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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 29, 2020 6:30pm-6:45pm GMT

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hands at the beginning of march. usually, i even don't get on because it's too busy. i've had to wait for the next train, and sometimes, even the train after that. at one point, we had a game with the northern rail twitter account, which was, "how many people can we fit in to your toilet?" which is eight, if you want to know. as the authorities in china fight to contain the spread of the coronavirus — britons being evacuated from wuhan are told they'll have to spend two weeks in quarantine. a lawyer representing the victims of the grenfell tower fire has criticised a request by companies involved in the building's revamp to be guaranteed protection when they give evidence. the european parliament has given its final approval to the brexit deal — sealing the uk's exit from the eu.
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999 under pressure — every week, thousands of seriously—ill patients are waiting more than an hourforan ambulance. in a moment it will be time for sportsday, but first, a look at what else is coming up this evening on bbc news. at 7pm, beyond 100 days will hear from a british woman in wuhan — who's been offered a seat on a flight home, but is refusing at seven, beyond 100 days will hear from a british woman in wuhan — who's been offered a seat on a flight home, but is refusing to take it, because her three—year—old british—chinese son is not allowed to join her. and at 11:a0 and 11:30, we'll be taking a look at tomorrow's front pages —
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our reviewers are the daily mirror's political editor, pippa crerar, and the spectator‘s deputy political editor, katy balls. that's all ahead on bbc news now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. hello, and welcome to sportsday — i'm holly hamilton. 0n the programme tonight: thiem spirit — rafa nadal is knocked out of the australian open, beaten in a four—set thriller. i'mjohn watson i'm john watson in melbourne. it's been an incredible day here, we have seen some been an incredible day here, we have seen some super been an incredible day here, we have seen some super matches. with the semi final line now complete and women's. also coming up in the programme: "shocked and appalled" — manchester united fans condemn those behind the attack on the home of the club's chief executive, ed woodward. and whilst liverpool's ascent continues — west ham are flirting with the drop. we'll be at the london stadium as they meet in the premier league tonight.
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hello, and welcome to the programme. we start with that shock exit at the australian open. the world number one is out. rafa nadal‘s run in melbourne ended by the fifth seed, dominic thiem, in a four—set thriller. john watson is there for us. hello and welcome to le bon park on updating of the australian open, but we have seen a huge upset today. rafael nadal knocked out over half 01’ rafael nadal knocked out over half or sets about dominic thiem. it was a match that had everything. it means it is no dull‘s earliest exit from a grand slam since losing here
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at the stage back in 2018. with all of the big talking points from the patch, here is austin. chasing 20, rafael nadal has his sights set on a record equalling 20th grand slam title, but it's been 11 years since he has won one on this court. dominic thiem was at the latest to stand in his way, traditionally a clay—court player, he had never had beating an adult on a hard court before. right from the off, something seemed different, no doubt was being outplayed and outgunned. dominic thiem with the first set on a tie—break, into the second, at the onslaught continued. nadal clearly rattled, and a time dilation did not help. after thiem took the second, no doubt rallied, the spaniard showing glimpses of his very best, in that dude, he is unplayable.
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thiem has been here before, he has taken set of nadal, but has never taken set of nadal, but has never taken sets in a grand slam. at later time of asking, thiem 18, the world number one beating and heading home. finally, this might be thiem's time. what a performance by dominic thiem. four german doubles player, a loss to andy murray, joins us. thanks for reminding! you get over it. last week. i can look let's talk about that performance by dominic thiem, i guess you have just spoken to him, he is probably absolutely shattered but delighted he is the semifinal of the australian open for the first time his career. it was such a big
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deal, this is a big deal for austria. he admitted that he was shaking before match point because i rafael nadal was standing there, it was the second time he could have beaten him, and he died. he said that rafael nadal played awesome, but we seen what he did, and it's great. —— and he did. but we seen what he did, and it's great. -- and he did. chris, what did you make of that performance? rafael nadal took the third set, we thought you might come back in the fourth, we seen some incredible comebacks already this year, we thought rafael nadal might be just another? it made me a little bit nervous, you see roger coming back every second match doing unbelievable comebacks, did it so many times in his career. we were soon everest is at end, you thirdly nerves, you could see it in dominic,
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the way you came back and tie—break in at the end was just fantastic. the way you came back and tie—break in at the end wasjust fantastic. we are starting to see those players so could the next generation breaking through. chris, have you seen enough ina through. chris, have you seen enough in a thiem a's performance and is to think that he could perhaps challenge the likes of novak djokovic were he to get through to the final? for the moment, i think he has a good chance in his next match, i think it will be an open one. to look further, i'm not sure, maybe playing novak djokovic in the finals will be even bigger. for the moment, we gain match by match in austria, it is a tough one for me because i'm judgment. it's a good run here, it is going to be a good match to see. one of the big stories of the tournament so far, last year, when dominic thiem wasn't playing so
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well, his mum said, every title you win, iwill well, his mum said, every title you win, i will get a tad too to reflect that. he won five tournaments last year, if he goes on to win this one, that could be another tie to it that his mum has to get. it is such a funny story. i think as an excuse to get a tattoo because dominic is totally against it. karen said, sure, i would do this. it is totally against it. karen said, sure, i would do this. it started of with a feather. i call her a really rock star tennis feather. i call her a really rock startennis mum,. feather. i call her a really rock star tennis mum,. she is unbelievable, loving, caring, cool! there's a couple missing, actually, she hasn't done two yet. if dominic gained his very first grand slam title he had a... she has to get one, surely. and it would be a koala bear. alex verify have produced a
