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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> i'm mark halperin. >> with all due respect to those who say that elvis would have been 80 years old tonight, we are having dinner with him. >> how about sports fans? john boehner singing when you " squish" upon a star. first, the three terror suspects in france have been identified. paris is in mourning and on age.
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the reverberations are being felt around the world. market what you think the most significant geopolitical fallout from this atrocity will be? >> there is a chance, there is a moment here because of the nature of the killing, because of who we think did it, and the assault on journalist, there is a chance that this will get more attention, more sustained attention. there was another terror attack elsewhere in the world i killed more people. this could be sustained to get people to deal with immigration violence, and multiculturalism. >> i think in the median term the most eventual be in europe. there have been increasing attacks of this kind over the course of the past few months. this i think has clarified, or hopefully will clarify for a lot of europeans the fundamental precepts of their country, their values and so on are under a salt. i think europe has not taken that threat seriously.
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it will start now. >> the leaders can be unifier's. >> there will be a lot of that. the far right party will have their hands full. >> pretty much every world leader has commented on the attack. inevitably, here comes the comedians. the comedian who has loosened up the most so far is bill maher last night on "jimmy kimmel." >> we have to stop saying, well we should not insult a great relation. n --religion. hundreds of millions of muslim support an attack like this. they applaud an attack like this. they say we don't approve of violence, but you know what when you make fun of the prophet, all bets are off. >> bring on the controversy, is bill maher right? >> he is part right.
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there is a part of islam that is radical. they are the main one right now that has a sect that has committed violence. i don't like era hundred civilians cheering this. i think he is wrong. this is the religion that is spawning the most violence in the world right now. >> he is not the best messenger right now for this message because he is so anti-religion, but he is also liberal. i think he is more than half right, he is closer to 80% right. this is an important message. you cannot treat every world religion equally. some religions are doing something right now, if you say something anti-catholic, you will not get killed. >> there is nothing in the koran that dictates these things. it is not intrinsic with muslim. it was not that long ago that christians were slaughtering muslims. we would not have said that christianity was inherently violent. >> i will say this, i agree with
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the guy. i wish an american comedian were not saying it. world leaders can say it. president obama has been pretty low profile. i don't want bill maher higher profile than the president. >> 25 years ago, when salman rushdie had fatwah, and the danish cartoonist. everybody has been standing up for the satirical paper. apparently, there are some political figures who do not want to party like it's 1999. instead, they are ready to rumble. jeb bush reportedly said, "if somebody wants to run a campaign about 1990's nostalgia, it will not be very successful." now here is elizabeth moran from the left making reference first to bill clinton's line that the era of big government is over, then hillary clinton talking
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about a company in bentonville arkansas. >> pretty much the whole republican party, and for going to be honest too many democrats, have talked about the evils of big government and called 40 regulation. if you worked at walmart and you are paid so little that you still need food stamps to put groceries on the table, what does more money and stockholders pockets and an uptick in the gdp do for you? >> mark? my question is, are these early, meaningless shenanigans from the left and right, or is this some of the real threats, talking about hillary clinton? >> i try to follow the rule of tom brokaw. it is early, don't react to stuff. we'll look back at this and say her passivated, her willingness to let joe bush and elisabeth warned to find her will cost her the white house. >> i think jeb bush has a lot
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less standing. he is trying to nokia late himself against similar arguments to be made about him. -- he is trying to inoculate himself against similar arguments that will be made against him. elizabeth warren that is the first broadside. >> and even if she does not run, although i don't think she will and i don't would outcome of this is her attempt to control the debate and make hillary clinton dance to her tune. if that happens, hillary clinton will have a million conference calls about it. she has to run her own campaign. >> there is no way that the air of big government is over and walmart got in that speech and she did not hear it. >> there are ways to the strive john boehner tall, deliberate but how about spineless or a squish? >> it does pay me to be described as a squish.
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what pains me the most is when they describe me as the establishment. i am the most anti-establishment speaker we've ever had. >> that was boehner on capitol hill today when asked about the fact a lot of people do not vote for him as speaker. does he have a point or is he having a breakdown? >> he is having a complete breakdown. he goes on in this press conference to say he is anti-establishment because he is for regular order in the house. there is a kind of lunacy to it. he is establishment to his core. to his credit, i don't know why he wants to be portrayed as being part of the far right. >> he messed up the point about being for regular order, but citing history, he was part of a rebellion. he was part of coming in and changing things. he is now the speaker and part of establishment. >> he was carried along by the rebellion. he was never the leader of the
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tea party. he was carried along by it. >> predating the tea party, before tea party was cool, he was so many who fought the establishment. he feels that in his bones. >> he is a rich guy. he considered a room with barack obama and cut deals of it was just the two of them that would solve half of america's problems. >> i know but he is saying he is not some buddy who feels part of the washington establishment or whose instinct are that. >> everybody in washington says that. compared to his republican colleagues, everybody else in the caucus -- >> if he says proof is up for regular order, with a he is having a breakdown. he can't say it again. >> barbara boxer is throwing in the towel. her seat will be up for grabs in 2016. two years later, governor jerry brown will turn out, while senator dianne feinstein will likely step down as well.
