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tv   Bloomberg Markets  Bloomberg  October 16, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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house is phil mattingly. just give us a sense of what we might hear from these presidents today. actually going to address trade. you have this sense from south korean officials that they want to be a part of the second round of the transpacific partnership, the agreement that was just wrapped up last week by the obama administration. train and the economy always a key issue when they get together. it is worth noting that the relationship was one that both sides have worked on a great deal. he has focused on his pivot to asia. a key foreign-policy keller. visited last year. the talks focused on north korea and the relationship there. but also in china. there is an interesting development in the relationship between president park and president choosing thing -- she' -- the japanese president.
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the u.s. had its way, the japan relationship and the south korea relationship would always be top-tier relationships. long two countries have a history of not quite getting along with one another. where the president comes down on that today, what he has to say, it is always walking a fine line. how president obama weighs on that today will be an interesting aspect of this press conference. >> i know that there's a trilateral meeting that happens every year with the chinese, japanese, and koreans. there is worried this year that prime minister shinzo abe will not me. that would be a big development. what can you tell us about the south korean president has done so far? i know she met with secretary kerry yesterday. former sense she got into town yesterday. it is an important relationship.
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also meeting with a number of -- foreign-policy officials around town. it is an extensive visit caps off with this visit with president obama and his national security team. he had lastit and year to south korea but similar in the dynamic of how things are playing out going forward. this will be capped off in the news conference today and it will be traditional and you will wo questions from each side. a lot of questions from each side going to be coming out. >> it was scheduled to start at 1:40 p.m., we will forget you live, you are the pictures of the east room in the white house. let's get to the bloomberg first word news. >> thank you. first, the u.s. ambassador to says enronnations violated un's sanctions when i was a ballistic missile this
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weekend. the u.s. is preparing a report to the council monitoring sanctions against iran. there are plenty of questions and few answers about what happened in a remote section of area.s border with the the turks say they shot down an unmanned drone that flew two miles inside your space. there is no word on who was controlling that drone. russia says all of its unmanned aircraft are functioning normally. turkey has complained about russian warplanes entering its airspace. in political news republican president candidate donald trump is saying that china has gotten away with crimes. >> when china has done to the united states is the greatest theft in the history of the world. they have taken hundreds of thousands of jobs, they have taken our money. the beautiful thing is they take our money, and we owned them. we owned a $1.5 trillion. janet yellen is
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keeping rates low as a president that political federer to president obama. governor bobby jindal been trying to cost the medicaid funding to planned parenthood is controversial videos were released. cars, trucks,f and frustrated drivers are still stuck in massive mudslides clogging up california's highways. relations closed after flash floods blocked the roadway. more storms are possible this afternoon and evening. that is a look at her first word news right now pretty good oh is find the latest news on back to you. >> let's head to the markets desk were julie hyman has the latest. julie: stocks have turned lower by a little bit on this day were we have seen a little bit of
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bouncing around as scarlett reminded me it is a witching day. that creates a little bit of volatility in the market. we can see a surge of volume in trading. all averages are lower for not by much. on whatook at the imap is going on in the s&p 500. we can see more red and green mixed at this time. consumer staples remain higher, but energy is a big drag. individually, within the s&p i was looking at what it's doing the push and pull here today. on the plus side we have general is betterollowing than estimated earnings. facebook continuing its upward trend and the laforce -- philip morris rising. on the downside we have apple, which can be a bad egg because of its waiting.
