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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  October 11, 2015 9:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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is monday. this is trending business. over the next couple of hours, we are going to be in singapore. the gold retail surge and looking at the liftoff.
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cognizant ofremain the risk ahead. follow me on twitter there. markets areng kong getting underway. >> it is unsurprising. gains andching the you have malaysia coming with industrial output. we had a pick up over the have the central bank speaking. hikesssage was the rate
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getting out of the way. currency is markets stabilizing. mind that we are coming off of a broad emerging market with assets. we are taking a look at the nikkei futures. we have zinc and it is jumping. we are seeing it across the commodities space and the oil futures. we are looking at copper flat.
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getting the futures at the start of the week. it is 38.8%. this is coming up. coming out to prevent this from falling at much further, in case they need to raise rates. caughtr portion will be off guard. looking for a major correction. we will get you more. before we go, we count down to the open and of the announcement in australiaccess
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and chile. spike causes the production. this is causing indigestion for some economists. it is quite a stunning world. >> it certainly is. is the restaurants and it is the equivalent of the gdp of kuwait. you can see them getting out and spending on everything, including travels.
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you can imagine a lot of gridlock with china in a prolonged economic slowdown. questions andany we will certainly see economic fundamentals behind all of this. it certainly takes the opportunity to spend. even on weddings. some amazing numbers. the -- at big business indeed. not investrs did
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because the markets were closed. we take a look at the technical the analysts who look at the issues specifically. it will be a rally. who is the view of thomas, correctly predicted a rebound in andese stocks not lasting that is a 29% increase and he says there will be a drop to start the year. fasten your seatbelts. >> we are taking a look at the story throughout the program. , as well as.ashtag
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profits on slowdowns in in some of the biggest banks. do we know who is involved and how many jobs are threatened? expecting two/staff and they are considering the sale of the insurance unit. cutit suisse has plans to by 7%-10%. say the cost-cutting plan is essential to free up results. according to the company, credit suisse had the second quarter andease from june last year thew ceo has plans to move
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more expensive services. learned that they plan reverse auarter to two-year profit last wednesday members indicated board and managing directors will go and cut some. hear reports that they are selling the insurance unit that could net $4.6 billion. the loss is because of right drowned -- write-downs.
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they are up slightly. .ost: thanks let's take at other stories and reasons to be cheerful. after months of gloom, recent slump from a a china slowed down. they are picking up. now includesistry the holiday shopping season in the u.s. with exports. they seem to be coming a long way in the equity markets. this raises hopes with the information technology.
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upgrading credit ratings and the bank of korea is unlikely to cut the rates this thursday. we are seeing the bloomberg terminals down. cash for the data storage company. at eight dollars a share. are negotiating late and they are speaking to thinks about raising the purchase. giant. the competing verys a good offer and
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close. this will be viewed as a solid .ay to end there is a rapid change with a shift to mobile. forces say news, that they are bidding for miller . below what the newspaper wants. on wednesday.s they want to pay a price closer to 45 pounds a share. the company's control half of the brewing industry. substantially
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undervalues the company and they say that the opposition lacks credibility. back to you. on why theore writes lenders have not walked away. coming up, we will show a rate rise. it is something of a headache. thatng some problems with one. coming up next, the head of another currency decision and trending business continues in two minutes.
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he cautioned policymakers are watching domestic job growth and the prospect of the economy. let's get deeper into the rate strategy and we are joined now from singapore. what are the messages he is sending out and do his views reflect the wider? suggestomments uncertainty in the fed. to arguee will need and it was not clear that
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uncertainty here. and there has been a big risk. that and goes against i think there is a tossup. economy has had a hard time trying to get traction and momentum. what do you think is going wrong? >> the issue is that we are havingly seeing china slowing growth and the chinese growth slowed down has had a big impact. the reality is that europe is fragile and japan is weak. they are not really pushing or
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pulling their weight. they rely on the u.s. and what we are seeing is a turnaround in the data. we just saw it with the imf downgrade. presidentments of the said that what they put into well.s working quite that was the quote. , why do working so well we need it? >> certainly. inflatione reality of and we will get european inflation this week with the european economy that i am not convinced is ready to pick up momentum. the euro is pretty firm and
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there is all the evidence of or, itng asset purchases could be a combination of one or the other. >> go back to the country and the decision. we are looking at china and the moves. valuationsignificant that has gone against people predicting a 5%-10% drop. >> that is true. been withity has acrossmarkets helping emerging markets, in particular. of how long this will sustain, there is a review taking place and we may see some
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moves taking place with a lot of forecasts and it is a matter of depreciatione see in the currency. it is overvalued and there is a sense of the capital having a weight on the currency in the medium-term. >> great to talk to you. >> two stories making headlines around the world. the aircraft helps fight the forest fires in indonesia. the president asked for help. the smoke has affected large parts and singapore sent firefighting aircraft to companies linked to the fires.
