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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 19, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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>> with all due respect to larry david, bernie sanders impersonated you, first. >> it struck me that a communist pipeline into cuban seleka to happen to this organization. ♪ >> and our personal e-mail to larry tonight, and donald special mailbox. but first, nobody told us 2015 was going to be this way. joe biden is basically the ross and rachel of 2015, will he, won't he?
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the word seems to be coming soon, possibly in time for the very important jefferson dinner in iowa where all of the democratic presidential candidates will speak before party activists. >> there is lots of media reporting that joe biden is going to make a decision soon. fox news is on the farthest reporting his answer will be , yes. unlike ross and rachel, he is pretty much the only person that the press is talking about. key amongst the pre-action, a democratic senator from illinois plays down guidance chances on "morning joe". >> joe's has had his bumps in the road for his race to the presidency and questions about whether he is misquoting people but hillary has a long history , of controversy, and i think that turns some people off. i think most of it has been manufactured by her critics and enemies. at the if this point, she still brings the strongest candidacy
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for president. >> if joe biden got in today, could he win? >> i'm not sure. i don't want to say it's too late, it's a long time until next november, but i would say at this time he has not had the starting structure that they have. >> so you make him a long shot? >> i would. >> infighting gets in and the next 48 hours or so, how will the water before him? >> i have no idea, but i will tell you there is not a single piece of reporting at this moment that i believe about this matter. i believe at this point, joe is making a deeply personal, deeply emotional -- >> but if he gets in how was the , environment for him? >> it's not as good as it would've been when hillary's numbers were diving. erwin ghazi or the -- or when benghazi or the e-mail debacle would hurt her. we have been saying since the democratic debate that the political biome is more
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permitting for him now that was a month ago or more than people thought it would be by this point. no doubt about that. i don't think it matters to him. >> i don't take it matters to him. i will say, i think he gets in there and performs well, talks about what he wants to do for the country and comes across as a guy who is untroubled by the problems that hillary clinton has and can win, i think he will do just fine. >> i think he can do fine too. it will create a bunch of splits within the democratic coalition that enough people have not given enough attention to. she will obvious they be the candidate of women, obviously. she has a lot of weakness with men he has a lot of strength , with men. and with the democratic, dachshund -- >> hillary clinton has her big benghazi hearing coming up on thursday to get had of the barrage, her team put out a mini videography about her
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-- and many five-minute hagiography about her compliments as secretary of state. could it be any more generous? clinton and the democrats have been on offense as of late. accusing the benghazi committee of transparent political chicanery. in the coming days, both sides will be in full prep mode for the showdown. what will it take for the republicans to salvage this debacle? >> it is going to be very hard to run a hearing like this that is not the least bit bipartisan, and this one isn't. everything about how the republicans plan to conduct a hearing just seems like a disaster. one member of the house says that he does not embarrass himself. if they have some rabbits that they are ready to get out of the hat if they have some smoking , gun or way to question hillary clinton and put her on the defensive, they could salvage this, but i think this is setting up to be a bigger tramp
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-- bigger triumph for her than the debate on the current trajectory. >> i would love them to pull a smoking gun or a rabbit that a shot out of a hat. everything we have heard, for all the criticism that he has got, that trey gowdy is super proud of his role in bringing out the e-mail stuff that he is , not at all trying to confine anyone on the republican side from asking the e-mail questions. there was a time, you argued and , i was open to the idea that this committee would be unlike all the republican run committees that have investigated her. i think it will be just like everyone -- every other one and that they will overplay their hand and she will do just fine. >> the democrats will hold any momentum the republican questioners have. >> there is also talk of all of them resigning from the committee when the committee is over. >> stumbling jeb, what are they feeding him? no longer seen as a front-runner
