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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  March 14, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm GMT

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an hour later we got a message then an hour later we got a message from the uk from family to thejet2 has cancelled all flights. you have got four weeks to play with, haven't you? you got four weeks to play with, haven't you 7 you put got four weeks to play with, haven't you? you put this as a four week break. what are your plans past that? well, like i said, we try to get back on friday with changes of lights, paid the extra money to go back on friday and they have cancelled those flights. now we are in limbo because the flight has been cancelled to one four friday and now thatis cancelled to one four friday and now that is cancelled, we have not heard anything from jet2. we will go to the supermarket again tomorrow and try to get some more food and from monday, everybody is on lockdown a stay in their houses. essential travel only. we don't even know if that means you can go to the airport, because apparently they are going to police it. i know in the italian situation you have to get a special permit if you are going to be travelling, what is the setup for you in spain? what do you understand you in spain? what do you understand you need to do if you do want to
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travel? we've not had any information, the only way of getting information is from the morning, everyone has to stay in the house is, unless you're going to essential work, they are trying to get people to work from home, or go to the supermarket. but you're not allowed to travel to the supermarket in your car, they are restricting all travel. you're not allowed to walk on the streets, apparently. we'll see what happens on monday. it's very strict. thank you very much indeed. good luck moving forward, thank you. now on bbc news, it's time for sportsday. now on bbc news, your questions answered. with me is the gp dr sarah jarvis, whojoins us
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from west london. and also i'm joined by nick trend, the telegraph's deputy head of travel, who joins us from norfolk. thank you forjoining us and sending in your questions for this edition of your questions answered. juliejones has julie jones has got juliejones has got in touch, so many questions regarding the symptoms. julie asks, what is meant by continuous cough? how new is new, yesterday, this week, before?‘ by continuous cough? how new is new, yesterday, this week, before? a very good question, the issue really is that it good question, the issue really is thatitis good question, the issue really is that it is difficult, because people have different recommendations or definitions of. fever is pretty clear, it's 37.8 degrees, but if it is over 37.8 degrees, it is worthwhile, i know people had been
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buying gel, but they should buy a thermometer to check the temperature. a persistent cough is one that has lasted for more than half a day. a lot of people have copd and asthma, they will have a cough some of the time. what i'm talking about is a cough which is different for you, new for you or more than you normally get at last more than you normally get at last more than you normally get at last more than half a day. turning it to you, nick, lender indefinite says, we spent several thousand pounds on a walking holiday in india which is now banned all foreign travellers from entering, our insurance company says it can't help and the company we booked with totals to contact our insurers, were to be go from here? it depends which company linda has booked with. as she has poked with a company in india, i'm afraid she is ina company in india, i'm afraid she is in a tricky situation because she's got no leveraged to get her money back. if she's booked with a uk tour
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operator, they absolutely must refund and she should follow that up. possibly even the small claims court to get her money back. she could gets her air fare back, because all flights are cancelled, but this depends on how the arrangement was booked. very few travel insurance policies may cover you, but only if it has a section called travel disruption, and it does not sound serve linda's insurance does. drjarvis, iwash does not sound serve linda's insurance does. drjarvis, i wash my hands for 20 seconds every time i come in from outside, how regular do i need to wash my hands while i am inside? tomography get, not a lot of things in the house will have come in from outside, it is notjust how long you wash them for, it is covering all areas, between the fingers, the backs of the hands, both sides, then washing like that, in between your palms, putting your
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palms together and, really importantly, washing your thumbs, because your thumbs are part of your hand. you should certainly wash your hands thoroughly when you go to the to i lets, hands thoroughly when you go to the toilets, you should wash your hands really are you come in contact with anything before you touch your eyes, your nose or mouth, because of other people had been into your house and touch the door handle, you know viruses, we think the so iris can survive up to three days depending on temperature, outside, that is ha rd on temperature, outside, that is hard surfaces and up to a day or so on cardboard. we've know how long the virus can survive, but to earn the virus can survive, but to earn the side of caution, touch your face as little as possible. a lot of us do that without thinking, so i will suggest regularly, even when at home. nick, lisa saysi suggest regularly, even when at home. nick, lisa says i have asked numerous insurers are looking get a trip to cornwall covered in case we go into lockdown, but i'm not
