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tv   Countdown  Bloomberg  March 18, 2014 1:00am-3:01am EDT

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>> the following is a paid presentation. >> it is about time. >> the number one reason people are not working out is they don't have time. >> i have four kids. i work 60 or 70 hours a week. >> i do not have the time. >> no time to work out? no problem.
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focus t25, the home fitness program guaranteed to deliver over an hour's results in 25 minutes. he knows a thing or two about insane results. super trainer shaun t. >> i created insanity so i know what it is like to work hard for an hour. i know not everyone has the time. you can get insane results in just 25 minutes. >> only 25 minutes a day, five days a week, zero excuses. >> working out for an hour, those days are done. >> the result are ridiculous. >> i lost 37 pounds. >> i got the six-pack i was looking for. >> if you give me 25 minutes, i'll give you a life. >> you will go in and go hard and you will be done. >> i lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks. >> you get it all. high intensity cardio, strength training and core training, all
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in just 25 minutes. >> 25 minutes to get ripped, get abs, lose the muffin top and baby weight. sixpack. eight pack. look better, feel better, hotter, sexier. all you need is space and 25 minutes a day. t25 supplies the rest. you get everything you need to get it done in just 25 minutes a day. >> what other workout can you get in 25 minutes? >> you have to focus there is you do this every single day, the time you can save. >> when i started, i weighed 208 pounds. i weigh 178 now. >> 25 minutes a day. >> we want you to get the best results possible. >> 25 minutes, zero rest. you can rest when you go to bed. >> it is about time.
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>> this is day one of the journey. i weigh 215 pounds in size 38 jeans now. i would like to see myself in a size 34. look at that. that was me 10 weeks ago. i have been editing fitness infomercials for beach body for years now but until this, i never really did the workouts. i tried insanity, but it was just too long for me. i am a busy guy. i sit in this chair for 12 hours a day. i just got married. now, i have an eight week old son. when i started editing this and saw the results people were getting in 25 minutes, that got my attention. even i have 25 minutes. so, i gave it a shot. so far, i have lost 30 pounds. i am not the only one. >> i have a hard time finding an hour to get a good workout in. with t25, i was loving it. 25 minutes in the morning, wake up a half hour early.
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you get it done. you go about your day. >> you are in my gym for 25 minutes a day. >> 10 weeks ago, i was bulging over here. my stomach was way bigger. the results are there. you can see yourself. i lost 31 pounds. losing 31 pounds doing a 25 minutes a day program was not something i was expecting. it is ridiculously intense. >> you stay home and get it done in 25 minutes. >> my kids say i have muscles on top of muscles now. the days of working out for an hour are done. 25 minutes a day is all i need. i feel like i just changed my life. >> i wanted to create a 25 minute workout simply because when i walked around and i talk to people about other workouts, they are like, i really want to try one of your workouts. but i do not have enough time.
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it was time to create something short and sweet that works. >> you may think the longer you work out, the better the results. study after study says shorter workouts are more efficient at burning fat than longer ones. he spent a year in development and created hundreds of moves and experimented with trial and error to make the ultimate time- saving workout. he created focused interval training. you will focus on one muscle group at a time without any rest. you move on to the core. when those muscles are toast, it is on to the biceps. quads, lower abs, back, obliques, and triceps. a full out attack on the body without any rest. >> every second counts. you will get an hour's result in 25 minutes.
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>> my body was not the greatest. i am here today because i have been the person who has always struggled with my weight my whole life. when i look at the before video, i cannot even believe it was me. over the course of the program, i have lost 37 pounds. all the time i spent in the gym, i have never even gotten close to these results. i want to have skinny legs after the 10 weeks. >> i lost four inches off of each leg. >> smaller hips. >> i lost four or five inches off my hips. >> flatter stomach. >> my stomach is way flatter. i could not be happier. i have never looked like this. i have never felt this good. i absolutely love my new body. >> with t25, you get in, hit it hard, and get it done, just results.
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>> you cannot go from fat to fit overnight. you get there in phases. your transformation begins with the alpha cycle. start burning fat from your very first workout. >> this is alpha. your foundation. i need for you to nail every single workout. >> then you move onto the beta round, where you focus on your core and build your sixpack. >> beta takes it to another level. i saw a lot of definition in this area. >> this is beta. i am going a little harder on you. i want you to focus a little bit harder. >> my workout regimen consisted of a lot of looking at the tv and saying, i should be working out. i let myself go since my 20's. i have done insanity, but it is not insanity. it is totally different. the combination of moves are different. the intensity you have to apply with no brakes. everything is different. this was a monster. you will want to quit. there will be another exercise to give whatever body part you
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were working out a little bit of a break. it will be over before you know it. it is brilliant. it is perfect. less than half an hour. you get in and get out. i think i look like an action figure now. >> another thing i love is there is a modifier. that is critical for me. i have not worked out in years. anyone at any fitness level can get it done. >> 10 weeks from now, my body will be the dream body i had always imagined. i always wanted to get in better shape and tone and achieve the body. when i started to see results, that is when it really clicked for me. i would take it to the next level and challenge myself. 25 minutes. if you have excuses, you have got to get rid of those. i always wanted my arms to be toned. my arms changed. my middle section, my thighs. my legs.
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everything, really, everything has been transformed. i lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks. >> 25 minutes is the way to go. 25 changed my life. brand-new body. brand-new me. >> having trouble finding time to work out? not anymore. introducing focus t 25. only 25 minutes a day five days a week. zero excuses. >> there is no excuse. by the time you finish watching the infomercial you could have worked out. >> shaun uses focused interval training to crank up the intensity and alternates the focus on different muscle groups -- biceps, quads, lower abs, backs. there is no rest and no water breaks. every second counts. if that looks too tough for you, you are in luck. every workout features a modifier.
