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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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john: i'm john heilemann. mark: and i'm mark halperin. donald trump: and i am donald trump, and with "with all due respect" to the campaign trail, this is thick ice. ♪ john: this show will be a long-playing production every day of one hour instead of 30 minutes. that is right, you have us for the full hour. we will have donald the j. trump, that's right, the trump. we will have him for the full
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hour. so is it ben carson or, in fact, marco rubio's season in the sun? we had rubio support spike in a new hampshire where a new monmouth university poll shows rubio with about nine points in september and now he is at 13%. in a cattle call in iowa, one person who is not impressed is, surprise, surprise, the aforementioned mr. trump. donald trump: i don't think he is going to make it, and i was watching the press shows this morning, and one of the shows had marco rubio nowhere near me in the polls. i don't think -- personally, i
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called him a lightweight. at one point, i called him a lightweight. i don't mean to be insulting, but i do describe people somehow well. john: how real is marco rubio's rise? mark: marco rubio can survive the betting that is coming, and he has the establishment, people who are not wedded to bush, and he has a great campaign. he is great with people and he is, right now, on everybody's list of possible nominees. john: you can't make too much about these endorsements, but in the last few days, paul singer, and i don't think there is anyone who is as important with any republican donors than him, who signed with rubio, and cory gardner today, a freshman senator, but a new voice in the party, those are big bolsters
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for rubio. mark: as far as we know, marco rubio has skyrocketed. sort of how carly fiorina did after her good debate, but he has to keep it going. john: look, there is still the question we keep raising again and again, what state will rubio win early on? that is indicative of anything else, if other polls match, means he could be in a good place. mark: there is a new force in the party for sure. if you follow politics, you know that any candidate is legally able to reboot its party 96 times. today, jeb bush rebooted his party for the 24th time. that means he has 72 more reboots. there was a speech in tampa where jeb took new aim at president obama and hillary clinton. he discusses why being the
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florida governor should matter more. jeb bush: if he wants to debate, he probably came away with the election being about soundbites or fantasy football or which candidate can interrupt the loudest. i am here to tell you it is not. this election is not about a set of personalities. it is about a set of principles. [applause] jeb bush: the challenges we face as a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment, to trust the rhetoric of reform over a record of reform. after seven years of incompetence, corruption, and gridlock in washington, we need a president who can fix it. mark: this is what he told me about his resilience in this debate. what these say about the people who say you can't fight? jeb bush: oh man, they don't know me, they don't know me. i eat nails when i wake up.
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this is because of my family background. mark: jeb's new phrase is "jeb can fix it." we will continue to ask, will these new slogans fix what jeb is missing? john: eating nails, this is a different take on the paleo diet, that will at least keep him slim. he needs some good news and he needs a message that is comprehensible to some people. one of the things when he started out was people thought he was going to run on his florida record. most people do not know what jeb bush is all about, and if they don't know that, then they are not going to go his way. mark: the people who had the best chances were christie, kasich, and bush.
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his experience is relevant to this age and these soundbites are doing much better for him than attacking trump or rubio. john: one of the things we said before he got in this race was how did his absence from politics affect him? that time in florida seems a long time ago. mark: he is eating some rusty nails. rusty nails. yeah, ok. john: and it is possible that the movie topic of this could be served up by christopher nolan. this week began with uncertainty as the rnc tries to quash the revolt from networks against its candidates.
