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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  July 21, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> tonight an exclusive behind the scenes on a candidate. find out why some are outraged. mark: on tonight's show, trumps a dream, a senate team, and we are here from columbus, ohio where junkies it became the 16th republican for the presidency. here's what it sounded like on the are. >> i have the experience and the testing.
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the testing which is shaped shoe and prepares you for the most important job in the world. i and here to ask you for your prayers, for your support, for your efforts because i have decided to run for president of the united states. mark: after that announcement, i spent a a few minutes with him. more that later. for now, to john. john: this was vintage john kasich. the good, the bad, it sounded like john joyce. there was an unruly, rambling feel to it, but it was very charming and all of that. it reflected his heart, his
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passion, very different from the messages we heard from other 2016-er's. if you find him charming, he found his speech charming, if you're a critic, you will find a lot to criticize. mark: i think john kasich these to show people that he is interesting, that he is stuff to say that he cannot get elsewhere, and he has a record. i thought he put that on display today. there are critics who say it was too long, too thin on policy not enough focus, but i think he did what he wanted to do. that is the product he is selling. he was low-key in some ways, but again, interesting. at least interesting to me. people in the room were interested in what he had to say, and on television there is a quality there that is the big picture. john: he is a welcome addition
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to the race. now we are returning to our regularly scheduled programming, donald trump. he has a new washington post fullback with him at 24%, high above the rest of the pack. and also because of it back and forth with des moines register's editorial board. at his first campaign event since his outbreak of feud with john mccain, he reveal personal information about lindsey graham. >> he gave me his number, and i found the card. i wrote the number down. i do not know what is right. john: you have to call his office if you want to talk to him. he is on a roll, 56% of republicans say that his views do not reflect core values of the republican party. should that number worried the donald?
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mark: i do not think so. the fact that he can get over a quarter of the vote with that many people not liking his views, with some number of people not liking his views on immigration, that shows his power. until these anywhere but first in the polls, any day he once, and even some days when he does that, he can dominate news. john: i hate to accuse you of short-term thinking but what if this is a man who wants to be president, according to this poll, 31% of republicans say that they were not for for him and he was the party's nominee. that does not make him a plausible candidate for president. mark: maybe other people have strong hands and i should -- the drumming comes from a college campus. he is in a strong position, week in others.
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he can dominate media whenever he wants. it is not a perfect hand, but it is pretty good. john: i'm not arguing about the worst hand in the world, there is just a lot of these numbers that if he wants to be president of the united states, not just get a lot of attention, not just rile the waters, then there's a lot of the wolfsburg to worry about. moving on, the senate is buzzing with one upsmanship. rand paul is working on a bill to give going to soldiers of military bases and recruiting stations because of the chattanooga shooting. marco rubio and lindsey graham i have a question for you, who is using their platform in the upper chamber right now to
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increase his chance is over winning the republican nomination? mark: rubio, crews and paul are playing mostly on niche issues. lindsey graham is the lead on iran. right now he is the senator who is test using the platform. john: there is a certain -- the problem with the crews and paul moves, if they are chopping of hunks of red meat and trying to throw them to the base. none of the things that there are proposing is going to happen, so the base will not be satisfied. those will be useless gestures. i think marco rubio has been playing it relatively cool in the senate and not trying to do these gimmicky things. he is the one doing the best because he is trying to be a presidential candidate and not a legislative gimmick meister. mark: but the scott walker line is pretty effective in saying that only senators in washington who rail against things and do
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not win, i think they're going to have to win to get something done. walker will have another point to say that you cannot win the fight. john: the governors have the upper hand in this battle on the whole. up next, fred davis is back. but first, our conversation with the newest candidate in the game, right after this. ♪
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mark: after john kasich made his speech today, i caught up with the governor to talk to him about his big day. what was it like today in the household when he woke up? normal day?
