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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 11, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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mark: with all due respect to fans of the recently-canceled "american idol," if you still need your popularity fix, we got you covered. on the show tonight, jeb is up rubio is about the same, and first it is obama versus warren. the president told yahoo! that the most newsworthy senator who is running for president is getting her facts wrong entrée. she says the potus is not being transparent enough on trade.
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the senate will take a vote on the tpp tomorrow. john, who is getting better of this trade fracas? john: obama's comments were shocking, saying she was just another politician. i think on the substance he is getting the better of the argument. on the politics she is getting better of the argument because right now he doesn't have the votes. mark: it is always a challenge particularly. the challenge for the president is -- you need to do this. you need momentum. the second term agenda is predicated on a successful trade deal. the proper aim is elizabeth warren and her followers don't care about that. they aren't going to save the president if they don't think -- if they think it is the wrong way. john: it has been a perennial complaint that he has not done enough for them politically. this is the moment where they say i don't care about your legacy. what i care about is 30 years of trade deals that have been bad
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for the economy, favored big business, screwed the working class. i am not going to go along. mark: the argument she made today is basically, i don't trust the president because he's not revealing what is in the deal. that argument could be made by someone on the far right and it is a potent populace argument against trade and big government and coalition. at some point, assuming the senate works out they are going , to have to find additional votes in the house. the sentiment is going to cause them to have a hard time holding republicans and winning new democrats. mark: -- john: i agree. i believe on the substance he is strong. the argument on logic, when she says this could be yused to undo dodd-frank. he says, why would i do that? you read the argument, it makes perfect sense logically. logic isn't going to be what the driving thing is for house democrats. they are ideologically against it. paul: --
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mark: you think he did it because it was smart or he did it because he is frustrated? john: i think he is frustrated. i don't think it hurts or helps him in terms of politics. even frustrated or liberated. there is part of him that has been want to say this kind of thing about elizabeth warren for a long time, we agree on a lot of things but she is not a deity, she is another politician. mark: the president is going to need a second act and some new strategy if he's going to win on this trade package. john: elizabeth warren may have been our lead topic but a new hampshire poll we decided to stop testing her as a potential presidential candidate, taking at her word that she was not running for president, guess what happened to bernie sanders? he's alive. hillary clinton is still the candidate to beat in new hampshire, but bernie sanders is up from 8% in february to 18% now. some polls revealed hillary's vulnerabilities when we asked voters to compare them with her husband.
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she is a strong leader or cares about people in general, she does worse than her husband. if you are sitting in hq in brooklyn today, which if any of these numbers have you freaked out? mark: no doubt the cbs poll is a huge factor. her goal is not to be the democratic nominee, her goal is to be president. i think sanders rising is a real problem for her because he has proven himself to be skilled at coalescing votes. we will see if o'malley, web, or others can coalesce some votes. she will have to engage with him more. he is pulling her to the left. has not taken a position on the trade deal in part because of elizabeth warren and in part of bernie sanders. i think sanders rising is bad for her. john: the party is pulling her left. i think they are ok with that because their strategy for how to win a general election is the obama strategy of turning out their base rather than going for the center.
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it is the case that 60% of democrats being for her are on one hand really strong, and on the other hand shocking. democrats in new hampshire saying i want bernie sanders or someone else. that is not where people thought where she was invincible. that's not invincible. mark: can they ever go negative on bernie sanders? they can talk about positions on his gun but can they go negative on him without a serious blowback? i assume they think they can. he is a formidable force. if you go negative on him his comebacks will be potent. john: there's something dangerous about a candidate who knows he is not going to win. it allows him to not hedge, not take the big money. speak their heart, speak their ideology. mark: like loverboy said everybody is working for the , weekend. if you are a republican resident hopeful you are working on the weekend. most leading prospects were at the freedom summit.
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jeb bush commenced a speech on faith at liberty university. in our poll today, jeb bush gets 11% on the leaderboard. bush is looking for some big push. did he achieve what he wanted to achieve? john: no, i think. in the sense that he put down a marker for where he is on a and -- where he is on faith and said some things that will appeal to some on the right of the party it was fine. i was not blown away by a presentation. i don't think he got a huge amount of cover. it didn't dominate cable news. not the way that mitt romney going and talking about his mormonism did. he's not like he has been with roadblock coverage on it. that with roadblock coverage on it. mark: he has to figure up how to get a bigger slice of parts of the conservative movement. the tea party is one thing.
