessions were on par, but probably for the majority
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of the test match england in were better than us. fast bowlerjames anderson could be a doubt for the third test after england's all—time leading wicket—taker struggled with a side injury, bowling only two overs after lunch. but captainjoe root was non—committal about the 37—year—old's chances. it's his side but, you know, it could bejust a little niggle. we'll have to wait and see. it could be a 24—48 hour thing, it could be something else so, until we have any more information, i think we just treat it as best we can and hopefully, fingers crossed, he is not another casualty of this tour. india won the second twenty20 match of their series against sri lanka in indore to go 1—0 up after the opener was washed out. india won the toss and sent sri lanka into bat limiting them to 142/9, before virat kohli helped lead his side to victory with an unbeaten 30. the third and final match is in pune on friday.
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while west indies have cruised to a 5—wicket victory over ireland in barbados to win the opening match of their three—game one day international series. the hosts reached the victory target of 181 with more than 16 overs remaining thanks to an unbeaten 99 from opener evin lewis, whose attempt to hit a six to win the match and reach a century at the same time saw the ball finishing agonisingly short and go for four runs instead of the maximum. the international shooting federation has welcomed a proposal to stage their competition in delhi rather than miss out on being included in birmingham's commonwealth games. the unprecedented idea has been put forward by india, who had threatened to boycott the games in two years' time after shooting was excluded. archery would also take place in india, both some months before the games in england. here's austin halewood to explain all. this really would be a ground—breaking move. one that we have never seen the likes of before. at the commonwealth games, birmingham 2022 announced the sports in that programme last year, and shooting and archery were not included. they have been involved in every games bar one since 1966
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but birmingham said they're focussed on trying to attract a younger and more diverse audience. these games are going to cost over $1 billion, as well, the most expensive event in the uk since the 2012 olympics. they are supposed to be an advert for britain post—brexit and an opportunity to facilitate trade deals. but india heard the news about shooting and archery and they threatened to pull out of the games in their entirety. and that's all because of their success in the two sports but particularly in shooting. in the last games in 2018, on the gold coast, india won 16 medals in shooting. but in the commonwealth games in total, they have won 134, 63 of those gold as well. so india have proposed that they host both of those events, some 6000 kilometres away from birmingham. now, the events would take place in either the capital, new delhi, or the city of chandigarh, four months before the actual games begin. and india have agreed to pay for the hosting of them, but obviously would create a whole host of logistical changes still. ones that a lot of federations previously, of course, wouldn't have planned for. however, christian schofield,
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who was the team leader for england shooting at the last commonwealth games, he told me it is manageable. i think we have seen other sporting events now that have taken place, sort of the european games where they had two venues — berlin and in glasgow, in scotland. so i think there is a precedent being set by that type of sporting event and we are also used to competing all over the world so i think these are not problems that are insurmountable. the change will be considered by the commonwealth games federation over the next few weeks. if it's accepted, it will be put to a full vote of all 71 member associationas. nothing is confirmed just yet but we should hear more in the next month or so.
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great britain secured their place in the quarter—finals of the atp cup, where they'll face hosts australia. dan evans secured a 6—2, 6—2 win over moldova's radu albot in sydney to seal their place in the last eight, and after belgium beat bulgaria 2—1, it meant great britain finished top of group c. world number five daniil medvedev sealed russia's spot in the quarter—finals by clinching victory over group d rivals norway. russia have won all their group ties, having already beaten italy and the united states. carlos sainz leads the way in the car category heading into wednesday's stage 4 of the dakar rally. the spaniard and his co—pilot lucas cruz recovered after being almost five minutes back in second overall at the end of stage two, with defending champion nasser al—attiyah finishing second in tuesday's third stage to move up to second overall.
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six games happening in the nba. the toronto raptors are up in the first quarter and the la lakers are hosting the new york nicks. well, the winds have been a real feature of the weather across northern parts of the uk, particularly scotland. still pretty blustery out there but not as windy as it has been. how about wednesday for most of us? well, there is both sunshine and rain in the forecast. so here is the big nature across our neck of the woods. there is a big picture just south of iceland, pushing still some clouds in our direction, and it looks as though it's going to be pretty cloudy across southern parts of the uk during the course of wednesday, but this is also where we have the milder air, so two areas of weather, really, across the uk on wednesday. the milder, cloudier weather in the south, and the more brisk weather with that fresher atlantic air across northern
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parts of the uk. and this is what it looks like through the early hours of the morning — even some snow showers there, across the hills of scotland, giving a little covering here and there. clearer spells across this central swathes of the uk, and then to the south we have got the cloudier, milder weather. you can see 12 degrees — that is the starting temperature in london early on wednesday. and wednesday's forecast itself so kind of three areas of weather. so we've got the cloudy and eventually wet weather reaching south—western parts of the uk. the bit in the middle here, in fact, from belfast, say, to liverpool, to around about yorkshire, some sunshine. and then we've got the stronger winds, some blustery showers there around western and north—western scotland, and that is how pretty much things continue as we go through the course of wednesday evening, but the rain in the south turns heavier, and it looks as though it will be raining all the way towards east anglia. now, thursday is giving us a bit of a headache in terms of what the weather is going to bring.
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it certainly looks like there will be some rain around. a real mix of weather. you can see that wet weather earlier in the morning, even some snow falling across the pennines and southern scotland. there could be some strong winds around as well but, at this stage, it looks as though probably the wintriest of the weather will be out in the channel and, actually, some of us may end up having some sunshine around on thursday. still mild in that southern south—eastern part of the country, 13, maybe 1a, but a lot colder there in scotland, only three, five degrees. we are fairly confident that friday is going to bring some sunshine. it should be for most of us a good end of the week, in terms of the weather. a lot of sunshine around, especially around england, but later on friday it does look as though it will start to turn wet and windy again across western scotland and northern ireland. that's a hint of things to come as we head into the weekend. if we look at the weather maps through the weekend, again, another big low pressure there, close to iceland, sending weather fronts in our direction so it does look as though, through the weekend into next week, it is going to be very changeable. bye— bye.
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welcome to bbc news. my name's mike embley. our top stories: iran launches a ballistic missile attack on a us air base in iraq. iranian tv says it was in revenge for the american killing of general soleimani. the pentagon says the missiles were launched from iran itself hitting two targets inside iraq. as the human toll rises in australia's bushfires, we hearfrom people trying to protect some of the country's precious wildlife from the disaster. facebook announces a ban on deepfake videos, but the policy stops short of prohibiting all doctored videos.


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