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tv   The Papers  BBC News  January 28, 2020 11:30pm-12:01am GMT

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and to be doing what he did in his 905, with such charm and wit and flair, i think, is truly amazing. and as the minute waltz fades away, once more it is my pleasure to welcome our many listeners... more than 50 years later, he was still in charge, never regretting that day more than 70 years ago when he swapped engineering for showbusiness. the entertainer and broadcaster, nicholas parsons, who's died at the age of 96. now it's time for the weather with louise lear hello. january 2020 for many has been pretty grey and white at times. some of us on tuesday morning were greeted to a winter wonderland, take a look at this beautiful weather
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watcher from for william. lots of snow. plenty of frequent showers being blown in and around this low pressure, affecting the far north either west. showers of rain primarily at lower levels as we went through the day. it did bring some snow weather to higher ground. pretty chilly as well on tuesday, a cold start to wednesday morning. still with some showers coming into the far north—west, worth bearing in mind we could have some ice around first thing. some difficult conditions on the roads, ice very hit and miss depending on whether showers have been. as we go through the day we will start to see more persistent rain pushing into the far north—west, affecting northern ireland, scotland and north—west england. some quite heavy, a good inch in places. isolated showers, particularly further west, but also dry sunny spells as well. as we move out of when state was thursday, rain continuing to push it away steadily
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northwards, a little more in the way of cloud around, a milder start to thursday morning. temperatures hovering around 5—8dc. thursday starting with rain, but a south—westerly flow will also dry milderair south—westerly flow will also dry milder air right across the uk as we go through the day. the yellow toes denoting temperatures just about where they should be for the time of year. we will have to keep an ion summary year. we will have to keep an ion summary pushing its way through the channel coast, wet weather still into the far north of scotland, sandwiched in between the two a channel of cloud, murky conditions first then come icloud together for a spot of drizzle, look at the highs. 9—13dc. out of thursday and friday, still under the influence of these frontal systems pushing from these frontal systems pushing from the atlantic. further wet and tight times with the weather, gales particularly on exposed north—west coast. that will bring rain on friday, so a wet and with the start of the day, rain slipping slowly south and east as we go through the
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afternoon. a trail of shows packing in behind. temperature setting above where they should be. a mild day on friday with highs for some at around 14 celsius. out of friday into saturday, rain easing, saturday looks like being a day of sunshine, mastery showers. we will start to his ch change. by saturday afternoon temperatures sitting between nine and i2 celsius. from saturday, we start to see an area of low pressure drifting away and high pressure potentially building. weather front moving out of the way, high moving in across the country for the early pa rt in across the country for the early part of next week. what that will do is move this milder air out of the way and we see it return to something a little more seasonal, colder, something we have not had yet this winter, the wind direction, from the north—east. that will feel pretty chilly on those exposed east
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coasts into next week. worth bearing in mind as we head towards the weekend eight will feel unsettled, mild, but next week from tuesday onwards, quieter, noticeably colder, particularly on long the east coast. more details when we them. take care. “— more details when we them. take care. —— when we get them. hello. this is bbc news. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment — first the headlines. the palestinian authority president rejects donald trump's middle east peace plan, which would see the creation of a palestinian state and jerusalem remaining the "undivided capital" of israel and here, the government says the chinese technology firm, huawei, can be involved in building the uk's 56 mobile network, despite strong objections from the white house. and as the coronavirus infects more people in china and beyond, british citizens are warned against all but essential travel to the whole of mainland china.
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the salary threshold for skilled migrants coming to britain should be lowered tojust over £25,500 a year, says a government—commissioned report. welcome tojust a minute! tributes are paid to nicholas parsons — chair of radio 4'sjust a minute for more than 50 years — who has died at the age of 96. hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the assistant editor for the new statesman, george eaton, and the former conservative pensions minister baroness ros altmann. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in.