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any age or any fitness level, do the workout. >> all you need is 25 minutes. >> your transformation starts with the alpha cycle. five 25 minute workouts to build your foundation, melt the fat with alpha cardio. chisel your abs with ab intervals. move your legs with lower focus. sculpt your entire body with total body circuit. speed 1.0 is fun, fast, and furious. >> you are feeling it and having fun. >> time. your focus is there. >> five weeks later, you are ready for the beta cycle. you will ramp up your results with new workouts. focus on your core. core cardio, ripped circuit, dynamic core, upper focus, and speed 2.0. >> trust and believe you will work your core like never before. >> make sure you get it done every day.
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the alpha-beta wall counter shows you which to do each day and lets you track your progress. the quick start guide lets you walk through your transformation step-by-step. the nutrition plan makes eating right easy. all the recipes have five ingredients and take five minutes of prep. >> the nutrition plan was great. i was never hungry. i have lost 16 pounds and it has been the easiest thing i have ever had to do. >> we have never seen a program sell this fast. is not just a new workout -- this is a life changer. no wonder we sold 100,000 units alone. shaun took over a year to develop these workouts. now, you can have it all for just three payments of only $39.95. you heard me right. for the greatest breakthrough in fitness. when you order in the next 25 minutes, we will add on 220 dollars of bonus gifts.
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bonus one is stretch. just 25 minutes and you will feel good all over. bonus two is shaun's variable resistance band, so you will not need to buy dumbbells. t25 gives you everything you need to shape and sculpt your entire body. the five-day fast track, so you can get results in your first five days. >> i lost nine pounds in five days. it has given me the motivation to keep going. >> plus, you get free online support and live monthly chats, where all of your diet and fitness questions will be answered. you will even get a free coach to give you the support and motivation you need. but do not wait to call to get yours. demand for the new program has been so strong that we already ran out of stock three times. callers get priority. if you call this toll-free number to order now your order will be bumped to the front of the line and we will give you an update to express the delivery. $15 value for free.
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you will not have to wait weeks for delivery. you will get t 25 within two or five business days guaranteed. you need to call now. t25 comes with the get it done guarantee. try it risk-free for 30 days. if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, send it back and we will refund your entire purchase price fast. you can still get it done because we will let you keep the alpha cardio and burn the fat. to sculpt your body -- a gift just for trying it. who are we kidding? you are not sending it back. it does not just work. it works fast. you will love the program. you will wonder why no one thought of it sooner. stick with t25, nail your workout, and get ridiculous results like these. then send us your before-and-after photos. we will send you this free t-shirt. >> you want this t-shirt? you
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have got to nail your workouts first. >> two hours at the gym or 25 minutes. you decide. this is not available in stores and never will be. call now and get it done for three payments of $39.95. >> call. receive your order in two to five business days. call now. >> by the time you get dressed up for the gym and drive to the gym, say hello to friends at the gym, you are done in my gym. >> i thought working out for 25 minutes was something my girlfriend would do to tone up for the beach. this is the real deal. before i did the gym for an hour and a half. because of all the resting, i was not getting the results i wanted.
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you do not need an hour to work out. 25 minutes is more than enough. when i started, i weighed 208 pounds. i weigh 178 now. i did it all in 25 minutes a day. >> almost there. >> here we go. >> i had a baby and have not been able to exercise the way i want to. i have no time. >> recognize this woman? that is tania. if you have done insanity, she is the one in the videos keeping up with him and then some. then she got married, had a baby, and cannot find time anymore for exercise. then, along came t 25. >> it is a full body workout. you give it everything you have for 25 minutes. >> we don't do breaks. >> i lost 16 pounds. five inches off my waist. >> holy crap. it works like that. only 25 minutes. >> when i first started this, my
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wife and i were the heaviest we have ever been. she had a baby and i gained 25 pounds. >> he put on a lot of daddy weight. >> we were able to do this together. it is like insanity but shorter. right to the point. 25 minutes and we hit it. no rest. 25 minutes a day. i lost 41 pounds. >> it is no joke. right when you get to the point where you say i can't do it anymore, class is over. you are done. >> i have never seen him like this ever. >> solid as a rock. >> all moms in general who feel like they will never get their body back, you can do it. in 50 days you can have your body back and you will feel better. >> time. >> before i started editing, i keep photos like that and say, those people must have starved themselves to lose the weight. i can tell you it is focused interval training that gives you amazing results in only 25 minutes.
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you focus on one body part at a time and in sequence to the next so you do not have to rest. >> time. your focus is there. >> if you want to get an hours worth of results in 25 minutes, get it done with t 25. only 25 minutes a day, five days a week, zero excuses. it is short, sweaty, and the results are ridiculous. >> i lost 20 pounds. i am blown away that 25 minutes. >> your transformation starts with the alpha cycle. five 25 minute workouts to build your foundation. alpha cardio, ab intervals, lower focus. then, you move on to the beta cycle with five fast workouts to ramp up your results. core cardio. rip circuit, dynamic core, upper focus, and speed 2.0. every workout features a modifier.
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no matter what your age or fitness level, you can get it done. we are including three tools to make sure you get it done every day. the wall calendar, the quickstart guide, and the get it done nutrition guide. over a year of developing, testing, and refining have made this the most efficient fitness program ever to be put on dvd. you can have it all for just three payments of $39.95. that is right -- just three payments of $39.95. order in the next 10 minutes and we will add on $220 in bonus gifts. bonus number one is the stretch workout. this 25 minute workout makes you feel good all over. and the variable resistance band. you don't need to buy dumbbells. t25 gives you everything you need to shape and sculpt your entire body. bonus three is the fast track.