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getting very far. in this scenario, with my trip be covered?” getting very far. in this scenario, with my trip be covered? i don't think you will find any insurers that will insure you against this now. it would be a guaranteed way for them to lose money, so i'm afraid if you don't already have insurance, you're not going to be able to find anything which would cover you , able to find anything which would cover you, lisa. drjarvis, linda asks can you please clarify the meaning of self—isolation? some people seem to think it's ok to go for a walk in the country, but i don't see how this fits the requirements. it absolute does not include going for a walk because you never know who might pop up and you would have to get there in the first place. if you have a garden, you are allowed in the garden, but only if your garden is big enough that at all times you can stay at least two metres from your garden fence and from anybody else. if you are staying in shared accommodation, it
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is even tougher. we expect ideally to stay in the same room pretty much all the time. if you going to a shared area, such as the kitchen, you should do so when you know no—one else is going to be there. you must wash everything carefully, you should ideally have a separate bathroom, i realise that is not easy, but if you go into the bathroom, you must wash everything really carefully. ideally perhaps use scherer at the end of the evening when everyone else's life, and then washed and everything with detergent. —— use the shower. you must not share crockery, betting or towels with anyone else. nick, carol and asks i have a booked ba flights to seattle next week but after the news from the states i don't want to 90, news from the states i don't want to go, cani news from the states i don't want to go, can i get a news from the states i don't want to go, can i geta refund? news from the states i don't want to go, can i get a refund?” news from the states i don't want to go, can i get a refund? i think you will find you get a message from ba pretty soon saying the flights are cancelled and refunding your money.
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that's almost certainly going to happen, sol that's almost certainly going to happen, so i wouldn't worry about it. drjarvis, happen, so i wouldn't worry about it. dr jarvis, mrs happen, so i wouldn't worry about it. drjarvis, mrs byrne happen, so i wouldn't worry about it. dr jarvis, mrs byrne from happen, so i wouldn't worry about it. drjarvis, mrs byrne from market drayton says can you get coronavirus from a parcel delivered from china? no. way paycheque 0k! nick, adrian says four of us had booked to go on holiday in march, including two madrid. i travel company has refund of the hotel but not the flight, because they say the flight was non—refundable. my insurance wouldn't pay out either, i paid on credit cards, is there anything i can do? asi credit cards, is there anything i can do? as ijust said, if your insurance doesn't cover traveller disruption, you won't have any luck with that. the credit card will not help. butjust a point with that. the credit card will not help. but just a point you with that. the credit card will not help. butjust a point you booked your holiday. if you breach both these arrangements, the flights and hotel with the same travel company, they're obliged to refund the flight element too, because it sounds to me
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like a package holiday, so it's cove red like a package holiday, so it's covered specifically under regulations on packages and tour operators. so i would keep pushing for a refund of your flight to. and if you do occur have any luck, go directly to the airline. dr jarvis, a gentleman is on its way from belgium ina a gentleman is on its way from belgium in a car coming back for eurotunnel tomorrow. he says i don't have any symptoms, do i have to self—isolate when i get home to northampton? he does not. the government's advice changed when we moved into the delay phase. there is a tool that will tell you what to do, but advice has gone from, if you we re do, but advice has gone from, if you were previously in contact with someone with a known case of coronavirus or you travel from certain coronavirus countries, depending on your symptoms, you have to self—isolate. in some places
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coming out of self—isolate even with no symptoms. the guidance is no change, because we reach the change from our stage where we recognise that the majority of cases are coming from within the united kingdom, by friday, it will reach the stage where there was 27 people in i see you and 20 of them had contracted the virus locally. so the advice now is the only people who need to isolate is anybody and everybody who develops a fever or a new cough, they must self—isolate straightaway, and you can find out on the website to help you need to do that, including if you're away from home at the time. nickel stem, mike says i am planning to go to put a price on april 17 to. the information is changing every day, is changing every day, as are any precautions i can take? —— planning to go to istanbul. the main precaution is probably not two but gets, it is five weeks away, a long
