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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  September 27, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> it's monday, the 28th of>> december. i'm yvonne man, and this is ."rending business ♪ rish: we are going to be in tokyo, singapore, and beijing, but first, here is what we're watching. a global gloom. stocks had for their worst quarter in four years, markets hit by the slowdown in china and uncertainty about a rate rise in says.s. vw no china produced vehicles are involved in its widening
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emissions scandal. 2000 imported cars are affected. days of hayes. closures are hitting institutions around kuala lumpur. let us know what you think of today's top stories by following me on twitter. i am @yvonnemantv. hong kong, south korea, and taiwan markets, closed today, but trading in china will get underway in 30 minutes time. singapore and malaysia have come online. here is juliet. to be far fromd quiet when you are doing markets. how are they looking so far? sometimes, i can be bad news, but it's expected to be pretty quiet today. there are quite a few holidays. it got korea, hong kong, and taiwan closed. volumes on the asx down 40% this
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morning compared to what we normally say. areave to remember there about 100 stocks on the main topics index. that's waiting on the overall picture in japan. 0.5nikkei 225, down by percent. things are coming through in australia. besides the fact that the biotech space is what was hit hard in the u.s. on friday, what halted that rally on the s&p 500, very flat in new zealand. downwing the u.s. futures .y .201% of course, we do have a very quiet week coming through. we've got china manufacturing that we are waiting for and u.s. jobs towards the end of the week. it hasn't been a great quarter at all, and especially what we flight to safety and the japanese yen has been
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one of the major beneficiaries. it is stronger against the greenback, 120.44. options are calling that the yen could reach 115 against the dollar by the end of this year. yvonne: that yen could be an abenomics. vw has been given 10 days to come up with a plan to fix its omission scandal, and there are details about the global scale of the issue with the vw saying no cars made in china are affected. news auto bloomberg reporter creek rigell reporting live from tokyo. craig, good morning. we have heard that no cars are affected in china, as you mentioned. that is maybe knows surprise, because as we've talked about before, diesel is a small sliver of chinese markets, less than
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1%. no surprise. it is certainly going to be a story for us to watch going forward, the extent to which the chinese consumer does see what volkswagen has done in other areas of the world and to what extent they turned their backs on the company as a result of what it's done elsewhere. on friday, you had a widely expected move. mattias mueller was named chief executive officer of volkswagen to replace the longtime ceo for .everal years now he really promised more of the same. he wants to go in the direction that the former ceo was going with the major restructuring of the company, and maybe some criticism to this point as to the selection of an insider. mueller spent his career at volkswagen. if you look at the resumes of mueller and inter-corn, it's almost difficult to tell the two apart.
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we will be watching for the extent of mueller takes this company in a different direction and pushes some change. clearly, this is a company under scrutiny right now, sort of being pressed to do things differently as a result of the scandal it has found itself in. yvonne: winter corn did say when he resigned that they wanted a fresh start. we will see if mueller really does change the direction. craig trudell, thanks so much. we will take a more detailed look at the story later on in the show. we want your opinion, of course. please tweet us your thoughts at the #trendingbusiness. singapore reopens schools today, but malaysia will shut some education institutions as the haze worsens. smoke from forest fires in indonesia has shrouded the region for weeks, prompting many outdoor activities to be
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canceled. haslinda on then has more. what is the latest? are things getting better? slinda: there has been some improvement, but it remains in the unhealthy and very unhealthy levels in malaysia and singapore, but more importantly is that we are seeing the start of a legal process. singapore has identified companies which may be involved in the forest fires. also, one company based in singapore, asia pulp and paper, one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world. the government is seeking information in what is being done by its suppliers to put out the fires on the land in indonesia. this is the first time that any action has been taken by singapore. it's the start of a legal process that could cost those responsible as much as $2 billion if found guilty.
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singapore says air and companies must know there is a price to be paid for damaging our health, environment, economy. said it haso has arrested executives of seven companies believed to be behind the slash and burn practices. widodo said he will revoke the licenses of the companies responsible. the problem has persisted for decades. there has to be political conviction to do with the problem, and some say that is still lacking. haslinda, thank you. let's take a look at some of the other stories we are watching today. here is shery. shery: because medics retailer color mix will pay 40% less when it moves to russell street in causeway bay.
