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tv   Taking Stock With Pimm Fox  Bloomberg  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> this is "taking stock" for tuesday, september 30. i am pimm fox. today's theme is movers and shakers. news corp. makes nearly $1 theion cash deal for company behind it is beefing up its real estate listings to compete with the zillow. plus here is a mover and a shaker, the legendary new york jets quarterback joe namath. up with theg medical community to fight dramatic brain injuries.
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, a is a mover, a maker sugar, she has been through her own healing process. with a etheridge is out new album and how own of her music has changed her career. now we get headlines with julie hyman. the firstrds that ebola case has been diagnosed in the united states. are holding a press conference just a half hour from now. where it is,ar but there are reports it is in dallas, texas. carl icahn had pushed for a split earlier this year, and the separation of ebay and paypal a be done by 2015. >> thank you. now for more on the paypal ebay split, joining me now is cory johnson.
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and the chief executive of bluesnap. and eric jackson from los angeles. let's begin with you. what do you make of this move today and tell us what this tells about you of the payment -- the future of the payment industry. >> it is a neck knowledge and -- and i knowledge meant on the part of ebay to know that paypal would be a better industry separate from them. hopefully paypal unleashed can be innovative and shake up the payments industry.
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>> does paypal have catching up to do? >> they are definitely far behind in technology by their own ambition -- admission. ebay will be reducing its volume by 50% over the next three years. so how is paypal going to fill that gap? >> two views. can you combine them to why this is happening right now? another reason it is is becauseow the ducks are cracking and they want to be fed. companies that are growing the top line quickly, especially if the scale of paypal, are so attractive to wall street that they want to be freed. there was a believe that the paypal activist would not be
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company. as a combined so that is one of the things driving this deal. but ebay has seen some real nice growth, but they are not a credit for it because internally paypal is growing even more quickly. i think that is something investors will start to look at it when they see ebay as a separate company. scale when itf comes to paypal. they reported about $177 billion worth of transactions last year. how to scale play into this business? of people felt that ebay was holding paypal back. they were not able to do deals and merchants like walmart am cx because they were threatened by ebay as being a competitor to them. this will open the market for paypal and allow them to go into merchants and really become something that you can use when you check out in stores. i think it is good for paypal. >> what does this mean for
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competitors in the money transfer business and those companies like these the and mastercard as well as western union? >> i think it will be interesting to see how all of this plays out. an amexthe selection of executive who has experience at at&t to be the new ceo of paypal is a little perplexing to me. to make it as innovative as possible, so would you not look for someone in silicon valley to run it? >> was there no one to run at? why did they bring in him from amex? >> there are lots of good executives all over. hiring isphy of the not as important as the history and the knowledge. technology in mobile phones, and the potential for fraud are really changing the way the payment industry works. we are probably on the cusp of transactionthat
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coming down significantly. where merchants it's an small business -- and small business people are paying massive chunks. someone you knows the interesting history of that moveess and knows how to from the bank account of the consumer to the business bank , they are not just in silicon valley. i want to put to you the notion that dan shulman who comes into run paypal from american recs russ also has previously spoken about how there are many people in the world who are unserved by traditional banking and that the growth is coming from developing markets. markets outside of the united states and europe. >> that is true. we are very involved in that. there are about 500 different
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types of ways to make payments today around the world. paypal is just one method. from is payments methods china, from germany, from brazil, from russia, all competing to be the next paypal of their country. we might see much more of that growth moving goods and services online print we just have to accept that here in the world. it is getting much more complicated, not simpler. >> what can people learn about this online payments world from you? online platform for managing online transactions like a merger, or financing, or ked -- actas security -- asset-backed security. i learned some lessons, be very focused on your clients and on the technology. that is why i throughout the
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selection of shulman as ceo. a leave benchsuch from paypal alumni, why not look at during the band back together? bench of paypal alumni, why not look at getting the hand together?nd back even though the ceo selection has already been made, hopefully they will be reaching out and trying to get some of these talented innovators involved with the company at the board level is the public offering now progresses. acquiredypal that ebay more than a decade ago was a , massivelyr money-losing business that was long on ideas and short on