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the ceos saying on oil recovery, it is not in the cards as early as the industry thinks it is. honeywell out with its earnings, it was hurt in part by its oil and yes business here. it cut expenses to make up for weaker demand. those shares under pressure today. i also wanted to give an update on later breaking stories. on twitter, steve ballmer confirming that he had taken a 4% stake in the company. he tweeted earlier in the day, but there was some question about whether was his account. he did confirm an evil to louvered news that it was. the shares giving a pretty stoked central leg up after that. we are continuing to follow the story of united airlines today. the ceo oscar munoz apparently headed to the hospital with a heart attack, according to the wall street journal. the company saying in a statement it had been informed by the family that he was in the hospital, and said that operations continuing as normal
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in that. you can see the shares are down right now by 4%. that is a developing story we will continue to give you any update as we them -- get them on .hat is going on with mr. munoz he has only been at the company for about a month. david: thank you. we are waiting for president presswas get a hold of conference with the president of south korea. the cd live picture of the east room of the white house. still with us is phil mattingly. you mentioned his pivot to asia is something that has taken a bit of a sideline seat throughout his presidency. other crises around the world have intervened. yesterday we had a big investment by the president, he was liked by the secretary of defense, and the chairman of the chiefs of staff, saying that he would maintain the same posture and of you then. some of the focus is on the visiting country will but i'm sure we can expect that they will hear about his decision to
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keep's name. >> the question about it. while he did answer one question yesterday about whether he was disappointed this would violate a campaign promise, the decision of the u.s. forces would remain in afghanistan and a number of at least 5500 into the first term of the next president amadeus is going to be asked about it again. the primary reason for that is if you think but his campaign on the way back in 2007 and for the second time anything about what his administration has said related to the war in afghanistan. really since the surgeon started to wind down, that they would absolutely be out of the country by the time the president left office. it obviously is not happening now. the registration officials say this is a good thing. this is showing that we are flexible and we can pivot when we need to when it comes to the structure that is in place. votedlot of people who for president obama, for a lot of democrats including some lawmakers right now who are counting on the u.s. being taken out of innocent before president
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left office, this is a disappointment. something you will have to address today. david: we find this demonstration embroiled in a semantic arguments and what it needs to have boots on a ground in a country where we have intervened. jost ernest gave a lot of reporters very curious about how the administration sees its administration afghanistan going forward. of elements tole that. 25 u.s. summer's been killed this year. they are not out of danger, they are not sitting in a green zone horrendous where they are not in harm way. but the president ok was that there would be u.s. presence in multiple places. that is something that is going to need to be explained. david: now press conference is getting underway. president obama: good afternoon. in salt and o soul, south
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korea, she will continue to the blue house and i will convert to the white house. during her last is a here you addressed a joint section of -- session of congress which is reserved for america's closest friends. he noted that the founding documents of both countries enshrine our commitment to our people with the same words. to their pursuit of happiness. for more than six decades americans and koreans have stood shoulder to shoulder in that endeavor. now visit our korean veterans war memorial. we are very grateful for that. your gestures mean a great deal to the american people and especially to our proud korean war veterans.
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recent years president park and i have strengthened our lines for the future and today i want to reaffirm that the commitment of the united to the defense and security of the republic of korea will never waver. our alliance remains a linchpin not justand security on the korean peninsula but across the region. and so south korea plays a central role in america's rebalance to the asia pacific we continue that work today. in seoul, south korea last year, our militaries are investing in chicken abilities, including technologies and missile defense is to lower forces to operate together effectively. ensure that our korean allies have the capabilities that are needed to take on greater responsibility for the defense of the peninsula and the eventual transfer of operational control of the alliance. we are determined to maintain our readiness against any threat.