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once the world's most expensive shopping strip. russell street is the most sinceive shopping street fifth avenue in new york. prices for prime spaces in hong kong are expected to drop 15% to 20% this year. retail rents were down 12% in causeway bay and 3% in central. rentsecline came after for prime locations increased by 2003-2014. financial secretary john san says the hong kong government is closely monitoring the developments in the city's property market and will make policy changes if necessary. charge japan, the man in of the country's biggest ipo in recent memory says he's not
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worried about market volatility. president says the 11.5 billion dollar public offering will proceed as planned. units are set to start trading on november 4. the ipo is said to be japan's since 1998. it is also the largest deal of a government entity since 1987. sources say underwriters of the ipo will earn $191 million in fees. ministryl hire a bureaucrat to hope to diversify the $1.3 trillion portfolio during his seven-year tenure at the fund. the president says insurance hasn't made any decisions on the
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development of overseas business, but it is considering it because it's unavoidable. in china, bloomberg gauge is indicating china's growth rate could be stabilizing. the china monetary conditions index improved for a second month in august, the first back-to-back gain since 2013. episodes of improvement in the past have indicated either an acceleration or stabilization and economic growth. china has been on a campaign to relax monetary policy as the slumpy models through a in exports and a downturn in investment growth thanks to an overhang of debt. china has seen five interest rate cuts since november. now the best bet for a pickup may be continued gains in consumer spending, along with a turnaround in public projects. back to you. yvonne: another story we're following on bloomberg business is the global oil glut's
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expansion into the ocean. that is on check it out. later, we will look at the disconnect between japan's record corporate profits and the sputtering economy. after the short break, i were just says despite the recent stability in commodities, they still have -- our next guest says despite the recent stability in commodities, they still have room to fall. that is when "trending business" continues. good morning. ♪
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yvonne: you are watching "trending business. our next guest expects" local crude oil prices to bottom out in the months ahead, despite concerns about demand from china overshadowing signs of lower production. singapore and speak with wayne gordon, executive director for commodities at ubs wealth management. great to see you.
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we ended the week with rain in oil. is this the relief we should be getting now that we see production levels in north america -- [indiscernible] wayne: at ubs, our conviction of oil prices starting to gravitate higher in 2016 is getting better. we still hold our forecast of about $72 a barrel. production is clearly starting to roll over in the u.s. a little bit. on the demand side, it's a little bit weak, but generally speaking, particularly for gasoline, demand is holding up. we just got those figures out of the u.s., gdp figures. it seems like consumer spending, business investment, and construction gained in the second quarter, and it seems they are looking beyond the recent turmoil in financial markets. as the decline in energy prices
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been a big support of that? wayne: absolutely. the one thing that does feedthrough very quickly in the u.s. economy is a lowell -- lower gasoline price. it did take longer than we expected for the impact of gasoline prices to start to feed through to the consumer bundle, but we are starting to see good momentum on the consumer side. clearly, the labor market is getting tighter. wages are starting to grow at a fairly modest pace. that's pretty good news for strong gasoline demand, particularly as we go into 2016. if you couple that with the fact that there are large capex cuts across the oil community, you see the markets starting to tighten up pretty quickly as you of into the second quarter 2016. all of this relies on
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the strength of the u.s. dollar. we also have this fed rate rise that could be happening in the next couple months. of course, the question of global growth. wayne: i guess there are a lot of moving parts at this stage. but we still think the growth will be modestly good in 2016. yes, it has been pared back little bit, but we still have a general, modest growth picture for the world in 2016. scenario is hike pending. we at ubs think they will raise rates in december. the u.s. consumer, generally speaking momentum in the u.s. economy, is doing pretty well. that is fairly buoyant for oil prices into next year. however, that's not to say we won't see further weakness in the third quarter, largely
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around the fact that we still have an oversupplied market. prices are still going to be fairly volatile as we go through the back end of this year. certainly next year, things are starting to look like they will tighten up. as the u.s. raises rates, that has an impact on the gold price and the u.s. dollar. yvonne: i was just going to ask you about gold, because it did drop from the one-month high comments.en's investors seemed interested in the precious metal a month ago, but you guys are pretty underwhelmed about gold overall. wayne: yeah, on a 12-month basis, we are fairly constructive. weuess it's more the timing see around what is negative for gold and what is positive for gold. if the fed raises rates as we expect in december, we see that as a negative catalyst for gold, at least in the short term. comeuld expect to see gold
