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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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japan. tell your tires -- toyo tires said they ignored news and falsified construction data. trading in indonesia is getting underway after a public auto yesterday. as of today, it is green out there. david: it's green right now. the story was different early on today. that being said, that is the story right now. gains of 1.2%. every sector group is on the way up right now. on bets the fed will hold off until next year for a rate hike. some things we are watching today, we will get to this in a moment. since3%, the biggest drop 1999. cherry the company news,
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will get to more details on that story. every sector group is up. a few things to mention. we are waiting for data on new credit in china. the pboc is injecting liquidity into the system, $8 billion, on the back of the hong kong monetary authority stepping in and injecting hong kong dollars into the system to defend the peg at 7.75. that's the story. the central bank that does matter the most is the fed. the dollar index is down following the beige book. i do apologize in advance for my handwriting. you are looking at odds for a fed rate hike being pushed back next year. the odds are the highest level of the year. do we get it in december?
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futures, 27%. in january? odds are 35%. march, i believe, let me check my notes. 60% ats 49%, down from the start of this month. the bets for now. back to you. rishaad: let's have a look at china's phone carriers now, up this morning as the country plans to reorganize the wireless industry by creating a new tower company that will combine the infrastructure assets of the top three characters. how will this help? yvonne: some say this deal just makes sense, and the carriers are state owned anyways and this will force them to share infrastructure assets such as base stations. 8%ina mobile will have a 30
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stake. the entity will be injected with 36 bolling -- $36 billion of network assets, part of a revamped the state owned enterprises involving china reform holdings, part of xi jinping's plan to overhaul a bloated government sector. the carriers have come under pressure as more customers switch to using mobile messaging apps. 6%na announced a deal to own of china tower, formed by china mobile and two small arrivals. that investment may help build a network of electric car charging stations. having a tower company may b ring shock to owners of the individual telecoms. it could bring some positive or negative surprises, rish. back to you. rishaad: a more detailed look on
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that story throughout the program. @rishaadtv. include #trendingbusiness. the unfunded rate in australia is holding steady, 6.2%, but not all good news. let's go to paul allen in sydney with more. indeed, you can take it away, paul, a loss of jobs rather than a gain. paul: that's right. the devil was in the detail here. the headline figure looked like a promising 6.2%, but the overall number of jobs lost was 5100 and the market was expecting a gain of 9500 jobs. it was not to be. of the jobs lost, a lot of full-time jobs. 13,000, 900 to be precise when 11,000ket had expected gain.
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offset in part by part-time jobs are the participation rate is down to 64.9%, so there are fewer people in the job market as well. the australian dollar had a profound reaction to all of this, erasing gains, though it has since climbed back. we are pretty much back to where we were now before the release of the data. plenty here in the unemployment numbers for the reserve bank of australia to continue ahead of -- consider ahead of its next meeting. rishaad: thank you very much. paul allen, with the latest jobs report from australia. let's look at news today. here is sherry with a look at a couple companies admitting falsifying data. we see more questions about corporate governance in japan as two companies have admitted falsifying data, raising concerns about the safety of rubber products. toyo tires said the company
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minute belated testing data for products supplied to 18 customers over the last decade. the ministry has yet to identify which ships and trains are using the products, but they likely don't face immediate threat. the stock is recovering today, after yesterday's 13% plunge. asahi says its construction materials unit modified data on the installation of foundation piles for condominiums. they said they would investigate and bear the cost for the examination and reinforcement of buildings. most kasei is falling the since 1999. netflix disappointed as third quarter scriber growth and products affected it. signed 880,000 u.s.
