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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  June 22, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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set to get underway. we will be live in both brussels and at this. -- athens. matt: thanks, but no thanks. the $47 billion bid deeply inadequate and disappointed -- disappointed. olivia: who rules the world? apparently tailless whip. riding apple, they will pay artist for the new service. ♪ olivia: good morning. i'm olivia sterns. matt: i'm matt miller. lots to cover today, obviously what is going on in greece. the latest existing home sales figures are coming out. let's go to julie hyman for those. as sales ofknown
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previously owned homes. this measure rising at the fastest pace since november of 2009. it rose to an annual rate of 5.3 finally homes. this is representing every down as well. we have seen this measure fall even as pending home sales were taking up. it was a little bit of a disconnect in economic or looking for a rebound or catch up if you will. was 5.2 6 million. coming in above what economists had it the forecast has first time buyers driving this trend. this may be a sign of budding momentum in the residential real estate market. we have seen hope from the pending home sales numbers as well as the link permits. that number is also taking higher. matt: now let us get straight to the markets. olivia: what is happening? we have a rally underway. guess, a rally could be used.
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18,141 on the dow jones. same on the s&p 500. nasdaq also up. these markets did not open up this high. in the last half-hour, that managed -- they have managed to climb in crime. olivia: it is not a strong rally, but maybe help that they will be -- there will be a greek deal done. let us show you what is happening to the euro. we are watching reaction to the high level meetings over greece. the euro jumping over positive signs at this emergency summit. everyone hoping that a greek restructure settlement might be hammered out. you are seeing that hope in the athens stock exchange. the possibility of a breakthrough with greek banks showing the biggest gains. they were trading at a fraction of where they were in say 2010. a significant sign of sentiment. ive thatetty impress
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they continue to climb up after that press conference. it is for clock right now -- 4:00 p.m. right now in athens. olivia: athens is a little further out. matt: i guess that would close about an hour ago. let us look at what is making news on the bloomberg terminals. olivia: let us start with the biggest deals this morning. and them is not budging. it is making the same offer of $47 billion to buy up cigna. the health insurer is offering per share. cigna calls the big inadequate. a little desperate, but talks of a smack over who would run the combine company. williams rejecting a bid for
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takeover. the statement did not identify , butidder bloomberg's reporting it is worn. living/onha stewart the media has been bought. the company after the lifestyle guru has risen 37%. martha stewart has a long-term commitment to remain the creative chief. sequential brands owns among others the jessica simpson and ellen tracy lines. jessica simpson is huge. i've not heard of ellen tracy. she's a slightly distressed home and lifestyle brand. matt: i love martha stewart. is making a bid for a french wireless provider.
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it is the third biggest wireless provider in france. the company says the bid is unsolicited and that have been .o talks that company would have 30 million global subscribers. olivia: the supreme court will from victimsppeal of bernie made offs massive ponzi scheme. they blocked them from recovery and distributing nearly $200 million. it learned that customers receive more payoffs from made off from the original investment are protected from bankruptcy laws. it was taylor swift versus apple and the singer came on top. apple reversed its decision to not pay artist royalties during its free trials. tim was with said she would withhold her new album from apple music. don'tss with rope, "we
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ask you for free iphones. we don't expect you to ask us to provide free music without compensation pic." have you ever gotten a free iphone? the closest you get is a subsidy from t-mobile. coming up, much more with matthew miller, including white cigna said no to answer. the $47 billion bid would be the biggest takeover in the united states industry. the monster chief executive suit the beats executive. odessa farednd and well after the recession, but what cities did not? onwill find that more later
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in "bloomberg market day." hans, what is the outcome there so far? what have we got? hans: cautious optimism. there will not marathon meetings today. , with a short meeting just than an hour. it was some details, but they did not get enough detail. that is why this goes on to the next round. perhapsy and just importantly, the fact that these talks are going on indicate that theirb will encourage emergency liquidity. we have an actual eu leaders meeting that will start shortly. they will be pressing mr. tsipr as on those proposals. it has to be to ask for anything to be done at the finance