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madam president, i want to commend you and the people of south korea for the result that you displayed the summer following north korea's reckless actions in the dmz that wounded two of your soldiers. north korea was reminded that any aggression will be met by a strong response i south korea and the united states. the nuclear and missile programs that achieved nothing except to defend north koreans isolation, we are reaffirming that our nations will never accept north korea as a nuclear weapons state. we will continue to insist that denuclearize and a diesel manner. our two nations will continue to expose abuses and call for accountability on human rights
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violations in the north korean state. supportame time we do efforts to improve relations between north and south korea. as my administration has shown with iran, with cuba, we are also prepared to engage nations with which we have had trouble histories. but pyongyang needs to understand that it will not achieve economic development and claims to want to see as long as it evolves nuclear weapons. theunified korea, free from fear of war in nuclear weapons. that is a vision we support. beyond the peninsula, president park shared her proposal to build shared operation between the countries of the region and efforts.ose we met with president abbé of japan last year to share
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challenges, and the summit held this month will be another step forward in positive relations between south korea, japan, and china. with respect to trade we reviewed the first three years of our trade agreement. the bilateral trade is up, including exports of american automobiles. we do still have work to do and i can say on the issues of that have arisen, they have been result but we need to resolve them quickly. president park discuss regulatory reforms she is pursuing. those are reforms that we will come. finally i'm pleased that our alliance is increasing globally. south korea is not just an important player in the region, it is increasingly important layer on the world stage. there were many partner avelopment in afghanistan, member and the coalition against eisler, a generous donor of humanitarian aid to syrian
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refugees. now we are going even further, expanding cooperation to new frontiers. given the increasing cyber threat to both our nations, including from the prk, we are strengthening our separate and coordinating at the highest levels. the white house and the blue house are making sure that we are in sync in dealing with that challenge. in the fight against climate change we are celebrating our invest in in clean energy. our new civil nuclear agreement to flex our shared commitment to the safe use of nuclear power which is a low carbon energy source. i want to commend south korea for announcing its posts 2020 target to limit carbon emissions through its national cap and trade system. as we head into paris conference, this can be example of other nations around the world. finally, we're expanding our cooperation global development.
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having already worked together against the bullet, south korea has stepped up as a true leader in advancing global health security. willevelopment agencies partner to reduce poverty and encourage sustainable development in southeast asia. both of our countries are standing together to promote --cation and health girls help girls around the world. our let girls learn campaign has helped life in korea. metta president, thank you once again for your partnership, your leadership, and your friendship. i believe that we have shown again today that are all lines is not just about nations peninsula,d korean more and more our alliance is helping people around the world in their own way should end pursuit of happiness. that they speak for their families and their nations. metta president?
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-- madam president? david: you're listening to president obama livres the south korean president. talking about more cooperation between the white house and the blue house. we are joined i phil mattingly. i'm struck by what he said about the strength of this alliance between the u.s. and south korea. what he called a linchpin not just on the korean peninsula but the region as a whole. >> it is a crucial component of that rebalance to asia. the resident called it a pivot as most of us call it. this is a relationship than just needs to work but to work very well. if you talk about the people of both administrations, they feel that is the relationship that exists. one key point of that, those laundry list of things we work together on, though korea free trade agreement.
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that is an agreement that was during president obama's term. there has been a lot of concern here on capitol hill about how that has been rolled out. the president id as an area where they have not concerns but they have been addressed in a prompt metal. that will be taking capitol hill -- back to capitol hill as he lobbies for the transpacific partnership that he needs them to approve. maybe a hint there about what could happen if the gdp is essentially agreed to by the u.s. conference. south korea would like to be part of it going forward. one other question. he was talking about the korea security. soldiers were killed. i thought that the line that this president in south korea is telling in trying to defend the country, but also trying to
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build some sort of diplomatic bridge to the neighbors in north korea. and the latter that the administration has been very supportive of. he mentioned his trip last year, a trip i was on with the white house this was the key, pointed -- key component. open, shouldalways kim jong-un what you come to the table, or of others try to come to the table. it is an idea that has floated around. it is not true that the environment exists right now for that to occur. a key component of the talks is that is that door opens even just a sliver they want to take advantage of it and do anything to try to reset the situation in a letter for jeopardy near that. they are pushing for the willingness to walk through that door if something happens. david: inside the white house,
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the press conference continues. the press conference with president obama and the president south korea. we will return in a few moments. ♪
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david: breaking news now regarding several security. let's go to our news desk. russian hackers infiltrated the servers of dow jones. that is the owner of the wall street journal is well with several other news publications. they reportedly stole sensitive data including information for stories not even published intent on trading that information before it became public. , secret service, and the securities and exchange commission arlene investigation now that began at least a year ago. we will of course have more on
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this breaking story as it develops. .avid: thank you what we know about what was taken? >> it looks like information that can be used for insider trading. this is a technique that is growing exponentially now. it is the new frontier of cyber hacking and insider trading, where russian and ukrainian hackers will hack in and get sensitive market data from various organizations. we had a big case like this back in august where they had other newswires. they sell to traders looking to make money at hand -- ahead of where that information is released. david: where do these sales take place? in the darkinitely web. the story that reported in august was a group of ukrainian hackers and traders that did