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subscribers, missing the average estimate, which expected them to add more than one million new customers area on the international front, the firm exceeded expectations, adding 2.7 million overseas subscribers. netflix says they're english language original shows are doing quite well in japan. they partnered up with softbank to promote the service. founder and ceo reed hastings has been operating netflix at add toen while racing to describe this. over in south korea, firms are enjoying a busy deal story. the value of new deals jumped 17% from a year ago, to more than $86 billion in the first nine months of 2015. it now trails only china among emerging asian economies in the
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most deals this year. the number of m&a's has always doubled since 2012. dealmaking has been driven by a generational shift in management as family-run chaebols have t heir heirs taking over the business. they are coming under pressure after lawmakers approved a proposal by the fair trade commission to signify the ownership structure. who is reaping the benefits? dealmakers such as goldman sachs are topping the list of advisors in south korea, followed by morgan stanley. hyundai arelike likely to quicken moves after samsung and ask restructured business. the weak economy is driving m&a activity, as businesses shed unprofitable units and restructure and refocus their business. back to you. bloomberg.e story on kingew york's luxury condo
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is shifting gears to attract more chinese buyers. that's on later, we will hear from the australian trade minister on potential deals with europe and india, coming up next. boeing hitting turbulence, with an oversupply and pricing pressure. more on that next. ♪
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rishaad: boeing shares tumbled the most in almost a year overnight. after hours, they gained a little, up 0.4%. it comes as they see a huge problem first -- for used widebodied jets and pricing pressure on new markets. joining us is boeing's vice president for marketing. what are the concerns, and are
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you feeling this? randy: widebodies or narrowbody aircraft, we have a process we work through every month and every quarter, looking at supply and demand in the market. it is our objective to see that supply and demand are met and balanced. it's good for us and our customers. we see a very robust marketplace. rishaad: you are not facing pricing pressure? randy: as you go through a bridge, as we are in the triple seven, you see pricing pressure. but our pricing is within expectations. i don't think there's any surprises out there. there's a normal process of airplanes going on and coming off lease. these airplanes are financed for 12 or more years, so you kind of know what's going to happen far in advance. rishaad: what brings you to this part of the world? one thing is perhaps xi jinping's visit to seattle. you are building this final
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assembly for the 737 in china. where, and what are we talking about in terms of how many planes? randy: we look at it, china is an currently large market. over the next 20 years, 40% of all airplanes will be delivered into the asian market, and 40% of those will go to china, and at the heart of demand is the airplanes like the 737. to put it into perspective, 25% of our airplanes over the last couple years have been delivered to china. and one out of 3737's. rishaad: you have not answered my question. randy: i'm getting there. we have yet to determine where we are going to build this completion center. it's going to be a huge marketplace, so we will be putting a number of airplanes to the completion center. we are working on the details. it's the right thing to do. rishaad: this goes to the next generation 77 as well? randy: we will fly airplanes
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there, we will install interiors and paint the airplanes there, go through flight tests, and deliver to china. that is a big customer base. rishaad: talk to me about what's going on in the wider market. the potential for southeast china -- southeast asia is also vast. : next to china, southeast asia is the biggest asian-pacific market. it's also where he has seen growth of low-cost carriers taking over. we are seeing a lot of single airplanes developed and delivered into the marketplace. of course, at times we have seen a little bit of a supply-demand imbalance, sometimes, if that market, but those carriers have been working through back lots and order books. rishaad: i'm going to finish up bombardierries from is having a lot of issues. they are talking to airbus.
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are you talking to them now? randy: we are really pleased where we are with the 737. rishaad: yes or no? randy: we are really pleased where we are. rishaad: still not answering. [laughter] being elusive. let's move to the 7478 intercontinental, the passenger version. can you sustain this product? you have had very few orders. randy: it is not really about the intercontinental. it has been about the freight market. rishaad: you have over 100 orders for that. randy: the long-term viability will determine what happens in the freight market. whether it be our big airplane or airbus's big airplane. we have not seen a lot of demand in that marketplace, and because we have the intercontinental and the freighter, it's about the cargo market.we have seen growth in that , so things are looking up. rishaad: does the 747 8 intercontinental have a future?
