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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 20, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> i'm campbell brown. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to cookie bryan, the streets aren't for everyone, that's why they made sidewalks. mark: on the show tonight, why clinton won't back down and what does the merck ad say. but first, america's most eloquent politician, benjamin netanyahu. he's given more interviews to u.s. journalists than anyone
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else. he was asked about the pursuit of a two-state solution. >> that pursuit has been the foundation of policy in the region, not just in this administration but the previous administration as well. i would point out that this policy is one that's strongly supported by democrats and republicans on capitol hill system of when prime minister netanyahu indicated a weakness in his commitment, and i think that's putting it charitably indicated his weakness to the two-state solution he was indicating a difference of opinion not just with president obama but with the policy purr pseudoby president bush and the policy that's strongly supported by democrats and republicans in the united states congress. mark: it's clear that wasn't an aberration yesterday. what's the strategy to change netanyahu's behavior and could it work? campbell: i don't think they want to change his behavior.
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their priority is getting a deal with iran. he's probably the most persuasive voice they have who is an opponent to that deal. they want to try to isolate him. they're calling him a flip-flopper and saying he's dishonest and yes he said a lot of stupid things at the end of his campaign as politicians do in order to get elected. david axelrod said that barack obama was opposed to gay marriage in his campaign because he wanted to get elected, that he always really supported it. this is what politicians do. mark: iran talks are one issue. but they need to get him back on track, not necessarily a peace deal but with less hostility. what they're doing is trying to treat him like the lead ore of a hostile nation. they're trying to isolate him and cry trying to convince the people of his country and maybe some people in the minor parties that he's not a gdplier to force the government to dissolve, or force him to change and be more
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accommodating to palestinians. campbell: but the president has always had the view that there should be more daylight between the u.s. and israel. i'm not sure he wants to bring that relationship together. i think it will be interesting for hilary to see what she does. you heard ethan bronner say the other day when he was in here americans are with israel. as a political maneuver you can see her trying to distance herself from him on this, the same as she did with sir yasm mark: just as the president gave a message to young people on iran he's sending a message to people in israel, you don't have to be for netanyahu. they're trying to weaken his stance or bring his government down. campbell: a few hours ago, i got mere cat on my phone so i could stay relevant in today's social media landscape. jeb bush and rand paul are doing it. josh ernst did a mere kat
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interview. mark you are all about this streaming service that links directly to twitter. there are other apps like periscope and twitch that do the same thing. mark: dan pfeiffer said he thought in this election mere kat would be the thing. any video who has a phone, it will make candidates even more cautious, you'll see more gaffes on the campaign trail and you'll see reporters realize there's a reason why we usually edit and don't show everything live. reporters are going to make mistakes, candidates will make mistakes people will have to go through a learning kevin on this. live everywhere is good in some way bus bad in others. campbell it's it is reality -- campbell: it's reality tv with
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every capped.-- candidate the star. hillary clinton is not accessible it's hard to imagine how they'll try to use it. mark: it's also a voter's dream. i've been live streaming events that i've been at that western streamed on the internet any other way. voters get to see more of the candidatesering not bind the scenes sufficient always. campaigns have used and politicians have used knew gnu media to go around the press. you can imagine jeb bush giving a speech and not letting cameras in. streaming it on mere kat or another service. -- on mir kat or another service of -- on meerkat or another service. the problem is if we say we refuse to take that live stream, they can stream it to their followers. campbell: one point more generally on the social media piece where republicans aren't there, they have this view, the candidates and the people around
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them that they -- that their voters they key core electorate is older and not as engaged and therefore they don't have to embrace it as much. i don't think they're as far along as they need to be. mark: it's no accident that rand paul and jeb bush are adopting this, they're surrounded by people who say we need to adopt this this has gotten as hot as fast. if you're keeping score at home the clintons scandals are piling up. the emails. there's a scandal for clinton taking money from foreign donors. something tells me if "new york times" said hillary's middle name doesn't diane but was
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benghazi, it wouldn't make a difference. how big does a scandal have to be to impact her chances of winning the white house? campbell: it's not going to matter in the primary, because her people have nowhere else to go. it was interesting to hear the focus group with her supporters talking about the email scandal. they had real concerns about that, but they never said, i'm going to look at the republican. in the general, i think it's background noise unless it's something really huge and new. i think her bigger problem in the general, and the bigger question is what's her vision for the country? she's yet to sort of lay that out and talk about what her agenda is. i think that will dominate more than the stuff we know about. mark: there's two reasons the clinton scandals don't break through like think could. for one thing, the press is like it's a clinton scandal, the bar is high. the other is the clintons' operation, even now, very good
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at dealing with these things, saying that's an old story. the american people don't care about it. they know how to do damage control. something has to be pretty big do break through right now. when she has to start talking to the press every day or more often than she is now, then we'll see. the country wants to see her handle controversies not necessarily address them. campbell: but she hasn't handled them well. if you're alone and don't have a primary challenger, you get under the microscope and if she's not handling it well that could become a problem. mark: more and more as the scandals and controversies come forward, maybe she would be better off with someone to distract from pure focus on her from republicans in the media and democrats really. campbell: now it's time for our "with all due respect" magic wand semiregular feature who won the week, other than georgia state. let's go to the wall and take a
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look. mark: who won the week? campbell: was it ted cruz? kris tee? i'm think, let me hit my mark. marco rubio. mark: why did marko rubio? campbell: foreign policy was front and center and you're reminded that foreign policy issues can take over they can dominate deintate and -- debate and discussion. and on foreign poolcy with the exception of maybe lindsay graham, he's more fluent and more in control than any other republican candidate. i've seen that time and time again. i think he also has been connecting recently with donors. he's been doing a lot of outreach to big new york donors and they are more receptive looking for a plan b if things don't work out. mark: if they don't like bush, don't like him. campbell: i think they see in him a level of sophistication they don't see in scott walker.
