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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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mark: i'm mark halperin. john: and i'm john heilemann. and with all due respect to chris christie, we promise to keep it down tonight. ♪ john: ssh. two big happy birthdays today. thomas "tip"leader , johnson and hillary clinton. and what better way for the latter to celebrate her 68th than topping our rundown tonight? mark's utterly compelling magnum opus on why hillary clinton is
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our next president of these united states. the recent are several, including a strong performance in des moines this weekend. today, clinton put out a new ad in which she says she will do every she can to make sure women are paid the same. as of today, mark, i know your global view about secretary clinton strength, but at this moment, give us a state of the front runners campaign. mark: the most likely next president -- strong against bernie sanders although he could still topple this whole thing. but she has strengthened both those states and nationally the republican party is not positioning as well as the general. john: it is fascinating, the extent to which we were marked on this before but it was clear in iowa how much this race will come down to iowa. can winary clinton and i will she is on a glide
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, path to the nomination. we can write off new hampshire. if she loses in iowa and he beats her in new hampshire, it will be a much more difficult scenario. she will still probably be the favorite. but things could get very complicated. a lot of republicans are but it will be , complicated. i heard from a lot of smart republicans today who said thanks for writing that piece. we need to get ourselves a nominee who can beat her because she will be the nominee. john: she is a general election candidate and the advantages she has, the possibility that she could get through this primary , this nomination process, relatively unscathed while the tokens -- republicans fight for months, she can be very formidable. mark: there once was a front runner named jeb but today he is down to 5% in iowa according to the latest poll. he is literally tied with rand paul, and two points under not
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sure. he seemed to be frustrated and i will use the cliché -- not to be fighting for his political life. >> i got a lot of really cool things i can do other than the -- sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. mark: if bush is the nominee, soundbite will come back. if not they say he showed , frustration. he is down in florida and texas today after meeting with his big donors. what is the state of the bush campaign today? john: i wouldn't go so far to say that it is on life support but it is reeling. ,i don't think anybody who is a supporter looks at that and says that is the kind of jeb bush that they want to see or that they thought they would see when he launched his campaign. mark: big reporting coming out
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of houston that the presentation marco rubiod false being a bit like obama. if they can eliminate marco rubio, and he has not been embedded enough, if they can eliminate his competition for all the problems they will own the establishment lane. kasich, christie trying to compete there. if they can do that, he is right in this contest. john: you and i have seen that so few republican voters in the early states have a lot of enthusiasm for jeb bush, and the optics of this thing, going back to houston, i get that you have to circle the wagons when you are in trouble, but so much is about the fact that he is a bush. the optics of running home right into donald trump's critique of going back to mommy and daddy i , don't think this looks good for him. i just mentioned donald trump, so let's talk about donald trump. oh, how the mighty have kind of fallen. donald trump is in second place now in iowa. that news may have gotten under his skin, because that skin is
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like an orange peel, but not that thick. here is a glimpse of trumps media rampage in which he goes after some of his republican hopefuls, starting with jeb bush. >> he is losing, he is getting killed. so he is meeting now with mom and dad. [laughter] >> no, it's true. he needs counsel. i like ben but he cannot do with trade like i do with trade. ben carson is a very low-energy person. actually, i think ben carson is lower energy than jeb. en doesn't even go to iowa that much. you look at carson, he is very weak on illegal immigration. if you listen to bush, he said they would come in from love. rubio, the gang of eight, he is way down. this guy was so weak and all of a sudden he said maybe i can do that. they are all weak on immigration.
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john: we talked about the two legacy candidates. what do you think about where he is right now? mark: the trump doubters will say this is the beginning of the end. this is a test. he is behind now and he has to figure out how he fights in iowa. he hasn't gone on tv with ads. he has not been a great candidate. i said before that it he went to iowa now and talked about immigration and leadership his , numbers might improve. he doesn't have to be ben carson in iowa to be the nominee but let's see how he reacts to adversity. john: his attacks in the past have always seemed very shrewd and very pointed. this felt like a discriminate flailing to the point where he is attacking our pollster because he didn't like the outcome. that to me, when he is on his game and driving negative messages, is very powerful. but when he is flailing around i -- and looking like this i think , it makes them look weaker. mark: marco rubio and jeb bush
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are still bigger threats, ben carson. and again, trump has been inefficient over the last 72 hours. he has the chance to show people that he can deal with some adversity. john: the question whether this is a harbinger of other things. if he can isolate the damage to iowa, he can easily survive. we will be right back with jay jane -- a jane sanders, right after this. ♪
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>> three words to describe senator sanders. >> integrity, honesty, and hard-working. >> credible, honest, moral. >> seems like he is moral. >> smart, socialist, jewish. >> amazing, progressive, and new. >> very devoted following. >> not for sale.