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he interview with making kelly tonight. part of the reason they didn't achieve what they want is because, what is the news out of the interview? stance on the iraq war. he talks about immigration. he talks about two positions he supported in the past, drivers licenses for illegal aliens and in-state tuition. in both cases, iraq and immigration that has gotten more pickup off that interview. not his talk about fate. john: i have not seen the interview, but those on the big headlines out of it. it is not good news for him with conservatives. the immigration thing we know is a problem. and the iraq thing, he got hammered by lori ingram. knowing what we know about the intelligence, how can you
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possibly say you would have voted to authorize the iraq war? mark: if he is going to be the republican nominee he's going to , have to convince people he is an economic conservative, a social conservative, and a religious conservative. he lay down a marker this weekend. i'm sure the message got through in places you did not see in the mainstream media but he will have to keep at it. from the fox interview to the coverage over the weekend, it did not register the way the romney speech did. john: you have a situation -- when he announces the media narrative is going to be is this guy a paper tiger or not? not much he has done so far makes the case that he is not a paper tiger. let's do the "time warp" again. back to our new hampshire poll, where jeb is dropping. marco rubio is rising. it is indisputable that marco rubio is on a roll. with that kind of roll comes another kind of roll one in the
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, proverbial barrel. a story of a billionaire car dealer and his sugar daddy-esque influence on rubio's ascent as well as rubio's positions and moves to help said billionaire. on a scale of one to godzilla -- how big of a problem is that story? mark: is four but it could go higher. the "times" did a good job of advancing that. if you took the facts about rubio and put them on the clintons, there is no question that republicans would say there is a lot of -- maybe not a lot of illegal, but they are in terms of interdependence between rubio and his wife and this donor. there is going to be more to come on this story. i am almost certain of it. he did not interview for this story. the donor did an interview for this story in the "times." they left some questions unanswered that are going to be the target of a lot of journalists and a lot of oppositional research going forward. john: the eye goes toward quid
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pro quo. what did he do and didn't do? you know a lot of reporters are going to have questions about it. marco rubio's financial situation, what his net worth is, how many mortgages he has, about the finances in the rubio household. that is an area -- again, there may be nothing wrong here. but there is going to be a lot of writing and reporting on that topic. mark: it will be bad if they do find a connection between him and the donor. he says i helped him to get a grant for a charity, for a medical organization and research. that is a good cause, but that is the best use of the taxpayers money. john: there are a lot of good causes out there. mark: the rubio and clinton people say this is an old story, in presidential politics everything old is new and more dangerous than ever. john: especially for a new face like marco rubio. mark: up next a view from the , top. the political pro and best-selling author joins us
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after this. ♪
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mark: our guest spends a lot of time on tv speaking her mind. that is why we have a lot in common. she has a new book out. "madam president" is what it is called. the famed nicolle wallace of the george w. bush white house. now most glamorously and immediately the table on the view. it is great to have you here. this book is your third novel for you. the books have a cast of characters that carry across all three. how much of this stuff is basically ripped from your real life? nicolle: not much. the stuff in this book is stuff i remembered and went back and reported. i learned a little bit from watching you guys. i went back and asked questions with a notebook and wrote it all down. it is about what happens on a
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day like 9/11. one thing that always stuck in my brain on that day -- i know it for everybody that days was burned in our minds. the fountains were running all day. there was food for everywhere -- there was food everywhere. seven different kinds of soda. these little things stuck in my mind and i went back after 9/11 at the white house, six more years after that, and asked the stewards on air force one, what was that day like? they couldn't leave and couldn't go home. they did what they do, they are the most professional people ever. in the book the story is made up but all the details of white house life, especially on the day of a terror attack, are as they would be. john: president cramer is the main character. what is she like? nicolle: she's a badass.
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she is a moderate from california, which most people feel is the real fairytale. she has a democratic vice president which is a political , fantasy of veterans of the rough-and-tumble campaign. what if they just held hands and sing kumbaya? part of my fantasy projected onto these pro-women. she has a husband who cheated on her, because i think to make her someone who has risen to the highest levels of politics i thought she would have paid some pretty hefty personal prices. i think having it all is this verse that someone who never meant to do it put on women. in my fictional book, she doesn't have a fairy tale home to come home to. she is the kind of president i think we all wish we would always have. she does what she thinks is right. she is not perfect. her greatest challenge on a day where terrorists carry off attacks in this country is being the last person. president bush exists as being
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able to stand in the country's grief. john: i know hillary clinton has a bit in common with the present character. i want to ask you a question, we can talk about hillary clinton and how she is doing as a candidate. the question is just more the question of whether you think hillary clinton, if she were president of the united states and faced the kind of crisis you write about in this book fictionally, do you think one of her strings would be she would be one of those people who could handle that well? nicolle: i think she would have all of the same challenges that kramer does. of all the three books, this one to me, and i thought of it i am third. not in cahoots with hillary clinton. i do not write and plan this three weeks after her announcement on purpose. writers, as you guys know never have that kind of luck. if you look at how she ran last time, someone who could answer
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the call at 3:00 a.m., she is running against a bunch of people that could answer the call at 3:00 a.m. i hear from democratic women not republicans, that her personal history and personal life is something they want to hear about. i think democratic women especially, women her age, are still uncomfortable. a lot of them are still uncomfortable with her standing by her man during all those years. it's not a political point. i'm not making a political attack against her. these books are about the human beings that run our country, not about politics and not about right-left. people get that on the non-section shelf. they are novels about what it's like to be a parent on 9/11 wanting to check in with your kids but legitimately not having time to call them every hour because you are making decisions about literally protecting the airspace over washington dc. to the degree she has to show her humanity, it is very much the same struggle that my fictional president has in this novel.
