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tv   Charlie Rose  Bloomberg  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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from our studios in new york city, this is "charlie rose." we begin this evening with the prime minister of israel here in his hotel room in new york. we talked to him after he addressed the united nations and talked about his concern for national security. he talked about iran and the nuclear deal. he talked about the palestinians, and he also talked about syria, all subjects we want to talk to him about. i'm pleased to have this opportunity to talk to him before he returns to israel. thank you for joining us. prime minister netanyahu: good
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to join you. charlie: in syria, the russians have created a military force. their planes attacked moderate arabs. he says he is going in to prop up assad. tell me what you know from your own intelligence sources about what is going on on the ground. prime minister netanyahu: i went to see mr. putin in moscow a few days ago, and he told me his goals, pretty much as he enunciated them here. . said, i have different goals i'm not going to intervene in the internal conflict in syria. it's a mess. i do want to intervene to protect my country's security. we will not allow iran to build a second terror front against us. ofwill not tolerate the use syrian territory to rocket our cities, and we will act to prevent the transfer of arms by iran and others from the
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territory of syria into hezbollah's territories and bases in lebanon. this is our redline. we act on them. i think it makes sense for russia and israel to not get back into an adversarial in decadesat we were ago. i think it's important to make sure we don't collide at that was the purpose, deconstruction. charlie: the purpose was to make sure there is no conflict between -- prime minister netanyahu: deconstruction is the jargon. jargon.fliction is the charlie: how would it take place? prime minister netanyahu: our deputy chiefs of staff are going to meet in the next couple days, along with our air force people, to try to the lenny eight that. we don't want a conflict with
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russia. i don't think russia wants a conflict with us. charlie: does russia want a conflict with the united states? prime minister netanyahu: i doubt it. you mean an overt clash? i don't believe it. charlie: there's also this. russia has announced they are sharing information with iran, iraq, and who else? prime minister netanyahu: by extension, hezbollah. hezbollah is iran's sidekick. sal.d is iran's vas i certainly don't think we should prop them up. i have one goal, and that is to protect the security of israel and prevent these attacks. i think i made it very clear to .resident putin i think the jury is out on what will happen in syria or what will happen in the middle east. charlie: what is the worry as to
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what will happen in syria? prime minister netanyahu: choose. you can have one of two horrible outcomes. one, it becomes completely dominated by iran who is now going to get hundreds of billions of dollars. it's giving hezbollah $1 billion iran is giving hezbollah alone, one terrorist organization, $1 billion a year. charlie: what are they doing? prime minister netanyahu: they s, antiaircraft2' missiles, putting them in lebanon to shoot our planes, supersonic missiles to shoot and iran is rigs, putting sophisticated precision-guided missiles, in rockets to the 80,000 -- they want to hit every part of israel. charlie: are you protected from all of that because you have the iron door? prime minister netanyahu: we welcome and appreciate america's
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support for that, but it's not enough. charlie: have you shared the iron to him with anybody? prime minister netanyahu: united states. charlie: that's it? no other country? prime minister netanyahu: i will check my files. charlie: you know better. prime minister netanyahu: i do know better. charlie: who shares the iron dome? who has the technology other than you? have you provided it to anyone else? prime minister netanyahu: i haven't. charlie: will you? prime minister netanyahu: it depends. charlie: what does it depend on? prime minister netanyahu: one of the things you worry about, , is if, i worry about you have a proprietary secret that protects your cities against iran's thousands of rockets and missiles that are pouring down on our heads, i'm not that eager to share that who can driveose voltage it to iran. charlie:charlie: how about sharing it with russia? prime minister netanyahu: no
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way. that didn't come up russia, unfortunately, is supplying iran with sophisticated antiaircraft 300, which the sf- will likely give iran a sense of community. lebaneseattack from and syrian territory, and we cannot attack them. charlie: do you have any doubt that putin wants to destroy isis? he wants to join the united states and everyone else to destroy isis. prime minister netanyahu: yes, so? i'm sure he does. charlie: he also has the motive of wanting to increase his own respect and relevance to the middle east. do you welcome that? prime minister netanyahu: time will tell. the important question from our point of view is, does he pursue his goals, or does he let iran pursue its goals against us? these are two different things
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-- things preparing iran is preparing a war around our borders. troops nexting 1500 our borders. tomorrow, that could be 15,002 to iran openly declares its commitment to destroy the state of israel. we are going to act in our defense. a by so doing, we will exercise our right of self-defense. i think it's important and was important for me to try to make sure that we don't collide with russia, and i don't think russia wants to participate in those goals of iran or hezbollah. it's important to separate that, to parse it out. charlie: the united states would like to see assad no longer the leader of syria. they do not know who they would like to see replace him. they would like to see negotiations. they would like to include iran and other neighbors in that