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time, we do not know whether there will be flights operating or if you will be flights operating or if you will be flights operating or if you will be allowed into hungry. i don't think you are at any risk, if things are coming back to normal by then enter smug and are coming back to normal by then entersmug andl are coming back to normal by then enter smug and i wonder if they will be— ido be— i do not think you have any trouble finding a hotel room and i think you would get a pretty good deal on a flight too. so i won't hold fire and wait a of weeks. —— i would hold fire. drjarvis, jeremy is 60 and has saying he has been unwell with a debilitating headache which lasted 16 hours, a complete lack of energy and minor chest pain but no cough. after three days, i'm feeling better but still unwell, could this be coronavirus? yes, i'm afraid it could be, and i recommend you self—isolate. people have got symptoms and feel so unwell they can no longer do any of their normal activities, what we recommend is
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that you and you alone ring 111. others continue to self—isolate for at least seven days. if you have symptoms unrelated to that, you would need to be triage at. we are seeing an increase in use of telephone and video triage, get in touch with your gp and see if they have that for something which is not related to coronavirus. this has been made available for every gp in the country and will become an on—screen soon, . in the country and will become an on—screen soon,. in your case, you may well have coronavirus. at the end of seven days, you should know from when your symptoms started, you should know whether you are feeling well and what of the fever has settled. both of those things apply, you can stop self—isolating about your normal business. but if you continue to feel unwelcome you go back online to get advice on what you should do next.
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our thanks to dr sarah jarvis and the telegraph's deputy head of travel, nick trend. and thank you for your questions. now it's sportsday. yep, it's sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday. i'm katie shanhan. coming up tonight: an unprecedented day with no premier league or top—flight football taking place. tokyo will start on time — the prime minister of japan insists the olympics and paralympics won't be postponed.
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and it was a debut to remember for england's alison hewson who wins the south african open title in her maiden tour event. growing up as a kid, all i could ever dream of was playing on the ladies european tour, and for my first event, to come and win, the feeling is indescribable. hello and welcome along to the programme. now, as you know, normally at this time on a saturday we round up all the twists and turns from the days football. but with the widespread cancellation of matches due to the coronavirus until next month, many clubs are now coming to terms with the devastating impact this will have on them. one of those clubs is league one side tranmere rovers, who should have been hosting lincoln city at prenton park this afternoon.
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owner and former fa chief executive, mark palios has been telling mike bushell the postponement of fixtures was no surprise. to me, it was the next logical step, and as soon as players started to fall away and squads started to fall away, you then get into destroying the sporting integrity of the league itself as a competition. as a consequence, it was only a small step to get into a position where they made a decision such as this, which was to postpone the league and give it a chance to see if it could be finished towards the end of april, the end of may, etc. for us, it's the thick end of £300,000 if we don't play games — that includes tickets and food and beverages. we have the international and the college too, so we might lose another 150, depending how it goes. so it could be 500,000 if it goes into the summer. you were telling me the plan
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was to relay the pitch this summer, so it's notjust financial, it's practical things? relaying the pitch is costly, we had not planned for that. we need about 12 weeks to reconstruct the pitch, and at the end of the season, 27th of april, we were going to be digging up the pitch. because of the merseyside derby on monday, we were hearing you have a lot of scandinavian fans coming over for that who would have then come here, spending money in your shop and bars? we do feed off the football tourism that happens, and it has become common for people to come here for a full weekend and enjoy premier league games and also some of the lower—league stuff, which for them, is a great experience. that will damage us as well. one of the six games that did go ahead in the national league saw
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relegation—threatened ebbsfleet united beat halifax town 1—0. in—form striker gozie ugwu got the only goal of the match after 16 minutes, meaning that halifax miss the chance to climb to fourth in the table. ebbsfleet have conceded more goals than any team in the league, but they managed to keep a clean sheet and take all three points at the shay. that's four wins in six games now. but a number of matches did go ahead in the national league, with third—placed notts county closing the gap on the leaders barrow to seven points with a 4—0 win over eastleigh. while fylde moved to within four points of safety as they beat aldershot 1—0. now, as you can imagine, there's plenty of doubt over whether the olympics and paralympics will go ahead this summer in tokyo. the games are meant to start on the 24th ofjuly and the prime minister ofjapan insists that his country will not postpone the event. japan has recorded more than 11100 cases of the virus.