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mark: here's something that's happened behind the scenes. where's most of the republican effort going? to walker. he's handled the flaps ok but let's see what ps if people go after rubio. there's plenty to drop when they do, as there is on everybody, when they do, i think he'll -- we won't be doing as well. right now, form policy connecting with donors, nobody take anything hits on him wrs they are taking hits on walker, so he's looking like a better alternative than walker is. campbell: who you got? mark: i look at who had the best week in 2016 politics? none of them. my magic wand says this man. campbell: joe bide snn mark: he's now being seen as, if hillary clinton fail the controversies overtake her, he's the man. and he is more into running than most people realize if he can find a way to do it he'll do
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it. there's now a draft joe biden effort going on by some of his former and current supporters. chances are hillary clinton runs and is the democratic nominee but as more people say she should get a challenge or maybe shield falter. biden, people were discouldn'ting before and now he's the man. campbell: i have one question, this is a serious question, how co-you overcome this? how do you overcome the shoulder rubbing? the visual, the image, over and over again. mark: may not be a deal but everybody has problems. coming up, focus group madness in our week in a fortnight review with in "with all due reflect." ♪
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mark: faux focus focus, focus group. john and i did some focus groups on thursday. yesterday we showed the republican group and separately the democratic group. tonight we're mashing them up
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together. we'll show you similarities between the two groups and differences in how the republican and democratic groups felt, first let's look at how they felt about republican jeb bush. >> what do you know about jeb bush? >> i can't tell you much about him but i know it wasn't one i spent much time looking at. felt like a lot of the thing the facts i looked up about him weren't very compatible with me. >> could you imagine voting for a republican? >> i want hillary to win but i could live with jeb bush. >> wow. >> he's pretty moderate. >> he's not somebody i would vote for. >> i think his support of the common core may be an issue for him. >> he's got a stand on immigration you've got to believe in. he's big on schools, education. those are big issues for us, boys and girls, aren't they? that's part of who we are.
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>> being the son of the father and the brother of the latest bush president is going to leave, i think, some -- a mark on at least a percentage of the people. where he may be able to pick up the vote. so i think he'll be losing at least a percentage of the votes just having that name. >> i would listen to him. i would listen him. i don't know if i would vote for him but i would listen. he could change me. >> he could. >> i think he's not got any chance at all really. >> democrats open to jeb bush republicans not. campbell: is this the reasons -- reason the clintons have been saying that they're the candidate -- he's the candidate they're most afraid to run against? mark: there's a conspiracy theory that says clintons are sneaking out the notion they're afraid jeb will win because they think they could beat him.