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>> pretty normal. i was not very jumpy. i made a couple of calls to people who are my very close friends, and saying that he made a decision. they burst out laughing. it was good, and they came down here with the kids, and karen, and it was just extremely calm and i enjoyed delivering the speech. mark: you seems to get emotional a couple of times. >> promotions are always popping up. i control them pretty well, i think. i feel really good -- what i thought this morning as tell people what they want to hear. there's nothing i would take back. i think it went very well. mark: it was here you hadn't seen in a while?
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>> there are a lot of my friends here. it is great. there were a lot of people. i do not know how many thousands, but it was great. mark: what emotions did you experience? >> i was calm, i have fun, and when it was all done i felt like it was really great. mark: i've never seen you so calm. >> sometimes people just do not understand me. people knew me 20 years ago, and they're commenting who i am today. i'm not who i was 20 years ago. i like to i was then, but i like who i am now. everything is fine and no big
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gyrations. this was good. i enjoyed it. it was fun to deliver the talks and have so many people there. that was a little bit overwhelming. mark: thank you. thanks to the governor for making some time for us. fred davis is here in columbus today. he loved working with governor kasich, you shot him for the house in new hampshire, but today, you cannot talk to him? >> it was sad. at noon today, when he said i am running for president, i told him last time i saw him, i said it will did talk to you until in the oval office. no e-mail, no personal contact. mark: if you can talk to him, he cannot talk to the campaign, how do you figure out what to do?
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>> you read what you write. you and john will set the stage. you follow it like anybody else follows the race. we will have the advantage that i know john kasich really well. i did not two months ago. i know his strategist really well, i know how they think. i worked with them before and i think he was wise to bring in people who had worked together before. mark: you hadn't asked ad that was going up today new hampshire, paid for by the 527. any idea if it is getting any reception? >> it is getting enormous reception. we had a little poll that tells us that. mark: what do the people say? >> i've never had such good response for any initial ad. you cannot judge it that way because we're doing telephone calls. it has been fabulous.
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fabulously successful. mark: do you have a sense of what your budget is going to do between now and iowa? >> we have a written budget? i cannot quite -- mark: a lot of people place importance on the question of who will be on the page in cleveland. how important do you think it is for casey to be one of the first people up there among the group of 10 when the debate season start? >> i honestly believe we will be there.
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but as not the world if we are not. we were talking about trump, but the race is not now. it is a long time from now. everything for mental stuff is important. being on that stage is not the end. john: someone you know pretty well, abby huntsman, daughter of jon huntsman tweeted today that the k-6 rollout reminds me so much of my dad four years ago. same team, same timing, similar strategy. i hope it ends better for him. there are some republicans who think this is huntsman all over again. what you say? >> the people are entirely different. i love john kasich i love huntsman, and they are different as night and day. i chuckle when i read those stories. jon huntsman if they pass of god, john kasich is so far from passive you cannot believe it.
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major differences between the two. john: ok. mark: last question. as you think about the next few months, how are you know if john kasich is doing well? >> you look at a lot of things. polls are very important, all of debate performance goes is very important. feedback is actually important. johnson is new, a client of mine, he would come and tell me anecdotal evidence he would hear about the ads that was spectacular. it helped immensely. mark: in the bushes super pac there is now about 100 million dollars, maybe more for all we know. how will they spend that money? >> the same way as us, but much more grandiose terms. mark: do you think they will run negative ads? >> i would guess they would.
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mark: the wells would run a negative ad? >> i do not want to give away our tragedy, but that is the typical way to get elected. that is not the john kasich way. mark: i would be surprised if marco rubio did. last question, you will not be able to communicate directly with them anymore. what will you do to replace them in your life? >> it is a terrible loss. when it was over today, i sat in this little chair in the corner in the union hall, sound and blue, reading my e-mails. it was terrible. mark: thank you for joining us. fred davis, works with the super pac supporting john kasich. when we come back, the best bits of the announcement speech after this word from our sponsors. ♪
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john: john kasich speech may be the last announcement speech of the 2015 cycle. this is where he made his case is a compassionate conservative. >> how about those that struggle to make ends meet? there are some people who just say work harder or pulling yourself up your bootstraps and i believe in all that. some people just don't have the fortune that many of us have. if you're a drug addicted, we are going to rehab you and get you on your feet. if you're mentally ill, prison is no place for you.
