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tv   The Great Disrupters Businessweek Anniversary  Bloomberg  September 13, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> the i.t. award triathlon to you i brought columbia threadneedle investments. ♪
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[applause] been asseason has dramatic as they come. >> this thing is not over yet. someone for the first time that she can also sprint. jorgensen from united states of america is going to make it 11 consecutive wins in a row. >> and with the penultimate event of the year now here, it is the last chance for point ahead of the grand final. >> gomez is one of the only races that he has never one in his life -- it is stock on. a couple of soldiers, but hey, there is the goal. -- can theits brits steal the spotlight? >> for once, britain has got the better of them. holland wins in cape town. >> back in edmonton for a fast
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and furious sprint race. known as the gateway to the north and capital of canada's alberta province, edmonson is the ninth of 10 stops in this years world triathlon series. its beautiful parks which lie in the saskatchewan river valley, the city is no stranger to elite levels of sports, hosting the 1978 the 2001lth games, champ ships, and the women's world cup. as a triathlon, edmondson holds a special place in itu history. the first race here was held back in 1999. lester, and provide the states for the grand final hobby or gomez and glenn jorgensen were crowned world champ anions. now athletes hope for the chance to take that title.
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the american trio have dominated the 2015 season. with all sitting edmondson out, there is a huge opportunity for other competitors to make gains. vicki holland. both have been on the podium over the last year. throw olympic medalists into the mix and an unpredictable sprint race is even made more compelling. >> it might give a lot of people a bit more confidence when it might make people actually race differently because and not racing defensively. to win and we are going to see a few different things happening. i'm just really looking forward to it actually. from the british girls point of view, we still have a tough deal on a hands, i think. >> a bronze medal winter in london 2012, there has been progress and feel of experience in six plays feminist in the last event -- and a sixth place
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finish cannot be in the cartel of it. the omens are good. >> anything is possible. it is possible for anyone because anything can happen in triathlons. yes, i find fully fit and healthy, i will be expecting a lot from myself. i have to get there first. >> vicki holland has been in fine form as of late, taking one silver and one gold in her last three appearances. her first ever career win came in cape town in april. after going toe to toe with jorgensen and hamburg, she said i big message to rivals. isi do not think anyone unbeatable. she is doing a very good job the moment. she grows with confidence in each race pits she has addressed some of the weaknesses. all those things make her harder and harder to beat, but i do not think anyone is unbeatable. so time for the elite women's sprint race in edmonton. commentary from trevor harris
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and very sharply. trevor: 750 meters and then it is out onto the bikes. over thewill head out river valley and onto victoria park road. they will make a 180 degree turn back into the park and a 20 kilometer total distance. out onto the run, they will transition back to the lake, heading on to beat wrote with three laps in total and five kilometers in all. >> on your mark. trevor: away they go. barry: a tremendous amount of appreciation needs to go to the volunteers. they has spent two or three days into conditions and what an incredible city of volunteerism. the world championships grand l was here year ago. the volunteers were try to cheer up everyone over the race.
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it takes an amount of effort. i know that the volunteer crew have to be very pleased. they just keep coming back in the volunteers are here in big numbers. any athlete that says they were not given 100% support is really not being honest. just now, they have got to focus on these conditions and everybody has the exact same tough, cool conditions for the day. great swimmers in this field. do not be surprised. we always see fast wins coming out of people like pamela oliveira. summer kirk from the united states has raised very well, particularly in the swim portion. expect to see her up there. obviously, flora duffy. this would be the day duffy would love to get. ribas canra, claudia maybe get away. that would be of perfect for-five women who can swim and bike very well on the sprint course. trevor: got a rich history of racing in this part of the world.
