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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  March 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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john: and i'm john hailemann. mark: i'm mark halperin. and with all due respect get ready to ship pepperoni rolls to kentucky. mark: in our headings in, jeb's meerkat, and animal house. politics was rocked when the wall street journal reported a possible flip-flop from scott walker. the journal quoted walker from a private dinner on a friday night
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in new hampshire saying illegal immigration eventually gets citizenship without getting preferential treatment ahead of people already align in-line. he was a proponent of the some legal status, then a few weeks ago he did an interview with fox news where he said this. >> you said you supported it. walker: my view has changed. i look at the problems we have experienced. i have talked to governors on the border. the concerns i have we need to secure the border, when you to put in place a system that works , a legal immigration system networks. part of doing this is getting them e-verify. i don't think you do that through amnesty. mark: welker had a position supporting a path to citizenship or legal status. then he did that interview.
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what the wall street journal is saying is that friday night he changed his position and said he was for a path to legalization. now, the next day after this dinner, walker with some reporters said this. governor walker: we have a strong dictation of keeping our word, and the only major issue is immigration. we listen to the people. this is one where we listen to people all over the country. particularly border governors. that is an issue where they want people to listen. mark: they said that walker's position has not changed. john: it has not changed from [indiscernible] -- mark: to believe the journal story, it requires believing walker weeks after saying he was
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flipping to the position of opposing legal status, tells people in new hampshire he supports legal status, and then the next day reaffirms the position he is against those status. what do you believe? john: if i am reading the story correctly, there are people at this dinner who were quoted on the record saying scott walker said this. it is not blind quotes. it is not off the record. mark: we try to reach those people and couldn't. john: they sat in a room and report he said something opposed to his most recent view on immigration. i don't know what to believe. it is a categorical denial play. -- denial. this dispute and is that the walker campaign finally recognizes they have a problem here on this flip-flop issue. a big problem. mark: there is word that he pricked the ears of some people who attended this and it is
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clear that scott walker with this he can't answer what we have asked many republicans about, what you do with the 12 million people here illegally. jeb bush says you have to put them on a path to legal status. john: any other policy is fantasy. they are not going to deport 12 million people. mark: this is not dead. he is going to have to deal with the question of why did he change? what is his position now? john: this story is sinking in for some people. it is something he is going to have to deal with. the new york times today says evangelicals are meh on jeb bush. they are trying to turn his financing against him. he put it on meerkat's. no one has figured out how to preserve it. here is a picture of jeb bush's
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face. mr. bush: there are few that can tell that story the way i can. i advocated my views on moral issues. this will all sort out. in order for a conservative to win we have to unite the conservative cause not divide ourselves in spare parts, and persuade people that aren't as conservative. we have to get to 50. winning should be what this is about. john: that is jeff answering the new york times story on evangelicals. here is the question that arises out of these things. is -- is his biggest opponent some republicans, or is he beaten by his own self? mark: given his strength and fund-raising as a former conservative governor of florida, if he performs if
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people like his product, if you sells it well he can't be beat. i think right now it is his to lose if he performs. it is possible. i keep hearing it is possible republicans won't buy what he is saying. it is possible that dog won't even dog food. john: and the fish jump out of the tank. you and i were struck by those focus groups in new hampshire. they are unscientific. a dozen republicans in the ram none of them want him as a nominee. you hear from his rivals, the establishment like walker and rubio, they go around the country for a different guy, they find the same thing. beyond the donor class there is not a big constituency out there that loves jeb bush. mark: that having been said we have seen this movie before. the best efforts to coalesce around one candidate is concerned -- is absurd for jeb