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they are close to implementing a deal for nuclear programs. the outline of the bill allowed for government withdraw all. tensession was unusually with the hardliners. man fought in line to the chinese president. a huge date celebration over the weekend. therally marked 70 years country being taken over by the founding rulers party. ready to stand up to any threats from the united states. a winning recipe. ater the break, we learn of
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ofiad of: area choices -- inary choices.
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kong caters tog all tastes.
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a can be hard to keep up. eur may havent found a way with his recipe. >> we are in the restaurant business. minimum, they expect patience. we tried to be authentic. this used to be a start phase have a very authentic type. i think it can be competitive. you need to understand very well.
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they are taste on a reflection of that. is the in hong kong availability concept. suppliers that are closing because of native costs. in comparison, this is interesting and it is an integral part of singapore. say there is an easier way to make money. , iny day is really exciting a good or bad way. >> that was the ceo. whatever it takes to make a mark. her new restaurant is called fish school.
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paris ground to a halt because of james bond and racing some of the most iconic cars from the james bond movie. the spec your movie is scheduled to make a world premiere. known who will be in the frame to replace him if he quits. uber and break, chinese competitors. openurse, it is the market in shanghai and hong kong.
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. host: look at the top stories. may be on the table. u.s. economy has a lift off. it is a rising u.s. you could of rise before the fall. predicting a rebound in chinese
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stocks with the shanghai benchmarks plunging to new lows. than more chinese splurge during the golden holiday. went to restaurants and retailers to $170 billion. the online travel companies say were topn and thailand destinations. going.nghai open is >> it is a positive start over the last 30 minutes or so. andust saw singapore lifting the index.
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andcash market is closed you look at the futures market. it is up with the shanghai composite three points below the 3200. areain mind that it is the where we last saw it rise. there is a matter of the mistaken days and they are up half of a percent. nowhere near it the levels of fact in april. i just want to mention that we have breaking news over the past goingnutes of the stocks disturbingly high and we have a
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company with a cut in the senior management position and we will continue to follow the story. we confirm that and we will catch you some details. , can we take aa look at the chinese stock markets? watched an industry gauge that automakers in china have that measure the inventory level. they go out and show you the month and the year before. the latest one we saw was a september and it was a fairly sharp uptick. is inventorye 50%
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that is rising. a management professor will tell you that. when it comes to travel-related stocks, these are the shares we are looking at and we are sevenng -- trading at times or eight times earnings. and, land,e travel, sea, railways, whatever, over the golden holiday. we will get you more of that in just a bit. we are coming out with the earnings report and they are during goldenll week. >> how long will the stock
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investors be waiting? not for long. been accurate in predicting the market slump and the rally. he for next a slump. he says we have not seen a major low for the emerging markets and the pain will get worse when the fed raises interest rates. amongas the big one global benchmark gauges. >> you can be right once and it does not mean.