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by even his own supporters. jeb bush is trying to again come back, built around taking on donald trump. the latest fight between the two has gone on for several days on cable tv. it involves a discussion about george w. bush and what responsibility he might or might have had more 9/11. jeb bush once again trying to come back by taking on trump. does he have a better chance to succeed this time? >> no not at all. ,i thought that when mike murphy said in one of his rare public "the washington post" that donald trump was some , the else's problem, i thought he was right, for now. i still think that is right. i thought that he's not running in his lane. if donald trump attacks in, you should fight back. but there is no mileage in , attacking donald trump for jeb bush. jeb bush has to be the consensus, establishment alternative to that other side. this, i do not believe, that's in there. >> he cannot kill donald trump
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in october, fighting about his brother. he needs to rehabilitate himself and talk about the future. it is crazy, i have not talked to a single republican strategist today who thought that this could or would work. >> if he's attacking marco rubio, john kasich, if she's -- he's trying to win that bracket, that makes a lot of sense to me. i see that. i just think anybody has one against donald trump. i don't know what a victory would look like for jeb in this context given the directory he is on. >> you cannot fight trump in a fight conducted on twitter and web videos. >> maybe on a debate stage you could have a carly fiorina moment. if donald trump when after jeb bush, maybe you could rise to the challenge. in this context it seems contrived. >> and jeb says he can only run if he runs joyfully and he never looks joyful attacking trump. >> nothing joyful about this. hey debt ceiling, how are you , doing? treasury secretary is morning -- is warning that november 3 is the day the sidewalk ends if the debt limit is not increased. the house republican conference
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meets tomorrow to discuss the october agenda and john boehner, whose exit won't come soon enough as far as he is concerned has to figure out a way to get , his caucus in order. what, if any indications are there that the gop can get its blank together? >> it is possible that john boehner will find a way to raise the debt ceiling. offering a fig leaf to conservatives would like to get something in return. ted cruz said republicans should get something in return for raising the debt ceiling. the white house will negotiate on that. the president will negotiate on keeping them from being a government shutdown. the only hope republicans have is that paul ryan becomes house speaker and -- it looks very grim right now. >> i hate to agree with you on every topic but that is what's happening right now. with the exception of the paul ryan situation, which on the
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basis of some reporting out there, not mine, but others, seems to be that maybe he is looking toward taking the speakership, which is what i thought he would do all along. that is something that would help and, what is right now, a total mess. it is ridiculous on that side. >> the only way the debt ceiling gets raised is if once again john boehner allows nancy pelosi to provide the votes to do it. i'm not sure about the applications of that for peace in their public and party. we are going on a break, up +++
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♪ as aam deleting guy, and consequence, very controversial on gun safety. last time we passed new legislation dealing with guns
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was when i wrote the proposals for the president. >> >> that was joe biden at the white house today, speaking at the climate change summit where he brought up his record on gun control which makes perfect sense. here to talk about all things vp , the chief correspondent for the "washington post." gentlemen, let's talk about joe biden, and we will start with you out. what do you know? >> i don't know a thing. i'm in the same boat you are in. you've talked to all kinds of people, and also knows are that he is going to run. member all signals that mitt romney was going to run, all those years ago. let's just see what he does. my guess right now is that they intend to run, but 40 hours can be a long time. >> dan, if he does get in, what is required to launch well?