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there was a new demand to television networks and moderators and "the washington post" says that donald trump will negotiate his own rules with tv executives separately. mark, my question to you is, will these republican campaigns get what they want? mark: trump knows full well that they cannot do the shoe without him. he will probably have a lot of leverage to get it. john: as he got with cnbc. he got what he wanted. mark: most of them want opening statements. john: ted cruz has said he only wants moderators who have voted in the republican primaries and chris christie does not think that is at all legitimate or fair. mark: now that the thing is wide open, i don't really know where it is going to go, but i do note that whatever the final solution
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is, trump and carson are going to have a lot of say. john: and of course, the various outlets are going to push back. mark: coming up next, our extended conversation with donald trump, his discussion on marco rubio, the discussion in syria, his talk of "saturday night live," and his discussion on what other candidates did for halloween, when we come back in 60 seconds. ♪
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rand paul: we think our message is attractive to independence and we also think our message is attractive to the republican party. i don't know what to tell you
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about how many votes we will get, but it is about getting the most that we win. rick santorum: i go around iowa and i am like johnny appleseed. and i like to remind them that they are doing a good job and that they should trust their judgment. the person that i selected could have one. >> we need to have our say, respect everybody, give them more time. mark: those were three of the many republican candidates that i got to speak to over the weekend at the republican meeting. another candidate who was in iowa that we talked to was ted cruz. his super-pac is trying to flesh out his personal story sometime in the near future. on saturday, i caught up with the senator and his father, rafael, to talk about something that could not be more personal, family. mark: how do you usually spend the holidays?
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rafael cruz: this is a time for us to give thanks to god's great blessings in the wonderful country in which we live, and it is a time in which we go around the table and everyone says, what are you most thankful for? what is that it would like to express thanksgiving to god for? there is a real communion around the dinner table. ted cruz: i would also say at one of the wonderful things about my dad during christmas is that he cooks his famous flan. you might think you have good flan, but the thing about my dad's flan is it is about six inches tall and it is encrusted with toasted coconut. we sit around and eat that and sit and play dominoes and they
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are pretty intense. cutthroat.etty mark: is it really that thick? do you really put a lot of toasted coconut in it? rafael cruz: yes, i put a lot of coconut in it. mark: do you shred it or do you buy it shredded? rafael cruz: i buy it shredded. mark: you spend a lot of official holidays together, so what is this year going to be like? rafael cruz: i think we will spend time to reflect on the birth of christ and why christ came to earth to die for our sins. it is a very sacred time. the only thing that ted did not like about christmas is, you know, ted was born on december 22, and several people in my family, my sister for example, would say, "this present is for your birthday," and for christmas and ted, when he was a little kid would always say, it "dad, why wasn't i born in july?" he always felt cheated.
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mark: i don't blame him. [laughter] mark: mr. cruz, senator cruz, thank you. rafael cruz: thank you. ted cruz: i am sure this christmas will involve watching the new "star wars" movie. i am looking forward to that. mark: so yes, his father is on the ground talking to people. john: this is a double-edged sword for him, he is a guy who is seen by people who would even admire him as someone who is a little severe and a little unapproachable, so to the extent that he can soften himself and become more inviting is a good thing. his father is a very controversial figure, very, very far right, an evangelical pastor who has said some very controversial things. elevating his father carries real risks for him down the road as a nominee. mark: but a lot of republicans
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who worked in the bush campaign with ted cruz think he is a nasty, arrogant, un-fun guy. the fact is, his friends like him, his family like him, and he is going to have to show people, if he wants to be president, he is going to have to show people that we will see more personality. john: there is no doubt that he has a personality and that he has a sense of humor, like when we saw him out in iowa, he was very genial. but george bush took him to the woodshed and said that is not unusual in a lot of places where ted cruz has spent time, so he is going to have to counteract that with the party, i think. mark: he is working very hard and we am seeing progress with him in iowa. john: there is another guy who is trying to beef up his personal narrative, and that is bernie sanders. check out this ad, the first of the campaign, of his campaign, which will begin running in iowa and new hampshire tomorrow.
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announcer: the son of polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement, he went to public school and went to college, and his life in public service began. he worked at fighting inequality and speaking truth to power. he is one of america's best men. bernie sanders. husband, father, grandfather, and a leader, building a movement to give us a future to believe in. john: mark, the sanders campaign says it is going to back up that ad with $2 million on the air. they are going to be ramping up their campaign to the hillary clinton level as we get closer and closer, so my question to you is, how much does the human bernie matter for success? mark: it matters a lot. this is one of the best ads i have seen in this cycle, and maybe several cycles, it is a 60 second spot, great photographs, it tells a story, and it links
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his personal biography with what he cares about, his agenda. john: that is the key thing, right? the key thing that barack obama showed back in 2008 is how do you tell a story, not just the personal details, but how does your biography line up with your campaign? sanders has a very credible merger and he has to allow his campaign to do it. he is so reticent about that background. mark: in presidential politics, it matters. this will be fascinating to see if this can get him to pick up any of these themes of the personal stories. john: there is no humanity in his stump speech at all, not a lot of humor. mark: a little humor. john: a little humor, but he is a guy who has got to let go a little bit and let that stuff out because you can't win just by being an ideological avatar.