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randy: it does, but not the future we see for the freighter. rishaad: the 777x funding, all in place? you have the final fit out done already? randy: we have finished we call firm configuration in august. the airplane is now in detail design with our engineers. the airplane program is on track for our first delivery in 2020. we have sold over 300 airplanes to seven customers around the world, including cathay pacific here in hong kong. we are really pleased by what we see in the product. it is little -- a little bigger than the 737, better economics and fuel efficiency, and it will have a great interior. rishaad: engines? randy: general electric. one option on the airplane. we are pleased with the relationship we have with ge. they are building a great engine for this airplane. we think it's the right thing to do. rishaad: what about the dreamliner? phenomenal orders for that, a
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record. randy: 1100 orders now from 60 customers. we have delivered 330. rishaad: it was very late, and you have all those deferred costs. you said you would be profitable, boeing did, toward the end of the year. 2016, areout to early you sticking by the? randy: we are in a quiet period, so you will have to listen to her earnings call next week to get guidance on the. from a market perspective, the airplane is doing well. it has opened a 75 new markets since entering service. we have delivered over 300 the third member of the family, dsahash-10, is in development. the big thing is that it is delivering a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency that is so critical to our customers. rishaad: looking back at china, the economy has slowed down. are you seeing that?
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randy: what's interesting, we have seen a slowdown on economic growth, as i think we all expected, but we are seeing a restructuring of the economy, one more based on retail sales and services. this seems to help our industry, which is around travel, so we see no slowdown in traffic domestically and regionally, and we have seen a significant uptick internationally, especially as the chinese government has changed policies around visas. visas are no longer in duration and easier to get. we have temporary visas for travel through china. all those things have really helped stimulate international traffic. rishaad: randy, thank you very much for joining us. randy tinseth, from boeing. shery: a suspected muslim militant has posted a video claiming to show a group of hostages seized in a holiday resort last month. manila says the pictures show two canadians and in a region at a local woman taken from a mar a
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na. government has an hunting these -- the government has been hunting these militants for months. beijing has criticized washington over disputed islands in the south tennessee. the foreign minister alluded to the u.s. when they said some countries were "flexing military muscles" in the region. the u.s. has said u.s. forces would operate freely through international waters. the islands are claimed by a host of nations, including vietnam and the philippines. enacttrapped greeks may steep rises in charges to see archaeological sites and museums, saying the prices are on excessively low. ticketnt to increase the to the acropolis from $14 to $23, and to double charge others. the extra revenue could help offset austerity measures
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demanded by creditors. rishaad: we go to mongolia for one of the world's most popular television shows. a special report from columbus heart -- ulaan bataar in a couple minutes. ♪
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rishaad: twitter has named google's omid kordestani as new
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chairman, and he will help with recruiting and strategies. he helped his previous company built its advertising business, but his role was reduced when the company became out of it. leaves twitter's new ceo with even more on his to do this. paymentsey's mobile company square has filed for an ipo on the new york stock exchange, seeking $275 million to use for corporate purposes and possible acquisitions. square will be trading under the ticker sq. kkr-backed company raised $2.5 billion, 20% less than expected, which it will use to pay down $21 billion of debt. -- shares will trade on the ticker under ssd.
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mongolia was one of the countries that had resisted "got alent" -- but it has proven phenomenon and brought in an advertising boom. ♪ >> the joy, the disappointment, the approval, the bitter rejection. for the talented and not so talented, it's a chance to realize a dream. for viewers, it's a tried and tested formula for entertainment. for mongol tv, a potential money spinner, with a third of the population tuning in to watch. there are plans to charge more ad --7,000 for a 32nd 30-second ad during the final, more than 25 times the usual cost. >> it is the most expensive show
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in longoria. we have not expected the return would be anything less than three years after we had done the show. however, because of the success of the first season, we can see we already are probably able to return onnvestment the second season. >> of course, each contestant hopes to deliver that showstopping performance for fame and fortune, but when goalie and artists are you -- mongolian artists are yet to reach the scene success of their western counterparts. contestant made it to the final of "asia got talent." >> the asian entertainment industry did not know what to do with six people doing throat singing. it was a completely new thing. >> in an age where on-demand content streaming is challenging
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traditional television, mongol tv executives say it will escape, not only because of viewing habits but because people want an escape from the growing economic gloom. >> having something positive on-air has given people hope. >> with mongolia's harsh winter fast approaching, indoor entertainment is more appealing, and that will not do any harm to the viewership. a questionming up, of confidence. so about governance in japan -- new concerns about governance in japan with admissions of falsification. after this. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. rishaad: our top stories.