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>> he needs to be able to, right off the bat, have a compelling message that is something other than, i'm not hillary clinton. there has been so much attention focused on whether this decision is being based on an assessment of our strength -- of her strength. i don't think it's necessarily the basis of the decision, but that's the way the outside world is judging it. if he gets in, he needs to show what he really wants to do and where he wants to take the country. it is not that different from what any other successful candidate does at the beginning of the campaign. >> we had a lot of pulling -- a lot of polling showing joe biden as part of a hypothetical race, tell us what you think of this moment, whether it's right to assume that bernie sanders would be the happiest man in america if biden jumps in? given, that it seems that joe biden is going to draw support from bert -- from lakeland and more than bernie sanders? >> everything we have seen in our polling and other people's suggests that biden takes from clinton and if he is not in the
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race, most of his support goes to clinton. for sanders, that is right. i think there are some joe biden people who think that there is a distinctive constituency for each of the three candidates and that over the course of the long campaign they might be able to prevail, but that would have to play out. that's all hypothetical. >> one of the notable things that hillary clinton did in the debate was to try to cling to president obama and talk about being part of the administration. if joe biden gets in, do those two have a fight over who is the true heir to barack obama? >> i think they might do a little bit of that, but i don't think it's much owing to matter. i hope joe biden gets in, it makes it more fun and interesting, but i can't see a pathway to victory for him. i think they had their differences, she is more hawkish on foreign policy, but that will be fuzzed over a bit. he is more of a populist. they may argue about obama.
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she will say i was his secretary of state. he will say, i was his vice president. i don't think that's going to determine much. i just think that joe biden is a guy that almost everybody likes but they have to ask the , question, is the capstone of a remarkable career to lose the nomination for the presidency for the third time and that's what it looks as that's what looks like will happen. >> let me ask you about demographics. at the moment, you got hillary clinton with one of her presumed strength is that she's strong with hispanic and african-american voters. sanders has mostly white, young and liberal. where does biden fit in? how does that complicate things? both in terms of the gender split and also in terms of some of the racial and ethnic splits? >> it's hard to know what would happen with the gender split. hillary does well with women, not so well with men. we know that already. it's not clear exactly how biden would cut into either of those constituencies. on the racial makeup, joe biden has been a champion of civil
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rights his whole life. he should have some support but i think the clintons hold deeper ties in the african-american community and he would have to battle her for the constituency. >> as we get closer to february, i know you don't think much of his chances, but will elect -- electability matter to democratic voters if biden is shown to be stronger head-to-head against republicans? well that matter to voters at all? >> it has to be significantly different. as you noted earlier the polls , don't show that right now. s it looks like hillary clinton is almost a certain loser and biden looks like a real winner, perhaps that will make a difference, but usually i don't think people vote on the basis of who will do better nine months later. joe biden should be encouraged by some of my track record because i have been wrong on , more than a few times before. i think dan is right, there are a whole lot of places where joe is strong, but they but -- but she is there.
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he is terrific with labor unions, but a lot of labor unions will say that she looks more like a winner. me ask a mechanical question. the people around biden who have been counseling him seem to have convinced him that this is doable on the mechanical front. he can build the team, raise the money, do you think they are right? >> not compared to hillary clinton. that headstart is going to make a huge difference organizationally, financially, biden has some people who have been through this before. they are not neophytes, but they are really going from a standing start and that's going to be very challenging. the only caveat there is that they do have time in the early states, but it's not a national primary, this is a bunch of individual states to begin with, and it time to get organized in iowa and new hampshire, i think. >> dan, what do you think?
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can they get this together on the fly as a matter of mechanics? >> up to a point,, but i'm not sure i agree with al. i think they would have to work very hard to put together the kind of organization that hillary seems to rebuilding out there in iowa. we never know until caucus day what organizations given abilities really are. biden spoke sakes that the long game is their game that winning , in iowa or new hampshire is not the key to winning the nomination. but, they have to win later on. that is a dicey game to play. >> it seems to me the key to his chances are bernie sanders winning in iowa and new hampshire. >> thank you, dan, thank you 'll -- withe will be right back the richest people giving money to help the richest guy after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ >> mr. donald trump has somewhere between 3 billion dollars and infinity billion dollars and he insults his rivals for using super pac's. post" "the washington says that mr. trumps campaign manager -- super pac named after trump's slogan, making america great again and taking donations to help his bid. joining us now is one reporter who shared that by-line. trump is allowed to have a super pac, what is significant about what you found in his super pac and his relationship to it? >> what is remarkable is about -- is how much he is gone after his rivals for having super pac's and being in cahoots with them. he has used this line on the
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campaign trail several times, that other candidates such as jeb bush and hillary clinton have super packs and they might actually be communicating with those super packs in violation of federal election laws. we found that he and his top aide has some pretty strong links to a super pack that is working to help elect him and , probably the most telling time -- telling time is the fact that the consultant, a man based out of colorado, previously worked with trump's campaign manager. >> there is some connection, based on what you found, were those connections illegal or just to the critical in the , sense that they're the type of relationship he criticized? >> one of the big questions is whether the firm that mr. slighty -- helps run which is called whizbang solutions that provides printing services, whether they have a firewall in place.