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off another $50, $100 if the fed raises rates. as we go through 2016, as inflation gathers pace, it's likely, given the modest increases that the u.s. fed is putting out there for rate rises, the market has only factored about two or three interest rate hikes over that period -- we think real interest rates go negative again in the u.s. in 2016. that has been traditionally quite supportive of gold. we see gold holding around a $1100 yes, we are cautious in the near term, but in the medium-term, we are a little bit more constructive. yvonne: cautious but constructive. wayne gordon, thank you for joining us this morning. >> it's time to take a look at
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stories making headlines around the world. he start things off in thailand. police say the two men they arrested a month ago for the ones responsible for the bangkok shrine bombing in august. a man in a yellow shirt is seen planting a backpack bomb. officers say the men have confessed and now face multiple murder charges. police say the attack is revenge for them breaking up a people's monthly operation. indonesian authorities have hai captain of a ship on suspicion of illegal fishing and human trafficking. they say the ship was carrying $2 million worth of frozen seafood stolen from indonesian waters. the fishery minister says further investigations will be carried out into allegations
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that the ships crew were also held as slaves. the vessels owners denied any wrongdoing. a huge sinkhole in australia has swallowed an suv. as awere shaken awake section of the sand fell away. the hole was about 100 50 meters long by 50 meters wide and up to three meters deep here 140 people had to evacuate, but there were no reports of injuries. coming up next, our exclusive interview with the chairwoman of india's biggest bank. stay with us on that one. we send you some live pictures now out of arlington. look at that. star gazes are about to get a double celestial treat when a lunar eclipse combines with a so-called super moon. ♪
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yvonne: india's biggest lender is expecting a rate cut from the country central bank in a little over 24 hours time. the chairwoman predicts inflation to fall below the banks targeted by years end, allowing room to move. she spoke exclusively to bloomberg in new york. >> we do believe the inflation
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numbers will go up in the coming month, given the fact that there is a piece of it that is going to come out. we still expect the numbers to come in around 5% by the end of the year, which is really undershooting the reserve bank target of 6%. why do we know this is going to happen? we do have a lot of in-house research that shows that there massive demand destruction, as a result of inflatione seen coming down the left. also, given the fact we are a commodity-consuming nation, -using nation, the basic commodity prices have felt these numbers, as well. in rural areas, demand has gone
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down quite a bit. we believe inflation is definitely under the radar. >> bloomberg analysts have taken a slightly different interpretation, which is, having target, thelation central bank's credibility is on the line to absolutely need it. therefore, they don't believe he's going to make the move. is his credibility on the line to meet that target? i don't think it is, having clearly started out as an inflation warrior. i think he would like to ensure that inflation is put down once and for all. in a way, he's correct in saying that inflation is a tax on everybody. to begin a virtuous the goal of growth, you need to comprehensively defeated inflation. however, we have to understand
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one thing about india. in india, it is also the question of the fact that this is not only a demand push that is causing this problem, but also a supply constraint. a supply constraint specifically needs certain growth factors to come in in order to ensure the inflation that was being caused by the supply constraint is actually defeated or taken away by improving the supply side of it. obviously in india, there are people who will say it's important to look at growth, as well as inflation. of course, i think the central bank means, while they are not exclusive, inflation is still the major threat. ♪ ♪
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top story trending this saying that vehicles may be affected by the scandal. there was a vote of no-confidence involved. motoray the federal regulator has to mandate a finding measure and plan on how they will fix the cars involved. less rent.ay 40%
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it was once the most expensive shopping strip. the economic slowdown continues to weigh on hong kong and prices are expected to drop this year. fires putsian forest air quality in the unhealthy range. indonesian companies have been named as contributors to the here is who is monitoring the markets this morning. good morning. >> good morning. flatomposite opened pretty andwe have hong kong today
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a public holiday. a region with a little theof a mixed picture and worst performance in the region. than 1000 trading and this is good support coming through and the info tech stocks are doing quite well. as is malaysian air. japan, there are a lot of stocks and they have come look at this.
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company that raised the operating forecast and it has looks good with an upgrade this morning. it is a solid support for dividends. , they are upss high 1.3%. certainly a little bit of a mixed picture on a very quiet day. >> let's talk about this. and its like a big miss is down.
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take a look at this. that is a follow-up that is close to here. it is falling .9%. vw was given days to clean up the scandal. no cars new details and are affected. what are some of the short-term concerns here. >> in the volkswagen thing is at affected and it may not be surprise.