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service says it will stop taking the inscriptions on the concerns it is becoming too big. assets have increased to the point that liquidity in the nikkei futures may not be deep enough for the combined selling prices needed to stay in sybnc with the underlying measure. bullish onrn more
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gaming, with companies attracting upgrades this month, in the middle of a recovery in the industry. earnings and better than expected revenue during china's golden week holiday. there is expectation china will boost the economy in macau. gaining shares having a good time of it in hong kong. walmart shares have not such a good time, down 10% overnight, the most in 27 years on weaker than expected earnings. the company warned profits could drop 12% in the next fiscal year. analystss expecte again of 4%. a gain ofs expected 4%. ceo doug macmillan says he is taking the long view. david is having a look at the lunchtime movers in tokyo and beyond. david: some big movers in tokyo, which i will get to in a few moments. let me start in australia. up 0.2%.
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big resource companies. backward-looking indicators and forward-looking costs. escue. let me get into my pie chart. fortescue. let me see. it's up 5%. it's on the metals page, up 5%. costsy take away is cash are down 24%. down to about $16. this is where the variable comes in. you keep producing, making money. why stop producing. four buys, 11 holds on the stock. woodside petroleum should be her e. let me get to the stock.
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up very slightly after output numbers. up 0.3%. so you have a drop in sales for the fiscal quarter, a decline in energy prices, also production guidance for the year. lng prices have slumped. 51.50prices have averaged for the third quarter. you use it to get the price of lng, a very, wicked equation. it is off 0.3%, the stock. very quickly, let me browse through what else we are watching here. retailers in hong kong. rish mentioned casino stocks. galaxy comes out with earnings at noon. we have two retailers here.
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we still see a drop in retail quarter.the third we are really seeing some weakness. on and let me just end corporate japan. one of our top stories this morning two names who have admitted to falsifying data, putting concern on the quality. asahi kasei falling the most. back to you. rishaad: we had the bank of korea staying pat when it came to interest rates. they have cut their forecast for growth this year. it was 2.8%. they now say 2015 gdp will be growing 2.7%, a slight revision down to what they are expecting here. they are planning on weaker external conditions at the moment, saying that is the main uncertainty to this downside risk, which can gathering a bit
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of momentum. here's what we have thus far. getting back to what david was talking about, embarrassment for corporate japan. mccune inn dave tokyo. the latest revelations are raising concerns and new questions about confidence. should we be worried? dave: well, we should, really. there's nothing unique about compliance problems in japan. we saw what happened with vw. we have seen this happen with companies around the world. in japan, there has been a big push for improving corporate governance. the prime minister himself as stake his plan for growth in part on companies improving corporate governance, and part of that is compliance. yet one company after another seems to be disclosing situations where they had not complied with regulations.
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things have been papered over. then they have had to go in and check out layer after layer of problems. then we get the kind of drip of scandal, as we had with toshiba, where it just seems to get wider and wider as time goes on. toyo shares are on a rebound today. does it look like they can settle this problem quickly? dave: it does seem like this problem has been contained. at least that's what investors are indicating. part of that has to do with the fact that the materials in question are only a small part of the company's business. yesterday, they said annual revenues were about ¥2 billion, fairly small compared to overall revenue. they did 80% from tires, vehicle tires, and that's 95% of profit. aasahi: tell me about
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kasei. what's going on here? dave: yesterday, the story broke about sumitomo construction, a subcontractor using asahi kasei materials. there had been a building that subsidence, that was leaning, and the investigation put the finger on sumitomo, and they in turn put the figure on asahi kasei, the manufacturer of rubber materials used in the building. asahi kasei today admitted they had modified data from the report when they had installed some support pillars for the building. so that is causing their shares to decline today. where another example of data compliance has not been up to snuff. rishaad: dave, thanks.
