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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  January 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> with all due respect to ted cruz -- no, let me start over. with all do respect to ted cruz -- ♪ >> happy national granola day. in the lineup tonight hillary clinton. first, the white house big day. as you know, we are now 364 days and 56 odd minutes away from the 2016 state of the union. the white house is not release the excerpt of that speech yet
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so we will have to still talk about yesterday's state of the union address. we are 20 hours later from that speech. did you think it was a great state of the union or the greatest? serious question. >> is a obama speech playing political dividends thus far gekko >? >> obviously less than a day but i'm keen to say yes. this very effective speech is working. first of all, the press. the press was riding off the president and seeing him as a lame duck. now the press is interested in his next moves. that helps the white house a lot when the press is curious and sees you a -- sees you a dominant player. joe biden on the morning shows was very confident. you and i both trust his politics. he was talking about senators.
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republicans focused on the middle class, improving economy. if joe biden thinks things are going well, i generally think they are going well. finally the president is confident. you know he went into the speech last night confident. he comes out of it to be confident. a confident barack obama is a very skilled powerful and potentially effective or barack obama. >> we have said it a million times in the past, the guy is always the best in the fourth quarter of the game. we are literally in the fourth quarter of his presidency syria. i agree completely about the optics and psychology of it. there is no way given what happened in september that barack obama was going to be able to achieve anything. the fact that republicans although they have been criticizing, have not been doing at that wildly are good signs. i think in the end some things that john -- al hunt said it is
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going to be hard to get a lot done over the course of your -- of the next year or so it will be hard to get a lot done. >> he surprised everyone with a stronger state of the union than anyone expected. gives him the opportunity with the budget to go forward and give it a try. >> after all the classic hooting and tweeting, today president obama is hearing something a little bit different. a course of criticism on the foreign policy section of this reach. he neglected to mention libya and yemen altogether. too many people he overstated how well he is doing with syria and isis. it is hard to a not we -- at not see some sort of a point. he will go up and say what he wants to say. given the foreign policy many people think is in chaos, it seems to me painting the rosy scenario he did and not even talking about yemen which
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literally the government may be ready to fall today, seems he was disconnected with the harder things he would have to confront and have more credibility. >> a mere image of the domestic thing. the speech was well-crafted kumbaya place the president strength, gave the press confidence that the president is a dominant actor. the exact opposite on foreign policy. i think he really did himself some damage not necessarily long-term but short-term where he opened himself up to criticism from a lot of people in the media. andrea mitchell very top commentary on russia. pollutants is still in crimea. isis, still strong in syria. the wars in afghanistan and iraq. he unnecessarily opened himself up to the notion that either he is not being straightforward or out of touch at what is going on. >> there is no one that did not dig knowledge it has been a very
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tough year in the world. maybe they would not say the world is falling apart. it seems to me it would have cost him almost nothing to acknowledge some of those trouble spots. to say we are dealing with a hard situation in russia, here and there. when you talk about the hardness of the roads and how complicated it it and then making a case for how he is right but you have to acknowledge things seem pretty chaotic in order to have credibility on the issue. >> it is almost inexplicable. maybe they have used the bandwidth up on the domestic stuff. i do not think it matters politically or substantively but if you are present to conventional wisdom, you finish the second term with a lot of running room. he did not create more but created less. >> the president stuck it to him by inviting netanyahu to speak.
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i wonder if he was feeling a little beholden. >> amazing and not amazing. she did not make any news which is good news for her. also, ignored all of the other republicans whether they are running for president or just trying to help roger ailes. you have been monitoring media closely on palm springs today. which republican responses have broken through so far in your judgment? >> again, i think republicans are mostly floundering most of them do not know how to talk about the improving economy. most do not know how to talk about this that is as tangible as the president and do not remember they are supposed to at least play lip -- pay lip service to sean -- to show nonpartisanship. paul ryan is the best.
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not running for president anymore. key ally if the president will get anything done. he talked in a totally warm and positive way in corporation on trade and had some things to say about the middle-class agenda but most are floundering. they will have to figure out how to talk about the middle-class and improved economy without looking ridiculous. >> i would take your criticism further. i would say paul ryan may be a slight exception, but i think they have been almost bordering little chris. the checkmate is in some way, the tweet that has been perfunctory in some ways. policy over leadership. there really has been knocked a single thing of the 20 16th republican candidates who did anything that was not rise of full in the face of this.
