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tv   Trending Business  Bloomberg  October 29, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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that has been boosted to $2 billion. lehman investing in new businesses in food delivery and online video will boost growth. nutrition's, medical and education stocks, set to move starting china's decision to child policy 36 years after the introduction, beijing has decided the policy works too well leaving it with a rapidly aging population. couples will now be allowed to have two children. overall, it is negative. out of new york -- negativity here, as well. >> we were so close, on track since 2010t month for asia-pacific stock. they are taking a brief air right now. stocks have decided to let this team at a little better and that is why we are sealing the cell of underway. take a look at what is moving in
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the markets that are posting any kind of advance right now, the vietnam market yesterday closed higher but today, malaysia just marginally higher. swigging between gains and losses and will what you are seeing in key markets across the region not a huge amount of conviction there, the cosby in investors in north asia weaving the bank of japan decision will be washed quickly here and how they may recalibrate their monetary policy given japan's continued achieve push really to 2% inflation but it is not happening anytime soon as we all know. let's take a look at some of the -- on the hang seng. energy shares are quite active. tetra china down 3%. chinese oil producers have had a tough time this year.
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.rofits wiped out this year a challenging situation impacting chinese producers all the way to royal dutch shell, which has seen billions of dollars bleeding from the balance sheet. reshoting and in tokyo, rishaad:. looking at the bank of japan, the most anticipated meeting of his time in charge. policy makers discussing strategy in light of a sluggish economy and inflation rate that refuses to play. we are in tokyo. do you think that this consumer price information we got earlier will do anything in terms of influencing them? it is another negative
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read on the japanese economy. cards been a pretty mixed in recent quarters. some economists say they would not be surprised at japan slips into a recession. that is the kind of data which is basically making the decision when he sees inflation numbers this morning, a reminder of how far away they are from the 2% and even if it is not all japan issues this time around. there is the global deflation story to do the falling energy prices and the like at the sharper mind it at the sharper mind it a 2% target a long way away. very quickly here as well and we have had the economy minister talking as well as a net prices are moving toward the target. doesn't seem like that given today's numbers. me about the politicians and their role in all of this because they don't like a yen which is too weak. reporter: it is an interesting
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factor this time around. the role ofjapan -- politics has been scrutinized this time because there is a feeling among analysts that politicians have not been putting as much pressure on the bank of japan as when previous times a year ago and some of the yen. a week yen is a positive for the economy because it provides a role of security but if it is two-week, it can be negative because it hurts companies relying on imports, it hurts their purchasing power, household purchasing power. smaller and medium enterprises in the average household, the weekend -- a week -- that is whyen you're easing the pressure on the bank of japan. >> what is his mindset like?
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sprung that famous halloween surprise one year ago. they feel that when he goes, he .ikes to go with a bang roughly half of the analysts who watch us will have tipped him. it will not be as much surprise. he will not get as much bang for his book. well, going to move to one of our top stories, china pulling the plug on the family planning project and the one china policy they have decided may have worked too well and hoping to head off the looming disaster. let's see how social media is reacting to this. been a mixed reaction on social media.
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her is a lot of talk about social ramifications. people wondering are we going to get the refund when they had the penalty before of having the one child -- >> i don't think it works that way -- >> i guess a little bit of cohesion index messages so we have a look at some of the prices we had coming through on i willone user saying think about having a second child if i am not living or working in the first two cities. and also the government, are they going to return the penalty that they charged with neglect exactly the point earlier -- >> they probably will -- or we allow to have a second child there will be forced to have two kids? this user saying basically that they had this one child policy of then finally actually one our basic human rights to be able to have as many kisses anyone so things are sort of giving it back to us but a little bit of sarcasm.
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>> yet, i mean, it was a long time coming, wasn't it? one generation that is used to not having a sibling. a lot of people don't -- >> as you were mentioning before a -- >> let us go -- >> ok, so i was looking at the reaction on twitter. it is certainly a very -- focus that people outside china when they are looking at this massive change in policy -- >> a bit hold if you can have another child. almost inconceivable knotted -- if the government tells you not to do something so i think in this case we have to make it clear in one user pointed out you have an able to have two children anyway and if you could just afford to pay the fines. the law doesn't work retroactively i should -- ok -- i can't imagine being the only child, cheers for those who will not be able to relate to all of us siblings.
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china is the same as india and i think this is a very good point because there is a massive gender imbalance. will help the aging parents? to this point, i want to bring up another graphic which i think speaks volumes about what has happened in the implication so although it made my family possible, very glad it came to an end and obviously there was a preference for boys and of the femalet babies were put up for adoption. we know, major social ramifications for that, a lot of unmarried young women out there. back to you. >> let's take a look at baidu because it had a storming search, 6.9%. 6.8%. falling heavily but this wasn't as bad as expected and bloomberg news has an analysis for us here.