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translation: going forward, we will continue to coordinate well with the ioc and, of course, the ioc will coordinate with the world health organization. forjapan, we have to overcome the spread of the infection and we want to hold the olympics and paralympics as planned. meanwhile, despite a number of olympic qualifying events being cancelled, some are still going ahead. britain's caroline dubois won her first bout in the ring at the european olympic qualifying tournament at the copper box. she beat ana staradub from belarus. there are six qualifying spots up for grabs in the lightweight division, with the first of three bouts securing their spot to tokyo. with one down for dubois, she will now face the number one seed mira potkonen of finland, who at 39, is more than twice her age. lets take a look at some of the other sport happening today. the 6/1 one shot trucker‘s lodge,
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the one in green, won the midlands grand national by a huge 18 lengths at uttoxeter. the paul nicholls—trained 8—year—old, who was a runner—up in the welsh national finished ahead of captain drake in second, withjoe farrell in third. world number one judd trump is through to the third round of the gibraltar open after beating egor figor raydo 4 frames to 2. his victory included this break of 132. and britain's elfyn evans is third after 13 stages of the world rally championship in mexico, more than half a minute behind toyota team—mate sebastien ogier of france. esapekka lappi's rally ended in dramatic fashion, the finn's ford catching fire. no—one was hurt. among the other sport going on today is the all england open badminton championships in birmingham,
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with the semi—finals under way. england's marcus ellis and lauren smith are in action in the mixed doubles right now. ellis and smith lost the first game to their indonesian opponents, before staging a great comeback in the second game from match point down to take it into a decider. that's taking place right now. you can watch live coverage on the red button and the bbc sport website. men's golf is on hold until next month at the earliest. we've seen that the men's first pga major of the year, the masters, and the opening ladies major, the ana inspiration, has been postponed. however, in cape town, the south african women's open has just finished and what a week it's been for england's very own alice hewson. in herfirst event on the ladies european tour, she won by a shot. my colleague chetan partak caught up with her earlier.
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it feels absolutely incredible. it really is a dream come true. growing up as a kid, all i could dream of was playing on the ladies european tour, and for my first event, to come and win, the feeling is indescribable. you turned pro last year, has this happened quicker than you thought? it definitely has happened quicker than i thought, i was hoping to get to a nice steady start, but this is definitely a good thing. golf is, like most major sports, being shut down now. what's your reaction to that? i think it's the right decision. the health of all the players, that ultimately comes first. and to try and contain corona, i think, is very important. it's unfortunate that we're not going to get to play for few weeks, but we will come back again. it shouldn't be too difficult, i will have a few unexpected weeks with both my family and coach, so i think that will be nice to get back into the swing of things, have a check—up on my swing
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and get ready to go again. it means i can be fully prepared for the next tournament we do play. you're the first englishwoman to play a competitive round at augusta national, what are your thoughts on the masters, the first major of the year, being postponed? i think a huge aspect of the masters is the spectators and the fact you can hear the roars all over the golf course, so it would not be the same without any of the spectators there. so for the benefit of the players and spectators, i do think it's beneficial that it is postponed. in terms of the ladies european tour, women's golf, we're in a hiatus with the coronavirus, but apart from that, where is women's golf, would you say? it is on the up, an exciting time, especially here on the let. we have so much more events and prize money and we are starting to get some of the recognition we deserve. it's really, really positive.
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and we'll leave you with the remarkable story about this surfer, bethany hamilton. when she was just 13 years old she was attacked by a shark when she was surfing in hawaii and ended up losing her arm. but that didn't stop her. within a month, she was back on her board. two years later, she became a national champion and competed on the world surf league championship tour. she's now 30, has two children and is back on the wsl tour aiming to qualify for the main championship tour next year. here's her story. one arm changes the game a bit, but it's really going against the ocean. and the ocean is pretty hard to beat. ijust never shied away from challenges and i love... i've always had a really competitive nature.