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for california, this is great news for a pack of democratic rising stars. not long ago, i flew out to my home state to get a read on one of the biggest political questions going, will lieutenant governor gavin newsom and pamela harris run against each other? >> we both want the same job. >> how is that going to work? >> the two of them need to sit down and split it up stop one votes for senate, one votes for governor. >> there are two senate seats and a governor seat. and you have hillary clinton. i imagine a lot of folks hope that she wins. there are a lot of things that could happen. >> gavin newsom is a handsome man, almost the most handsome man. the question i have, is he a front runner for barbara boxer's seat or somebody else? >> since 1992, it has become a
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lot more expensive running. people will talk about gavin newsom, pamela harris. they may be should be talking about two other people. one of him has the money out of his own pocket and a former los angeles mayor. >> gavin is a very attractive guy. he has been working in a do-nothing job for a while. he wants this a lot. he will run for the seat. i think peter growsssso will run. i'm pretty sure pamela harris will wait for the governorship and she will be pretty much untouchable. >> when we come back, the attacks and america's response. ♪
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>> ou first guest tonightr heads the wilson center in washington. congresswoman jane harman, thanks for coming in. >> good afternoon. >> we were talking about this quite a bit, and are still facts unknown, but when the history of the war on terrorism is written in the planet's history, what you think the big meaning is of this attack? >> of this specific attack? >> or if there is one. is this seminole in some way, a watershed? >> maybe. i hope so, actually. i hope it is a game changer. what i love is the "no fear" sign that is all over paris and the thousands coming out, both in paris and berlin, hundreds in
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washington in the freezing arctic cold, and the use of "i am charlie" as a meme and condemnation from arab capitals. i think this could be a watershed moment were the civilized world pushes back. let's understand, this is a contest between competing narratives and the bad narrative has been winning because we have not had a good narrative that has penetrated the same people. now maybe we will have the good narrative, and i think we all understand what that is. it is a free society and it is living our values which we still need to improve upon in the united states, by the way. >> in "atlantic magazine," there was a headline that said europe is under siege. there are been an increasing number of jihadists style attacks, including in france. do you agree with that, are they
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currently under siege? >> well, i'm an optimist. why would i have served in congress 17 years? i choose to see this differently. i do think it is a clash of competing narratives. europe is under siege if europe does the wrong thing. if europe hills a police state everywhere -- builds a police state everywhere and the newspapers go silent and people stand indoors, europe is under siege. if on the other hand people come out, understand there is some risk in life -- i mean, they could get run over by a bus more easily than it could get harmed by iteris -- if they come out -- that they could get harmed by a terrorist, remember all the three peofree people of the world are not muslims. they need to build trust and
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minority communities, which is a really good way in those communities who see something weird going on to talk to law enforcement. i have great respect for jeffrey goldberg, but i see the glass as half-full. >> are you relatively surprised surprised at the relatively small role president obama has played so far, and should he play a bigger role in rallying the western world and the civilized world against this? >> i thought that john kerry got an "a" yesterday for delivering forceful remarks into languages and he is getting praised up and down in french society. apparently, he is the first person to deliver an address in france in french since franklin roosevelt. that's kind of a long time ago. i applaud him for doing that. i think eric holder going to france on the weekend, to paris specifically, is a very good move. we don't want to put an american face on the response necessarily, because that just
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enlarges the target. i don't mean just that we don't want to be hit, but we want to have a response that resonates with the needs of the french people at this point. obama has expressed solidarity with the french. he did that immediately. all of u.s. law enforcement resources are available and active in france. we have a long history of collaboration on intelligence. french laws permit substantial surveillance where it is very much needed now a point that we need to make, and they will find these guys and we will be standing with them. i don't think obama is doing the wrong thing. >> congresswoman jane harman, we appreciate it. when we come back, the top money man the republican party, right after this. ♪
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>> joining us now is ray