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dave mccombs, joining us from tokyo. a look at what's going on in china with the telecom industry. wireless carriers, news of a major restructuring when it comes to the mobile phone business. tim joins us now with more. what's going on here, and what's behind the reorganization? really, is quite simple. china tower is being set up to run, as the name suggests, the mobile phone towers that are dotted around china. like most countries, every individual telco has the run towers. sometimes they lease those from third parties. there's a lot of doubling up going on. so what basically happening is the government has stepped in and has suggested a new restructuring take place. so china mobile, china unicom, china telecom, will put together assets into the central unit, the central company, and
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essential company will be running at. the idea is to stop the doubling up and make it more efficient, and in syria 11 to free up money to put toward may be better technology or rolling out to the further provinces of china. rishaad: tell me something, tim. it's a bit unusual, isn't it, for a government to get so involved at such a granular level? tim: yeah, but this is china. in china, it's common for government to get involved at the granular level. we are seeing under xi jinping, he has wanted to clean up a lot of state owned industries. telecoms is one of them. looking at transportation, other industries where they want consolidation and efficiency to go on. but if you look outside of china, you can see even in australia they have the mbn network, so it's not unusual. some areas of large
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infrastructure, the government says, we better look after this and make sure we can get it done and put together. rishaad: thanks, tim. the latest on the reorganization of telecoms in china. let's have a look at other stories. china could cut natural gas prices by as much as 30% to encourage the use of cleaner fuels. sources tell bloomberg news could come as soon as next month. india is looking to deregulate the price of gas from local fields. producers have been calling for change, saying the current tariff is too low to support production. approval towon build a $20 billion gas pipeline across china with an annual capacity of 30 billion cubic meters of gas, linking western east, xinjiang to guangdong. there is no timetable yet. rate hikean impending
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again. the latest facebook says the economy expanded modestly with little inflation pressure since august. labor markets have tightened in most regions as wage growth remains weak. butsitive outlook -- manufacturing was weaker. that may feel the divide among policymakers about when to hike policy -- interest rates. australia welcomes the , with the tpp deal prime minister calling it a giant foundation for the country. we spoke to the trade minister. >> most of the tpp countries, there's 12 of them, of course, from what i know is there has been a great reception. in the u.s. there's a lot of politics around it. in the end, you will hear all sorts of ups and downs about what will happen, but in the end it will be such a significant
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deal. is coveredworlds gdp by this. a third of world trade. now one set of rules. custom rules, electronic commerce rules across 40% of the world's gdp. it will massively improve the efficiency and cost of doing business, and i think you will find that in the end the tpp has to pass. it is going to set the scene for the 21st century in terms of the way trade deals are struck. together with the free trade agreement with china, with japan, with korea, we have got the breach from a resources and energy boom to a more diverse economy. missingou said you were a piece of the puzzle. where are we on this? the eu says they are open to negotiations. what can you tell us? >> they announced yesterday that we are on the list for the next
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five years to conclude a trade agreement. angie: what should it look like? theor australia, agriculture component is part of it. the china deal has spectacular opportunities with clean, healthy food and whatever. there will be a big investment component. there are still very big investors in australia from europe, and nature services -- and a major services component. in the global supply chain, australia is very competitive. not across the board, but in highly specialized, highly skilled. we are a knowledge-based economy, reflecting the eu agreement. at the moment, the first party for us, i am spending a lot of time in india at the moment. angie: what is happening in india? i have been back eight or nine
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times. angie: have you talked to modi? >> every time. angie: what are you talking about? >> the trade and investment agreement with in yet that is well-advance. it will be a very high quality deal. india is probably 20 years behind china, but inaccurately moving like china was. angie: is it going to look like what we see in the tpp, agriculture-based, or is it taking on a different component? >> again, it's more in the china mold. we have a great deal in china with agriculture. india doesn't need cheap lettuce. it needs our expertise. prime minister modi said to me the first time i met him, we need access to your expertise to help us with our great potential
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here in india. role willp next, what be slowdown in china play? we look at that, coming up. ♪
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rishaad: getting you back to breaking news from korea. the bank of korea saying that they don't see the economy growing more than 2.7% in 2015, a slight reduction. they were looking at a growth rate of 2.8% just a short while ago, and they are blaming this, the bank of korea, on external factors, which are at the moment playing into this downside risk. we also see the bank of korea saying the china slowdown and the federal reserve rate hike could be a risk when they look at what's going on. we had a bit of movement.