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so you can get max results. free online support. all the motivation you need. demand is so insane, when you order online, you may get an out of stock message and have to wait for delivery. call the number on your screen and we will upgrade the order. you will be doing the first workout in 2 to 5 business days. this comes with the get it done guarantee. try it risk-free for 35 days. if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, send it back. we will refund your entire purchase price. get these and the resistance band just for trying it. if you nail your workout and get ridiculous results like these, send us your before and after photos and we will send you this free t-shirt. not available in stores and never will be. call now and get it done for
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just three payments of $39.95. >> call. receive your order in two to five business days. call now. >> over half of all americans do not exercise. it does not mean you are lazy. i know you are busy. what i am hoping is if you have been too busy to workout regularly, you will hear about this and say, you can find 25 minutes to get your weight under control and take care of yourself and look the way you want to look. you know you need to exercise. now you only need 25 minutes a day to do it. let's get it done. >> it changed my mind set on working out. i did not have to do an hour
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anymore. i got to where i needed to be in 25 minutes a day. let me show you. this is where i needed to be in 25 minutes. it is gone. 25 minutes. 10 weeks. that is all it took. your heart does not come down for 25 minutes. >> go and focus. come on. >> this is a workout that i will incorporate into my life forever. it is the perfect, short, intense workout i have always looked for. >> we are doing t 25. >> i have done plenty of sit ups and running and it has never gotten me to this level where i can rock a bikini. i just saved myself a gym membership. i do this in my living room for 25 minutes a day. >> what is really cool is you will stick with it. i just finished the program this morning. i am not stopping. it is a habit. part of my daily routine. even days i am too tired and too busy, i say, it is only 25 minutes. this is a workout you can stick with. >> i was really scared to do this workout, being a big guy like i was, i could not do all of the moves.
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i needed the modified version. >> with t25, you get the same intensity with the modified version of each exercise. that is why i believe josh kept going on and on. he kept staying committed. >> one day, i did not need the modified at all. i just stuck with it. >> i weighed 293 and now i weigh 226 there and i have done anything as effective as this and i lost over a pound a day. >> the best testimonial i've ever had because he kept on to lose more weight. >> we are doing this because we need to focus and get results. i know you can do it. >> i lost 67 pounds in the first 10 weeks and continued on and i have lost 90 pounds. >> doing t 25 is part of my daily schedule. now, i get up at 6:00 a.m. because i have to and it is a part of my new lifestyle. i will never go back to the way i was. t25 has changed me forever.
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>> josh and everyone in the show were all members of a test group, volunteers. that is one of the things i love about beachbody. when they create a workout program, whether it is p90 x, insanity, or t 25, they do not just put the product out on the airwaves and promise it will work. they prove it first. everyone in the test group changed their body and their lives in only 25 minutes a day. >> my goal is to lose 20 pounds and i have surpassed that. 27. >> i guess i do not need to spend that much time in the gym anymore. i have done this in 25 minutes a day, five days a week, it really crushed it. >> 10 weeks ago, this would be my new life. i would change my life forever. and i changed my life forever. >> if you told me 10 weeks ago when we were talking that i would lose 19 pounds in 10 weeks, i would have laughed at you. >> it is 25 minutes of 100%
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nonstop working out. >> i was able to lose 40 pounds doing a 25 minute 80 workout for 50 days. >> my body is more amazing than it has ever been. i feel like a totally different person. >> i have not worn a 30 inch pants for 10 years. >> make this a lifestyle change and you can do it forever. >> just about done here. >> just one last before and after photo to show you. mine. this was me before i started it this photo was taken today. i have lost 30 pounds by working out 25 minutes a day. all you need is 25 minutes. >> it is about time. >> it is about time to order the greatest breakthrough in fitness. it delivers over an hour's results in just 25 minutes. shaun uses focused interval training to crank up the intensity. he alternates your focus on
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different muscle groups, biceps, quads, lower abs, back, obliques. there is no rest and no water breaks. every second counts. >> you get results by working hard. >> your transformation starts with the alpha cycle. five 25 minute workouts to build your foundation. alpha cardio, intervals, lower focus. total body circuit. then you move on to the beta cycle with five fast workouts to ramp up your results. core cardio. ripped circuit. dynamic core. upper focus. speed 2.0. every workout features a modifier so no matter what your age or fitness level, you can get it done. we are including a few more tools to help you succeed. the alpha-beta wall calendar shows you which workout to do each day and lets you track your progress.
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the quickstart guide lets you walk through your transformation step-by-step. the get it done nutrition plan makes eating right easy. all the recipes have five ingredients and take just five minutes of prep. >> the nutrition plan was great. i was never hungry and i lost 16 pounds. it has been the easiest thing i've ever had to do. >> we have never seen a product sell this fast. this is not just a new workout. it is a life changer. we sold 100,000 units this month alone. it is your chance to own t 25 for only three payments of $39.95. you heard me right. only three payments for the greatest breakthrough in fitness. when you order t25 in the next five minutes, we will add on $220 in bonus gifts. 25 minutes and you will feel good all over. another bonus is shaun's variable resistance band. t25 gives you everything you
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need to shape and sculpt your entire body. bonus three is shaun's five-day track so you can get max results in your first five days. >> 11 pounds in five days. i feel incredible. >> free online support. shaun will answer all of your diet and fitness questions and you will even get a free coach to give you all of the support and motivation you need. do not wait to call. demand has been so strong we have already gone out of stock three times. callers get priority. we will give you an upgrade to express delivery. call now. you won't have to wait. you will receive it in two to five business days guaranteed. t25 comes with a get it done guarantee. try it risk-free for 30 days. if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, send it back and we will refund your entire purchase price fast. we will let you keep it to burn
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the fat and total body circuit plus the variable resistance band to sculpture body as our gift. stick with it. nail your workout and get ridiculous results like these and then send us your before and after photos and we will send you this free t-shirt. >> if you want this, you have to nail your workout first. >> 25 minutes. you decide. t25 is not available in stores and never will be. call now at and get it done for three payments of $39.95. >> call. receive your order in two to five business days. call now. >> the preceding has been a paid presentation for focus t 25, brought to you by beach body.