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not take here in japan. said, you have korea and europe. the way the testing is done in companystry, it is the testing themselves. >> buhler was appointed as the new ceo. look at the resume, the german colleagues pointed out that there is very little difference between the two and
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look at theave to corporate governance and it is uniformly german with a couple dominate the decision-making appear they will be making a selection of a ceo on a path they are on. it is problematic if you think about the problems they have created for themselves that are self-inflicted. >> joining us live from tokyo, thank you. >> mark zuckerberg told her the
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company need to do more on this facebook has committed product.internet he says a slow down in the markets could boost demand. they have devoted entire floors solarney in the flagship -- store. open the shanghai theme park next year. boost the growth and the state council wants a
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provincial governments to court efforts to attract foreign investments. includesam northeastern promises. let's take a look at china and the u.s.. obama has says he has not ruled out sanctions for violators. follows great to see you. what does he hope to achieve? >> there is finally the big knowledge meant that the hacking is a problem between the nation's and they have accused secrets andeding this is a knowledge meant that
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this is a problem and the words need to be met with actions. .> they have this how effective would it really be? >> we will have to wait and see on that. espionage is something they feed to each other and we will see if they follow up on the commitments. and the seen a lot question is, will action follow on security and climate change. they said that they will see if china follows up the intellectual property theft and it is a country where it is
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basically impossible to buy a .on-pirated dvd on the streets we will see about the intellectual property rights. host: all right. thank you. headlines and global markets. they may not have many fans at imf. one of them has been freed and that has an indication for the reserve status. >> what you have right now is reactions.ith mixed >> the bets are that they are not enough. on shore and came to
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hong kong and try to spread between the two with questions being asked about how they are. what will stop china in the future? these. some of winningcent is china the currency status before the end of the year. there is 70% or more and at most, 70%. what they are saying is that the capital accounts is not open enough and the government has made projects -- progress. the chief economist said that
9:41 pm
be market does not appear to more driven to the end it was. opaque and they take a step forward and a step that. >> the architect in hong kong. gap that isbout the not good. , you want more and china is mitigating that spread that you see with currencies and bond markets. bonds and look at the it has fallen substantially and there is not a lot of appetite
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for that. >> all right. thank you so much. up next, the global stocks are heading for the worst quarter in four years. trending business will return.
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host: these are stories making headlines. dispute with year the career and he earned $10 million for his appearance and had thed them when they penalty for lying under of. armstrong says that he is pleased to put the matter behind
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him. the most sensitive holding site and they say that protesters through rocks and fireworks and the flashpoint was a mosque that is the third holiest site in islam and the temple mount area is seen as sacred. scene to break away with almost all of the votes counted. there is a chance of a majority of the assembly. they want that part of the capital to remain the same. big data week and
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will are going to break it all down with the economist. thank you for joining us. everybody is watching the official six-year low. .t is the same what do you expect? iti guess you have to expect withmonth and we saw it official numbers and it tells you that there have been lots of policy stimulus and it is not really getting enough traction with the growth. the numbers coming out of china, would it strengthen the case? >> it is hard to know what they
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want. they want to see data get worse and they want to see it improve and it is not really clear with them obviously worrying about the damage they may have on the economy and, in terms of the metrics, there is a lack of we are not closer to understanding what they need to see to raise rates. >> you know, we were talking about how some are saying that the inclusion is in the air right now and the bets have gone down a little bit with sustained appreciation. they may intervene more. >> yes. if anything, they have tightened up the restrictions and they have been intervening to control
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the level and we think that it needs to depreciate with some of the original exporters and it needs to boost the growth with depreciation. they may be better off letting it go and getting ahead of the with more efficient means dribbling lower. it seems to be the easier option. is 6.5.e consensus do you see it dropping lower? >> i think that israel is stick and we think it will keep going down. by the middle of next year, each can be -- ok.:
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japan is coming up and it is critical with how japan weathers some of the concern by china and it seems as if the sentiment has followed after the improvement in july with more bad news. excluding energy, you get a clear lift with inflation and it is quite a useful number that is reactive and volatile. they give you the idea of where the economy is going. it is in positive territory and companies worry about the exports to china and the emerging markets. from that point of view, there is a number that is not quite as good as it was three months back. everybody is watching for
9:50 pm
the policy meetings coming up that theyist saying have to expand stimulus and there is no choice. do you think that this could delay it? >> i think they will wait and see for a little while longer. the markets are tight and, if you look at the underlying inflation number, that is clearly taking up over the last six months. it is fast enough to satisfy and it is not entirely clear. the way that i see it, they have a sickly done the job and made as big of a constitution -- contribution as they can. there is waiting to improve the economy and pull inflation up and, in the end, it will happen and is starting to happen. is richard joining us.