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process. do you have any problem with that? prime minister netanyahu: yes, i do it i think iran has been the source of assad's power. they are making a power grab there. they are making a power grab in yemen. they are arming all our enemies everywhere. they are in iraq. they are in afghanistan. they are not your friend. they are your enemy. made a nuclear deal. we had a disagreement about that. it was a disagreement, as president and obama -- present obama and i both said, was in the family. elliott abrams, a friend of israel, set obama had a vendetta. the belief oft the israeli prime minister? prime minister netanyahu: president obama called me at the height of the debate on the nuclear deal with i ran it, and he said, i would look to talk to about bolstering israel's security. we can do it while the debate is
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going on or after. i said, let's do it after it's concluded. this is the day after. this morning, i met with secretary of state john kerry, and we started talking about bolstering israel's security in the face of new realities. that deal -- the first thing is simple. we have to make sure iran abides by its obligations, but the second thing is, we have to make sure we block iran'd aggression. charlie: how do you want to do that? prime minister netanyahu: strengthening israel, number one, providing it with the means to deter iran, but also address the larger regional issue. charlie: tell me how you would do it. what is your strategy to restrict the activities of iran, the so-called behavior, which was not part of the nuclear deal? numberinister netanyahu: one, aggression seeks weakness.
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the stronger israel is, the weaker the iranian aggression against israel. israel can be strengthened with defensive weapons come other systems to make sure that iran knows that it will not succeed, and it will pay a price. that is not only my view. it's the view of just about every arab government in the region, and if you can't get them to say on "charlie rose," take them to a side room. charlie: what about the saudi's mirates that egyptians say in the side room to israel? their privateay position is, not the public position? prime minister netanyahu: i think they are expressing themselves publicly about their concern with iran's aggressive behavior. charlie: they supported the nuclear deal.
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prime minister netanyahu: do you want to get into that? i don't think they do. i am the foreign minister. on the senior diplomat of israel. charlie: did they support the deal publicly or not? prime minister netanyahu: i think it is well known what they think. charlie: you are saying what they said is not what they think. prime minister netanyahu: i'm saying they are very concerned with iran's aggression. this is not the court of law. in the real world where we are, everybody knows that iran is making a grab for conquest in the middle east -- not dominion, egemony.e enemy h they want to conquer the middle east. the deputy commander of their army said, this is our order, conquest, destruction, destruction of israel. everybody in the region understands this danger. this danger will be increased because iran is going to get
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megabucks. charlie: megabucks because of the deal and sanctions eliminated. megabucks means $100 billion? prime minister netanyahu: charlie: to start charlie: with. how much of that will end up with hezbollah? prime minister netanyahu: i think a lot will end up there over the years. we agree on this. charlie: we being? prime minister netanyahu: israel and the united states. we understand we have to take care on countering iran's aggression. we agree we have to bolster israel and ensure its qualitative military edge. president obama said all of that, and i look forward to meeting with him in november. i think this is a source of agreement. both the supporters of the deal and the opponents of the deal agreed that israel has to be strengthened in the face of these iranian challenges. charlie: doesn't the record show that the obama administration
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has done as much in terms of military support for the government of israel as any previous president? your own ambassador has said that. there is no question that they come in terms of military support, that aspect of the relationship, they've done as much as they can do. that's right? you are confirming it? prime minister netanyahu: of course. i think the problem is military strength is relative. it's always relative. it's relative to the new challenge we face from iran, and it's growing, and it's serious, and it's something that threatens us and the entire region, and i think we have to close ranks, cooperate very closely, and build the defenses and the deterrent against iran, and there is one country that stand in the breach against militant islam either of the shiite variety led by iran or
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the sunni variety led by isis. that's israel. charlie: because of your geographical location? prime minister netanyahu: and our values. we fight these fanatics, and we are willing to place ourselves in the breach, and we do. by defending ourselves, we defend the neighborhood. charlie: do you think russia came in because they saw a vacuum of leadership? prime minister netanyahu: i think russia has their own goals. i think there is something much bigger happening than this or that policy. charlie: what is it? prime minister netanyahu: i think it is a shift of tectonic plates between the east and west are there is this malignancy of religious fanaticism, primitive medievalism that is challenging modernity. it's rushing through the crack's
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. these people who reject pluralism, debate, they threaten our world. i think iran is the more dangerous one, because it is the preeminent islamic state, and yes, it is seeking nuclear weapons and everything else. charlie: do you think they will get nuclear weapons? prime minister netanyahu: i have speech yesterday at my at the u.n. -- i said, israel will not let iran sneak in or break in or walk into the nuclear club. charlie: what was that staring down that you did? prime minister netanyahu: i wasn't staring down iran. charlie: i was staring down the u.n. that celebrates its 70th anniversary, 70 years after the holocaust, in which it pledged to work a day in and day out against genocide.