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the slow down in china and the a massivensumers with shopping spree that took place during the golden week. >> there was a shopping spree with remarkable numbers, if you consider shanghai and the mainland. rattled andoks are they were out in force and traveling. i want to take a look at the interesting facts from the past holiday. the chinese consumers spent heartily. let's take a look at the numbers. that is spending on retail and gdp ofqual to the
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kuwait. is true. a lot of people took advantage of the holiday. guess what the bank which was? spent.f money was the chinese on the ground were splurging with the economists still very concerned about the strength of the economy overall. the -- u and their rivalsber will be required to possess a license. we are joined now from shanghai. through some of the
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changes. >> for months now, they put out this draft of guidelines with feedback. some key provisions require using vehicles registered for commercial use and having drivers with experience and a clean record. perhaps more important, the government will have to say how many permits they will grant and cannotes like uber provide services below costs in order to undermine the competition. >> what is the likely impact
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that would be had on the company's? analysts think that this will raise the bar for the company's and potentially slow down the expansion in china. have raisedes billions of dollars and expand in china. me thatstry is telling condi -- the price stability undermining and they are facing unfair competition. rule is theortant
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requirements of the government to have a say. you imagine the chinese cities and each government saying how many permits they will grants and this will present a higher hurdle. >> thank you very much. let's move its along. company sayship declined to name a the generalded with manager. has a stake in western digital. plan for jobas a they have declined to
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andent with the employees they have said that efficiency is the number one focus. tumble, opecil says that they see a pickup in the coming months. keptmembers have brent crude is down over the past 12 months. copper has lost almost half of its price and hedge funds have been warned it will fall even further. >> today, we are not trading on
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seen antals and we have pickup with copper and in china a few months ago. they decided to change to the andty markets to short sell starting toayers short sell. we look at the price, for we believesons and that players in the marketplace are using copper and taking a position. today, we expect
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the copper market to move into a fs it's. longe question is, how will it take? move back and we enjoy more of the total context. dominated by a single buyer. single companies,ad through in do you see the difference the way the rest of the world sees it?
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the copper consumption and we have a $2 billion trade with no.a and the answer is i look at the customers in china and if they have any issues. it is the business we are doing in china. ago andnserted a year we were careful. i am not concerned. up next, surprises in the market for the next few days and a head start on the week. this short break.
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>> to stories making headlines around the world. dying in a95 people blast that took the political and ethnic tensions to a new level between the government with the turkish militants. aina operated lighthouses on feuded island. there are concerns about the maritime ambitions. nepal has a new prime minister who faces a range of challenges and rebuilds after a devastating
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earthquake. the reputation for being outspoken. >> it is a busy week for economic data and not just in the asia-pacific. have fearis, you getting devalued. what you mean? fell. chinese renminbi >> people got into a mess with that. know what that was about. >> with the devaluation and the
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data, it points to a stabilization. how? >> you look at interest rates and fiscal measures coming out of malaysia. you are also to getting the improvement of the service sector and you can see the electronics and finance companies that are catering to domestics and doing quite well. >> what gives? >> what do you mean? >> it seems like we never got any traction after 2008 and we slowdown taking
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place. cyclical no been a man's land for a couple of years now. data in the u.s. and europe has been strong, recently. withan see a clear trend the price and you will get a vague pickup in consumer spending. it should be a good prospect. data pointshe big you are looking at? isthe bailout of july thertant and you have keyer coming out with a driver.
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their with the inflation number. you have the cpi number for it is important. where are we with this? we keep talking about the fed and if they will or will not move. you wouldight that not get pricing in the markets without uncertainty. there has been a lot of data analysis. it is 50-75 basis points by next year and you will only get a very small increase with levels
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at lowe's by any measure. >> on one hand, you have people saying they should not read doing anything and you have others saying they should be with the rates. >> a reason the fed should raise rates is the economic recovery lasting 10 years and you have zero interest rates. what will they do when they build the ammunition for coping with the recession? you look at the unemployment numbers and you compare it with a per dissipation rate that is similar to 2008 and there is no reason to raise interest rates. host: thank you.
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taking a look at the indian retailers and the shopping.
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host: let's take a look at social media and the plans to dominate dubai. >> thanks. out andare battling it it is a festival of lights in the india. offered thisn and personal computer and everything on big discounts. people are excited with this.
9:55 pm
the pads and there is a lot of excitement in the indian digital space today. >> i need a vacuum cleaner. do you think i can get one? >> i don't know. there is an interesting reaction out of china with the chinese citizens. there have been a lot of onticism with the military the materials and the money. china is a key ally.
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bitrelationship is a little i see this -- these days. some of the equipment is dishwashers wrapped in tinfoil. >> thank you. host: right. up next, a look at trials and tribulations. we live in a pick and choose world.
