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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  May 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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♪ mark: i'm mark halperin. john: and i'm john heilemann. and with all due respect hillary clinton, it's great to hear your voice. ♪ she speaks. after 40,150 minutes, hillary clinton looked at the press today in cedar falls, iowa. heard their questions, and then opened her mouth and she gave answers. there's no time to spare. let's go to our big wall of hillary answers. number one, her state department e-mails. the state department proposed they would all come out at once in january. today, a federal judge said no they have to come out on a rolling basis starting sooner than that. the question for hillary, do you
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want them out now sooner or later? hillary clinton: i have said repeatedly, i want those e-mails out. no one has a bigger interest in getting then released than i do. i respect the state department they have their process they do for everybody. not just for me. but anything they might do to expedite that process, i heartily support. john: let's be fair to secretary clinton. this is out of her hands. she turned over her e-mails and she gave her e-mails to the state department. they have the control of the e-mails. did she help her cause politically today with this answer or not? mark: i think she did in the sense that this is one place where she has been on the side of public disclosure. conspiracy theorists and scrutinizers might say the democratic state department is trying to do her a favor by having them come out in january. but i think based on the judge's order and based on what she wants, i think they probably will come out sooner.
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john: the whole heart of this e-mail story that is problematic for her is the expungement of a bunch of e-mails that she deemed personal. she got rid of those. these are the ones she turned over. so it makes perfect sense that these are the ones she is happy to see come out because she already knows there's nothing politically damaging in them. mark: the hurt is the reduction. -- redaction. the reason they are delayed is they have to scrub them. that is where i think there will be questions about whether she will waive privacy rights. john: if i were her, they think -- and i were facing the lack of competition she's facing in the democratic nomination, i would want them out sooner. i would want them out tomorrow. why not get this all out? mark: it might be in her interest to have them come out in january. there's so much about the primaries and caucuses that they cover up. while that is not exactly what i meant. on to sid. as in sid blumenthal.
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the unofficial state department whisperer. he was sending hillary clinton e-mails about libya while he was working deals in the country and working for the clinton foundation. the question from the media in her press conference was can you explain your relationship with sid blumenthal? and harking back to the lincoln bedroom days, should americans expect if you are elected president, you will keep long time pals around? >> i have many friends. i think it is important to keep your friends before you were in politics and understand what is on their mind. he has been a friend for a long time. he sent me unsolicited e-mails which i passed on in some instances. i see that as part of the give-and-take. john: she does have many old friends. but given almost everybody in obama world thinks he is -- thanks sid blumenthal is
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troubled, a lot of people in hillary clinton's world think that, why is she standing by her man? john: i know we will dissect that answer, which was nonresponsive, but let's just stick with sidney blumenthal. shady would be a kind description of sidney blumenthal. but there are two things about the clintons now. one, they like people who work in the dark. they like that. and they like loyalty. he has been loyal to her and they like the masters of the dark arts. they have an insatiable appetite for that. they will never lose sidney. mark: he is someone who has been loyal to them. in this case, a lot of democrats. a lot of democrats who distrusted him before look at what he did in peddling stuff about libya, which was in line with his business interests. he's not only one who did it. there are plenty of people who talk to governments of parties -- of both parties without business interests. this is bad news. but she stood by him absolutely. the question that was not asked, did you know he had interest? because if she knew before that
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he was sharing information, bad. if he was sending those e-mails, she should cut him off. john: this question was not well asked. mark: we went over. john: oh geez. incoming, question number three. hillary, you're in the tip top echelon of income earners. how do you expect every day americans to relate to you? hillary clinton: obviously bill and i have been blessed. we are very grateful for the opportunities we've had. but we've never forgotten where we came from and the kind of country we want to see for our granddaughter. that means we are going to fight to make sure everybody has the same chances, to live up to his or her own god-given potential. i think most americans understand that the deck is stacked for those at the top. i am running a campaign that is very clearly stating we want to reshuffle the deck.
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john: that was a smooth answer. why is she so much better answering that question than the previous other questions? mark: one way hillary clinton is misunderstood, is she's running for president because he wants to help people. as rich as they have become, she understands the real lives of real people. and the struggles of middle-class and working people -- that middle-class and working class people have. when she is not offensive, she answers very well. john: also, very well practice. -- well practiced. she has messed up before. she has been tone deaf before. if she was not right, she did not get the style right, i would be ready to give up on her as a candidate. mark: she has become a very rich person, but she understands the lives of people in the country. and she has dedicated her life to it. and the haters who hate her, say negative things, but they don't
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get that that is what she has. john: no silver spoon in that mouth. a fourth question. mark: the question was, the -- do you regret the way the clinton foundation handled foreign donations while you are -- while you were secretary of state? hillary clinton: i'm so proud of the foundation. i'm proud of the work that it has done and is doing. it attracted donations from people, organizations from around the world. i think it goes to show that people are very supportive of the life-saving and life-changing work it has done here, at home and elsewhere. i will let the american people make their own judgment. mark: in that response, was she spinning or speaking her heart? john: spinning and speaking her heart simultaneously. i think the bottom line is they think the foundation does good work. and the way you get to do good work is you have to get your hands dirty.
