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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> here you go. [telephone rings] >> this is live from bloomberg headquarters in new york. this is "market makers," with erik schatzker and stephanie ruhle. -- this is mark halperin will mark halperin -- >> on the show tonight, jimmy
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come across couch, but first the granite state ouch. jed pushes here in new hampshire where i am, in the way house of integra biosciences where jed spoke this afternoon. were going to talk about that this afternoon today. his name is not universally liked in these parts. nevertheless, as they say here in new hampshire late or he or go home. this afternoon, i asked jed bush -- jeb bush on w and hw losing past primaries here. do you have any thoughts on why your brother and father both lost primaries here at least once? >> i'm not going to reminisce about that. i could reminisce about my part of that losing effort, i guess. i brought about 250 people from orlando, miami that are not used to that kind of weather. it was a blast watching people from miami get accustomed to -- at the time i think in manchester, it was, like, 20 degrees.
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we had to learn how to walk on ice, and we were passing out oranges door-to-door with people. it was a blast. it turns out my brother and dad won florida but did not win new hampshire. >> why do you think? >> i have no idea. >> what will it take for jeb bush to overcoming new hampshire history of being unkind to people whose last name is bush? >> that history is not pretty. george herbert walker bush lost. we have it up on the lot -- the wall. lost in 1980, 1 in 1980 8, 1 in 1982 but damaged him in a way because pat buchanan did so well. george w. bush lost to john mccain in 2000. new hampshire is not a great state for the bushes. what jeb bush has to do to overcome the history is to live up to what he set a couple of times about himself -- proved to new hampshire that he is his own man. >> both president bushes went
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hard in iowa, and that hurt them in new hampshire. new hampshire voters tend to not just validate what iowa voters to. if you look culturally, you and i disagree about this -- i still think bush can be a strong iowa candidate -- he will be a strong candidate for this state. scott walker is here, doing a public isn't tomorrow. unless chris christie picks up the establishment vote here right now is going to be more towards jeb bush than anyone else. he's got that family history against him, but he's a good fit or this state. voters care about policy, and the guy wows on policy. >> i don't disagree with any of that. again back on our last college poll we did in february, jeb bush was in the lead, and also some very good numbers among republicans. one thing that really is a warning sign -- we asked about
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some deal killers -- 41% of her likely primary voters said his immigration stance is a potential deal killer for them -- 41% of republican likely primary voters. he will have to do some work to get it done. >> roundtable with the nashua chamber of commerce. first topics were education and immigration. we will listen to a sound from jeb bush. he knows how to talk about them in a way that i think is more comfortable for new hampshire voters and some of the past people who have lost here as front runners. >> moving on. in hillary-land, the fervent hope is that the e-mail benghazi teapot-dome scandal has been deleted. a gallup poll puts her favorable/unfavorable ratings at 50/39, but the survey was taken before the controversy erected about her personal e-mail account. another round of polling will come out soon, and when it does it will reflect this flat. do you think she will take a significant hit over this e-mail
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controversy, and how bad would numbers have to be for hillary to be genuinely concerned? >> she might take a hit -- i'm not sure. what her cap cares about is if she starts losing support amongst independents but what they would really care about is if she lost support amongst democrats. i don't expect she will lose them a craddick support, and if she loses independent support, president clinton will have 42 ways she can win that fact -- i don't expect she will lose democratic support. >> people around hillary clinton and others have been pooh-poohing this controversy saying that with a polling comes out no one will care about it. this will not affect her at all politically. i think even a small change in her favorable or unfavorable especially among independent voters, would be taken seriously, given the fact they are setting expectations there will be no effect whatsoever. >> i would be surprised if stuff moves except within the margin of error.
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there's not much pulling about hillary clinton nationally. it's also interesting to know which i have not been able to figure out, if her camp is trying to get a feel. no one i know is reporting if they did polling between the decision not to do any press conference or say anything else beyond her tweet and then the press conference. interesting to know. moving on, carly syrian is right now a longshot to be our next president -- carly syrian of -- carly fiorino. she did well at the freedom summit and did well at cpac, and tonight, she's headed back to iowa. she says things about hillary clinton that the guys cannot. she is positioned to be the most effective hillary rodham clinton critic the gop has. >> there's no doubt that's what she wants to be and that how she's positioning yourself, and she could before the reasons you just alluded to. the gender thing gives her a way
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to attack hillary without seeming misogynist. there are some things she is doing which are silly. she has been attacking hillary clinton for being a plagiarist. she wrote a book called "tough choices" and hillary wrote a book called "hard choices." if she is going to be an effective critic she will have to do it in a more substantive way than she is in an example like that. >> totally agree. glib one-liners are fine for certain crowds, but i'll be interested to see which republicans do the hard research opposition research, but also intellectual research to see what they can say about hillary clinton that will sting politically and substantively, not just for republicans, but a broader critique for independents and democrats. let's see if carly fiorina can move in that realm. >> she says she had a record of a competent, but even that record is a little spotted in her business career. that later, but let's talk about
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president obama, who did not read any of my tweets last night during jimmy kimmel, but he did read some that were way meaner. here is one of his best responses. >> somebody send obama some life hacks on how to be a good president. haha. like i bet that would help. lol. you know, the lol is redundant when you have the haha. >> i love that. mark, i'm curious if you see any of the candidates out there right now in either party who have the potential to score like those guys did in the pop-culture primary. >> bush can be pretty funny, but he's not a huge pop-culture guy. the two i think have the best potential -- one is chris christie who has done it and has a good figurative feel forwarding comedy lines are, and the other is mike huckabee.