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host: it is monday and he you are watching trending business. there is a look at what we are watching with asian equity levels and a rally. a deal. company data storage ad they announced today that
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u.s. economy -- the u.s. economy may remain cognizant of the risks ahead. here is the we have a look at the data. have southeast asian currencies falling and there was a good week. how it went down with the strength we saw here in hong picked the big and it will be coming
10:01 pm
in mid-august. you see theand and we are weaker with the u.s. dollar. at the seven-week highs right now. we took a cue from common look
10:02 pm
interests and take a look at this. and thes up expectations are that the company may be overhauling the metal units here. chartered is up about 3%. not the only -- there is a list for cutting it is up 3%.
10:03 pm
standard ceo is planning on bid to staff in a reverse the profit slide with a memo sent to employees last wednesday. the bank will also increase revenue. in hong kong, it lifted higher favorswiss snoops reported credit suisse is cutting costs. units in the bank say the cost-cutting plan will free up
10:04 pm
resources. he took over in july and decentralized operations here in asia. going over the insurance unit. that would be welcome money. forecasted the third quarter with write-downs. >> thank you. another story for you on bloomberg business is opec up with oil demand. the efforts to stop the slow down from getting any worse. >> good morning. with the started
10:05 pm
ongoing process and assets fail. with theve dropped suggestions on commodities. jumped fromy have they said low and they had a supportive core banking relationship. on commercially lenders and they have stood by credit lines. an acquisition. they say they will pay for the
10:06 pm
data and the proposal may andlve tracking stock where we have been told that the deal has not been sold yet because the company is still negotiating. share of the market for servers, we were told earlier they are speaking about raising and financing a purchase. the analysts say this is a good offer and closer to what they had been hoping for after years of struggle. china, a new set tack and the government banning the use of
10:07 pm
cars. drivers will need to pass tests rival says that they have raised billions of dollars on subsidies to build a theynt business model and say it will be a devastating blow. are facingonal cabs companies. back to you. they are spending from dining to travel and talking about the numbers. >> they are remarkable numbers.
10:08 pm
you see dramatic market volatility and the overall slow down. and theynot hold back spent dramatically. take a look at the numbers at the restaurants and the retails. stop --golden week to to shop. ofs is equal to the gdp kuwait. week forbusy traveling. 639 road trips and about 4 million chinese going abroad. korea and thailand follow that. it was a great week to hit married. 70,000 before this in
10:09 pm
october and you see so many weddings. look at this. way, we saw sales of refrigerators and it is skyrocketing, according to anecdotal information. we will be looking to see if the shanghai composite continues to rally. look at this. it is very volatile. you look at the technical aspects and the shanghai syndrome.has a rally correctly predicted that
10:10 pm
a rebound in stocks would not last and that they shanghai 4100site will go to levels. do not get too excited. and he saysll turn that the shanghai composite will levels as hee looks at the charts. the bigger issue is the rising interest rates impacting markets and china is no exception to that. the offices of the defunct kingfisher airlines. we go over live. coming up next, putting up a show and in the country.
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>> welcome back. look at headlines around the world. helicopter were offered after the president asked for help. ofke has affected parts thailand. loans fromviewing companies linked to the fires. closer to a hill that allows the government to negotiate if they do not lift
10:14 pm
sanctions. there was the effort to undermine the president's moderate administration. the man in line to the chinese presidency wants a huge celebration over the weekend. mark theied to founding of the country by the workers party. he says the north will not stray from the socialist track established by his grandfather. this into context, we have a professor from sri lanka. are the events being viewed generally in south
10:15 pm
korea? basically, first of -- what iskoreans discussed now is a topic with potentiald a special that is known. what is more important is the improvementificant that has been remarkably cold. receptionhe very warm and the exchange of letters were dramatically different from the
10:16 pm
chinaes that korea and used to issue in the last years. this is probably the single most in the 3.5vent and 13 inof his rule, he had half of a century. >> the thing is that you are trade isd china slowing down. >> yes. of 2013 and ault nuclear test that north korea had against chinese warnings. want any serious
10:17 pm
economic exchanges. i was surprised the plan began so late. , we saw theay turning. strategick at the interests of north korea and china, they need one another. crisisurprised by this and it is only logical that it is happening and it seems to be happening. mind, you aren saying the economy is in good shape. it is still a basket case, isn't it? is not as much as
10:18 pm
a basket case as it used to be. it is at the level of language --, which is not a paradise. the improvement is clear. estimate greatly and they say the annual growth rate is 5%. the northe clear itean economy is growing and and it is for a country where the initial sale is one dollar a month and the actual income is $30-30 five
10:19 pm
dollars. there is a lot of money and there are a great deal in the private economy. there are many more cars than there ever used to be and people by new bicycles. it is a reason why the government is -- where does this leave relations with korea? you see a thaw? this goes back to threatening the south and getting -- getting more money. >> i do not see why they would stop. threatened.reed and
10:20 pm
why should they abandon this? right now, they are smiling. .> that is all we have time for serving up on and off the court is what we are looking for. ♪
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rugt: d good weekend for a the with the games. argentina and japan were too strong for the u.s. a. the island has memories of the past and takes on new zealand. japan makes history and fails to go through the knockout stage. stay with us. top tennis players are here and
10:24 pm
we caught up with her. >> i feel like i have the spirit and, especially from my dad. andve always wanted to know it is who you are. it is important and this is a big challenge and it is important that i understand the industry because you can only rely on others so much. it has helped me appreciate being on top of my game. it is the training that you do that you take on the business side. >> absolutely.