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coming up next, the dream to using theges internet. we will take a look at how social media reacts.
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at what isfor a look trending. >> thank you. i will go to germany to look at this and the great action on that. imagine thean repeat activists urging the company to stop lying. we heard over the weekend that the scandal was escalated and it was warned of years earlier with
9:54 pm
the emissions test in 2007. people have been commenting on this and there is a lot of outrage. this anything but official and the policy is to deceive. they say they will offer a low level employee as a scapegoat or credit a decision-maker. we are hearing about documents on this scandal that incriminate's people that were never sent up the command chain. that is the possibility that the blame is in the low level. people are saying that people do not trust large companies after people do notd trust the corporations.
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>> we get these every year. >> they are heading to the u.s.. yes. he was there over the weekend money inied to bring and said the money and technology is welcome with investments in india and good returns. himaid he had a picture of techng the head of these giants. the pictures here. let's see the reaction. >> very active on social media. >> it looks good. please make good on the promises. had a town hall meeting was a zuckerberg
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add. >> back to you. >> thank you. facebook and connecting to india.
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>> happy monday. this is trending business. here is what we are watching for you this morning. anding a slowdown in china continuing the rates in the united states. they shocked the markets and brought questions with reform in the imf.
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bid for the at the reserve status. companies said to be responsible for this. theschools have re-open and situation is worsening. about the #.t in taiwan and korea, the markets are closed. >> a quiet day with a mixed session in trading. we hope some weakness comes through china and hong kong. it is closed today with korea and singapore is selling off. there is a little bit of
10:01 pm
weakness coming through in malaysia. the dividends are about 168 and it has a big impact on japanese stocks today. coming through on the major overalld supporting the share markets. we have it changing throughout the morning and we have chinese manufacturing and a quiet week. we have been watching the oil prices very closely and we are expecting industrial company profits today with oil just above $45 a barrel at the moment and falling today in the last hour or so.
10:02 pm
what we see with oil and equity a weaker price. it is pretty weak at the moment. fall if theld could fed comes through with a rate hike by the end of the year. it was a little bit of a safe haven. .t is a quiet day reform, questions, and headlines with the global market questions if the yen has been freed. been on this now. a reservestion is
10:03 pm
status at the end of the year. is more free and it .anagers they are sticking with their previous forecasts made back in july with more than a 70% on the chart and a chance for economists with the floating the idea that nothing changes and we do not understand what the changes are in their. they are at 0% because the capital has a requirement. there are other things they will
10:04 pm
need to meet and you could argue it was devalued and deteriorated with them not quite meeting the requirements. we have a look at the onshore and offshore spots with a spread and the imf expressing concern that there is a difference between the two and they moved to devalue that's with a spread currencyin the onshore and bond market to help mitigate that. , heret comes to the usage yuan andmple of the the debt. here is where we are at the moment. started to and they
10:05 pm
drop and in the .olume this is in renminbi. we have a share of official the yuanwith july and .1% with a chicken and .gg question chart where we are and that is the move. what i see as the asset
10:06 pm
management is the likelihood is quite high and, in reality, the making is in the media. involved withics .hat and economics down malaysia will shut have goneand they .hrough the region it is really good to see you. we are still in the healthy range. >> it is not good enough when you put it in perspective. on friday and if the high
10:07 pm
pollution is prolonged, that is what economists are saying. singapore is taking action and they have named companies in companiesand the here them have been raised and, by the way, this is one of the largest companies in the world with the government wanting information to stop the fires it indonesia. this is a significant first time that any actions have been taken. if found guilty, the companies can be fined.