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kind of a similar operation where they hacked into several newswires like prnewswire and business wire. they took information from press releases about company earnings and then they told us to traders and then traders made about $100 million off the back of that. it is incredibly profitable. there's a lot for us to learn about what is going on in developing issues. he looks like information was taken with the intent to trade on the back of it. david: you are learning more on this. >> i cannot fully quantify with the scale is. but these hacks tend to be pretty big. they tend to be able to get in the system for long spans of time. we do not know how long this is going on, but with the incident that were reported on in august, they were in the service for five years. you very much. we will go back to the white house now were president obama
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is taking lessons at the news conference with the president of south korea. >> as you know, the u.s. has reached this deal now with iran over its nuclear program. were you able to hear that? as you know, the u.s. has reached a deal with iran over its nuclear program. wereow would you feel that done with north korea? would you ever trust them to abide by such an agreement? president obama: the democratic debate was taking place at the same time as the ballgames. [laughter] there was a little bit of clicking back and forth. i'm not going to comment on what joe is doing or not doing. you can direct those comments and questions to my very able vice president.
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the one observation i will make about the democratic debate was that those are all some very fine people. they share a belief in an economy that is working for everybody and not just a few. they share a belief that america has to project strings around the world by maintaining the finest military but also by making sure we have a strong economy back home, that we are employing diplomacy and working with other nations wherever possible to solve big problems. my climate change. what was interesting to me was the degree to which, although there are some very real differences among the candidates , and i'm sure they will emerge, for eachmay be candidate presents with my administration will overall a e a vision ofrin
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an economy that works for everybody and in pursuit of national security will be tools that are available to us. i was very impressed with all of them. i know them personally, they are great people. after that, it is up to the american people. i will have a vote like everybody else, as a citizen. private, and i do not have to share my views about that right now, because i think it is important for the american people to make their own decision. i think that the vice president, like every other candidate, makes their own decisions about these issues and will have to figure out whether it makes sense for them. respect to israel, we are very concerned about the thateak of violence
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initially is centered on aresalem, but we always concerned about the spread of violence elsewhere. we condemn, in the strongest possible terms, violence directed against innocent people . and we believe that israel has a right to maintain basic law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks and violence on the streets. believe that it is important for both prime minister netanyahu and israeli elected officials and president abbas and other people in to try toof power tamp down rhetoric that may feed the violence, or anger, or
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getnderstanding, and try to all people in israel and in the thisbank to recognize that kind of random violence is not going to result in anything other than more hardship and more insecurity. and i do not think we can wait for all the issues that exist between israelis and palestinians to be settled in order for us to try to tamp down the violence right now. knownk my views are well thatovertime the only way israel is going to be truly
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secure, and that the only way the palestinians will meet the aspirations of the people is if they live side-by-side and security. those talks, which secretary kerry but momus effort into, and before that a number of our i think it is going to be up to the parties, and we stand ready to assist, to see if they can restart a more constructive .elationship but in the meantime, right now, focus on needs to making sure that innocent people aren't being killed. and even though you didn't ask me the question, i am going to question youe asked president park, because we discussed iran and what it could mean about the situation in
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north korea. these are countries with a long history of antagonism toward the but we arees, prepared to have a serious conversation with the iranians once they show they are serious about the possibility of giving up nuclear weapons. i suspect president park agrees with me here, at the north korea says we reallyerested in seeing from sanctions, improved relations, and we are repaired to have a conversation about demilitarization, it is fair to say we will be at the table. now, whether even if they made that gesture they would be willing to subject themselves to
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the kind of rigorous verification regimes we have set up with iran, particularly given their past violations of a separate that's question, but we haven't even gotten to the point yet because there has been no indication on the part of the north koreans, as there was with the iranians, that they could foresee a future in which they did not possess or were not pursuing nuclear weapons. [inaudible] i don't think that's what secretary kerry said. what secretary kerry said was that we have to end the violence, that israel has a right to prevent its citizens from being subjected to random all parties have , that's the rhetoric the religious sites that are so to three of the
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world's major religions inside of jerusalem need to be , that the status quo that allows shared worship in and around the spaces needs to be maintained, and then, i think, as in addition to those , what secretary kerry said was that the atmosphere in which there is so much tension and suspicion between palestinians and israelis the potentialtes for more misunderstanding and , and that is something that has been true for decades. and if we can make progress there, obviously it's going to help. not a direct causation here, and what we do need to make sure is that we are
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on makingight now sure innocent people are not being killed. >> that was president obama speaking at a news conference with the president of south korea. right now, we have phil mattingly here to talk about whether joe biden, vice president joe biden, is to run foro declare president. what did you make of what obama said about the likelihood of joe biden getting into the campaign? >> he is going to say the same thing. he will wait for joe biden to weigh in on his own.
