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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 22, 2020 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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and mark var eventually agreed and mark noble ended the argument, but leicester had the final word. it almost came from james maddison, but eventually peres finished things are, first with a penalty and then a measured finish. leicester backed their best. with their top four place looking more secure, manchester united's remains injeopardy. burnley had beaten leicester at the weekend and here they were looking to continue their good form. chris wood's smart effort got them started at old trafford. if that was well taken, jay rodriguez's goal was quite brilliant. perfect precision. manchester united supporters have seen enough this season to know when they have seen enough... a famous victory for burnley, united's frustration goes on. adam wild, bbc news. as for tottenham, they won their first league news. as for tottenham, they won theirfirst league game news. as for tottenham, they won their first league game of the year by beating norwich 2—1 at the
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totte n ha m by beating norwich 2—1 at the tottenham hotspur stadium. norwich were hoping to snatch a point after equalising but son struck ten minutes from time to be jose mourinho‘s side into sixth place. celtic still hold the slender lead over rangers at the top of the scottish premiership — both glasgow sides were in action this evening and both of them won. celtic were 3—1 winners at kilmarnock. there were goals for odsonne edouard in the first half before leigh griffths and then christopherjullien added to the scoreline for the champions in the second half. rangers won 1—0 at home to st mirren — they have a game in hand over celtic and are stilljust two points behind.
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premiership rugby will release the report into the club's breaches of the salary cap. saracens were given a five—minute pound fine and were told last week that they would be relegated from the premiership as a result —— £5 million fine. saracens say they are keen for the full report to be published while seven members of the england squad play with saracens, with the six nations beginning next week. the six nations championship begins next weekend and the captains and the coaches have been gathering here today but the biggest talking point in rugby is what has been happening at saracens, the english champions and the european champions, but relegated from the premiership after breaching the salary cap regulations. the england captain owen farrell is one of the key players for saracens so a lot of interest in what he had to say today and he was not very keen to talk about the issue but he said
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he would clear the air with his england team—mates by having open and honest discussions and he said he was saddened by what had happened. obviously disappointed, what has come of it, and i would like the club to come back from it, knowing how strong it is. in terms of details i'm not in a position to talk about it and obviously i'm here to get on with what is in front of us to get on with what is in front of us which is the exciting games with england and the six nations. the question for owen farrell is what does he do now? stay with saracens and play in the second tier of english rugby next season which would be pretty remarkable for the england captain? he said nothing is set in stone. in the short term, however, his focus will be on the six nations, england going into it as favourites after reaching the world cup final last year, but wales, remember, are the defending champions, and they get the
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tournament under way against italy in cardiff next saturday. good news and bad news for britain's tennis players on day 3 at the australian open. british number one, dan evans is out after losing to yoshi hito nishioka from japan. but heather watson produced a tremendous performance to beat the world number 64, kristina pliskova. well, our reporter, john watson has at melbourne park for us with the gb davis cup captain leon smith. disappointment for dan evans in what has been very blustery conditions here today and that has affected things for him. leon smith the davis cup captain is here, and he will be disappointed because he has played some great matches this year. very disappointing when you go out early ina grand disappointing when you go out early in a grand slam especially when you are ina in a grand slam especially when you are in a seated position but he will leave here having played the atp cup and adelaide and now here and he has played some great tennis and he is on the right path, getting a seeding
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here. his performances in the 80 —— atb cup were outstanding. he will be disappointed but onwards and upwards from here. his opponent is a tough left—handed player vince said afterwards he just felt he played the conditions better than he did. it is still blowing a gale behind us, unpredictable, it is not moving in one direction, it is changing all the time. maybe the match with dan eva ns, the time. maybe the match with dan evans, who plays very aggressive tennis, looking to come forwards. his opponent is a great counter puncher with a good defence and he played a really good match, so you have got to commend him at the same time. heather watson with an impressive performance to make it into the next round and she looks like she's enjoying her tennis. very good science from her, she is well inside the top 100 again, did well in hobart last week about some good
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victories, especially when you think about what is coming up. but today we talk about the tricky conditions, and one thing she has got, very good foot speed, so she was able to make last—second adjustments depending on where the wind was blowing and she has good hand skills and she was playing against a bigger hitter than her but she managed the game really well. very smart tactics, when it mattered, and it is great to see her confidence moving forward, really encouraging signs. leon smith, thanks forjoining us. tomorrow we will be reflecting on heather watson and she plays her big match tomorrow. england have beaten south africa 58—54 in their second match of the netball nations cup in birmingham. this was england's second match, having lost to world champions new zealand in their opening game of the four—team competition on sunday. england, who won bronze at the world cup in liverpool last
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year, playjamaica on saturday in a winner takes all match. jofra archer's been missing from england's last couple of tests with an elbow injury — although that's actually coincided with england's upturn in form in south africa. mark wood came in for the last match and bowled around 90mph.. england would love the option of a second bowler who can do the same. he's been stepping up his recovery in the nets today — and impressed assistant coach graham thorpe. he bowled well today, these speeds we re he bowled well today, these speeds were good, 6—7 overs, sojust getting his rhythm, and he suffered with his elbow in the last couple of weeks, but that pain is decreasing. on the evidence to date, that is good, and we will see how he backs it up again tomorrow. britain's chris froome will make his return to competitive cycling next month, at the uae tour, as he continues his recovery from career—threatening injuries suffered last summer.