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i think you are right about the substantial of -- substantial deficits. this has been amateurish and sort of sad. >> seems to me there is an opening. i do not know if it is smart or not. if there is an opening for people like mitt romney marco rubio, rand paul to say it is great the president is helping the middle-class, here are my ideas. this strategy is to not be a big player in putting out ideas in a big, formal way. i do not think the congressional wing will solve this. it will say big new ideas to get something out there to help the party find a message. x they should put forward to new ideas. the question is whether they have them. >> deflate gate, the new
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england patriots deflated the football before they deflated the colts sunday. that is a big no, no according to the rules. the link is debating what the punishment should be and will be. i do not know what the right punishment should be but i will tell you what it will be, which is nothing like some people propose, which is that they should be banned on the super bowl. i think maybe they will lose a draft pick or two. you could certainly manage -- imagine a small fine. in the end this will show a lot of people will belichick -- bill belichick is a bad guy. ultimately it will end up being asked up on the rest. what is your thought? >> if it were not for all the problems they have been having, this would not get nearly as much attention. one of the boston globe columnist said the patriots are like the yankees. they know they are hated by the rest of the country, and they
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don't care. boston is a -- is of sus twit the story. but cheating? this is a guy with a history of cheating. a team of a history doing what it takes to win. kind of a crazy thing to change the custody of football about being scrutinized as closely. x no kidding. the league had a very bad year last year. we talked a lot about that. this is probably in some ways really good for roger goodell. everyone flowed look to him to solve the problem. the press is more intense than any other time in sports. i cannot imagine there will be any topic that will consume the sports press international press regarding the super bowl more than this topic. it will be nonstop for the next week, another bad thing for the nfl. >> bottom line, we like tom brady nothing more than deflated ball.
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that's after the break, hillary clinton and her great speech. the directors cut. the right back. ♪
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♪ >> yesterday the president of the united states gave a speech. today the next resident of the united states gave a speech, at least that is what her followers would have us believe. hillary rodham clinton presumably -- that a lot of things presumably she would repeat on the campaign trail. here's chapter one on income inequality. next the 80 richest people in the world 80 richest people in the world now possess as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion all combined.
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last night president obama offered a vision for helping the middle class of the united states. to reclaim its seat at the table. the proposals he offered are an important start for critical debate. how can we share mark -- prosperity more broadly and fairly? how can we read learn how to work together and grow together? the free market economy that goes hand-in-hand with democracy has to take seriously these questions. there is so much more to do to bring security and possibility to families struggling with stagnant wages and sinking hope. >> mark, i will ask for your take on that in one second but i have three cliched word to say to you, which are paging elizabeth warren. what do you think? >> three things. one, clearly she is trying to
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lay down some markers on the populist left. she said president obama's policies were a start. i think that is a keyword. it seems obvious she wants to preserve the ability to go to the president left on some things and write on some things depending on how his policies are faring within the pun -- within the party and country at large. two, let's face it, that presentation is decent, but that is not stirring. interesting, but it is not stirring. it was not nearly as good as president obama was last night. not as good as she can be. she wants to analyze the problem more than she wants to offer solutions right now. >> i will say inclusive capitalism is a phrase you will hear a lot in this campaign. center for american progress larry summers. this is going to be a key issue on the left and right.
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let's listen to what hillary clinton had to say about foreign policy here. >> extremism authoritarianism -- none of them can compete with democracy at our best. we are in a contest of ideas and values. who are we contesting again gekko we are not contesting against the vast majority of muslims but we cannot close our eyes to the fact that at this time in world history there is a distorted and dangerous strain of extremism within the muslim world that continues to spread. the slaughter the slaughter of satire writers and jews and police officers sharpened the true contours of this struggle. >> exactly the comment you just made about the income inequality thing is the mere image here.