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bush is not going to be facing my coco b or rick perry. john: he's got a worst enemy out there that is not himself, candidates are their own worst enemy, it is going to be someone else in the establishment bracket who can appeal to enough people on the right, but have a lot of establishment support. bush will have a lot. there is a lot of rounds. mark: i believe unless voters are opposed him knowing can take it away from him. he's going to perform poorly. john: voters may or may not be opposed to him but they may be suffering for bush fatigue and think this argument on electability falls on his name. mark: he is the leading meerkat candidate. as of this moment, hillary clinton is not running for president. also as of this moment according to various leaks and e-mails she has brought on enough people to fill the
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quicken loans in cleveland. here are the some people who are signed sealed, delivered to work for clinton's formal campaign. the size of this thing dwarfs the size of some fully formed campaigns on the iowa caucuses. those aren't even all of the names. is her campaign going to shape up to be the beginning to be too big to succeed or too big to fail? john: issue going to be a juggernaut or the titanic? i would like a our cleat center reference. this has a ways been an issue for me. there are great names on that list. until her campaign capsized in 2008 there were great names then. the swollen circles of clinton land is a big management problem. mark: it is an incredible number of people to have lined up. john: and that isn't even the
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outer rings. mark: being in brooklyn is smart. and also the quality of people's hide. i wonder how much of this is a giant death star as opposed to thinking through with the candidacy is going to be about. there are policy advisors. she is still going to have to raise money to pay all these people. they are not being offered a lot of money. it is still big. john: there are lessons. you don't need a lots. you need a lot of people, but the number the people the candidate needs to listen to is small. that worked out well for him. very centralized, very small. how many of those people are in the inner circle? if that gets too crowded that could be a mess. mark: watch her take over the dnc soon. john: so god, toga -- toga,
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toga. even though that rape story wasn't correct, country's fraternities are doing well. they are law lobbying congress to make it more difficult to investigate rape allegations. that does not look good. this is the question of the day. is the greek system doomed? mark: it is not doomed. we have presidential candidates who are former fraternity members who would like to see the tradition continue. they've got to change. there are the one of the institutions in america that have not changed with the times. a do public service, loss in terms of socializing. all good. they are going after change their ways. it is not acceptable john: today. john:that is 100% true. one of the things making it more
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and a cute problem is the rise of social media. there are so many things that whether it is facebook, or these controversies, people with cameras who caught the oklahoma guys saying racist things, there is nothing that stays within the frat house now. it gets out. that makes the need to change that much more urgent. mark: it would be great to see leadership not just in oklahoma, but across the board, including student leaders to change things faster. if they want to survive and sustain their wind to have to change the way they have operated for years and years. john: and get rid of the hazing stuff, which has struck me as brutal. mark: coming up, scott walker, jeb bush, and the mcmann with a mcplan. more after this. ♪
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mark: our guest is as purple as heralds crayon. it is steve mcmahon. welcome. steve: hello. mark: we are talking about the scott walker story. acknowledged he changed his view . now the wall street journal is suggesting he has changed his view back. the journal has quotes from two people saying walker talked about supporting a path to citizenship for people in new hampshire here illegally. what is your theory about the story? is it accurate? steve: this is what you go from t-ball to the major-league's. you have to hit the fast ones. this is a guy who thinks he can go into a room and tell people what they want to hear, and believes no one outside will ever hear it.
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this is not the first time he has done it. in 2006 he was a supporter of the kennedy mccain bill. in 2010 he was in a republican primary and he was a dense -- against a bill in arizona, and then being criticized by conservative republicans use it he was -- he said he was in favor. this is going to follow him like the plague. john: obviously a guy like mitt romney, there were different issues you could pan on mitt romney. that is why he got the flip flopper label. if it is just immigration, if that is the only issue he is nailed with does it stick a him as well as it did to romney? steve: it is not just immigration. the flip-flopping goes back a long way. he has flip-flopped several times. there is that. there is abortion. he ran as a pro-choice governor.