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>> the following is a paid presentation for the hip-hop ads. >> if you are looking to shed hitting every are part of your ads, and finally get those toned abs of your dreams, stop doing situps. abs. dancing with hip-hop
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the fun new system that takes andhottest dance moves turns them into fat burning routines that you do not even feel like you are working out. it does not feel like exercise. it was so much fun, i thought i was in a nightclub. >> say goodbye to situps and crunches. >> i did not do one set up and i was totally sore. everything count up quicker. by hip-hop abs is created shawn t. what you may not know is if he is a world-renowned choreographer. people have waited in sold out lines to take his hip-hop abs classes. >> i do not want you to ever get
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down on the floor to do crunches again. >> i did not do one sit up or crunch. in 60 days, i lost 21 pounds. going from axpect size 10 to a size four. it kept my interest because it was fun. his secret is his revolutionary dance technique. it is to do -- it is designed to engage your entire core. are not just dancing, you are dancing with purpose and nothing makes you want to get up and dance more than great music.
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>> it was easy. the pounds for just coming out. >> i do not have the loved -- love handles. i went from a size 18 to a size 2. startingreal customers -- follow the program for 60 days and they lost pounds. all they did was dance. you can try the very same program right in your own home risk-free for an entire 60 days. keep watching because you will find out how you can get hip-hop ads for 75% off. that is fun. >> when i was introduced to hip hop abs and heard i could get amazing abs, i wanted to be in the best shape of my life for my wedding day. so i used hip hop abs and only hip hop abs. it took six inches off of my
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waist. i have never looked this good. that is the magic of shaun t's hip hop abs. >> you are working your upper abs, middle abs, and lower abs at the same time. you are doing that while you're dancing. you never have to get on the floor to do a single sit up or crunch. >> that is the best thing about hip hop abs. >> these are my problem areas. really it is the center and the love handles. it would be nice to live up to my nickname, abs, for once. i was at the gym not getting any results. hip hop abs with, every day is different. i was getting the full body workout in as i was dancing, but i am still focusing in on my abs. i lost the muffin top. the layer of fat is gone. >> i lost 20 pounds.
1:35 am
i went from a size 12 to a size 6. now i have abs. so when people say, hey, abs, i am like yup. >> stand up right now on your living room. let shaun show you how easy this is with hip hop abs. >> i am going to share you how to tilt, tuck, tighten, and engage your core. bring your feet together. tilt your shoulders over. tuck your hips under. exhale to tighten. >> i can feel it. >> it is working. >> we are literally doing standing crunching standing and having a good time. you are working be lower abs really hard. >> that is a tough spot. >> hip hop abs are so fun and easy to learn that you will want to run out in a club. >> shaun is about to show you the party balance.
1:36 am
>> take your feet apart. >> 5, 6, 7, bounce down. it is under, and i am exhaling every time i do it. it is so much fun. up. boom. boom. you can do this at the club. it is so much fun. >> i am really tightening my abs. i'm getting everything. >> sometimes i don't realize i am working out because i am so focused on dancing. >> my first hip hop abs was so fun that i thought i was in a nightclub. it was something different than me running on the treadmill. 25 pounds lost in two months. >> the heaviest i was was 160 pounds. before i started hip hop abs, i belong to a gym, but it uses i was paying the rent. hip hop abs was my answer.
1:37 am
i did the tilt, talk, and tighten. shaun t is amazing. you can feel his energy through the screen. >> i lost 17.5 pounds in the last eight weeks. i just feel amazing. i cannot wait to keep going. >> want faster results? there is a special six-day slim-down. you can lose six inches off your waist in six days. >> after six days i lost six pounds, which shocked me. >> i lost three inches. >> i was 3.5 pounds and three inches from my waist. >> i lost 13 pounds and 3.5 inches off my waist. >> all you need to do is stick in the dvd and follow along. it is that simple. no gym. no equipment. >> hip hop abs helped thousands of people transform their bodies.
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>> watch this. [applause] >> i am amanda. i am from missouri. i lost 75 pounds on hip hop abs. i have rockhard abs. >> my name is amy. i've two kids. and i lost weight thanks to shaun t. >> i am anne robinson. i am 32. i have three beautiful daughters, and i am a hot mama. >> i lost 70 pounds thanks to hip hop abs. >> i am from utah. i have two kids. i went from a size 16 to a size 6. look at these abs. >> get ready. you are about to find out how to save 75% off of hip hop abs. >> if you're looking to flatten and sculpt the court and finally
1:39 am
get the tight, sexy, toned abs of your dreams, then stop doing situps. >> say what? >> and start dancing with hip hop abs. >> it turns them into ab sculpting, fat-burning routines, so you don't feel like you're working out. it is designed to engage your entire core. nothing makes you want to get up and dance more than great music. shaun t that is what is all about. he will show you his secret. it is designed to engage your abs without getting on the floor for situps or crunches. turn up the music and dance. you will burn the fat off with this dvd. filled with hot moves, set to hot music, designed to burn calories fast and easy.
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you also get abs sculpt, a targeted workout designed to tighten and toby are upper, middle, and lower abs without a single crunch, and it is all you jamming to the music. just when you thought it could not get any better, he will step it up with total body burn and take your body to the next level. all you do is follow the workout. it shows you which workout to do each day. no guesswork and just have fun dancing for maximum ab flattening results. he personally created a step-by-step nutrition guide filled with healthy foods meals and recipes all designed to help you lose weight and burn inches. it gets even better. you will get these three bonus gets. -- gifts. hips, buns, and thighs. it will get you back into your skinny jeans fast. he will show you healthy food choices, so you can get great abs even when you're on the go. bonus three.
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shaun t is including a six-day slimmed-down, so you can lose up to three inches off of your waste in the first six days. >> i lost four pounds without doing one crunch. you will get all three of bonuses. they are yours free. that is $60 in bonuses for only four easy payments. that is less than the price of one personal training session with shaun t. he is also including four free gifts. the hip-hop groove will take it to the dance floor where you will learn to dance like him. and these are great read teens when you're short on time. last-minute absolute last-minute fun. you can even focus on your problem areas for crazier results. the $60 value is absolutely free. you get the complete hip hop abs system including the four
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workouts, the magician guide, the workout calendar, plus the free bonuses for four easy payments. order now and get up to 75% off. >> say what? >> we will let you try it risk-free for a full 60 days grade you will get two months to try to pop abs. if you don't see results or you're not 100% satisfied for any reason, you can get your money back. check this out. you get to keep the gifts just for trying hip hop abs. that is dope. we're even going to give you the ip access to shaun t on the internet, customize milk labs, and access to free support. -- customized meal plans, and access to free support.