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race inhe first itu 1999 in edmonton and nine world cup cents. l justmen's world fina 12 months ago. a fair amount of separation going on. we have only been in the water five minutes. barry: you can see they had to go around that yellow swim buoyed to the right of them and that some athletes. up front, there is no doubt in my mind that you're going to see amongst the couple the russians, you're going to see some very by peoplemming like duffy and leave us and maybe japan in that group. i would be surprised if some are cooked and helen jenkins are not met top five. the biggest issue would be cold hands trying to get out of my wetsuit and get my helmet on. lose 20-30n people seconds in the transition zone and literally their entire day can be over. on a sprint race, you cannot afford to lose 20 seconds in the
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transition zone when you can get your hands to buckle up. trevor: not too far at all. 750 meters in the water. barry: just nine minutes. it is a long run. .bout 350 meters on the grass you can see that the blue carpet. 350 meters from the beach. they have absolutely drained the speech a year ago and got rid of 400 truckloads of organic matter. they have done its him and this amount of work to host the grand final and here they are. just at the nine minute mark and it's where we anticipated it. great swim in there, these of the vague names that we are anticipating out of the water. there is flora duffy. that is a great bike combination right there. unsurprisingly, catalina tier was out of the water could the brick is in a good
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position leading the group. barry: i think the canadians are going to be happy. it was like one of their gone ontario, athletes from she's going to be very pleased coming in there if that is who i think it is. it is. she has had a great first section of the bike. the germans well established. there is a group of 13-14 athletes. let us see if some are cooked and handle on -- summer cut can handle on. gentle and pamela oliveira trying t desperately and sweden maybe but coming behind that group. trevor: she is two seconds behind the group. can catchsweet win her, i'd be very surprised. it's a matter of whether or not they are able to catch it back up. the large group trevor: is
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another 10 seconds back. trevor: this is fascinating. try to bridge up on the leaders. barry: if we take a look and give the general situation, that leading group of about 14-15 and there's 26 seconds back was sweet win ahead of her and ashley gentle. 10 seconds back from sweet ling has jillian sanders and emma jackson, that bunch. she has such a talent. she is in a good position. lin and she has caught oliveira. they are 10 seconds back of that lead bunch. oliveira is a very talented writer from brazil. there is ashley gentle who has one on this course. her coach down in tucson, arizona will be tuned in today and excited because she has had great results with you.
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lin who got sick in stockholm a year ago and only in the last month got her way back into the fitness. she sewed that her biking is back into one. she is not proven that she can run well yet. that will be? today. i will not be surprised if this trio catches the group of 15 that are just up the road. this hilly section will be to their benefit. we saw the leaders go up the hill and the chase leaders going down. -- if itlike sweetlin is a group of three when the camera pulls in, they might be catching on to the lead group of 15. areian back house, they biking the exact same pace that ashley gentle are writing and they are writing at the same pace that andy houge are writing. each 20 seconds apart.
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nobody really making massive time up on each other. they are just missing one more actual massive person to push the pace in either pack one, pack two, or pack three. they are each 23 seconds apart. trevor: that low graphic we showed you captured it virtually. they were coming on to it. it goes over the saskatchewan of a local aborigine world. it goes east to lake winnipeg. i was reminded of you because there are numerous fish in the one.r, including a long misfi barry: i was thinking that maybe at one muslim practices. [laughter]
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the first athlete off this lead group of two and tried to make a bit of a break as they come toward the transition zone. this would be a phenomenal opportunity if she can find floor duffy's wheel. continued to show little bits of brilliance and a big performance here today would certainly do big for her confidence going into the grand final. trevor: not too much longer to go on the bikes as they go to the river again for the final time on two wheels. barry: germany is well established up front. australia in a great position up front. 42 seconds is the gap back to our best runners. be definitely disappointed right now that she is not where she was hoping to be. you have to think that vicki holland is putting herself in a very good position. trevor: definitely holland. barry: let us to see the gap. there is our one to just on the