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mark: if that works, his campaign should reconsider these numbers. all right, when we come back, the real donald trump talks about breakfast bacon and the ice rink that some believe says a lot about his candidacy, after this. ♪
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mark: this morning we spent some time with the real donald trump here in central park, right here in gotham city. we will have more on that later, but first, we asked trump about politics and a tax issue in which we knew he would have a lot to say, corporate inversions. john: corporate inversions, you say that this is a serious problem. donald trump: i have.
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john: how are corporate versions different? donald trump: these are legal and it is much different in this way, but you could have $2.5 trillion or more and the corporations want to bring it out and they can't bring it back because it is so prohibitive, so bad, and so complicated. so what is happening is that companies are leaving our country and they are leaving our country and thinking about massive numbers are thinking about leaving to go out and get that money. also to get a better tax deal. john: so when you are saying it is a problem, you are saying is that the laws are the problems, not the companies' behaviors? donald trump: it is so
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prohibitive, but under my plan, and a couple of others, but nobody knew about corporate inversion until i talked about it. nobody knew about what corporate inversion is. i do know about it. those hundreds of thousands of jobs went to other countries and you are going to lower taxes and bring that money in and you are going to use that money to build and to do things in the united states. john: so you are not talking about pfizer at all? donald trump: no, in the old days, you could go down to florida or new jersey or go to texas to save taxes. now because of the way the world is so different, you leave the united states and you go to ireland and you go to asia and europe. i mean, it is a different world and we have to compete better. mark: this is a great institution, so is "saturday night live," you are doing it next week. are you nervous? how are you feeling about it? donald trump: i am just excited
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about it. i met with lorne michaels today to come up with some skits and i am just going to be very excited. john: i have a skit idea, so think about it. donald trump: i will think about it. john: this is once one of the largest ice rings in the world, the wollman rink. it used to have hundreds of thousands of visitors. obviously, that was back in the 50's. donald trump: we have more people. we have more people than any other ice rink by far in the world. john: do you skate yourself? donald trump: i don't. john: do you ever exercise on the ice? donald trump: no, i run for office. i play golf, i play tennis, i love sports. i don't have much time for exercising, but i do love sports. mark: here is a question that we almost never get to ask you and i have wanted to ask you for a while. what do you like to eat? donald trump: i love steak and hamburger and pasta and french fries, all of the things that we shouldn't be eating.
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john: you need to do more exercises, though. mark: do you have three meals a day? donald trump: pretty much, i try. a lot of times i can't. mark: there are a lot of things that you liked either you just can't resist? donald trump: yeah, bacon, eggs, steak. you hear a report that comes out, and it says you can't eat it and then you can, so i eat what i like. it has been working. john: how many pieces of bacon would you eat in one sitting? donald trump: don't ask. john: don't ask? donald trump: don't ask. john: more than two? donald trump: more than two. john: what do you think about kansas city and the mets in the world series? donald trump: kansas city is great and the mets have come so far, and they should be proud of themselves. kansas city has a great winning team. during the whole season, they would come back, and i love these comeback people, and they would come back and they would set a record for comebacks.
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there is something special about that. they would come back on a number of occasions with the mets. mark: what do you do to make your grandkids laugh? donald trump: i spent as much time with them, and the time is tough, but more and more, i am giving management over to my children and to my executives into my company. but i do nothing to make them laugh, i just love them. mark: no funny faces? donald trump: a little bit. mark: bernie sanders hangs out with his, he is a monster. donald trump: he blew it, bernie sanders blew it. you know what? he blew it with the e-mails. when he gave that up, i thought, great soundbite, but that is the end of him. when he gave up the e-mails, which he shouldn't have given up, i said great soundbite, i said, he is dead. john: in this rink, you were talking about extraordinary details as to how the ice was made. have you ever driven a zamboni?