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we will upgrade your order to express delivery so you can start your ab transformation in three business days to five business days guaranteed free. crazy right? call now to get the entire hip hop abs system, $120 in free bonuses, 24/7 online support, and a free upgrade to free shipping. >> that is 75% off. >> wait just a minute? how many months? >> you are crazy. what is the catch? >> no catch. except there are only 17 minutes left. >> and i am not getting a charge again next month and have a subscription that i have to cancel? >> no. >> that's a steal, baby. >> call or go online.
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call now. >> we know how frustrated you are. that belly fat is stubborn. you spent hours in the gym and tried every diet. still, no six-pack. your luck is about to change. in 60 days you will lose the waiting get the abs. this special offer is only available for a limited time. call now. >> the only areas i have are in the lower part, the love handles, the little jiggly's. >> even on the side, my obliques. >> i can tell that my body is changing. everything toned up quicker. my jeans are falling off, as you can see.
1:45 am
>> i lost 19 pounds and 15 inches with hip hop abs. >> unbelievable. >> it is like a whole other person here. >> is frustrating being 245 pounds and knowing i had so far to go. it was amazing. i lost 36 pounds just dancing. the fact that i could do dance moves and get the same effect as situps and crunches blew my mind. i was so focused on having fun. it was phenomenal. >> i have done boot camp. i have done pilates. i tried yoga. i still wasn't getting the results i wanted. in 60 days, i lost 20 pounds in four inches off of my waist. one of my friends said to me, you look hot. >> you are having fun dancing to great music while you are
1:46 am
learning to tilt, talk, and -- tuck and tighten, you're losing weight. the moves are fun and easy to learn. >> i lift my feet up. then i utilize the tilt, tuck, tighten. >> i feel like i need a tummy tuck, there are roles in the front and the side. >> when i started hip hop abs they were the start of something great. >> we are working on our ads and contracting that all the time. >> i started seeing results on my body. i don't have the love handles. you can see my shape. >> my hip hop abs are pretty sexy. shaun t put the smell my face. he is so motivating. -- a smile on my face. he is so motivating. >> i felt like i was in a beyoncé video.
1:47 am
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1:51 am
>> and i do a kind of sexy. i throw that in there, you know. >> the front, the lower abs, the middle abs. it is a full ab workout. >> i have 1, 2, three stomach rolls. i could bunch them together. they would not go away. >> i did crunches but my stomach would not go down. my first hip hop abs was fun and something different than a burning on a treadmill. he you are really burning calories and tightening your core. you can feel that it is working. i lost 25 pounds, seven inches off of my waist. i could finally look in the mirror and say, i am ready for my close-up. i feel confident.
1:52 am
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>> is rushing as vladimir gige crimea as a sovereign state. the worst standup with russia since the end of the cold war. >> stokes concerns that defaults are starting to mount. >> still nothing. the search for flight 370 becomes the longest in modern aviation history.
2:01 am
welcome to countdown. i am mark barton. today forth countdown really big interviews coming up. we will get earnings from companies at 7:00 london time. diego hernandez will be first on bloomberg. we will have more insight from cfo john rogers of sainsbury right here on countdown. >> vladimir putin recognized crimea as an independent state. that defies sanctions imposed by the u.s. and european union in the worst standoff with russia since the end of the cold war. tweed is following the story. what is in store?
2:02 am
yesterday they did put into place travel bans and asset freezes on 21 russians and ukrainians. that was the eu's part of it. the obama administration did the same thing for 11, maybe at a slightly higher rank than the european union. the u.k. foreign minister was already talking about further measures that could involve financial sanctions if russia starts looking toward the eastern ukraine. >> it is the u.k. that is arguing for us to be open diplomatically and make every effort, but putting pressure on russia at the same time. we have not made any special case about british financial interests. >> very much depending on the russian reaction, there are a whole lot of further sanctions, economic sanctions, which are being mauled. that would include restricting
2:03 am
russian access to the european financial system, curbing european investment into russian industries, most notably the gas and energy industries, and then finally imposing penalties on gazprom. all of these measures will be considered by european leaders who will be meeting back in brussels on thursday and friday. everything hinges on the russian reaction at the moment. >> do you get a sense that all of the 28 members of the european union are united on the same page in terms of what action to take? they all have different financial and trade exposures to russia, don't they? perhaps that suggests they are not on the same page. >> it has been very interesting watching the negotiations which have been taking place, because we had countries like poland and the baltic states, who are closer to the action in ukraine. they are very concerned and wanting to go in much harder.
2:04 am
estonian foreign minister about those differences last night. >> we didn't even think a few months ago that what we have seen in crimea will be possible. unfortunately, nobody can be 100% sure at this stage. >> they do come out with some sort of agreement. there are differences, but they managed to have a united front very at -- a united front. muchvid, thank you very terry it more on vladimir putin's speech and that you leaders as we go through this morning. higher on theing micex. over to john dawson in hong kong for the details. good morning, john. >> clearly there is concern about easy credit.
2:05 am
the prices have fallen, as you mentioned. the third is the word default. rices are down by five percent. bond has on short triggered a few concerns. that is an solar. it does hit to the heart of china, inc., if you like. the bond values falling. can't pay up to 500 million u.s. dollars. companies cannot afford to pay their debts as well? the chinese property market itself has had very easy credit.