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bottom of the screen. we should see another two or three seconds. there's the big bunch. it is holding at this point. i do not think that sweet win and ashley gentle are going to catch up. i do think it was a smart part not to go back. if they can have a 15-20 second gap coming off the back, that can make the difference of them having a stellar day versus a top 10. trevor: they can certainly run through some of those in the leading pack. there are biker people in this lead punch that are better known as bikers. i take a look, they will go backwards. that's on past history. clark will go backwards. leave us will go backwards. the strongest of the runners right now, you would have to take a look. vicki holland has to be in a great position given tremendous opportunity to win
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this race. look at back house. she is not letting down at all. this is her chance to make up something special here. she is taking advantage of a shorter run on a cold day. a great situation. jillian back house and a great situation and is really pushing this last couple of kilometers as she comes to the transition zone. trevor: there is a gap now to make sure they haven't unimpeded transition. barry: notice who is 14th or 15th of the bike. that is an indication that they do not have a lot of confidence that they are going to be a major factor. they are happy the bike is ending. trevor: moffat is at the back of the pack. barry: i'm not surprised. she is probably freezing from mexico for sure. coming from high humidity and very warm conditions. they have just finish now -- 750 meter swim. do not make a mistake of going
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over that transitions online. the dismount line. let us see if anyone has a problem getting the helmet off. that is not surprising in the circumstances. trevor: vicki holland will really fancy a podium position today from this position. it, if shee top of can have a smooth transition with the shoes. what, cold hands. eetlin andee suitw ashley gentle coming off the bike. dominic is heading off. >> a strong pack managed to maintain their lead going into ,he final transition with knapp duffy, and holland off the run. back house was in touching distance of the first podium. barry: duffy has had a brilliant season in all kinds of distances and levels. olympic races, she has won
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numerous xterra. bike for yourtain bicycle instead of a road bike. is that back house? back house in the top five. still hanging in. alldia reeve us, these are women that are in the lead punch off the bicycle initially. she looked like she is freezing of it. i would be curious where ashley tlin if they are able to make any time on these athletes. they're running up and down the hill through the transition zone and doing it three times. premature, butbe if holland was to win this race, she would not be a million miles behind sarah true in third place overall. this would only be her fourth race. it would be five, across the grand final.
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it has been an absolutely stellar season for vicki holland. and she is just pulling and spy inch away from flora duffy. trevor: it is the relentless striving of holland that is getting that advantage to open up over duffy. there will be a separate battle potentially for third. best toing her very stay somewhere within striking distance for as long as he possibly can. barry: >> it is three laps. we still have a lot of running still to go. back house just up the road. the green baiting suit with the long sleeves. done a better job on the bike today than we have seen for a while so kudos to her and her coach. there is holland in the lead, duffy and second, and back house right now. she is sitting in the third
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spot. she has paid talented runners coming around her. you can see the gap difference. falling meterst by meter height holland and really now, she has got to ask yourself if she has enough ability to hang on for the podium. back house is not making really time into her. she is losing just a bit of time to holland. the runnersess, from behind are struggling with the cool conditions. julian back house may be in a position to steal herself a podium. that would be another big error in her quiver because she has had a brilliant 12 months of racing. they are up the hill right here. vicki holland will turn over very fast and make it quickly.