10:08 pm
they say that enough is enough and that there is a price to be paid. executives at seven companies are involved and the prime minister said he will have skeptics out there with no resolve on the legislation right now. exist foroblem may some time yet. >> it is nice to see some action from officials. actionake a look at some -- other news today. >> the chinese slowdown continues to way on hong kong or less will pay 40% when they move with the most
10:09 pm
expensive shopping strip. avenue inoving to 5th mid-november. it is expected to drop 15%-20% this year. districts increased 2014.han 20% from they say that they are monitoring the developments and they will make changes if necessary. there still may be a glimmer of they could be and stabilizing the conditions. games have back china on a campaign to relax
10:10 pm
.onetary policy the best bet may be consumer spending and capital economics in london say there has been growth and there will be more growth in the months ahead. man says that he is not worried about market volatility. thepresident says that public offering will proceed as that theyd they say are focusing on the stock ipo that wentthe largestnd this is the
10:11 pm
sale of a government entity with the ipo earning $190 million in and they have the tenure at the funds. profitability ahead of the ipo and has been increasing investments in stocks. >> thank you. look at a trip to the heartland and how he plans to connect villages in india. up next, another asian leader visits the u.s..
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>> it seems like he was trying to ease concerns on cyber security. and he isother months likely to be in position for a lot longer and they are looking further. they were pursuing the
10:15 pm
environmental talks that had a sheer at the end of last year cyber security was a way ofe, it talking about that with the talks and i think the issue of talkisit was him trying to to the american people with this and i wonder, when you look at the visit if there isn't soft power in china that is a problem. >> it seems like they say they will never close the open doors to the world. do you think that they succeeded in building trust with this issue? there andard to stand
10:16 pm
aboutat they want to talk cyber security and it is a complicated message. that they have control and you look at the way he is talking about the interview and he came along and lectured people. it is a problem. maybe it is just lip service that we have heard from the president. how important is cap and trade? thehis is the outcome of relationship and you have outgoing leaders who believe in doing something about this problem and they have done a great job. they has this idea that will have to wait until the rest
10:17 pm
of the world does something. the environmental issues are serious and the impacts are profound. taking unilateral responsibility and it is a great thing. the americans have to embrace this. >> we know he will be --eresting the united states the united nations general assembly later today. what do you think he needs to avoid? >> there are those embracing a belt and road. seeing amany countries common framework and i think that is a really big problem with most countries excepting the economic relationship with china is in their best interest with 100 30 countries. it is extraordinary.
10:18 pm
the common security framework countriesh china and , theyietnam and mongolia all have these issues. i do not expect him to say much about what the intentions are. i think the pressure is increasing. what are the long-term intentions with the roles in the region and the security concerns there. the want to ask you about agreement with the anniversary. is celebrated? >> i am optimistic and i come here since 1991. in 20 years, things would be stable in hong kong we carry on being in the center. i was a little circumspect. arrived and it is
10:19 pm
a good thing with the agreements held and they challenges. i think there is a future to fight for and this is problematic. that theye saying have lost a little direction and they are confused with what to do next. it is some kind of leverage. they did not have an easy time last year and in not get what they wanted. politics are about compromise and it is in no one's interest for them to not succeed. they will not have exactly what they want. they are pro-democracy. >> really great to get your insight. thank you so much.
10:20 pm
>> it is time for stories around the world. these are the ones responsible for the bangkok bombing. a suspect in a yellow shirt. another man is dead a name the multipled they have murder charges. they say the attack is revenge this.em breaking up the indonesian authorities have announced human trafficking. stolen and2 million further investigations will be carried out into allegations.
10:21 pm
the owners tonight any wrongdoing. have a look at this. this sinkhole has swallowed an suv and people were shaken awake as they fell away. around 140 people who had to evacuate. fortunately, there were no reports of injuries. die for england. we will have england news with the world cup report.
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att: it is a deke weekend the rug the cup. cup.gby they level the scores and it is a policy. scotland romania and led after the win over the u.s. and australia has the biggest
10:25 pm
win in the tournament so far. in 11 tries, they completely overwhelmed the south american with mitchell becoming the record at the world cup. beatster knows they must them to keep the faint hopes alive. , you have a lot of games until the final and i told it to the boys in the changing room that it all goes down to beating australia. you know? host: let's get a look at the trading of the markets here and with itg closed here
10:26 pm
looking like this right here and down. down two thirds and percent in malaysia and the philippines. down, the5% .25%.pines are down about the economists have interest rates tomorrow for the fourth time this year and we will hear why they are backing this call next.
