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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  April 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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al: i'm al hunt. mark: with all respect to bernie sanders, if you do not have a campaign theme song, may we suggest "the master mash -- the monster mash"? ♪ he did the mash wawoo. mark: on the show, hillary clinton and john cleese. first, bernie sanders. walk outside your office, say you only have a few minutes and speak your mind. here is bernie being bernie.
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bernie: how does it happen that the top 1$ owns-- 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%? my conclusion is that that type of economics is not only immoral and wrong, it is unsustainable. it cannot continue. we cannot continue having an nation in which we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of any major nation on earth at the same time we are seeing up liberation of millionairess and billionaires. mark: bernie sanders does talk about other issues, but how potent will that core economic message be with democrats and caucuses and primaries? al: "the national review" have to be popping the champagne corks. we have heard for how many years -- democrats are socialists. now they have one. bernie is the real deal. i think there is a january appeal, populist appeal in america, anti-wall street
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anti-big bang, anti-government. a think that there are limits to what bernie can do. i do not think he can get cultural conservatives and i do not think he is going to get latinos or blacks. pimm: mark: there is no doubt he has limits but i think that message has as much resonance now for the democratic party as it has since bill clinton change the party in 1992, and his ability to say that from the heart on a consistent basis a lot of people who will not vote for bernie sanders agree exactly with his critique of what is going on the american economy and his advantage is he says that in a full throated way with a lot of passion. al: he's politician that means what he says. he is authentic. there is nothing phony about bernie sanders. i think you are right. that has appeal. and i think he can play a real role in setting the agenda. mark: as of right now the democratic present a contest
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between two people -- bernie sanders and hillary clinton. in a tweet today, hillary clinton welcomed bernie to the r ace. bernie wrote this "thanks looking forward to debating the issues, income and equality, climate change, and getting big money on politics." we call that an elbow. sanders was asked to contrast himself with hillary clinton. listen to the three topics he chose to highlight. bernie sanders: we do not know what hillary's stances are on the issues but this is what i can tell you. i voted against the war in ir aq. i helped lead the effort and many of the things i said back then turned out to be true. the destabilization in the region. i am helping right now to lead the effort against the transpacific partnership because i believe it continues the trend of her rent's which have cost us millions -- of horrendous trade
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policies which have cost us decent paying jobs. i have helped lead the effort against the keystone pipeline because i do not think we should be transporting some of the dirtiest fuel in the world and we got a be vigorous and terms of transforming our energy system. so those are some of my views. and we'll see where secretary clinton comes out. mark: iraq war, keystone pipeline, and trade -- two of the three that hillary clinton has not taken positions yet. in a press conference he took a pass on criticizing the clinton family foundation. but earlier in an interview with jonathan karl of abc's news he said "do i have concerns about the clinton foundation and that money? id o do." how potent will be negative frames that sanders will drive going to be against hillary clinton? al: these have great potential. she has said she was wrong on the iraq war vote in 2003. but she is much more of an intervention is that her husband
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or certainly been arnie sanders. let's not forget libya. on trade, the overwhelming majority of congressional democrats will vote against the transpacific trade pact. big money in politics p i think that is a problem for hillary clinton. mark: the foundation is a huge problem. more stories about that. i think the iraq war which bedeviled her last time is a big problem. then you go to the issues where he -- where she has not taken positions. on the pipeline and on trade, i think sanders, his authenticity and his willingness to quite -- to take clear stances will cause her to be on 1000 typical hillary clinton calls to say what do we do about bernie sanders? let's evaluate bernie sanders on his style, his posture, and his clothes. atnot his clothes.