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one interesting thing. he said his ballot was private and he plans to keep it so. it is likely that the president somebody in the primary. him hinting he wouldn't is interesting. if you were to weigh in for hillary clinton, joe biden, or lincoln chafee, for that matter, be a huge moment in the race. if he decides to stay out of this until it is officially decided, that would be a huge component, in my eyes. >> he said all the candidates are good people, fine people. when we left him, he was talking about the middle east and iran. there has been an uptick in violence there. this is something the administration is keeping a close eye on. phil: no question. the administration on this issue has struggled, frankly. the relationship with israel, not only because of netanyahu
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plus decision to come to congress and give a speech deal, thingsiran are not good now. the administration says they strongly condemn any violence against innocent people, but they are also walking a fine line. going to go back to the news conference in just a moment. first, let's go to the news desk for more headlines. >> we head into sustainability news first. 10 major international energy companies are declaring their support for sustained action on climate change. is to keepere goal the increase in average global temperatures within three point six degrees fahrenheit. absent from the conversation is carbon pricing. re-signed a letter in support
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of carbon pricing. -- we signed a letter in support of carbon pricing. it isn't written in the report because we wanted to bring a group together committed to broader goals. >> an agreement is expected to be reached at a u.n. summit in paris next month. hillary clinton is urging congress to fix a quirk in the law that will increase medicare deductibles as well as premiums. the presidential front runners says she is "deeply concerned" by news that there will be no cost-of-living increase in social security benefits next year. medical bills are set to increase for many in less -- unlesscts to congress acts to prevent that. officials are
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investigating the use of the wrong drug to execute criminals in oklahoma. the court has issued indefinite stays for three inmates set for execution this year. the world health organization says two new cases of ebola have been reported. may be unablethey to monitor everyone exposed to the disease. more thans has killed 11,000 people in west africa. sleepns out that deprivation, long viewed as an ale of modern society, may not thought. as previously of hunter gatherers, on average, got less than 6.5 hours per night. in other words, their sleeping habits are a lot like ours. you can find the latest news on
2:39 pm david, over to you. david: thanks, raymond. i think that was the first referent to hunter gatherers on bloomberg tv. today. let's take a look at where commodities are settling. copper posting its first weekly concerns ofnth over slowing consumption in china. coffee futures fell after columbia announced it will spurred byports concerns of el niño. joins us to wal look at gold. thanks for being with us. what was the turning point for gold, as you see it? eddie: there have been a couple. in its steppring for the last couple of days. the main change came from nonfarm payroll numbers earlier this month. had some relatively
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negative data out of the u.s., it gives people the impression that perhaps the fed is not going to raise rates. interest rate expectations have dropped to something like 3%. most people expect the fed to hold rates until next year. david: you cannot underestimate how important that decision is to the price of gold, can you? eddie: it is all about the u.s. dollar and what the fed is going to do, it really is. we are getting tore the indian wedding season. these things help. but really, the dollar and u.s. rates is what it's all about. david: i wonder what the likelihood is of a bullish close as we head to the end of the year. i know in years past, it has looked like we might get there, and we haven't. what do you see as the likelihood? eddie: we have had five consecutive down courses since
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the 1990's in gold. we often see a rise in gold toward the end of the year. it would do a lot for sentiment if we could see gold left -- lift. it has already lifted above the 200 day moving average. it lifted above the 200 day moving average, which signaled to a lot of people look, maybe there is a change on the cards. it's too early to say there is a next her rally. but i think it's a little more positive these days -- an extra rally. but i think it's a little more positive these days. david: the dramatic drop in oil prices has hit many investment or folios hard, but one group -- investment portfolios hard, but one group has not felt the pain yet.