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minister level. they need more detail. the need for more detail -- they are fighting against time as always. olivia: fighting against time once again with the greek debt saga. it feels like we are one minute to midnight. we are describing this as a last chance summit. is it really are what is the timeframe this week for developments? hans: in some ways, the ministers themselves have not been consistent on that point. thehe end of last week, eurogroup president was talking about how there simply was not enough time to actually disperse money before june 30. that is when this 1.5 billion euro payment is due to the imf. now they seem to be saying that there is enough time to get a deal done this week. there may be a difference in their and what a deal means. the deal could mean a continuation of the program. they still may not be enough money and the greek coffers -- in the greek coffers to transfer
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to the imf. matt: thank you, hans nichols. olivia: prime minister tsipras has put a new proposal in the hopes of avoiding the fall. finance chiefs are gathering in brussels. for a closer look, we want to go out to bloomberg's guy johnson. ground inon the athens. he is joined by finance minister from the opposition party. i will hand it over to you. guy: let us talk about the view from athens about what is happening in brussels today. earlier, it was all optimism. we are going to get a deal done today, tonight, or at least the early hours of tomorrow morning maybe now, they will get it done by the end of the week. let's hidden opposition be of this now. -- get in opposition to you of this chapter -- and
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opposition view of this town. >> mr. tsipras and five months has brought the real economy to it stand still and turn us to a recessionary cycle. undo everything that has been done basically. now we are fizzling -- facing the following choice. an a deal that will cost greek people 5 million euros on one hand and now a deal that will mean we are facing uncharted waters, bankruptcy, and a possible exit. that is where we argue we are hearing optimism come out from mr. tsipras'circle all the time. it seems there's something being discussed at the moment. it was that there will not be a staff level agreement today. naturally, we want the best thing for greece. the vast majority of greeks once ant to stay in the eurozone.
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was to keepance within the eurozone. he cannot take us out of the eurozone. a lot of people are going to be protesting about that later tonight. guy: the greek people are voting with their wallets. they're taking their money out of the banks at a fairly alarming rate. are they doing the right thing at this point? is that what you would be doing? >> i'm not going to judge anybody. there is a large amount of uncertainty at the moment. this is a critical thing for greece's future. it is not a little bitty decision. it is a huge decision. he is not allowed to jeopardize our future and the eurozone. he does not have the mandate to do that. yes, people are taking money out of banks. the public sector has stopped making any payments toward anybody except for wages and salaries. we are not really sure how long that is going to last. he has really put himself in an impossible situation.
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scenarioke the good because we now have a bad deal for the worst-case scenario. so let us take the deal. he has to bring the deal to parliament. can he get it through parliament with his people? that is the question. can heark question -- implement the structural reforms that he is going to put his signature to? deal,in concern with this assuming it happens and we hope is taxes,s that it taxes, and more taxes. there is nothing that will favor growth. we think growth is coming to come from the private sector and businesses. we are all for privatization. we do not want a bloated public sector. hired 5000 has people and the public sector in the past three months. that has a price tag. it is being paid by the great people. -- greek people. election,ere was an
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greek people are voting with their wallets by taking money out of banks come about the same time, polls seem to favor him. be athink elections would bad idea at the moment. the one thing we have going during the summer is tourism. i think that would create a lot of problems. i'm not sure it would solve anything. plus, time is running out. who knows what it will be like in the 25 days leading up to elections, which is the soonest they could happen? mr. tsipras is up to the polls and still has a good rating, but he has not hurt anybody yet. people are still hoping that he could bring something in the steel that is good for them. you have to remember that he promised just about everything -- higher minimum wage, abolishing property tax, lowering taxes, something for pensioners. he has promised a whole host of things. thele are still hoping of
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last minute that he will be able to make good on some of those promises, which is clearly out of the question at this point. guy: thank you very much. she is joining us from new democracy. coming up a quarter past 5:00 athens, there is a pro-euro membership rally in the square. we will seek what comes on the summits and the banks tomorrow. it is going to be another interesting week for the greek economy. olivia: thank you so much. that is bloombergs guy johnson. great joined by the opposition finance minister. still to come, more health care deal drama. why and from is not giving up -- them is not giving up the fight quite yet to cigna. ♪
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olivia: good morning. welcome back. i'm olivia sterns. matt: i'm matt miller. let us get straight to julie hyman. she has a look at the biggest movers of the day. starting to talk about the potential deals and health insurance. we have been talking about potential deals in pipelines. let us talk about the real estate industry. a company called home properties is being acquired by lone star funds. the shares were up about 2.7%. 75 deal price on this is .23. you're talking about a company with over 40,000 apartment units that lodestar is gaining in this case.