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profits let alone on their --lity to execute the o beyond the platform. have started them other businesses at this point. what they need. >> my thanks to my panel. coming up next, no war when it comes to an acquisition. news corp. agreeing to buy ♪
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>> this is "taking stock" on bloomberg. i am pimm fox. a major deal that could shake up the world of publishing and online real estate listings. rupert murdoch has agreed to buy the owner of joining me is the chief executive. what you can tell us about how your day started today? >> is started at 3:30 a.m., it at 11:00 p.m. last night when we signed the papers, and then started at 3:30 a.m. when we announced the deal this morning. it is a really exciting
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opportunity for i think the digital assets we have are only going to enhance our ability to attract home buyers. >> talk about what they are getting? what is the specific property? >> we have three businesses in move. inc. we have a b2b software business that allows realtors to follow-up and turn leads into close says. and then we have a consumer destination to see the most accurate listings updated every 15 minutes. >> tell us about the business operations of in terms of the number of listings,
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maybe even something to do with the profile of the listings and those that news move inc. and very active homebuyers and sellers and we have 2.5 to 3 million active listings at one time which covers about 98% of the listings that are active at any one time. we get those directly from the mls, which means that they are updated every 15 minutes. market, youn the will see it updated, when he goes off the market we will tell you. >> what will you do now with the money that you could not do before? >> the good news is that the money goes to the shareholders. opportunity this is a one plus one equals five combination. the audience of both companies are very compatible and we really see the opportunity for audience tor great
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the wall street journal properties, and the wall street journal property is the give a greato obvious to our brokers -- audience to our brokers. trajectory of what you think is common to all three of these experiences for you. >> two things. one is content, and the second is search. i think the idea that you could give consumers the opportunity to find what they're looking for really quickly and accurately is a critical component of all of the businesses i have an in -- of been in. >> what about the cost of setting up these businesses? has a gone progressively lower? technology and people
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continue to be expensive. in this space i think the importance of rand and brand advertising is very important. the cost of doing business is definitely continuing to grow but the opportunities are getting greater because the market opportunities are strong. >> what about the competition you go i mention zillow. it has already been purchased. there are those independent brands. tell us about how you managed to differentiate yourself. is we first thing we do are that means our job is to represent the realtors to the consumers before they meet the realtor themselves in person. we have a strong alignment with the industry which i think makes us very different. wants us to deliver a great consumer experience because we are actually meeting the consumer for the first time in their stead. retail on the brand. having made this determination to sell to news corp., what is your role?
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is it going to be any different? my plan is to continue to execute against our plan until the acquisition closes. and then work with the news corp. team to make sure that we get the most out of the opportunity that sits in front of us. >> as far as revenue. are you still on track? >> yes we're still on track. and as i said, our audience is growing, and continuing to grow. that is really exciting. >> thank you for joining us. take aup, looking to waffle on the go? a fast casual chain that is looking to make your favorite arrest wrote on him into an everyday meal. anrestaurant item into everyday meal. ♪
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>> this is taking stock. september marks national breakfast month. there is a celebration of breakfast foods. eggs, pancakes, and waffles. if you want to continue it throughout the day, we can help you with all of this. gourmet waffle sandwiches with your favorite brick first foods for dinner -- tech fest breakfast foods for dinner. we are talking about may not be the kind of waffles that you all remember that felt a little heavy and were not -- >> most people think about the waffle is light, airy, and
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crispy, not sweet. it is a true belgian style wall full recipe, made with these, so it is like baking fresh bread. we were just passing around some in the green room, and we got some pleasant surprises for people. >> i thought he was describing new. you. crispy on the outside -- [laughter] 54, i am crispy. >> you go back a ways. you have been doing this for a while. >> i've always had a passion for food. we started the waffle project back in 2000. convincing.ome we have known each other for 20 years.