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speaking about foreign policy she speaks with conviction passion, emotion. she sounds like a leader. she has a little bit of a neocon or streak in her but that is not just a distant analyst. she is former secretary of state , a lot more comfortable talking about this stuff and she is in her own country. >> kicks the vittorio colao -- she kicks the rhetorical but of every republican running for president. that is the level of command she has. not just intellectual that emotional command of all these issues and in an integrated way. a lot work below the radar, but she learned a ton. with the exception of mike pence and john kasich, two guys who served in congress, there is almost no one out there including mitt romney, who can talk about foreign policy the way she can. it is formidable. >> any republican who thinks
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they can beat hillary clinton on foreign policy needs to watch that speech and the other thing she says to realize how formidable she is on those topics. at the same time it is an analysis of the situation. it is rhetoric. no new proposals about solving existing challenges around the world. in the current challenges compared to obama. she still has to figure that out. >> moving onto the next clip. the conversation about russia turned to how americans ele their president, prompting an invitation. >> you can imagine a conversation with putin. one day he says vladimir, you think i can elect u.s. president again? why don't we just go announce it we will tell dimitri he can be prime minister . excellent, excellent. >> i am virtually certain i have ever heard hillary clinton imitate her president. or that he's alone, that video
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is a keeper. >> i want to do some research to say if she is ever done it. i have never seen heard do that since the early 1990's. even the nadia thought it was funny. hillary also talked about the things she did not want to talk about including the keystone pipeline. lex great training ground to be president of the united states as well, isn't it? >> you will not get me to talk about keystone, because i steadily make clear i am not going to express an opinion. >> what is it like being a grandmother? and tell her what you like her to call you? >> oh my gosh, victor. that is a negotiation harder than a lot i did for secretary of state job. im are ready noticing she has
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probably got some strong feelings about things. i thought i would wait and exercise a veto if i did not like it. >> kind of amazing she still feels it is she will not take a position on the keystone pipeline. a little bit of flash of precaution. what do you think about that? >> biggest problem she faces is leading the country like her, and part of that is get rid of the caution and agonizing. the republicans are having a field day on her failure to take a position on keystone. she can justify it in her own mind but if she is not bold, she will have a hard time getting elected, no matter who the republicans nominate. >> everyone in america has a position on that. we will be right back with a report from the most magnificat space the world has ever known the cabin of the donald's airplane. ♪
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♪ >> a lot people today talking about the new england patriots. tonight we have a story about a real group of patriots, members of the tea party who gathered in south carolina over the weekend. we sent our resident down to myrtle beach. he strapped a camera on his shoulder as he attended the south carolina tea party coalition convention. >> i am in this building right here. >> who is in charge of educating the children? is at the state? we are trusted the education system to educate our kids.
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i am here in sunny myrtle beach for the 2015 south carolina tea party coalition convention. it is not an easy event to get to, not a lot of direct flights unless you are donald trump. plus, it is a sold out event so you will need a wristband. to make this easier, how about i strap a camera on my back and take you in with me? >> south carolina historically has played a critical role in the presidential nominating process. you are here because you love liberty and understand it is fragile and understated. >> i think a lot of people have a misconception about tea party. basically it equals patriots and true americans who get up and go to work every day. >> they are not looking for government handouts. they want to work dignity and responsibility. they want to be able to provide for themselves and their families. >> i would not say the tea party has always been treated properly by the media.
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i have to say that. [applause] >> prior to the speech, mr. trump invited the press on board his custom 750 seven to say a few words about the republican front runners. -- his custom7 757. >> the last thing this country needs is another bush. we have had it with the bushes. today you have record turnout. av i will give credit to someone else, but you know where it comes from. like that is true 725 people filled the sold-out ballroom. >> each year we get bigger and bigger. executive producer joe do get does not give trump all the credit. this is the first year he has opened it up to the public not just grassroots organizations.
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>> whatever we come up with, it needs to eliminate the irs. >> that is an amazing thing right there. south carolina overlook state in a lot of cases. very report and -- very important to republican politics. what do you think of those two cases? >> iowa and new hampshire you get very dedicated am interested crowds of republicans and conservatives but not fired up. not like south carolina which tends to be more emotionally driven. you see a lot more emotion than you typically see at an iowa event. >> a very different grain of politics. we will be spending a lot of time down there as we get toward 2016. check out bloomberg politics. when we come back, we will announce the exciting winners of
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the state of the union contest. ♪
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>> here are the winners to yesterday's date of the union contest. way to god. up next, "taking stock." sayonara. ♪
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>> hello i am pimm fox in this is what i am taking stock up on this wednesday, january 21st. mario draghi and the european central bank expect it to unveil a $1.3 trillion economic rescue plan. according to two euro bank officials, they will propose spending 50 billion euros per month through next year. the private equity firm blackstone reacted to the report of qe european-style. >> compromise probably a little low. to have the impact that many people will feel is necessary, but we will see and


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