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yes, matt miller giving me a -- "spaceballs"' allusion. the stock has not changed, but it had dropped substantially after it was downgraded over goldman sachs to a cell. it was initiated over and outperform at cowen. the pricing of memory chips looking to fall. if you take a look at my bloomberg terminal, you have the a&r function. . you see the sells remain steady. micron is down about 30% for the year today. as you can see, recorders quarters of the analyst out there are saying it is a good time to buy. matt: it is interesting that the buys pick up at the same time.
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i saw a note about the sell. but the buys are picking up as well. olivia: let us look at the top stories. the u.n. reported that the gaza war found that both israelis and palestinians may have committed war crimes. israel launched a defensive last ally in response to heavy rocket fire from hamas. u.n. and houston he officials say that more than 2000 palestinians including hundreds of civilians were killed during the fighting while 73 people died on the israeli side. israel slammed the report as biased. meanwhile, that move th -- benjamin netanyahu is reinforced his these strands -- peace plans. forined out a timeline peace proposals with house i
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could it is not have ironclad agreement. iran putting pressure of a potential nuclear deal. they have approved an outline to a bill that would ban the inspection of military sites. the obama administration says it will not agree to a deal unless inspectors are able to assess iran's nuclear program. iran was a deal so the west will left -- with economic sanctions. matt: anthony is not giving up its bid -- anthem is not giving cigna rejectedr its $47 billion bid yesterday citing price and trust concerns. them is still committed to its proposal. shares of both are up-to-date. not to give us the latest on the talks is and hammond. they have reiterated the offer
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to buy cigna. this is the fourth time this month. maybe it is the fifth. ed: it sounds like a punch and judy show. what is a punch and judy show? ed: it's a british show where you have two puppets going at it over and over. i think what is going on here is strange. cigna approached anthem. and they say, let's do a merger. it makes sense because we around the same size. let us be the ones to get together. what is happening now is a on who gets fight to run this combined company and they cannot make peace on that. is basicallyt saying that you're trying to force a deal on our terms. olivia: and that is where we are
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at, that is a good sign. ed: it is a good side and that there will be a deal at some point. you also have united health care. you've got aetna. you also have humana. they all want to do deals as well. matt: it's also kind of a concern. in this day and age, well educated and highly paid executives thanks and merger of equals is possible. thank you, ed hammond. still ahead, it took tennis with less than 24 hours for apple to back down. -- it took taylor swift less than 24 hours to make apple back down. ♪
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olivia: taylor swift took on apple and wanted. -- and won. taylor swift wrote ensemble --
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she needsthat artists to be paid for the free -- freed a goes to show trial. a goes to show how powerful she is. matt: a former partner in beats by drake is suing dr. dre when they stole designs after the sale of apple for $3 billion last year. it is a fascinating story. claiming, mr. lee is that they push them out -- him out. >> knoll lee runs a company called monster cable and says he is the guy who actually designed and built the famous beats headphones. it turns out they are worth $3 billion to apple. drenowledge is that dr. where the front men and that their connections were crucial
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to getting eats off the ground. a crucial moment, to use some contracts agreed to -- to use some contracts agreed to push him aside. hadia: it seems like they ari decided they wanted to sell the apple. inhis allegation was back 2012 when it was making hundreds of millions of dollars for everyone at the time was very happy. he said at that point jimmy iovine got the brilliant idea to sell this franchise to apple. olivia: thank you, paul very good matt and i will be back in just a moment. what the flock
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. .
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get excited for the 1989 world tour with exclusive behind the scenes footage, all of taylor swift's music videos, interviews, and more. xfinity is the destination for all things taylor swift. just because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway. i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. olivia:. i'm olivia sterns. sales existing homes rose to the highest level in 5.5 years.