2:06 am
zhejiang is a big concern right now. if that goes down, the big banks will tighten up their liquidity lending. the ricochet effect is pretty enormous across china. >> what is the story on the big robbery developer collapsing? is about the company i just mentioned, but also about others as well. more names coming to the fore. certainly, those who can't pay for their debts have seen bonds and stocks falling. developing and property shares are at a six-month low in shanghai. far, the name in the frame is property companies
2:07 am
have really hit to the heart of china plc. >> thank you, john dawson in hong kong. >> let's go over to our moscow bureau for reactions to the crimea referendum. bloomberg news corresponded joins us now. do you expect from vladimir putin's speech later today? >> to be honest, there is no doubt that president putin is going to announce the annexation of crimea during that read :00 during the 3:00 p.m. speech. yesterday's sanctions from the u.s. and the eu were seen as very mild. , both then market stock market and the ruble rallied after they were closed. unless the u.s. and the eu move on and impose sanctions on
2:08 am
those wouldanies, be serious sanctions. otherwise, all the others are not seen as serious enough or impacting the economy. >> if that is the case, what is the reaction -- what has the reaction been to those limited sanctions being imposed? honest, they have been mocked by the officials on whom the sanctions were imposed. who is considered one of the architects of the tweetedda machine yesterday saying that he has no do this except to enjoy american culture. others have reacted in the semi.
2:09 am
others have said they don't have any assets in the u.s.. joining us from moscow. thank you. >> a supermarket chain has seen 36 straight quarters of same-store sales growth. it could all change. will be reported in 50 minutes time. caroline hyde, the end of a nine year run of unbroken same-store sales increases, is that it? >> looks as though for the first time, sales are going to fall. sales are down by 2.7%. growth about 800 million pounds. 1.5%. the end of an era. alarm bells have been ringing for some time. showed that the competition is getting tougher,
2:10 am
particularly with the discounters. i swore is on everyone's lips. rice war -- price war is on everyone's lips. are addicted by jogger fee and demography. >> all shoppers have become more savvy. you go to all the. if you want a good quality piece of meat, after the horse meat scandal you want to go and find the best types of product. many want to go to a marks and spencer's. , sainsbury's might be more insulated than tesco. >> justin king, his era is ending. timing is everything, they say, when you step down in the world
2:11 am
of politics and business. football as well. has he got the timing right? >> it seems he might be following in the footsteps of theie, stepping down when time is right, just before the times really get tough. justin king, this is likely to be his last statement coming out for quarterly sales. sad that he has to highlight what a tough time it is going to be after he hands over the reins upe. chael co >> he joined in 2004. he has the experience. trading, marketing, i.t.. but we want to know is division. are they still going to be adding space as they have been? be expandingg to online? how are they going to be tackling the discounters? how are they going to face this much tougher -- >> their margin is smaller than tesco's, isn't it?
2:12 am
remembering that there shares are down significantly this year. they have fallen some 15% year to date. that shareprice slump is factoring in all the bad news. also, they keep increasing market share. they are now the second biggest in terms of market share in the united kingdom after tesco. >> we will ask john rogers how much money they will have to price. saysr next guest uncertainty still remains over what will happen next in ukraine.
2:13 am
2:14 am
2:15 am
time for today's company news. microsoft ceo will unveil a version of office next week. this will be the first product he unveiled cloud services. to improveforts profitability.
2:16 am
california-based film and tv studio and other locations france's. second-largest bank will seek shareholder permission to pay bonuses. caps onas imposed compensation. banks can seek investor approval to double the cap. welcome back to countdown. edwards. >> our next guest says uncertainty still remains over the situation in ukraine. uncertainty, phillip. it is almost impossible to make projections beyond the end of our nose, beyond a day, isn't it. have you been crunching the numbers, looking at all the scenarios? looking at the worst-case scenarios when it comes to the economic impact on russia and the impact on the eu? >> we try to. there is a large number of
2:17 am
possibilities. i don't think you want to go down the road of the worst possible scenario. some sort of military conflict remains a risk. i suppose the biggest uncertainty is how russia physically and axis the crimea because clearly the referendum over the weekend is not recognized either by the west or kiev? or >> things seem to be moving quickly. this morning we got reports from moscow that president putin is going to speak and is expected to announce the annexation of crimea as early as today. it is difficult to keep up with these kinds of events. >> it is. in the meantime, how does
2:18 am
president putin play at? he could use a diplomatic channel, which would make sense. don't forget that russia wants to keep hold of the ukraine within its sphere of influence. if it annexes crimea, and then starts eyeing the russian majority areas in the south east of the country, the danger is that it loses the western side of the ukraine, including kiev. is difficult to say how it will play out. there does seem to be some sense in saying that president putin will move slowly. >> somehow projected $70 billion .his quarter last year it was less than that for the entire year, capital flying out of russia. how bad have things become when it comes to money moving out of the country? a big risky, that is
2:19 am
to the financial system and the economy. if you look at the behavior of the russian stock market yesterday, it seemed to stabilize and bounce back a bit. that doesn't seem to be an immediate stress. my guess on the financial side is not to talk about u.s. treasuries. they moved to a third-party custodian. all sorts of financial flows going on in this situation. >> let's talk a little bit about china. what is your latest reading on the economy? is it slowing so much that it will reach the 7.5% growth target that the leadership has set? >> certainly, the economy has had to slow. what we are seeing in china is medium-term restructuring away from the model which is held up in large by imports and investment.
2:20 am
we are not going to see double-digit growth anymore. what we have witnessed over the past few months is a slowing of theeconomy, beyond deceleration of activity which the chinese authorities are comfortable with. his time of year it is difficult to tell what the chinese economy re is ag because the media holiday. get the chinese gdp numbers for the first quarter towards the middle of next month. proved actually informative. >> a real estate company looks to be getting itself and it trouble. your thoughts on the fed when we come back. his thoughts on the budgets here in the u k. ♪
2:21 am
2:22 am
2:23 am
>> welcome back, this is countdown. i am mark orton. barton.mark yellen's first meeting as chair. we will get the new projections. it will be her first arrest conference.