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donald trump: i have one time. john: what is it like? donald trump: it is great. john: tell us about your dad. donald trump: he was a spectacular guy, he was a wonderful builder, he was a spectacular person, he was a great negotiator, and i learned a lot. he gave me a loan and i said, "i want to go out to manhattan, " and he said, "no, no, no, stay in brooklyn. " he is somebody that was very special. mark: what do you think he would save about you running right now? donald trump: i think he would say, amazing, go do it. he was a very tough cookie. when i worked for him, i did great stuff and i did great success, even when working for him. i brought it to a very high level and he said that everything i touch turns to gold, and i said, this is not a father who would normally say that, this was normally a very
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tough cookie. he was not easy. but terrific, a terrific guy. he said that statement to me and i was thinking that was probably the greatest compliment i have ever had. he said that everything i touch turns to gold. but there are different kinds of gold. a political gold to get a building permit or to get a house built in brooklyn or in queens. mark: that was the person, donald trump. we will talk about his policy and head out on the rink. ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. ♪ mark: back in the old days, and by that, i mean last week, this is the time that we would be saying "sayonara." but no longer.
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now we are 60 minutes long. from now on. it is just like the venerable cbs news show "60 minutes" but without that annoying ticking. we spoke with donald trump earlier this week in central park at the wollman ice rink. here in gotham city. it is a place very close to heart, because he took it from the dumps and gave it that very special trumpian magic touch. john: central park's iconic wollman ice rink is just as iconic as the rockefeller christmas tree, barney's and , english reruns of "elf" on cable. when the rink opened in 1950, it was a marvel, boasting 300,000 skaters in the first year alone. but like much of gotham city, in the decades that followed, the rink descended into disrepair. in 1980, it was shut down and a
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for a nearly $5 million overall, but then, it stalled. the rink had yet to be open and millions over budget. enter donald j. trump. then just 40 years old trump set , his sights on wollman. literally. looking down from his office, he swankyking down on his view from trump tower, he was disgusted with the view. in he took the project over from june 1986, the city, bring it in under budget, and have the rink opened by christmas. the city capitulated and trump delivered, and then it was up and running at nearly $1 million under budget. donald trump: i give ed koch and commissioner henry stern tremendous credit for saying, "donald, go and do it." i would be a lot better than them if i didn't do it.
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ed koch: there is the modest donald trump. [laughter] ed koch: but donald trump deserves an enormous amount of credit. the: trump sometimes sites success of the wollman rink renovations as one of his biggest projects. going down memory lane. so 1986, your office not far from here. you looked down and and why did you decide to get involved in the project? donald trump: for years, i saw a mess. i saw a place that was under construction, the wollman rink, and for years it was under construction. eight, to be exact, and i said, what is going on? we are talking about a slab of concrete. it was much more complicated than that, to tell you, but it was essentially a slab of
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concrete, and after a number of years, i called the mayor and said, what is going on? and no one was ever working. they were on a lunch break all day long. hundreds of people, and it has been a great experiment, i said, continue, but it certainly was a great experiment. mark: what was in it for you? donald trump: i just wanted to get it done. i had a young daughter at the time, still young ivanka, and i hear her say, "dad, i want to go skating," and i would look down and see this rink from trump tower and then i would pass it and i would look at it and i would see a lot of the men and know them and i would see a lot of the workers, and they would waive to me and say "hello, mr. trump." , that would tell me that nobody wanted them to work. i saw ed koch, who was the mayor at the time, and i said "listen, i will do this job and i will get it done last." it was a huge embarrassment for
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the city, because you know what was happening. it was a front-page story. eight years to open and ice-skating rink, and i went to ed koch and said, "let me do it and if i do not do it for under $2 million, i will pay for it, and he was embarrassed by the whole situation, but i took it over and got it done in four months, and people use this as an example of what can be done through private enterprise. mark: is this a story of the ineffectiveness of the public sector or the effectiveness of the private sector, or does this say something special about your capacity to get things done? donald trump: i do have a great capacity to get things done but it also has to do with the private sector. i mean, i don't know if anybody could have beaten my record. for example, the old post office under construction right now on pennsylvania avenue right between congress and the white house, boom! it is the most beautiful building. it is incredible. i am under budget and ahead of schedule. which is what it should be. we are going to open in 2017,
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probably in september, or actually, 2016, which is very good timing, right on pennsylvania avenue, so i get things done, but another one i am proud of there was a big , development in the bronx and that was a disaster, under construction for probably 30 years. nobody really knows when it started. it was so long ago, and i got it done in a year, and it is open now and very successful. mark: so people who say that trump has no government experience and you cannot possibly be president, this was a government problem. the city could not get things built. so what is an example now that aren't getting done that you think that you could bring the same skills to if you were president? donald trump: i will give you one example. wars. wars are not getting done. it is the same thing. if you look at isis, and we send 50 people over there, our 50 best, why would anybody say what we are sending? why would the president say we are sending 50 people? those people are in great danger now because we are saying that.