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in the end, the ultimate good weighed against the grubbiness of it, the grubbiness triumphs. that's how they feel in their hearts. but it's also a political answer. mark: and she didn't address the sloppiness. i think the best thing about the answer is the calmness of it. that is more like the real hillary clinton and not the fake hillary clinton. not as good as the previous one we looked at, but still pretty strong. but the foundation questions are going to keep coming. john: and you have to put a little bit of fault on the reporters. they have been waiting for one month to get the questions in, and they asked questions that would set her up in a simplistic and spinney way and be able to appeal one off. finally, question number five. which did not come from a
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media-credentialed american, but from an everyday person. at a so-called roundtable, asking where hillary stands on the trade deal known as tpp. hillary clinton: i have said i want to judge the final agreement. i have been for trade agreements and against. i have tried to make the evaluation depending upon what i thought they would produce. that is what i am waiting to see. john: later in the day, our colleague got to ask elizabeth warren about this. warren took a pass on hammering hillary, even though she has continued to equivocate. my question, is she ever going to have to take a position on tpp or continue to do this thing she is doing all the way through 2016? mark: it's clear to me she is going to use this excuse and say until there is a final she will not win. but clearly people are weighing in without a final deal. it is a huge dodge.
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john: i don't mean to be hugely critical of our colleagues in the press, but you can ask this a different way. if you had to take the deal as currently written, would you vote yes on fast track or no on fast-track? she couldn't answer. that's not how it works. you have to vote yes or no. not ask the question that way. mark: this is an inside thing. this is not the 47%. i think it's unfortunate but i think she is pretty dug in now. i don't think she will. it's unfortunate, because it would be nice to see where she stands. enough hillary clinton for the moment. coming up the man with the milwaukee bucks and a wallet full of bucks. mark he is here with us after this. ♪
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mark: our guest tonight is a clinton person, obama person and the co-owner of the milwaukee bucks.
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who made the playoffs this year. he is also founder of avenue capital group. mark lazaray, thanks for coming in. you all made the playoffs. who do you like in the finals, and why? guest: i think it'll be golden state and cleveland. i'm a big fan of golden state. i think they are a great team. and they are great team players. mark: who covers lebron in the final? guest: i don't think anybody can cover lebron. it's a team sport. i think at the end of the day golden state should win. john: last week you hosted one of mrs. clinton's first fundraisers. a lot of people in that room are members of the 1%. i think it's fair to say. there was a story in the new york times were they quoted someone who had been at a meeting where she said she was interested in economic policy that involved toppling the 1%. i know a fair people in the donor world who did not like that story very much.
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and didn't like she what -- what she was said to have said. was there much tension in the room among new york donors? our-- are they happy with her? are they happy with her? guest: not at all. i think it was a great fundraiser. it was oversold, so we had more people who wanted to come than could fit in our house. i thought she was fabulous. everybody loved her. i thought she gave a great speech when she was there. it went very well. mark: do you think there will be -- john: do you think there will be any issues? she is clearly moving to the left on economics, which is not necessarily where the donor class is. will that create conflict? in terms of raising the money she needs to compete? guest: i don't think so. she is moving a little bit to the left, and i think that's fine. people who are giving money to her understand that. obviously, some people have some issues.
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i think the vast majority won't have issues. mark: one of the things that happened in the last cycle, it was harder for president obama to raise super pac money. a lot of rich democrats don't like giving to super pac's. they think they are a nasty force. people talked about hillary clinton raising $2 billion plus. is she in danger of not being able to raise as much money as the other side? guest: i think the democratic super pac will raise little less than the republican one. mark: a little bit. i don't know what the numbers are. -- guest: i don't know what the numbers are. i think it will be a little bit less. i don't think the campaign is trying to raise 2 billion. i think it's closer to one billion, somewhere around a billion plus. but you will raise money on the super pac. i don't know what the amount will be. mark: but you think hillary clinton will go into the election, assuming she is the democratic nominee, being outspent? something the clinton tape. -- clinton's hate.
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guest: it is what it is. i think if they get outspent then they get outspent. i think we will raise quite a bit of money for her. i think she's a phenomenal candidate. i think as people get more excited, there will be more money be raised. it also depends on who that republican nominee is. right now it's kind of hard to , raise a lot of money when you don't know who you are running against. john: do you have a sense from president clinton about how he feels right now about her prospects generally and about who he thinks will be the toughest possible opponent she might face? guest: i think he views her prospects as being very good. if he had to choose, he would tell you she is the best candidate out there. it is a biased view, but i think that is definitely it. i think as to who would be the best nominee on the republican side, i think jeb bush is going to be very strong.