2:24 am
measured reduction and tapering continues, tinkering of forward guidance? what can be expected? >> yes, absolutely. the better than expected payroll numbers earlier this month has made her job easier. look, the economy is still improving on a medium-term view. we have got a long, protracted situation. the book had something like 119 references to weather and snow. [laughter] >> they might mention whether in the statement for the first time. >> that is right. the fed has made it quite clear that monetary policy depends on
2:25 am
the economic outlook. not on a preset path. however, the bar to halting tapering is pretty high. we had the improvements in payrolls, it is not just payrolls, we had a bounce back in new homes as well. about things happening in the u.k.. the chancellor unveiled his annual budget -- will unveil his annual budget tomorrow. will we see evidence of the looming election in the budget? it is around a year away, but it is very much a feature of what we hear from the chancellor. >> certainly in the rhetoric. i think he will continue to try to convince people that the economy is recovering. also, a lot of work needs to be done on a difficult situation in closing the budget gap. we have had some progress in cutting government borrowing, but we are still around 6.5% gdp. that is huge.
2:26 am
we are delivering a recovery. we know it is not brilliant yet, but the economy needs another conservative led government. couple of places that the fast pace of unemployment coming down is a constraint on upgrades. how does that work? >> it is the way certain econometric models work over the medium-term, in the sense that output growth is constrained by the announced capacity. it depends on the rate of unemployment. decline ina faster unemployment than you expected, it reduces the spare capacity. therefore it reduces your growth in the medium-term. if that reflects reality are not is thelong-term -- >> output actually important? it is a very uncertain science.
2:27 am
section of fiscal policy. >> philip, thank you. up, president putin prepares to speak to lawmakers. we will look at what sanctions mean for russian businesses. ♪
2:28 am
2:29 am
2:30 am
>> biscuit a quick look at the fx market. let's start here with the aussie dollar, down 1/10 of one percent. andrba came out overnight released what a lot of people thought. here, at onet percent over the last five trading days. the other one we want to look at is the sterling. one .6638 --s you buys you 1.6638. we could see more hawkish views over the slack in the economy starting to become more apparent. bullish.get is 1.6950,
2:31 am
it has been a while. annalcome back, i am for the the search plane is the longest in history. officials say whoever was operating the aircraft went to great lengths to avoid being detected. namee osborne is about to a bank of england deputy governor. professoriness school is a favorite. includemale candidates global head of client strategy asset
2:32 am
he says russia now recognizes crimea as a sovereign state following the referendum. crimea could be annexed by the russian federation by the end of the week. meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama warns president putin that any move to annex crimea could be costly for russia. ofy have frozen assets ukrainian and crimean leaders. president obama says the u.s. will also impose sanctions and he's willing to take the measures even further. stand firm in to our unwavering support for ukraine. told the prime minister last week, the united states stands with the people of ukraine and their right to determine their own destiny. ♪
2:33 am
,> joining us now from moscow ivanerity capital director . what we're hearing today that vladimir putin could announce the annexation of crimea. how quickly do you see this crisis escalating from here? momentum ina lot of crimean annexation. to see at is unlikely u-turn in russian government's behavior on this issue in the nearest future. i think that this will proceed. >> what will precipitate a
2:34 am
u-turn by the russian government on a scale of sanction, visa bans, as it freezes, are quite low. they could escalate. what would precipitate such a u-turn, if anything? well, i think both sides of the conflict, russia and ukraine, should be able to talk to each other and agree on something. tension should use for that to happen. which has beenic ispped up in both countries counterproductive, of course. thatorst-case scenario is the situation escalates into the .reakup of the ukraine i don't see this as a best case
2:35 am
is reflected this by the markets. the situation has a lot of moving parts. something unwelcome may happen in this direction. see thewhere markets worst-case scenario. >> ivan, meanwhile, the russian deputy economy minister says the situation in the economy there's is a clear sign of a crisis. there are key risks to the economy. that could be margin calls, reserves might be drawn down, exchange rates may fall, prices will rise. ebedev says says -- l he is worried. theussia is worried about outcome of bigger sanctions. visa bans and asset triggers for
2:36 am
in conflictfficials situation. this were to be followed by something more substantial such as trade embargoes or meaningful asset freezes, that will be quite hazardous for the russian economy. it would be quite hazardous for the world economy as well. micex isile, the rising. it is still down 15% heard the ruble is down nine percent since the start of the year. do russian assets have further to fall? can you give us an idea of how and ruble could fall from here in a worst-case scenario? >> it is difficult, mark, to come up with certain levels and
2:37 am
certain timing. there are quite a few moving parts in this conflict situation. reactions from multiple players also. as it stands now, if the situation does not escalate further, i don't think the ruble has much further to fall. enduring heavy balance of payments surplus. the ruble has quite strong support from this point of view. >> have you been buying -- tell us what you have been buying. d.c. this is a buying opportunity? >> we have been active in the market. we have been selling some stocks and buying others. the movements in the stock
2:38 am
market are quite dramatic. you can find some interest in .pportunities to rotate the domestic economy and the consumer-based, ruble-based stocks have fallen quite because of the devaluing currency and some concerns about the strength of the consumer. others have hand, not fallen as much. even before the fall, there was -- they were quite cheap on very devaluations with roosting their profit margins and share prices declined even further. the assets have become increasingly more cheap. >> ivan, do you see any
2:39 am
redemptions in your funds? d expect to see reductions in coming months? >> >> there's always movement. it wasn't anywhere near as substantial as the change in the market levels would suggest. the base for russian investments over the last two years has gone through some consolidation. most investors committed to russia have quite strong patience at this point. >> ivan, thanks to chatting with us. good to hear your thoughts as this continues. elov speaking to us. sent this report from singapore with an update on
2:40 am
china's search efforts for the missing airplane. >> china surging its own territory for the missing jet according to xinhua news agency. china hasll right -- already redirected satellite and forces. scientists in beijing say it will be found. a plain 60 meters long can be located easily by the eyes in the sky, that is what the chinese are saying. still, 26 countries are now involved in the search-and-rescue operation, looking for clues. the coasts ofing australia. ocean is next, even after their traffic control says that it never entered australian airspace. malaysia has come under intense criticism for the search operation, especially from