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because, the firm has actually been paid i mr. tran's campaign at the same time that the owner has been serving as a consultant for the super pac. you're allowed to have a common vendor, but you have to take some pretty serious steps to make sure that there is no inadvertent or advert in ordination going on there. >> we were upset to learn about whizbang solutions because that was that we were going to call this show for a while. there is another name that jumped out of the story, that name was kushner. let's talk about that name and for people who have not read the story, what his involvement is in this super pac is in his connection to the trump family. >> that family is another wealthy real estate family in york and charles kushner is a , large player in real estate and his son, jared kushner is married to donald trump's daughter. the kushner's hosted an event for the make america great super pac and one of the kushner's
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wrote a check to the super pac for $100,000. a spokesperson for the family said that mr. trump did not solicit that donation which would be illegal, but philly -- but clearly, this was a group that the kushner's belt was -- it felt was worthwhile to support and actually as part of a family effort to back mr. trump. >> do we know how much that super pac has raised? >> we do not, they have been very low-key and low-profile. we tried repeatedly to reach the head, with no success. they have not reported as spending any money for mr. trump. they don't have to report any of the donations until january 31, a day before the iowa caucuses. >> we tried to ask some follow-up stories about your story that he never did answer, he was not able to get back to us for the show, but my question to you is, of all the unanswered questions you have regarding the relationship between donald trump campaign and the super pac, what is the biggest? >> the big unanswered question
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is what role, if any, did mr. lewandowski play in setting up the super pac. he clearly knows the man and he told us at first that he did not, and then changed his mind and said that he did know him. he then refused to answer further questions about the relationship. >> i'm not suggesting anything, i want to go back to kushner. not suggesting that there is anything a legal going on here. again just for a normal person, , if your son-in-law is writing checks to a super pac, whether you are soliciting them or not, this suggests to many people that this super pac was blessed in some way. just, on the face of it it seems , like this is a thing that the trump family is supporting. >> there is several pieces of evidence that would suggest that the super pac has been sanctioned by trump or his campaign. that is how does the right people close to the campaign. the fact that the kushner's wrote a very large check to the super pac is part of that.
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>> it would be legal but it would also be cahoots. a great story, thanks for joining us and we will be right back with more bernie and larry after this. ♪
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♪ >> you also larry david do his best bernie sanders on snl, and we had bernie sanders on here and showed him a clip of larry david. >> george, word around the office is that you are a communist. >> it struck me today that a coming us pipeline into the baseball talent be the greatest thing that happened to the organization. >> the internet, being the internet, speculative that it was actually bernie doing a voice, so we asked senator sanders to read the line. >> george, the word run the offices -- office is that you are a communist. >> then read the . >> you know george, it struck me that a communist pipeline into the vat pipeline of cuban baseball talent could be the greatest thing to happen to this organization. >> the internet is going to go
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on fire because the curacy -- the conspiracy theorists proved correct. >> we report, you decide. >> they are the same guy. we will see you tomorrow, sayonara. ♪ the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20.
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it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. emily: a weaker than expected earnings report from ibm, the stock taking a hit after big blue slashes guidance. i am emily chang and this is "bloomberg west." coming up a brain drain at , yahoo!, executives say goodbye. just as the company gets ready to release third-quarter results. first, i will talk to one of the first people about his early heranos,nt in t


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