10:27 pm
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i did not see that coming. don't deal with disruptions. get better internet installed on your schedule. comcast business. built for business. host: the top story is the benchmark index falling and profits following the most with anderns economic slowdowns 4% with a decline in industrial shares ahead of the holiday today. may have reduced a
10:30 pm
chance. the probability of that happening this year has not changed. the bank of communications, hopes to join the senior at zero. -- joined this year at zero. the air quality has gone into the unhealthy range with singapore reopening schools that closed. they confirm they have pressure toto the force the companies responsible. let's go back to the markets right now that are trending and moving sentiment. investors are happy to see this. >> absolutely. not a great quarter and they are
10:31 pm
on track for lower equities. you can see the date drop that came through with the profit and that is the biggest drop that we have seen with the overall index. haven and, because of that, the japanese have not they sayocus and him that it is strengthening the u.s. dollar and it has been flat. we are seeing a little bit of mixed day ofa trade with a good day coming through in australia and flat in new zealand. 1000 withe traded
10:32 pm
overall sentiment and it is down australiait lower in and where they are normally. we seeing a holiday across the is a big way for the markets with u.s. job supports and manufacturing numbers. .ou can see the time indexed 1%is up five points nine of -- it is up points 9% -- it is up 0.9%. has notama says he ruled out sanctions for violators. we are going to the bureau chief joining us now. good morning.
10:33 pm
what do they hope to achieve? >> you are seeing the president finally knowledge and the issue the united states made a point mostr a long time with acknowledging the cyber hacking and criticizing the hacking of corporations and passing on secrets to competitors. this was the effort to patch up those and show that they are a good actor when it comes to this and they are interested in cracking down on this. >> yeah. this is the mutual big knowledge meant. how effective will the cyber security the? >> we will see.
10:34 pm
obama said that the important thing is actions. this is across the visit and the president has made a commitment and we will see if they will put in the work to thisn and climate change visit is aimed at establishing parity with the united states and they will have to follow up to achieve the greater legitimacy with the world's largest economy. forill see that he is there a couple of more days and he will have a speech to the united nations as he is trying to establish his own legitimacy with the united states. yeah. trying to establish respect with china. innk u so much for top
10:35 pm
germany, volkswagen has been given 10 days with a growing emissions scandal and they have the global scale of the problem. the w says that no cars in china are infected -- affected. what are the short-term concerns here watch and mark >> well, they are not out of the woods yet with how many vehicles may be affected. you see governments around the world and many countries in europe saying they are going back in testing these vehicles because of the system here with the manufacturing being allowed to test vehicles themselves and reports findings to regulators. and will come under fire there are concerns with the
10:36 pm
governments deciding to do and it is als cheating device in the u.s. and switzerland. you see david cameron coming out and saying that is something that is up to the transport ministry, not ruling it out to this point. these are a couple of major concerns. is stillrm, this something that has to be resolved with us not even being close to figuring out what the cost will be before we figure that all out. a new ceoelopment was last week. and this is aider
10:37 pm
concern to some corporate governance at sports. fromu hear a lot of talk japan about the corporate governance system being and sealer and it is something that is a criticism here in japan relative to germany because of the problems. it is not something that has come to life because of a lack of scandal. with coming to the floor tightknit families and across the board with german leadership calling the shots here. miller with a resume that is similar to the predecessor and they have the opportunity to bring in the outsider with the executive that
10:38 pm
was concerned and the favorite to replace who came over from bmw. you are talking about a german ito industry executive and could make a difference with corporate governance experts that they need. >> what effect will this scandal have? >> there will be scrutiny in the limited extents of this out there with something that applies to broader industry. you look and this may be a hybrid in the longer-term that is something positive. all right. thank you. out the executive
10:39 pm
with the child in disney. man could actually boost a disney is in a fight ship store opening 100 stores in the mainland. theme park open the next year. it is time to boost economic growth in the cities and provinces linked to. regions with the state government wanting the provincial foreign investment and to strengthen the environmental protection. chancellor has confronted they facebook ceo with racist posts.
10:40 pm
she says the company needs to do and facebookssue has committed to working with a nonprofit internet watchdog. a big lender says they see an inflation below r.b.i. targets. room for rate cuts. they discussed how they will compete with the financial startup. >> we have a stake in one of the i think what we really
10:41 pm
need to do is be able to and be ready with the kind of offering for young india. ishink the big challenge that we have customers building systems and customers who cannot read or write. we have customers who are senior citizens and a bunch of young customers. we have two meet all of all of those expectations. >> the growth we have seen is a this.rough what should this branch look like when you move on to mobile platforms? >> you have a number of people a large to come and
10:42 pm
number of youngsters with people who find a comfortable and, you they havehe fact that a high amount of visible they bring that into creation him with other branches. people need to feel that the money is safe. >> yes. host: that was the bank of india speaking to brendan. next, japan is famous for sushi and we have a special report on changing pace.