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the charlie: leader of iran comes up again and again and again, including a few days ago, and calls for the genocide of my people, the murder of the citizens of israel, my countrymen, and practically nobody did a thing. charlie: to accept that point, what did he say? prime minister netanyahu: he said israel will not exist in 25 years, and every day in those years, jihadists would make life held. charlie: what do you say to the people of israel? prime minister netanyahu: i don't think we just move on, charlie. i think this is unimaginable. have we learned anything from history? ?oes it mean we accept genocide you not only deny the murder of 6 million jews, but you also promised the destruction of another 6 million jews, the six milling of israel, and the world sits back? charlie: tell me what you want
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the world to do. prime minister netanyahu: to deny it and help us thwart it. charlie: to deny in language or deny the possibility? prime minister netanyahu: both. charlie: some say that you came to the u.n. to say, i'm putting the iran nuclear deal -- this is the last i'm going to say about that, but i'm moving on to what is a larger battle against the extension of iranian power and resources. is that a fair statement, that he relies that you have to move beyond the deal. you fought hard. do you feel like you lost? prime minister netanyahu: i .hink that i had to speak up i didn't have a vote around that table, but i have a voice. the jewish people seven years ago had no voice to even speak out against those who would
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.erminate us that is the first responsibility of the prime minister of israel. i think what we have to do now -- this is what i'm focused on -- the future. keep iran's feet to the fire and make sure they keep their up legations p number two, defend against iran's aggression in the region. -- make sure they keep up their obligations. number two, defend against iran's aggression in the region. terrorist cells in this region -- charlie: [indiscernible] prime minister netanyahu: iran is building terror cells in this hemisphere. charlie: give me your best example. prime minister netanyahu: i've given it to the relevant governments. charlie: your best example of iran -- prime minister netanyahu: they tried to murder the saudi ambassador in washington. that's a pretty good example.
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charlie: which was ported. -- thwarted. charlie: with respect to iran, do you believe you have the unconditional support of the president of the united states with respect to your battle against iran? has the iranian nuclear deal changed anything? prime minister netanyahu: look, i think we had a disagreement in the family, but i don't think we have a disagreement about israel's rights -- charlie: that is not the question though. is there any question about the president's support for you believe about iran? are you on the same page with respect to the threat and the action required? that's the question. do you have the unqualified support of president obama and the u.s. government? prime minister netanyahu: i think we have the support of the president for strengthening
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israel against iran's aggression. president obama offered as much, and i appreciate that. firstk it is important we discussed with him and the administration the details of what we see as the growing iranian threat, supplanted by a lot of money -- charlie: you think the nuclear deal in hands to the iranian threat? prime minister netanyahu: i think the lifting of sanctions and the money that will flow into iran with fat contracts will fill up their coffers, and i know they were strapped for cash. i think they were doing everything they were doing against us without cash. i expect them with a lot more cash to menace us and others a lot more. this is it. we have to deal with it. we have to separate between these two things. the deal has been concluded, but
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it has ramifications. we want to make sure that they keep it, and second, we want to make sure they don't use the proceeds to conquer the middle east and destroy my country, which i think would be not only , but alsollapse something that would threaten the vital interests of the united states. charlie: do you think anything will change their behavior? they say there is a strong reform element in iran. prime minister netanyahu: we will see, right? i hope i'm wrong. usually when you reward bad behavior, it doesn't become good. charlie: let me close with this. this notion -- two things -- one, you don't seem concerned about russia at all. the whole world seems to be talking about russia in syria and the military presence. you don't seem to be concerned. you view russia as your friend.