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if he has got to send them -- first of all either you win or , you don't win, win or get out, but he sends 50 people over there and makes a public announcement to the world that 50 people -- well, those men and women right now, they are being hunted. they are looking for those men. why does he have to say that he is sending them out? do you know how dangerous that is? mark: your critics would say that you just compared building and i skating rink to stopping wars. explain this. donald trump: it has to do with building things, it has to do with common sense, it has to do with knowledge. look. i wrote a book in the year and i 2000, wrote about osama bin laden. because i watched this guy talking. you know he was a terrorist, he , was well-known, and i wrote a book. and someone in congress said, when did you write this book? and i said, it was in 2000. it was before the world trade
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down, and i have a knack for things, and i know what i am doing. this country is so far behind in trade, in military. we are so far -- i watched the other day, general odierno. he is leaving. he said we are the least prepared that we have ever been, i think he said that we ever been. he might have been since the second world war, but i think he effectively said ever. we can't have that. john: is the argument that you are making is that the skill set of the president of the united states is the same as the skill set required of a ceo, and if they are not the same, what is the difference? donald trump: no. they are not the same, but i am better than those people. i will do a better job. i will do a better job with the military. i will do a better job with jobs. i know my competition. john: but again, just what -- donald trump: see these buildings around us?
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i own numerous ones. john: but what are the differences? there are skills that are required to be a successful ceo and there are skills that are , required to be a successful president, and they are different. how are you going to change your game if you are president? donald trump: to be a ceo, you have to be, boom, and get it done. to be a president, i think you have to be boom and get it done, but i also think you have to have heart. we have a lot of people who need help. we have a lot of people in this country who are not making it, and they are in trouble. and i think you really -- i always say i am a conservative at heart. people think conservatives don't have heart, you know, you hear about obamacare and people want to knock the hell out of obamacare, and they should be, because it is horrible. and, by the way, as i told you at our last meeting -- i actually said during a meeting, i said watch the premiums, the premiums are going through the roof. it is not working. it is not happening, and the premiums are going to collapse in 2017, and congress should have come up with a much better plan.