10:43 pm
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10:45 pm
host: welcome back. let's get a check on the stories making headlines across the world. lance earned strong -- lance armstrong earned more than -- in his career and he sued after they demanded repayment. he was ordered to hand over a penalty and there were note details of the settlement released. armstrong says that he plans on putting the matter behind him. the most sensitive holding site with them saying they were hacked by protesters who through rocks and fireworks. the situation was under control
10:46 pm
is holy.osque the most sacred place in judaism. winning a landmark vote in spain , they break away with almost all of the votes counted. majority ince of a the regional assembly. they wanted to remain part of spain. the world sushi finds themselves with an oversupply of fish. the demand for the seafood in japan has been falling as people choose to eat meat. people are looking to the neighbors. >> making the perfect cut and delivering a delicate piece of sushi.
10:47 pm
skillks easy and it is a that japanese chefs take years to master and it starts right here. the right selection of fish. and, there is a growing debate about who has the best catch. are worth 12 million a year with the number of lf.hermen at hav yen.s helped the weakening >> we have been trying to export more fresh fish to the japanese restaurant in asia that have been on the rise and we expect them to grow rapidly. the products cater to the taste of the locals. goes from
10:48 pm
to singapore. they open earlier this year in the business district and hoped to attract a crowd with a variety of fish. >> we import the fish twice a week and directly. provide the popular list. we tried to explain to the customers the types they will provide. they are promising that fish caught in the morning can be
10:49 pm
across asia by the afternoon. it does not matter where the fish is from. and the is lots of this food is good out there. >> all that matters is the taste. bloomberg, hong kong. send that. we will take that. out whybe live to find the governor is under pressure again. stay with us.
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
host: the india central-bank is on the move. beloway that deflation is the policy level and it should give room to cut.
10:52 pm
>> you believe that inflation numbers will go up a little in coming months? it is going to wear out. we still expect it to come by the end of the year and the chance of shooting the target of 6%. it will weigh on the central-bank decision tomorrow and in mumbai. what is the governor expected to do with the control of inflation? withe government has plans the rate cuts and expecting a policy cut of basis points by the bacon of india tomorrow and inflation has slowed cmis again
10:53 pm
lay below the mandated to directory and the price index with the consumer price index, as well. of rates,e the cuts according to markets. between chinese economy and the likelihood of the rate increase by the federal reserve that could lead the central bank to take a cautious stance while toiding on interest rates 7.25% in this calendar year. seenally, march, we have ray cuts implemented during the fiscal year with the monetary policy and the earlier cuts are in -- outside the policy with the concerns being the rate reductions and a lot of mixtures they are looking at at this point. host: another big story is the prime minister who has spent the
10:54 pm
weekend in silicone valley. how did that go? about the speech here and the indian-american business community with the efforts undertaken in the community there. about thislking connecting to india and they have not made much with strategic discussions on the table. this is a second visit. host: joining us live. thank you. received a lot of attention on social media. let's go to the roundup. >> meeting with a company and
10:55 pm
mark zuckerberg. >> obviously, you will get reaction. what do we have here? himself and the opportunity to transform people's lives in ways that would connect 600,000 villages in india. we're showing you the daunting task of six here in hong kong. down and, he sat wide range of issues. efforts.creased head of samsung and he got the iphone.
10:56 pm
>> it is trending on social media for -- on social media. day'swe will recap the stories.
10:57 pm
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10:59 pm
♪ it is a beautiful day here. things do not look busy. it is the middle of the asian trading day and we are live here. the top stories this hour gathering gloom. their worst quarterly performance in four years all due to china and the fed. held in reserve the yuan evaluation cuts little ice at
11:00 pm
the imf. qualcomm puts its chance at reserve status this year at zero. and under pressure policy makers meet with inflation coming in for a low target. we'll hear exclusively from india's biggest bank. also coming up this hour prime cuts. how japan's changing tastes are opening new export markets and satisfying sushi lovers further afield. all that and more in this monday edition of "asia edge." >> it is a fairly quiet day here. industrial company profits are down 8.8%. that is the biggest slump in four years. the shanghai composite currently down by 0.7, a two-week low. we're also seeing a big fall coming through in singapore. the benck


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