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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  February 25, 2020 10:30pm-10:46pm GMT

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at sta mford at stamford bridge this was no ordinary welcome but for chelsea, they were welcoming the ordinary team. bayern munich, numbers, but the german giants bring with them great quality. as well as noisy quantity. this was kingsley coleman, the first of many to take aim. chelsea were under no illusion just how dangerous by your and can be. but here was thomas offering nether heads—up. chelsea had the chances, one buyer finally found a way through it and it felt inevitable. surge never made the grade during his time in london as an arsenal player. he is certainly making up for that now. barely three minutes after scoring his first, he went and did it again. too tired for chelsea, slowly slipping away. sympathy isn't the bayern way. robert leven dusky with a third. this final clumsy challenge from chelsea's marcos
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alonso ended his night come a red ca rd alonso ended his night come a red card and a red night in west london. in the night said the game, and epperly were taking on barcelona, the first time the sides have met in a competitive match. —— and appellee we re a competitive match. —— and appellee were taking on. both managers taking charge in the champions league for the first time. the first goal, that went to napoli. some goal it was. a spectacular finish. went to napoli. some goal it was. a spectacularfinish. for barcelona, a lwa ys spectacularfinish. for barcelona, always finding a chance. they have to wait for it but when it came to antoine griezmann, he could hardly miss. they finished with ten men, but on a night of first, 1—1 perhaps a fitting score. adam wilde wild, bbc news. let's quickly check in on some of tonight's other football. west brom extended their lead to seven points at the top of the championship with a 2—0 win over preston north end. nottingham forest are up to third
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after beating cardiff i—o — tiago silva with the only goal. there was trouble after the match for cardiff as callum paterson and leandro bacuna clashed at full time. elsewhere there were wins for queens park rangers, huddersfield and bottom of the table luton. and st mirren moved four points clear of the relegation play off spot in the scottish premiership with a 2—1 win at third place motherwell. ilkay durums got the winner three minutes from time. now, the spread of the coronavirus has affected many sporting events around the world and it's set to impact on many more. developing news on both the olympics and football still to come, but in rugby ireland's health minister has recommended the country's six nations match against italy does not go ahead. the irish rugby union however are not happy about that. italy's men and women's teams are scheduled to travel to ireland in a fortnight, but with the virus spreading to northern italy, simon harris said it would be of significant risk to the public if the match were to take place. italy are also due to host
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england in the final round of the tournament. very clear view of the public health emergency team lost at this game should not go ahead, that it would constitute a significant risk because of a very large number of people would be travelling from what is now an affected region. so my department will be contacting the rar if in relation to this end will come as a disappointment to many but it is important to make decisions in relation to public health above and beyond all other considerations. —— irfu. well in response to that — the irish rugby union have released a statement saying they are: "seeking an urgent meeting with minister harris as to the specific reasoning behind calling for the cancellation of the ireland v italy six nations fixture in the context of the government's overall travel policy to and from italy and other affected countries." the olympics could also be cancelled — that's according to the former vice president of the international olympic comittee. dick pound, who's the longest standing member of the ioc, was speaking on bbc radio five live
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when he was asked if the games — due to open on the 24th ofjuly — would have to be postponed or even called off. ona on a worst case scenario, yes, i think it is much too early to reach that conclusion, and i know the ioc is in daily contact with who to get the best possible advice as to whether the it is speaking or whether the it is speaking or whether there is a vaccine in the works that might be helpful in all of the range of countermeasures that are available come at a certain point you have to make a call and i would say over the next two or three months, it will be like focusing at ground glass lens and focus will be sharper and sharper as you get to the point of go or no go. and football continues to be affected too. five top flight matches in italy's serie a will be played behind closed doors, including inter milan's match atjuventus. udinese, ac milan, parma and sassuolo are also affected.
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japan's] league — the top tier of football — has also been put on hold. it's time to take a look at the days other sports news stories making the headlines. snooker and world number one judd trump is through to the quarter finals of the players championship. he beat michael holt six frames to three and will now face john higgins in the last eight. and britain's adam yates is over a minute clear of the field at cycling's uae tour after winning the third stage. four time tour de france champion chris froome is nearly 11 minutes behind yates on his comeback from injury. british number one dan evans — at the top of your screen — came from a set down to beat fourth seed fabio fognini in round one of the dubai tennis championships. in mexico — kyle edmund and heather watson won their opening matches in acapulco. staying with tennis and andy murray could be back in action as early as next month — but says there is also a possibility he may need a further operation on his hip. that would rule him out
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of wimbledon and the olympics. the former world number one has not played since november. more from our tennis correspondent russell fuller. so this is potentially very good news for andy murray, but it is potentially very alarming news as well because the last thing he needs right now is a further operation. the pelvic bone bruising that was troubling him at the davis cup in november and subsequently made now have easy some he thinks he's got to the root of the problem. it is a problem that is not uncommon after hip resurfacing operation like that when he had at the start of last year. there is some bone growth he thinks in the soft tissue around his new metal hip. as a result, he he is in bed and discomfort and only able to resume training again in the last few days. he will give an absolutely everything now and test that hip, and he hopes all being well that it will settle down after rest and he might even be able to return and play in the miami open at the end of
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next march. if he is unable to do that come he says he will probably have to have another operation what's up because of the time scale involved, that is a must going to rule them out of wimbledon and also the defence of the olympic single gold medal in tokyo in latejuly. tyson fury has arrived back in manchester following his heavyweight title win over deyontay wilder on sunday. hundreds of fans gathered to greet him after he became world champion for the first time since 2015 with the seventh round win in las vegas. wilder says he intends to exercise a re—match clause to try to win the belt back — a decision that has disappointed fury‘s promoter, frank warren. i would prefer to go straight to anthonyjoshua but that if the contract that we sign. both parties signed it. obviously, it has to be on it unless we can reach some accommodation. for him to step aside. as you're getting up in the morning, england will be taking on thailand in the women's twenty20 world cup. heather knight and her team
