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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  June 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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mark: i am mark. john: and i am john. all kinds of punctuation. happy national sportsmen day. mark: jeb!!!! bush, finally made his announcement. he detonated in miami, an case you are busy.
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jeb: the presidency should not be passed onto one liberal to the next. the question is, what are we going to do about it? the question for me -- the question for me is what am i going to do about it? and i decided i am candidate for president of the united states. john: mark you where they are, on the scene, life. the perennial, h-old question. how did he do? mark: he was more upbeat, more smiley, and he was sent a message to his supporters who have become a little nervous that he is going to fight to win this, and he gets the points. he did today more than i have ever seen him do. john: nothing troubles me more than a disagreement with you but i have to agree.
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a candidate, now an official candidate. he started slow, i thought. he was very casual coming out there. no tie no jacket just looking like a soccer dad in that oxfordshire, and the crowd and the energy and the enthusiasm built -- in that oxford shirt and the crowd and the energy built, and he sort of rode that wave, and as you said, this was the best we have seen him, and if he can keep up that kind of optimism, he will be a very strong candidate. mark: he is going to have to keep it up because people are going to say, is this a one off, or can jeb bush deliver that kind of energy? being a florida governor, being
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a reformer, saying i will go to washington and shake things up, even though he is a son and brother of presidents. john: hitting 4% growth but not saying how they will get there i always think that is hollow but he hit the high points, making it clear where he stands on things. not bad, not bad. mark: the other thing i thought was good for him was he was surrounded by supporters. and part of what jeb bush feeds off of is when there are people around him, and there are people today who were there. and a second part of his announcement is he has to make a lot of choices, and he has to make more choices than other candidates in some ways. john, did he make good ones? john: well, the biggest one everyone is going to talk about and we talked about it when we were broadcasting and streaming the event was the absence of his
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father, and more pointedly, the absence of his brother. his wife was there. his kids were there, but the absence of george w. bush, it was something they had to do. i believe as you said, it would have been worse if he had been there. but it was noticeable that the one big member of the bush family was not there, the controversial brother. mark: you can hear that there is like a little street festival and music playing, part of a much more diverse crowds in terms of economics and race then you would normally find at a republican announcement, and jeb bush is doing what his brother did when he ran for president saying he would be a leader of a more inclusive republican party, and this setting was that he cares about education and that he once a more diverse republican party. john: and the way he went about
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his wife, the personal side of the speech, there were not a lot of them, and they came at the end, but i think they were quite effective. and he spoke at the end of the speech in spanish, fluent spanish, for quite a time, and it will be very impressive, and it would be a big electoral asset, especially if he becomes the nominee of the party. mark: another good point was when he was heckled by some on immigration. and immigration solution involving a pass, a legal path as opposed to citizenship. he put up a t-shirt, like paying all mosh to his mother, and he very skillfully -- paying homage to his mother, and he very skillfully did that paying attention to the hecklers and then going back to his mom. john: and now, the candidate's
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name came up hillary clinton who talked to the press today in concorde, new hampshire, in any event about as rare as a lunar eclipse. she doubled down on her tray position, whatever that is. former senator hillary clinton: i have said, whether it raised wages or whether it was good for our national security, and therefore, i hoped that we can see this time as want to take advantage of and try to make it stronger on behalf of our country. john: market, we have been waiting hillary to take a stance on the trade bill for quite a while. she still has not really not in the way that members of congress have to, to the question is whether she is helping or hurting herself by not taking a more definite position area mark: i think she is hurting herself, but this is part of her campaign's view that a lot would
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get talked about on television and speculated about on twitter. she has moved a little bit more with their comments yesterday and today towards the nancy pelosi position and skepticism towards the deal, but i think not being decisive right now helps her, because being decisive would put her as being very exposed on the left. john: well, i don't know, man. you can see the calculation here. there is no doubt about it. she does not want anybody to get to her left. she wants to cover her left flank. but that kind of calculation does not look good on hillary clinton, i don't think, and when you hear bernie sanders say, what is the deal question mark we all have a position. you are for it or against it. pick a side. i think it makes her look a little bit more like some of the unattractive parts of and tony and issues. -- of clinton type issues.
