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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> with all due respect to ben carson and carly fee arena, really, on the same day? >> another one of these gimmicky cold opens. they are always ridiculous. ♪ ♪ >> on this show, a l, bridge and a boy but first a ben and a
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carly -- two unconventional candidates with two unconventional announcements. harley furia announced hers with a web video and an appearance on "good morning america." than a chat on harris go whatever that is, and later, she did an interview with katie couric. she did some tweeting but gave no formal traditional campaign speeches. dr. ben carson made music a big part of his announcement in his hometown of motown. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪
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>> i don't know about the rest of the campaign, but the musical director is awesome. >> that it was time to get down to business with a discussion or sermon. dr. carson: if god ordains we end up in the white house, going to tell you what we are going to do. we are going to change the government into something that looks more like a well-run business than a behemoth of inefficiency. there are people who say you can't do this, you don't have any experience. let me tell you something, i don't have a lot of experience busting budgets and doing the kinds of things that have gotten us into the trouble we are in now, but i do have a lot of experience in solving problems complex surgical problems that have never been done by anyone before. i can name a lot of people in
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politics it have been there all their lives and you probably would not want them to polish your shoes. mark: what are your takeaways about ben carson on day one? john: he is not an insider and it was not a speech, he's not a politician and he's not concerned about the fact that he doesn't have the normal kinds of experience you have stop -- you have. mark: he showed his inner peace, his inner strength, he was soft oaken but he moved the crowd. when you translate that to iowa and south carolina, but he has become a force in republican politics and he has showed why. john: there's no doubt he has a group of people who really love him and that kind of performance will make them love him more. the question is whether that will transfer to the larger stage. trying to move people who have never heard of him before --
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mark: i wonder if you will try to give a traditional speech? what he did do today is said the message i'm a first-year candidate will stop if you look at all the other announcements who came today -- all three of the senators, they sent a bigger message. this sends a strong message, but i don't think a bigger one. mark: carly fee arena made her announcement today. rep -- carly fee arena -- we set aside the most robust statement she made -- it was to george stephanopoulos this morning. carly: yes, i am running for president. i understand how the economy actually works and i understand how the world works. i understand bureaucracies and that's what our federal -- what our federal government has become. i understand technology, which
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is a tool to reimagine government and reengage citizens in the process of government and i understand executive decision making, which is making a tough call in a tough time. i don't think you read about that, you learned by doing it. >> she gave us a buffet that rolled out over the course of the day. as you look out over the day what were your big takeaways? >> she is the most improved candidate of the cycle so far, but she is all tell and no show. she's not specific on anything. i asked her on the press conference what are your two ideas, nothing. it's amazing a woman this smart with as much that ground is traveling the world with knowledge of the economy -- she could have come into this campaign with two or three specific ideas, but nothing. her performance skills are excellent and she's being
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treated seriously. john: to strengthen your point the economy has to be her calling card. her argument is to run america inc. you need a real capitalist. she never said what that means. she has time to do that but it leaves you wanting a little more her. she trashed hillary clinton in some of her later things today. that seems to be her main calling card. she positions herself as hillary clinton possible relentless counterpart. mark: today, they breakfast shot -- breakfast chat show reminded us is hillary clinton is elected, we can we treated to four more years of this -- >> we are going to come as close as we can during her presidential campaign to following the rules we followed
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when she became secretary of state. >> do you understand perception itself is a problem? president clinton: i don't want to get into the weeds here. i'm not responsible for anyone else's perception. hillary said no one has tried to influence me by helping you. no one has even suggested there's a shred of evidence to that effect. >> will you continue to give speeches? president clinton: yes. i have to pay our bills. mark: all from the mouth of bill -- he also said in that interview that the clinton foundation has never done anything knowingly inappropriate and he is not in politics. what is behind bill clinton's performance from of all places tanzania. john: [imitating bill clinton" --] -- he gave a tour when he
