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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  November 13, 2015 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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sense that these are people trying to where they sees death and starvation emulation. -- and mutilation. we've got to make sure who it is who is now coming in, and we're putting up a barrier for the time being. it is going to have a norm is consequences, not just for the french government, but for all of the european countries, all of the major countries, the united states as well. this is an attack that has now been used by isis or isil or a branch element of one of these terror groups, using information technology, using encrypted communication. present-- -- it has been very helpful showing how we collect our information. they learned a lot from that.
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developed they have communications. there is concern for these -- ults it is something that we are all worried about. how do you reconcile freedom with security? what measures have been taken by the state, the government, to protect citizens against those who may die in the process of trying to kill you? there are no easy answers, but it will cost to that cause -- will cause quite a debate of the reconciliation of these goals.
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we know we have continued to search for the collection of met adata, which has gotten some criticism. to government supposed to do those people who are out to cause chaos if you cannot try to crack them? cory: an update for audience around the world. mark crumpton has the latest on what is going on in an update on everything that has happened. mark: we would like to update the audience from around the world, and listeners on bloomberg radio, world leaders are sending condolences and messages of support to france, and suicide bombers on friday evening carried out a staggering wave of violence in paris, the deadliest attack which occurred at the bataclan theater where gunmen killed some out-of-doors, held others
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hostage. killed some concertgoers and held others hostage. over 100 concertgoers were killed, some the result of grenade attacks. at least two attackers were killed by police. earlier, an attack on a restaurant left 12 dead. president francois hollande was toa soccer match when explosions were heard outside the stadium -- th. 1 --resident has employed roupes into00 t paris. he has canceled his trip to be g20. there is currently no official explanation for the deadliest wave of violence in modern french history. ryan is issuing a
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statement from his office. "it will take time to grasp the scale of the tour, but we know terrorism will not prevail." reaction toget your what we know so far, ian. what is your reaction? ian: obviously, incredible horror and sympathy for the french people who have shown themselves time and time again to be extorted nearly resilient -- an extraordinarily resilient nation. an external response from president francois hollande, going back to the site where the event happened. clear, the be very environment that exists in europe and in france,
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specifically, is going to create more violence. you have a large, very dissatisfied young and mostly male muslim population in france. they did not feel like they are integrated. engagement in the war in syria and iraq has intensified the distrust. that isis hasfact shown itself to be increasingly resourceful and capable -- alix: ian? ian? it looks like we might have lost ian bremmer. we go back to former u.s. defense secretary bill cohen. we now have reports of 145 dead in the attacks. wendy expect some mclean
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responsibilities -- when do you expect someone to claim responsibilities? cohen: it is hard to tell. there are groups on the internet praising what has taken place, but no group has claimed responsibility yet. we are waiting to see if that takes place. we will try to validate that claim. reachtoo soon to try to conclusions at this point. it seems to be clear that this that has beengy perfected by those fighting in syria, now coming back into europe and france. this is just the beginning, this is not-- that isit is a problem
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going to take some time. borders isn of the going to take some time. within france, those who have ties to the middle east, all of that is going to be intensified. cory: a few headlines are crossing the terminal. is speakinglande outside the theater were the largest attacks to waste. -- took place. aric"lled the attacks "barb in his words and delivered a short statement outside the theater. ian bremmer joins us again now by phone. i wanted to ask you about the role france has been playing on the world stage. obviously, francois hollande is
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no longer going to be g20. he was scheduled to speak earlier this week about what america been, should able to do more trade with iran. what role has been france -- has france been playing? ian: they were unable to have that parliamentary vote. the french have been supported their -- supportive there. they were calling for the united states to get rid of khadafi in lybia. tookdent francois hollande the lead in mali. his popularity has gone up, but they have a very big muslim problem within their country. a lot of people are just in franchise, easy to radicalize --
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disenfranchised, unemployed, easy to radicalize. his poll ratings will go up, but you are not going to see-- after 9/11, america can together. europe is not coming together. europe has never been so divided since the walking down. the political crisis is becoming increasingly intense. we will need european solidarity. we will not get it out of your. tox: when it comes what aredown borders, the medium to long-term ramifications of such a move? ian: we are seeing borders being shut. were announcing they were going to shut the borders for a month.