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we were both cooking, and i started in the produce business, and he was my first customer. >> you wanted fresh produce for restaurants of california. >> i used to go to the farmers in santa monica. and when we connected i was always complaining about stuff i could not do as a chef. buyingded to start we struck up a deal that he would buy things that looked gray and i would make a great and ind it -- menu aroundim a it. >> so how did this turn into a waffle experience? you are visiting belgium, and you saw it was a street food, which is different than a breakfast food. >> the waffle overseas is
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different than what the u.s. perceives it to be. the texture, the aroma, the taste infatuated people. the thought process came if we could develop this for the united states people would really be excited about it. >> they would eat it. that is what you want them to do. iswe created a sandwich that based off of a fried chicken and waffle concept, but a twist. that is our most popular one. wales have a green eggs and ham which is a playoff of the issues -- often of dr. seuss. everythingall you, is made by you. in orange county,
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the southern los angeles area. >> people as if they can get the waffle mix because you're also famous for the mix that people are eating all of the world. >> we have a mix company. >> can you do them at home? that areare a few fans grandfathered in. but we distribute everything for the use of the restaurants. to get theayed tried marketplace to pray so we tried to do, and at the end of the day we decided to team up. i notice already dog friendly, you do not serve soda that has high fructose corn syrup. what is next? several projects. we are in elena year, and san diego and las vegas in 2016. >> that will be fun. my thanks to the chief
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executive officer, cofounders of bruxie. coming up, joe namath. ♪
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>> this is "taking stock" on bloomberg. i am pimm fox. a news conference is about to begin regarding late news today that the first ebola k's has been diagnosed in the united states. this is all according to the cdc. matt miller down joins us. this veryfollowing closely. there have been a couple of ebola cases in the u.s. previously, some medical personnel who were hoping to fight the disease in africa, diagnosed there, and came back here to new york and atlanta and were treated. this is the worst case -- first case that the cbc will announce
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that has actually been diagnosed in the united states. in dallas, where they are holding a press conference, scheduled to start right now at 5:30 p.m. time, going toal be there at texas health present presbyterian. they will tell us about this. so far, in liberia, in sierra leone, we have seen about 5800 cases, 2800 deaths have come from those cases. forecasting the norm but could be twice as high the number could be twice as high of those who have it. and it could double in twice as many days. we will find out now from this press conference how much of a concern we should have here in this country. if this is a case that flew in
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from africa, or if this is one that someone got to has not even left u.s. soil. that would be the difference. >> we will watch this as more news comes from the press conference. thank you. we want to move on to another to sports.e, related concussions in football front and center this past weekend. the michigan university quarterback was surprisingly left in the game and appeared visibly wobbly after getting hit to the head. the michigan athletic department apologized for the handling of the incident. than joeng in no other namath, who is just created the near logical center and jupiter center in florida. welcome. great to have you both here.
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let's just start off, in a way this is a highlight of the events this past weekend. this is what you and the doctor are trying to deal with. i'm wondering if you can describe your feelings on seeing that quarterback get hit, and then explain this new neurological center. >> i did not see the event this weekend. i have dealt with former teammates as far as six years ago who began to deteriorate, knowing that the contentions -- the concussions lead them to that mental state. i began wondering about my own concussions that i had, and what is going to happen down the road. so i did seek out this doctor, and asked for their guidance and help. what we did was go through a where initially the brain cells that were damaged have been regenerated.
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isthis regenerative process something that in looking at the videos, you are entering a used as where oxygen is the therapy for healing wounds. like the one that michael jackson had. largers a little bit than that one. it basically uses oxygen as a dramatic rateith injury and help improve the problems that you have with that kind of injury. >> it is already been shown to work on things like ulcers, other chronic injuries. >> absolutely. use it ones sense to injuries to the brain. it.e have done we have examined the brain and taken cognitive test throughout the process i went through.