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washburn, the finance chairman of the republican party. it's great to have you here. your home is dallas, meaning you are probably a huge cowboys fan. this sunday will be big for the cowboys, playing in green bay against the packers. by how many points will the packers beat the cowboys sunday? >> we will reverse the score from the ice bowl. a beat us by two, so i think we will do the same. >> talking politics you spent last week in texas with governor christie. >> that is correct. >> did you get a hug from governor christie? >> he came down to our seats. >> no hugging? >> no hugging, and we cannot figure out how orange fit into the color scheme, but he is 5-0. >> jeb bush with the impressive move c is taking, -- and the big
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moves he is taking, how is that shaking things up? >> the more interesting one is more what huckabee has done. huckabee nobody thought would come out of left field the way he did, following on the heels of jevb. i don't like the effect's are donor base because he has a different donor base, but people and his silo, whether it is him or rand paul, i think that gave them a great sense of pause. >> i'm curious right now what you think the political stakes are right now. what do you need to raise over the course of the sheer? >> -- over the course of this year? >> between $30 million and $35 million. that is primarily to begin building out staff infrastructure. >> you are raising money for the
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party now, but our people in that category, are they anxious to get going? are they saying i want you win so i can pick my horse, or are they worried about private stuff in helping you raise money and think more about this in june? >> in june? >> or later in the year. >> actually jeb's announcement will probably move of the announcement of a lot of people. on the donor side, we raised $160 million, $170 million built a robust infrastructure, and we have to continue that. whatever the nominee is, we have to have data, we have to have the grassroots organization. whatever gets the nomination will plug up underneath that. from the rnc perspective, the big time to raise money is the first part of this year. >> i want to come back to the point about mike huckabee. a lot of people assume the biggest problem he would have
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his financial. he had a hard time raising money in 2008 scared off by the prospect of having to raise money in 2012. it seems like given the table stakes, he could get there and be a plausible candidate. >> absolutely he can get there. coming out early it is a fairly definable donor base for what they are going after. i think he is running after it first. the fact he resigned fox walking away from an income the way he did shows i think he feels confident he will have it there. >> you get to spend time with a lot of would-be candidates. we want to ask about their personalities. one word. ask you a string of guys, just one word that finds the personality. chris christie. >> passionate. >> rick perry. his personality. >> very outgoing. >> one more. ted cruz. >> highly intelligent guy, and
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whether you like him or don't, everybody knows ted has an extremely high iq. >> you went over one word. to summarize, brilliant? >> i guess iq would be two words. >> rand paul. one word. >> i don't really know rand. i think he is very passionate about it. i have only met him once. i cannot comment on him. i haven't. >> jeb bush? >> compassionate. >> two midwestern governors. scott walker. >> feisty. the way he has handled those unions, you have to be feisty. >> the governor of ohio, john kasich. >> he is very capable. >> capable. >> you are heading to the rnc
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meeting next week. the republicans afraid of hillary clinton as a democratic nominee? >> no, not at all. i don't think we are afraid of any candidate right now. we're trying to show what is ahead of us. i think she represents the past. dredging up of things in the 1990's and trying to make it sound like those other things to do in the future, i think all of our candidates -- >> is it a bad idea to talk about negative things from the 1990's? >> on their side? we don't have to talk about hurled the personal side. >> anything from the 1990's. if it is not good to talk about things positive, is it fair game -- >> she has to come up with new ideas that are not 1990 ideas. >> you and not doubting that she can raise a to brenda's amount of money. >> -- you were not doubting that she can raise a tremendous amount of money. >> she will raise a ton of money.
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you talk about super pac's and all of that, it's possible. >> we will be right back with a very special m birthday message for our friend kim jong-un. ♪
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>> a very happy birthday to kim jong-un. also a happy birthday to david bowie. bob eubanks, who by the age of 32 had revolutionized "the newlywed game." also, stephen hawking who discovered blackhole hole radiation and discovered how the universe works. and finally, elvis presley. the king himself at the age of 32 had given birth to rock 'n roll. age 32, kim jong-un had killed his uncle. happy birthday. >> we are alive 24 hours per day
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on "bloomberg alive" is next on the radio. for now, we say to you sayonara. ♪
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>> hello, i'm pimm fox. this is what i'm taking stock of -- the manhunt intensifies for the gun men responsible for the massacre of 12 people in paris yesterday. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says catching the gunman will take a global effort. >> they will need a great deal of international cooperation. we don't know where these people receive their training. there is no question these were fairly professional operatives. >> richard hoss,


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