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the metro leads with borisjohnson's decision to let chinese tech giant huawei help construct britain's new 56 network — despite fears it willput national security at risk and damage a post—brexit trade deal with the us. according to the ‘i' the tech director at gchq says the market was ‘broken' and that it was ‘crazy‘ that huawei was one of only three suppliers. the times says borisjohnson resisted opposition from his defence secretary in making his decision. the financial times says the trump administration has condemned boris johnson's decision, but stopped short of threatening any direct retaliation. the daily telegraph reports that borisjohnson has moved to heal the rift with the us over huawei by telling donald trump he would never again allow britain to become reliant on chinese technology. the guardian focuses on donald trump unveiling his vision for middle east peace, in a white house launch, that they say gifted israel a wishlist of its long—held demands while promising palestinians
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a potential "state" but with severe restrictions. the daily mail quotes the chairman of the police federation, saying ‘smart‘ motorways are death traps and their £6 billion rollout should be brought to a halt. and according to the daily express, a furious prince andrew is bewildered at claims that he is refusing to co—operate with the fbi over thejeffrey epstein case. that is a quick trot through the front pages. let's look at them and more detail. starting with the guardian. talk us through the lead story on the trump plan for the middle east. trump has unveiled a plan to try and have a new peace agreement in the middle east between israel and the palestinians. a two state solution with israel getting a
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lot of the things that it has wanted, part of jerusalem lot of the things that it has wanted, part ofjerusalem being promised is the capital for the palestinian state start but the palestinians and many others have already condemned this as favouring israel rather than the palestinians. it will be interesting to see how this develops, because i do think that the president of the palestinian authority is somebody who could potentially broker a peace deal, if you can get how mass to offer their support. at the moment the palestinians are very much split, so although the palestinian authority often would have liked to have made peace, it has been undermined by the activities from gaza with the tunnels into israel and the rockets and missiles that have killed israeli civilians, which isa
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have killed israeli civilians, which is a complete deal—breaker for the israelis. even here it is offering the palestinians a potential state, but with restrictions, it cannot have an army adagio will have a role in security. what trump is trying to do is offer economic development in exchange for peace, so that the palestinians feel that it is worth making peace, because at the moment they have very difficult lives. talking of deal breakers, they have a red box on the bottom of the garden, saying jerusalem is not for sale, all our rights are not for sale. which is from the leader of the palestinian authority. yes, unsurprising that he has taken such a strong line against theirs, because there are already those on the palestinian side who do not see him is tough enough. if peace is to ever be achieved, it has to be a deal that will be viewed as credible
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by the palestinian side. and that he can sell to his people. there is no prospect of that, because the three conditions which throughout the long and fraught conflict, the palestinian have always demanded, the right to return of palestinian refugees, the establishment of viable palestinian state, and sovereignty over jerusalem shared, and donald trump has rejected all of those add this unfortunately is not a plan for peace but a plan for continued conflict. no us president has managed to gps in the middle east, and on the base of theirs, i think we can safely say donald trump not be the first. as you were talking, we got a line of copy coming in from the news agency saying the saudi king has affirmed steadfast support for palestinian rights. so there isn't a sign of a
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huge momentum behind the dealfrom the arab states. no, and there is a suspicion that this is timed to help netanyahu suspicion that this is timed to help neta nyahu with his suspicion that this is timed to help netanyahu with his election coming up. i don't know, clearly trump and netanyahu up. i don't know, clearly trump and neta nyahu have up. i don't know, clearly trump and netanyahu have been very close. and they have got on really well. a lot of israelis are not happy with netanyahu of israelis are not happy with neta nyahu and he of israelis are not happy with netanyahu and he may well be struggling to try and remain in office, in which case, if there is new leadership in israel, you may find that this is all soft and this isa find that this is all soft and this is a static position rather than a realistic expectation that this is likely what will happen. before we leave the front page of the guardian, let's have a look, interesting the different takes on the huawei story. the guardian leading with the idea that boris johnson has averted a full—blown confrontation. yes, and that