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it is floor duffy did the transition zone. sweetlin just about to catch her canadian teammate. that is a good camera angle. you can see that she was going quickly up the hill, but she was back in about 15 or 16 spot. the big run that we thought she might be able to make might have had her legs a little fatigue from doing so much work on that bike. this is the downhill section now. they basically climb 350 meters of that hill and come back down. floor duffy had a metal at the pan american games and she is an absolutely brilliant biker. she turned into a complete athlete as the tougher the day is, the better it is for floor duffy and you cannot ask for tougher conditions here. vicki holland reading very hard. sayr real control i would
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as she is coming back to the 75nsition zone with another seconds, and it would be very difficult not to see vicki holland adding a victory here in edmonton to her resume. trevor: vicki holland is one left away from her second victory of the season. she destroyed the field in cape town and that was the strongest show. here with just one left to go. barry: the two women who are most impressing me right now are julian back house and ruce/ . i think the fact that it is a sprint races to her benefit. her coach has to be very pleased. i saw him a couple of days go here. is in fifthnapp place. i'm not sure she will have enough time to catch up. she is running very well. this is what i would've
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anticipated. i think she is going to miss the podium. moffat is making her move. they come stanford. she is running very quickly and we can see her running through the field. this woman clearly has victory put away. now, i do not think she is feeling that confident that she is going to back things off, but i'm confident for her. she will put it into another gear and win by 2-3 seconds instead of 20. 5000 meters of running, you're going to recover fairly quickly. it is the distance that's really hurts you. that is why they decided to put a sprint trap two weeks out and set of doing and olympic distance two weeks out. trevor: a sensible decision. barry: with the very cold water and temperature, it would've taken it down to a sprint, at least for the swim if not for
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the entire race. trevor: she is effectively have since she sewn up came off the bike. she is past three or four triathletes in front of her. barry: neil henderson, the coach of floor duffy, is a great cycling coach of top tour de france riders. they will be very pleased that flora duffy will get another podium. she is such a world-class athlete and comes from a very small island of bermuda. all the group there worked so hard over the years. i know that tyler butterfield moved on and is now getting ready for the hawaiian iron men. she will be cheering her on. every time a race ends, she sent out a tweet. the key holland after a bit of down time with injuries and illness, the greatest they would open the commonwealth games and being able to do that at home.
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itu when t resume and you have to be pleased with that. trevor: she won a silver medal in hamburg. when she has been fit, she has been a factor. no one anywhere near her now. she can really start to enjoy herself as she knows the victory is wrapped up. barry: it has been a tough day for the volunteers in the tougher day for the athletes racing. in other victory for great britain whether it is the men or the women. we just seem to keep watching a british athlete over the last 10 years on the podium. a brilliant smile. vicki holland will add a wind and a confidence builder as she heads towards the grand final in chicago. last duffy coming in the 200 meters. what a great day. she was brilliant on the bike. massive breakthrough. jillian back house will be across the line in third.
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she will be absolutely stoked for that position. it was really tough conditions out there today. i think it was a case of survival of the strongest in the cold conditions. i had a really good swim which set me up for the rest of the race. i did have to chase on the bike. i kept working hard to try to keep myself one. i had a few problems getting my shoes on and the helmet off, but once i got going, i felt ok on the run. i just want to give myself a good session today as much as the race in chicago. it was really hard out there. as soon as you dove amount water, you are freezing cold and numb. loss for words, aren't you? >> absolutely. you were going solo on the run. they were not able to catch you. this is a career changing day .or you potentially coul
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>> it's a bit funny. >> vicki hollen rose to the occasion. duffy followed behind her while an emotional julian back house gets her first ever podium with bronze. i strong swim with a competent bike and run. his stance meanwhile made a tremendous recovery and placed sixth ahead of moffat who finished seventh. looking at the overall rankings. topensen continues at the despite sitting edmonton out. thirdtrue our second and respectively. angela hewitt's fourth and the edmonton winter, vicki holland, is fifth. ♪ the women's race in canada done, let us take a look at how the results impact the
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permutations going into the ran final on september 18. glenn jorgensen's stage win this year is at the top of the rankings with 4000 points. her nearest rival is some 300 points short in second. third-place, sarah true, over 600. that puts jorgensen a interstellar position. podium ina top in the chicago and hopes for patriot gwen an assistant or lower to take the title. true needs to finish first. ♪ race, gomez is once again the man to beat this year. the standard leading the columbia threadneedle rankings as the grand final edges closer. winning the last sprint event of theseries, but however,
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come petition in edmonton will be hard. he is brimming with confidence. i only get four results since the beginning of the season and i have to make a five count. i want to win and let everyone i'm a bit better on the sprint distance. i hope for everyone to have a good fight in the finals. richard from south africa is another name to watch as he wowed spectators in rio. he hopes to make the podium since abu dhabi in march and he is hungry for a medal in canada. >> my body felt great and the bit.e did me in quite a i thought the climb would be a difficult for what it was on the day. i felt strong right to the finish line. >> he had a remarkable rise of
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the course of the last year, dropping his university studies to begin life as a full-time competitor last december. he registered his first top 10 finish in five months. that came in the summer and the 21-year-old is coming for a strong performance and from the nation. manyu do not get very opportunities to race at home your parents come out and get a chance to watch or the cremating crowd cheers you want. it's a unique opportunity. ♪ trevor: trying to stay warm right now. barry: he comes from spain so thinkink spain and who hot. he come from the cooler and more damp portion of spain. the us on a lot of his training in less-than-perfect conditions. site of last years grand final. they drained an entire man-made lake and took 400 plus truck
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loads over organic matter out. they don't get a little deeper and filled it back up. it's all part of last year's incredible grand final that sheila kelly and her team did. we are back here for the second last race of 2015 with just the grand final in chicago. look at the weather report today in chicago, 91 degrees. it is celsius about eight or nie degrees here. some athletes are planning to stay here in tilde tilde get ready for the grand final in chicago. seven point six air temperature. the only saving grace is that the water is quite fine. they would probably rather say it near for another 45 minutes and not have to go around the lake. it will be four lapse a fine condition. we saw in the women's final, hope hold their hands were. the swimmer from chile, doing very well.