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mark: losey clearly had a lot of ambivalence and did not take a position until the end and i think clinton and her advisers believe the more she does this, the more she can keep her left flank protected, the better. something unbecoming. john: a lot of convictions about a lot of things. i think those of us think having lived through the first clinton term, knowing what her husband's economic philosophy is, knowing how much of a global guy he is and what she has always been, in her heart, she is pro-free trade, but that makes the hedging on this all the more, i think not damaging but unbecoming, as you put it area mark: no question, but i think they are right. if she takes a position, it is worse. she is willing to do it. john: and coming up, hillary
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style. ♪
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john: miami. just the way it is on a hot, steamy, summer night, and we want to relieve -- relive the speech by the candidate known as jeb talking about his executive experience. presidential candidate jeb bush: there is no going into the legislative crowd or filing an amendment and calling that a success. as i will nation has learned since 2008, executive experience is another term for preparation,
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and there is no substitute for that. we're not going to clean up the mess in washington by electing the people who helped create it or who have proved incapable of fixing it. john: a calling card. his experience as a teacher and governor in florida, trying to become the 45th president of the united states the 43rd governor of florida. how strong was he today on those grounds? mark: i think he had a good point, but i do not think he was nearly strong enough for the people not from florida. i do not think it was quite tangible enough, but he does have a confidence. he does feel that what he did in florida, given the size of the state, given the problems he inherited, he does think he can make that debate. we get on the debate stage, and people say, why is your record from florida better than scott walker's record he shows he has got confidence about what he can
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say. i think he will have to be more specific about it. john: yes, he was, no doubt, a successful and conservative governor of florida, but as we know you and i both know as go around the country, we run into republican voters who do not know much, but they know about scott walker. he fought unions, and one for you and no one can tell you what jeb bush's signatures were to four things they do not lie, like common core so i think you are right. if he is going to sell executive experience, it is going to have to sell it a lot harder to you today. i thought it was one of the weakest aspects of the screen mark: what gave him some part is that the people here, and around the country have asked fairly supportive of jeb bush , as
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record in the comment that is why they are catholic. at a salon in new york or in chicago where he has been able to sell his record to punish him felt that a broader audience like officeholders and voters? tone: cal poly had a how and if it's very large percentage of registered in florida have never voted for him and have never even seen jeb bush's name on a pallet and video large percentage have him on the ballot. it is interesting in that battle is as important, and it looks to be on that basis that jeb bush is not in as strong a position as his rival, marco rubio, is. mark: he is going to have to sell his record because many in the state are not going to be familiar with him. jeb bush had a lot of choices about what to say and what not
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to say about his family's political legacy. presidential candidate jeb bush: the most improbable things can happen, as it will. take that from a guy who met his first president on the day he was born and his second on the day he was brought home from the hospital. long before the world knew the names of my parents, i knew i was blessed to be their son, and they did not mind it at all when i found my own past. -- path. mark: john, it is obviously a complicated minefield to go through everything he did. john: we talked earlier about the weakest decision he made which was to keep his brother, 43 away from this event, and his father, pretty old and pretty frail, so maybe, big decisions, but the way he talked about it, i thought it was pretty effective. i do not think it will solve the problem for him by any means. it would be a long-term issue
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trying to get past the family name, but this is about the best way that he can make some lemonade out of these lemons. mark: yes, i thought he did a good job, at the question is will this message breakthrough to voters? i thought in terms of the written speech, his comfort level was strong. john: electability, and the name is a huge problem for electability. those who do not mind the bush name you see that on a drag on his electability and i think that will be one of the things he has to puzzle through as he makes his way towards the nomination or not, which is how to convince people that, hey, electability is my calling card, and if somehow this bush name whatever you think of it, it is not going to drag me down. mark: absolutely. the other thing is his son spoke before him, and an undervalued