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john: that was what we got when we asked voters on saturday night to give us three words to describe senator bernie sanders. we will ask those same questions to a woman who knows slightly better, jane o'meara sanders. potential first lady, it is great to have you here. your first ever visit to "with all due respect". let me start with a simple question. tell us about your family. >> we have four grandchildren and seven grandchildren. we love to be with them. we get back to vermont to hang out with them. no matter what else we are doing we try to get home at least one , night every few weeks. john: what are your three words for your husband? >> integrity is definitely one of them. caring, and honest. loving, wonderful. [laughter]
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mark: tell us a story of how you met. >> we first met -- it was strange. when he was running for mayor, i was a community organizer. the neighborhood organizations that i organized came and met with the then mayor. the questions they were asking where being kind of evaded. i started to stand up and asked questions and they said you , sound like bernie sanders. i sat down and said whose bernie , sanders? they said i think he's running , for mayor. let's organize the debate. we had a debate a couple weeks later, and i immediately fell in love with his ideas. shortly thereafter, fell in love with him. it was wonderful. mark: do you remember the first words you exchanged? i think i said, mr. sanders,
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welcome. but nobody was paying attention to the then mayor because they weren't supportive, so i had to go take care of whoever needs you. mark: i was really hoping it would be, "man, you are smoking hot." [laughter] mark: you guys went on a honeymoon described as unusual -- the soviet union. your husband later described it as a strange experience. tell us about the honeymoon and why it was a strange experience. >> we went to the soviet union to establish a sister city relationship. >> what year was that? >> that was 1988. he asked me to marry him in march, and i said when? we really don't have any other time -- we are going on this diplomatic mission to do a sister city. we don't have any other time we can take off. so we picked our dates,
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realizing we would have to be heading the memorial day parade on the 29th and traveling to russia on the 29th in the afternoon. so on the 28th, we said, ok, may 28 it is. our wedding was determined by that but it was fun. we had 10 people with us and had a wonderful time, but it was not your normal honeymoon. it was really educational. john: what time of year was it? >> may. john: springtime in the former soviet union. >> yes, and it is quite wonderful. the sister city is still going on. doctors, hospitals, all these different relationships that we have continued. john: you are married to a united states senator, but now he is a little more famous. how has the life of that sanders family changed over the last couple of months? >> it's amazing -- you can't walk down the street. in vermont people are so used to seeing us and it's fine, but we
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just walked down to new york and people are turning around and stopping and asking for selfies. that is the hardest thing -- we can't get any alone time. john: a lot of upside for people being so nice. what are some of the downsides? >> just the lack of privacy. upsides dothe outweigh the downsides. we are meeting wonderful people. we are supporting you because of this, you are speaking to my issues, thank you for running. that is one of the things that has been really nice to see, that people are just interested in the celebrity, or that person is on tv. it is i love what you are saying about college tuition, health care, then telling us personal stories. i would really like to get to know all of these people. so, it is wonderful. mark: your husband is obviously very passionate and principled
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and committed to his passion and principles. he talks about issues, his ideology, is the lease. he doesn't talk that much about himself when he is out on the campaign trail. presumably there is a side of bernie sanders that you see that the public doesn't. would you like for the public to be able to see more of the bernie you know? >> i would. on the other hand, i think he has limited amounts of time to talk about the issues that are so important. that is why he is running for president, not because he is a wonderful person or a loving father or grandfather and that he loves to have fun and loves music. hopefully they will get to see more of that as time goes on. i think it is happening as more and more media interest is taking place, that he is being able to talk a little bit more, instead of saying ok, i have this one time to talk about issues. he has been pretty funny with you. mark: we were so impressed by his real focus on issues.