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headline reflects the concessions that borisjohnson has made to critics of huawei, saying they will not be involved in the core of 5g, it will be restricted to infrastructure such as masters, their market share will be capped at 35%. so he has promised to try and work with different companies in the future, but it should be said this does not appease everyone. there are those on the right of his party who argue, if huawei is being lit as high—res, white we taking any risk at all? they say luca china, authoritarian leadership, they have abolished term limits, and to them this seems like dangerous territory to be getting into. —— they say look at china. i think it would be dangerous for any prime minister, the reality is if you want the uk to advise in superfast broadband, we
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are a light guard in that world, trailing companies that countries such as others in europe, you cannot do without huawei. which is interesting, that the chinese are in the lead. the chinese have subsidised this heavily, so they are offering something at a price which never deals can match. there are a couple of other suppliers but we have already dealt with them and borisjohnson has said, who else is there? he absolutely and rightly wa nts to there? he absolutely and rightly wants to make sure that britain is at the forefront of leading technologies will stop he is offering to make sure that huawei operations do not go anywhere into sensitive sites, nuclear and military facilities, for example, and are only periphery tech rather than core. but there are plenty of people on the right within his party
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and within the states who are really angry and do not want any of this. looking at the front page of the times, one of them seems to be, according to the times, his very own defence secretary. yes, not only him but i think a number of the hard brexit is, as it were, who have come out very strongly in favour of what the us want, and against what the prime minister has actually decided. —— hard brexiteers. but he seems to have got them onside, pretty patel is onside, dominic raab is on—site. whether it has to do with the cabinet reshuffle in the next couple of weeks, i don't know. one could speculate. at the end of the day, borisjohnson has shown that he is willing to face down some of these critics, which is good news. and he is also willing to make difficult
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decisions, and not just. .. is also willing to make difficult decisions, and notjust... not sitting on the fence, that would be not a sensible option. you cannot please everyone, he has tried to walk this tightrope, and so far, it is early days, but i think he has got cabinet unity, the public generally feeling we do want to better technology, and we want to have a leading company, country in the world in this area, and we have to trust that he knows what he is doing and the security services who cleared this and say they can deal with the risks actually can. take as to the other china story on the front page of the time. a china front page of the time. a china front page. that the uk foreign office is now advising british citizens not to travel to may lead china unless essential. this is quite a dramatic example, normally restriction such as this only apply
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to waras are restriction such as this only apply to war as are countries affected by terrorism, and of course this will disrupt people's holiday plans, business plans, and that has applications for the global economy. it has been the case since the 2008 crash, when growth has not been a strong and the us and europe as previous, that china's continual expansion has helped prop up global growth. it remains to be seen how serious this epidemic will be. china is now moving fairly swiftly, clearly building these huge new hospitals, having been accused of reacting to slowly, scientists say that lessons have been learned from previous epidemics. but this is an understandable cautionary measure, and all the government can hope for and all the government can hope for and we can hope for is devices not as severe as some and we can hope for is devices not as severe as some fear. and we can hope for is devices not as severe as some fear. this is going to mean quite a lot of disruption for people. let's not forget that the enormous disruption
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forget that the enormous disruption for the chinese public. china has put into quarantine 50 million people in 17 cities. that is a mind—boggling... people in 17 cities. that is a mind—boggling. .. almost the people in 17 cities. that is a mind—boggling... almost the entire publishing of the uk have been put into quarantine over there. and of course 600,000 people from this country visit china every year. if they go now, they will not be covered by insurers, so effectively they are not going to go, given the risks that exist. brits over there who want to be evacuated, they want to come back, and we still don't actually know what the full scale of the problem we are dealing with actually is. people who died from theirs, would they have died from a normal flu theirs, would they have died from a normalflu or is theirs, would they have died from a normal flu or is there something specific about the virus? how has it spread? what is the incubation? it is right that we are taking precautions. it could be that countries like america will start to ban travel to china as well. that will be serious. there have been