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the banks. why have banks so far been fairly immune? citigroup was asked hey, why are you missing the death and distraction? there are a few reasons. so far, it has not been as bad as what you have seen in other segments. that is they have been able to raise a lot of equity in debt and use that money to repay their bank loans. david: fascinating story on the bloomberg terminal. we are going back to the news conference president obama is doing. he is fielding a question about iran. obama: iran, russian , got it. hillary
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i have to write these down. , let's see if i can take these in turn. with respect to iran, iran has often violated some of the prohibitions surrounding missile position, withr respect to you in -- u.n. , andutions, prohibitions sanctions remains unchanged with respect to missile programs. this is something i made very clear during the debate around deal.- the iran nuclear the iran nuclear deal solves a specific problem, which is making sure they don't possess a nuclear weapon, and it is our best way to do that. it does not fully resolve the
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wide range of issues where we have big differences. so, we are going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community and where we have bilateral channels through bilateral channels to indicate to them that there are costs to bad behavior in the region and around the world. but we are not going to do that more effectively if they are also on a separate track pursuing a nuclear weapon. with respect to their actions in before,s i have said they are just doing more of what they have been doing for the last five years, and it's an indication that their basic ofmise, their basic theory how to solve syria has not
2:45 pm
worked and will not work. their premise was simply we will send arms and money to bashar and he will be able to clamp down on dissent. when that didn't work, they directed has blood to come in up and send in some of their own military advisers. and that did not -- hezbollah to come in and prop them up and send in some of their on military advisers. and that did not work. so now russia has come in. and it will at work because they are trying to support a regime that in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of the syrian people is not legitimate. is, even as we double down on going after i sil, is to cooperate with a moderate administration that
2:46 pm
could serve as a new government inside syria and that we can the a process of getting iranians, the russians, the turks, the gulf countries, and all the other interested parties to sit down and recognize we have to have a political transition if we want to end the humanitarian crisis and save the structure of the unified syrian state. , the onlyct to russia understanding we have arrived at is how do we deke conflict in the event that our planes -- the de-conflict in the event that our planes and their planes are in the same space over syrian skies? where we will continue to differ
2:47 pm
is in the basic set of principles and strategies we are pursuing inside of syria. president putin believes if he continues to do what he has been doing over the last five years, and that is prop up the assad beime, that the problem will solved. our belief is that we have to go after isis and the violent extremist groups, but the magnet that the civil war there is serving and bringing in foreign fighters and recruiting people to this extremist cause will only go away if we are able to a political track and get an inclusive government inside of syria. mindsis no meeting of the inside this tragedy, but i hope we will continue to have serious
2:48 pm
conversations and that russia will realize they are not going to be able to bomb their way into a peaceful situation in syria. with respect to trade and how hillary abused trade, i would have you direct questions to her. here is the general proposition, guys. during the course of what will , i probablympaign won't be commenting on every single utterance or decision that the various candidates make. because i think that it is natural and proper for run on their own .ision and their own platform what is encouraging is the fact that i think everybody on that stage of the debate a firmed -- affirmed what i said in the
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past, which is that we agree on and on the basic vision of a country that is building out our middle class, is making sure that everybody who works hard gets a shot, that believes immigration strengthens us rather than weakens us, that people should be .reated fairly and equally the division of the democratic party that i have fought for is one that i have -- is one that is broadly shared by all the candidates. i am happy to make the case once again for the trade agreement itself, and i hope you will take the time to read a because what you will see is that it meets the promise that i made.