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tell us about the earnings because expectation seemed to be solo. >> yet, i mean, how is it good news on earnings fall by the largest amount in quite a few years? it is because as you said, expectations were even lower. the reason is simple. line was in line, a bit of growth, by the big concern, the swing factor for baidu at the moment is the spending. they are spending a lot of money to promote new services they are moving into the here and they want to do delivery and restaurant bookings and all that kind of stuff. they want to travel. they are big in movie tickets. 15% of movie tickets bought and china are bought through baidu. that is a lot of money. however, tossing a lot of money to get the chinese people to actually use the platform, they are using subsidies, promotions, marketing to try to get people onto the platform, it is a
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long-term bet that it will go somewhere and they will make money out of it in the end the bottom line, literally the bottom line is better than expected because they managed to kind of tweak that's pending in the third quarter. it wasn't that big of a blowout that analysts had expected. >> talking of spending here, i mean one of the reasons why we saw that pop in a share price must be that $2 billion share buyback. why are they doing this? i guess one way to put it if you burress in a cassette shareholder bribery, this talk has fallen 31% in the third quarter -- that is the biggest drop since 2008 so that is you know very much a bad sign if you are long on baidu during the quarter you really would have heard a lot. at the same time, they've got a lot of money, they have 11 billion u.s. dollars. if i had $12 billion a quarter and now they announced -- they execute a $1 billion buyback shareeally it improper to
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price too much as i said it went down 31 percent during the quarter, they still have a lot of cash so hey, you have that much cash, what had to another by back yet closer they are doing it, another $2 billion. they are still cash flow positive because they are bread-and-butter search business to bringing money again. it is not like the emperor in cash. he can afford to do it and they are. >> swapping chairs with -- swapping shares with sweet ship -- is there a truce in this online to off-line service? >> that is a good question. it would look like that. the merger was hit really a merger. they will still be separate companies. they are a baidu invested company. they are in the business of
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travel services. the theory goes they will probably not try to hurt each other as much in other areas is about. there has been a licenses. it is a long battle, a long war. this is just a short battle being worked out in between but there is a long fight ahead because it is a very big market and it is growing. >> thank you. checking out some of the other earnings results, strong demand imaget cameras and sensors here. better than other thinking, 270 $8 million compared with a billion dollars a year ago, the company maintaining its forecast under a fourth straight -- swinging at refocusing its strategy and moving away from a loss, making television businesses -- panasonic also coming in ahead of estimates, up by 20% year on year, pointing to the weaker yen and the rise in
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net income and sales -- panasonic keeping its forecast in the first half dividends are not changed. panasonic will complete its with trough from the sanyo television brand which was purchased by ago, selling it to chang, electric, the consideration there is undisclosed. now starbucks profit forecast below estimates, they've put down to rising -- company spending more on his employees in technology and including rolling on mobile in north america. starbucks met expectations in the last quarter with profit of $.43 per share. strong growth in this part of world -- shares falling back by about 1%. the is trending business, first three-way summit in years, china, japan, -- getting together to look at the agenda right after this. ♪
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>> japan has defied local opinion to resume work on an air base in okinawa. police moved in to stop protesters blocking access to the area. the dispute has caused outrage and damaged shinzo abbe cash prime minister shinzo abe's popularity. 15 people needed hospital treatment and after a plane caught fire at fort lauderdale airport. fuel was seen leaking from the plane before the fire broke out. all people on board escaped. the ntsb and boeing are investigating. last month, a fire forced the
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evacuation of a british airways plane. san oppositionar parliament has been seriously wounded in an attack in an election rally in yangon. a group of armed men attacked the opposition meeting ahead of next month's paul pierce. policing they have no motive for the attack. leader will hold a rally this weekend. acharya -- acharya trilateral meeting. e willminister shinzo ab discuss the problem of north -- whyill bloomberg news has it taken so long for these three chicken around the table?
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>> there is tremendous animosity between china and south korea and japan. they see him as a closet militarist who will not take responsibility. between north korea -- south korea andjapan . >>for methe incredibly particularly with the comfort women. shoes, -- has massive massive issues, as well. and a lot of the resentment is genuine and there is a lot of suspicion. -- he has made statements whether he believes that japan was responsible for the war. and the war -- is there andment
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refused to meet with him and it was only last year that he had a meeting with xi. andt has taken ages four he abe to me. is it personal? >> they are coming to the realization -- they still feel threatened by the fact that they cannot control korea in the nuclear threat is growing. they are three major economies that are slowing. china -- we saw japan reach out to china. they have come to the realization that issues are there. surely china is on the agenda? park has built a good
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relationship with xi jinping. attended that parade in beijing. abe was not there. abe and refused to meet will meet with him now. forced tomen were work in brothels during the war and there are 45 survivors in korea and she wants a paper in broader apology -- eight deeper and broader apology. it is a divisive issue. right [indiscernible] above -- inng mumbai, get her on the biggest public listing in three years. ♪ rishaad: china is facing a
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tumble today. less than half of what analysts were expecting. facing a complicated and green environment. 2.2%. at shell posting its worst result in years. ahead withessing its largest aquisition. shares are down 1.5%. demand for shares for the biggest airline in india topping
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projected offers pure they are hoping to raise $416 million in the sale. let's head to mumbai. >> indigo's ipo is nearly six times. strong profitability in one of the fastest markets. demand is strong among foreign investors. strong demand expected to see the company pricing the offer at the top end of the range. is -- its ipo coming at a
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time when cost has raised the .utlook of the budget airlines indigo is expected to benefit the most as more indians can fly. keeping cost and gets low. building a reputation for punctuality. rivals have seat and increase this month. of indigo,ccess another local carrier is possibly looking at an ipo by the end of the year. i want to mention the indication that the government will finally clear that delayed policy which has been waiting in the wings for years to do away with like allowings new airlines to fly overseas and ensuring pricing caps.
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that is it for this edition of trending business. ♪
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>> bonsoir. mark: with all due respect to jeb bush, we would critique you, but our french workweek is just about over. >> oui, oui. ♪ john: the music is as funny as anything. mark: we just flew from colorado and boy, are our arms tired. marco o


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