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at his best, he channeled dennis kucinich saying that the ration not be about sniping but about real issues. bernie sanders: i believe in a democracy what elections are about our serious debates with serious issues, not political gossip, not making campaigns into soapboxes. this is not the red sox versus the yankees. this is a debate over major issues facing the american people. mark: how will bernie's style play? should he really try to keep the media focused away from the clinton soap opera? al: yeah, i think he has to because that will happen a matter what he does. bernie does not do warm and fuzzy. we know that. and i think, given his message, i think the style he brings probably is an asset. i think people -- we talked about it several times in this segment, he is authentic. i think authenticity is his
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calling card. mark: we have had tons of candidate saying i do not want this campaign to be about style pair it i wanted to be about and issues. i think he demonstrated a good year about shaming the press and saying, you know what? this is about serious things. i think after today, he will be a much bigger part of this debate than i thought before today. al: and there will be no focus groups. mark: the only real question in the end concerns bernie sanders is whether he has got a chance at all of winning the democratic nomination, beating hillary clinton. this is what the man himself set about that today. bernie sanders: we are in this race to win. the question is if you raise the issues on the hearts and minds of the american people, if you try to put together a movement that says we have got to stand together as a people and say that this capital, this
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beautiful capital, our country belongs to all of us and not the billionaire class, that is not raising an issue. that is winning elections. that is where the american people are. mark: can you paint a scenario in which can use bernie sanders is the democratic nominee for president in 2016? al: no. he has as much chance of beating meriwether or manny pacquiao. that does not mean he can not force hillary clinton to take position she may not want to take. so i agree with you. bernie can be a real force in campaign 2016. but he is not going to be the nominee. mark: let's see if he can forcibly clinton to take positions. let's see how much money he raised off this announcement. i'm fascinated to see when he starts as an announced candidate spending more time in iowa and new hampshire. do elizabeth warren and other people receipt in the minds of liberals and progressives and do
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they all put down, if they are not for sanders? al: he is next-door to new hampshire. they know him there. cap buchanan got 37%. i could see bernie sanders in a two or three way race getting up. mark: i am looking for it to seeing hillary clinton stand up to him and say, you are too far to the left. up next, another ted talk. senator cruz of texas is coming up. after that, our man in the u k john cleese on the british elections. ♪
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mark: our guest tonight is the texas senator, a republican presidential candidate -- ted cruz joining us now. bernie sanders a vermont another senator, he'll run for president from the other party. what is your appraisal of his candidacy and can we hear you're good and respect the limitation of senator sanders? senator cruz: i figure will
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avoid the business of doing imitations of my colleagues. i welcome bernie sanders to the rays and i will give him credit for candor. bernie sanders ran for years as a socialist. he was on the ballot in vermont. he said, democrat to not describe him. he ran as a socialist. i think that is honest and straightforward at a v.a. healthy debate for democrats to have as just to what degree of socialism they want to embrace. i think hillary's economic policies often end up pretty close to bernie sanders. it will be interesting having her explain whether or not she agrees with bernie sanders with policies he will describe as socialist and whether she agrees those are good policies for this country. mark: part of the reason we wanted to talk to you was the speech you gave yesterday at the hispanic chamber of commerce. a big part of your argument in terms of the parties appealed to hispanic voters is simply talking about economic agenda that you think should appeal to them. let me ask you -- it seems to me your last name is cruz and you
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are from texas. based on that, should you have appealed to hispanic voters? senator cruz: when i ran for senate i was proud to receive 40% of the hispanic vote in texas. that was at the same time that mitt romney was getting clobbered with 27% of the hispanic vote issue. i think the reason is that my family story, my personal experience is an experience that resonates in the hispanic community. in 1957, my dad fled cuba. he had been in prison, he had been tortured. he had one daughter dollars in his underwear and he washed dishes, making $.50 an hour. paid his way through school and went on to start a small business. today he is a pastor. my dad is my hero. and his story is emblematic of all of our stories. every one of us. mark, you have a story like that. it is who we are as americans and in my spirits, that personal experience resonates powerfully in the hispanic community, and
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the reason i am in politics is to fight for people like my dad, teenage immigrants washing dishes trying to achieve the american dream. and they are the ones that are getting hurt right now under the obama economy. mark: people are interested in your identity. when you filled out your application to princeton harvard law school, did you list yourself as hispanic? senator cruz: sure. i listed myself is cuban-american. that is my background h. al: let's stay on the immigration issue or do if elected as president, would you repeal president obama's 2012 executive order on dreamers, you ng immigrants who came here and met certain conditions. would you repeal that? senator cruz: i have committed if i'm elected president that on the first day i intend to rescind every illegal and unconstitutional executive action that president obama put into place. one of the greatest negative
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consequences of the obama administration has been the injury to rule of law. we have never seen a president who so routinely declines to enforce the constitution or enforce the law. if you want to see - al: with that include the dreamers, sir? senator cruz: if you want to see positive improvements on immigration or any other topic, the right way to do so is to change the law. al: specifically, with that include the dreamers? senator cruz: every executive action the president has taken that exceeds his constitutional authority that disregards the law. it would be my intention to resend. my first obligation is to defend the constitution and defend the american people. and there is a proper way to change the law. and there is an improper way to change the law. al: i assume that includes the dreamers. progress in stephen king of iowa has proposed narrowing the 14th amendment so it would not give automatic citizenship to what he
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called anchor babies. mothers come here and have kids who become citizens. do you support or oppose that sort of legislation? senator cruz: when it comes to immigration, the proper way to go for it is to focus on areas of common ground. and when it comes to common ground, there are a lot of areas where the american people are in agreement. there is overwhelming bipartisan agreement outside of washington -- we have got to get serious about securing the borders, that we need to solve illegal immigration. there is bipartisan agreement that amnesty is wrong. and there is considerable bipartisan agreement outside of washington that we need to improve and streamline legal immigration. that we need to focus -- al titus ming qing's -- congressman kings"'s proposal up or down? senator cruz. where i have focused is way to
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bring us together. mark: i want to close. we will talk more about your heritage and ask you whether or not you have an affinity for our connection to anything part of your cuban past. do have your favorite cuban food? senator cruz: picadillo. i grew up eating all the time. beans and rice. for christmas, we would roast a whole pig for christmas eve. my abuelo and abuela, did not speaking was. mark: do you have a favorite cu ban singer. senator cruz: i tend to listen to country music more than cubranan music. mark: on the political front, what is your aspiration for the republican presidential nominee in 2016?