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sales was up 5.5%. they match the highest levels of september, 2012. interest rates may be driving sales. usa to regulators are investigating complaints of problems with dodge dart compact cars. the probe covers 121,000 arts made by chrysler from the 2013 model year. the agency has no reports of crashes or industry -- injuries. chrysler is cooperating with the investigation. concerns should be addressed with dealers. is facing three months on all strikes. talks about benefits broke down. strikes threatened to just direct the travelers during the summer. it's a setback for the ceo who is trying to lower cost. russia says the european union is only hurting itself. eu foreign ministers this morning have extended sanctions
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against russia for another six months. as because of russia's support for the rebels fighting ukraine. russia says the move could cost europe millions of jobs placing limits on trade and investment. starbucks is doing more, more than doubling the size of his loan program for coffee farmers. if aimed at helping starbucks fund a singly -- ethically sourced coffee. in pennsylvania maria's risen glass to joeing a paterno. the bsl longer will come in 12 ounce cans featuring his image and a competence. the burglary says it is working with his family on the beer and proceeds will go to charities they support. duringate fired paterno the fallout from the jerry sandusky trial and sex abuse scandal. those of the top stories. still the come on the "bloomberg market day," adhd isn't just for
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kids. in the u.s., adults have overtaken children in taking prescriptions for adhd drugs. six months after the united states recession, oil industries texas may get a nice place to relocate. finance ministers relied -- arrived too late to look at alexis tsipras' proposal. we focus on the intractability. targets,with budget looking at what creditors are asking for. this year they are looking for 1% of gdp coming three years, 3.5% of gdp. we look at how greece is responded to that. by raisingt these corporate taxes on companies with net income of more than 500,000 euros. that's one thing that suggests, another is raising solidarity
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funds. i wanted to look next at debt relief. this is something that creditors have been adamant about that there will be no exceptions. we want to index payments to growth, maybe there's talk of causing some of these payments. my talk about pensions. this one feels like we know the most. we have the press conference from the head of the eurogroup saying he came in a bit late, we are reviewing the proposal. engine spending to 50% of gdp, bring it down 1%. what we heard from greece here there is an active blogger the blogged about the things they proposed less night. you can't do that. it would cause massive and fresh misery in his words. he proposes eliminating early retirements, merging pension funds to cut cost, looking in operating costs for the pension program and increasing employer contributions. he's talking about cultural optimistically
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boosting employment, which right now is at 25%. a lot of work to do there. the last sticking point here is the sales tax. hotly contested thing with creditors wanting a value-added tax of 23%. 11%,d and medicine tax of and they say it's about cultural shift. that's what we need. they set higher rates will lead to incentive to change. we are looking at a value-added tax of 23%. tax, they arees moving targets. olivia: greece has come a long way on his numbers. i remember shopping in athens. five years ago you could pay 20% less for a nice pair of shoes. if you paid cash. that's gone away little bit. david: a long road. olivia: thank you, david. i want to look at how the market has been reacting to this glimmer of hope, you've seen
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stocks rise around the world, in particular in athens. while bond markets are another story, greek debt is certainly finding a big move there. treasuries are trading lower, sending yields up a few basis points. joining me to discuss the big move is michael regan and our bond reporter. thank you both for joining us here on set. every day, we sort of react to what is happening in greece. interesting question this morning. do you think markets are overreacting or under reacting? depends on whether or not you think a potential lehman style moment is happening or not. >> we had a pretty funny story looking at the bookmakers in london. if you want to bet that greece will stay in the euro, you have to bet five pounds to win one pound by the end of this year. the odds are totally in favor of
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greece paying, according to bookmakers. for whatever that's worth. let's as the stock market goes, you wake up and look at about $100 billion for these deals. is not necessarily a bad thing if someone comes back with higher yields. but there's all sorts of deal talk in the health insurance. olivia: maybe u.s. equity investors reacting. earlier, iere saying get all this investor critique, guess come in and say doesn't really happen -- doesn't really matter. you say marketer under reacting. was: i thought the story fascinating. it was about chief executive officers and other major european countries -- companies saying we are really concerned about greece. ,f greece leads the eurozone that could be a potential real problem for the economy that's already fragile. even just the concept of eurozone, you looked at spanish
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yields over german yields last week rising to the highest in more than a year because people were concerned about contagion. people do feel they will probably come to a last-minute deal, but there's a lot of question marks about what the potential for contagion is. it may not be lehman style, most people say it's not, it could be a different style event though. on september 12, 2000 eight, there was an article about how money market funds were saying if lehman brothers to clear his bankruptcy, everything will be fine. i'm just saying, markets don't always get it right. sometimes it's hard to extrapolate out what exactly would happen. the moves areon, dramatic in most of the market. it is risk on because people have been expecting them to come to a deal. maybe the euro finance ministers are saying we are not going to risk it. to someoneg to cater