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prime minister netanyahu: i was concerned enough to go to moscow. charlie: you went to moscow to make sure there's no conflict. prime minister netanyahu: that's a pretty good reason. charlie: the secretary of defense of the united states ash carter had the same conversation with the defense minister in russia. prime minister netanyahu: rightly so. charlie: you don't seem to be concerned. you seem to think, let them play a role. they are relevant. they are a big country. they've got a role -- a friend in assad. charlie: i didn't invite them to come. -- prime minister netanyahu: i didn't invite them to come. charlie: why can't you say what the prime minister thinks about the presence of russia in syria? prime minister netanyahu: i don't like the fact that russia vassal,rting iran's bashar al-assad, whose brutal regime -- charlie: you share the turkish view of him. you sure the emirate view of him.
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prime minister netanyahu: i have a lot of prep -- problems with the turkish view, because i don't know where they stand on anything, but i certainly viewed the assad regime as a murderous iran. and as a vassal of i'm not happy with any constellation in which russia and ironic and assad and hezbollah are in cahoots. israel andto protect to protect it immediately from the possibility of deterioration . that is why i went to moscow. i hope it worked. that was my goal. charlie: you had a resounding electoral victory in israel. many people do not expect it would be as big as it was. how many terms as prime minister do you want to serve? you are already the longest-serving or second-longest serving.
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prime minister netanyahu: who's counting? charlie: how long do you want to be the prime minister, and what do you want your legacy to be? prime minister netanyahu: i want to serve as long as i think i can help protect the country and build the future. charlie: do you believe you are israel's best chance to do that? prime minister netanyahu: my role is to be the guardian of israel. charlie: do you believe iran is a bigger threat than isis? prime minister netanyahu: yes, i do. charlie: do you think the president thinks isis is a bigger threat than iran? prime minister netanyahu: i don't know, but i think they are both threats. when your enemies are fighting each other, don't strengthen either one of them. weaken both. charlie: iran and isis our enemies? prime minister netanyahu: sure. they both want to have a world ruled by militant islam, except they want to be king. charlie: it's good to see you.
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thank you for sharing your time. prime minister netanyahu: good to see you, charlie.
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charlie: we are pleased to have ed sheeran. has calledrk times"
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him an unlikely pop star phenomenon. the video for his single "thinking out loud" has been viewed over 730 million times on youtube. he has shared the stage with musical royalty, like sir elton john, beyonce, and the rolling stones. his concert film debut chronicles his sold-out run at london's wembley stadium. here is the trailer for "jumpers of goal posts." ed: put your hands in the air. ♪ every wish i'd made in the last five years has gone through. come to it, and reality has hit. ♪ this is my first ever headline stadium show. when you play guitar and sing in
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the pop circuit, your dreams don't really stretch that far. ♪ i think this is the most important milestones so far. this israel people -- is real people coming to watch me play. ♪ keep moving. [cheering] i went to brooklyn for a show. and i went for a pizza with jay-z and beyonce, and then i take them to a dive bar and did yegor bombs -- jaeger bombs. ♪ charlie: it is a pleasure to
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have you here. here's the album in vinyl. charlie: it is a pleasure to have you here. vinyl. the item in a it is an extraordinary thing, and i read the numbers. you are, i do not know how to say it, a phenomena. how would you characterize what you are experiencing? mr. sheeran: i have always had thoughts of just working harder than anyone else that i admire and respect in trying to portray and be nice. my dad has always told me to choose somebody you admire and work order, so when i signed to atlantic records, i saw there were 10 million records sold, and i said i wanted his diary that year, so i took his diary and doubled it, so we did
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everything he did and doubled it, and we ended up selling half as much, but then this record worked out, so it is working. other than hard work, what else is at the core of this? i mean, are you -- i don't know. i have only written songs from the heart. i do not see the point of making music if it is not an expression of self or a form of therapy. if i have a bad day, i want to write this song. i do not want to write a song to have a hit. i want to write a song to make me feel better, so it has never been about the audience or pleasing people are trying to fit in. it has always been about myself and my love for music, and i guess this comes across. charlie: music is your therapy and your catharsis. mr. sheeran: other people have different ways of letting off steam. friday night comedy finish work,
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you go to the public. you have a tight, and then you go home to some people go to the gym or do tae kwon do or go skydiving, and that is my way of getting at anger, aggression, happiness, love. charlie: tell us how that happens. mr. sheeran: i do not know if you have ever done this, but i used to do it quite a lot. when you're angry, you write an e-mail or letter to that person, and you just write everything down, and you do not give it to them. it is about getting it out, and it makes you feel better. you get it out, and you are done. charlie: like a firehose, it just pours out. go threean: i could months without writing a single song, and then go and write 20. in my experience, time to write, because i am quite busy.