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richard murray, he would love to pick up a few more points. there are some guys who are more to justmore motivated empty the take. if he is able to have a podium inside of nonattainment take, that shows how talented he is. but there are probably four or five other guys, and he does not have his best races of the spread -- at the sprint distances, as we know. over the longer distance, he is much more able to demonstrate his fitness over 10 kilometers run that just five. leads head-to-head, but as of late, it has been by far more the dominant man. he has not lost to governments since london in 2014. trevor: i would anticipate you're going to see the usual suspects up front.
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fargo, very quickly into the top cointreau or five. know that they are close together in this pack, and it is whether or not there is any separation. not too much to go in the water. about 180 meters maybe. trevor: it is a long 300 meters. these athletes will be trying to wetsuits done to their hips so they have the fastest transition as possible. the reality is, we saw the women's side of the struggle to get some of those helmets on. it was worse coming off the bike, because you had 25 minutes at 45 kilometers an hour, into the wind at a beating suit that is cold. the hands of the women's were -- frozen trying to
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get the shoes on. barry: do they actually practice things like getting wet suit off with cold hands? trevor: i don't think some of them, and i think they will be in trouble. badly that i have worked with, the final swim of every single , regardless of the temperatures, i make them take their suit off as it is raised. suit on takes into 10 minutes, and his aggravation with frustration. it is another skill, and i make universal time pretend to raise. but, on the water turned off their wetsuit as fast as they can. it is just another that they have done team, 60, 80 times in the summer. it is an opportunity to master it then you can see him working his way back toward shore. he will have fargo right there, napoleon gave right in there. they are just 18.
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the women were just underlined by the time we got to the shore. it is very fast-moving coming in. he greets went for the u.s. athlete. mexico, vargas is usually much further up. tony dogs having a graceland -- dodge is having a greek swing. barry: we have to see how this transpires. trevor: swing specialist ronald shaw looked good. the bike.econded to gomez might be the tail end of that lead group of 15. i think he is in the next group of three just coming up. he was a little further back and he wanted to be. barry: 13 in that leading group.