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are expected to win convincingly against the tournament debutants. thailand haven't been playing at the top level for long but asjo currie explains, they're ready to make an impact on the biggest stage of all. they've come a long way in a short amount of time. the thailand women's cricket team only came into existence in 2007. just 13 years later and they now find themselves competing on the world's biggest stage, with many of them recruited from softball and baseball. they are a great bunch, they are fun people, always smiling and you will rarely find anybody sitting alone or sitting quiet and they enjoy each other's company and there is a very strong bond between them. they made their world cup debut against the west indies and pushed the 2016 champions harder than expected. next up, heavyweight england who, despite the gulf in experience,
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so they are taking the threat seriously. even if they are not entirely sure of what to expect. we don't know too much. i think we are just going to try and focus on us as a team and that will be the same for all the other games. we do look at the opposition‘s strengths and weaknesses but as long as we don't focus too much on them and focus on us, that is when we play our best cricket. thailand insist they are notjust here to make up the numbers but, if they did win a match, that would be one of the biggest shocks this tournament has ever seen. but rather than it being a bad result, they say it is also about legacy. everybody likes successful teams and successful teams create more interest. so if we perform well at this stage, if there is a team, we give reasonably good performances, it will make the players back i'm it will make the players back home very proud of the team. as well as inspiring the next generation in their own country, these players are hoping to show other developing nations what is achievable.
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through the years there have been some very questionable attempts to create statues in honour of football superstar cristiano ronaldo. the latest is from portuguese chocolatierjorge cardoso. it's made entirely of chocolate. it took around 200 hours to create the sculpture, being exihibited in ovar in northern portugal as part of their carnival celebrations, before going in cristiano ronaldo's own museum in madeira. i bet he likes that. that's all from sportsday. coming up in a moment, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are the observer's sonia sodha, and kevin schofield, the editor of politicshome. many of tomorrow's front pages are already in. the independent leads with the news that schools are set to close as fears of the spread of coronavirus rise. the guardian says that confusion over health advice is widespread as the coronavirus continues to spread across europe. the mirror says that britons abroad and in the uk are in lockdown as attempts to contain the virus continue. the times also leads school closures over contagion fears. the telegraph also leads with the coronavirus — it says that thousands of britons will be tested for the virus amid fears that their could be far more cases in the uk then realised. it also features a picture of a gleaming duchess of cambridge as she headed out for a night out at a west end show. that's in stark contrast with the mail —
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which has a picture of prince harry who landed back in the uk today. the paper asks: happy to be home, harry? it is the main story again with coronavirus there as you can see on that front page. let's have a closer look now and, sonya, the male, a virus panic hit school, strong front page. absolutely. there are 18 schools where children went on ski trips to northern italy which is a region of europe that has been the worst hit so far by the virus. i think it is a deaths that have been recorded there over of older people hit with the virus. so the schools have been closed and people have been sent home. it will contribute to this growing sense of worry and concern. “— to this growing sense of worry and concern. —— 11 deaths. that is up to now, this is always sort of seemed like quite a far away story. we have seen what china has done, the lockdown that has been there and
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will hand and it seems like it is quite far from home. will hand and it seems like it is quite farfrom home. —— will hand and it seems like it is quite far from home. —— wuhan. will hand and it seems like it is quite farfrom home. —— wuhan. it hasn't felt like he has been the need to worry yet. but with this spread to europe, there are now cases in italy, and austria, and switzerland, i think members of the public will be kind of more concern than they have been in recent weeks. kevin, what a line here in the mail says the government has stockpiling drugs and hope that they can treat coronavirus was that yes most of the government has to now looking for a nswe rs government has to now looking for answers and solutions. there is no vaccine obviously. the one encouraging thing is supposedly if you do get it the chances are more than 80% i think that it is very mild symptoms, but clearly it is very worrying and i think also for the evidence of how interconnected we are now as a planet. when it was
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in china, it seems very far away. but really the world is actually a very small place and this has been played out with this awful virus. let's move onto the daily mirror. the headline is killer virus, crisis and have a line—up lockdown. they are talking about the terrorist antenna reef trapped in their hotel. not the worst place to be trapped. one of the other papers has the story. they have interviews with some of the people who are in this hotel. he wake up on your holiday in the head and under the door in the morning saying not to leave your room. you have to raid their many bards at lunch time. they got food packages. a lot of them are looking at what happened with the crew ship and just don't know how they will be there. the case here is that is was an italian doctor staying in the hotel who tested positive. i suppose there is a chance that we will see more of this but i suppose when you're on holiday in in the hotel,
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it is relatively easy for the authorities to put something like that on but if it'sjust people moving around their normal everyday life, over here, the advice is if you have been to one of these areas or showing symptoms, you need to self—isolate, that is a very different approach to the approach that china tech, china is a much more authoritarian state and was able to put cities in the lockdown. we would not see european governments do the same thing. a lot of trying to stop the virus i think it's probably only so much that can be done. but a lot of the attempts will focus on trying to get people to act responsibly. one line, saying back there are plans to ship public transport. and they held the boss in english think you need to look at school closures. —— shut down public transport. thus the western democracy across the world need to look at the way that china and some of those east asian countries have dealt with this in order to contain
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it? perhaps up to


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