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it's kind of easy for me now, because it's been so long. i think it's just a funny thing with our culture, today everyone's really attempts to celebrate drama and pain in a really weird way. whereas really we should celebrate the beauty and the triumphs and the overcomings. i have two little boys and my husband's supportive and he knows that there's only so long of a window you can push in a professional sporting arena as a woman. so i'm just going to go for it. everyone knows that you get tired at times, so to be able to take to the ocean for a little bit and come back refreshed is so healthy.
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one arm changes the game a bit, but itjust all comes down to strategy and choosing your waves correctly. these are just the extras, but really it comes from the depth of your body, from your hips, from your core, first and foremost. i guess i'm proof that you can surf without all your limbs. surfing jaws, it's kind of an intense peace, if that makes any sense. the most ultimate adrenaline pumping through your entire body. you'd be lying if you weren't scared. it's a wonder of the world, and i got to be a part of that. surfing doesn't define who i am and it's not my everything. i think of it more as my passion and my work.
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so, of course i'd be disappointed if i don't accomplish my goals. to have balance in life is so important for everyone, to cherish all you have in front of you, and for me, that's so much more than surfing. and finally, with the majority of football postponed today across europe because of the coronavirus, it's fair to say the head of world football's governing body has had a bit of free time. in a change to his normal day to day responsibilities, fifa's president, gianni infantino, has released this video on social media to show people exactly how to wash their hands, calling it the safe hands challenge. wash your hands, kick out the virus and make sure you spread this message, but not the virus. that's all from sportsday. before we go, just to update you on the action
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we brought you earlier, well england's marcus ellis and lauren smith havejust lost their semifinal at the all england badminton championships. we'll bring you more throughout the evening. bye for now. the weather's going to remain changeable for the rest of the weekend. currently, we have rain moving across parts of scotland and the lake district as well. through sunday, some rain around too. but not rain all the time, some sunshine too. this is what it looks like on the satellite picture, this weather system approach in our neighbourhoods, that is giving the wet weather across scotland and the la kes. wet weather across scotland and the lakes. this front stretching all the way to the south west this wind blowing in it so not to cold, temperatures no lower than ten, but
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that pressure dragging in colder air from the north too. so into scotland, perhaps wintriness across the hills. this picture first thing in the morning, an area of wetter, cold weather in scotland, then the southwesterly is here in the south and the wet weather too. in between, fine weather too, so in the afternoon, many cities enjoying sunshine — york, liverpool, birmingham, cardiff as well — in the last place to say goodbye to the rain is the south east and east anglia. come monday, some wet weather pushing into the north west of the country, but the vast majority of the uk away from that weather maybe waking up to scenes like this, calm conditions were sunshine for singh on monday morning. lookout clear and calm the weather is. stronger winds in western scotland and northern ireland, gale force blowing here, so
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a different story for our friends in the western isles and hebrides. but for the bulk of england, fine weather, a beautiful monday on the way. monday into tuesday, a slight difference, because the system tries to squeeze through, between the high and the south and a blow to the north. this i was quite far north, the rain will be affecting parts of the rain will be affecting parts of the northwestern uk, the further south you are through tuesday, the better the weather will be. and we pick up those southwesterly is, taking the temperatures into yorkshire around 15 celsius. the outlook for the week ahead, not too bad at all. a temperature rise in the middle of the week, maybe, 17 are possible in london, perhaps higher, and then towards the end of the week and weekend, high pressure establishing itself across the uk, lots of sunshine but not necessarily warm weather, could be frosty at
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times. this is bbc news i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines at 8pm: ten more patients have died in england after testing positive for coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths in the uk to 21. president trump is extending his ban on flights from europe to include the united kingdom and ireland. the president has made a decision to suspend all travel to the united kingdom and ireland, effective midnight monday night. eastern standard time. the spanish government is reportedly set to put the country into lockdown in an attempt to control the virus. jet2 cancels all flights to spain, the balearic islands and the canary islands with immediate effect. some european union countries say they will close


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