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mark: let me ask you a real-world? the campaign. no press conferences, no interviews, she has taken a handful of questions on the fly. not really known whether she is driving that or the staff is driving that. but i'm sure she doesn't object to it. if you are the communications director for her and looking at the pressure that is building, would you say to her, madame secretary at some point we need to talk? or do you think you could get away with it for a while? nicolle: the three of us have butted heads already about hillary clinton and her relationship with the media. they don't trust the press, they don't think the press cuts them any slack and i think the press is an outside view of her importance in her candidacy area that candidacy. that said she needs to find , these valves and release some pressure. at some point she is going to start losing the low-hanging fruit. is a waste of energy for a campaign. mark: you know jeb bush. you know george, his brother, well also. we talked in the a block of the show about various things that
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happened to him in the last 48 hours, giving the speech on faith. last week he said he looked to his brother as his main advisor on israel policy. how do you think he is managing to juggle the competing clans of the conservative base, trying to stay true to himself trying to , project himself to the republican electorate? nicolle: i agree with a lot of urinalysis. he's taking a long view, he hasn't made any mistakes. if you look at people whose candidacies have not been successful they are people who can't put building blocks together. he's building a very solid foundation. it may not be happening at a rate or a pace that satisfies everyone in the media. i saw some friends from washington, very active in this sea pack -- cpac group. their discontent with the field has nothing to do with anyone's position on anything. they haven't so far seen anybody
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willing to say i can crush a democrat in a general election. that is what they are waiting to see. i think his opportunity is to show how aggressive he can be taking on a democrat. it is not about going around and appeasing the laura ingram's of the world. they cannot be appeased. i am happy with what he is doing. mark: let's not forget there is a book here. it is called "madam president." stay in that chair, because we are going to turn the tables on you in just a few minutes. specifically one table with which you have become very familiar. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: we are back with nicolle wallace. you handled the first part of the interview perfectly. we have a handful of questions for you. we are going to play those questions for you in our own version of your daytime show.
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the first comes from your friend padma lakshmi. >> which did you enjoy more? mark: working the bush white house or the mccain family campaign? nicolle: i love every second of the bush white house and i love every second of the mccain campaign. [laughter] more in the bush white house. john: the next from whoopi goldberg. >> what are do's and don'ts? i believe -- john: i believe she is referring to crisis communications. you have been in the hot seat. for young staffers who are starting out on a presidential campaign, what are some does and don'ts? nicolle: don't tweet, twerk, or facebook. put all the electronics down.
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[laughter] don't pick them up. john: do the human thing. also, don't go into a bunker. nicolle: don't start a twitter war. don't start talking to people on facebook. it has become petty. if you are a political staffer and you get into some trouble, put down the electronics. [laughter] mark: next question. we will take a question from our friend with a fill in the blake winston -- fill in the blank question. >> when i was a kid, i wanted to grow up to be blank. nicolle: skinny. [laughter] john: reviews -- mark: were you skinny as a kid? nicolle: no. i wanted to be a reporter. for 10 minutes. i was terrible at that. john: you went to northwestern,
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a great school. what caused you to go from one side of the fence to the other side? from light to dark? nicolle: two light, you mean? when i was 25 and went to work for jeb bush. i got hooked again when i had the opportunity to work for his brother in the white house. 9/11 happened and i saw his brother on that day. mike mccurry said to me, republicans treat their jobs in politics like a year abroad. they work for a short time and then go back to the economy and make millions. democrats stay in public service. it is our end, it is not a means to an end. that is like a grudge match with mike mccurry, i'm going to stay longer than he did. i stayed six years. john: we have one last question, coming from the loveliest, much too charming, most charismatic, and most vicious of your friends on the view. someone by the name of nicolle
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wallace. nicolle: would you like to be alone with chris christie, bill clinton, or donald trump? john: what is your answer for nicolle wallace? nicolle: can i get a lifeline? oh god. i will take bill clinton for 700. john: because? nicolle: because he is great friends with my two republican bosses. i would like to know what they talk about. john: thank you. that was awesome. mark: nicole's book is out now. you can find it at bookstores near you. john: and online. mark: coming up, a little camera and a lot of new hampshire tongue. ♪
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>> your daily reminder that politics could get a bit sticky.
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