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a small all caps back to a trio of other writers. trevor: no glasses on today. bit of a hit and miss. there is jason who lives and trains in canada at the training center there. this is not his kind of conditions. he has as much surface area covered as possible. jason is a phenomenal cyclist. leave group of about 14. they will climb up, do a 180 as come back down. it is seven degrees, it is pouring rain. you are going to be going down that hill at 65 kilometers an hour and a bathing suit. your hands are so cold you do not know you will even get a break leaders. some of the tougher conditions they have ever had to raise literallytrees are
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blowing out of 45 degree angle. it is very windy out there. the 180e leaders run degree turn. they are starting back down the hill. as the helicopter goes back down, let's see what the cap time is there. seconds, but i do not know if it is from the front to guide, or the back guy. look at that. impressive. how do you not be impressed by gomez? he got sick two days later, he went to the 73 point world chairmanships and a 90 kbytes, 21 kilometer run. others who are focused on the long-distance rates and time he still came third to even know he had the flu. now he comes all the way from austria to edmonton. here he is pushing the pace of
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the front end of this course. trying to stay warm, and wise not to get too far back were a mistake happens on the bike. is much to stay out of trouble, because if you are towards the rear and something happens in front of you, there's not much you can do. trevor: gomez says, that is the guy have to be at next year's grand final, and i'm going to stay as close as i can to make sure nothing happens. it is coming back in. halfway through the bike course. 25 seconds. lets you the gap is only come through here. puddles rise in the middle of that course. they are visually seeing this root get closer and closer to them. bishop doing a brilliant job of keeping gomez right there. going up front but because his job is just to get the job done and make sure the pieces rich and they now know
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that lola is not in this group, and it depends on louis. if i am shaw, i'm going up front and ongoing or hundred 50, 460 500 watts to take this pace very rich. i want to make sure that lola, who is reasoning with that small frame and small body fat, back behind. he does not care if he is pulling 10 other guys. lola has to hope that this , and in his case and we see him up front doing a lot of work. jason wilson is writing incredibly well right now. you can see him really close to the front from a country that is not so warm. he lives in close to school in canada. he has been doing his training in a cooler climates.
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thus really that this piece gives going. he is going to keep racing throughout later in the summer, because he needs those points. he was not able to pick them up earlier in the year. watch the leaders, watch them come around. the chase has caught on. marry him always now on the backend of this lead group. history to warm up his hands and arms, they are frozen. what you does not get punished in the face while he is going by. perez, the mexican team, the now murray, aaronard royals. that is a very smart plays for him. barry: showing you how the
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cheese group has caught up. start of the third lap, they're taking 10 seconds off of that. five kilometers later, they were onto the back of the leading group. trevor: one of the issues was that the league group was to big to work as efficiently as they would have liked to seeing. had it been six people, aaron royle, vincent louise, shaw, gomez, and one or two others, that would've been the perfect situation. you can see how wide they are coming up here. they are not writing task. they're just trying to establish themselves, however smartly coming up this hill, because once again to the top of the hill they will then come down 60 k an hour and they will only have about 12 and a half to the fishing line. that is not a lot of space to get yourself to the end of the group. i would be very concerned of coming in 38 place pretty think about 20 seconds of the transition zone and the entire race of the over by the time you're finishing.
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he did this in auckland on a very hilly bike course. not a surprise. let's see if anybody wants to go with him. if not within a give him 25 seconds by the end of the bike course of the could be a podium for this guy because five kilometers to run, nobody's going after him. a legitimate athlete, not somebody who's going to run 21 minutes for 5k. he is going to have three kilometers to really drill the spike going down. the 40 plus men will be coming , leslie hasike, 43 lost a computer chip. great runners, can you warm up his body to have that battle? love tomurray would start the season off with a grand final win. this'll be a very interesting as we're coming off of the bike. group, it wasase about 48 seconds. i do not think anybody will be a
1:42 pm
big factor coming in. you knows what he is doing, bishop it is so much work on the bike in a great position. let's just watch them coming off. who is able to get themselves out first. it is a matter of seconds. anyone struggling? eric is going to be one of first out. right behind the turkish athlete. >> a huge group of over 40 competitors came out together the role of the touchdown sings about front spot in the run. provided they could get out quickly. trevor: i could not imagine gomez emptying the tape. at the richard reason a great position right now. we will see whether they want to turn this into a big event. see,: looking back to
1:43 pm