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i have made this album on tour, and i am making the next album on tour, so i have got a producer to bring it to every dressing room and hotel room, and in between doing meet and gig,s, and then after the you will try to write a song, and then the next place, you try to write a song, so it is about finding the time to make it happen. charlie: you opened for the rolling stones. they wanted to hang out with you. i will never be a beast of burden i will never be a beast of burden ♪ mr. sheeran: i was having lunch with clapton, and then morrison was really sweet. throughout my career, these random things keep happening of people i love and it my keep popping up and saying that they like the record, which is nice. charlie: and elton john. mr. sheeran: of course.
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elton was probably the first person to cosign it. 2010. charlie: but he is, in fact, a little bit of a mentor? he owns the management company i am signed to, yes. ♪ >> ♪ and my mother to my brothers and my sisters ♪ he is one of these people who has had a phenomenal career, but he has really messed up a lot of times and done a lot of bad things as well as a lot of good things. he has achieved phenomenal things with his music but also in his personal life done the worst things. he has an heavily addicted to drugs and then broken out of
6:35 pm
relationships, and then he has come out of it as a better person and to be of to speak to me and give me advice on that. charlie: and a father. has donean: he everything, so when he speaks to you and says maybe do not do that, you take his advice. there are a lot of people -- i always meet people who sit down and talk to me, you know, don't go off the rails. you know, people i do not even know. don't go off the rails. i do not care about their advice. if i'm going to go off the rails, i'm going to go off the rails, but it elton says calm down, you listen to it, because he has been rooted. charlie: and there are things that cost him in years. mr. sheeran: you need to do your own path. charlie: and taylor swift? she is basically
6:36 pm
ms. america. she owns music in america. she is a very, very powerful figurehead in music. i have broken the rest of the world. i was touring, australia, had quite a big hit in there, while she was touring australia, and she had my song on the radio and invited me to tour with her in the states, and i had already toured the state or about five times and it just played radio city, so we were at that level where 5000 or 6000 tickets, and she said you want to come were we are playing to about 100,000 people, so she basically gave me -- i would like to say the taylor swift stamp of approval, but it is really america paid she says this is good, which kind of opened the doors for america. even in an arena, i thought i could not do an arena, but then when i did an arena and it was fine, i thought, might as well
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try. what is the worst that could happen? the worst is that you failed in the worst thing that could happen is you fail, and you move back to the arenas, and that is what everyone else does. charlie: how many people were there? it was at 87 -- 87,000 people every night. charlie: 87,000. it was big. if you achieve, and you make it good, the possibilities are endless. charlie: so you have rejected the idea of a band. for now, for now. if i want to go off on a tangent halfway through the gig, i do not have to look around at anyone and may can signals, or if i mess up, which happens a lot, i can rectify it without having anyone else worry about it, so i will definitely have a band at some point. the thing that people keep
6:38 pm
coming up to me and a yang they like about me is i do not have a band. why change it? charlie: what is the biggest challenge for you right now? mr. sheeran: carrying on the momentum in the challenge is staying at that level, to remain at the stadium level, to keep releasing records that are not necessarily hits but just connect with the people, you know? i have never been worried about my records selling millions of really but i have been intent on writing songs that come from me but when they go out, they belong to people and that people can relate to them and get into it, and then they will calm to the shows. the shows are always the end goal. i see the out mom as a commercial to a show. by the album or download the out of or stream the album, however you listen to the album, and then you want to go to the show. ♪
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♪ we would be all night we would be all night we would be all night e would be all night we would be all night about halfway ♪ mr. sheeran: there are different in my career, and i feel it i have just stepped up to the next one, and it is not the same as someone like beyoncé. i feel it is not that far away now, where's at the beginning, i was constantly looking up light, that must the fun of their. charlie: and how do you feel about the growth of the music? because you seem like the kind of person that that is what is crucial for you, that with all of this commercial success that there is also the growth of the artist. the best thing of
6:40 pm