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now, of course, they're responding immediately. they have 1500 troupes on the ground in paris right now. the principle of free movement in europe is critical to the american free market. attacks, the common sense of value and purpose that has united these democracies as countries, have a commonweal that stands greater than their national interests, it is very far away. you'd like to believe this tragedy would bring the european governments and peoples together, but it will not happen. that is the greatest tragedy coming out of this. stay with us.
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we want to get to mark crumpton for a recap of the headlines and what has been a horrific evening. mark: we want to update our audience from around the world and listeners on louvered radio. -- bloomberg radio. "barbaric." that is how president francois hollande described the attacks that killed over 100 people. gunmen stormed to the bataclan theater, killing some of the concertgoers, and taking others hostage. some 100 concertgoers were killed. at least two gunmen were shot and killed by police. authority to went to the scene said some victims appeared to have been victims of grenade attacks. there was an attack at a restaurant in central paris, where over a dozen people were killed. we are learning at this hour that some 1500 troops have been
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deployed throughout paris, and hasident francois hollande instituted a state of emergency and closed the borders, taking that unusual step after this wave of violence. there was a couple of suicide bombings, they occurred outside the soccer stadium where francois hollande was watching a match between france and germany. he was not injured. he was taken to safety. he spoke to his country following the initial wave of violence. sayingnch president is this is one of the moments where france and the country would show their strength. at this point, they have not found out who had carried out this deadly wave of attacks. wase is speculation that it islamic state, but as we have been reporting, there is no claim of responsibility. authorities are saying the shootings in the bombings did take place at seven sites.
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4 attackers were killed at the theater. storytinue to follow the and will bring you more information. officials have been telling us there at evening, as we happens in on the wires and our guests have been reporting, unfortunately, the casualty count is probably going to go much higher. back to you. alix: president francois hollande without it to be ruthless -- vowed to be in going after terrorists in a speech outside the bataclan theater. ito former secretary john mclaughlin. -- i now speak to former secretary john mclaughlin. there are more questions than answers at this point. mclaughlin: we won't have a
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full account of what to lease here for another 24 hours -- took place here for another 24 hours. the level of chaos is unimaginable. among the european countries, i would say the french are best prepared to deal with something like this. their intelligence services are probably the best terms of being on top of terrorism, and yet this has occurred. it is going to take time, and is going to take the settling down of situation -- it is going to take the settling down of this situation to look at the casserley numbers, the forensics -- casualty numbers, the forensics. isis seems to be the perpetrator. the fingerprints look that way. we need here from someone in the terrorist world about what happened. i say we having other 24 hours before the facts come in. cory: how you figure out, pieced
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together what has happened? you have been involved in many times in the past in trying to piece this together. i know you were involved in the sordid attempt to down plane over detroit -- thwa rted attempt to down a plane over detroit. how do you deal with what happened? mclaughlin: you look at this and faces. -- in phases. people look at everything they can see and collect at this moment. people look back at their files and what they can archive on the intelligence side. sometimes, you learn a lot by looking back and finding things, that now that you know that this has happened, you feel relief, and you start to fill in the picture and see information that
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did not seem significant at the time. chances are they have been following people in france, surveilling them. they will go through all of that here andat did we miss among the things that we know, what do we know? referring back to the city i to, that was an attempt figure out-- it took us a good three months of, i would say archaeological work, going back through all the files, talking to dozens of people who had seen materials. all of that takes place. i would say, within, that is the long term. within, four or five days, the
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french will have a good idea of what happened here. alix: also joining us is ian bremmer. ian, the next question, what happens in the next 24 hours? an: the biggest thing, as we unpacked, and the french people mourn, i expect an enormous international outpouring of sympathy. president obama has not spoken with francois hollande because they are in crisis mode. they have failed states across the middle east greeting millions of refugees, only 6% of syrian refugees have made their way to europe. they have overly found isis members hidden on boats coming over. cannot look at the economic
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growth you are seeing, you cannot see the complete absence of any solution to respond to the environment that these people are experiencing, both in europe and outside, and not recognize that this is not coincidence. there will be more violence in these countries. there will be more backlash. we have already seen, there has there are regional .lections in december they will not delay them. not just in france, but in other countries.