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trashed barack obama right before barack obama was going to be the democratic nominee. he seems to let loose on that continent. you think it's hillary clinton is tone deaf when she said she was dead broke when they came out of the white house. i have to a half $1 million speech. mark: there's a group of conspiracy there assumes has bill clinton is going to subtly sabotage it. he's tired and distracted and as he said in 2008, he's rusty. if he thinks he can go out with cynthia mcfadden and say whatever he wants, that that interview -- i don't believe it expenses -- advances hillary clinton's chance to stop he is the best in his game and i can't understand the thing he says -- complaining about paying the bills. john: when he is on his game,
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he's the best in the business. but in settings like this, he is in africa, he's far away, he just serves to freedom are meant he free forms, he gets in trouble. mark: he's got the tanzania blues. john: bill baroni and project kelly two allies of chris christie pleaded not guilty to know goodery. will the governor himself eventually get a subpoena? this is what kelly's lawyer said following bill baroni himself doing an impression of billy joel. >> i'm to subpoena anybody i feel necessary to establish my client's innocence. >> i want to know, after we are found not guilty who gives the apology? i am an innocent man, and that's
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why i turned over thousands and thousands of pages of my own documents to both the prosecutors and the legislature. that is why i will testify on my own behalf as soon as the trial begins. john: billy joel is from long island and not new jersey -- but the lawyer looks a lot like a young ed koch. what are your remaining unanswered questions? mark: how could the two indicted folks we saw there how could what they be saying be true and what the prosecutor said about not expecting any more indictments to be true and what the plea deal -- it can't all be true. it remains my strong belief that in the end, the circle of conspirators was wider than those three and when we see how
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wide it is, we will know more about what happens to stop -- what happens. john: my question is whether we are correctly reading the body language -- these are guys who are ready to flip. they are perfectly willing to tell their whole story and say whatever they have to say and eight don't care who they take down the process. our view on friday that temporarily this is better for chris christie will be null and void. mark: what else is a prosecutor looking at? what else is he going for that could have implications? john: this story is getting worse and worse for chris christie. mark: coming up, what ben carson said and what carly fiorina said about being a woman running for president. ♪
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john: ben carson's performance,
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and indeed it was a performance at the music hall center for the performing arts in detroit, was like a dave matthews concert -- it was full of new ling and vaguely long. we're going to pick out the jams starting with carson talking about his upbringing and his mother's influence on his life. dr. carson: a typical tenant family with or to windows gangs, murders, both of our older cousins who we adored were killed. i remember when our favorite drug dealer was killed. [applause] the rats and the roaches -- the more upscale areas they call them water bugs, but we knew what they was. [laughter] but my mother was out working extra early hard too, sometimes three jobs at a time as a domestic trying to stay off of
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welfare. the reason for that was she noticed most of the people she saw go on welfare never came off it and she do not want to be -- she did not want to be independent and wanted us to be independent and decided she would work as long and as hard as necessary, leaving at five in the morning and getting back at midnight, doing what other people didn't want to do to try to maintain their independence. john: this touches on carson's biography. it is an incredible story and its part of the reason why unbeknownst to many people this guy is a hero to many african-americans and for decades now has been a heroic figure. a lot of those people are not happy now that he is dogging president obama. mark: growing up poor and becoming one of them world's
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most accomplished surgeons. the fact he did that speech and talked about his mother so powerfully at a time when she is quite ill and he's down in texas visiting her is something else. he has a lot of flaws as a candidate and we can talk about those as far as messaging and standing up to tough questioning, but his inner strength that his ability to convey a dignity and certainty of principle and faith is almost unmatched in this field. for a lot of republicans, that is powerful. john: there is a reason why this guy was a heroic figure. whether he has somehow lost his bearing when he accuses barack obama of being a psychopath or that the affordable care act is akin to slavery. but the core of his message is powerful and he's very well-connected to it. mark: our second long clip -- carson laying out his stance on social safety nets. dr. carson: there are many
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people who are critical of me because they say carson wants to get rid of all the safety nets and welfare programs even though he must have benefited from them. this is a blatant lie. i have no desire to get rid of safety nets for people who need them. i have a strong desire to get rid of programs that create dependency in able-bodied people. [applause] we are not doing people a favor when we pat them on the head and say there, there you poor little thing, we are going to take care of all of your needs. you don't have to worry about anything. you know who else says stuff like that? socialists.