10:25 pm
i give 100,000%. i have learned so much from tennis and i take it to business. >> what is it like being in the grand slam with year sister? >> when we are against each moments, i amave hoping that we get the chance to do it again. >> what is the chance in the tournament? >> is the first time have played in the warm-ups and this will be the most important for me.
10:26 pm
it will be the last tournament of the season and i want to finish it with a bang. after you next retire? >> in tennis, you do not get to stop. it is 10 months a year and it is not a they get space. you have the time to train for the next year. i would love to stop and get the people aroundther the world. ♪
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. ♪ raash: some mid-speculation there is not enough economic evidence to pull back on stimulus, and the rate hike may still be on the table this year. the annual imf conference with the u.s. economy, lifting up of for the end of 2015. the biggest evidence -- ever technology.
10:30 pm
this was according to a source, and negotiations ongoing about the price of a deal. $40 billion to finance it. this according to a person familiar with the matter. merger,ld affect the the biggest tech. and this is rising from leicester years holiday to $170 billion. more than 4 million people went abroad. -- from last year's holiday. let's have look at what is going on market wise. a lunch break. and again, what is going on? david: we are up about 6/10 of 1%. ex-japan market.
10:31 pm
the rest of asia doing pretty well. a lot of pressure coming from here in hong kong. doing enough index to completely offset the week session we are seeing in australia. back in hong kong, chinese carmakers, i believe you are looking at shares. we have several carmakers andrting a pickup in sales, it does not matter how much, inventories keep building up. demand climbing in september to over 55. now, over 50 common indicates a buildup in stockpiles. and let's switch gears a little bit here and look at some of the airline stocks. some very nice gains.
10:32 pm
festivities quieting down. we do an indication of how travel and spending held up. was pointing out, little bit outside of china. still, if you look at the report , we are down about 7/10 of 1% for sa sa. picking up in hong kong and macau, but it is down. retailers iner hong kong to come up with it. customer traffic. and revenue. certainly more expensive to come here than it is to japan. , a seven-weekeck high. a thousand senior employees.
10:33 pm
rish, back to you. china,he slowdown in where is this pick up coming from? guest: levels are back to where they were before back in may. trying toght in introduce the black friday concept, and they have been bringing people back into the mall, and it seems to be working. it is putting some fix back in spending. maybe somesaying stabilization, tentative. tentative. any ideas they have any momentum?
10:34 pm
enda: they may have hit the bottom. the bank was having to cut interest rates to record lows, and the government had to pump in stimulus. rish: record lows. do we get more of this when we get back dissension -- decision this week? and: i think we will watch see how things pan out, and they have already changed interest and it maytimes, take up as we go into the holiday demand from europe and the u.s. street remember, this is a nation of high-tech goods, semi conductors, and then there is the shopping season. rish: thank you very much, enda curran. uber may be facing a setback.