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suggesting is that the united states are think about stopping off twice to china. a lot of people would suggest that might be a over—the—top, but we don't know. suggest that might be a over-the-top, but we don't know. we are in uncharted territory. before we leave the front page of the times, middle—class pupils will be squeezed out of oxbridge. yes, this is concern expressed by private schools and others that in order to meet their targets on improving access for students from working class groups, but are class pupils will be squeezed out. you could flip that headline around and some would argue pressure groups and others, certainly those from working—class areas, that working class peeps are being squeezed out at the moment. some universities, bristol for instance, make great use of their data, so not just instance, make great use of their data, so notjust looking instance, make great use of their data, so not just looking at students at amed about their potential, statistics show that when
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working class pupils get into oxbridge and the top universities they often overtake their middle—class are privately educated peers. politically, this is always going to be a slightly fraught debate, but you can understand from the universities' perspective, these targets are set and they were a condition of the big increase in university tuition fees from the thousand to 9000. they are getting more funding. at the moment, there has been a distinct lack of progress. i think what some of the schools representing middle—class pupils who might be squeezed out, as perhaps we could encourage them to increase the number of places they take. so that you are overall benefiting the population, notjust penalising one group at the expense of another. but the targets that they have set for the next five yea rs a re they have set for the next five years are quite demanding. instead
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of 14 to one... do they ever meet their targets? they have been trying for yea rs their targets? they have been trying for years i'd have made progress. but not fast enough for what might well be seen as a country that is trying to level up and make sure... it isa trying to level up and make sure... it is a one nation type of policy that does not mean just because you are ina that does not mean just because you are in a particular social class that you lose out on the opportunities in life. financial times, tracked investors, who would like to take is to? this is bad news for the 300,000 uk savers who have been trapped in the fun since it was suspended, 20% loss. this is at a time when savers have had a tough decade. record low interest rates. monetary policy so loose. those who are dependent on savings have found
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it much harder to maintain their living standards. this period was meant to be an emergency response to the crisis but it has become normalised. when you do invest a find like this, 20% loss, it is hard not to feel some something. find like this, 20% loss, it is hard not to feel some somethingm find like this, 20% loss, it is hard not to feel some something. it is potentially worse than the 20% loss. it is at least 20%. they have realised about the quarters of the portfolio, probably the easier one, easier assets to sell, but what is really particularly a problem, and i don't think the retail management industry has yet twigged the scale of the issue, this was their most high profile, most trusted manager who had done brilliantly for years, got the small investors in there, and nobody seems to have warned them that this risk of the fund they were holding had changed. as opposed to be regulated, it is supposed to be safer than the normal high—risk
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funds. and yet here they are, denied access to their money sincejune. evenif access to their money sincejune. even if they need that money desperately, they cannot get a penny. and they have been paying fees on that money all the way through, which kind of sticks in the craw to many people. who trusted the managers to manage the fund. sometimes managers do not make the right calls. but there has been no effort on the part of the manager to show that these people trusted them with their money, they may be difficult to back. once bitten, twice shy. that's it for the papers tonight. don't forget you can see the front pages of the papers online on the bbc news website. it's all there for you, seven days a week, at — and if you miss the programme any evening, you can watch it later on bbc iplayer. thank you, george eaton and ros altmann. goodbye.