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i think walker will also be strong. they are very different. rubio obviously. but i think at the end of the day, it will be bush, or walker, or rubio. mark: single biggest personality trait difference between president clinton and president obama is what? guest: i haven't thought of that. i think president clinton just loves being with people. i think if you are with president clinton, he just adores being and campaigning and talking to people. i think president obama likes it, i wouldn't tell you it's his reason for being. john: yeah, that's certainly not the case. just to come back to bush. you know a lot of people in the new york donor world, in 2012 there were a lot of people in your world who did not look at mitt romney as the enemy. they thought well it wouldn't
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be a horrible thing if romney was the nominee. do you feel if romney were to be president, is very similar feeling among new york donors about jeb bush? would they prefer her to him or -- but that he would be all right? guest: i think there's a view -- you definitely want hillary to be the president. and i think the vast majority of people that i know absolutely support her and think she would be phenomenal. i think bush would be viewed -- if he ended up becoming president -- i would look at him and think he would be reasonable and make a good resident. -- president. i think i would look at it very differently with other candidates. mark: go bucks. thank you mark. after the break, the top one reason we will miss david letterman after this. ♪
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♪ mark: tomorrow night david letterman bids farewell. the sendoff has been unsurprisingly hilarious to watch. john: he also got all the potus and would be potus. to piece this altogether, we sent will leach to reminisce. ♪ >> when cbs was attempting to woo david letterman in 1983, they did not appeal as a -- to him as a comedian but as a broadcaster. they bought him a building. this building. to tie him specifically to the history of television. he was a brilliant comic. but more than anything a creature of television. at a time when you watched a man's show every night simply because you trusted him. because you knew him. when politicians go into television, they sell something. -- into talk shows, they are selling you something. they invent the best possible version of themselves.
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if you do not bring your a game when talking to dave, you could get burned. ask john mccain. >> he had to cancel the show because he is expend -- is suspending his campaign because the economy is exploding and he exploding. [laughter] and you know john mccain is the running mate of sarah palin. you are aware of that. >> dave was constitutionally incapable of being dishonest on television. to sell something simply to sell it. david was dave and could only be like his idols, he took a step away, removed away from everything. this is why his early career when he was cast in sitcoms looked so ridiculous. there was no character dave could play. he was just dave. >> sit down and shut up.
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[applause] >> he was just there, wry, knowing, being an actual person in the middle of all the liars and frauds. he was us. he was a shock of actual humanity that exposed the public. as he grew older, he got a reputation of being mean. share famously called him an a-hole on air. -- cher famously called him an a-hole on air. but that was it quite right. he just didn't suffer idiots well. you believe dave because you thought dave every night and he never changed. he was always being honest. afterwards he just went home to connecticut and never did any schmoozing. he had nothing in common with those people. his b s detector allowed him to interrogate politicians. this gave him an unexpected gravitas. my favorite was when he
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destroyed rod blagojevich during his bizarre media to her. his disdain is palpable. >> why exactly are you here? honest to god. >> i've been wanting to be on your show in the worst way. >> well, you are on in the worst way. [applause] >> he could cross the aisle as well. remember when george w. bush's folksiness was likable and real rather than coying? bush was never more affable than when dave grilled him. >> when that happened, i said this is the only honest moment of the campaign when you call ed that guy an [beep]. [applause] >> have you heard president obama talk more in depth with more feeling about race relations during his entire presidency than he did about baltimore on one of letterman's final shows? president obama: too many communities do not have a relationship of trust with the police. and if you have a handful of police who are not doing the right thing, that makes the job tougher for all the other police officers.
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it creates an environment in the community where they feel as if, rather than being protected and served, they are the targets of arbitrary arrest. and, so our job has to be to rebuild trust. >> most famously, letterman addressed the nation in one of the first telecasts after september 11. many broadcasters could not even attempt to find their place, but because no one understood the moment and what it meant for the city of new york better than dave. 14 years later, it feels just and true and sad and perfect. >> courage, as you might know, defines all other human behavior. i believe because i've done this myself, pretending to be courageous is just as good as the real thing. >> we don't watch television for broadcasters anymore. the two jimmy's, fallon and kimmel, have shown in they are -- and there far more amiable
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war, it is more about youtube hits and reviving a fun and happy place for celebrities to be goofy. we don't value his adulthood as much anymore. he is leaving at the right time. as funny as letterman has always been, i'm going to miss dave the broadcaster the most. he looked forward to his interviews with president obama. for legitimate, and intelligent conversation. i am going to miss the constant dave. now it's almost over. david letterman has been the signature organizing principle of american pop cultural understanding for 33 years. and to be frank with you, i have no idea what we are all going to do when he's gone. john we don't know what we will : do either. we will be right back. ♪
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john: we are live 24/7 on tomorrow the great mary matalin joins us live. remember, we are on twice. at 5:00 and 8:00. until tomorrow, sayonara. [beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl
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♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight >> tech companies including apple and google join forces urging president obama to protect your data. we will take you to the front lines to ensure your safety while also protecting your privacy. ♪ emily: i'm emily chang and this is "bloomberg west". coming up, google and twitter make up. after a year-long standoff google can now see your tweets. we will tell you what the partnership means. and mark zuckerberg facing growing backlash for i will introduce you to the coalition accusing facebook of being misleading. and samsung left a footprint in silicon valley. i will also speak to the guy who designed the new campus.


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