10:35 pm
there are the online taxi hailing services. let's get more and get over to our bloomberg news asia editor, who is joining us live from shanghai. talk us through some of these key changes on the table. reporter: right ,rish. there were guidelines, seeking public feedback. this has been months now. somehis is including companies, such as uber or its chinese rival, to use only cars for commercial use. and drivers have to possess minimum requirements and go for qualification tests, and these cost ins, it is below order to undermine competition. all right, what would be
10:36 pm
the impact of these regulations? someone like uber or its chinese rival? kongho: i think the rules essentially regulate the internet companies as transportation companies. there is the transportation , and the country of us be as 1.5 million taxis have been facing unfair competition, and this is a requirement to use commercial vehicles. , andrent business model then matching them with riders. that gives ther government, the city governments how many permits for these companies, so that will. that will cap the growth rate for such companies.
10:37 pm
rish: let's move to another, car inc. why is it doing this? kongho: that is their largest company, and it has a big fleet ,f cars that they want to sell and they will do so by buying dealerships. they will selloff their cars as they age, and for the retail buyers, they get their cards from a trust. a quick outlook for the used-car business in china?
10:38 pm
kongho: the auto dealer association has forecast that the sale of used cars were reached something in the millions by 2023. an increase over the decade. : thank you very much, joining us from shanghai. right. let's look at some of the other stories we are following for you. the new twitter ceo, jack dorsey, says the plans include some job losses and the cuts will affect all departments, although twitter has declined to comment. they currently have about 4100 employees and has been reorganizing its engineering department over the last year. he says his number one focus is efficiency. acquire a local company in china, and they say they will suspend shares as the
10:39 pm
target company. it, but heed to name said it was where he was first general manager. said they would take a 3.8 stake in a digital company. and the head of the government in hong kong says the number of people living below the poverty a six-yearolley to low, just over 14% of the city population earning less than $450 per month. and people with assets of at least $10 million. catering to all tastes with at least 20,000 eating places in the city, and it is pretty hard to keep up, but one found a secret. here is how to create a winning recipe. reporter: we are in the restaurant business, so food is in our mind, one of the most
10:40 pm
important, but people expect minimum expectations with food, service, and the right ambience. this used to be a storage space. restaurant, there is also the oven that we have. there he authentic. and in hong kong, it is very competitive. there are so many things to each. -- to eat. basically, as you can see, the food is a reflection. kong ismissing in hong more of a sustainability concept. we have some amazing, local suppliers, and they are closing
10:41 pm
down one by one because of the costs. in comparison, for example, singapore, the cuisine is such an integral part. in hong kong, it is not. we say there must be an easier way to make money. unless you really love the business. this is either in a good or bad way. h: the chief executive on what it takes to make a mark as she prepares to open up her new restaurant here in hong kong. up next, pointing out the positives. why the australian finance ministers these signs of encouragement in china. -- minister sees signs of an courage meant in china. ♪
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anchor: welcome back. these of the stories making headlines around the world. their firsturied victims of the bombings in ankara where people died in the blast, which set the political and ethnic tensions at a new level. turkey and the kurdish militants. saturday's attack follows july's bombing that was linked to the so-called islamic state. an operating two lighthouses on an island chain in the south china sea, highlighting concerns about its maritime ambitions. they are on the reef in the islands, and the mostly barren islands are on top of oil and natural gas deposits, and they are also claimed by taiwan, malaysia, the philippines, and brunei. and a new prime minister, and protests about a new
10:45 pm
constitution and rebuilding after the earthquake. popular with voters, having a reputation of being outspoken, a former deputy prime minister and one who held cabinet roles. there was a fuel shortage with supplies held up by blockades at the indian border. h: australia taking a hit from the slowdown in china, but that has not stopped the australian finance minister from being upbeat. there was the annual meeting in the peruvian capital of lima,. >> china is our most important trade relationship. growth indicated by the imf is very strong growth by international standards, so we are very supportive of the country, of the chinese efforts to move from investment-driven growth to more sustainable
10:46 pm
domestic consumption growth. processstand there is a and some challenges underway, but we are optimistic. report: when you talk about challenges, you are you convinced that they have a good handle on it? >> when you go through adjustment like this, of course they're going to be some issues, but looking at the fundamentals, what we see is continuing strong growth, and they have been building a very strong growth in the past, and it is a serious and dedicated effort to make that sustainable growth into the future, it we are very supporting of that. reporter: how concerned are you about commodities? >> we are used to the fact that we do not control global prices for commodities. why we are always making sure we are competitive internationally, that we are as resilient as possible to deal with external shocks, and that we are in the best possible
10:47 pm
position. forsystem is geared significant fluctuations. are some external challenges that we are dealing with. but the us trillion economy continues to grow. we are in the 25th year of continuous growth, and if you australiant -- the economy continues to grow, and we are in our 25th year of continued growth. obviously, increases in production volumes and the australian dollar have helped to cushion things. and the australian government is very focused on reform, more productive, to help us get better access to our key markets, and we are pursuing an ambitious trade with china. reporter: does this actually have an impact on your budget? whichhas had an impact,
10:48 pm
has been published in the past. our revenue collections, of course. budget is onr track to get back to surplus in a reasonable timetable, despite the significant drop in revenue on the back of falling commodity prices. >> the lockdown, and the china free trade agreement has not been signed off on yet. initiativeure or any that liberalize its trade is good for australia. to get better access for exporters, two key markets. countries, representing about 40% of the economy, for our exporters to get competitive access to all of those markets is good for our economy, so from the government's point of view, we went to see the tpp and the china-australia free trade agreement as soon as possible.
