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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 8, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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>> with all due respect to donald trump, maybe take a day off some time. on our trading floor, puerto rico billions in debt and hillary has money quotes first, $1 million. backing john kasich's bild is going up tomorrow. a seven-figure ad buy is known as the syrup.
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here is the 62nd ad. -- the 60 second had. -- ad. >> what about us? >> my dad carried mail. they loved him. he looked out for everyone. i learned to look out for other people. we turned ohio around and created jobs and cut tax is an balance our budget. i spent 18 years on the arm does services committee. i was a chief architect of balancing the budget. it can happen again. >> john kasich is for us.
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>> a million dollars over a couple of weeks. 60 seconds is more than a 3 0-second ad. >> i think he is cutting through the noise of his competitors and aligning his elf with the middle america and more of a midwestern mass edge. >> it comes off as nice. i think the challenge we should see here, they are trying to address, people do not know his bias. even what he has done in ohio is not as known as other candidates. it is hard to tell that stuff. it is hard to tell people. you have to show them. heidi: he has the best bio.
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there are a lot of governors. governors tend to be popular. that's spaces occupied. despite the fact he has a good ad, i do not the pastth for him. he is trying to get on the debate stage. he is only running ads. they're going to be looking at all of these polls. mark says he has to do well in new hampshire. if he moves his number, it can maybe get into the debate. it tells the bio, story, resume. not a lot of issues, but some. that is the test. $1 million, no other ads on tv, better to breakthrough than later. heidi: donald trump said he will win the latino vote. he defended comments he made about immigrants.
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take a look. donald: i was misquoted. i was talking about the mexican government forcing bad people into our country. they are drug dealers. i am the most popular person in arizona because of my stance. we do not have a border. do not try to convince me there is time. check your numbers. if i get the nomination, i will win the latino vote. i am losing contracts. who cares? i am wasting my time talking to you, one-sided but while i am wasting time, i could be doing deals on other things. heidi: it might seem as if everyone is jumping on trump but he thrives in the spotlight.
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mark: he is too big for the barrel. a normal candidate going through what he is going through, they would be creamed and they would feel it. i think his supporters do not care. heidi: i do not think any of this is good. these comments are viewed by everyone as inflammatory. he has forced his competitors to go on the record with a position that if they want to be candidates, they are untenable. mark: even the ones most critical of him have pulled their punches against him. think about him and where he is in the process. our his poll numbers going to go down because he is losing these contracts? i do not. he is giving a speech in arizona, a normal candidate
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would be in trouble. i do not think he will be. heidi: is he in this to win it or to build his personal brand? he is losing a lot of sponsorships. i am interested to see where he will be at the end of the day. mark says he will not help his business. in terms of dominating he may not be getting the best coverage, but he is getting the most coverage. heidi: he is driving the conversation, doing tons of interviews and press, forcing everyone to respond to his agenda. mark: donors are worried. you are seeing some commentators who are on the right.
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two people are saying not just the emigration comments but he has liberal positions and his general manner is not good for the republicans. let's see where the candidates catch up with the donors. heidi: the beauty of tromp, he does not care about any of them. -- donald trump, he does not care about any of them. mark: puerto rico is in debt. some candidates want to change things and give them the bankruptcy right that american states have. one hitch, wall street and the koch brothers do not agree. they think it would lead to a bailout. this is putting other candidates in a tricky spot. you can read a list of where some of the others stand.
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why is it a difficult position for others who do not want to take a firm position? heidi: they are caught between a vital constituency the latino vote, the puerto rican vote in florida, which is becoming a force of its own. on the other hand, wall street. folks like the koch brothers who hate this. they think it is a reward for financial irresponsibility. mark: there is some principle here are not unlike the situation in greece. do you want to let the people have a bailout? in the case of puerto rico, it is a quirk in the law. hillary clinton supports the move, but does say we cannot have a bailout. heidi: she has had to walk a finer line. o'malley and bernie, this is an
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easy one for them. for hillary and a lot of the republicans the big donors watching this, and for whom this matters more for, it is so close to home. mark: chuck schumer is driving a bill pretty hard. heidi: absolutely. yesterday on the education circuit, marco rubio whipped out the pump. he wants students to pitch themselves to investors who can pay for their education. mark: i give rubio credit. he is making efforts to be a reformer on education.
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i think both of these guys are talking about education because they have a great sense of how to speak aspirational he about education. they will do well with these issues. heidi: i do not know many people are paying attention to this. he is preempting jeb bush, who has made the opportunity gap and organizing force in his campaign, but has not come up with anything specific on how to address it. marco rubio's idea sounds like it would work. it would appeal to republican voters. it is market-based. it might appeal to young voters. mark: i agree. the thing about jeb bush, he gave two speeches on education in thinking about running for
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president. can he catch up to rubio? both of these guys younger guys who understand the aspirations of the working class. heidi: it is the ease to -- it is the issue of millenials. mark: coming up our correspondent for the new york times joins us to talk about scott walker's top political adviser -- scott walker. ♪
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mark: your guest tonight, jonathan martin. his latest article is a bat scott walker -- is about scott walker getting advice from scott walker.