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he understands humor and timing. it's not everybody's cup of tea but i think those guys are the strongest. some people in the race like scott walker have to prove they can do that. >> i totally agree with that. chris christie i do not think has as much a chance of coming back and being a big player in the race as you do -- i do think he could have some big moments in the area. he has gone on late night before and made fun of his own weight. the big question for me is if hillary clinton will be able to pull this off. >> when she made that "sopranos" video which i think is one of the most awesome pieces of political comedy ever -- the guy who is underrated is the puckish rand paul. >> puckish -- i love that word. coming up, a powerful republican whose name is an anagram for rice cube siren -- will be right back with him.
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>> our guest tonight is the head of the republican national committee, and if you ever need to prove to a d.c. police officer that you are not drunk just bell his name, and you are off the hook. welcome back. good to see you. >> you've been tossing late-night jokes. >> were going to talk about a big story this week -- hillary clinton and her e-mail. she did a press conference. everyone paid attention. i have a really straightforward question to start -- do you think she's lying? if so, about what? >> i don't know if she's lying, but i do know the circumstances and the facts are so circumstantial that i think she could be pretty well convicted on the circumstantial evidence, and if you look at if she signed a separation agreement with the department of state and she left what e-mails that she destroyed and what is personal and what is not, i certainly
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think that it sticks to high heaven and hopefully, we will get to the bottom of it, but i think we will have to get the server in order to truly know what was in those e-mails and what was not. >> when you say convicted on circumstantial evidence, do you mean that metaphorically or literally, that she has broken the law? >> if you were to measure the preponderance of the evidence and the fact that somebody deletes over 30,000 e-mails, i think that she could be convicted on that lie, but the point is, we will never really know the truth. the ultimate issue here is that the american people deserve to know what was in those e-mails and if some of their property, some of the taxpayers' property, was destroyed by hillary clinton , and we may never know. but i'm hopeful that at some point, we will get a third party review that server and find out.
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>> what important political or legal questions remain unanswered? she took some questions up there. what do you want to know beyond what was in those e-mails? >> first of all, i would like to know who reviewed the e-waste -- the e-mails. what standards would put in place to determine if an e-mail was determined to be property of the government or property of hillary clinton -- what are those standards? and who are the people that administered those standards? the third would be who at the department of state oversaw the application of these standards? and if the separation agreement which should have been signed by hillary clinton was actually adhered to by hillary clinton. those are really basic things we have not gotten to the bottom of yet. i suspect this is just the beginning of this controversy,
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not the end and i think you will see a drip, drip, drip over the next couple of months are on the issue, and i think it will get much worse rather than better unlike many other controversies that seem to go away after a few slow days on the news and then we move on to other things. >> mark halperin jump in here. >> you say you want someone to inspect the server. hillary clinton made it pretty clear she does not plan to give up the server. what would you like to see congressional republicans or anyone else do to change that and get access to it by an independent party to look at it? >> i'm hopeful that may be of these judicial cases may produce an opinion from a court that may allow for a subpoena. it's possible that a committee in congress could get subpoena power, although i understand that that is difficult. congress could possibly get
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subpoena power over the server and it's possible that i think this controversy is just starting and that other revelations will come to light that will require by the way to news and all of the pressure -- the wight of news -- the weight of news and pressure require her to do nothing but allow third parties to inspect the server. i think over the course of the next couple of weeks we will find out if the pressure mounts for such an action. >> mr. chairman, your communications director a couple of weeks ago sent out a memo to interested parties on a variety of different things. one of the issues he raised in that memo was bill clinton's travels with jeffrey epstein who is as you know a convicted sex offender. i'm curious why the rnc decided to go there and what you hope to achieve by raising the issue.