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stunning performance to come back baffling car, who said after he would donate the entire winning cheque to the bushfires appeal. he was asked again after his victory with that he may be true to his word, this is what he had to say after that win. i hope i can make it happen. i have made a promise to the people of australia, i will keep that promise if it happens. i have a lwa ys that promise if it happens. i have always said i am not a money driven person, my parents always taught me to help others achieve things and others who need the money. as far as the women single is concerned, we have seen the same i confirmed. we saw simona halep come through her match in straight sets, so cool and composed on court, you would think of that type of performance, are we seeing the champion? she will play garbine muguruza, who also came
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through in straight sets. she was struggling with illness at the start of this year's tournament, and has beat into top ten players to progress through to the last four. manchester united fans have come together today to condemn those who attacked the home of the club's chairman, ed woodward, last night. videos on social media emerged showing people in hoods throwing fireworks, and chanting that woodward was "going to die." cheshire police are investigating the incident. richard askam has more. ed woodward, who lives with his wife and two children in cheshire, wasn't at home when his house was targeted last night by a group wearing hooded jackets. graffiti was sprayed on the property and a flare was thrown. it comes after increased criticism from fans aimed at the club's owners, the glazer family, and the director seen as their right—hand man on the board, ed woodward. but most manchester united fans agree last night's action is totally u na cce pta ble. that is disgusting,
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absolutely disgusting. recent matches have seen an increase in chanting against the club's owners and ed woodward himself. it was audible in their last game at tranmere rovers. there were large protests when the glazerz took over at old trafford in 2005. the leveraged deal put more than £500 million worth of debt on united. debt that with a revenue and huge commercial deals, the club would argue has been managed well. but underlying tensions have never gone away. sporadic trophies and non—joined up transfer policy, and manchester and manchester united fans are trying to find someone to blame for that, and i think ed woodward has copped that from the manchester united fans. also, with this attack that we have see which, let's be absolutely clear, has overstepped the mark by a long, long way. cheshire police say they are trying to establish the full circumstances to identify those involved in an incident that has echoes of another in the run—up to the glazers' takeover.
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in 2004, former director maurice watkins' house was targeted, and his car covered in paint. in a statement, manchester united say they will ban for life and prosecute anyone involved, adding there is simply no excuse for this. an incident that shows that, even with the glitz and glamour of modern premier league football, there is still a pretty dark and unpleasant underbelly — something that clubs like united are determined to try and weed out. earlier i spoke manchester united fan, natasha turkington, to find out how the majority of supporters are feeling about last night's attack. she told me although fans are angry, it's no excuse for violence. i'm shocked and appalled by it. i wa nt i'm shocked and appalled by it. i want it to be a really, to come across that of those people responsible for that are not a true representation of the match going
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fans, the hardcore reds. i go to the game with some real strong, opinion manchester united fans, and not one would ever consider going down that route. it has been really disappointing, but only because of the terrible press, the light that has been shone on us. but also, we had a peaceful, effective protest planned for the weekend, and it looks like that is probably going to go out the window now. well, manchester united are in action this evening — they're at the etihad for their league cup semifinal against manchester city. remember, it's 3—1 to city after the first leg at old trafford. you can listen to full match commentary on bbc radio 5 live from seven o'clock. well, there's some good news for manchester united fans in terms of transfers. after months of speculation, bruno fernandes is finally set to become a united player. negotiations between the club and sporting lisbon have been ongoing for several weeks, but he's set to undergo a medical
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and complete his move before friday's deadline. arsenal meanwhile have completed the loan signing of pablo mari from flamengo, with a fee of £4 million. the defender‘s six—month move will be made permanent in the summer, with further add ons. and, tottenham have signed netherlands forward, steven bergwijn, for £27 million from psv eindhoven, on a contract that will run until 2025. we've got one premier league match to look forward to tonight — a game that could see league leaders liverpool go 19 points clear with a win at west ham, who are teetering dangerously close to the relegation zone. conor mcnamara is there for us. tonight is the night hurt liverpool finally catch up with the rest of the premier league, not in terms of points, they have been a white head of the field for a long time now, but in terms of the number of games played. liverpool have had a number
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of games in hand, but tonight they catch up. if liverpool win, they will be 19 points clear at the top. it is also a very important match for west ham, they are only above the relegation zone on goal difference alone. anything david moyes difference alone. anything david m oyes ca n difference alone. anything david moyes ca n ta ke difference alone. anything david moyes can take from this game could be the difference for them moyes can take from this game could be thi relegated 5 for them moyes can take from this game could be thi relegated or)r them moyes can take from this game could be thi relegated or staying up. the being relegated or staying up. the clu b being relegated or staying up. the club released a financial report earlier on this week, they say it is a necessity they stay in the top flight. a necessity they stay in the top flight. some because for hammers fans, they have and are stacked joined the club on loan, with the addition to make that may pay event from a slab via prag in the summer. formula 1 says it's "monitoring" the effects this of the coronavirus outbreak in china ahead of the country's grand prix in april. it's not the only sportnig event to have been affected by the spread of the deadly virus. alex gulrajani has the details.


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