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yes, you look at how they could've had attacks like this, and without it -- without any advanced awareness, that is greatly disturbing. the broad question we have to ask is what does the european union look like? what does it stand for? what kind of governments or they can have -- are they going to have? how democratic are they? alix: ian bremmer. by the way, back in january of 2015, when he published his top list for 2015, he listed the politics of europe as the number one risk facing the globe. i turned a mark crumpton who has the headlines in a recap of everything that's happened up to this point. mark: we like to update our audience around the world and on
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bloomberg radio. france is mobilizing 1500 soldiers to patrol paris in the wake of the deadliest wave of violence in modern french history. paris is one of the tourist capitals of the world. tonight, it was the scene of carnage and chaos, the deadliest attacks taking place at the bataclan theater. gunmen stormed to the facility, taking hostages, and the events turned horrific. police stormed the facility. at least 100 were killed. some were the victims of grenade attacks. 4 attackers were shot to death by police. france has declared a state of emergency. france has closed its borders. french president francois hollande says his country will be ruthless as it carries out its investigation and attempts to find perpetrators of the acts of violence. the french president was watching the soccer match. he was in the stadium when
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outside two explosions were heard. police say they appeared to be suicide bombings. president francois hollande was taken to safety. 1500 soldiers mobilized to patrol the streets of paris. the death is near -- death toll is near 150. 100 died at the concert venue. to a former go security advisor the 90 dates -- united states. we were talking with ian bremmer, with john mclaughlin, the former deputy head of the cia, about what could happen next. what is the most important thing that needs to happen in the next 24 hours? i think the most important thing to happen is to make sure
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people in paris are safe. the place and d.c. are doing the same thing. sure our citize ns and french citizens are safe. the french will have to start a process of looking at what they had in terms of intelligence. we will work with them. our government works closely with the french in terms of those matters. alix: i have a question. as we watch these numbers go up, parts are breaking, it is horrifying. you wonder why this isn't unfolding in london, new york, what makes france vulnerable versus other major cities in the world? ian: the french have had the
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largest number of -- to go to syria. it is a majority from france. that is a real concern. a lot have returned. thehave returned from syrian jihad. that is a real problem for france. it may be a target of opportunity for jihadists who go to syria and back to france. alix: french prosecutors sing more than 120 may have died. other estimates put it around 145. what happens in the next 24 hours? ian: we need to see who takes a claimed responsibility. responsibility. safety is the number one concern to everyone.
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what we are seeing is a very sophisticated attack. the french arrested in october -- we don't know if this is isis are not, we don't know for sure. cory: how does the process of vetting claims go? how do you get them? jeffner: we have multiple claims coming in. intelligence will go back and
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look at this. the french have quite a few video cameras in the cities. there might be several videos of the attackers. we will want to look at the attackers, the bodies, the four attackers at the concert hall. they will try to trace them back to jihadi groups. we just don't know for sure. cory: thank you. we continue to find out more details about what unfolded here in paris. we have reports that 5 attackers have been killed. more than 100 were killed in the attacks across the city tonight. the attacks happened four hours ago. 10:00 p.m. on a friday night. it happened at a concert hall, a
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stadium where a germany france football match took place. life has not returned to normal in france and will not for a while. alix: we do want to get more on the update. we go to mark crumpton who joins us. mark: the french president calls "barbaric." at least 145 have died in multiple attacks. president francois hollande declares a state of emergency and orders that the borders be closed. ,t the bataclan theater hostages were initially taken after gunmen stormed to the place and killed some of the people there, taking others hostage. you can continue to follow the
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coverage of the at on think you for joining us. ♪
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