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their programs always end up looking the same, they want to take care of people from cradle to grave and they want to be involved in every aspect of their lives, and they want most of their earnings. but they say it will be a utopia and nobody will have to worry. the problem is all of those societies and up looking the same with a small group of elites at the top controlling everything, a rapidly diminishing middle class, and a vastly expanded dependent class. that was not the intention for this country. mark: his race, background and speaking style -- talk radio of some, fox news likes him and it's his capacity to speak like that that makes him a powerful force. we will see if that gets his vote share up. john: this is why he has been a
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darling of the tea party. it's also ridiculous on the face of it because the idea america is on the brink of being a socialist country -- there's no one who is advocating what he is saying they are advocating. it resonates with a part of the republican party but it's not a message that can when a presidential election on the general level. that's why no one in the establishment takes him seriously. mark: he said he was going to give a major economic policy address soon. zero specifics -- it's all rhetoric, but for talk radio and conservative audiences, it is powerful. john: and that's why he has better numbers than carly fiorina. and now, ben carson on being politically incorrect. dr. carson: we have allowed the purveyors of division to be
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rampant in our society and create division and fear in our society. people are afraid to stand up for what they believe in because they don't want to be called the name, they don't want an irs audit they don't want their jobs messed with or their families messed with. but isn't it time for us to think about the be blue came before us and what they were willing to do? so that we could be free. i will tell you something -- they don't care if you believe what they believe, as long as you keep your mouth shut. that's all we have to start doing. we have to start opening our mouse for the values and principles of america. -- opening our mouseths for the values and principles of america. and i've got to tell you
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something -- i am not politically correct and i'm probably never -- [applause] i'm probably never going to be politically correct because i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. john: another example -- that's music to the years of fox news -- it's not even a dog whistle. to play the victimized -- he will run as an outsider. in terms of performance and message, very strong. he is a strong performer. mark: up next, the conversation between katie couric and carly fiorina. we will be right back. ♪
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listen to fear enough make the case of why she's a good candidate on foreign policy. carly: i know more world leaders except for -- except for hillary clinton. katie: why do you explain your foreign policy? carly: i have done business with these people. i have not done photo ops. i have advised to secretaries of defense the secretary of the nsa, the secretary of homeland security. i have sat as close as you and i do are now to vladimir putin, to benjamin netanyahu -- these are people i have had conversations with about simpson to issues -- substantive issues, i think i have quite a bit of experience. john: can she rides that to
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foreign policy? on the other hand, if you compare her to scott walker or any other governor in the country, she has a more substantive authorization with any foreign leader than they have, so she can make that argument. mark: even in the arena of isis and al qaeda -- she goes after hillary clinton for just having a resume but not having any accomplishments. but when she talks about foreign policies, she basically lists who she has met. listen to this exchange -- katherine couric asking about the chances of her actually winning. katie: many people believe you don't have a chance of securing the gop nomination. you are pulling around 1%. are you hoping to perhaps chance the vice presidential candidate? carly: would you ask a male
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candidate that? katie: if they were pulling at 1%, yes. carly: i have been underestimated my whole life and it doesn't travel me that of a pundits are underestimating me now. what voters tell me out there, the encouragement i get, those are the people i am listening to. katie: are you optimistic those numbers are going to go up? carly: i think people are looking for someone who understands how the economy works, who understands how the world works who understand bureaucracies and how they work because we have a giant, bloated bureaucracy in washington dc who understands technology and executive decisions. john: if she can keep improving, think she will have an advantage. mark: when we come back, we're
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going to slow things down and wonder why this kid shows up everywhere, after this. ♪
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john: at ben carson's announcement, he played a video with this kid. many people have run ads
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featuring the same patriotic young man. mark: tomorrow, our guest is haley barbour. thanks for watching and sayonara. ♪
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pimm: hello, i'm pimm fox, and this is what i am "taking stock" of on this may 4, 2015. the s&p 500 closed up with shares of comcast and berkshire hathaway closing higher. but pioneer natural resources selling off, down nearly 2% after david einhorn said the company is worth half its current value. he was speaking at an investment conference in new york. you can call chuck robbins the new cisco kid -- the computer networking company named the veteran executive chief executive beginning this july.


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