8:39 pm
but i like to say you need great abilities, but you also have to have a big, beautiful heart. mark: often time people are asked about, are you ready for president? admitted he will say, there is no way you can ever be ready, you are only ready when you step into the job -- often many people will say, there is no way you can ever be ready, you are ready when you walk in and do it. donald trump: this is simplicity. some people say you should use freon, they should use brine, and i told the story about an engineer making ice in miami and immediately, i said why is an , engineer taking an ice rink in miami? edit wasn't working, and they had all of these copper pipes, and every night, they would lay them, and they would be stolen. they lost a fortune. what happened is i went to the canadiens, the ice hockey team, and i said, do me a favor. who can you get me to talk to about making ice? me the person that
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the montreal canadiens are using. mark: again, are you ready to be president from day one? no learning curve, just up in and do it? donald trump: look, obama had no experience. ok? i have always said talent is more important than experience. i just do not think obama -- our president is a talented person and he should have never been in this position and he had no experience and it is not his thing. i mean, you have democrats, you have congressmen who have hardly ever seen him and hardly ever met him. he doesn't work the system, that is why he signs executive orders all the time. because he cannot get his own people to go along but when it , came to the war, an example. two examples, we should have never been in iraq. in 2003, 2004, i said we should never enter that, because it is going to break up the middle east, and boy, has that happened. and, you know, it gave us isis. we shouldhen we left, not have left when we did, but when he announced a date for
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leaving, and i immediately said, this is a disaster. he announced on a specific day that we will be out on such and a date, and the enemy says we are going to go back and take , it easy for a while, and that is what happened. but even yesterday when he announced 50 of our great people are going over to syria, 50, why does he have to announce it? everyone now is looking for those 50 people. i know it is politically -- i don't think it even came out politically good -- because what can 50 people do? so i do not even think it was good for him politically, but you have to be quiet. you know general patton didn't , go and talk about, i am sending 50 men here and 200 men here. he did the job, he knocked them out. general douglas macarthur, you go back and look, these were not talkers. i really mean this strongly, i think it was a horrible thing that he announced that 50 people are going over to syria. mark: thank you, mr. trump. we are going to be back with more donald trump and news of the day right after this.
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♪ mark: and now the stirring conclusion of the conversation with donald trump in central park, where we started talking about his rival on the rise, marco rubio. marco rubio is now a candidate on the rise and he actually was compared you to barack obama at one point and he said, like barack obama, you are not dignified or worthy of the office you are seeking, he said like the president now, you have -- with no class. what do you think of the comparison? on issues in leadership, what do you think of the comparison? donald trump: i think he is highly overrated. i think he is an overrated person, i don't think he is going to make it, in fact, i was watching this morning one of the morning shows and they were talking about marco rubio, and
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he is nowhere in the polls. i don't think personally he is going to make it. i called him a lightweight. at one point, i called him a don't mean tond i be insulting, but i do describe people somewhat well. mark: you have been critical on immigration -- either other issues? donald trump: it is very critical. there are other issues. he was a member of the gang of eight who wanted everyone to come in and take over our country. all of a sudden he went down in the polls and he has changed what he said. he is totally driven about what the public thinks. he is about -- look -- bush got creamed in the debate, but he have.n't if i was the messenger, because the message is great. his delivery is poor. the message is great. marco doesn't show up to vote, he doesn't do things that he is supposed to do. he got elected senator and he had the same thing happened to him and the florida senate if you look, and i know a lot about
8:46 pm
florida. i am there. you saw the poll that came out today, where i am beating him and bush by a lot, and carson, by a lot. i know florida better than they know florida. mark: that when you talk of him as a state legislator, when he was the speaker. donald trump: he was in the senate, and he tried to get the top position, or whatever, but my friend was with me, and they fought to get the top position and two minutes after he got the top position, he was looking to run for senate. then he runs for senate, and he wants to be president. maybe i and the last person to say this, but relax. take it easy. take it easy. i think he is a highly overrated person. i called him a lightweight. i think he is a lightweight. i hope i am wrong about that. but we can't have -- look, he only has a chance because guidelines you, and i am not specifically were -- referring to you but to be honest, you, a , little bit, but i want somebody on "morning joe" this morning who was talking about
8:47 pm