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this is not regulated to just athletes and football players. children, adults, that grow up with rain trauma. we have shown we can regenerate those damage cells. now,e hoping 20 years from whatever it is, we can really cure a lot of evil that have these injuries -- people that have these injuries. populationthey prin that you serve, you are going to see primarily older people. how old this benefit people who do not think they have an injury? somebody that has been hit in the head, or had some kind of rain injury where they passed out and they have to be older than 18, but surprisingly enough , our average age is in the 40's at the center. >> these new chambers are quite
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large, you can even watch television while you are in one. show, we watch your can watch movies, and we have the largest single place person chambers in the world. but the expensive, medical center has funded the cost for it. >> what kind of results have you gotten? got excellent results. his scan showed abnormalities initially, and now his dan is normal -- scan is normal. >> what did you think when you first saw that scan? surprised, i was afraid. i knew i was hit. i knew i had some contact. we did not call them concussions. you got smelling salt, and you went back in. we have improved, the medical nowld has improved, and we know the brain gets damaged when it is hit hard. i was thrilled, but not
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initially when i saw the damage. when i saw the results over the last year and a half, i am excited. i am happy that there is hope for people who have had the problem, and to answer their lives. >> broadway joe. you grew up in the game as the first celebrity football player in the modern media age. i do not think that is an overstatement. you are a legend. then dashwoodh jeronne maymon then have been able to use social media, twitter, knowing that everything that went on would be recorded? >> it would have been different, no doubt about it. i do not know. i would have adjusted. being a quarterback and a
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ballplayer, you just two things you do not know. i would have learned, and been educated with the process. the layers today really get a lot of help. .hey do a great job new guys come in and teach them. but we all make mistakes. the percentage of the guys in the league that do make mistakes are far outweighed by the righteous guys in the league trying to do right. just like society in general. there is more good than there is bad, let's maintain the goodness ahead of the bad. >> now with all of this new kind of media, the lives off the field are just the same as the lives on the field almost. >> absolutely. and we see things about abuse, excuse me, it is time that everybody steps up, not that business or next-door neighbor. it is all of our business that we get involved with these
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issues and try to correct them. >> did you see the jets game this past weekend? >> yes. >> any reaction? the spectator and the performance of the team? >> i did not see that happen. maybe i got sick enough of the game before i saw that. but i did experience something like that myself. my rookie season, we played in front of columbia students, and as we were leaving the students were yelling some awful things that me, and i gave them a gesture of my feelings to them. and a mentor of my team grabbed me and strained me right out about lowering myself to a level of disrespect. but was it only time i did that, and he taught me that lesson right there on that spot. >> thank you gentleman.
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thank you for being with us. this is taking stock on bloomberg. ♪
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>> we go now to a live press conference with the head of the centers for dixie's control -- centers for disease control talking about the first case of a ball in the united states. >> the next steps are basically threefold. patient. care for the we will be hearing from the house at all -- hospital shortly to provide the best care as safely as possible to keep to an absolute minimum the likelihood or possibly that anyone did the coming -- would become in fact
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did. and to maximize the chances the patient might recover. second, we identify all people who may have had contact with the patient while he could have been infectious. remember, ebola does not spread from someone who is not infectious. it does not spread from someone who does not have a fever and other symptoms. so it is only someone who is sick with ebola who can spread the disease. once those contacts are all identified, they are all monitored for 21 days after exposure to see if they develop fever. if they develop fever, than those same criteria are used to isolate them and make sure that they are cared for as well as possible so that they maximize their chances, and to minimize and eliminate the chance to infect other people. i havetom line here is
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no doubt that we will control this importation, or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country. it is possible that someone who had contact with this individual could develop ebola in the coming weeks, but there is no doubt in my mind that we will stop it here. it does reflect the ongoing spread of ebola in liberia and there area, where large numbers of cases and while we do not know how this individual became infected, they undoubtedly had close contact with someone who was sick with ebola or who had died from it. in west africa we are surging the response, not only of cdc where we are already have more than 130 people in the field, but also throughout united its government -- united states
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government. the president is making sure we are working very proactively, and the defense department is on the ground, already strengthening the response. we're working with a broad global coalition to confront the epidemic. ultimately we are all connected by the air we breathe. we are invested in ensuring that the disease is controlled in africa, but also ensuring that where there are patients in this country who become ill, they are immediately isolated and we do the tried and true core public health interventions that stop the spread of ebola. >> thank you. i would like to know introduce thesecond speaker, commissioner of the texas department of state health services. >> good afternoon. thank you.
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thank you for your support and the support of the cdc as we work through this current situation. i want to say our thoughts and prayers are with the family and with the patient. and the treatment team for this individual. laboratory, the texas public health laboratory in austin has a specially trained team to handle high risk specimens like this. we were certified on the 22nd of august to do ebola testing. at 9:00 a.m. this morning, we received a blood sample, all of the controls were within expected ranges, and the pcr was definitely positive for ebola. we got that result back at 1:22 p.m. this afternoon. we haveo reiterate that no other suspected cases in the state of texas at this time. we are closely monitoring the situation, and we are ready to assist in any way that is needed.