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let's get this over to david. david: we see the south korean currency, the won, and the equity markets react. the coffee index is -- kospi index is up over 1%. you have a lot of these revisions. we're getting lines right now on the cpi. they have cut the forecast for next year to 1.7%. just to emphasize this, they are adjusting a lot of these targets, a lot of these forecasts, though not by a lot. growth, aut 0.1% for 0.1% reduction in the inflation the pointed out -- rish, key risks are external in nature, which doesn't help when your economy is highly dependent. upth korean won is 1.5%
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against the u.s. dollar, the biggest move so far in roughly four years. rishaad: one of the major suppliers is taking a tumble. we and phone -- lee and fung, forecasts fromer walmart in the next fiscal year. we have a slowdown in china partly blamed for dragging down global prices around the world, from t-shirts to televisions. our economics correspondent is here to sign -- explain. how is china leading this? itshe bank of korea had inflation forecast. china is exporting deflation around the world. it used to does the plastics and toys, but they are now exporting
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high-end tech goods and they want to move even higher, with robotics. china is a big player, the world's biggest exporter. rishaad: this is a problem for central banks. central banks in history have been there to try to put a lid on inflation. it's quite unusual for them to try to stoke up inflation. >> not all inflation is good. not all is bad, either. the problem is, central banks have cut interest rates around the world 600 times as the crisis areas. trillions of dollars in quantitative easing, and none of it is generating the level of demand policymakers want to see. as falling prices remain, that you a lid on -- that keeps a lid on consumption and demand and investment. rishaad: it's not just china. >> china is the world's biggest
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explorer -- exporter, but to be sure, slack demand is an issue around the world. commodity prices are falling, not just because of china. export prices are falling, not just because of china. as we mentioned, china is the world's biggest exporter, and they are increasingly making more and more of what the world consumes, so we can't completely disconnect them from the story. rishaad: let's turn to the stories making headlines around the world. in the middle east, israel has applied troops and approved new security measures to stem a surge of attacks by palestinian protesters. seven israelis have died in sevens and shootings this month, and 31 palestinians died in response. the new measures include sealing off arab neighborhoods and easing restrictions on israelis buying guns. investigators have wrapped up their investigation into iran''s nuclear plants today, related to
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the lifting of oil sanctions. once they are done, inspectors have until december 2 complete their report. sanctions will likely be lifted in the first three months of next year, after the iaea confirms iran has curtailed its current nuclear program. a new survey by afghanistan and the united nations claims the production of opium has fallen sharply. 3300 tons of the drug were produced in the first nine months of 2015. if that's true, it would mean a 40% reduction from last year. billions of dollars have been spent on cap for narcotics campaigns -- counter-narcotics campaigns. the taliban raises money through opium production and distribution. after years of tax troubles, vodafone is planning an ipo. ♪
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rishaad: this is "trending business" with me, rishaad salamat. vodafone's england division is comparing to go public. the chief executive says england is one of its most -- india is one of its most important markets. more on this from mumbai. yesterday said they started preparatory work for an ipo. the group ceo refused to get down to the exact date of when we could see the ipo. the group had an investment bank compile a report about the benefits of a possible idea, which would give the company cash and offer investors the idea to -- the opportunity to
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read benefits from a market whose gains are outstripping other markets. growth has been held back because of regulatory and tax issues in india. vodafone is india's second-largest wireless operator with a market capitalization of 9.5 billion euros. the india division accounts for 10% of vodafone's worldwide revenue. the business has more than 118 million customers here in india. the biggest overhang for vodafone in india has been a massive tax dispute it has been facing. sayste that, vodafone that's not really going to hamper the ipo plans, without going into details. rishaad: thanks for that. that is it for this thursday edition of "trending business." up next is "asia edge."
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and you will join me as i read recap theg stories -- big stories of the day. market me is an emerging strategist at morgan stanley. ♪
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john: and i'm john heilemann. mark: i'm mark halperin. mark: "with all due respect" to those on the debate stage tonight, thanks for the shout out. >> with all due respect-- >> with all due respect-- >> with all due respect-- ♪ mark: the exodus from the desert well underway, the candidates, their surrogates, and the media making their way out of las vegas out of what was a reckoning. clinton, beset for months by controversy, held herself on stage much like maximus the gladiator.


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