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the four time tour de france winner broke his leg, hip and fractured ribs, when he crashed into a wall at high speed during a training ride at the criterium du dauphine in france last summer. and we'll leave you with this, as the british freestyle skier kirsty muir has won big air silver on the final day of competiton at the winter youth olympics. she's 15 and already a two—time world junior medallist. muir had finished fourth in the ski slopestyle final on saturday but delivered three impressive runs to finish narrowly out on gold. great britain now have six medals at the games in lusanne with muir one of the brits showing her flair on the slopes. here's her story. i started it's going when i was about three, on family holidays, i was about six or seven when i started freestyle. the freestyle
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slope is at aberdeen dry slopes beside the slope where i started skiing andi beside the slope where i started skiing and i saw lots of the kids doing that and that really inspired me andi doing that and that really inspired me and i wanted to try it. i always wa nted me and i wanted to try it. i always wanted to keep skiing and i wanted to keep improving and it kind of came along and i started doing competitions. i really like being in the airand on competitions. i really like being in the air and on the rails, i like being creative and making combos. for some people i guess it might be scary, but for me it is not scary, although it is at points, but i really like being in the air. whilst i'm out there i really enjoy it. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, it's the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are asa bennett, the telegraph's brexit commissioning editor and sienna rodgers the editor of the labour list website. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the independent leads with news that un experts want an "immediate investigation" into allegations saudi arabia's crown prince hacked amazon bossjeff bezos's phone. you'll see a picture of the late monty python star terryjones
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on the front of the metro. although there are no reported cases — they claim the coronavirus "may have arrived in the uk". the guardian also leads with thejeff bezos phone—hacking allegations, and carries the very smiley prince charles and greta thunberg in davos. cityam covers the trade tensions between the uk and united states — over the british government's new tax plans for tech firms. the story also dominates the times — as does another great picture of terryjones. the sun claims the deadly coronavirus may have already spread to the uk. they call it a "snake bug". let's start with the daily express because they have a totally different lead story, it is all about boris johnson, i different lead story, it is all about borisjohnson, i want to cut taxes. the perfect story for the front of the daily express, he thinks workers are at breaking point and where you have the ability to cut taxes he would like to cut taxes for lower paid people. it is
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actually taking from the people is pmqs, so this is the thing that he is doing, he does his regular pmqs and then at five bm on facebook people can't comment and he will get lots of positive reception there, he does his pmst —— at five o'clock on facebook, people can comment. it feeds into the thing about him avoiding scrutiny by doing this kind of thing, now he's making them newsworthy by talking about these newsworthy by talking about these new policies just through this rather than in the house of commons which is quite an approach. why do you think he will get a warm reception? i have seen the comments coming in and there are a lot of people who seem to be fans of his. they are watching his facebook page so they are watching his facebook page so they have got to be fans of his, really. i'm sure some of them have tried to ask interesting questions and he did take a range of teasers. this is the buy one and get one
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free, his approach, ranging from of this one on taxes where he hinted he would like to reward voters in labour constituencies that gave the tories their majority, and we look forward to the brexit budget in the spring to see what that means in practice. and, of course, the real thorny matter of what is a shampoo —— what thorny matter of what is a shampoo — — what kind thorny matter of what is a shampoo —— what kind of shampoo uses for his hair. he said it is blue and it comes in a bottle. twitter was lapping it up. this shows, given the rails downing street is picking with the westminster political journalists lobby, having them argue about who can come to briefings, this is the campaign of going on around, where people can get out what they want to say. what he wants
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to say. they are lapping it up. do you think these are going to be a forum for serious policy announcement? or just floating things out? probably the latter. i don't think he will go into enormous detail about serious things which mps from across the house would usually have very detailed criticisms of. these are quite populist policies let's being honest. it's about cutting taxes. he chooses that to discuss, notably. one of the stories across the front pages is the coronavirus and the sun newspaper is going quite heavy with this, world warflu. newspaper is going quite heavy with this, world war flu. yes, clearly this, world war flu. yes, clearly this virus which has origins in
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china, and authorities all over the world a re china, and authorities all over the world are trying to batten down the hatches. in the us you have passengers coming from the province being checked and those coming from the uk are reporting that they have been handed leaflets. how do authorities reacted to clamp down on this? currently up to 10,000 people are meant to be infected in china alone and the death toll has been about 17 and the origins are said to be from snakes. reminiscent to sars which happened a few years ago and that was said to be caused by bats, in the caves of china, so this is another animal respiratory problem. but given that thousands of people infected, it is noteworthy that tha n kfu lly infected, it is noteworthy that thankfully the fatality rate is only in the dozen or so, comparatively low. hopefully fingers crossed, the headlines should not be so


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