having successful albums off your own back is you start to get less and less people giving input of what you have to do. like on my first record, there was a lot of people telling you what they thought i should do. and i listen to them because it was my first record. i don't know. but now i have gotten to a point that i have done so many things that it is nice, because there is no one telling you what songs to put on your album, and i wanted all to be an expression of self and be as interesting as possible. 720 million views on youtube. how does that happen? that was a: conscious decision to there are certain things you can do to make a music video go viral, which is quite a difficult thing to do nowadays, so you have to do something that makes somebody
6:41 pm
click on a video and go, "i want to share that with 10 people." like a little cameo if i appeared at all, and i am not a very spilt person. -- a very svelt person. i wanted to make a music video where i did a ballroom. dance, but not on tv reality, like i trained on tour five hours a day to learn this ballroom dance and shot it, and i never wears either, so it was basically doing the opposite of what anyone thought i was at us -- as an artist, and it just kind of blew up, but the reason i chose it for that strong is that i knew that song was the biggest song of the album, so to do the most standout video for the biggest song -- have anybut you do not
6:42 pm
consciousness about not looking a certain way at all. mr. sheeran: i have never really sold records based on looks, but i also have not bought a record based on looks. all of the people i look up to and admire are not conventionally attractive people. elton would say he is not a conventionally attractive person. simon, joni mitchell. they are not conventionally attractive people, but they make the music, and editing now there is a pressure for people to look a certain way so they can fit on a magazine, but no one looks like that. normal people do not look like supermodels, and that is why normal people i into this music. most because she is not trying to be anything other than herself. charlie: authenticity. she has got authenticity, and i have never tried to look any other way, but i do always i myself looking at
6:43 pm
people sometimes going, should i look like that? and then none of them sell as many, so then why? charlie: you do not need to do that. artists getting fair treatment in a world of spotify and apple music and all of the downloading of music that way? i do not want to be a spokesman for anybody. i like playing live, so what spotify does for me is allows me to play very, very large venues around the world. charlie: it increased your popularity. places like norway, it is just spotify, so if you did not have your music on spotify, people cannot access your songs. i am a big advocate or of life. if you make a record and go out and tour, 96% of income comes sell ave, and we still
6:44 pm
lot of records paid it charlie: and that is true of most artists today, isn't it? it sheeran: yes, but separates artists. if you cannot play music or sing live, you should not be a musician. get a different job. ♪
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>> i love art in public places. people are using every day be space. is not simply citing sculpture. he is reading situations, where conversations take place. ofwhen i am doing a show, course it is art, because it is in a gallery or a ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.)
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. ♪ charlie: your success based on a
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whole lot of technology and a whole lot of people. is differentit things, like i think life is -- live is where i really, really enjoy it, with someone like tayl or. show, itgo to see her is a spectacle, and there are lots of things going on, but she is someone who sells a phenomenal amount of tickets, as well. if you cannot sell tickets because you do not have a good live show, you should not. charlie: what happens in a live show that you do? mr. sheeran: i walked on stage, and one of the first things i say is my job is to entertain you, and your job is to be entertained, grabbing them, we're all in this together. lose my voiceo and sweat if you all are willing to do the same. charlie: like bruce springsteen. beenheeran: i have
6:48 pm
inspired by many, like watching it,ld day dvd and watch things that he does with the audience. do you see this part here? one thing i learned quite early on is that my friend wanted to go and see u2, and i think they were singing something like "streets have no name" or something, and bono goes, "you sing," and my friend was like, "no, you sing. that is what i paid to the." -- to see." i will make people make sure they get what they paid for. to have that for the whole concert. i give as much as i can, and then do the same. charlie: to the tattoos tell a story? strangeran: i am a very
6:49 pm
person, and i am quite eccentric at times, and these tattoos can be viewed by someone as quite an eccentric thing, and a bit. i get people not understanding them. charlie: that is why i asked the question. theseeeran: but each of refer to something in my life pre-this one is by matisse, a mother and child. it was the first thing i bought with a paycheck. child,mom, mother and and then these three boxing gloves, the first at madison square garden sold-out three times, so three boxing gloves, and my dad said if you make it in america, play madison square garden, and this is from my first gig in canada. that was when i was into her. i have a song that mentions snowflake with angel wings there is lots of duck, but it all relates to -- people go, what