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>> we're hoping other folks in the media start asking questions as to what all the strips were about, and i think there's a lot of unanswered questions about the clintons. we have hillary clinton's brother in a contract that he received after 50 years of no mining in haiti -- suddenly, the first contract comes out, and it turns out that hillary's relatives get the contract for a multimillion dollar mining deal. the point is as much as we think we know the clintons, what this e-mail controversy has revealed to us, john, and it goes to your question about epstein and this life they lead -- is that we really do not know these people. we really don't know hillary clinton. >> let me interrupt you -- you guys raised not a general question but a specific question about jeffrey epstein. what are the questions you would like to have answered about president clinton's relationship with jeffrey and jeff jeffrey epstein? >> we would like to know what he was doing with him, how many
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trips he took, what he did with he was with this guy. when you hang out with a guy who has a reputation like jeffrey epstein and you are with a former president multiple times on private jets and weekends and trips on places that at least had been reported not very good ins happened it would be good to know what our former president was doing especially since it appears as though he will be part of a presidential campaign ticket on the other side of the aisle. >> mark, go ahead. >> mr. chairman, thank you very much. we appreciate it. lots covered, lots we did not get too. hope to have you back soon. >> happy to. thank you guys. >> after the break -- again thank you from me, to -- after the break, we will satisfy all of your massive jet was cravings. -- jeb bush cravings. ♪
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>> there was a lot of good activity here in new hampshire. jet bush speaking on his first trip as a possible presidential candidate -- jeb bush speaking. he took questions at a national chamber of commerce event as well as press availability afterward. to kick off our discussion let's look at a topic that came up right away and his roundtable with business leaders -- immigration. >> it's easy to say -- anything you propose is amnesty, but that's not a plan. that's a sentiment, perhaps. that's not a plan. i think the best plan, the most realistic plan the grown-up plan if you will, once you control the border and you are confident there will not be another magnet coming is to say, "let's let these folks achieve earned legal status where they work." where they come out from the shadows, where they don't commit
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crimes, don't receive government assistance, learn english and where they make a contribution because they can make a contribution as well. apparently, that's -- i don't know what you all think, but that's out of the mainstream these days to think that? if we just keep people in the shadows, we will not solve our immigration problems. >> this is his first trip here. i cannot help but compare it to his brother's first trip here back in 1999. the crowd of reporters was pretty big. the entourage was much smaller. this is a guy who does not have texas state troopers. on immigration and common core compared to romney, mccain, even to his brother to some extent when he's asked about the stings, he does not get nervous, does not get defensive. even though his position will be controversial, i thought he handled it well. >> me, too. i think there will be some part of the republican party for whom his position will be amnesty and he will never win those people over, but for the people
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who are persuadable, i think he offered a solid an answer as you can have or the position he has. >> after he finished, he got asked why he switched from supporting citizenship to legal status. again, he explained it pretty calmly. jet bush in the roundtable on common core -- jeb bush in the roundtable on common core. >> because something is controversial or you have a view that the so-called political narrative has been built up, you do not abandon your core beliefs. you persuade people, as i'm trying to duke right now, about why i'm for higher standards -- as i'm trying to do right now. there is political heat around it. they will have their chance to sort that out in their own way. the way i've sorted it out is i think you need to be genuine. i think you need to have a backbone. i think you need to be able to persuade people. this is a national crisis, a national priority. our country will not be as
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vibrant and dynamic as it needs to be a less we dramatically improve education outcomes in this country. >> again, new hampshire republicans and the establishment wing of the party, which is a lot, as well as independents are going to like that answer, even those who detest common core. if he can talk about it that way, he can diffuse it for a lot of new hampshire republicans. >> according to our poll, only about 20% in new venture think this is a deal killer. i think for bush, it's a test of character for him to stick to his position, and on top of that, it fits into what we always want from a candidate. it is part of what his argument is about how to fix the economy, and i think he is very, very strong on this issue. some will reject him because of it but i think it's actually going to be an asset for him and not a liability. >> one more quick piece of sound on isis. one of the business people asked what he would do about isis. he gave an answer that was more
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detailed, we think, than he has given in the past. >> the best idea i have seen on this -- and it would be if someone was president and i was advising them -- it would have to be vetted -- is to create a protective zone in northeast syria where you could allow for an army to be built, both a syrian free army and international soldiers with the air power of the united states intelligence capability, and training, that you could engage and isolate isis in that fashion . >> again, he does not have a lot of durant policy experience, but it's another topic he knows is in the news. he talked about iran. said he would not necessarily have signed the letter -- did not say that, but dodged the question of the senate letter on iran. he continues to understand a for a lot of her publicans, talking about what obama has done wrong is enough on or in policy -- he
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continues to understand that for a lot of republicans. >> this is one of the areas where i think he is weakest, and he sounded fine, but nothing like the fluency he had on immigration or the common core issue when he gets into foreign policy. it seems to me he is a little more tentative. >> he handled the press like a pro. he faced 70 reporters, lots of cameras, very crowded space, and he does not get thrown, chatted with reporters, again, in new have sure, you got to be able to do that, particularly because right now, he is traveling with four or five aids and not a big entourage, no law enforcement to clear the way -- handled it like a pro. >> he seems to be on the early stage from nevada to iowa and now new hampshire based on the evidence we've seen doing pretty well at the retail level. we will be right back with the geriatric cat. ♪
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>> because our audience watches us on the internet, we want to make sure this is a radley place for cats. this is the oldest cat in the world, tiffany two. ♪
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pimm: hello, i'm pimm fox, and this is what i'm taking stock of on this friday march 13 20 15. a roller coaster week of gains and losses. the s&p 500 closing down more than .5%, the third consecutive weekly decline. one portfolio manager gave his best advice for investors who want to buy into all this volatility. >> if you buy stocks today at today's valuation multiples, you are saying one of two things -- this market is cheap or i have a self-discipline and know when to get off the train.


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