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who is not dealing with us the way we want them to deal with us. or posting things on twitter. mark ina big question markets. people are saying what are we missing? olivia: is the u.s. treasury marketolivia: really thinking about it? investors are betting greece will stay in the euro. if they do leave, maybe that changes the timing? mica: this thing has dragged on so long that obviously people expect them to leave. if they were to leave, would anyone be surprised? lisa: i would. mike: i don't know how surprised i would be. investor, i would have protected myself in the event of an exit. hadstrategist at jpmorgan an interesting note, calling a sideshow. saying most of the obligations to greece is to the ecb and the
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imf, not a lot of outstanding debt to private investors. somethingat has been that european creditors and cleaned up in the last couple of years. i'm thinking exposure from french, dutch banks to greek debt has been dramatically reduced. mica: the longer this is going on, the more quarantine we have. you can't tell where is going to be, but it seems like the contingent will be less than it would have been two or three years ago. olivia: the alcohol maker remi is concerned about brandy. they have a certain kind of break randy. -- greek brandy. there are these collateral effects. mike: three or 4% of their sales. olivia: what are the big market
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events you are looking at this week? mike: the deal activity is big this week. that's when they start focusing on greece when there's not a lot going on. earnings we saw a couple of weeks ago, that's what everyone will focus back on the bottle of fundamental information coming into the market. you go from headline to headline, looking at headlights. we're still not breaking out of the range we have been all year. olivia: the s&p is up 3% year to date. we start off saying how bullish strategists are. their forecast for pretty good gains. we haven't just seen it yet. the market is looking for the next catalyst. lisa: i'm watching inflation data. i think an economic data we get that out of the expected range particular to the upside of we get more inflation than expected, that will cost of turmoil in the bond markets. olivia: mike regan and lisa, thing to have you on. -- it's great to have you on.
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still ahead on the "bloomberg -- drugsy," adhd but back in focus. that's next. ♪
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olivia: welcome back. one hour into the trading day, and we are getting you caught up on all the market action around the world. i want to start in europe and we had over to mark standing by in london. it -- mark: what a day. the dax up almost 4%, the biggest gain for three years. in france, the biggest gain
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since january, in spain, the ibex december. i looked at a great function which shows the best-performing global equity markets today. all 10, the top 10 are all european, and it's all because summit -- this emergency that is taking place in athens today. look at the games you are seeing on some of these greek stocks. by 23%, korea's bank up by 21%. every single industry group today is rising in europe. technology, utility, telecoms, all up by a minimum of 1.7%. the feel-good factor is spreading to the bond market. yield, the greek 10 year down by 149 basis points. that's the biggest decline in greek yields since february. in the last three days, the yield has dropped by 195 basis points. that's the most for over three
10:45 am
years. in italian yields, spanish yields also declining. the core markets, the haven market yields are just edging a little bit higher today. there's the german market up by about 10 basis points. really quickly, the euro continuing to rise up by 131%. on track for the fourth weekly gain. over to you, julie. julie: in the u.s., we have stocks gaining as well. it seems as though investors are focusing on what is going on somewhat in greece and on the optimism and also focusing on here in the u.s., the aftermath of the federal reserve commentary from last week. the dow, nasdaq all trading higher today. not only that, even though we have stocks gaining today, there have been hits as of late. the greeken situation, concerns over rising interest rates and what that's going to mean. the s&p 500 forecast have
10:46 am
remained very steady. strategists have remained very optimistic. looking at a 5.8% gain in the s&p this year on average. to 2232. that's the average forecast. take a look at my bloomberg terminal. have a chart of the average forecast, you can see it going up, you saw stocks come out with optimistic forecast late last year. that's with that comes from. at the redline, that's the low forecast. the green light is the high forecast. this is only a 12% spread in these forecasts. we are actually seeing a tight grouping the forecasts. -- the 2350, the high lowest 2100. a lot of optimism here in the stocks and where we are heading right now. something to keep in mind as we look at the s&p rising to a one-month high. in terms of what's driving us there, you can take a look at the function here, a lot of green because it's a broad-based rally. financials are leading as his health care.
10:47 am
health care is the best-performing group in the s&p 500 this year. astinuing dow performance the wave of consolidation we have seen in pharmaceuticals now spreads to managed care, at least potentially because we don't have any done deals yet. cygnus burning anthems offer for it. both stocks are on the rise. there's a lot of other talk about consolidation. anthem shares are nowhere near the offer price. julie: trading just behind the base. julie hyman, thank you. in asia, markets are not in the mood today. shut, recovering after last week's decline. it points to one of the big stories coming out of the region, whether chinese stocks will continue to slide after the worst weekly rally since the financial crisis. david ingles filed this report from hong kong.