him, fawning over him, saying how handsome he is. i think i have better looking than him. that they keep talking about how he is so handsome and how he is so wonderful and joe goes, look where he is. he is way down here, so he is probably a nice person -- and another thing that i didn't like about him and i do not like about him, he should have been more loyal to bush. i was told -- i don't know him at all -- i was told he would never run because bush was his mentor, bush really helped them, bush did things, well, i said, all right, good, because i am a very loyal person. i am an extremely loyal person to a fault. , i would rather have it this way than the other way. he was very, very disloyal to bush. i don't like that. john: let me ask you about the debates. what is it that you are looking for in a moderator or a set of moderators as we go forward? what are your criteria? donald trump: you know, john, i don't care that much, honestly. i did well in the debates, all three of them. this last one, even cnbc had me
8:48 pm
winning, did you see that? cnbc had me winning, and "gone with the wind" is three hours, ok? who is going to want to watch these guys, including me, for three hours? there are certain things that we should get. the room was probably 100 degrees, the one room was 100 degrees out, and all of these things are very important for a debate. it is unfair. speaking of rubio, he is the youngest, but i have never seen any human being sweat like that. colleagues of your think these debates -- donald trump: look. i thought the questions were very unfair, but they were unfair, in my opinion, from fox, and they were a little unfair from cnn and most of the unfairness was directed at me, so i am the one who should be complaining. john: so senator ted cruz says that only moderators that voted in a republican primary should
8:49 pm
be able to be in the debate. do you think that is fair? go eithermp: you can way. i don't care that much. well, friendly, i am more of an economic person. the networks are making a fortune with the debates. the truth is we should say -- we should be like a basketball player. we should go on strike and say, we want money for wounded warriors, or we want money for a great charity, the veterans. i would love to give it, because cnn made a fortune, an absolute fortune. a two-hour debate, and nobody told anybody. only for one reason, because they sold out all of their advertising. they were getting getting $4000 for a 30 second ad and then they got $250,000 and same thing for cnbc. and i called up cnbc, when they went from two hours to three hours. he lied when he said that was not true. he totally told a lie, a dirty
8:50 pm
lives. it was in all of the papers that it was going to be a three-hour debate. those sirens, that is new york. it is a beautiful and unattractive sound because it means trouble, but that is new york, so he lied when he talked about the delayed, and he lied bigley. it about three minutes, i got it down. it was one of the easiest negotiations of all time. moderatorsant than they are going to have big , audiences, so let that money go to charity. thank you very much. john: thank you. mark: thank you so much, we appreciate seeing you. donald trump: thank is so much. mark: and our thanks to donald trump and his giant block of ice. up next, your 24-hour campaign forecast and what it means for your morning commute. our meteorology team is standing by. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ mark: another busy out there tomorrow in electionland. let's go live to our forecast 24 hour center and are chief meteorologist, alex. alex, how are you feeling today? alex: well, i am feeling a little blue. bluegrass, that is, because tomorrow, voters in kentucky will talk about the open sea. watch this color. it could turn from blue to red for the first time since 2007, and take a look here in iowa. we are expecting heavy clinton impact there, a heavy, heavy impact. it could extend until 7:45 p.m. eastern. meanwhile, on the east coast, we have some low energy on the move, jeb bush is going from south carolina in the morning to wolfeboro, new hampshire, in the evening. finally for our friends here in new york city, marco will be
8:53 pm
here at lunchtime to break bread. that is it. remember, like an umbrella, or on the jeb bush campaign, see you. we have got you covered. mark: thanks, alex. pretty good. that was pretty good. [laughter] john: i love that guy. mark: when we come back, we have your nightly homework assignment direct from ♪
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john: we are on the tube twice a day now and forever more for one hour. at 5:00 and it p.m. we are live 24/7. and make sure to check us out on
8:56 pm and read our politics tracker. bernie sanders with the duel in new hampshire. mark: on tomorrow's program, we are going to have more of my ted cruz in iowa. we talked about the tax plan, and that tax plan is getting a lot of attention. john: and you know who we might else have on the show tomorrow? stan greenberg may be with us. mark: a big pollster. john: i am looking forward to that conversation. mark: yes, and marco rubio and the debates, and donald trump will be on "good morning america." until tomorrow, 60 minutes every night. sayonara. ♪ buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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rish: it is november, and this is "trending business." ♪ in mumbai, here is a look at we are watching. a recovery, and asia-pacific picking up, snapping the longest run of declines in a month, the aussie dollar extending its gains ahead of the rba decision on interest rates. the diesel scandal for vw involving some of the luxury brands.
9:00 pm
and capital spending. india has plans to rival singapore and hong kong. we have a special report. do follow me on twitter. that is my handle. don't forget to use the hash g.gged -- ta any tradingt have in tokyo. it is culture day, so it is a public holiday. here is david. david: joining the party we are seeing across asia, the equity markets, and we are seeing decent volumes, as well. coming off with inflation earlier today, picking up, which is an encouraging sign. and having a look, singapore,


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