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is walker more of a hands-on guy? jonathan: i think his life has been dominated by campaigns and elections. they each have periods of their life when they were not involved in politics. he has done only politics for his entire life. in college, he was engaged in campus politics. this is who he is. mark: i get your point. does that make him like bill clinton? is he more involved, more knowledgeable than bill clinton? jonathan: i do not if he has the same gifts bill clinton has when
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it comes to politics. bill clinton is a rare talents. there is no question that scott walker has figured out what works in his campaigns today. the question is can you apply what you have done at the state county and the state rep level in wisconsin to a national campaign? that is what is fascinating. can he scale up? to date, it is mixed. he has had good moments. he burst out of the gate. at the same time, he has had stumbles. heidi: what's the downside to this? why can't you be your own best strategist? jonathan: it is a double-edged sword. i write he has this line that he uses a lot, he has contrasted himself with rivals who are governors and senators.
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he says they governors have won and the senators are the ones who have far. he says i have fought and i have one. there is an upside to a. he has a sharp political mind. the downside, you have to play -- too. mark: some activists say he is not able to let his staff grow. he takes up so much space that he has not built the same staff as the rubio and bush teams. the other thing is the issue of immigration. there have been two instances that have been reported with the question of -- is he telling people he is more open to a past for legal -- open to a pass for legal status for the illegals here.
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jonathan: there is no question he has said things in private reported now twice that reflects someone more flexible on the immigration issue. at the very least, then some of his public comments would let on. after you have said you are open to a pathway to legal status or a pathway to citizenship, it is tougher to walk back from that and claim your more of a hardliner. people want to hear the former and if you do not come down on saying no, they willis him -- they will assume --. heidi: marco rubio to name one do you think this is a hager vulnerability for him than the others who are flip-flopped? jonathan: it is not just the immigration issue. he has had a strident tone on
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the issue of marriage than he has in the past. if you combine those, it leaves you to iowa. those issues are calibrated to ensure his standing in iowa, where he is the front runner. mark: he is announced saying -- he is announcing on monday, it will be interesting to see these issues. john kasich, we showed his spot. we thought it was good, we wonder what you thought. jonathan: that is real money. it would get him some attention in new hampshire. it is the kind of move, doing a press conference yesterday here in washington, d.c. that is
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aimed to get him more media so he can move up in national polls. it has been striking to watch. they are trying to figure out how to move up in the national polls. some do it with more tv. others do it with more state visits. mark: the press corps loves him. he is fascinating to talk to. he is combative. >> the party and campaign, two term governor sitting of ohio and someone who is known for being a reality tv taras almost only [indiscernible] >> i do not have any comment on that.
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there is going to be a debate and we will have the convention. we are excited. i am not going to put carts before horses. we have a month to go. mark: what does he get out of being combative? jonathan: the jousting can be amusing if it is done with a moderate as it was done yesterday. the last thing he said was -- i was trying to ask him if he would be in cleveland for the debate and he said he is not muhammad ali. mark: you find his demeanor
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dramatically different than the one they put in the ad. heidi: yes. i cannot say he is the only candidate that i have seen who has a different demeanor especially when they are in washington for the first time. he did seem like he got prickly with you. he has a good relationship with the press. >> that is standard john kasich. if you ask him about it, you will hear the other k-6 staple -- the other john kasich staple. you are going to see how western pennsylvania vintage plays here. mark: do you think he thinks he
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is going to be president or the you think he is struggling as an underdog? jonathan: i think he has a shot to be president. mark: thanks for coming in to only come back, arkansas doublespeak city. ♪
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mark: bill and hillary clinton political partners for decades now. yesterday, i asked jimmy carter to compare them as politicians can you said i think they are both superb politicians. not everyone agrees with jimmy carter. in her interview, it was clear she has learned a ton on the master she is married to. >> this has been going on for over three years. >> this is a theme used against me and my husband for many years. >> that is your
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characterization not mine. >> you are starting with so many assumptions. >> that is up to the american people. >> we will let the voters make up their minds. >> i am aware of the fact it is your job to raise those. we will do our best to respond to them. mark: the clinton campaign put a rope line to keep the press back from her. >> there was no charge i violated any law. >> everything i did was permitted law and regulation. the law, but regulation did not stand in my way of being permitted to do what i did. >> have we done a lot of good angst? yes. >> i am proud of the clinton
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foundation. >> i feel good about where we are. mark: sounds a million. we will be right back. ♪
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mark: when you're not watching us here, you can go to our website. heidi: our colleague has a piece up on marco rubio, he is out in the field reporting on the candidate. check that out. mark: i have a little more on the john kasich ad we showed you at the top of the show.
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this program is on twice a day, here at 5:00 and also at 8:00 area thank you for watching. same bat time, same bat channel. ♪ >> we crunch today's number and cut through the noise.
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alix: we're moments away from the closing bell. >> i am in for joe weisenthal. alix: there it is. what a day. the closing bell at the new york stock exchange is working. stocks tumbling today. concerns with china and greece dampening economic growth. the new york stock exchange for


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