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some treatment and some help is where you need to be. if you're the working poor, we're going to give you an opportunity to take a pay raise. and not paying you over the head because you're trying to get ahead. john: i am sure there are people who will call me a squish, but when he talks about his cap passion, when he speaks his heart, i find it to be the most compelling thing about him. certainly what sets them apart from the other republicans. mark: there is no question that it helps to get him elected governor of the stadium and made him a popular and successful governor. if you look at the other governors, bobby jindal, chris christie, scott walker, they are in their states, divisive figures. you can travel around the state and find a democrat and find democrats who feel good about their governors. not a lot. even if they did not vote for him, governor kasey kahne has
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warm feelings from the democrats. i think he will do well in this race. john: 60% approval rating. hard to top that. mark: here is him talking about his record. >> a lot of hopelessness, here. particularly among the poor and minorities. people said perhaps ohio's days were behind them. but i said we would get this budget balanced and cut taxes. tax cuts of $5 billion, the largest in the country. mark: when governors run, we talk about can we sell their states miracle. is there an economic miracle
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that you think he can sell to republican voters? john: the ohio economic story, there is a lot of credit to go around. some of it belongs to the obama administration and the auto bailout. but if you compare it, as you did, to the state of louisiana the state of wisconsin, the state of new jersey, compared to other governors, the ohio economy is more ridiculous. -- is miraculous. he can make the case he had a big part in making it that way. mark: he is also very much of this state. he very much feels the culture of the state of the people of the state, sports teams of the state. that, if he is going to convince people there is a narrative of his life, of his personal life and how it matches up with his personal life, i think ohio has a calling card for him. he is passionate about his state anyway that very few governors i have covered are. john: ohio is a big state to
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win. the ohio story is big for him. let's get to our final video here. here is what he said about being the budget guy. >> we wrote a budget for the united states of america. everybody knows me and as the budget guy. it is not about numbers, it is about vision, it is about values. we do not have the right, as grown-ups, to bring up debts suit ourselves and pass them on to the next generation. we do not have that right. they said it cannot be done, they said it was too big, too hard, too much politics. and we proved them wrong again and we balance the federal budget. we balance date. john: there is no doubt that john kasich laid a big part in a time of balancing the budget back in the 1990's.
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i have a question about whether that issue is a salient now, given that there are other issues that matter more in 2016. it is a big part of his record and he is right to stress it. mark: that he knows how to deal with the budget. making that tangible, making the part of an exciting narrative, of possibility and optimism, i think that will be hard to do. he can argue it, we will see how he talks about it when he is a full-time candidate. think that is something he is proud of, but difficult to sell politically. john: up next, sit back, relax and really relax. get ready to see candidates like scott walker in a whole new, trippy, wildly hallucinogenic way. ♪
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john: the science fiction author of two androids dream of electric sheep, what to know if robust treatment away that we can see. the answer is yes. the patterns in ordinary pictures, and the ai is staging, reveal what those teachers resemble to his robot brain. control room, cruel the sitar. we wanted to see with the 2016 candidates will look like. we defend their mugshots into the network. there is rick santorum, who will be live in our studio tomorrow. apparently google thought the man behind him was some sort of animal. jeb has eyes growing on his sleeve. here comes marco rubio. something happening with his hands. and google's networks really
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love dogs. mark: we are on twice today. from here we say sayonara. ♪
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emily: welcome to a special edition of bloomberg west and we have breaking news, apple earnings just out, and we're taking a look at those numbers are 47.5 million iphones sold in the third quarter. that is slightly lower than as -- then estimates. what is your take on these iphone numbers? >> the number estimates, $1.84


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