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what percentage of the vote of the hispanic vote will they get? senator cruz: if you look at who is been hurt under the obama economy, the hispanic unity has been hammered. it is far worse off. the rich are doing great. under the obama economy. but the most probable young people, hispanic, african american, single moms, their v lives have gotten harder and harder. i intend to campaign in the hispanic community across the country in expanding opportunity for everyone to achieve the american dream. and i also intend to campaign vigorously on school choice which i think is the civil rights issue of the 21st century that every child, regardless of race, ethnicity, wealth or zip code deserves an opportunity to receive an excellent education .n. mark: we want to give you an opportunity to welcome your
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colleague senator sanders to the race. do it en espanol. senator cruz: i am going to stick doing this. i appreciate the invitation, senor. mark: thank you, senator. when we come back, it is the other major election we are tracking in the u.k. our special british correspondent john cleese joins us after this. ♪
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mark: the british elections are coming up, so it is time for us to give you the most insightful analysis about what is happening in the political world across the pond. to do that we are bringing in our politics british elections corresponded john cleese. he is also here to talk about his memoir, "so anyway." john, are you able to hear us across the magic? -- the atlantic? john cleese: yes, i can hear. mark: voters in the united kingdom are going to vote on may
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7. how can it be that there are four nations within one country? john cleese: england and scotland joined together in 1707. 9in 1800, they were joined by ireland, then in 1922 we lost the southern island representatives and had only the representatives of northern ireland. so the united kingdom exelixis of scotland, wales, england, and northern ireland. -- mark: the current prime minister is david cameron. what is that guy like? john cleese:: he's an old etonian, which means he does not understand anybody who is not been left a lot of money. i do not think he is a bad chap but i do not basically like the tory party. i think these people are not ideally suited to dealing with the problem that most people feel the pinch financially in
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our country except the top 1%. mark: there is this other chap named ed miliband. does he have the chance to be the next prime minister? john cleese: i think he does. i saw him on television on sunday. it was the first time i've seen him because i am not the slightest interested in politics. i thought he performed quite well. he has got two or three complete loonies in his shadow cabinet. people like ed bowles who i think should be taken away and shot. mark: is that a dickensian name? john cleese: no. it is extraordinarily appropriate. i think he should be shot along with a couple of others because i think the labour government under gordon brown were pretty terrible for the last three or four years. most of my friends literally have no idea who they are going to vote for. they are trying to think of the least worst. and i think probably, in my
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case, i'm going to vote for the liberal democrats because i think we need someone in the coalition who is not looking after scottish interests. mark: a fellow name nick clegg. he is your version of joe biden. john cleese: he's very young. he's only 17. and he's done terribly well as deputy prime minister. i think he is very likable. and i think he is actually a very smart guy. that is the party or support. so i would say that, wouldn't i? i'm going to go on the bus with him on wednesday, the day before the election, just to say to people, i think this is the one. mark: what is the difference -- thumbnail between scotch irish and people from wales? john cleese: scott ands and irish large, ginger hairy. from wales short, dark and bowlegged. very easy to spot.
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mark: what about in terms of their temperament? john cleese: the temperaments they are all celts, meaning they are not proper englishman. and they are excitable. kerry johnson of monty python is a typical celt. john: that raises another interesting question and a more existential one, what is wales? john cleese: whales are large mammals that swim around in the north atlantic. what is your question? what is wales? john: many americans are confused about what wales is. john cleese: wales is the western bit nex tot to england, treated as part of england since edward i went there and told him that they belong to us. mark: fianally, before we sign off and let you go back to some fish and chips what's at stake
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in this election for the british people? john cleese: very little i think it i do not think it matters. the place is a complete mess. i do not think it matters who gets elected, really. mark: on that optimistic note, we wish to thank john cleese, our special british political correspondent. stay safe on the campaign trail. you can check out his book " so anyway" at finer bookshops near you. ♪
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mark: on this episode we talked about bernie sanders and the u.k. elections. guess what? bernie's brother larry is running for parliament in the u.k. as a member of the green party. this was bernie's message day to his sib. bernie sanders: i hope my
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brother does a very well in his race for parliament in the u.k. mark: our man john cleese is doing an investigative piece on you. you are warned. until tomorrow, for al and mys elf, we say sayonara. ♪
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pimm: hello, i am pimm fox and this is what i am taking stock of on this thursday. a batch of earnings after a close of trading led by linkedin . shares are plunging, down more than 22%. linkedin forecast revenue that missed analyst estimates. the company says the revenue will be $670 million. meanwhile visa posted a fiscal second quarter profit that beat estimates as consumer card use rose. shares are down in late trading.


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