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it is great for the country to have a presidential candidate that disciplined, to say that he doesn't care about the soap opera. regardless of what you think of his positions that is great, but on the other hand, don't you want to know your political leaders? don't you want to know what kind of music they like, whether families are like? it is part of electing a leader. >> i tell him that. then he gives me the same face he gives you. [laughter] mark: so you have tried to convince him. >> i have. mark: is that an anecdote -- it's got nothing to do with issues, what do you want to know? >> he loves music. he is just very sincere, and when he is not talking about the issues, he is very present. he is very present. he is listening to them and enjoying what they are telling him. he is thinking in the back of his mind about what else has to
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happen, but he does a christmas party every year, holiday party. we are coming to that. >> good. for seniors, then there is one -- he ran his first campaign for mayor against condominium complex, luxury condominium complex on the waterfront. he wanted a people-oriented waterfront. the developer has become a very good friend. he's a republican -- we never asked him for any donations, but he has become a good friend, and he started with us 35 years ago to have a christmas party or holiday party for low income families. then we moved to have holiday parties for veterans. he has not missed that in all those years. he has a crazy schedule, but he does not miss that. two quick questions -- whose imitations do you like better, his or larry david or
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him of larry david? [laughter] >> i thought larry david was really good. john: and one imitation he does is his monster imitation. do you do a monster imitation? >> i do not. john: do you do any? >> i do not, i read to them. he teaches them chess and baseball and soccer. that is something that your viewers would not know, but that is something happens every time he is home. they come running out. john: i now have this desire to take it with me to the world series with the mets. >> wait, you have to take me. [laughter] john: i'm taking you all. jane o'meara sanders, you are fantastic, thank you. what three words best describe hillary clinton among iowa voters? we will give you the answers when we are back. ♪
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>> experienced, vibrant, and educated.
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>> dynamic, beautiful, electable. >> resilient, tough, motivated. >> beautiful, the future, madame president. >> strong, independent, and intelligent. >> good, strong, and determined. mark: that is what we got when we asked iowa voters and one very famous non-iowa voter to give us three words to describe hillary clinton. joining us now to talk about the clintons is jeff link a longtime , democratic strategist in iowa. he is an outside advisor to a bottom/-- obama-biden 2012. thanks for joining us.
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bill clinton and katy perry both appeared alongside hillary clinton on saturday, and bill clinton to some of our years was not at the top of his game. >> i would not be surprised in iowa if we see some republican farmers from new york show up here. one of them called me the other day saying that i want to go back. all i know is i'm not sure what party i'm in anymore. when she was a senator, she is the only person who ever did anything for our farmers. >> were you rusty or good? >> i hope both. >> was it fun? >> yeah. mark: later i also talked to him about selfies have changed politics. you can see that on even bill clinton is rusty probably 10 times better than most. how much can he help his wife on the ground? >> well, he is very popular in the state. he has always had a lot of fans in iowa, particularly among democrats. i think he will be huge asset
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for her. john: you saw what barack obama's team built in terms of the caucus, which was unprecedented. hillary clinton's team, everyone says it is much better than it was eight years ago. the relative strengths of the clinton ground game -- >> i think saturday night was an important test of that ground game. as people compare 2008 to saturday night it was clear that , the clinton campaign has upped their performance. it was her room on saturday night in des moines. i think that from that standpoint you can't really get a true assessment except looking at these interim stops to compare the campaigns. she showed she was at the top of the game, certainly saturday. but look, these sanders people came on buses. it takes a certain level of organization to fill up buses and make sure they get there on time.
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some people thought they left early, since a bunch of people left while the secretary was still speaking. i would not short sell the ground game that sanders has built either. there is definitely a lot of enthusiasm for sanders. a lot of people try and skip over martin o'malley, but he had a pretty strong group that was there as well. i happened to be sitting in that corner of the room. they were very enthusiastic. mark: fill in the blank. the best reason to say bernie sanders might win the iowa caucuses is blank. >> energy. momentum and energy at the end of the caucus really matters. ask rick santorum. we were talking a lot about how this jj compared to 2000. bill bradley had all the energy in the world going into that
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1999 jj, and gore really turned it that evening. it wasn't as palpable that night, but it really started to turn the whole dialogue around. that is what i think energy is the most important. john: we've got to go back to that again. one of the things that obama did well was expand them. 230,000 people who showed up, more than have ever turned out. what is your best guess, given what you can see right now, as to what the numbers might be like come february 1? >> i think it is going to be tough to reach the 2008 numbers, just because it was twice what we had ever seen before. but i think we will get somewhere close to that range. i was quite surprised at the viewership of the first democratic debate. i think there's genuine enthusiasm. mark: are people engaged in politics who haven't in the past because of him? >> i think there are new people joining in that sanders effort.
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john: just looking at that room, a lot of people there are not people who would come out for anyone else. >> and we have that every cycle in iowa. we always talk about how there is this hard-core group of caucus attenders, but in that hard-core group every single cycle, 10%-12% are people who just get enthused about a candidate who have never done anything like it before. some of whom don't ever do it again. it is a small group, but there is always that 10%-12% that is brand-new to the process. mark: jeff link, unaffiliated, but representing all iowa democrats. thanks so much. we will be right back after this. ♪
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john: you know what's legal in colorado? free speech, snow boarding, and smoking weed.
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on we will be taking part in at wednesday, least two when we are live from boulder for the third republican debate. set the dvr and charge of your debate. we will see you then. mark: sayonara. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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