2:41 am
china. sometimeseries of conflicting information released. they did say the surge has been a logistical nightmare, a challenge, and it thanks all the nations giving it a helping hand. this is the longest search for a jet in modern aviation history. arment is linda reporting. hiseorge osborne delivers budget tomorrow. our u.k. viewers can watch at life and in full from 12:30 london time. >> the latest data on eu car registrations. we'll see how any sanctions on russia may affect automakers. ♪
2:42 am
2:43 am
2:44 am
>> welcome back to countdown. >> it is 6:44 in london. we are getting news from russia this morning. president vladimir putin is ordering the approval on crimea's accession to russia. the accession process of crimea -- still no clarity on how long the approval before .hat will take
2:45 am
certainly, president putting putting that into motion. ordering and approval to arrange the accession of crimea. >> meanwhile, russian stocks sliding -- rising for the second day. chilean copper company reported earnings at 7:00. >> there are some mood swings around his company. lowere had this big move in the price of copper. this would raise some concern about the price of copper. there was some concern last year about the average price of copper through the year compared to the year before. the average price is around $7,300 a ton last year. we arear alone,
2:46 am
averaging just a little bit over $7,000 a ton. this would eat away in margin unless they do something on the cost side of things. costs have been rising for a lot of these miners. storyis -- is the china the number one concern for copper companies right now? >> there is a lot of concern about demand within china itself . also a little bit of concern about the commodity trade financing deals. that is something else to talk about later. they could be constrained by time. look at the demand story. is it overplayed? if you look at demand within china, 40% of that comes from investment in the electricity grid or in the power industry itself. the chinese government have said they're going to increase investment in the electricity grid by 13%. could support demand somewhat. i think it is interesting that today we get to talk to the ceo. he can tell us whether he has seen any fall in demand in terms
2:47 am
of the supply side of things, as well. >> we will get the latest read on new car registrations in the eu. ahead of that number, let's see how automakers may be affected by the tension in ukraine and any sanctions on russia. our international correspondent hans nichols is in berlin with details. companies are watching this situation so closely, especially the possibility for new sanctions, broader sanctions. when you look at the companies that have big market shares, this is especially true of nissan, renault, they could be impacted on their bottom line. look at market share. around 31% of the market. after that, you see a pretty big drop down. the numbers we will get right minutes, they5 will be western europe. for a sense of the size and scope of the russian market,
2:48 am
take a look at annual car sales in russia, the u.k. and germany. germany is the biggest market in western europe. they have 2.9 5 million cars. 2.2 6k. is it about million. we're talking about a large number of vehicles. mostly, the sanctions are pretty targeted. a couple dozen individuals, that may expand. which are the hot selling items in russia, at least for the first two months of this year? that is mercedes. they are out front with around 6000 vehicles. after that we have bmw, audi around 4500, and alexis running it out around 1400. for the numbers we will get later this morning, it is really a sense of is the auto industry back in western europe. we'll be watching very closely later when the numbers come out on eastern europe. for western europe, this is always a good indicator if there is a recovery taking hold. we've had some good months in
2:49 am
the last few months. we will continue to accelerate. his dress sense that the crisis, at least on the other side, is fully and finally over with. much, hansu very nichols in berlin. >> we will have more next in countdown. ♪
2:50 am
2:51 am
>> welcome back. edwards.
2:52 am
>> u.k. struggling to hire enough fiber security -- cyber security experts. a national competition has been held over the last four years to find the best and brightest among the countries tech savvy youth. we report on the final of this year's cyber security challenge. the u.k. is under attack. its last line of defense, these 42 mostly men tapping away at keyboards. bond.ite james security experts say the threat is real, and the u.k. is under resourced. gchq, britain's highly secretive and controversial spy agency are
2:53 am
part of an alliance with big business and the police to recruit the best computer minds. a year of competition, the final game is being held here in winston churchill's world war ii bunker under the streets of london. partridge works for you k telco bt. they handle every transaction in the country and are one of the events sponsors. >> there is a cyber security skills gap. it is difficult, sometimes impossible to find the right people. >> for the contestants, this is serious business. gchq agents who we can't show on camera sit over their shoulder, marking their skills and judging their leadership. the team has to go before an intimidating panel of real government and industry experts.
2:54 am
winner was 19 your old will shackleton. he studies at cambridge university and just got a job at facebook. >> it can lead to a job. thate new heroic face of -- of a very real 21st century threat. angus bennett, bloomberg. a break and look at today's newspaper with our european business correspondent caroline hyde. that start with you, hans. >> i was going to start off with a story about every fourth roof in berlin having a solar panel. i am going to do the story about cold showers in the morning. in one week, that is the
2:55 am
number of drivers in berlin that were using their mobile phones, their hand is quite a high number. 88 of them were bike riders. i may be guilty of that. i have to come clean. anna, mark? >> a story i missed yesterday. i was shocked this morning when i read it on the bloomberg site. -- l'wren scott was found dead. her designs are worn by nicole parker,sarah jessica michelle obama. she grew up in utah. webers persuaded by bruce to move to paris. she had a successful modeling career. she moved to l.a. in the 1990's. she worked as a stylist. mick jagger. the fashion world is in morning and in shock today.
2:56 am
>> i've got a slightly lighter death. fe.anted to focus on her li she is loved and adored by many in the u.k., but mainly by vince charles himself. i want to redo her name. she went to the same school as i did. my parents had great trouble deciding what to call me in the first place. they were so delighted that they finally found a name that they got kissed on the way to the onch -- they got pissed the way to the church. she is a recovering alcoholic, but a wonderful cook. >> very quickly.
2:57 am
i do you. discovered byd scientists. they say this is the telegraph. a little bit of science regarding the big bang. ♪
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boone recognizes vladmir putin recognizes crimea as a state. >> we will be talking about the slump in the copper market coming up. flight 370search for becomes the largest in modern aviation history. >>


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