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lam i am holly hamilton with your latest post use. after five days of fa cup games, tonight was the turn of the league cup, at what a night it was at villa park. the second leg of their semifinal with leicester city. it was matt target who was on target for the home side, opening at the scoring early into the first half to ta ke scoring early into the first half to take him a step closer to wembley. leicester were not letting go of this easily. collect, just as he did in the first leg, made at 1—1. just when it looked like it would be going to penalties, three minutes into injury time, trace a gay peals of the leicester defence, first—time beauty into the bottom right corner. aston villa back into their first
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cup final aston villa back into their first cupfinal in aston villa back into their first cup final in ten years. they will now face manchester united or manchester city in the final at wembley on the 1st of march. more scottish cup action, the fourth round replay between hibs and dundee utd, and christian deutch hat—trick helped hibs to the 4—2 when, setting up helped hibs to the 4—2 when, setting upa helped hibs to the 4—2 when, setting up a last helped hibs to the 4—2 when, setting upa last16 helped hibs to the 4—2 when, setting up a last 16 tie with bse glasgow. elsewhere ligue one side falkirk will face hearts after beating chime ship visitors are 2—0. a former by ship visitors are 2—0. a former rugby union star, is your full eye who, who was sacked by rugby australia for making homophobic comments, has signed a one—year deal with super league side catalan dragons. the league say it was a difficult decision to allow him to play, but they cannot prevent him because he has not been found guilty of any because he has not been found guilty ofany criminal because he has not been found guilty of any criminal offence. super league boss says he is disappointed and applaud his comments. the player says he will keep his religious police private. in response to the
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signing, wigan warriors say they match against dragons will be a pride day in support of lgbt groups. keegan harris plays for chap shipside halifax, the first openly 93v shipside halifax, the first openly gay mgby shipside halifax, the first openly gay rugby league player posted this on to his social media. he says... tennis australia says that martina navratilova and john mcenroe have breached two and protocols after they staged a protest calling for they staged a protest calling for the margaret court arena to be renamed. the court who has the record for most grand slam titles singles has been criticised for her homophobic views. navratilova says she wants a conversation about the renaming of the court to move forward. ijust feel that
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renaming of the court to move forward. i just feel that the conversation had stopped. i thought we got it going a couple of years ago andi we got it going a couple of years ago and i thought tennis australia would do something, they otherwise than make the decisions. but nothing has happened and they keep doubling down. into milan have completed the signing of christian eriksen from totte n ha m signing of christian eriksen from tottenham for a fee of around £17 million. the midfielder had already agreed personal terms with the italian club who are second in syria and he was all smiles earlier after signing the contract until 2024. meanwhile tottenham have made midfielder loan move permanent. england bowler stuart broad has been fired 15% of his match fee for swearing at the south africa captain during the fourth test in johannesburg. the pair were involved any further tetchy exchange yesterday with england on their way to victory to seal the series 3—1.
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broad has also been given a demerit point for the incident, deemed to be a breach of the icc‘s code of conduct. you confide more on the website, including the latest from the australian open. there is more from you throughout the evening. good night. temperatures are set to climb after walk for some of us has been a brief taste of winter. there is still some snow lying around over some of the high ground, moisture at lower levels, so still the potential for some ice during wednesday morning which could cause travel problems. temps are starting the day around freezing, below freezing across some parts of scotland. starting the day under the influence ofa starting the day under the influence of a very weak ridge of high pressure. a dump in the isobars. some dry weather to be had, this frontal system introducing rain into the northern half of the uk.
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starting still with showers for northern eglinton scotland, some wintry of a high ground, and the rain pushes in, scraping across the north of northern ireland and set again across a good part of scotland, there will be further slowed for a time of a high ground in scotland, some of the matter here could be ten centimetres of snow. far north holding onto something brighter, southern scotland turning very wet indeed. some rain moving through northern ireland and into northern england, cloud increasing into wales in the south—west, rain, brighter skies holding on further south. it is going to be milder, ten or ii celsius. quite windy, particularly across northern areas. as we go through wednesday night, pushing rain everfurther as we go through wednesday night, pushing rain ever further northwards across scotland and behind it we feed in an awful of cloud from the south—west, the odd spot of drizzle, murky, but very mild, compared with
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the last couple of mornings. because of this moist mild airfrom the last couple of mornings. because of this moist mild air from the south—west. orange colours across all parts of the british isles. cold air moving away north—eastwards. thursday bring a wet and windy weather across scotland, further south a fair matter of dry weather but lots of cloud, maybe some more persistently for a time. look at the tempest, 10 celsius in glasgow, 13 in london through the afternoon. friday, various outbreaks of rain, some rain moving south—eastwards across england and wales, more in north—west scotland later. brighter spells in between. turning cooler later across northern areas, in the south height of 14 celsius.
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i'm rico hizon in singapore. the headlines: deserted cities as the death toll from coronavirus in china exceeds 130. foreign governments begin to evacuate their citizens. the promise of a united jerusalem. president trump lays out his plans for peace in the middle east — and one last chance for the palestinians. after 70 years of little progress, this could be the last opportunity they will ever have. the proposals, though, are roundly rejected in ramallah — both by the leaders and people who took to the streets.
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i'm kasia madera in london.


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