10:49 pm
talking to our very own francine lacqua. , in the spotlight officially again and we are going to be live in mumbai, right after this. ♪
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♪ rish: trending business, looking at india, because investigators have raided the office of the kingfisher airlines. -- they ares owner probing into illegal loans. let's go over to mom by. what do we know so far? reporter: well, over the weekend, they were the investigating agency who helped , which was setn
10:52 pm
up by a billionaire, this according to reports, and his connection with a probe into a former group, and now the airline. kingfisher airlines with a diversion of funds. they are looking into alleged financial irregularities from 2005 when they controlled both companies. in the is largest company, now they are cooperating with the investigating authority, and it is at the fraud investigation office now. they are providing the required information. there was a lack of cash. lenders, and funds
10:53 pm
were allegedly diverted illegally into other companies. that investigation, as we speak, is still on. thank you very much, indeed. we have got one more story, and strategic accounts helping to limit any declines in discretionary technology spending. analysts are expecting revenue to rise, looking at $2.3 billion. investors will be looking for forshift in the portfolio cloud or analytic products. looking at the rates and the demand coming out of europe. but also when it comes to social media, looking at what is trending there. reporter: thanks, rish. i am starting to look at india now, and you will take a look later. with india, things are heating up with e-commerce.
10:54 pm
jumping into the festive season, with the festival of lights going on, so they are jumping in, offering electronics monday today. all of these electronic devices. personal computers, all of these items are on today, and there is one day of amazon's own deals. they are participating in this huge sales season, and they announced this morning on twitter, people reacting very happy. electronics monday. >> can we order from here? reporter: i am not sure they order from hong kong.
10:55 pm
zeb: marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the workers party. i was in pyongyang three or four years ago and saw the parade, the pomp and circumstance and the thousands of people participating. also interesting to see the chinese reaction. you are seeing a lot of critical comments. chinese was to be an ally. take a look at what they are saying about the military in pyongyang. a waste of resources. it has lost its meaning. that is pretty harsh criticism, and they are talking about military power. of course, china is a big ally of north korea, but china not necessarily happy with north korea's actions of late, and the u.s., when you talk north korea, that is always factored in. a buffer zone. reporter: including the u.s., and thank you very much. that is what is trending on social media. back to you, rish. and i are recapping
10:56 pm
the big headlines and the week ahead in what is to be an important quarter. are there opportunities for investors? "asia edge" is next. ♪
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heart oftral in the hong kong, the middle of the asian trading day, and you are watching "asia edge." a look at our top stories. after the golden week holiday, china having a golden week on the market, china surging for the third straight day. dating back, and planning thousands of job cuts to lower
11:00 pm
and the biggest ever technology merger. uber and its competition may be facing bumps in the road. we will be live in shanghai, but turning the corner after months of gloom. a revival? on andving up success off the court. we meet seven-time grand slam champion venus williams. all of that on this monday ." tion of "asia edge david: and i am david inglis. building on gains from last week, just about every market in the region is moving higher except for australia, which is seeing a broad decline. across theg session chinese markets. i mean, the hang sen a


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