10:48 am
david: chinese markets were shut on monday. they opened with a very bad week last week. a 14% drop over five days. they took those benchmarks with gzip or levels, the reason i mentioned that is investors there very heavy on the regional side. comments they are not likely to see a bounce back up. the question is if that will be a technical bounce because it's the biggest test for the chinese bull market so far. my thanks to david engel, joining us there from hong kong. some of the top stories across in the bloomberg terminal -- in golf, he's halfway to grand slam. toadded the u.s. open title his masters championship. he won the tournament outside another competitor missed two putts. he's 21 years old and the youngest open champ since 1923. the next pretournament is the british open in about three weeks.
10:49 am
tonight at 8:00 eastern, the u.s. women's team will face colombia in round 16 of the fee for world cup. -- fifa world cup. all 31 knockout matches on sunday, the host country beat switzerland 10. next up for the canadians is a meeting with either norway or england on saturday in vancouver. moviegoers had to blockbusters to choose from. ," took in 102d million dollars, only the second time a movie has boasted more than $100 million in the second weekend. inside out,"nd it, " which smashed citations by taking in $190 million. those of the top stories at this hour. for the first time, adults are taking more adhd record medication than children.
10:50 am
of the adhd medication industry is now occupied by prescriptionslion in the u.s. alone. sales of finance, the best-selling drug for adhd made by shire rose 18% last year. pimm fox joins me to discuss. clearly earning big bucks for pharma companies. what's behind the change? pimm: we are talking about 53 million prescriptions for adhd every year. that's about the population of the united kingdom. just to give you some perspective. -- $120 billion last year for the sale of finance. that is the drug that still is protected by patents. got some competition, concerta, and also ritalin, there are
10:51 am
competing drugs out there. the key is when you are able to get the prescription changed so that it applies to different bingeof disorders, like eating disorder. you now can prescribe it for a wider audience. because it is also approved now for adults, it is now easier for the doctor to write the script as a result -- olivia: four different indication. a time release mechanism for adults because adults might want it longer than children, for example. , the ideabig market is to try and extract as much sales as you can from it. these are blockbuster drugs. countries like in scandinavia and germany and spain, those of the areas that shire is really going after. olivia: pimm fox, thank you. looking forward to seeing you in a minute on "bloomberg market day." which cities have fared the best since the recession. we give you a hint -- they might
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have some thing to do with shale oil. ♪
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olivia: welcome back to the i ammberg market day," olivia sterns. this marks six years since the end of the u.s. recession. over&p 500 has climbed 200%, unemployment is down 6%, from 10%. there are leaders and laggards. we took a look at some of the cities that have fared best and worst since the recession. julie, how you measure this. julie: glassdoor used data from the bureau of labor statistics. they took a look at unemployment and the percent of people employed in each city to find a recovery index. olivia: make sense. which city came out on top? texas,you have midland,
10:55 am
of the top 15, number five that were in texas. if your anecdotal havinge of those places trouble with the labor market. especially with wages. julie: midland saw a 30% increase in wages. i don't know if you can afford to pay your employees that much anymore. olivia: how about the bottom end? jersey,cean city, new decatur, illinois, and pine bluff, arkansas. you had hurricane sandy, the casino industry hasn't done as well lately, so hospitality. olivia: how about the other two? julie: decatur is a manufacturing hub, caterpillar cut jobs. the fascinating thing is that some of these places like ocean
10:56 am
city, the unemployment rate was actually higher today than it was in 2009. olivia: ac has been struggling. julie, thank you. still to come in the next half hour of bloomberg market day, much more including from the nfl to real estate. we speak with casey crawford on why he is tackling problems. ♪
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. .
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olivia: good morning. it is 11:00 here in new york city. >> welcome to the bloomberg market day.
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emergency summit in brussels is set to start in a couple of hours. we are live from brussels and athens with the latest. an age of virtual warfare -- we go inside lockheed martin to see how the air force is using technology to prepare for war. nfl star findr success off the field? you will meet the billion-dollar mortgage company. -- casey morgan and his billion-dollar mortgage company. olivia: good morning. pimm: we are 90 minutes into the trading day here in new york. let's look at how markets are trading right now. u.s. stocks moving higher, perhaps on the news of a potential agreement in greece and a look at what it's coming down -- wha'


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