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it's the most progressive, highest standard trade agreement that we have ever put forward that deals with chronic problems like child labor, forced labor, and is enforceable, that makes sure we're upping our game on , is enforceable, protects and all actual property -- intellectual property, make sure our businesses are treated fairly when they invest in other countries, opens up markets. keep in mind, we have some of the lowest hair of's in the world already. thewe are all -- tariffs in world already. so we are already seeing goods and services being sold here, and the countries that are part have significantly higher tariffs.
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for us to be able to get those lowered, particularly in japan where they slap on 10%-40% taxes on some of our goods and services, for those to come down, and in the case of u.s. manufacturing goods, those terms being eliminated completely, that it's a big deal. so, i am sure we will continue this debate as we post the actual terms of the agreement and congress has a chance to review it. will betty confident i able to persuade a whole lot of president park indicated, there is a geopolitical reason as well. we want everybody to have high standards because that will make our businesses more competitive and put our workers in a better position so they are not undercut by low wages are forced their plants don't
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suddenly shut down because we have environmental laws that other countries aren't following . we will review, as we have in the past, any violations of u.n. regulations, and we will deal with them, as we have in the past. i have been very clear from the outset that although we are eliminating or suspending, effectively, sanctions related to the nuclear program, that sanctions that are related to ballistic missiles, human rights terrorism, those we will continue to enforce.
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our expectation is that there will be international consequences where u.n. resolutions are violated. david: that was president obama speaking at a news conference. we will continue to monitor that. responding to a question from carol lee showing her mettle as a reporter, i think you will agree, phil mattingly, with a four part question, talking about i run, russia, syria, and trade. syria, andssia, trade. what did you make of his answer? give first off, we have to .redit where it is due that is margaret, bloomberg
2:54 pm
correspondents trademark, giving an eight to 22 part question. hillary clinton came out against the transpacific partnership before it was even posted in its entirety, but it came out in its .ntirety those democrats that were on board were in large part on board because they had cover hillary clinton who was willing to go out and say she supported or wouldn't comment. now it is a new debate. hillary clinton is the likely presidential nominee and she is against the dl. that is problematic from the white house perspective. it's in their hands to convince democrats to support the steel. obviously, the president saying when the deal is posted he will convince a lot of
2:55 pm
people to support it. he has a lot of work to do. once the deal comes out, congress has 90 days to vote on it. the deal represents more than 40% of the global economy. if the u.s. can't get on board, obviously that sinks the entire thing. david: samantha powers said she believes that iran was in violation of the u.n. charter by missile.allistic met obviously, this is important to the u.s. he is making a distinction that the deal solves a specific problem, that iran should not obtain nuclear weapons. phil: this is an argument they are going to continue to make, that they need to continue to put pressure on iran. as you said, samantha power, you and ambassador -- ambassador to the u.n. said today that this
2:56 pm
does violate a u.n. resolution. the president saying hey, when it comes to that, the u.s. needs to continue to ramp up international pressure, but that issue is something entirely different, one that the u.s. has not seen violations of yet. early stages yet. the president almost trying to protect the nuclear deal. david: phil mattingly outside the white house. house, thewhite press conference continues with president obama. we will monitor that and bring more of it to you. president obama: we need to see improved relations. ♪ we live in a pick and choose world.
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from bloomberg world headquarters in new york, good afternoon. im betty liu. here is what we are watching as we wrap up the trading week. markets headed for their third straight weekly advance. third-quarter fundraising numbers are in for the presidential candidates, and once again, outsiders like ben raising theut establishment. oscar muni as has been going on a listening to her. -- nuñez has been going on a listening tour. we look at the progress he has made so far. about an hour from the close of trade. as president


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