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have been insignificant contact with the hospital, with the local health departments, and the cdc. they have our full support as they work through this situation for it we are committed to keeping texas safe. i want to thank the cdc, the local health department, and dallas county for the work they are doing and we are working through the situation together. >> thank you. our third speaker is dr. edward goodman, the hospital immunologist with the texas health presbyterian dallas. >> thank you. thank you to the doctors and the cdc. to correct one statement that may have been misinterpreted by dr. freeman did when he commented on the air we breathe. ebola is not transmitted via the air. it is not an airborne infection. texas health dallas is a large
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community hospital with a robust infection control system that works in close cooperation with the dallas county health department, the centers for disease control, as well as others epidemiologist within the system and community. we have had a plan in place for some time now in the event of a patient presenting with possible ebola. ironically enough, in the week before this patient presented, we had a meeting of all of the stakeholders who might be involved in the care of such a patient. and because of that, we were well prepared to deal with this crisis. thank you. >> you have been listening to a press conference from atlanta, the center for disease control speaking about the first confirmed case of ebola in the
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united states, happening in dallas. matt miller has been following the story. i'm wondering if you could just summarize for us what did the head of the texas state health services as well as the hospital epidemiologist talk about this particular case? they said it was identified on the 26th of september? >> and that the patient flew on september 19 from library of -- from library where they have a very serious problem with ebola to texas. they discovered it on september 26. they got the result back at 1:22 p.m. today. i am assuming that is central time. the most interesting point that was made by the doctor was that this is only case of ebola they believe exists in texas.
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everyone whotoring has come in contact with this patient, who is a male. they're going to monitor of them for 21 days and see any symptoms. but this is the only suspected case, and they do not believe that there are any others. while it is possible, and even itely that one person passes on to others that are close to him or her, family members, friends, they do not believe thatding to the doctors, there are any other cases in texas right now. i think that is the biggest take away. africa,rea they're in you see thousands of cases, and they are climbing at a rapid pace. outbreak inthe liberia, guinea, and sierra
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leone. also part of this presentation was the hospital epidemiologist in dallas for the presbyterian dallas hospital talking about how they had just on through a drill or a review of how to handle ebola is indeed a case were to be discovered. another putting those practices and axis -- and actions into practice. >> we heard from dr. goodman, one of the people he does not understand how to used the word ironic. they discussed how they would proceed if a patient presented with ebola symptoms. this is particularly noteworthy because just last week the centers for disease control had put forth a report that said you could have 1.4 million people at the high end
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of the range potentially infected with ebola if it was left unchecked in west africa. and that the mortality rate was about 60%. there is no known vaccine for this right now. >> that is right. there are a number of vaccines that are in trials. there are 6700 identified cases in west africa. haveose, more than 3000 ended fatally. the cdc said they believe the number could be twice as high as that. 13,000 cases, and that that number will double every 20 days. it spreads at an alarming rate. healthtor from texas made sure to say that this is not an airborne disease. in lori, an bring expert in ebola, she joins us
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from the council of foreign relations. she has discussed that she has been in west africa. can you comment on what we knows o so far? no surprise. it was inevitable that we would have more cases. is the sixth individual in the united states who has been treated for ebola in this country. in the first one diagnosed after coming to the united states. it looks like the individual was here for a week before developing symptoms acute enough that the possibility of any bowl and diagnosis -- and ebola diagnosis was reached. we are in a global world, it is inevitable that people are going to travel, including people who of terrible diseases and do not know they were sick. the individual has behaved very properly.
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theyon as they took ill, officialshealth and said i was in library and submitted to all medical isolation and dave names that are being followed up on by dallas and texas state authorities to try to track down everyone can you could have been in contact with the individual in the weeks since he or she landed from library of -- liberia. >> tell us what we should know right now about ebola. that there isknow an out-of-control epidemic, unfolding in west africa, particularly in library and sierra leone. and the international response was quite sluggish until last week. as a result it is truly out of control, and the cdc estimates is not wrought
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under control quickly we could be looking at 1.4 million cases by january. that could include well over 900,000 dead. know most of all is that people are suffering and need our help urgently in west africa. we have one case now that seems to have taken ill after arriving in the united states. texas healtht authorities are moving with absolute haste to track down everybody who could have been in contact and ensure that the people of texas have no reason to get hysterical or to panic or to misbehave or to start screaming that we need to close borders. that is not the appropriate response. our health system, if it is worth its salt in all we pay for it should be in to get this under control. >> thank you.
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thank you for taking stock. good night.
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>> live from pier three in san francisco, welcome to bloomberg "west" where we cover innovation, technology in the future of business. i am cory johnson. pressure, ebay makes the decision to spin off paypal. is this a good move? speak to members of the


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