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now he favors any law that would eliminate abortion after 20 weeks. he is pandering to farmers on ethanol subsidies, which runs counter to this tea party movement of cutting spending. it is particularly damaging for a candidate who is being introduced for the first time much less so for jeb bush or john mccain, or mitt romney, who has evolved and people change their mind people feel like they know them. mark: notwithstanding, i want -- i don't know the is a flip-flopped on all those issues as well as you has suggested. steve: if you look at the wall street journal piece mourad it yourself and make your own decisions. it looks like he has flip-flopped on abortion. mark: i want to switch to hillary clinton. this long list of people she has hired, are you surprised? from the time they open the
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front door they are going to have a massive army? is there any downside? steve: it is a vast left-wing conspiracy. i am not surprised. one of the things campaigns do is they get their campaign out there and then they staff up to accommodate the attention and reach of the campaign. this is a campaign going in the opposite direction. it is going to be shock and all when they go. -- shock and awe when they go. if they can keep all that talent focused in the right direction and keep them from leaking, they are going to have a strong effort in the primary. john: that begs the question, it has not been the case with hillary clinton that she has done either one of those things well, keep her team focused and on task, and stop them from leaking. if we look back at the 2008 experience, she was not strong at that. giving the nature of this, with
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new people by the way, and obama people, do you think she has a prospect of accomplishing what you suggested? steve: she has new people but they tend to be younger, people who are not as interested in making their own reputations in real time. the books will be written later. there will be others. robbie, who i know from the dean campaign a young relatively quiet guy. he is not out there telling his own story to the press all the time. they have a number of other folks who fit a similar profile. they have john podesta who is going to enforce discipline. he has said at the white house. there was nobody doing it last time. mark: how arrested are democrats now to say maybe a coronation is in the best interest of the party of hillary clinton. we need somebody else? steve: i am not hearing that is
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much as the press seems to be saying it. democrats are out there and happy with the choice we have. they are happy with hillary clinton. they think she has earned it. mark: like the way cuban voters are happy with their choices. steve: not at all. if people thought they could beat or they would be in the race. they know they can't. in a how strong she is. most people are happy with the clinton candidacy and the inevitability of it. they just want her to get started. now she is finally beginning. john: steve marcoux, one person think she is vulnerable, opening the door towards a run against her, vice president biden. whether you think that is wise, what you think the applications with me if he decided to get in this race? steve: first of all, it is not wise or advisable. anybody who wants to be president recognizes they have to be nominated.
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hillary clinton is standing at the door and blocking it. joe biden, like elizabeth moran and others are watching to see how the evolution of the clinton campaign goes. if that goes as well as most believe, there is not cloning -- there is not going to be an opportunity. joe biden would be the only one looking at it. mark: thank you. appreciate it always. john: we will be back with the real bracket you should care about tonight after this. ♪
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♪ john: the process of electing a president is cumbersome and takes forever. we decided it would be easier if americans pick the president the same way they did college basketball with brackets. we made a presidential bracket with one big twist. every competitor in the bracket was powerful, famous, or both
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not one of them would run for president. then we went and let our readers vote. to recap who is moving on, along with philosophical advice, here is will leitch. will: what is perfection? the greeks had the golden ratio. ella fitzgerald had absolute pitch. for the rest of us we have the bracket. basketball has fallen in popularity over the last two decades, the vast majority of americans and sports fans don't think about college basketball for 50 weeks out of the year. it is off their radar. then comes the middle of march. march madness. the reason for this, the bracket. the bracket is perfection. it can take earth's dilemmas and
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pulverize them. it eradicates confusion. you either win or you lose. something happens, or it doesn't. thus this week, we have put together our bloomberg tournament of non-candidates. simple, rational, and never leads to a tide. politicians would have to exist at all. just superstars in the world of technology business, sports and entertainment. our readers have fascinating and wise tastes in president. ruth bader ginsburg to samantha
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powers. tina fey to judd apatow. the biggest blowout was beyoncé over kim kardashian. i disagree with some choices. colbert should have been john stewart. upsets do always happen in brackets. what matters is how it ends. 64 men and women enter a room. one leaves. the winner is always is the one with the most scabs. blegod bless the madness of march. john: the next round is happening. we have frank under word -- frank underwood versus danyres. after the break, members of congress meeting -- reading mean tweets about themselves. ♪
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john: happy 75th birthday to nancy pelosi. we have tweets read at the correspondents dinner. nancy: she looks like a tub of sherbet. speaker boehner: speaker boehner looks like an angry own balloon oompa loompa. senator: why, why would someone say that? john: good comedy stylings. mark: mean tweets is one of the most brilliant of the innovations in late-night tv. john: two things i wish i had invented. pop tarts and mean tweets. mark: what is your favorite
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flavor? john: frosted strawberry. "taking stock" is next. sayonara. ♪
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pimm: i'm pimm fox. this is what i am taking stock of. deliberate crash. those are the words from a prosecutor about the german wings crash in the out. >> voluntary refused to open the door, and he turned the button to get down the plane. pimm: the


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