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assets he has here, his two assigns very strong in terms of being able to be a surrogate for their dad, part of a new generation. john: jeb bush talk to the ground and towards the end of the speech about the crowded republican field and how he plans to stand out. presidential candidate jeb bush: and i know there are a lot of people running for president. write a few, in fact, and not one of them deserves the job i'm right of resume, seniority, family, or family narrative. it is nobody's turn. it is everybody's test, and it is wide open, exactly as the contest for president should read. i will campaign as i would serve, going everywhere, speaking to everyone, keeping my word, racing the issues without flinching, and staying true to what i believe. i will take nothing and no one for granted. i will run with heart, and i
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will run to win. john: mark: i set this was almost the high point of the speech. he was rolling by the time he got there towards the end. there is not a lot of poetry in this speech. it is mostly prose but i thought there was a real momentum and a realistic to witt wit, embracing confidence and optimism. mark: one of the striking things was that there was a motion today, emotion i have not seen very often from jeb bush. i want to bring in the former chair of the florida party, who has known jeb bush a long time. have you seen jeb bush fired up like this before? chair: this is a start of a journey. we have been in the pulmonary's, but i think you will see a jeb bush with the energy to go the distance, and, listen. he had to run for office, and
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his first few months and you saw him today and you can expect jeb bush with this level of energy and emotion from now on. mark: al, is it the case that people on the campaign will be reassured and need to be reassured by a strong performance by him today? al: there have been some things that were important, the resources, the staff we wanted to hire. everything that we set up to do in this campaign have been done. the number of people who are endorsing the governor. you son your 11 or 17 members of congress from florida, every candidate member, most of the state legislature. mark: is he the front runner?
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al: i think he said it in your segment just now. this is a tough contest with a lot of talented young people and i think the senator said it all. we have had a young person who had to learn in the job, and it did not go so well and we have got a seasoned man who can be a great commander in chief. mark: what would be better than jeb bush? al: somebody better than him. ever since eisenhower, the candidate who had the best resources and has done the best job has one, and we believe that will be jeb bush. now, if someone else can prove us wrong, me wrong, if they can raise more resources and be a better candidate, they will win. mark: you think the person with the most money, best organized will be the nominee? al: sure.
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mark: did you spend time with the family? al: yes. mark: how did they seem? al: very excited. the family is very cool. look. it is a very emotional day for him, and a very emotional day for me. i went to his school. i was a low income kids. mark: al, former chair of the party here and a supporter of jeb bush, thank you. john? john: our thanks. when we come back, the spin and the politburo, after this.
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♪ john: a trio of hillary clinton spokespeople took to the morning shows, but instead of answering questions, they gave off the distinct with of the politburo
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around 1985. in case you missed it, let's go to the tape. >> the biggest problem for her is trust. the polls show voters do not trust her. how do she overcome that? >> well, no polls show that voters do not trust her. no polls shows that. >> only 42% view her as honest and trustworthy, compared to 57% who do not. >> you know, the way questions get asked determine a certain answer. a critical question is who do you trust to fight for you every day, cares about people like you, and that one question which was just a binomial question. >> the president's trade bill, every single democrat running
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for the presidency has taken a position on except for the one who helped push it, and did she even helped write it? i think she helped write it. >> i cannot speak to that because i was not in the state department. hillary clinton: we are getting close to having an agreement called the transpacific partnership. the so-called tpp will raise standards and drive long-term growth. >> does she not have to weigh in pretty quickly? the president can make the deal. john: after the break, we will head back to miami. jeb bush. ♪
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john: before we go, not everything always goes according to plan. here is something from today and jeb! bush in miami. ♪ >> maybe we can put a mic on it? >> can't saying. >> ok. ♪ ♪ john: in the end, they hooked up all of their gear and they played the bee gees and it sounded good. mark: remember, we are on twice a day at 5:00 and 8:00. thanks for watching. same bat tim.e. same bat channel.
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sayonara. ♪
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♪ anchor: welcome to a special edition of the bloomberg market day. i am alix steel. ♪ alix: anyway you slice it, it was a down day for stocks. you are looking at a now that had its worst two-day performance in over a month, and the s&p had its biggest active back loss in weeks. i should point out for those of you who love those moving


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