6:50 pm
are you going to look like when you are 80, and i think i will look awesome, because i will be able to -- charlie: your life story will be there. your grandchild will be on your lap. i like it. i like it. i have not bought anything on my body that is pointless. do you know how people get things like ruins or tribal tattoos, just because it looks cool? that when you grow up is not going to be great, and people might think i'm going to look like a very sad, saggy, colorful, old man, but i will be a happy old man, because i have my memories charlie: didn't you have a new one done recently? a lion.ran: charlie: why a lion? it is the biggest ways you can play in england, and no one ever does it, and it the day achievement, and crest, you have an eagle, and
6:51 pm
american eagle, and we have three lyons, so three lyons. i wanted to get a lion tattooed on me. a chest is a very proud place, and i wanted it to be out and to take centerpiece, that all that i have done in my life leads up to this, and i know that people think it is off, but i really like it, and you do not have to see it every day. it is under my shirt. i like it. you do not have to see it. charlie: the documentary. "jumpers for goalposts." notsheeran: americans do get this because you do not call them jumpers, but you take off your sweater and put it as a goal post, and sometimes you make it bigger, sometimes smaller, so for me, playing early on in my career, the first goal, and then you would move it for the academy, and then move wimbly, but now the goal are endless pit you can
6:52 pm
move the goalposts. charlie: you thought you never seemed to play there, but then you reached it. mr. sheeran: my point is that when you move the goalposts, you see the next one. charlie: are you a savvy businessperson? mr. sheeran: i guess i am savvy in terms of my music. charlie: you know you want to do stuff that is good. your core beliefs is if it is good, it will sell. if it has heart beat anything with heart cells. anything that make someone feel something cells, and this is why ce,"s or "sophie's choi anything that tugs on anything. and stuff can just be good do good things, but anything that really connect with human beings on a really personal that will be massive, and
6:53 pm
the biggest was outcome in the last years because it was just pain pouring out. charlie: is pain pouring out of you? mr. sheeran: there are a couple of happy songs on there, but i am a happy person because i get all of the pain out in the songs. my pain will be different from anyone else's, but it -- i am also impressed by that you are going to africa to get new sounds. mr. sheeran: there are talented musicians from that of the world, and the thing i like about it is there is no other inhanato make music g other than to make music. l.a., they want to be publishing or play in your go anywhereen you else in the world where there is not an infrastructure, not like
6:54 pm
a grammy system, they just make music for the hell of it, they do not make money out of it. they make music because they love it, and i wanted to get back to because i'm surrounded by so many people that make money off me that i just want to it in a room of people who just want to make music, you know? charlie: thank you for coming. are you going to play something? mr. sheeran: of course. ♪ when your legs don't work like they used to before and i can't sweep you off of your feet will your mouth still remember the taste of my love? will your eyes still smile from your cheeks? and, darling, i will be loving you 'til we're 70 and, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
6:55 pm
and i'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways maybe just the touch of a hand well, me, i fall in love with you every single day and i just wanna tell you i am so, honey, now take me into your loving arms kiss me under the light of a thousand stars place your head on my beating heart i'm thinking out loud maybe we found love right where we are when my hair's all but gone and my memory fades
6:56 pm
and the crowds don't remember my name when my hands don't play the strings the same way (mmm...) i know you will still love me the same 'cause honey your soul could never grow old, it's evergreen and, baby, your smile's forever in my mind and memory oooh and i'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways maybe it's all part of a plan well, i'll just keep on making the same mistakes hoping that you'll understand
6:57 pm
that, baby, now now take me into your loving arms kiss me under the light of a thousand stars darling, place your head on my beating heart i'm thinking out loud maybe we found love right where we are. wherewe found love right we are we found love right where we are ♪ thank you very much. ♪
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♪ angie: doing a deal. 40% of the world economy. the transpacific partnership is finally agree. surging stocks. ron materials lift stocks to their largest rally of the year. the bloomberg commodity index at a three-we caught, and am think to tweet about.


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