where he is. >> is early on, there is three lots, a lot of time. not be responding to the cold conditions. he do not know how your body is going to respond. richard murray, it is now his race to lose. absolute brilliant runner. he has been on the podium in the sprint races more than once. gomez in about third spot right very surprised that vincent louise not more of a factor, because he was coming here, and i believed she was coming here to win this thing. i think the cold temperatures may have affected him a little bit more. barry: richard murray has had a very consistent season. good on the podium, and he said three of the top five in cape town, in london also on the gulf coast and should not be a
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surprise. sprint's is his favorite event anyway. certainly within striking distance, heard in business just beside him. breaking the ice off of his forearms from the bike ride. some solid racing out here. some of the athletes are doing things we have seen for a long time. of six bob, city menendez a bit of a surprise and we have seen about every three years one big performance by that man. as it is you write gomez off on his training day, he is sitting in second place, is striking distance on richard murray who is obviously extremely motivated. they will not be as prize for me to see him run himself into the third spot, and that we will just see whether or not he is able to even put himself into
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higher than third. i've got to think that will avenge his unit will bit back. but climbings day, up the hill. he is in good position. murray, gomez side-by-side. number three is spain a number seven is a number seven is spain. four and five are south africa and australia. barry: much can happen. trevor: sure. this guy is a gamer. he was a do athlete, how many times did we see him running a chase back into fifth? the gap is open. richard murray and loan grading for trying to hang tough. me for himt surprise to catch gomez by the end of this thing. last year gomez did the very generous move of slowing down intentionally to let all of
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coming to second on the grand final so that that would secure him a podium spot for the season series. there would not have a gentleman's agreement other than i have the world championship locked up, and by slow it gives you the opportunity. richard murray looks to his control over the turnover looks executed, and not i do not the mother has executed. lewis does not have the execution. intoay be running himself fifth, six the podium is pretty much established, to spanish athletes and richard murray from south africa. gomez is trying to hang on. aaron, having written him off for third place, he has just had a more established better runner. barry: as far as gomez is
1:47 pm
concerned, he has already gotten two wins, and three seconds. you cannot increase his tally. other people increasing theirs, that is the point. there's richard murray who is on course for just the second victory of his career. he was third just a month or so back. earlier week, he just sounded confident. trevor: everything about him. just imagine, spain is not here. right now the spanish have three men in the top six. he is actually one of their top three. they can have four men on the top seven, if the entire spanish teamwork here. that is how strong may have been. murray keeps pulling that wrote a little bit further, a little bit further. gomez just wants to make sure that he hangs on. the guy is an absolute machine.
1:48 pm
hasard merry, as you said, been a number of years since he has been on the podium. richard murray's in a great spot. we saw him earlier this week, we set locale lean this guy looks. theooked he is ready for big races, when he was back in 2011, and 12. richard murray becoming the complete athlete and he had a solid performance today. that is contributing to the bikes, and no ways that gomez is going to catch him. richard murray is going to be able to enjoy the lukoil -- blue carpet. richard murray from south africa is going to claim his first win in a couple of years. he claims that vincent sprint. they'll mess takes this older. and here comes third across the line. mueller keeping his name in here as a major factor.
1:49 pm
crossing the line in third. >> and kept on going, i broke my calf at the start of this when so a lot of these things are going hard. >> today was very different race. especially with the freezing conditions. i just try to keep going and a very fast raise. the first frank and i feel my feet, but i just try to hang on with richard. maybe a was not competent enough to reach them in the end, but it was good result for me and after a few races in a row, it is a good result i. >> i did all he could. i just thought it would never end. but good for me. now we're looking forward to getting some more. barry: is a call that memorable day.
1:50 pm
richard murray to his first win since 2012, and only the second in his career. in -- marioond gomez took second. can do welller pack to take six. the ever dominant gomez remains on top, while no one takes like takes second. >> now that the men's race in edmonton has been settled we can take a look at how things stand going into the grand final. the good news for triathlon fans, it is all to play for in the race to become world champion. is to stage win means he
1:51 pm
tops the perennial ranking. the spaniard was to guarantee the overhaul title. he still needs to finish on the podium. third place or better, making sure nobody else can match them. failure to make the top three, and he would offer the chance to mola with force plays in chicago. chance onn outside the title. he needs to take first, and hope that gomez finishes sixth. here the penultimate raises the season. int is the grand final chicago, where our 2015 world champions will the ground. time, thanks for watching. ♪
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