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dmp beat him. it's incredible how closed this erepublicans are to jeb and in a room like that where you're with democrats and democratic-leaning independents, it takes a lot to say, i'm open to him. so striking. you wouldn't hear anybody in the democratic group, i think say that about kris tee, scott walk -- chris christie, scot walker. on the republican side, no one was open to hillary clinton, they all detest her. it's a focus group, just as a little indication. dangerous for jeb bush if democrats like him more than the republicans, but powerful as a general election argument. campbell: unless given how unknown he is to republicans he makes a big push in introducing him. mark: the very reasons republicans don't like jeb bush he supports common core supports a path to legalization or citizenship that's the very thing the democrats in the democratic group said, we like
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him because he's talking about our issues in an inclusive way. there's an awareness on both parts about parts of -- on both sides about parts of his agenda but incredibly different reactions. i was surprised at the openness on the democrat's part to jeb bush as i was to the republican hostility. campbell: another key difference democrats appeared to care more about nominating someone who is most electable, meaning who has the best chance of winning the general election, whereas republicans gave the impression they wanted to find their political soul mate. >> when you think about who you would want to support in the democratic primary do you think in terms of their ability to win the nomination, the ability to win and then win the general election, that electability? >> i like bernie sanders, but electability is a factor. >> consistency is important. the idea of electability really doesn't enter into my thought process until later on. >> electability becomes a trump
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consideration for me because i think the worst democrat or liberal is better than the best conservative i know. >> who says they're not electable? if they're absolutely not electle if you don't vote for them. you have to hope everybody see what is you see in them. >> thing country is ready for a moderate democrat, i think hillary is moderate, i think elizabeth warren, as much as i like him is too liberal, even though i like a lot of the things she's for, she's too liberal. >> i think it could potentially solve itself. once you pick what i think would be the right candidate, regardless of whether some talking head says that person is electable. mark. that's another big difference in part because you've got republicans who are really interested in winning, which is normally what democrat --
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republicans rah -- democrats really interested in winning which is normally what republicans are. in my career i find republicans are more focused on who can we nominate and win and democrats are trying to fall in love with somebody. campbell: i felt like it showed that they're not in love with hillary clinton and looking for justification for why they're supporting her. mark: they're being clear-eyed and coldhearted and saying we like her because she can win. they like other things about her. the republicans, who have lost the popular vote in five of the haas six elections are not trying to say, as democrats did after they lost leks in the 1970's and 1980's, who can win? the sentiment of the group overall as you saw was, i want somebody who i really like and hopefully they can win but i need to find someone i really like. that's opposite of the republicans normally. again, they've lost five of the last six popular votes. campbell: but look at this field of republican candidates compared to the last couple of leks. this is the strongest peeled. people who have accomplished
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things. so you can you can see hoe howe they want to take their time and get to know them. mark: maybe they think lots can win. those are big differences between the groups. here's a similarity. both republicans and democrats gave basically the same answer when he asked about partisanship and dysfunction in washington? >> what's still not right? >> i think nothing is getting done. i feel like we're just spinning wheels because anything that's introduced congress says no, we can't do that. ewe can't do this, can't do that. >> now there's republicans got to be our way and democrats, it's got to be our way. >> and work with people and bring people to the table and hammer out the differences that they have and come to some reasonable decisions. >> i think we should have a measure to evaluate the progress of congress and if they don't make any progress they shouldn't
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get paid. >> we do, it's called elections. >> no, i think they should not get paid if they don't make progress. >> nobody is working together. >> there's no team. it's not a team. >> so does everybody here think the fact that rand paul works with democrats in the senate is a good thing or does anybody think he shouldn't be fraternizing with the enemy? >> it's not black and white. depends on what it is you're working with. >>ic that's great. that's a good thing. there's other issues notwithstanding. but we need more of that. campbell: that's a polarized groups. it represents where the country is right now. a little hopelessness. mark: and they both like working across the aisle. we'll be right back with our weekly three-week retrospectacular review. you won't want to miss it after this. ♪
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campbell: what's wrong mark? mark: i was just thinking about john. campbell: is it always this much fun? mark: it has been kind of a crazy three weeks. there was the time f.b.i. agent gunned us down. campbell: and that time we asked legendary ad guru van forrester to come up with slogans for hillary. >> hillary loves yoga. americans love yoga. ever seen one of these? mark: there was that laugh riot. >> my staff is so incompetent but what can you expect? half of them worked on the romney campaign. mark: that time lindsay graham took over the show. campbell: and when we reported
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on hillary's email scandal. mark: and the time we booked eric hodaham. campbell: that time we celebrated netanyahu's victory. >> congratulations bebe. mark: that time you almost killed me. campbell: hold still you big baby. and that time we talked to hillary clinton. >> he's a former governor of maryland. mark: that time we tried to rap like sir mix-a-lot. ♪ i like big budgets ask g.o.p. the big policy to make medicare a voucher system. campbell: that time we broke bad in new hampshire. >> with all due respect this weekend, it's the new hampshire vote whore knock.
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mark. that time chuck schumer went back to school. campbell: and that time we found our one shining moment. >> ♪ one shining moment ♪ campbell: did we really do all that? no wonder i'm so fired. mark. we'll be right back with some meerkatting after this.
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mark rment we're only on the tube half an hour a day but we're live on up next, bloomberg law. campbell: griffin is meerkatting this whole thing. so go to his twitter right now to see what we say after we say sayonara.
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pimm: i am pimm fox, and this is what i am taking stock of. greece could get the bailout money as soon as next week. the funds could float to greece if the greek government can deliver on reforms. >> we have to be committed to the eurogroup agreement of the 20th of february. and we agree in the spirit of mutual trust to speed up the work and conclude it as fast as possible. >> all confirm their intention to do their best to overcome the difficulty of the greek economy.


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